IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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Romsterwhats up diverse ?01:18
diverseI forgot about how ownership works in Rust, so I have been fighting with the borrowchecker01:21
diverseessentially I forgot that shit can move and it's not always a good idea to reference it01:21
diverseif I referenced a movable object, I can't deference it for safety reasons01:22
diverseand dereferencing it will make the compiler slap in you the flap01:24
diverseanyway, it was pretty frustrating01:25
diversebut I got over it. I just had to let out a sigh01:25
diverseI don't know if I would source port another C or C++ project, because Rust just has a different way of thinking01:27
Romsterthink some company will be all c/c++ coders wanted and you'll forget how that even works01:28
diverseI personally wouldn't want to work on a C or C++ project01:29
Romsteri have to say rust is not mainstream yet, and don't know how well it'll get there01:30
Romsterif it ever did01:30
diverseon the bright side, by doing this porting, it did teach me a lot of the mechanics of Rust more deeply.01:32
diverseor rather, the compiler did01:32
diversebecause this is a bigger project01:33
diversethank goodness for open source01:35
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diverseRomster: Rust is my hobby so I don't care about finding a C/C++ job01:38
diverseor Rust job01:38
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diversemy shit finally compiles again! \o/02:21
diverseRomster: also one thing to keep in mind, all types are implicitly movable unless they `impl Copy`02:27
diverseso if shit moves, they move02:28
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diverselooks like xvee showed up for a bit...05:26
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Worksterhe never stays for long06:19
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leo-unglaubgood morning :)06:59
leo-unglaubRomster: ping06:59
diversesup leo-unglaub07:00
leo-unglaubhi diverse07:01
leo-unglaubdiverse: i am not sure if we talked about it, but last night i have signed my first crux package ;)07:01
diverseleo-unglaub: how do I verify your signed package?07:08
leo-unglaubthats the tricky part ... my first try was to sign not just the Pkgfile, but also the resulting package ... but having detemestic builds is nearly impossible ... because everyone of us uses different build flags07:10
leo-unglaubthe Tor people do that with the tor browser bundle, but thats not the way to go for crux ...07:11
leo-unglaubso i guess we have to be happy with signed download packages and signed pkgfiles ...07:12
diverseit only makes sense for Pkgfiles07:28
diverseas for myself, I got through many trials in Rust07:30
Romsterleo-unglaub, pong07:30
Romsteri'm interested in the source file being signed and tested.07:31
RomsterPkgfiles not so much if at all as we know everyone that has git access07:32
leo-unglaubRomster: hi, my ping was because i would like you to update tor to
leo-unglaubthe footprint stays the same07:35
leo-unglaubabd the build works fine locally07:35
leo-unglaubabout the signing, the problem is not the git repository itself, it is more that the download via rsync is a plain text download and that everyone could inject a "bad" pkgfile there07:36
diverseagh, got the f'ing footprint method finished08:00
diverseI can't wait to get this buggy program on github08:00
Romsterwhy so we can break our chroots and docker images <<08:02
diverseThe point is, I can't completely translate everything from C++ to Rust, so lots of times I have to use my intuition and best guess. I need testers to tell me what's wrong and what the expect, so I can hopefully fill in these guesses.08:05
diverseI still need to be able to change file paths in the archive though08:09
diversethe advantage that jaeger and teK_ have is that they can rewrite the stuff from scratch, so they have a lot of freedom in design, the downside is they have to spend more energy and time coming up with the design before they fully implement it08:11
Romsterversion=#exec --common-ext | --show-ranking --show-failed --print-sorted --head 1 | awk 'NF {print $3}'08:12
Romstertools need more work but i'll know in future.08:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tor: ->
leo-unglaubRomster: thanks for updating08:15
Romsterthanks for reporting.08:15
