IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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_root_do we have pytz in crux04:18
prologicpip install pytz04:29
prologicI have argued forever that we should not be packaging up most python packages04:29
prologicunless (and iif) some other package requires it in some way04:29
_root_prologic: So you give me a green light to pack it myself04:34
prologicsure only in the exceptional case I mentioned :)04:34
_root_prologic: tell me more about pip and how is it different04:35
_root_I mean the end result04:35
xeirrr_root_: I guess thing becomes easier04:36
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prologicpip is the python packaging tool and standard04:53
prologicwell pip is the tool04:53
prologicpython packages and pip just happen to be one of those things that don't need any special care or distro specific things to manage properly04:54
prologicso it's useless to package twice (once by the upstream python dev/author) and once by the downstream intainer who just does the same thing04:54
prologicRuby otoh is just god awful at packaging and well just sucks :)04:54
koridiverse: where's your rust pkgfile?05:01
diversekori: I haven't uploaded it05:01
korican you share it?05:01
koriI can't build rust with mine05:01
diverseUnfortunately, not now, my asus motherboard crapped out on me and I'm not operational on my machine05:02
koriah alright then05:02
diversehmm, jaeger should I upload my rust ports in contrib?05:02
diverse(once I get access to my machine that is)05:03
diversekori: let me see your Pkgfile05:05
koriits based on Romster's05:06
korionly thing different is version, really05:06
koriversion=git-$(date +%d%m%Y)05:06
koriI'll try to fix this05:08
korihold on05:08
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korithe worst part about rust compilation is all the cp calls05:13
koriso slooooow05:13
diversehave fun05:15
prologicoh please don't use date as a version05:29
prologicif you're going to port/package up a git bleeding edge package/port05:29
prologicuse it's revision that you packed it at05:29
prologicand please pin it to a known version/revision05:29
prologicdon't just make it HEAD :)05:30
prologiceven better05:30
diverseprologic: he is not going to follow standard crux protocol05:30
prologictar it up at that point05:30
prologicand throw it up somewhere05:30
prologicwhy's that? :)05:30
prologicArch user? :P05:30
diversehe was one05:30
prologicoh dear05:30
koriI'm trying to push the boundaries to find new solutions for CRUX while staying as CRUX as possible05:30
koridoing some experimentation05:31
prologicsure okay :)05:31
prologicI'm just saying there are very good reasons why we have certain conventions in place :)05:31
koriI find the git convention nice05:31
koriwould be neat to have some sort of abstraction though05:31
koriand I'm going to work on that soon05:31
prologicI don't really want to have to rey on cloing repos to install software05:32
korihaving to do the whole "cd $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR... if... else.." rodeo is annoying, no?05:32
diverseprologic: Romster solved that part05:32
koriprologic: valid concern05:32
prologicyeah it kind is annoying05:32
prologicso your the maintainer05:32
prologicdo the *work*05:32
prologicand create a source tarball :)05:32
prologicat *that* revision05:32
prologicand host it :)05:32
koriI'm currently working with git integration05:33
prologicI would build a service05:33
koriI have a git driver for ports(8) in the works05:33
diversewell as I said in the past, make a git_clone_pull() function accepting the git url as the parameter05:33
koriit mostly works05:33
koridiverse: yes I'm going to make that05:33
diverseand have that added to pkgmk05:33
prologiccurl -O
prologica git driver for ports?05:34
prologichow is that interesting?05:34
prologicI wrote one for mercurial05:34
prologicand use it05:34
prologicbut it's pretty trivial05:34
diverseI bet you wrote one for gopher too05:34
koriI keep my ports on my github and updating REPO every time was annoying05:35
prologicdiverse: haha that's a great idea05:35
prologicI'll write one tonight :)05:35
koriright now the git driver is not working properly05:35
prologickori: see above05:35
prologicI keep my ports on bitbucket for the same reason05:35
prologicas I said -- it should be trivial05:36
koriit should, but I'm not exactly the most experienced05:36
prologicunless of course you're over thinking it :)05:36
prologicclone the repo05:36
prologicupdate the repo05:36
prologicthat's all the driver needs to do05:36
kori here's what's happening right now05:36
prologicif target path/repo doesn't exxist; clone it05:36
prologicif it does; update it05:36
koricloning part works fine05:37
korinow, for updating...05:37
koriI'm having problems05:37
koriI could maybe roll pull05:37
prologiclooks alright at first glance05:37
prologicjust do git pull05:37
prologicgit reset --hard origin/master && git pull05:38
prologicwell no05:38
prologicyou don't want multiple branches per repo05:38
prologiccrux's ports dont' support that working model05:38
prologica /usr/ports/<collection> points to exactly one repository of ports05:39
prologicbe it synced via httpup, rsync, git or hg05:39
korithat's what's happening right now, though05:39
