IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-12-14

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prologicahh it's that time of year again00:35
prologictime to relocate my server :)00:35
prologicgoing from -> hetzner.de00:35
prologicphysical to virtual00:36
prologicdon't really use all the resources of the current physical at codero :)00:36
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Roosevelthey everyone! hope everyone enjoying their weekend!00:41
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gezleyI am trying to install samba - prt-get depinst samba. When wget pulls in popt and tdb the source file in both cases is about 4 or 5 times bigger than the server reports. Obviously then there is a md5sum mismatch. Why is this?01:30
gezleyfor example -- ls -lah tdb* gives this: -rw-r--r-- 1 gerard gerard 2.2M Dec  2 12:08 ~/distfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz01:32
gezleybut samba server gives tdb 1.3.3 size as 471K01:33
gezleyI have also tried with curl01:33
jaegerI just downloaded it, 482682 bytes01:34
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jaegerpopt source also looks fine for me. Have you got some proxy in the way?01:36
gezleyHello jaeger thanks for reply. I don't have a proxy but this is a virtualbox machine01:36
gezleyjust noticed as well that time is badly out01:37
jaegerI wouldn't expect that to cause downloads to fail in weird ways01:39
gezleyyes it's strange - i can download using slackware machine and scp it over anyway. I've seen this occasionally before and I'm wondering if it has something to do with Linux guest on Windows host01:40
jaegerI suppose anything's possible, though I've not run into that problem myself01:40
gezleyi'd like to get to the bottom of it but i don't mind too much once the md5sum mismatch has a good reason01:41
gezleyI plan to use Crux exclusively once I've learnt my way around. Vbox is good for that but it can throw errors sometimes that you wouldn't get with a bare-metal install.01:43
jaegerI use vbox all the time and haven't experienced that... maybe it's a new bug01:44
gezleyhmmm - I wonder. I use the portable vbox from searchdaimon. They also do the excellent vboxvmservice which allows you to run a vbox machine hidden as a service01:45
jaegerI haven't used those, just the official upstream installer01:46
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gezleybottom line anyway is it's something in my networking setup. Good to know your popt and tdb downloads are normal. Thank you for testing this for me.01:47
gezleywill have another look later. Nearly 2am here in Ireland now! Goodnight all!01:50
Romsteri just got on so need to look at backlog01:51
jaegerno problem, good night01:51
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Romstergezley, i have vbox running just started a prt-get depinst samba01:56
gezleyhi Romster still here.01:56
Romstermy net died earlier so i'm just going over the channel log01:57
gezleyno probs01:57
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Romsterbut i got xfce4 clemtine deluge in vbox just fine.01:57
Romsterso this seems strange.01:57
Romsterdoes the sums not match?01:57
Romsterdid you do a file ~/distfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz01:58
gezleyno ... sums don't match and size is about 4 or 5 times bigger with both tdb and popt01:58
Romsterto make sure it's not some html page thing or something?01:58
Romsteryou didn't setup a mirror in pkgmk.conf ?01:58
Romsterso curl and wget do the same behavior on there own?01:59
gezleyyes curl and wget (default download manager for prt-get??) both have this problem01:59
gezleyno mirror in pkgmk.conf01:59
Romstercurl -sI
RomsterContent-Length: 48268202:00
gezleyfile ~/distfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz:02:00
gezleydistfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)02:00
jaegerit's been gunzipped02:01
Romsteryour just using NAT in vbox right?02:01
jaegerthat would explain the size, probably02:01
jaegerpkgmk won't do that, though, did you download them in a browser?02:01
Romsteryeah why is it .tar.gz when it's jsut a .tar now.02:01
gezleyi use two NICs in vbox - one to outside and one to host TAP adapter02:01
gezleycurl -sI Content-Length: 48268202:02
gezleyno i didn't download in browser - just using prt-get depinst samba02:02
Romsterrm ~/distfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz ; curl ; file ~/distfiles/tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz02:02
Romsterif that doesn't say its a gzip compressed data02:04
Romsteri'l be very surprised.02:04