leo-unglauband scraping the tor website is always horrible, because they fuck something up there every day08:15
Romsteronly runs when i run it.08:16
Romsterbetter suggestions to scrape08:16
leo-unglaubthere was a trick once, if you telnet to them on a special port you get the current version back08:17
leo-unglaubbut i am sure those javascript hipsters killed that as well08:17
Romstertelnet who uses that anymore?08:18
leo-unglaubyou also could scrape this:
leo-unglaubshould be more stable08:18
Romsterhmm git tags08:18
diverseleo-unglaub: I would be ashamed of you if you use telnet, Mr.Security-Guy08:19
Romsterwhat do they mess up tarballs?08:19
leo-unglaubdiverse: sometimes i use telnet ... to show customers how insecure it is *g* telnet + tcpdump and then i show them the stolen password if they dont beleave me that TLS is a must have!08:20
Romsterif ya can't trust there offical server for distfiles.....08:20
diversethat's the spirit!08:20
Romsterwhat is there to trust08:20
leo-unglaubRomster: In God we trust ;)08:20
leo-unglaubeveryone else we torture ;)08:21
diverses/God/Linus/ ?08:21
diverseor on #rust, I'd say "In Rust we trust"08:22
leo-unglaubdiverse: i used to think that, but over the years i started to like theo de raadt a little bit more for his willingness to break a bad API if needed08:22
diverseso Theo is your god now08:23
leo-unglaubin terms of security? yes ...08:24
diverseor could it be? That Leo is Theo?? Your name's rhyme :o08:25
leo-unglaublucky accident ;)08:26
leo-unglaubbut we both love Canada ;) so, maybe we are related in spirit *g*08:26
diverseI'm in a laughing mood, so excuse my silliness. One of the effects of coding.08:28
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leo-unglaubhahaha, i know the feeling ;)08:30
diverse1 z3bra, 2 z3bra_, 3 z3bra__? How maybe z3bras do we need?08:33
z3brasorry about that08:33
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frinnsti know this guy wants more z3bras:
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leo-unglaubfrinnst: ... waaa .. i was eating ...08:35
diversefrinnst: I'm glad you said not safe, otherwise I would have opened it08:36
diverseI don't want to imagine what is going on in that video08:36
diverseleo-unglaub: thanks for the hint, rofl08:36
frinnstZebra gets caught by crocodile Intestines hanging out.08:37
frinnstbah, you're a bunch of pussies08:37
frinnstits just nature08:37
diversefrinnst: I was thinking way worse08:38
teK_sitting in a meeting with ~10 attendees. Not clicking.. :>08:38
diverseteK_: it's just intestines08:38
frinnstDO IT TEK08:39
diversefrinnst: speaking of which, when did you ever respected him?08:39
frinnstno, good point08:39
leo-unglaubcome one teK_ ... hit that button08:43
leo-unglaubhit it hard ...08:43
diverseteK_: you have to do it or frinnst will slap you in 10 seconds08:44
teK_I'm faaaar down south so I guess I'm safe08:47
teK_who thinks I am using a GUI08:47
teK_and frinnst never is going to respect me anyway08:48
diverseteK_: everybody thinks you're using a GUI, if anyone didn't, they would have unauthorized access to your machine08:56
joacimwho cares what a swede thinks08:57
diverseI thought teK_ was German?08:57
joacimfrinnst is a swede08:57
diverseah carry on08:58
joacimno you ruined it08:58
joacimfuck it08:58
diverseactually don't you think I made it funnier that way?08:59
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diversejoacim: I misinterpretted what you said as "why would a hacker care what a swede thinks" since you said right after I talked about someone hacking teK_, hence the question.09:05
xveeman, just compiled crux and the fonts are god awful09:05
RomsterRomster, has fonts09:05
diversediverse has fonts too09:05
Romstereveyone has09:05
joacimfonts always looked like shit here09:06
joacimno matter which fonts i use09:06
xveegetting fonts isn't an issue. just felt like voicing that out09:06
diversexvee: did you run any of the install scripts?09:06
joacimthey don't render as well as they do on os x and windows, and configuring it so they do is a pain in the ass09:06
xveei believe so09:07
xveebtw, hi Romster and diverse. its been quite a while09:07
diversexvee: with --install-script and stuff?09:07
joacimdiverse: I assume xvee is talking about the rendering of fonts, and not the selection of fonts.09:07
Romsterwhat DE/WM and what has bad fonts?09:07
Romsterxvee, yes quite some time09:07