prologicsoon to add gopher spport :)05:39
korisynced with git05:39
korimight be outdated since updating is broken right now ;)05:39
diverseprologic: rocking it old school05:39
prologicso why doesn't ports -u with your git driver work?05:40
prologicdiverse: hardly old school :)05:40
koriprologic: ah, you see05:40
koriI can't roll git pull05:40
prologicit's 2014, I only started using Gopher last week05:40
koribecause it requires git config05:40
prologicand well I'm using 2014 built software to :)05:40
prologicso it's all new school :)05:40
diverseprologic: gopher is 1991 tech05:40
prologickori: I odn't undersatnd why05:40
prologicyou want to reset and pull05:40
prologicnot commit/merge05:41
prologicwhich *would* require a git config05:41
nwegood morning05:41
prologicdiverse: irc is 1988 tech05:41
koriI don't understand either05:41
prologicwhat's your point :)05:41
koribut it's happening.05:41
diverseprologic: yay even older \o/05:41
prologicif you had any idea how easy it is to share things, publish things05:42
prologicand generally use and manage gopherspace(s)05:42
prologicyou'd get my ports collection05:42
prologicand install gophernicus05:42
prologicas well as install the Overbite Firefox Addon05:42
prologicGopher: The no bullshit protocol (tm)05:42
korigrr this is annoying05:42
diverseprologic: it would be nice if firefox just included in there05:43
prologickori: what error do you get?05:43
prologicdiverse: I agree05:43
prologicbe ncie if Chrome did too05:43
prologicbut what ya gonna do :)05:43
prologicGopher != Web05:43
prologicso *meh*05:43
prologicI seem to switch between elinks and Overbite (FF/Android)05:44
prologicYes - there are mobile Android/iOS clients too :)05:44
prologicyou're doing a git fetch?05:45
prologicalso wtf is "port"?05:45
prologicit's ports -u <collection>05:45
koriI ain't05:45
korisee #05:45
diverseport is his script to do common tasks05:45
koriwrapper script05:45
prologicoh dear god05:46
prologichave you not heard of prt-get?05:46
prologicprt-get edit <port>05:46
prologicprt-get install -fr <port> (force rebuild)05:46
koriyou can see I do wrap prt-get also05:46
prologicprt-get diff (port diffferences)05:46
koriI like my syntax better :)05:46
prologicyes I see that :)05:47
prologicgit pull asks for config too I take it?05:47
korionly git pull asks for config05:47
korigit fetch doesn't, but it's not pulling the latest commit05:47
prologicoh ic05:47
prologictry this theng05:47
prologicgit fetch && git reset --hard origin/master05:48
prologicthat might fetch all latest changes and update the working directory (hopefully005:48
koriwait a sec, I think depth might be the problem05:48
prologicwell you want to fetch all changes05:49
prologicso don't use depth05:49
korimmmm now it works.05:49
korijaeger also suggested depth :D05:50
koriI'm going to test this some more05:51
koriand make a port for it05:51
korialso, prologic05:51
korisupporting branches doesn't hurt05:51
koriI have a reason to support them :D05:51
prologicI don't see how branches would work tbh05:51
prologicit would have too many other side effects05:52
korimaybe you could have multiple repos05:52
koriin one git repo05:52
prologicfor example not playing nice with prt-get's cache05:52
korione for experimental, one for stable05:52
prologicstill wouldn't work very well05:52
prologicunless they were separate dirs in /usr/ports05:52
korithat can happen05:52
koriNAME sets that05:52
prologicwhich makes branching kinda redundant05:52
korinot really05:53
prologicI said kinda :)05:53
korifor the maintainer05:53
koriit could be easier05:53
korito keep everything in one repo05:53
korigit repo, that is05:53
korithis is going to get real confusing real fast05:53
korialso, now that I think about it05:53
koriit would need to be a different dir anyway05:53
korielse it'd probably get overwritten and messy?05:54
prologicthat's another reason not to do it05:54
prologicyou're introducing all sorts of complexities05:54
prologicone repo, one dir, one collection05:54
nweprologic: have get your laptop yet?05:54
korithis is why we test things!!!!!!!!!05:54
prologicnwe: next week I'll be reformating my work lappy :)05:55
prologicsoon :)05:55
nweprologic: hehe okey =)05:55
prologickori: I'm telling you -- it's already too complex :)05:55
nwewhich model will it be ? :)05:55
prologicbut you go right ahead :)05:55
prologicno no, it's what I have right now05:55
prologicgod knows what it is05:55
prologicDell something05:55
prologicI'll tell you later when I start redoing it's OS install :)05:55
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nweI dont like the internet on this train :/05:58
koriprologic: also I can see one of your concerns is maybe me trying to push archisms onto CRUX05:59
koriand no, don't worry about that05:59
koriI never really liked arch to begin with, but it worked05:59
koriI've used a ton of operating systems so I just want to see how that knowledge can be applied to this new experience06:00
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prologicno one will ever push Archisms on to CRUX06:05
prologicfor one very simple reason06:05
koriof course, that is not possible06:05
koridevs will never allow it06:05
prologicArch was/is a derivative of CRUX :)06:05
prologicnot because of devs06:05
prologicbecause of ^^^06:05
koriarch introduced new(complicated) stuff06:06
