IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-12-13

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diversealright I got a star03:37
joacimjust a bronze star I bet04:24
Romsterafternoon chaps04:30
diverseenjoying your weekend?04:31
Romstergot but yeah better than working04:31
koriplaying some dota04:32
Romstercontempating doing more version sort on Pkgfile and bumping versions04:33
Romsterbut right now sipping a hot coffee. my first for today.04:33
diverseguess I'll update a fix04:35
Romstera fix on?04:40
diversemy project04:47
Romsteri plan to test metapkg but i do have stuff to do that i been putting off04:48
diversechanges uploaded04:49
diverseglad somebody starred me though04:53
Romsterwas probably me04:57
diversethanks man04:57
Romsteri'm everywhere lol04:57
diverseI've seen your account "therealromster" :P04:58
diverseUnfortunately I'm pretty bored, so I would like to know what I can fix05:06
diverseRomster: this is interesting news to read:
diversefrinnst: I noticed the 3.18 kernel came out a while ago, what's your opinion of it?05:15
Romsterdiverse, can't do xz compression in metapkg yet?05:36
diverseRomster: there is no compression at all05:36
Romsterwell i'm asking if its doable or are you witing on something?05:37
diverseSure, it just means I need to pull another dependency and learn it05:37
diversefind bindings for it05:37
Romsterwould be a nice addition05:38
diverseI'm sure there is a need for zlib too?05:39
Romsteroh rust 1.0 cool05:39
Romstermaybe it is just faster, zlib for extracton would be needed for existing packages in gz format.05:40
diverseI hope by then, they will ungate macro_rules and slicing_syntax05:40
Romsterreally lzo is faster than gz05:40
diverseso the only thing with gz is the reading?05:41
diverseand support xz reading/writing?05:42
diversehmm what's lz4?05:47
Romstergunzip is so low on compression and speed compared to lzo and xz lrzip is the highest05:49
Romsteris lz4 improved lzo?05:49
RomsterThe algorithm gives a slightly worse compression ratio than the LZO algorithm – which in turn is worse than algorithms like gzip. However, compression speeds are similar to LZO, and several times faster than other algorithms while decompression speeds can be up to three times that of LZO.05:50
diversewell we care about speed here, not so much as compression?05:51
Romsterso a slight lzo compression tradeoff for faster decompression05:51
Romsteryeah lz4 would be better suited05:51
diverseI found a compression library in Rust by the same person:
Romsterthose want smaller can use xz05:52
Romsterthose that want*05:52
diversehowever it's only good for decoding and the guy says it's "not production quality"05:52
Romsterit would be awesome if its SMP05:52
diverseread "Implemented Algorithms"05:53
diverseso far only a Decoder type for zlib05:54
Romsternice but incomplete and not ready for something serious as a package manager05:54
diverseand Decoder and Encoder for lz4, well that fits it05:54
Romsterwonder what last commit he made and it says build failing05:54
Romsterah 9 hours ago so he is active05:55
diversewell, acrichto is pretty active on both tar-rs and compress-rs05:55
Romsterseems like a good fit05:55
Romsterits just not stable yet but then metapkg isn't yet either so it'll need time and testing by then rust-compress should be stable too.05:56
Romstercan't really go wrong with rust-tar05:56
diverseI would rather follow idiomatic Rust style programming than C05:57
Romstertar is just concentrating files together with a index to tell it how to separate it again.05:57
diverseyeah I know05:57
diverseI guess I need to decode on "add"05:57
Romsterthere is a feature i'd like to see in metapkg a conf option to save the source, Pkgfile source=() post-install/pre-install. like add it to tar in /var/pkg/backup/$name/...05:59
Romsteri know there are scripts now that work with pkgutils to do something similar. say a person removes a bunch of ports out of there repo and crap no more Pkgfile to build or even copy it into your own ports collection.06:00
diverseRomster: you would like to have the sources and install scripts as part of the database?06:01