diversexvee: we noticed you came by earlier09:07
Romsteri noticed earlier but didn't say anything09:08
diversejoacim: doesn't the install scripts run some kind of font tool to help rendering?09:08
xveeyes, i come and go. i cant stay long usually. work and school are a pain in the arse . its finals week09:08
joacimdiverse: running the install scripts doesn't help09:08
joacimnot with rendering anyways09:08
joacimor maybe they do, but even when you run them, they still looks like shit09:09
xveethe font rendering is a major issue. its somewhat hard to make out what you guys are saying lol09:09
joacimdisable antialiasing, and use profont or something =)09:09
joacimor one of the other monaco-derivatives09:10
Romsterscreen shots would be helpful to see what your doing09:11
diversethen imgur it09:11
xveegive me one sec09:12
xveeim on webchat, let me compile an irc client and hop on that09:12
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xveei installed the dejavu fonts and relaunched chromium. seems it resolved the issue09:14
xveeanywoot. how has everyone been?09:15
diversedoing good09:15
joacimfeeling bad09:15
joacimspend too much money09:15
diversejoacim: sell stuff09:15
frinnston your ebay vintage hardware?09:15
joacimon everything09:16
joacimtoo much old crap too09:16
xveebuying out all the vintage porn?09:16
joacim70s porn is awesome09:16
joacimlove the music and the wild stories09:16
xveethey did have sick beats09:16
diverseI've been working on porting pkgutils' source to Rust09:18
xveeand how is that going?09:19
diversegetting there bit by bit09:19
leo-unglaubjoacim: are you sure that frinnst is a swede? thought he is from berlin09:19
diverseleo-unglaub: he is a swede09:19
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leo-unglaubmaybe he gets a discount at IKEA and can send me stuff cheaper ..09:20
joacimsweden is nice. i've been to storlien and åre a lot. their falukorv is awesome.09:20
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diverseI finised implementing pkgutil and pkgadd, I need to finish pkgrm and pkginfo09:25
xveeany particular reason for this adventure diverse?09:25
leo-unglaubxvee: a developer never asks why, he asks "why not?"09:27
diversefor fun and for expanding my ability09:28
diverseand a way to learn more of the mechanics in the language09:28
diverseI feel much more like a programmer than 1 month ago09:29
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xveeits always fun to doodle around with computers. things usually go horribly wrong and funny things occasionally occure09:30
diverseI don't need to worry about the funny things09:32
diversejust logic errors09:32
xveefair enough09:36
diverseand it's not doodling either, it's architecturely planned09:37
xveewell, it was nice playing catch up for a bit. going to get back to my studies. take care gentlemen09:37
xveegood luck with your task, diverse09:38
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diverseleo-unglaub: so what are you going to ask frinnst for? A better gpu?09:41
leo-unglaubnah, i need a new light bulb ...09:42
teK_frinnst /  joacim  interested in a solaris-driven sparc server (Fujitsu Primepower 200) from '00? :>09:42
joacimno =)09:43
joacimI don't have room for that kind of stuff. I barely have room for my video games09:45
joacimi'm a cheap bastard, so I don't want to spend money on a bigger apartment.09:45
diversefrinnst might want it for his job?09:48
diversewell, it wouldn't be practical to use a 14 year old server09:55
joacimif you have some old sparc-specific software maybe09:56
frinnstlol no09:58
joacimcan cheaper 1 Gbit switches be a bottleneck?10:01
diversethat was a short and hilarious response10:03
teK_this server's presence would be purely for the lulz10:15
teK_it even has 1GB RAM!10:15
diverseteK_: how fast is the cpu and how many cores?10:16
diverseI need my fill of laughter10:18
teK_I think it's one core @400MHz10:20
teK_dont laugh, these are not 400 x86 MHz10:21
teK_it served us well until summer 2007 and was only replaced because of limitations in the custom database software that could not address tables larger 2GB10:22
teK_so we had to switch to the slower (!!) oracle on a more powerful hardware...10:22
diverseteK_: so why did oracle provide a slower cpu for more ram?10:26
teK_we had: RISC + t-base @400MHz10:27
teK_we have: x86 + oracle @2.66GHz10:27
diverseoh I see10:27
diverseso the "we had" > "we have" ?10:28