prologicI believe CRUX is driven by simplicity above all06:06
prologicwhich is why it'll never get in CRUX :)06:06
prologicunnecessary complexity yields higher maintenance and bigger overheads06:07
korido you believe git branch support to be complicated?06:07
koriI'm thinking about it and I can see some problems surfacing06:07
prologicprobably :)06:08
koribut I'd like to hear more about your opinion06:08
prologicunless it worked in a simple way06:08
prologicI think you should try it06:08
prologicsee how it goes06:08
koriwell, this is more about the dev and less about the user06:08
prologicyou can never fully understand the complexities of an idea until you try them out :)06:08
korilets say you have a single git repo for ports06:08
prologicyeah from a dev/maintainer's point of view06:08
prologicprobably too complex :)06:08
koriand then you have branches for stable, experimental, etc06:08
prologicright now this is my work flow06:09
prologiccd ~/contrib && vim /path/to/Pkgfile && hg ci -m "..." && hg pull --rebase && hg push06:09
prologicsame for my personal ports06:09
prologicexcept s/contrib/ports06:09
prologicthrow in a pkgmk or two and maybe a prttest (uses Docker to buidl in isolation and test for broken deps)06:09
koriyou could set NAME to something like this06:10
korilets use me as an example06:10
koriactually no06:10
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korithat would create problems06:10
koriI was thinking NAME=kori/stable but then I saw how that could be a problem06:10
koriso nevermind06:10
koriand NAME=kori-stable looks dumb06:10
koriimagine an /usr/ports/ dir full of -stable and -experimental dirs06:11
korinope, im gonna remove branch support06:11
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prologicthe only way I can think of it working reaosably well06:13
prologicis if you clone that branch into /usr/ports/<repo>/<branch>06:13
prologicand added the dirs to /etc/prt-get.conf06:13
prologicbut I'm not sure about the nesting06:13
prologicand how ports would handle that06:14
prologicbecause it would be06:14
prologicports -u repo/branch06:14
prologicit may work06:14
prologicmay not :)06:14
prologicit'd be up to the user then to order the repos/branches in prt-get.conf06:14
prologicit would work no differetly to how things workw now06:14
koridoes that not sound complicated06:14
prologicjust an extra level of nesting (which may not work at all)06:14
prologicI'm at work on an Ubuntu machine so can't test06:14
korimuch better06:16
korigit driver seems to work flawlessly06:17
korihad to remove the old dir though06:17
korialright cool06:18
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asiehi skrzyp06:30
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skrzypasie: good morning06:31
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koriprologic: how's this? version=git-$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)06:31
skrzyphi kori06:31
skrzypasie: you still haven't showed me your crux desktop ;_;06:32
asieskrzyp: i reinstalled dwm, it's the same as my old desktop now06:32
skrzypI haven't seen your **old** desktop probably, or this was a long time ago.06:33
skrzypAlso, you know, I like all of that scrots06:33
koriI should sleep06:36
korinight :D06:36
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Romsterkori, i got a genatate script that fetches git tars it up uploads it. all i do then is edit the Pkgfile to the new commit07:16
Romsterand done07:16
diverseoh fantastic, Rust's Command has env method handlers07:17
diverseRomster: I'm planning on calling "mk" as "build"07:19
Romsterwhats wrong with mk07:19
Romsterguess its too cryptic07:20
diversewell, it's going to be a little different too07:20
diverseI think having "pkg build <ports>" would be nice so that users don't have to cd into prtdirs and if someone wants to test a Pkgfile explicitly, just "pkg build -d /path/to/port/"07:23
diverseor "pkg build -d" for the pwd07:23
diverseRomster: not too bad, right?07:24
Romsterhaven't given it much thought07:25
diverseRomster: or I could do the reciprocal and "pkg build" looks for the Pkgfile and "pkg build -p <ports>" will search the database07:33
diversemaybe that might be better07:35
diverseI'm looking for ideas to keep in simplier07:36
diverseprologic: I think having a "-p" is better because it's more explicit about the command's action, it reads like English.07:39
Romstersounds more like prt-get08:02
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diverseI suppose, it is08:13
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prologickori, good :)08:26
prologicdiverse, -p for?08:26
diverseprologic: pkg build -p <ports>, in other words, using an option to specify the ports that need building08:27
diverse"pkg build" will just default to looking at the pwd for a Pkgfile08:28
prologicthat doesn't make much sense08:28
prologicsince you can determine it without the -p08:29
prologicpkg build - if Pkgfile in pwd, and no other args, build that Pkgfile08:29
prologicpkg build /path/to/<port> -- build an explicit port08:29
diverseprologic: oh I thought <port> would search the path in the database08:33
diverseI guess that's too complicated for now08:33
diverseprobably better to put that functionality in a separate app anyway08:36
