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diverselet's see how things go00:02
diversefrinnst: what's your opinion on 3.18?00:10
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frinnstno issues for me00:40
diversefrinnst: good to hear00:48
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diverseI guess I fixed my system?00:57
rmullI am on 3.18 too. 3.17 has some issue00:58
rmulldiverse: What was the problem?00:58
diversermull: my guess might be the overclocking on the ram? I used the XMP profile.00:59
diverseother than that, I dunno, cleared the cmos01:01
mobileverseAh crap, it shutdown again01:03
mobileversePerfect timing...01:03
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leo-unglaubgood morning07:19
nwegood morning07:20
leo-unglaubteK_: ping07:23
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_root_hello folks12:12
_root_Edscott promised to add support for crux in rodent applications.12:14
_root_right now everything works except package system or rodent package manager12:15
_root_crux would be added soon. very soon.12:15
Romsterwhy don't you just make Pkgfiles?12:19
_root_Romster: What do yo want to say exactly; I don't get it?12:27
_root_just Pkgfile. you mean don't make .md5sum and .footprints?12:28
_root_Romster: ??12:32
Romsterwhy don't you make ports for that project?12:35
Romsterwe arn't a big distro, i'm sure they don't want to make ports for every distro out there.12:36
_root_Romster: i did12:36
Romstercary on then12:36
_root_Romster: No you're mistaken. rodent applictions is a set of applications of of them is package manager which shows instlled apps and ports and the ability for update ports and packages12:38
_root_right now rodent-package-manager of rodent apps supports arch port system freebsd port system and gentoo12:38
_root_Romster: ok?12:38
prologicany ideas what I've foobared up here; so have tried to setup crux on a vm via a rescure-type install12:58
prologicloop mount iso, pkgadd -r ..., etc12:59
prologicit boots, but runs into all sorts of /dev issues No such file etc12:59
prologicand goes into maintainence mode which fails for the same reasons12:59
Romsterpretty sure you need to modify how rc works.13:07
Romsterand init?13:07
Romsterwhat sort of VM is it13:07
Romsterwhy arn't you using a host that can use docker?13:07
prologickvm/qemu vm13:08
Romsterso kernel?13:09
prologickernel is configured ok afaik13:09
prologicit boots the kernel, finds the block device13:09
prologicmounts the fs13:09
prologicbut then bails with lots of No such file or directory issues wrt /dev files13:09
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Romsterstrange can ya run qemu locally and get it working?13:10
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prologicyeah I could13:11
prologicbut at this point I kinda run out of steam :)13:11
prologicgonna hit the hay and pay them to do it for me13:11
prologicvia the ISO13:11
prologicinstalling the hacked up way is kinda tricky13:11
prologicI've only done it successfully once or twice before :)13:11
prologicwith many years apart in between13:11
jaegerprologic: perhaps their kernel doesn't support devtmpfs13:14
prologichmm wait13:14
prologicisn't kvm/qemu suppose to boot the guest kernel?13:14
prologicafterall I failed at the SATA/ATA/SCSI config several times before it booted :)13:14
jaegerI assumed you were using some provided kernel since you said "pay them to do it"13:16
prologicyeah it's late :(13:17
prologicI cbf now :)13:17
prologicwhat's support for :)13:17
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mobileverseprologic: rocking it old school with gopher huh?14:05
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prologichehe don't provide support to install custom distros on their vms (i.e: they wno't isntall it for you)21:13
prologicoh well gotta figure this out myself21:13
yangprologic: order one that comes with their image - virtualise it and use one of the VPS's with your distro21:20
Romsteryang, your in here O_O surprised21:37
Romsterfunny <<21:40
yanghey Romster21:48
yangI should be off to bed actually, hehe, approaching midnight hour21:48
yangRomster: I had a 1050 days of Linux uptime rebooted and it came back :)21:49
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frinnstouch, i hope that box wasnt connected to any network22:39
frinnstif a system has more than 30 days uptime, i'd be worried :)22:39
tvaalenSame here.22:44
tvaalenIf your shit can't survive a chaos monkey, you're doing it wrong.22:44
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