teK_we put quite some time into performance analysis of a certain report but never found out why this thingy was slow on oracle while it wasnt on the old machine10:28
teK_we had was solaris but otherwhise: pretty much10:28
teK_at least in terms of the DB10:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vagrant: 1.6.5 -> 1.7.0 (bittray sucks)10:31
_root_diverse: could I use variables inside a git:// address in Pkgfile? like [git pul git://$name $name]  ?10:32
_root_diverse: So git while read that?10:32
_root_thanks m810:33
diverseyeah, the script will replace $name with it's value and then read it10:33
diverseyou will see that in many examples10:34
prologicactually it's just a Bash variables :)10:34
diversethat's what I meant10:35
_root_prologic: yes it is :) Hi howdy10:35
prologicyeah :)10:35
prologicit'll just get evaluated to it's value10:35
prologichi __10:35
prologic_root_,  :)10:35
_root_do sourceforge git links end with .git or not?10:37
_root_in the sourceforge page tipline, it doesn't10:38
_root_what is the good practice here?10:38
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frinnsthey leo-unglaub, have you ever had any issues with reindexing catalog_url (rewrite)?10:40
frinnst(magento ofcourse)10:41
leo-unglaubfrinnst: personally no, but a friend hat10:43
leo-unglaublet me ask him10:43
frinnstbtw I have 2.3 million articles :)10:44
leo-unglaubfrinnst: did the cron get triggered?10:44
leo-unglaub2.3 million items???? holy shit ... what are you selling? asian hookers???10:45
frinnstit just never ends. it ran for 2 days. php just keep eating ram. I aborted it when it started swapping with 64gb ram10:45
frinnsthaha nah, books10:45
frinnstwas looking around earlier this week. this appears to be the largest? magento database ever10:45
frinnstyay for records?10:45
leo-unglaubokay, there is a simple solution10:45
leo-unglaubmy friend says you have to rerwite the indexer script to work in batches and trigger it more often10:46
frinnstyeah i figured i needed something like that10:46
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frinnstheh mysql logging when running the reindexer is fun10:47
frinnstbye bye diskspace10:47
leo-unglaubfrinnst: you did trigger it via cli?10:47
leo-unglaubif yes, what did php indexer.php --status  show?10:47
frinnstright now it shows as running - because it is10:48
frinnstbut its usually still listed as running after an abort10:48
frinnstdepends if i've cleaned up afterwards or not10:48
leo-unglaubif you want you could send me your DB dump and i could run the first try on our company mainframe10:49
frinnstsorry, cant. its not my stuff10:49
leo-unglaub4 x 512 GB RAM should be enought ... even for that shop system *g*10:49
frinnstwould be awesome tho, thanks for the offer10:50
leo-unglaubif it really does not work, disable the "pretty" url's for the time beeing and use the zend url's10:50
leo-unglaubor try this one:
frinnstbtw if we figure this out im sending you beer10:52
leo-unglaubthere should be a patch file at the end if the page10:52
leo-unglaubhe did get it down from 3 hours 30 minutes to 1 minute ...10:53
_root_frinnst: could we scroll through your store? what is the link?11:06
frinnstsorry its not public11:11
frinnstfor now11:11
leo-unglaub_root_: you missread ... he is NOT selling asian hookers ... so why look into the store?11:13
leo-unglaubis anyone interrested in packaging ?11:15
leo-unglaubif not, i guess i have to do it :(11:16
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leo-unglaubwaaaa, thats also some GTK3 app bullshit now ...11:25
leo-unglaubdo you know a nice and simple merge tool?11:25
rmullleo-unglaub: sdiff?11:30
rmullfwiw I don't use it11:31
rmullI just use git11:31
leo-unglaubrmull: yes, sdiff is nice to see the diff, but can you also merge a chunk there?11:31
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_root_I am using a git repo for my port. affter if else fi I want to do a patch. I mentioned my patch file in the source section of Pkgfile. obviously I cant do patch -p1 < ../mypatch.patch12:11
_root_So how should I do it?12:11
xeirrr_root_: patch -p1 -i xxx.patch just a try12:12
_root_build () { cd $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR12:12
_root_and then my git if else fi condition12:13
_root_so the source would be in $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/$name and mypatch.patch is in my port directory12:13