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diverseprologic: In order to follow Unix philosophy, metapkg should do one thing and one thing well and that is to manage packages. A separate utility should be used for managing ports at the macro level, which can use the same lib code I made.08:46
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diverseI think having metapkg do all the work is a big mistake08:48
prologicexplicit is better than implicit08:49
prologicalso one could/should be able to do08:49
prologicpkg build < Pkgfile08:49
prologiccat | pkg build08:50
prologicwhich really makes the code no more complex08:50
prologicfile = arg or stdin or $(pwd)/Pkgfile08:50
prologicwell I agree in principle08:51
prologicpkg - does all of pkgutils08:51
prologicports - does what ports does now with pluggable drivers08:51
prologicand prt - does what prt-get does and builds on top of pkg/ports08:52
prologicideally you probably want to have libpkg and libports08:52
prologicthat each use as libraries :)08:52
diverseyes I know08:52
diverseI realized that earlier08:52
diverseI will change libmetapkg into a different name08:53
diversewhat's a good name for it08:55
diversethat's probably overused in many projects, what if some project(s) already uses libpkg?08:58
diverseprologic: ping09:08
diversehow about libpkgports ?09:10
diverseRomster: do you got any names?09:12
Romsterprt-get fsearch libpkg.so09:15
Romsterno results so :D09:15
diversewhat if someone else has a in their system?09:15
diverseI guess libblue since the mascot is a blue penguin?09:17
diverseor libpanic for frinnst when he sees all of this text09:20
diverseor libidle for prologic09:23
prologiclibpkg is fine ihmo09:28
prologicyou would never install it to /usr/lib though09:28
prologicbut /usr/lib/crux maybe09:28
diversealright, libpkg it is09:41
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prologicI'm kinda liking FF again for some reason09:55
prologicFF + Overbite + Markdown viewer + Automatic Window Rezier09:55
prologic== nice experience for GOpher :)09:55
diverseshow a screenshot and please put it on imgur09:56
diverseprologic: btw weren't you going to create some issues?09:58
prologicimgur I have nfi how to :)09:59
prologicdo I need an account?09:59
diversenope, just upload it09:59
diverseclick the "upload images" bar on the top10:00
prologicwtf kind of tool do you use? :P10:00
prologicI typically use scrot10:01
diversescrot is fine10:01
diverseprologic: are you at the imgur site?10:02
diverseand yes you are going to have to deal with http, but use it10:03
diverseprologic: you there?10:11
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diversesup leo10:27
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leo-unglaubhey :)10:27
prologicnice solution too10:29
diverseso that's what the gopher ui looks like10:30
*** xeirrr has joined #crux10:30
prologicwell technically Gopher doesn't have a UI10:31
prologictry this in your terminal10:31
prologicecho "1/" | nc 7010:31
leo-unglaubdiverse: you dont have a terminal????10:32
leo-unglaubno TTY1?10:32
diversemy motherboard crapped out on me dude10:33
leo-unglaubprologic: you really made me horney to try gopher myself :) i have to get back to you on that one!10:33
diverseno linux either, how do you think I feel? ;(10:33
leo-unglaubno linux?10:33
diverseno linux10:33
leo-unglaubis there something else to chat with?10:33
diverseyeah, my family's machine, using hexchat since it was ported to windows10:34
prologicso you're on windows or something? :)10:34
prologiceven windwos you have putty :)10:34
diverseyeah I have to deal with it for a few more days10:34
leo-unglaubdiverse: hacker rule nr 1 ... always have a secound mouse and keyboard around ;)10:35
prologicleo-unglaub, nps :)10:35
prologicdiverse, you want a shell account?10:35
diversejust show me another picture with that command used10:35
leo-unglaubprologic: yeah, give him something to ssh to *g* so he doesn't feel that alone *g*10:35
diverseI don't want to install more niche shit on this machine10:36
leo-unglaubdiverse: why is your family even using windows? do they play games?10:36
diversehow interesting10:38
leo-unglaubnow me :) and on the desktop
diverseI'm batman10:40
leo-unglaubdiverse: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO10:40
leo-unglaubi am batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:40
diverseI'm kidding10:40
diverseI just like saying that quote10:41
leo-unglaubthats my quote *g*10:41
leo-unglaubI am batman!!!!10:41
diverseso you switched from xfce to awesomewm?10:42
diverseleo-unglaub: mr. batman10:43
diversebatman, da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, batman10:50
diverseleo-unglaub: 俺はバットマンだ10:53
diversealright I'll stop playing around10:55
diverseprologic: I'm trying to think how I can parse the what's inside the build function of the Pkgfile11:03
leo-unglaubdiverse: you could regex the hell out of it *g*11:04
diverseleo-unglaub: btw did you see what I said?11:04
leo-unglaubdiverse: no, i am using xfce4 and i3wm11:06
leo-unglaubon my desktop i use xfce4 and on my laptop i use i3wm do to screen space issues11:06
diverseah i311:06
diverseleo-unglaub: this is what I typed to you earlier:
leo-unglaubi just see some broken ascii on my screen *g*11:10
diverseah you don't have the font rendering11:11
leo-unglaubyes *g*11:11
