IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-12-18

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xeirrrRomster: did you upload chromium binary?00:43
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xeirrrRomster: please update opera to 26.0.1656.60 :)04:11
Worksterholly f04:13
Worksterxeirrr, not yet04:13
diversegood thing my phone is from S. Korea04:14
xeirrrMine is google Nexus S , from Hong Kong04:16
xeirrrWorkster, Will wait for your binary :)04:18
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Worksteris it that hard to compile? i need ot getsome CI going but i'm waiting on prologic04:27
xeirrrit's big with respect to its size.04:30
prologicvery soon :)04:45
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nwegood morning08:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] mailx: update to 14.7.909:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailman: bumped new release and fixed perms (FS#1047)10:03
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xeirrrprologic: Hi, does chromium finish compiling? ;)10:19
diversexeirrr: use 'did'10:19
xeirrrdiverse: yeah.10:20
diverseDidn't you want opera though?10:20
xeirrrOpera should be enough. But chromium is just attractive10:21
diverseah, you like the shiny ui huh?10:22
xeirrrmy type10:22
diversexeirrr: so how are things going?10:29
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xeirrrdiverse: so so. and you?10:30
diverseI miss my linux station :,(10:31
xeirrrdo you have a laptop?10:32
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diverseI want to update some stuff on my project too, so I just got more ideas to refactor10:32
diverseit broke out10:32
xeirrrCan you use cygwin?10:33
xeirrror ssh to do project?10:34
diverseI could, but I don't want to install extra stuff on another person's computer when it's not mine.10:35
diversehmm, putty to it huh?10:35
xeirrryeah if you want10:36
diverseNow a thought occurred to me. Does github have a web editor to edit the files on the repo? I remember I could edit the from past experiences10:38
xeirrrIf iirc, yes,10:38
diversealrighty, let's see10:39
diversegranted the editor is no where near as good as vim ;)10:39
diversethat might be an idea10:40
xeirrrvim is better, its my bet, too10:41
diversexeirrr: I used their online editor, it worked out11:05
xeirrrdiverse: It should  be easy with a gui control :)11:05
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diverseleo-unglaub: hey batman!11:13
leo-unglaubhey Robin ;)11:13
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Romsterbatman robin wheres the joker? is this a inside joke?11:36
diversethere is no inside joke. I thought leo liked being called batman (since he claims to be), but his response said otherwise11:38
diverse"because I'm batman"11:42
diverseso how you are doing Romster?11:43
Romsteri'm doing ok. i napped for a change. was super tired.11:44
diverseI'm editing my shit while I live in windows11:47
Romstersounds like anti-fun11:48
Romsterunless ya gaming11:48
diverseno gaming, just coding, and yes it's not a great experience11:49
diversebut it's better than nothing11:50
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Romsterso your mobo is dead?12:02
diverseit's dying12:04
Romsterhmm one of my boards developed a strange fault to the PCI bridge12:05
Romsterand slowly died12:05
Romstermy last board was crap and wouldn't always boot after it was out of warranty12:06
diverseI'm trying a new motherboard brand12:06
Romsterso i ended up getting new ram cpu and mobo and rebuilding and then i got a second hand mobo and used my old ram and cpu for my other pc.12:07
Romsteri recommend gigabyte12:07
Romsterasus also are good12:08
nweany idea about this? ?12:08
Romsterasrock nothing but a headache12:08
Romsternwe, ran revdep?12:09
nwehmm no :) thanks will do it know :D12:09
joacimnever heard jaeger complain about his asrock12:09
RomsterASS_SHAPING_ -_-12:09
Romsteroh some are ok but then i've had like 50/50 sucess with asrock, they maybe better now though.12:10
joacimmy asus h97m-plus was a bit of a pain. it has this mystical chip that asus provides no driver for on their support pages12:10
diverseRomster: I think they have improved a lot recently12:10
joacimhad to find that one on some random forum12:10
Romsteri'm talking about past experience.12:10
joacimasrock always seemed a little odd i think. lots of transitional hardware with agp on more modern motherboards12:11
diversetheir extreme series motherboards are really appealing12:12
Romsteri jsut ran generate and i see ffmpeg 2.5.112:12
Romsterbumping time12:12
Romsternwe, you using special CFLAGS or something?12:14
diversegood ol' version sort12:14
Romsterwould get around that12:14
Romsteryeah i can do ./generate ; pkgmk -um ; pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf; commit12:15
nweRomster: no I dont using any special CFLAGS. I rebuild packages from revdep right now12:15
RomsterI need a CI setup so i can spin up docker and build. then cron the whole generate process12:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ffmpeg: 2.5 -> 2.5.112:18
Romsterdiverse, it's still in its infancy but it's starting to prove what i had been hoping.12:18
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diverseRomster: it's looking good12:26
diversealright I got my ideas impl'd12:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: youtube-dl: 2014.12.12.7 -> 2014.12.17.212:33
diverseRomster: ah thanks12:34
Romsterat youtube-dl i take it.12:39
Romster260 contrib ports and only a few with version sort12:40
Romsterjust doing the ones that seem to change a lot to begin with12:40
diversedid you take a look at my file? I improved it a little ;)12:42
Romsterno but i looked at wtfwm12:43
diverseah yeah, that was a cool one12:44
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_root_i have  problem installing at in cotrib; do you?17:14
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teK_provide the last ~20 lines of your log and wait18:10
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torisoi'm having trouble installing icu,  1 error generated *** Failed compilation command follows: ------------20:59
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teK__root_: worked for me.21:04
_root_teK_: does it build?21:09
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teK_toriso: the thing is that icu picked clang instead of g++ for compilation21:17
teK_I wonder if icu was the first port to fail with clang as not all ports support it21:18
torisotek_, what should i do?21:20
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torisomidori/clementine needs it21:29
teK_let me check21:30
teK_try calling configure in the Pkgfile with prefix: CC=gcc CXX=g++ ./configure ...21:31
teK_Romster: what about bumping icu to 54.1?21:32
teK_ suggests it will work with llvm 3.5, too dunno about 3.4.221:33
torisoi have to make some changes in the Pkgfile ?21:34
teK_it appears so21:35
teK_you can ask Romster if he is willing to include them in the opt/icu21:35
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torisook, thank you tek_21:43
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Worksterlast time i bumped ICU it broke ABI to like 30% of major ports. so holding off until crux 3.2 to bump ICU22:06
teK_ok :p22:08
teK_libpngish b0rkage ;)22:08
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Worksteryes libpng and everything else22:12
frinnstremove clang :)22:22
frinnstoh, scrollback asdf22:22
torisoteK_: i got icu installed, thank you, 1st time i edited the pkgfile,  learned something :)22:28
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Worksterusing system wide clang?22:37
Worksteri can think of a few ports failing22:37
Worksternot even all of core built with clang22:38
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teK_toriso: cool, as I said, maybe Romster will adjust his port, maybe not23:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] git: update to 2.2.1, fixes CVE-2014-939023:15
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