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Worksterkori, you might wanna pre-process your Pkgfiles contrib/gpp and use version=git-#exec $(git rev-parse --short HEAD) in Pkgmke.in04:33
Worksterthen gpp -x Pkgfile04:37
Worksteri added that in a shell script called generate04:37
korithat sounds somewhat complicated04:44
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Worksterkori, nah basic05:12
Workstermake generate executable chmod 0744 generate then ./generate then you have a updated Pkgfile05:12
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xeirrrHi, can someone provide a binary package for chromium?05:13
Worksterwhen i get home
xeirrrWorkster: okay :)05:14
Worksterolder one there though already05:14
skrzypWTF XD06:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mail: new url08:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: maildrop: update to 2.8.108:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.0808:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: vte-gtk3: initial import09:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libwnck: cleanup09:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libwnck-gtk3: initial import09:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pygobject-gtk3: initial import09:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pygobject: cleanup09:10
Romsteri have contrib/vte309:36
Romstersepen you got vte-gtk3 as the directory name but then you do name=vte09:42
Romsterah not in he channel09:42
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Romsternot in the*09:42
Romstername=libwnck and in directory libwnck-gtk309:43
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skrzypI don't like GTK310:14
skrzypbecause it's not backwards compatible (themes!), uses more resources and don't give user anything new10:14
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diverseprologic: I love this thread, this is what I was talking to you about earlier in a pm:
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EmoSpiceAnyone know of an ultra minimalist wm with a "wharf"?13:43
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-screenshooter: updated to 1.7.9 and fixed deps14:51
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leo-unglaubteK_: ping15:31
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leo-unglaubdamn disc, dont know if my ing got out15:43
leo-unglaubteK_: ping15:44
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frinnstmother fucking seagate16:03
frinnstanother failing disk..16:03
koriseagate is shit16:03
joacimwant one of my old ones?16:03
frinnstLost 3TB disk earlier this week16:03
joacimthey're still working16:03
koriI like WD16:03
frinnstand now a 2TB disk is starting to fail16:03
joacimgot acouple of IDE drives, and a few early sata drives16:03
koriI've a green and a blue16:03
frinnsti ran the 2tb disk in a raid1 array earlier and one of those disks died last year and now this one is dying..16:04
joacimi have a wd green. the head parking is annoying16:04
frinnstjoacim: you can disable the parking16:04
joacimmy red is ok, but the newer ones are noisier16:04
joacimi know16:04
frinnstI have 4 greens in raid5 :) they have been running 24/7 for about 3 years now16:04
jaegerand spinning down every 30 seconds that whole time :D16:05
frinnstunless you disable that with hdparm :)16:05
joacimi just like to buy red. they're noisy, but i feel safe around them16:06
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teK_leo-unglaub: pong16:07
jaegermy reds are very quiet16:07
jaegerblacks, though, loud16:08
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frinnstyeah reds should be really quiet. unless you get red pro (7200rpm)16:09
jaegerI have 2 reds and 2 seagate constellation ESes in one box, the seagates dwarf the reds in terms of noise16:09
jaegerthose particular seagates are louder than WD blacks, even, hehe16:10
jaegerI plan to replace them with reds when they eventually fail16:10
koriare you guys looking for storage security?16:13
frinnstthere's no such thing16:15
frinnstbut seagate seems to be extra sucky :)16:15
jaegerI'm talking about noise and longevity, not security16:15
koribut yes, by security I meant longevity16:17
koriand greens are possibly the best for that16:17
jaegerI've read some accounts of greens self-destructing over time due to the ridiculously aggressive head parking16:18