leo-unglaubi only have valid fonts on my system .. i am from germany and i only use good old german fonts *g*11:11
diversealright I will write it in romaji then: "Ore no Battoman da" which is Japanese for, wait for it... "I'm Batman"11:12
leo-unglaubdiverse: my oncle is from japan ... i am going to ask him it this is correct!!11:13
leo-unglaubdiverse: why do you speak japaneese?11:14
diverseI don't fluently speak it, I just know some of it. I took some classes11:14
leo-unglaubah, but you are not from japan?11:15
diverseI have a friend in Japan though11:15
leo-unglaubto bad, i am there next year .. be could have meet and did a CRUX Japan meetup *g*11:15
diverseoh wait, actually I shouldn't have used "no", I meant "wa" so: "Ore wa Battoman da!"11:16
diverseleo-unglaub: say that to a Japanese person and they will think you are batman11:16
leo-unglaubdiverse: i will do that :)11:17
diverseor crazy ;)11:17
leo-unglaubpropobly it's a hidden insult about his mother and he will go full karate on my face ...11:17
prologicwhy do you want to parse what's inside the buidl() function?11:17
diverseso yeah, use the "wa" particle, not the possessive "no" particle. "Ore no" means "My"11:18
prologicwhat are you trying to achieve there?11:18
leo-unglaubprologic: RUST prt-get rewrite11:18
prologicno I know what he's doing in general11:19
prologicbut parsing the Pkgfile beyond the meta data makes no snse11:19
prologicjust pass the file to a subprocess under bash and execute it11:19
prologicspwan /bin/bash process11:19
prologicsource the Pkgfile11:19
prologicrun build()11:19
prologicthen package up the $PKG dir11:20
prologicyou will have to create the working dir ofc11:20
diversethat was my original plan, but I realized I'm missing a few things, like adding the $PKG and $SRC and other env vars11:21
diverseand what about helper functions in pkgmk?11:22
diverseunless I can have other shell processes communicate with other shell processes?11:23
leo-unglaubdiverse: you can get all those variables from the shell ENV11:23
leo-unglaubbecause you have to source /etc/pkg* and the Pkgfile11:24
leo-unglaubyou can get all those things from the ENV11:24
diverseleo-unglaub: it's not in the shell env, they are defined in pkgmk11:24
leo-unglaubpkgmk is a shell script ;)11:25
leo-unglaubjust source it11:25
diversesigh, then what's the point of a "build" command then?11:25
leo-unglaubsomeone has to kickstart the build11:26
leo-unglaubthats the command then11:26
leo-unglaubor do we mean something different?11:26
prologicdiverse, there are none at present11:26
prologicCRUX != Arch :)11:27
prologicand yeah11:27
prologicutilize Bash as much as possble11:27
prologicdon't do the work yourself since the way it works works quite well11:27
prologicsource it, run buidl()11:27
prologicyou'll get all the vars be inspecting Bash11:27
diverseI guess the point was, since kori wanted to have git support in the Pkgfile, he is writing that function to use for general purposes11:28
diversebut imo it is better to see what goes on in the Pkgfile even if it's extra chars11:31
diversealright, so all I need to do is parse the '#' info and break out of the loop until it reads "build"11:32
_root_So in general the python libraries or packages is not packed and ported in Crux. Crux prefer to hve it installed by PIP or python package manager.11:33
diverse_root_: just to give you an idea, I'm using cargo to install rust libs in a Pkgfile, so I'd say yes11:35
prologicwell many are11:35
prologicbut my personal preference and opionin is that they shouldn't11:35
_root_and now that you talk about rust.11:36
prologicalso diverse sad news11:36
prologicwriting a gopher ports driver is not trivial11:36
_root_I was meaning to ask; I s it hard to work with rust?11:36
prologicI'd have to write my own gopher client to parse menui items11:36
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:36
_root_hhhhhhhh: hi]11:37
*** xeirrr has quit IRC11:44
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC11:45
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:50
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC11:51
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:51
leo-unglaubnode.js is the biggest fuckup i have ever seen12:05
leo-unglaubwho ever inventet this peace of fucking hipster web dev shit should be kicked in the balls12:05
*** diverse has quit IRC12:10
*** diverse has joined #crux12:11
diverseleo-unglaub: sorry did I miss anything?12:11
leo-unglaubnope, i finished my node.js rant12:12
diversealright so what's up with node.js?12:12
leo-unglaubnothing anymore12:12
leo-unglaubi did a rm -rf * on that pice of crap12:12
*** j^2_ has joined #crux12:12
diverseI'm curious though, what's wrong with it?12:13
leo-unglaubslow, messy, buggy, ...12:13
*** j^2 has quit IRC12:14
*** Pingax has quit IRC12:14
leo-unglaubi had to run sich a js linting tool that needs node.js12:14
leo-unglauband it pulls down 50 mb of denencencies ...12:14
diverseleo-unglaub: I guess you need to kick this hipster in the nuts:
leo-unglaubi know ...12:15
diverseso where are you going to move to now?12:17
leo-unglaubi am doing my own perl script that is propobly 20kb of size and does the same thing faster, better and more stable12:18
