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rmullDoes anyone else use mpv to watch youtube videos? I'm getting "[ffmpeg] tls: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated" when I pass it a youtube link. That error supposedly comes from gnutls. I rebuilt them both but it keeps happening.02:29
korirmull: aye that happens with me also02:29
koriit doesn't happen with mpv without any custom flags though02:29
koriRomster: new youtube-dl version02:32
koriby the way02:33
korirmull: oh apparently there's a youtube-dl hook now!02:33
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rmullfor mpv?02:39
korirmull: yes02:41
korinot in stable yet02:41
koriuse my port for git02:41
rmullwhat's the point if it already works with quvi?02:43
korirmull: you see, quvi was dropped!02:43
korisupport for quvi on mpv, that is02:44
rmullhuh, interesting02:46
rmullI guess I don't really care which backend is used as long as the youtubez continue to flow02:46
rmullThanks for the heads up though02:51
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diverseI wonder if I should upload my project, even though it's incomplete?05:14
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diverseI guess I'm almost done anyway05:42
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diversecan't wait to show this off06:08
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_root_anyone of you guys know what is the font inside the terminal and on the down bar (window icon bar)?
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stdevelDoes CRUX offer any tools to create/brand a boot splash? I'm building an appliance for our company and like to display the logo during the boot07:16
_root_stdevel: it is not a linux job mate; you should go with fedora splash boot tool or fbspash and customize it07:17
stdevelYes I know but some distro offer special tools for it - like Fedora as you mentioned07:22
stdevelIIRC the ASCII splash in CentOS/RHEL/SUSE/Fedora is a kernel module but I can't find any further information about this07:22
stdevelOkay I'm wrong - it's really plymouth - built into the initrd07:29
diverseThe only special tools Crux that provides is packaging tools, everything else is DIY07:33
stdevelI see :)07:34
diversethat and Pkgfiles for building the tools that you want, so the sky is the limit07:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: python: update to 2.7.908:37
stdevelYay, that was pretty fast @python08:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: syslinux: fixed footprint (FS#1903)09:37
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xeirrrprologic: ping10:35
leo-unglaubgood morning10:39
xeirrrHi, leo-unglaub10:40
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prologicxeirrr, pong10:53
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xeirrrprologic: lol. I was preassuming you were sleeping then. :)10:55
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prologicno I'm up11:12
xeirrrprologic: Nice. Can you try this?
xeirrrprologic: You are the only one using xfce4 as I know11:17
prologicwhat is it?11:21
xeirrrIt's an icon theme for xfce411:27
prologica better one? more complete? what? :)11:29
xeirrrMore complete, I guess.11:30
xeirrrBecause I am very curious about this. I want to give it a try. While I have no xfce4 here and I don't mess up fluxbox with xfce4 either, so I need someone to test and give feelings.11:32
prologicI'll give it a whirl and let you know :)11:33
pitilloxeirrr: hey, contact sepen or directly send a mail to ML about it, sepen is using (maintaining) xfce and probably could be good to let him know11:39
xeirrrprologic: Thank you. There is a preview.
xeirrrpitillo: Thank you. I'll do it.11:40
xeirrrI will try to write a pkgfile for it. :)11:47
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prologicif you write a Pkgfiel I'll be able to test it more easily/quickly :)11:52
prologicI'm gonna go to bed soon :)11:52
prologicso not tonight11:52
xeirrrOkay, I would say g'night :)11:52
prologicapparently gopher is still very much alive11:58
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prologicyeah seriously12:42
prologicI'm actually seriously considering running up a gopher server too12:43
Feigrimwhy not a BBS?12:43
nwegopher whats that?12:43
prologicyou don't know :)12:44
prologicpredecessor to the web and an alternative in the day12:44
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xeirrrThanks. In media-con-themes license, it says you are free to Share. That's good.12:48
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xeirrrgood night! everybody14:19
diversehave a good one14:19
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diversefinally I got my stuff uploaded14:20
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joacimfirefox doesn't support gopher anymore?14:30
dxtrThe sysadmin is dancing around the office14:43
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diverseI wonder how much I give frinnst heartattacks here? :P16:26
diverseI'm quite verbose in this channel16:28
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koriI gotta be more active16:53
koriI haven't done many interesting things in here for the last couple days16:53
diversestdevel: did you get that boot splash all set up?17:01
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leo-unglaubhey :)21:00
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: file: updated to 5.2122:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3 (CVE-2014-9356, CVE-2014-9357, CVE-2014-9358)22:52
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