xeirrrbelow "cd $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR", do patch -p1 -i xxx.patch, then do if else if else stuff12:16
xeirrrsorry, it should be  patch -p1 -i $SRC/xxx.patch12:18
_root_xeirrr: then what happens for the first time this port will run. there is nothing to be patched. right?12:18
_root_the same again!12:18
xeirrrjust change "patch -p1 < ../librfm_la.patch" to "patch -p1 < $SRC/librfm_la.patch"12:19
xeirrrgive it a try, don't change it location12:19
xeirrr_root_: likt this
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux12:24
xeirrr_root_: does that work?12:26
*** nilp has quit IRC12:51
_root_ xeirrr I when to brew so coffee. I'll test it now. btw want some :)12:51
_root_I went12:52
xeirrryeah I know :)12:53
*** nilp has joined #crux12:53
_root_got to love these spell checker scripts12:53
_root_they do what they want12:53
*** stdevel has joined #crux13:10
stdevelHey folks13:10
_root_xeirrr: I guess it worked but I get Hunk #1 FAILED at 11913:13
_root_1 out of 1 hunk failed13:13
_root_stdevel: hi back13:13
*** titanmech has joined #crux13:14
xeirrr_root_: ok. :)13:14
_root_xeirrr: no idea on the error?13:15
xeirrr_root_: It should be that patch  issue. :)13:16
_root_xeirrr: wait a minute are you using lunar?13:16
xeirrr_root_: How do you know? :)  Yes, I am using it now13:17
stdevelAs I can see the most from the ARM channel are also here :)13:18
_root_xeirrr: because I saw the news on new release.13:18
xeirrrAh, I see you in #lunar :)13:20
xeirrrgood night, everyone13:25
*** xeirrr has left #crux ("Leaving")13:29
leo-unglaubfrinnst: did it work?13:34
frinnstjust started a run13:36
leo-unglaubif it does not work let me know ... because i have a couple other ideas/hacks in my mind *g*13:40
leo-unglaubfixing someone elses problem is always more fun that fixing bugs for my company *g*13:41
frinnsthehe yeah and less risk13:52
leo-unglaubyep :)13:56
leo-unglaubi just packages the port "jsmin"14:04
leo-unglaubif someone needs it14:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 340.6514:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 340.6514:59
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lisa_Hello folks! After 3 weeks I can say crux is installed.15:19
jaegercongrats :)15:19
lisa_Thanks jaeger.  This link saved me
lisa_had the old ABI mismatch prob after upgrading xorg server15:21
lisa_I also used "save sometime" part for xfce4 rebuilds.15:23
lisa_Otherwise, I was scratching head doing rebuilds one by one to get my keyboard and mouse to work again.15:25
lisa_Reason I tried curx - no systemd and you'll probably see an influx of others like me giving crux a go.  Thanks for keeping it systemd free.15:31
lisa_I use dial-up here in Arkansas, so was even more a challenge (FF update 7 plus hours to download, but did it overnight while asleep. :)15:36
lisa_..then sleep another 2 hours while it compiles ; )15:39
lisa_No complaints there.15:39
joacimi complained when my ISP downgraded me from 5 Mbps to 2 Mbps upload15:41
pitillono way to collect those big sources in another place and avoid those 7 hours downloading?15:41
joacimi read somewhere that usb sticks by doves could be faster than dsl15:42
lisa_Hi pitillo...crux is on my desktop.  I could put it on laptop, go to library to do it faster.  So yes, I do have faster option.15:43
pitilloyeah, something like that... probably there are lot of options to don't spend too much time downloading on a low bandwith15:45
lisa_Just  need to get comfortable with knowledge I've learned as all of this was new to me: umask,compile kernel, using vim, new packaging system prt-get, etc.15:46
lisa_Then I will install on laptop.15:46
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lisa_Time for bagel and coffee, but wanted to say Hello to all and a thank you to the crux workers.  Please don't make it too simple in future as it forces folks to learn.  Will see you later!15:52
pitillolearn is always good15:55
leo-unglaubguys, that do you thing about upgrading python from 2.7 to python 3?15:55
lisa_#pitillo, yes.  Buh bye!15:56
pitillobreakage? (no idea but smells to that)15:56
*** lisa_ has quit IRC15:59
leo-unglaubnormally no breakage, i think they have one new keyword16:07
leo-unglaubbut python3 is already release since a few years ...16:07
leo-unglauband it finally uses utf816:07
leo-unglaubthis fucked up 2.7 does not use unicode16:07