*** cosban- has joined #crux12:19
*** Roomster has joined #crux12:20
*** Romster has quit IRC12:20
*** Lukc_ has joined #crux12:20
diverseleo-unglaub: a node-ng? ;)12:20
*** Lukc has quit IRC12:21
*** chris2 has joined #crux12:21
leo-unglaubdiverse: nope, i just want to get work done12:21
diverseI guess I should leave you be then12:22
leo-unglauba co-worker is currently defending node ... he says that its awesome .. he can open a network connection and listen for connections with 5 lines of code ...12:22
leo-unglaubi am not sure if i should show him that in C it only takes me 3 lines *g*12:22
diversenot worth your time12:23
diversebut then, why do it in perl? Why not C?12:24
leo-unglaubits a matter of "using the right tool for the job" and to process some text files and pipe them to some other tools C would be overkill12:24
leo-unglaubyou dont need a compiled language for things like that12:25
leo-unglaubperl is my favourite glue language to piece together different c programs12:25
leo-unglaubsome people like python for that, some like Bash ... i would use bash, but i never got used to arrays in bash12:26
diverseeach to their own, I wouldn't argue with your co-worker though12:26
leo-unglaubwell, i am his boss ... and i am a troll *g* so maybe i am going to troll him later one during lunch *g*12:27
diverseyou're going to punk him?12:27
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:32
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] serf: updated to 1.3.812:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] subversion: updated to 1.8.1112:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libnotify: updated to 0.7.6 (FS#1104)12:59
_root_seems cruxbot is working again; congrats :)13:00
Roomstersweet i can push midori now.13:05
*** Pingax has joined #crux13:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: 0.5.8 -> 0.5.9 fixes FS#109513:12
diverseRoomster: ping13:15
Roomsterwhat <<13:15
diverseInstead of "Depends on: " how about just "Requires: " for the Pkgfile info parsing?13:15
diverseor I could leave it as is13:17
Roomsterhard to say that would break a lot of ports.13:18
diverseI guess reusability is more important right now13:19
Roomsteri'd stick with what we got.13:22
diverseso what I'm doing is parsing for # blah, until it reaches "build" and break of the loop and spawn the shell process feeding in the Pkgfile13:23
diverseRoomster: wait, how does pkgmk execute the build function?13:26
Roomsterits a shell script look in pkgmk13:29
diverseah I see, it calls build in there13:32
*** titanmech has joined #crux13:33
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:34
diverseI guess my earlier judgment was right about parsing the lines in build() first to feed in the shell spawn13:38
diverseRoomster: because if I just do "sh -c Pkgfile" the build() won't run anyway13:40
diverseactually how do I make bash execute a specific function in a script?14:01
diverseRoomster: is there a way to do that without having to invoke it in the Pkgfile?14:06
Roomster(set -e -x ; build)14:10
Roomstersee the source after cd $SRC14:10
*** Romster has joined #crux14:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:17
*** pitillo_ has joined #crux14:23
*** chris2_ has joined #crux14:24
*** retard has joined #crux14:24
*** nwe_ has joined #crux14:24
*** tvaalen_ has joined #crux14:25
*** chris2 has quit IRC14:25
*** retard_ has quit IRC14:30
*** nwe has quit IRC14:30
*** pitillo has quit IRC14:30
*** tvaalen has quit IRC14:30
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC14:30
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux14:40
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux14:47
*** SiFuh_ has joined #crux14:54
*** u7knv9h has joined #crux14:55
u7knv9h hello, i'm making a port of something which has a 'config.def.h' in the the archive, how do i preserve it in the port directory? (like, /usr/ports/<user>/<port>/config.def.h)14:55
frinnstadd it along with the Pkgfile. check contrib/dwm14:56
*** SiFuh has quit IRC14:57
u7knv9h=======> ERROR: Source file 'config.def.h' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).14:59
frinnstyou need to add it to the source too. again, check the dwm port14:59
u7knv9hi did exactly the same, but it's not working15:02
jaegerpastebin your Pkgfile15:02
EmoSpiceu7knv9h: Let me know how you like sandy.15:05
EmoSpiceHave you tried vis?15:05
u7knv9hi tried doing "cp $SRC/sandy-0.4/config.def.h ." which is where the config really is, but then i get it moved in / with pkgadd15:05
u7knv9hEmoSpice: i use vim regularly, i just wanted something for `fast` things15:06
u7knv9hi don't like nano and ed it's not the fastest editor, lol15:06
EmoSpiceu7knv9h: I meant the suckless version of a "vim-like" editor.15:06
u7knv9huh, seems nice15:07
u7knv9hi'll try it15:07
jaegeru7knv9h: you have config.def.h in the same folder as the Pkgfile?15:09
u7knv9hnope, the config.def.h is inside the tar archive15:10
jaegerthat's why it doesn't work, then15:10
u7knv9hEmoSpice: thanks! i'll check that15:10
jaegerif you put something in the source=() array without a protocol like http:// it's expected to be in the top level port dir15:10
jaegerIf you want to use the one in the tarball instead, just copy it during build() instead of putting it in source=()15:11
EmoSpiceI haven't checked it out yet. I'm really interested, but I can't "Make the switch". The price would be too high to do it at work right now.15:11