gezleyjust downloading with curl now - but i know this is going to turn out wrong because curl reports total size 2160K02:04
Romsterwhat the02:04
jaegersounds like there's some kind of proxy in the middle decompressing the file02:04
gezleyweird huh02:05
gezleyi wonder if it's mobile broadband double nat or something02:05
gezleymy public ip address is reserved - not public IP02:05
gezleyfile tdb-1.3.3.tar.gz02:06
gezleytdb-1.3.3.tar.gz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)y02:06
gezleytdb-1.3.3.tar.gz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)02:06
Romsterah thats a trick they do now because of the low amount of ipv4 space02:06
Romsterthis is jsut weird02:06
Romsteris this 3G 4G or something?02:06
jaegerwhich shouldn't have anything to do with gzipped files being uncompressed on the fly02:07
gezleyyes it's 3G02:07
jaegerIf anything you'd expect the opposite if it were a mobile bandwidth saving thing02:07
gezleybut i don't have this problem always - sometimes i can compile with prt-get and other times not02:07
Romsterjaeger, yeah you'd expect it all compressed.02:07
gezleyso the gzipped file is being uncompressed on the fly?02:08
Romsterthis is really strange.02:08
jaegerIt would appear that way. And it isn't crux doing it, you're getting the content-length from the server02:08
jaegerit's wrong even before it gets to you02:08
Romstermore like your downloading it uncompressed02:08
gezleythanks for explanation02:08
Romsterhmm what was that option to ignore cache on curl again..02:09
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jaegernotice also that you got the same behavior with curl and wget both so it isn't a specific curl or wget option02:10
xeirrrYeah, file size from proxy and from normal is different, most of the time here ;)02:10
gezley@jaeger I guessed that02:11
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jaegeryou'll probably have to contact your ISP to get the answer to this, I'm guessing02:14
Romsteri wonder if your though a misconfigured transparant proxy02:16
gezleygood point02:16
Romsterand that says application/x-gzip02:17
Romsterbut your getting tar02:17
jaegerI uploaded copies to if you want to try to get them from there02:17
gezleylast pastebin this time with wget02:17
Romsterthats an idea curl them from there and see if it does the same02:17
gezleycurl -O
gezleyworks fine02:18
Romsterif you put this in pkgmk.conf mirrors
Romsterit'll work for most stuff i need to sync it again for the most recent changes.02:19
Romsterand it'll work transparently.02:19
gezleyhow do i add mirror info to pkgmk.conf pls?02:19
gezleysorry -noob here02:20
gezleyshd have seen it in pkgmk.conf02:20
Romsterthats fine02:20
Romsteri'll run a new sync on that i haven't automated it yet02:21
Romsterso it'll be missing some files until thats done in about 10 minutes02:21
gezleyno problem - it's 2.20 am here in Ireland anyway so it will be tomorrow before i do more testing02:22
gezleythank you both very much02:22
gezleythis crux is a great system. I really like it. Fits like a glove02:22
Romsterwell i never seen that issue before.02:22
Romsteryeah you can mold it to how you like02:22
Romsterbit steeper learning curve though02:23
gezleynot much - quite simple in fact02:23
gezleytry looking at debian's grub 2 config02:23
Romsterdepends on ones background02:23
gezleyslackware, netbsd and crux here!02:23
Romsteri already looked at grub2 ugh02:24
Romsterugly as02:24
Romsternot KISS02:24
gezleynow that's complicated!02:24
Romsteri'm still using lilo02:24
gezleyand for no good reason02:24
Romsteri still have to find something for UEFI when the time comes for a new pc02:25
Romsterbut for now lilo works for my needs02:25
gezleyyes that will be a problem. does crux have elilo?02:25
Romsterif it doesn't it can02:25
Romsterwriting Pkgfiles are easy02:25
jaegerelilo and grub202:25
gezleypkgfiles very easy02:25
Romsterprt-get info elilo02:25
Romstermaybe too easy i have over 300 of them :)02:26
Romsterhmm i should look at elilo02:26
gezleyelilo must be in contrib - i don't have other repos configured yet - just the core, opt and xorg ones02:26
Romsteryeah its in contrib02:26
gezley300 haha02:26
gezleyi have another question - possibly sensitive!02:27
gezleyhave you guys ever debated signing packages with gpg02:27
Romsterok i'm not easily offended02:27
Romsteri've talked about it and so have others.02:28
gezleydo you see it happening? i don't know how difficult and laborious this would make maintenance02:28
Romsteri'm more interested in testing signatures of soruce files and moving away from md5sum to sha256 or sha51202:28