jaegeryou can turn it off but I imagine many people who bought greens don't know that16:19
jaegerMy only personal experience with them is a server some idiot specced out here with 2 greens. They both failed within a couple months (it was running a tomcat server and a postgresql database with a low-to-medium load)16:20
frinnstgreens are not the best choice if you constantly read from them or if they are on 24/716:23
jaegerall this is anecdotal, I'm sure there are other cases like frinnst's where greens are working fine16:23
jaegerjust not my (limited) experience with them16:23
frinnstyeah most hd experiences seems to contradict each other16:24
frinnstbut i have not been lucky with seagates.. :(16:24
jaegerI've had mixed luck with my seagates. One is years old and going strong, the other I've replaced16:25
jaegerI don't sweat it much, hard drives are a pain :P16:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: iwlwifi-3945-ucode: fixed issues with source file (FS#1099)16:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pekwm-themes: fixed url (FS#1098)16:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: sunbird: removed port16:28
koriRIP sunbird16:30
koriI never used it16:30
kori┐('~'; )┌16:30
EmoSpiceI think about 4 people used Sunbird.16:31
korithe main dev and the auxiliary devs?16:35
EmoSpiceand me :P16:35
diversejaeger: you want to know what's loud? Velociraptors. I can live with WD black hdds any day, but I'm loving going pure ssd right now. :)16:40
jaegeryeah, those are also loud. not big, though, so you don't see them in NAS setups too often :)16:41
jaegerwe've got a few of them in machines here at work16:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pygobject-gtk3: fixed name (FS#1107)16:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libwnck-gtk3: fixed name (FS#1106)16:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: vte-gtk3: fixed name (FS#1105)16:45
diversejaeger: yeah the actual physical drive itself is small which is probably one of the reasons it would have faster seek speed besides the 10k rpm, but it's contain in a larger holder at the size of a regular 5.25 inch to probably dissipate the extra heat and to keep the disk from vibrating.16:46
jaegerours are 3.5" rather than 5.25", are 5.25" raptors actually made?16:47
jaegerall the ones I've seen are a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" shell16:47
diverseyou're right16:47
diverse5.25 was for optical drives16:47
diversethe shell is 3.516:47
diverseI'm becoming so forgetful these days16:48
joacimdid anyone even make 5.25" hdds after y2k?16:48
jaegerI doubt it but anything's possible16:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: geany: updated to 1.24.116:55
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frinnstIm pondering to actually buy a raptor just to get that awesome 2.5->3.5 converter :)17:36
frinnstI had a 74gb raptor a few years ago. it was pretty nice and it died a heros death17:37
diversefrinnst: :)17:51
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diverseprologic: I'm planning on combing the add, rm, and info modules as one module, all the methods are already separated from their impl blocks17:53
diverseI would be doing redundant imports on those 3 anyway17:54
diverseI guess I will call it the command module17:57
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diversehey z3bra18:39
z3brahow are you ?18:40
diversebut not great, I'm without my workstation18:41
z3braphone ?18:41
diversephone and family member's machine (running windows)18:42
z3brai feel your pain ^^18:42
diversemobiverse is me on my phone atm.18:43
diversemobiverse: hi me!18:43
mobiversediverse: hey quit talking to yourself on the phone!18:44
diversegot to bring out some humor this misery18:47
diverse*to this18:47
diversez3bra: other than that, how are you?18:50
z3brastruggling with a misbehaving XCB18:50
diversewhat's wrong with xcb?18:51
diversexcb is the end all to xlib, right?18:53
diversez3bra: ^18:57
z3brayeah kinda18:58
z3braxcb is another lib to communicate with the X server18:58
z3brato good thing is that it's asynchronous18:58
diverseso communication goes both ways18:59
diversez3bra: so how is it misbehaving?19:00
z3brawell, with xlib19:01
z3braif one query freeze19:01
