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WorksterteK_, i don't see much point standard crux setups don't have CC=clang in pkgmk.conf, or is icu defaultingto clang and not respecting CC?00:02
Worksterhmm going by LFS it defaults to clang++ if installed00:03
Worksterthats stupid it should respect CC/CXX00:04
teK_well if setting CC and CXX to gcc/g++ in pkgmk.conf could resolve the issue, that would be fine00:04
teK_maybe toriso wants to try that00:05
Worksteri can force it to g++ if CXX is not set00:05
teK_I actually like the pkgmk.conf approach (if it works)00:05
Worksterit should00:05
Worksteri always use CC/CXX so i never seen this issue00:06
teK_yet it destroys the opportunity to use clang with all compatible ports00:06
teK_sutpid upstream ;-)00:06
Workstereh we should know all about upstream by now.00:06
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EmoSpiceGood evening, all.02:04
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EmoSpiceWell, now that we know that piswm02:40
EmoSpiceisn't stable...02:40
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leo-unglaubgood morning06:54
leo-unglaubis someone of you here using XFCE?06:55
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leo-unglaubin case your XFCE suddelny looses settings07:27
leo-unglaubthe last libnotify update killed something07:27
leo-unglaubyou have to rebuild xfsettings and xfdesktop and them remove ~/.cache/session07:27
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Romstergood to know07:44
leo-unglaubRomster: took me 4 hours last night to figure that one out ...07:45
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leo-unglaubi wanted to linux to my girlfriend ...07:45
leo-unglaubstart the computer ... XFCE broken *g*07:45
leo-unglaubthat was imbaressing *g*07:46
Romstercheck this out... fatal error07:47
leo-unglaubbrb reboot07:48
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leo-unglaubRomster: back :)07:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailx: update to 14.7.1008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] php: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-fpm: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-fcgi: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-mysql: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mod_php: update to 5.5.2008:13
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: dhcpcd: update to 6.6.608:28
leo-unglaubthat dhcpcd package gets more updtes than my kernel *g*08:40
koriI recently updated to 3.1808:44
koriLinux ayakashi 3.18.0-ayakashi-ck #3 SMP Sat Dec 13 16:07:37 AMST 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux08:44
torisoleo-unglaub: i got the xfdesktop/xfsettings thingy08:45
leo-unglaubtoriso: simply follow my steps and it will work08:47
torisoi added xfdesktop to the session and startup app08:49
torisoi fixed it yesterday :)08:49
leo-unglaubtoriso: so you are an xfce4 user?08:54
leo-unglaubcan you send me a screenshot of your setup?08:54
leo-unglaubi love xfce4 screenshots *g*08:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] mercurial: update to 3.2.3, fixes CVE-2014-939008:54
torisoi didn't do anything yet it's pretty much classic xfce, i use acid theme08:56
leo-unglaubi see :)09:00
teK_oooooh postgres 9.409:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: postgresql: 9.3.5 -> 9.4.0 read before upgrading09:08
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diverseteK_: oh good, you updated git, nice job09:16
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leo-unglaubdamn disc09:21
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teK_diverse: my damned duty :P09:28
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diverseteK_: well done soldier09:29
teK_Soldier of Source Code09:29
diverseteK_: have you played on your new implementation of prt-get any?09:37
teK_not yet, REALLY busy right now09:40
teK_(until ~May '15)09:40
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leo-unglaubteK_: until may??09:41
leo-unglaubwhat are you doing that long?09:41
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_root_I don't know why when I do mpv --hw-dec=vdpau --vo=vdpau and then move the window it will hang a bit for couple of seconds.09:45
_root_I talked about this problem a month ago; and I was told to change from IceWM to FluxBox.09:46
_root_but the same here in fluxbox09:46
_root_anyone alive here :)09:49
frinnstwhen you move a window around with fluxbox, do you show the windows content?09:50
frinnstis opaque window moving checked?09:51