gezleyyes that would be a good start02:29
Romsteri'm in the process of knocking up a cool project and testing source files are valid is part of it.02:29
Romsterbut it's not directly realted to crux02:29
Romsteryou can implement your own system if you wish to hack one up02:29
Romsterand a few are rewriting pkgutils that does the pkgadd pkgmk pkgrm pkginfo stuff.02:30
gezleyhow do you get through so much work!?02:30
Romsterlots and lots of time on the computer02:30
gezleyand stamina. i get tired easily now. wish i could get through more stuff - postgresql, shell scripting02:32
gezleyjust doing it bit by bit02:32
Romstersecurity is a bit lax here but we do patch/update as soon as we see a vulnerability02:32
Romsterand only a few of us have git access02:32
gezleyi think it's well run02:32
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Romsteri jsut do a bit here and there and it all adds up02:33
gezleyall of the source files are downloaded from trusted sources - you can't do more than that02:33
Romsterpretty much02:33
Romsterexcept the time got hacked.02:33
gezleyyes - what a disaster. Amateurish really02:34
gezleylost a lot of trust in linux then02:34
Romsterand openssl and bash02:34
gezleyi still keep my hand in with netbsd which is also a really nice, clean system02:34
gezleyvery like crux02:34
Romsterand most recently xorg02:34
Romsterbugs dating back to 198702:34
gezleyi tend to use stuff off the beaten track anyway - polarssl instead of openssl, mksh instead of bash, etc02:35
Romsterstupdily not checking data isn't over a certain size. stupid bugs that could of been avoided.02:35
gezleycan't understand how they don't automate these things02:35
Romstercool, you'll like crux you can change stuff as you go along.02:35
Romsteri can't understand why valgrind or other tools didn't kick up error/warnings02:36
gezleymaybe someone at the top wants it compromised?02:36
Romstereh or negligence02:37
jaegerI imagine for a big project like xorg or openssl valgrind DOES throw errors. Just way too many of them to fix easily02:37
Romsteropenssl did some wrapper to make valgrind not see the real error...02:38
Romsterbecause it was problematic on some arch so they bypassed it02:38
gezleyi expect errors but not secrecy. When got hacked they were too long telling us.02:39
Romsterto top it off the change that made this was done on new years even and it even passed the reviewers that double checked it02:39
Romsterand openssl is in evertthing02:39
Romstermassive blow for open source02:39
gezleycompletely agree. i wasn't aware of that wrapper thing they did to hide the error02:40
Romsternot to mention the openssl code base is such a mess no one wants to review it02:44
Romsterbut anyways i'm just ranting again.02:44
Romster and otehr logs there too. in progress02:45
gezleygreat work02:46
gezleyi'm going to read that wiki page about creating an ISO02:46
Romsterpretty easy actaully git clone the iso.git tree02:47
gezleyyes it seems so02:47
Romsterdrop in the ports Pkgfiles and make02:47
Romstercome back hours later02:47
Romsterjaeger, already has an updated
Romsterso less prt-get sysup time.02:48
jaegerprobably about time for a new build, speaking of that02:48
gezleyi can add opt pkgs to it as well? samba, for example, which is in ports/opt but not on the ISO02:49
Romsterbeen enough changes02:49
frinnstjaeger you need to get me a email forwarder! :)02:49
jaegerI haven't set up any email service there but I'll keep that in mind, heh02:49
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gezleygoing to hit the hay02:51
gezleythanks for all your help lads02:51
frinnstsilly netflix with its awesome series02:51
frinnststarted to watch marco polo earlier this evening.. just saw the time. ouch02:52
frinnst"a bit" late02:52
jaegerI haven't started that one yet but it looks interesting02:52
jaegerI guess you like it :D02:52
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frinnstaye. i've seen 4.5 episodes02:53
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diverseAnybody got any cpu temp monitoring tools that they recommend?06:31
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joacimbut if you mean something more like aida or speccy, then I would recommend inxi06:54
joacimit depends on lm_sensors for temperature data tho06:56
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diverseAlright well as soon as I get my computer up and running again I'll  install lm_sensors.06:58
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Romsterdiverse, gkrellm2 or conky for a frontend to lm_sensors08:32