z3braall your other queries are stuck19:01
z3brawhile with xcb it's non-bloquing19:01
diversez3bra: does xcb depend on xlib?19:02
z3bra(that would be weird, a replacement lib relying on the old lib :P)19:04
diverseso it sounds like the problem is xlib, not xcb?19:04
z3braI'm having a problem with some XCB events in fact :)19:06
diversewhich is affecting 2bwm?19:07
z3brano no19:13
z3braI'm coding a new tool19:13
z3brathat watch X events19:13
z3braand print them to stdout19:13
z3brabut some events act in a weird way19:13
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diverseI see19:17
jaegerfrinnst: you can get pretty cheap 2.5" -> 3.5" adapters without buying the whole drive assembly, for what that's worth19:18
jaegerI bought one for an SSD in a 1U server for ~$20 US19:18
frinnstyeah I got one for my microserver since it must align power/sata with 3.5"19:19
frinnstsurprisingly difficult to find, one that follows the 3.5" form factor19:20
diversedo these adapters conduct the heat off from a 2.5 drive?19:20
frinnstnot the one I got19:21
jaegerin the case of my SSD it doesn't generate enough to worry about but the caddy thing has vents in it19:22
jaeger <-- that thing19:22
frinnsthey, i got the exact same one19:25
jaegerIt works well for me but I've never used it with spinning rust19:26
EmoSpicez3bra: I asked this earlier, but I'm not sure you were around (No one really was). Do you happen to know of a lightweight wm with a "wharf"? I'm interested in seeing the implementation of one.19:28
z3branope, sorry19:28
z3brabut now have my curiosity19:29
EmoSpiceNo biggie. I just don't really care to dig through Afterstep or Pekwm's source19:29
tilmanEmoSpice: how about openbox19:30
EmoSpiceI know Openbox has one, but I'm not sure I'm any more interested in digging through their source than pemwms :P19:30
EmoSpiceI know where that's going :P19:31
jaegerwrong worf but that's what popped into my head19:31
tilmanwas blackbox that called it "slit" first, until some people got offended?19:31
EmoSpiceit is called a slit in BB19:31
frinnstin fluxbox too19:31
EmoSpicedidn't realize that people were butthurt about it tho19:31
tilmanmaybe it was afterstep that renamed it because of that reason19:33
tilmandon't remember :|19:33
EmoSpicestill funny19:33
korithat is not part of the WM though19:34
koriand the "slit" in bb is the system tray, no?19:34
EmoSpiceand it is part of the wm19:34
tilmannice try kori ;)19:34
koris/is not/should not be/19:34
EmoSpicewell, that's a different statement entirely ;)19:35
koriI forgot what the slit did19:35
tilmanit houses dockapps19:35
korioh, like this?
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EmoSpicethough those are the ugliest possible variety of dockapps19:36
koriI quite like their retro look19:37
korinot that i'd USE them19:37
koribut it looks nice to me19:37
EmoSpiceI'm interested in something more like this overall:
tilmanthat's ... *drumroll* openbox19:38
EmoSpicetilman: I know. It's my screenshot.19:38
koridid you not create that with conky?19:39
kori(I hate conky)19:39
EmoSpicekori: bottom right. not bottom left.19:39
EmoSpiceand yes - that was conky19:39
tilmanso, tray area? ;)19:40
EmoSpicesort of.19:40
tilmantried docker?19:40
kori┐('~'; )┌19:40
EmoSpiceI have. I can't find teh source anymore because "docker" is such a loaded search19:40
korihonestly I'd rather keep a htop window open19:40
tilmannot sure if joking or incompetent19:41
koriI don't use the tray so yeah19:41
koriif I were to use it, I'd probably make some minimal tint2 config19:41
tilmanEmoSpice: right hand side has tarballs19:41
EmoSpicehmm Curious why that didn't pop up in my googling. Thanks!19:42
koriI can see how a slit/wharf/whateverelse could be useful though19:45
tilman15 years ago we needed it to put gkrellm on our desktop in a sane way19:46
koribut i'm horribly confused so i'm going to stop talking about this19:46
EmoSpiceI'm interested in trying floating wm's again after so long in tiling. I've built a floating wm and I'm interested in trying to build a dock/wharf/whatever into it19:46
korioh gkrellm is neat19:46
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mobiverseEmoSpice: you wrote your own WM?21:30
EmoSpicemobiverse: yes.21:30
EmoSpiceNot one anyone wants to use yet, mind you, but yes21:30
mobiverseHow much fun was it?21:32