Romsterjust to a directory of that package $name06:02
Romsterbasically be done in pkgmk06:02
diverseI guess I would need to, if I were to add a "mk" command06:02
Romsteryou don't make yet thogh06:03
Romsterwould it be possible to parse Pkgfile or far too hard and just execute Pkgfile in a shell interpereter. fakeroot would be neat to have as default.06:04
Romsterpkg mk could be module based todo plain fakeroot chroot docker ... but i may be thinking too complex.06:05
diverseit would be better to spawn a sh process to interpret the Pkgfile06:05
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Romsteryeah since Pkgfile needs to be parsed in shell interpreter.06:06
diverseI'll let the shell do it's job, not my job06:06
Romsteri like out Pkgfiles but i'm just thinking security06:06
Romsterright so jsut call the shell do the work.06:06
Romsteractaully scratch the module thing on mk, can just do that work before hand. keeping mk simple.06:07
Romsterbut having the option to fakeroot mk in the shell.06:07
Romsteron by default so we can't have a rouge Pkgfile write to the system.06:08
diverseyou want it default to fakerooting?06:08
Romsteri'd think it would be wise no?06:08
diverseI recall Arch using fakeroot in makepkg06:08
Romsternot like we don't write safe Pkgfils but who knows what personal repos have now06:08
Romsterwhats your opinion on that?06:11
Romsterjsut set a shell command and have fakeroot in that shell command by default. users can remove it if they know what they are doing say for a chroot/docker instance.06:11
diverseSure I could probably do something like this: Command::new("fakeroot").arg("sh").arg("Pkgfile").spawn()06:12
Romsterand have a option to disable fakeroot in conf06:13
Romstermay be a few cases where you don't want it i containers.06:13
Romsterbut yeah that would tighten up not clobbering files on a system.06:13
Romsterwe also don't have any security checking on pre/post-install files either. i keep looking at those and think attack vector.06:15
Romsterif it's enabled for a personal repo with maybe a mistake in one of those files or an actual attempt to rm...06:15
Romsteror something.06:15
diverseheh, feels like I'm making a super pkgutils06:16
Romsterfeel free to ignore my thoughts though and jsut get compression for now.06:16
Romsterwe do want to keep it simple and secure.06:17
diverseI need to probably fix the add command first, since it doesn't decode, I think06:17
Romsterand not too much feature bloat.06:17
Romsteradd would be the first place to work on.06:18
Romsterusing arust-compress crate would be cool since what ever the module supports metapkg will too.06:18
diversebetter to keep in pure rust for me06:18
diversec bindings if I really have to06:19
Romsteryeah and do it all in rust.06:19
Romsteronly if there isn't a rust module for it already.06:19
Romsterand can always move to one later on06:19
diverseRomster: I'm going to ask the author his opinion on rust-compress, if he doesn't recommend it, I'm thinking of using his defate2 crate instead and just live with gz for now06:42
Romsterwell thats an option too.06:42
Romsterah filter-tool hit a snag06:43
Romsterah nothing major misisng some more regex. as if 500 lines of regex isn't enough.06:44
Romsteri must be crazy to do this project.06:45
diverseversion sort?06:46
Romsteri got about 10 ports tracking now that i just run generate in the ports directory and spits out a new Pkgfile with the new version=06:46
Romsterworking on opt/contrib06:47
koridiverse: what do you need him for?06:53
koriI think he's asleep06:53
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Romsterprologic, have you done any CI yet?07:36
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prologicRomster, err between working, family, extended family things for the past few weekends, our new baby arriving next Friday, being sick for the past week and our wedding anniversary dinner tonight; no not yet :)07:44
xveehow dare you have a life, prologic07:45
prologicif you'd like you can build something that's required07:45
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prologicI need a tool to give me a list of ports that have changed in a git repository as a git hook.07:45