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nwehas someone get synaptic driver to work with newer kernel then 3.1709:36
Romsternot i. i haven't done a notebook install yet, sorry.09:47
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nwein kernel 3.14.8 it is reconize as Name="SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"09:57
nwebut with the new driver my touchpad isn't reconized.. :(09:58
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leo-unglaubhey :)10:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.7010:50
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Romsterhi leo-unglaub10:54
leo-unglaubhi Romster10:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: fix source, until libnotify has been updated for midori verison 0.5.911:02
Romsterprologic, ya know what you could do with your docker crux image11:17
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS="-j $(/usr/bin/getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)"11:17
Romsterso it's always using the correct number of make jobs.11:17
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xeirrrHi, I want to order a wireless chip to replace my broadcom 4313, any idea except intel 7260 ac? :)13:17
Romsterwhats wrong with the intel 7260 ?13:20
xeirrrRomster: Nothing is intel 7260 is my first choice, I am waiting for other choices. :)13:22
xeirrrNothing is wrong13:22
Romsterah well girlfriend just got hers earlier today and put it in and works great.13:23
Romsterbut hasn't tried it in linux yet but i'll work in linux as well.13:23
xeirrrRomster, Do you mean intel 7260?13:24
xeirrrSure  I'll order one :)13:24
xeirrrother choices? :) Romster? you must be familiar :)13:27
Romsteri haven't used any to recommend others13:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: phpmp: unmaintained, dropped13:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spamassassin: update source()13:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pidentd: update source()13:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.1416:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.14.616:50
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z3bradiverse, you there ?17:59
diverseOn my phone atm, because my machine isn't wiring18:00
z3brahi !18:01
z3bratell me when you're avail then ;)18:01
diverseWhat's up?18:02
z3brait's about your request from the other day18:02
z3braabout 2bwm-git18:02
diverseAh yeah, could you change that to just '2bwm'?18:03
diverseYou already have the git part in the version18:03
z3brathe thing is that it would help making the distinction between "stable" packages, and git packages18:04
z3braI did it because it's what I was used to on arch18:04
z3braand I'm not sure what's best on crux18:04
diverseHmm, well18:06
z3braMaybe I'm doing it wrong !18:06
z3braI don't know18:06
diverseNow, I understand18:06
diverseExcuse my phone's voice completions :P18:07
diverseIn arch they have a feature where they have a pkg provides and conflicts18:08
koriI usually provide just git packages as they are easier to maintain18:09
korijust need to check for footprint and dependency changes18:09
z3brathey are just easier to upgrade imo18:10
diverseThat's what I do for rust until they will release 1.018:10
koriI'm looking to make the version based on the date18:10
diverseI just use the git because i have to upgrade often18:10
korilike git-$(date +%d%m%Y)18:11
z3brakori, I tried to18:11
koribut I need to do more testing18:11
z3brabut there is no need for that18:11
z3brabecause port's version will always be considered newer than installed version18:11
diverseI like the way Romster sets the version18:11
z3brahow so ?18:12
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:12
diverseBecause I can see which specific commit version it was pull from18:12
z3braexample ?18:13
koriah I find that confusing18:13
diversez3bra: you are already using it18:13
z3braoh, okay18:14
z3brathe 7 digits18:14
z3brawell, 'chars'18:14
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diverseFor me I like to see where I was when I pulled a specific commit, sometimes i don't always pull the latest because the latest might have introduced known errors18:16
z3braand you can still set the commit version to "HEAD"18:17
z3braif you want latest18:17
diverseRight now I think I have a faulty motherboard, so as soon as I get my system up, I'm going to try out 2bwm, but I wanted you to change the first because 2bwm-git#git-1234567.pkg.tar.gz doesn't look pleasing and i was having errors installing it too18:20
diverseLike it wasn't able to find the file18:24
diverse even though it had built18:24