u7knv9hyea, that's why i asked here. is there a way to keep a file in /usr/ports/<user>/<port> ? like the dwm config.h15:11
jaegerwe seem to be going in a circle here, heh15:11
jaegerIf you want to keep a custom one outside the tarball, just add it to the port dir and source=()15:12
EmoSpiceu7knv9h: The PACKAGE provides the version of config.def.h that you see in /usr/ports/...etc15:12
u7knv9huh ,sorry, i didn't read the message15:12
jaegeryou'll notice dwm actually has config.h in the port dir, not part of the tarball15:12
u7knv9hyes, i just checked after you said15:13
u7knv9hso, the config.def.h, to remain in the port dir should be in ? $SRC/<package> ?15:14
jaegerAnything that's in source=() ends up in $SRC during build15:15
u7knv9hinstalling dwm  =======> ERROR: Source file 'config.h' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).15:23
u7knv9h(didn't modify the Pkgfile, obiously)15:23
EmoSpiceu7knv9h: you could also avoid all of this by just downloading and installing into a personal ~/.bin (or similar) folder and adding that to $PATH15:24
u7knv9hyes, but having the port is much more convenient, i can always remove, install and  update simply with a command15:25
EmoSpiceu7knv9h: So can I. "rm -r ~/.builds/{program}/ && rm ~/.bin/{program_symlink}" :P15:26
EmoSpice(and updates are just a git clone, and install is just a symlink)15:27
EmoSpiceerr s/clone/pull/g15:27
u7knv9hbut you can't change the $version and then update with pkgmk -u lol15:28
EmoSpiceI don't want to15:28
u7knv9hi want to15:28
_root_EmoSpice: hello :)_15:30
EmoSpice_root_: Hey15:30
_root_fluxbox or pekwm?15:31
EmoSpiceI love(d) both (when I was using floating wms)15:31
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC15:31
EmoSpicepreferred pekwm for it's lack of bar (and awesome dock/wharf support)15:31
_root_EmoSpice: and when you're not?15:31
EmoSpiceI've used dwm for years15:31
_root_EmoSpice: So what bar you use. I can't find a good choice. pypannel of fxpanel ...15:32
diversethere were some bugs I couldn't stand anymore in pekwm, so I moved to fluxbox atm15:33
u7knv9hi-i'd say dzen2, but at the moment i'm not  using any bar15:33
diversebut I was in transitioning to 2bwm until my motherboard flopped15:33
_root_diverse: ya; I saw it in the logs; what happened?15:33
*** titanmech has quit IRC15:33
diversemotherboard just starting randomly shutting down everytime I was at least able to boot it back up15:34
_root_diverse did you check the power supply; oh wait it could be your cpu or GPU heating up15:36
diverseI already had my power supply replaced and my cpu wasn't overheating and even when I booted it back up sometimes the computer would shutdown during POST, so it's not because of overheating15:37
diverseasus won't do a 2nd advanced replacement within a year from my first replacement, so I'm deciding on trying a different manufacturer15:38
diverseso I just think the board in particular is just not well made in general15:39
_root_diverse: try its sybertooth I am reading off the chart review about it15:39
_root_it is pricy abit though15:40
diverseI was looking into sabertooth mark 2, but asrock looked like they had boards that are even better quality than sabertooth15:40
_root_diverse: Giga is always a relaible choice15:40
jaegergigabyte has some bad press for using cheap caps recently15:41
_root_diverse: I wouldn't recommand Asrock; they may (may)use cheap material and the whole production is in china mor malaysia15:42
_root_jaeger: it is becoming a norm for home and home-server market to do these corporate thievery15:43
_root_anyhow; if you reached a good product le me know; I want to know what will you end up with15:44
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux15:46
_root_1155 or 1150?15:46
*** u7knv9h has quit IRC15:46
_root_diverse: the number of sockets?15:48
_root_diverse: So 1150 is the new out there.15:49
diversewell the current one that is still used15:50
jaeger1155 is a generation old, ivy/sandy bridge15:50
jaeger1150 is newer15:50
diverseupgrading from a z87 to a z97 won't be a problem for me15:50
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux15:51
*** toriso has quit IRC16:16
joacimdiverse: not much of a upgrade16:25
diversejoacim: I'm doing it to replace, not upgrade16:26
diversesince I can use the same cpu16:26
joacimoh right16:27
joacimi'd like asus' z97-ws. problem is it is really expensive16:27
joacimlooks like a really nice board tho16:27
diversethe board I'm having problems with (2 in a row) is asus' z87-ws. If it weren't for these problems, I would definitely go with their WS boards16:28
koriI figured out why rust wasn't building16:29
korithe friggin vim syntax install >.>16:29
jaegernwe_: I reinstalled my NUC this morning and used the default ISO config, grub-install /boot/efi, and grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg - works fine, so I'll probably put those simpler instructions in the UEFI wiki page rather than the custom config16:30
diversejoacim: the idea of having those four x16 slots at x8 speed simultaneously is nice though16:34
diversebut if it were me I would do regular SLI at x16 for 2 and use the other slots for expansion. 4-way SLI is very expensive16:37
joacimI don't like having PCI slots when they're obsolete16:40