EmoSpicemobiverse: It's been interesting. I understand a lot more about X.21:32
EmoSpiceIt's frustrating because it's written in python (my c is relatively weak and I happen to know python already) and the python docs for xlib and xcb are TERRIBLE21:33
mobiverseUse what's comfortable for you21:34
nwekori: are you using irssi as irc-client? if.. which theme do you use ?:)21:34
mobiverseEmoSpice: I definitely prefer my favorite lang over C and C++21:36
EmoSpiceI've considered switching to go, but py's working okay21:36
tilmanmobiverse: holy crap what a statement :]21:37
korinwe: yes21:37
korithe theme is not available anywhere21:37
nwekori: wanna share it ? :) maybe you can put it on a webserver or something?21:38
korinwe: no21:39
korithat sounded rude21:39
korioh well21:39
koriit's not me, it's mostly licensing problems21:40
korithe author that shared this with me disallowed sharing21:41
koriit's not a theme there's also the script that makes the window list work21:41
koris/not a/not just a/21:41
EmoSpicetilman: This is why I didn't want to have to dive through the openbox source :P21:42
mobiversetilman: you know me by now ;)21:42
tilmanlast time i looked at it it seemed quite clear code21:43
EmoSpicetilman: There's just a ton of it21:43
tilmanbut if your C sucks then your SOL ofc ;>>21:43
tilmangrep is your friend :)21:43
EmoSpiceOh I can READ c just fine :P21:43
nwekori: hmm okey21:43
tilmanmobiverse: oh boy, didn't realize it's the fanboy21:43
mobiverseHeh, I figured you mistook me earlier21:44
tilmani put you on ignore with your primary/we nick ;p21:45
mobiverseWhatever, I know you weren't fond of me to begin with21:47
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mobiverseI guess that explains your confusion too21:51
diverse-phoneI guess that should make it less confusing21:59
diverse-phoneEmoSpice: so why do you want to include wharf support in your WM?22:04
EmoSpicediverse-phone: I find a wharf infinitely more useful than a straight ahead panel22:05
EmoSpiceand it offers a great way to embed the unix philospohy into a wm. The window manager manages the windows (though some will argue that this is even too much for one thing).22:06
EmoSpiceA dock is nothing more than embedding windows inside another22:06
EmoSpice(which is a key component of reparenting wms too ;) )22:06
diverse-phoneI see22:07
diverse-phoneDocking the "panel window"22:08
EmoSpicedocking the dockapp's window into a window drawn for that purpose and then managing the size and position of the parent22:09
diverse-phoneDefinitely sounds more flexible22:10
EmoSpiceI'm considering writing a separate tool to do just that22:11
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diverse-phoneEmoSpice: to make it usable across multiple WMs?22:13
EmoSpiceand that whole "do one thing and do it well" thing22:14
diverse-phoneYou read my mind :)22:14
diverse-phoneEmoSpice: Sounds great. Perhaps what you can do is join #pekwm and ask pekdon where the source for the "harbour" feature is to help make it easier to find22:17
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koriI can't really see any advantages to building a WM with the "wharf" built in22:18
korihaving it separate is probably more pruden22:18
diverse-phoneEmoSpice plans to make that a separate app to use in conjunction with any wm ala unix philosophy22:20
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diverse-phoneJust like what I'm doing with my project22:22
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lisa_Oh, forgot, you're all probably asleep by now.  I'll have to ask patillo about evas 1.7.10 ...and giflib v.523:11
lisa_er, I mean, pitillo..23:11
lisa_Giving e17 a try and had problems with evas build : module_la-evas_image_load_gif.lo23:13
lisa_Good night, busy bees!23:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: go: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.323:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: Updated md5sum for check-config.sh23:29
korinew go23:29
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prologicactually 1.4 is out23:32
prologicbut there are issues compiling docker with it23:33
prologicso I'm not going to update the port to that yet23:33
koriis docker written in go23:34
koriI could just google that23:35
prologicyes it is23:37
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