z3brathe package name is "2bwm" not 2bwm-git18:24
z3braonly the directory is named like this18:25
z3bra-rw-r--r-- 1 z3bra users 25K Dec 14 18:56 /usr/build/2bwm#git-10195c7-2.pkg.tar.gz18:25
z3bra-rw-r--r-- 1 z3bra users 25K Dec  2 10:35 /usr/build/2bwm#git-6a4a3da-2.pkg.tar.gz18:25
z3brals -l /usr/build/2bwm*18:25
diverseAh did you use pkgmk?18:25
diverseI guess prt-get looks for the file based on the directory name, how interesting18:27
koribug spotted!18:27
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diversez3bra: unfortunately, for prt-get, the pkg name has to match the directory name.18:36
z3braaah yeah18:38
z3braI use pkgmk for all my packages18:38
z3braIma update it then18:38
koriI'm going to change my ports18:41
korihopefully the git driver will be added soon18:41
koriI'm going to make ports a branch of my 'cross' repo18:41
korimy ports'18:41
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diversez3bra: I do sympathize you on wanting to provide both kinds of ports though.18:43
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z3brawell, I don't package both versions anymore18:44
z3braonly considerable advantage is18:44
z3brafor dir in *-git; do18:44
z3bra    cd $dir18:44
z3bra    prtup # fetch latest git commit and update Pkgfile18:44
z3bra    cd ..18:44
z3brato update all my git packages at one18:45
diverseHmm, i guess you are going to need to make an explicit array of the git port directories in your script18:46
z3braor just add a check in the prtup script18:47
z3bra(which should be fairly easy, as I source the Pkgfile at the beginning of the script ^^)18:47
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diverseAh i see, check if $version has 'git-' in it?18:48
diverseSounds good to me18:49
z3braor maybe just18:49
z3bragit pull18:49
z3braand exit is $? is not 0 :P18:50
z3branot sure yeat18:50
z3braI'm working on a tricky Makefile atm18:50
z3braonce I'm done, ima update my packages18:50
z3braI'll tell you when I'm done18:50
diverseNot much of a shell scripter myself so I don't know really18:51
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koriwait this ain't gonna work18:56
z3brabtw, what's different with your mpv package ?18:58
koriz3bra: it pulls from git18:59
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koriRomster's is stable18:59
z3brahence the need for a -git suffix :P18:59
koriversion=git suffices18:59
z3braI couldn't add your repo along with contrib19:00
z3braas both will provide a different mpv version19:00
korido you put things in contrib?19:00
korimy repo is experimental now19:01
koriI'm messing with making a git driver for ports19:01
korito eliminate the need for httpup when you have a git repo(duh)19:01
z3brasomebody gave me one the other day19:02
z3brafrinnst, maybe ? (sorry for HL)19:02
koriI'm making one that supports branches and such19:02
joacimsomeone in here was talking about making one a long time ago19:02
joacimi forget who19:02
z3bradiverse, renamed19:20
z3braall of them19:21
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diversez3bra: thanks20:25
diverseSo i think my psu is fine and it's not because the cpu over heating, and now my system won't turn on even from pressing or holding 30+ times20:30
diverseI'm able to charge my phone thru the usb ports20:31
diverse*+30 times with the power button20:32
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:34
diverseI guess I shouldn't get asus' special motherboards where they do some circuits wizardry to make something possible against the original intel board spec20:36
diverseLess gimmicks the better i suppose20:43
diverseWhat are your thoughts everyone?20:44
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frinnstSMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED22:01
frinnst187 Reported_Uncorrect      0x0032   001   001   000    Old_age   Always       -       39622:02
frinnstwow, smart self-assessment really is pointless22:02
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korifrinnst: I made some changes to my ports repo and now I no longer support httpup22:23
korithe git driver is ready for use22:23
koripretty much22:23
rmulldiverse: You should check the power button itself22:23
rmullYou could try shorting the two button pins with a screwdriver or something instead of using the button22:23
rmullI had a faulty power button once22:23
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diversermull: I was using the onboard power switch23:54
diverseI got it to boot now. I cleared the cmos and trying it again.23:56
diverseUptime 1 hour, that's a good sign23:58

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