prologicxvee, lol :)07:46
prologicyes how dare i :)07:46
xveecongrats on the new born07:46
Romstergeez prologic super busy mate07:47
prologictell me about it :)07:47
prologicplus my chickencoup system is broken too07:47
prologicgotta fix that07:47
diversethat's what happens when somebody has a life07:47
prologicit saves us from having to open the door every morning and close it every evening07:48
prologichow lazy are we :)07:48
Romsterhehe modern times.07:48
prologicheh modern?07:48
diverseprologic: we had this discussion before? Lazy or efficient?07:48
prologicthe only difference is; the system is networked07:48
Romsteri'm looking into some CI with docker i spotted this
prologicdiverse, later07:48
Romsterand is Python based07:48
diverseI thought so07:48
prologicRomster, yeah nah07:49
prologicgo simple :)07:49
prologicsee above what I need?07:49
prologicbuild me a git hook in bash that does that07:49
prologicthat's the first step07:49
diversexvee: so finished your exams?07:49
Romsterprologic, i could probably manage that.07:50
xveei still have 2 papers to write. diverse07:50
prologicgreat :)07:50
Romsterthen we spit that off to a docker image command.07:50
prologicnot quite07:50
xveeone just needs a paragraph, the other is due monday so i get to be a tad bit lazy07:50
Romsterthat would work for my needs as well.07:50
prologicthat'll be input to the 2nd part07:50
prologicthe actual builder07:50
prologicwhich will use docker - yes07:50
prologicone step at a time :)07:50
Romsterah what will be the builder jenkins or something else?07:50
xveeim actually trying to figure out whats causing my laptop to make this annoying squealing sound. it was previously running ubuntu variant and it didn't have the squeal07:51
Romsterto dispatch jobs to docker containers and collect results?07:51
diverseprobably a bad fan07:51
prologicRomster, even simpler07:51
prologicprobably anoather bash script07:51
prologicor dox07:51
prologicutilzing docker07:51
Romsteras your aware i got version sort grab urls fetch most recent version.07:51
Romsterso i'm going one step more07:52
prologicif you can write such a tool as per above requirements07:52
prologicthat's part the way there07:52
Romster./generate ; pkgmk -um ; pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf07:52
Romsterand new version built07:52
diverseRomster: did some clean up on metapkg, going to upload07:52
xveeteh sound seems to be coming from the speaker/psu unit within the laptop. even with the audio turned off, its still there. im wondering if there is something in the gernel related to power management that i haven't enabled. when i boot off a usb stick running buntu, its not there07:52
prologicdiverse, repo uri?07:53
diversexvee: chances are the fan is whining07:53
diverseprologic: if you are interested please star it07:54
xveeim 100% sure its not the fan. the noise is coming from the right side, the fan is on the bottom left.07:54
diversexvee: hmm07:54
joacimcoil whine?07:55
Romsterxvee, hard disk optical drive?07:55
xveehard drive is an ssd, no optical drive07:55
Romsterdoes it with the power adaptor plugged in or not?07:55
xveejoacim: its a high pitch sound, sort of like a whine07:56
diversecould be the gpu fan whining07:56
xveeit does it with it both plugged and unplugged, Romster07:56
Romsterfirst thing when its on or after it's booted up07:56
joacimI remember only getting such noise when i scrolled in firefox once07:56
joacimit only happened when i scrolled in firefox07:56
xveeit has one fan. its a laptop lol07:56
xveejoacim: surprisingly, when i scroll in chrome, it goes away07:56
diversexvee: could the gpu have one?07:56
Romstersounds like DMA/IRQ conflict but they are unheard of now07:57
xveenope. just one fan for both the gpu and cpu07:57
joacimdiverse: suchs machinse usually have the cpu, chipset, and gpu  cooled by some funky heatpipe system07:57
Romsterhad a sound mouse conflict decades ago.07:57
joacimwith only one fan cooling all three chips07:57
diverseI gotcha07:57
Romsterprologic, i'll try out a git post-receive hook or should it be earlier than that?07:58