_root_frinnst it shows and plays while I move it. the thing is if I just play with mpv without those accel. switches all would be fine.09:52
_root_and I have no idea what you are talking about? opaque window?09:52
_root_frinnst also happy holidays :)09:52
frinnstits a fluxbox option09:58
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teK_leo-unglaub: writing my master thesis  and being project manager in parallel slows down everything else10:05
_root_frinnst Is there an option to stop plying while moving the window like what we have in Fvwm?10:08
leo-unglaubteK_: your masters?10:08
leo-unglaubi thought you where "older" and finished that already years ago *g*10:08
teK_the thing is, I'm older but started my degree(s) just ~five years ago10:10
teK_"older" :p10:10
leo-unglaub*g* i see10:10
leo-unglaubwell, awesome ... it's never to late and almost never to early ;)10:11
diverseI've seen "older" people go back to college all the time10:11
diverseit's not unusual10:11
teK_for christ's sake10:12
leo-unglaubdiverse: yes, me to ... but normally just to get some drunkin collagegirl's ass ;)10:12
teK_I was 24 back then10:12
teK_stop calling me older :p10:12
diverseyeah, stop being ageist leo10:12
leo-unglaubi am 25 years old .. i have done 50% of my life's expectency ;)10:13
diverseno one gives a damn how old you are10:14
leo-unglaubdiverse ... we are just kidding around here ;)10:14
diverseright "kidding"10:14
leo-unglaubafter someone is over 18 i don't care about age anymore *g*10:14
diversethen stop talking about it, fuck10:14
teK_getting a little tense10:15
teK_frinnst: deescalate this10:15
leo-unglaubfrinnst is propobly still busy reindexing his web shop *g*10:16
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joacimbeing old is cool10:26
joacimall those young souls to corrupt10:26
leo-unglaubjoacim: dont start again .. diverse i a little bit sensetive while talking about that issue *g*10:29
diverseno, it's because joacim's statement had a more positive (and funny) connotation10:33
_root_any solutions?10:34
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frinnstroot no not at all10:40
diverse_root_: have you tried using a different window manager?10:40
teK_wat. I dont think the WM is responsible here10:41
diversewell I know I had some problems with mpv in pekwm that were fixed just by moving to fluxbox10:42
teK_I cannot reproduce as Setting commandline option --hw-dec=vdpau failed.10:43
frinnstWhy does my application (e.g. XMMS, mplayer) pause when I move a window?10:43
frinnstThis behaviour is not a bug. It occurs because of the nature of outline window moving. With opaque window moving the application does not freeze (you can set it in the menu or set session.screen0.opaqueMove: true in ~/.fluxbox/init).10:43
frinnstbut thats probably not your issue10:43
diverseoh is _root_ running compton with fluxbox?10:45
_root_No nothing10:55
_root_no compton no xcompmgr ....10:55
_root_diverse; I change icewm to fluxbox10:56
_root_no joy10:56
_root_diverse_ ; ^^10:57
diverse_root_: just an idea, have you mounted /dev/shm in fstab?11:02
_root_diverse; Yup; how so?11:04
diverseI was recalling a while back that xeirrr had issues with mpv because he didn't have the shm device mounted, so I was wondering if you did or not, because having shared memory can make a big difference11:06
_root_does it look right to you11:08
diverselooks fine11:08
_root_diverse; I even can't play 2 vids togather. by mpv --hw-dec=vdpau --vo=vdpau11:10
diverse_root_: are you using proprietary or nouveau?11:21
_root_diverse; NVIDIA BLOB11:24
diverseand you did make sure to do the gl-select dance, right?11:25
_root_diverse; to my shock gl-select status says *xorg gl/glx is selected. but when I do gl-select use nvidia it tells me
_root_diverse; what is your take on this :)11:30
_root_   /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx_so11:31
_root_   /usr/lib/libGL_so_1_211:31
diverse_root_: what does does prt-get say with: prt-get fsearch /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx_so11:32
joacimi've seen people suggest running "gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia" in the past11:35
joacimjust a simple switcheroo11:35
_root_ diverse; nothing11:36
diverse_root_: have you tried what joacim mentioned? By switching the commands11:39
_root_diverse; a couple of time just now; no difference in result11:40
_root_but now i get nvidia gl/glx is selected  with gl-select status11:40
diversehow does mpv run now?11:42
_root_diverse; which gliches if I move the window and not playing at all if I do 2 mpv11:43