leo-unglauband currently fucked up an application16:07
joacimdoes systemd need to replace sysv and old services to work? If one wanted to port gnome or something like that.16:10
leo-unglaubjoacim: normally gnome is now a fully systemd-assfuck-fanboy16:12
leo-unglaubbut the funtoo guys hacked gnome to get systemd out of it16:12
joacimbeing a progressive northerner, i don't really mind assfucking16:13
pitilloleo-unglaub: I think there is an ABI incompatibility (backwards) but I don't know exactly. Probably jue_ can give you a better explanation about it16:16
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jueleo-unglaub: not in the foreseeable future, but prologic has a port for every python 3 version in his repo, just install one additionally17:00
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: dhcpcd: update to 6.6.517:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: squid: update to 3.4.1017:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups: update to 2.0.117:07
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_root_kori: hello; I wanted to port dfc just now but I just checked and saw your ports. always an step head :) well done !17:38
_root_kori: I am behind a shell; and elinks won't work correctly. could you check and see if we have a direct DOWNLOAD link in httpd:// . any link to download a latest source file in a zip or tar or... format?17:49
_root_I am writting an build script and cronjob for it on the box17:49
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korihg clone
kori┐('~'; )┌17:53
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_root_kori: no; the download link to work with wget or curl.18:07
*** deus_ex has joined #crux18:10
kori_root_: do you not have access to mercurial?18:13
korithat's the only link to the source available.18:13
_root_kori: it is not feasible for the job to directly use hg. I need a link with .zip or .tar.gz.18:15
_root_maybe this project hasn't one.18:15
*** deus_ex has quit IRC18:16
koriit does not18:16
koriwhy not create a package that updates it every day?18:17
_root_kori: yes; it is the only way. always I had to do it the hard way.18:19
_root_thanks :)18:19
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: explicit disable systemd-logind19:59
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prologicleo-unglaub, hehe haven't been a Python developer for over 12 years I refute your statement(s) :) -- Python 2.x has always had unicode support -- just very bad unicode support :)20:52
leo-unglaubprologic: are you from america?20:52
leo-unglaubbecause only americans who never had to deal with real unicode call python 2.7 "unicode aware"20:53
prologicI said bad support :)20:54
prologicit _is_ there20:54
prologicand no I'm from Australia :)20:54
leo-unglaubwell, thats basically the same ... ;) only you have hugh jackman ;)20:54
prologicwhat they fixed in Python 3 was to make strings and bytes explicit20:54
prologicso you are _forced_ to deal with unicode properly20:55
leo-unglaubprologic: well, i am the wrong person to talk to21:01
leo-unglaubi am not a python fan ...21:01
prologicI can tell :)21:06
leo-unglaubC and bash ... sometimes maybe perl ... but thats it ;)21:10
leo-unglaubi mean, Linus uses C ... who are i am to disagree?21:11
prologicyuck :)21:11
prologiceach to their own :P21:11
prologicalthough I don't mind a bit of C :)21:11
prologicand a bit of Bash21:11
leo-unglaubhehe, but i should shut up right now ... because in my company i am forced to use PHP as the main language ... so that sucks as much als python does *g*21:12
prologicoh you take that back21:13
prologicright now!21:13
prologicI'll come beat you with a Python stick :P21:13
leo-unglaubwith my PHP i make your python cry like a little girl *g*21:13
prologicso I'm happy :)21:13
prologicanyway gotta get to work21:13
leo-unglaubhaha, have fun then ;)21:14
leetspete1prologic: The mention was for leo-unglaub?  I assume.  :P21:14
leetspete1Cause I don't actually write Python, either.21:14
leo-unglaubna...python is great to ... one look at the standard library and i am not so sad about PHP anymore *g*21:17
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leetspete1Ha, I learned a little PHP after doing a lot of other languages.  I decided not to work too hard at learning it.21:25
*** titanmech has joined #crux21:26
leo-unglaubhaha, good call ;)21:33
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