Romsteri could just do a shell script to look at git diff and collect ports that need testing before they get commited.07:58
xveei think its something kernel related. when booting the crux installer, i dont think the sound was there07:58
prologicRomster, post receieve is fine07:58
prologicRomster, when does that get triggered?07:58
prologicor git pull updates and git push(es)?07:59
Romsterafter git push, it's where i do my repogen07:59
prologicahh ic07:59
Romsterbut that's after commit and push07:59
prologicis there a hook that triggeres on either push/pull?07:59
Romsterwhat i want todo is generate and test build before i commit to git trees.07:59
Romsterthere probably is08:00
Romsteri use the push hook now so yes08:00
Romsterthat is post-receive08:00
prologicpush hook is fine for the moment08:00
Romsteror i could use my own git tree for the generate stuff (started that now) and the built ports can get committed to if they pass.08:01
Romsterso pushing from my generated updated ports git tree can trigger a docker rebuild08:01
Romsterguess that'll do fine08:01
joacimxvee: happens outside of x11 too?08:02
joacimmight be driver/power management related08:02
joacimif it has to do with your gpu08:02
xveethats what i think it is08:02
xveelet me give a reboot and see if the sound is there08:03
xveeill disable bumblebee too, just to make sure08:03
joacimdo one thing at a time08:03
joacimdo everything, and you wont know what helped08:03
xveeyea, you're right08:03
xveewell, ill be right back!08:03
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prologicRomster, fine :)08:04
prologicdon't overthink this tool though :)08:04
Romsternah keep it simple we use directories so i can see file touched so export that as a list of ports that need rebuilding.08:04
prologicinput: git post-receive output: list of ports that got updated; \n separated08:05
Romsteri'm just thinking how i'd feed this to docker to build.08:05
prologicone step too far :)08:05
prologicneeds to be fed to a builder08:05
*** xvee has joined #crux08:05
prologicthe ci part08:05
Romstercontrib/foo \n opt/foo \n that ok to include opt xorg contrib core etc?08:05
prologicwell they're separate repos08:06
prologicso you won't get that08:06
Romsteror not needed since prt-get.conf prtdir order will be used.08:06
xveewhile the system is turnign on, there is no squeal. once i get to the log in screen, which is basically a terminal (start x manually), it starts to squeal08:06
xveeseems driver related08:06
Romsterxvee, video power supply on the motherboard.08:06
prologicRomster, in fact ...08:07
prologiclet me think about this for a second08:07
diverseprologic: would you like to be the maintainer of the Dockerfile?08:07
prologicit would probably be slightly better to modify ports the command08:07
prologicit does the actual updating of a ports tree08:07
Romsterxvee, its probably inductors vibrating due to loose windings or filter capacitors are getting higher ESR08:07
prologicregardless of what driver08:07
prologicit just needs to send a job build to a queue somewhere08:08
prologicdiverse, sure :)08:08
prologicI could write it and send a PR :)08:08
Romsterport x changed, job server goes ok starts up a new docker puts the new port in there build.08:08
diverseprologic: that would be great, also for ENTRYPOINT it's /usr/bin/pkg, not /usr/bin/metapkg08:08
xveeRomster i dont think its a hardware issue because on other distros, this problem doesn't occure08:09
Romsterdiverse, made it like git. pkg (add|rm|info)08:09
Romsterxvee, check if they use the same screen resolution08:10
Romsterit might be too high for the graphics card.08:10
diverseand like prt-get08:10
diversedone it using the master-app style08:11
Romsterdiverse, idea you could do it like busybox too08:11
Romstermake it also work with symlinks08:11
joacimxvee: does it still happen when you do 3D work?08:11
Romsterso ln -s pkg pkgrm08:11
Romsterand calling pkgrm calls pkg rm08:11
xveeanytime the cpu has a load, the sound stops08:12
xveeso, if i compile something, the noise is gone08:12
xveelocked in a perpetual state of compiling to combat the noise lol08:12
diverseRomster: I'll let the distro maintainer do that08:12