joacimdiverse: did you say you replaced teh PSU?16:40
joacimcould it be that your PSU damaged your board?16:41
diverseyeah, remember roughly a month ago I had a cross-ship with Seasonic? I suppose it might have damaged it, I can still turn on the board, but it will shutoff again.16:43
diversenot like anything melted as I took apart to check16:45
*** kori has quit IRC16:51
*** kori has joined #crux16:53
*** kori has quit IRC16:53
*** kori has joined #crux16:53
joacimnot much to choose from these days. everything is so gamer looking16:58
diverseI'm not a fan of the red/black theme most boards are sporting these days, but quality before aesthetics17:12
nwe_jaeger: oh I will try that :)17:30
*** hhhhhhhh_ has joined #crux17:30
leo-unglaubi am going home now ... developing javascript for 8 hours has killed my spirit ...17:42
leo-unglaubsee you later17:42
tilmanoh boy17:42
leo-unglauboh boy indeed ...17:43
EmoSpiceleo-unglaub: I feel your pain. Working on building a SPA with React and Require as we speak.17:43
leo-unglaubEmoSpice: oh, i had to deal with backbonejs, zepto and select217:43
tilmanleo-unglaub: i recommend alcohol17:43
EmoSpiceI echo tilman's sentiments17:43
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:43
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:43
tilmanif you take it instead of breakfast, work might become more managable17:44
tilmanbtw, anyone know i can convince chrome to permanently trust a userscript that i wrote myself? ;]17:45
leo-unglaubhehehe, i know you are right17:45
leo-unglaubbut the problem is, i dont drink ...17:45
tilmanit bitches about it being from an "unauthenticated source"17:45
leo-unglauba real problem on days like that17:45
EmoSpicetilman: cross site shit. No idea how to fix.17:45
leo-unglaubtilman: if you have a CORS problem17:46
tilmanexactly, i'm grabbing data off of a https url, and forwarding it to a http one17:46
leo-unglaubsend an OPTIONS request first17:46
tilmani run the http server at the target end17:46
tilmanand i don't need encryption at all.17:46
leo-unglaubtilman: thats simple to fix17:46
tilmanbut chrome keeps whining17:46
EmoSpicetilman: Just set up https using a self signed cert so it'll stop complaining :P17:47
leo-unglaubtilman: just send Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * in the http header17:47
EmoSpice^ also that17:47
leo-unglauband then the CORS request will work17:47
tilmangonna try that17:48
leo-unglaubsee you later17:48
leo-unglaubi need a huge bratwurst now17:48
leo-unglaubtilman: one more thing, you know fefe?17:53
tilmanwe talked about fefe already ;)17:53
leo-unglaubhave you looked up his new ipv6 address? i had to lol so hard17:53
*** Claus_ has joined #crux18:03
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC18:06
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC18:09
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*** pidsley has joined #crux19:11
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC19:27
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux19:29
*** pidsley has quit IRC19:32
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*** pancetta has quit IRC20:04
_root_I could 3 gtk 2 theme for every one gtk3 theme. why? is gtk2 theme writing/production is easier?20:43
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux20:46
*** diverse has quit IRC21:00
EmoSpice_root_: That made approx. 10% sense ;)21:16
EmoSpicebut yes. GTK2 theming is significantly easier than gtk221:16
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux21:38
_root_EmoSpice: I think so.21:39
EmoSpiceWhat a great movie :)21:40
*** Pingax has quit IRC21:42
_root_EmoSpice: I don't understand why its II never came out.?!21:43
EmoSpiceDidn't know it was scheduled for one21:43
leo-unglaubjaeger: ping21:46
_root_EmoSpice: I am saying why not? It had the potential21:49
EmoSpiceIt did.21:49
EmoSpiceNot sure why it didn't get one21:49
Feigrfrinnst: I made a mess!
jaegerleo-unglaub: what's up?22:07
leo-unglaubjaeger: you are the libnotify maintainer?22:08
leo-unglaubthe current change breaks the thunar package, and the thunar-package needs a rebuild to work22:08
jaegerI am not22:11
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:18
leo-unglaubjaeger: prt-get info libnotify | grep jaeger22:21
leo-unglaubPackager:     Matt Housh, jaeger at morpheus dot net22:21
jaegerpackager != maintainer.22:21
*** doomicide has joined #crux22:24
leo-unglaubdamn ... you are right *g*22:25
leo-unglaubwell, sorry ... it's already late here ;)22:40
leo-unglauband i had to debug an old perl script for the last 2 hours ... i only see 30% right now *g*22:40
jaegerperl can do that, heh22:46
leo-unglaubjaeger: the funny thing is ... i have no idea what the other dev tryed to do ...22:53
leo-unglaubas much as i love perl ... reading perl code from someone else ... is like getting ass-fucked ...22:53
korigotta find a way to get git commit version easily22:55
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC22:56
koriI can't set version to git-$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)22:57
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux22:58
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:59
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:21

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