joacimwhat happens when you disconnect the charger (if it is connected), or connect it (if it is disconnected)?08:12
Romsterxvee, that really sounds like a squealing inductor. probably a capacitor is on its way out. it's noting to worry about until the machine doesn't POST anymore.08:13
xveejoacim where its connected or not, it makes the sound08:13
Romstercheck your cpu scheduler and maybe the one that changes the power state of your cpu.08:13
Romstermaybe use performance scheduler and it'll shut it up.08:14
prologicdiverse, great nps08:14
xveeRomster its currently set to ondemand08:15
xveebut again, i find it strange how it doesn't make the same sound on another distro. its why id ont believe its a capacitor08:15
Romsterprologic, i can make the modified ports list, i just want an idea for a job manager. to use with controlling docker.08:15
Romsterso i can toy with it.08:15
prologicdiverse, I'd be happy if you implementd all of pkgutils and prt-get's behavior first08:15
prologicdiverse, then simplify the command set08:15
joacimxvee: did you enable all relevant cpu scheduler and power state items in your kernel?08:16
xveeim going to give it a reboot, one sec08:16
xveei believe so. its the kernel you sent me a while back with minor modifications lol08:16
Romsteryou can cat either /sys or /proc somewhere to change schedulers if you enabled more than one.08:16
diverseprologic: so you want to hold off on the dockerfile?08:17
Romsteri used to turn off 3 of my 4 cores and run my cpu at 800Mhz for a experiment.08:17
xveeim going to reboot. just give me one sec08:18
*** xvee has quit IRC08:18
prologicRomster, if we modify the /usr/bin/ports command to do this; assume it does: for each port updated; curl -q -o /dev/null -X POST -d '{"port": mpd, "path": "/usr/ports/opt/mpd"}' http://localhost:8000/jobs/08:19
prologicdiverse, I'll do it tonigh t maybe :)08:19
prologicRomster, if you get that done by the time I get back rom donner tonight I'll start on the job queue ci part08:19
Romstergit log --pretty=oneline08:19
*** xvee has joined #crux08:20
prologicfor each port updated; curl -q -o /dev/null -X POST -d '{"port": mpd, "path": "/usr/ports/opt/mpd"}' http://localhost:8000/jobs/08:20
Romsterwe could git clone --depth=1 for each commit or jsut change the git tree to that commit for each docker container.08:20
Romsterprologic, hmm i'll comb though git and see what else i could possible use.08:22
diverseprologic: I commented on your issue, be sure to read08:22
Romsterprologic, the other thing i want todo is rebuild ports that are dependent on foo after a commit/push08:22
Romsterto be sure it doesn't break anything, before going yes/no on committing that to the main git trees.08:23
xveegrrr. i always have the strangest problems08:23
Romsterxvee, i think you might need new hardware man.08:23
xveenoo, dont tell me this! i like my baby!08:24
xveei wanna get a generic *buntu kernel and try using that to see if it is kernel related08:24
xveebecause like i said, on buntu, it was perfectly fine08:25
joacimwhat abotu changing the config? =)08:26
xveei wouldn't know what to change honestly08:27
joacimdid you mess around with the power state and scheduler settings?08:27
xveei changed it to power, then back to ondemand08:27
xveecpufreq-info confirms that it is on demand08:27
joacimthis there is a separate power state setting08:28
joacimin the kernel config08:28
prologicRomster, did you not see what I said before?08:28
prologicmodify /usr/bin/ports for this task08:28
prologicit already updates the ports tree08:29
prologicwe'll do it that way :)08:29
prologicthat way we can do CI on any no. of repos08:29
prologicbe it powered by httpup, git, mercurial or rsync08:29
prologicsee above example curl08:29
xveeyes joacim, i did mess around a bit with tose08:29
Romsterprologic, i saw08:31
Romsterprologic, ok08:33
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*** xvee has quit IRC08:36
diverseI guess I should host my rust ports in contrib08:37
Romstermine wont compile currently for some reason08:37
Romsterand i haven't had time to look into it.08:38
Romsterthey broke there git tree some how.08:38
Romstertried a few different days08:38
diversein order to work with prologic's dockerfile, I need to upload the 3 I have08:39
Romsteryou can easily make a dockerfile or mount a directory so you can copy stuff in.08:39
diverseprologic has it setup to do: prt-get depinst rust cargo tar-rs08:41
diverseanyway, I'm counting on prologic for the docker stuff08:41
Romsterah you need it in a repo then.08:46
Romsterdoens't have to be contrib but a repo that can be added to the dockerfile08:46
*** xvee1 has quit IRC08:57
*** xeirrr has quit IRC08:57
prologicdiverse, be a good idea09:01
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux09:16
Romsterjue, your the expert awk person how do i concentrate this to one awk command?09:21
Romsterawk -F '/' 'NR >= 2' | awk -F '/' '{print $1}' | awk 'seen[$0]++ == 1'09:21
Romsterwell correction: awk 'NR >= 2' | awk -F '/' '{print $1}' | awk 'seen[$0]++ == 1'09:22
Romstergit log -n 1 --name-only --pretty=oneline | awk -F '/' 'NR >= 2' | awk -F '/' '{print $1}' | awk 'seen[$0]++ == 1'09:22
Romsterretrieves the last commits unique directories.09:23
Romsterprologic, ^09:23
Romsterawk -F '/' 'NR >= 2; {print $1}; seen[$0]++ == 1'09:26
Romsterthat just kills what i want.09:27
Romstersecond line on wards cut at delimier / and unique09:27
Romsteror any other awk expert in here.09:31
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #crux09:54
juehi Romster10:05
jueawk problems in the early morning :)10:06
juehmm, why the print $1? I assume we should print all dirs at the end?10:08
Romstermorning jue maybe, i thought of that at the end but i didn't have any luck moving that to the end either.10:09
jueawk -F/ 'NR>=2 {seen[$1]}' should build a hash with uniq dirs10:11
jueand we have to print the content in a END rule10:11
jueawk -F/ 'NR>=2 {seen[$1]}; END {for (d in seen); print d}'10:12
jueuntested though10:12
Romsterso putting print at the end of the command isn't good enough.10:12
Romsterthat worked.10:12
Romsterbut more complex than i was expecting.10:13
Romsterawk takes awhile to master.10:13
Romsterbut i'm keen on learning it.10:14
juethe directories are the indexes of the hash, so at the end the hash has only uniq entries10:14
juewell, maybe there are simpler solutions10:15
Romsteri see what it does.10:15
juebut, yeah, awk is a bit 'uncommon'10:16
Romsterbut powerful and i'm getting sick of using grep cut uniq and stuff when awk can do all that10:16
Romsterthanks for the help.10:17
jueyes, awk can do much more than {print $1} ;)10:17
Romsteryeah i realise that.10:17
Romstertake care.10:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ddrescue: 1.18.1 -> 1.1910:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-icu: 0.9.34 -> 0.9.3611:02
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prologicRomster, how'd it go?11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ffmpeg: 2.4.3 -> 2.511:22
Romsterprologic, git log -n 1 --name-only --pretty=oneline | awk -F/ 'NR>=2 {seen[$1]}; END {for (d in seen); print d}'11:23
Romstertaht'll list directories of all touched files in path on last git commit.11:24
prologicawesome :)11:24
Romsterso if that was put in hooks/... at some point it'll send the package list.11:24
Romsterjue helped.11:24
Romstermy awk is rusty.11:24
Romsterit coudl go in post-recive n the server that does the ob issuing.11:25
Romsterthese commits ^ are done with my version sort and manually compiling.11:26
Romsterso its semi-automatic.11:26
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diverseRomster: have you thought about uploading your version sort project on github, so that prologic (and others) can inspect and also help improve your project?11:39
diversetake advantage of the social coding11:41
Romsterat some point11:51
Romster262 ports in contrib and 46 in opt.11:52
Romsteri could lose a few more...11:53
diverseyou're always going to gain more ports back anyway...11:55
Romsteryeah it'll always happen.12:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-date-manip: nothing depends on this12:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-file-slurp: nothing depends on this12:12
Romstermain issue is who else is joining contirb to bring life back into it.12:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.84 -> 1.9412:18
diversewell, that's why I feel version sort is very important and having it on github will allow you to reap the benefits of thousands of python codes online12:18
diversewhat you are doing is pretty unique12:18
Romsterand insane12:18
prologicdiverse, btw I created a cruxlinux org on github12:19
prologicperhaps we could put metapkg there at some point?12:19
Romsterhmm maybe versionsort too at some point.12:19
Romsteri saw the invite but not acted on it yet12:19
Romsteri'm hoping what i'm doing will benefit packagers all over different distros.12:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.3.3 -> 1.4.012:21
diverseprologic: you mean publish it on that site?12:22
prologicwell just the github org for now12:23
prologicbut yeah I also have too12:23
prologicjust haven't had time to do anything with it yet12:23
prologicfirst thing I want to do is have setup with all core/opt/xorg/xfce4/kde/contrib packages built as they're updated (CI) for pkg-get consumption12:24
diversewhat's wrong with
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-locale-gettext: posix patch and update footprint12:33
diverseI'm very confused of cruxlinux.orgs existence12:44
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prologic*meh* :)13:01
prologichow could you possibly be confused :)13:01
prologicit's just a domain name :)13:01
Romsterprologic, getting as many domains as myself.13:09
prologicI think I have 2 or 3 dozen13:11
Romstergeez ok i'm out13:11
Romsteri only have like 813:11
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prologicsweet :)13:38
prologicthis is kinda nice13:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.16 -> 1.0.313:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: deluge: 1.3.9 -> 1.3.1113:45
Romsteris there even a need for gropher?13:47
Romsterexotic much?13:49
Romsterbbs and packet radio is next13:49
prologicneed sure there is13:50
prologicDid you read: gopher://
Romsterwhat gropher browsers exist?13:57
*** mhe has joined #crux13:58
joacimi think links supports it13:59
prologicelinks, Overbite for Firefox (addon) Overbite for Android14:00
prologicgopher itself (I ported it, tried it, but prefer elinks with --enable-gopher)14:00
prologicand of course netcat :)14:00
prologicoh and various public/free gopher proxy services14:00
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joacimI made a site like that once. With green text on a black background14:02
joacimpeople told me it was ugly :(14:02
prologicyou know what's ugly?14:08
prologiclots of crappy ass websites14:08
joacimyeah =)14:08
prologicIHMO the web is broken14:08
joacimI hate visiting a lot of those on my phone. can't hit what I want to hit.14:09
prologicI am using and kind of quite like Gopher for all the reasons I stated here: gopher://
Romsteri open that in firefox and get14:10
RomsterNo Application Configured14:10
RomsterThis domain is not associated with an application.14:10
prologicinstall OverbiteFF addon14:12
prologicthen goper:// will work14:12
Romsterah also hexchat don't copy the goper:// bit.14:14
Romsterascii art all over again14:15
Romsteri must admit i do hate some layouts when using my phone14:16
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:18
Romsterare you kidding14:21
Romsterokay then14:21
Romsternot as dead as i first imagined14:21
prologicVeronica has indexed over 3.5M selectors14:22
prologicwith ~150 Gopherspaces (servers)14:22
Romstergoper feels so 90's all over again14:23
Romstermaybe i should run one too.14:23
prologicgot my ports repo?14:24
prologicprt-get depinst gophernicus14:25
Romsteri don't but i can shortly14:33
Romsterya know what, i'd be suprised if you hadn't made a groper docker :D14:34
Romsterprologic, ok so the doskcer CI stuff14:35
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EmoSpiceWho was it that was uploading built packages of  pentadactyl for ff34?19:44
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frinnstroot i think20:43
EmoSpice_root_: You around?20:54
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