diversealrighty, then all I can suggest is rebuilding the nvidia module. Log out of X, as root, run: rmmod nvidia; prt-get update -fr nvidia; modprobe -a; gl-select use nvidia; gl-select use xorg;11:45
diverseif that doesn't work, I don't know what else to offer11:46
_root_divrse; could It be because of the kernel?11:47
_root_I use pf kernel11:47
_root_and may be it doesn't go well with crux.11:47
_root_the only noticable thing is CPU usage on those problematic moment; the fan speed would go up a bit. ( the sound is clearabout that)11:49
diversegood question, I do not really know. I guess the nvidia blob module probably expects to be aligned with a vanilla kernel, but that's just a guess.11:49
_root_diverse; the problem is really tricky I guess; :) I am working on it with no joy for weeks now11:50
diversesorry to hear that :(11:50
_root_diverse; How many kernel flavour are out there?11:55
_root_I can't come to terms with vanilla; too many features is missing11:56
diverseI just use the vanilla, I don't know about the other variants11:57
diverseit might be worth googling and see which kernels can work with the nvidia blob11:59
diverseor live with nouveau12:01
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diverseteK_: for pkgutils, is the ordering of pkginfo important?12:56
teK_wat. Example?12:59
teK_are you talking about our meta info-fields in Pkgfiles?13:00
teK_in this case: it isnt.13:00
diverseyeah, like version and files13:09
teK_nah, go crazy13:13
teK_+ version is no meta field!13:14
diverseso the only time when they need to be ordered is when listing info?13:15
teK_the Pkgfile is sourced so order for thesevertainly does not play a role as   export x=y ; export z=1  is commutative as long as  the r/lvalues do not depend on each other13:15
teK_well the printed order is sane so I'd stick with that13:15
teK_there is no guarantee though as prt-get/pkgutils is THE standard13:15
diverseWell I'm currently taking about pkgutils' "package_t" and "set<string, pkginfo_t>" stuff13:17
diverseit sounds like package_t doesn't need ordering, while the set does13:17
teK_wat. a set has ordering?13:17
teK_Idoubt that but on the other hand, it's c++13:18
teK_it even has no O(1) sizeoperator for lists (!)13:18
diversewell I was told that std::{map, set} is equivalent to Rust's TreeMap and TreeSet types13:18
diversewhich have ordering13:19
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diversebut some where saying that I could just go with the regular HashMap and order on-demand instead13:19
diverseteK_: but I wanted your expert advice, since you were planning on rewriting this stuff13:21
teK_I'm doing that in C13:22
teK_I am parsing the pkgfile setting certain struct fields just as the meta fields fly by so ordering is not important at all13:22
diverseI'm talking about parsing and manipulating the db file13:23
teK_wellof course the  ordering is important there13:24
teK_there is no other field information than the order and the delimiter between ports13:24
teK_this is one "block" per installed package13:25
diversewhat that in mind, it does make sense to keep it ordered all the time13:28
diversethanks teK_13:28
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diverse_root_: you got a response in that thread, basically asking if you can reproduce the problem with the vanilla kernel13:36
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_root_diverse In gentoo with gentoo kernel which is a vanilla kernel with some minor patches I hd no problems14:40
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diverse_root_: fantastic, so problem solved?15:10
diverse_root_: does the gentoo kernel patches implement all the features you want?15:12
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_root_diverse most of them yes; but good luck finding those patches alone. my be there are down at the ebuild. IDN?!?15:29
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diverse_root_: well you can ask our friendly neighborhood gentoo developer blueness in this channel.15:39
teK_fucking upstream16:21
teK_"this update only contains security fixes"16:21
teK_yeah.. right..16:21
_root_diverse oh; the blue nice linux developer.16:25
_root_he is busy right now; ifnact he is busy about a month or so now16:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ntp: update to 4.2.8, fixes several security issues:
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libassuan: 2.1.3 -> 2.2.016:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: freeciv: 2.4.3 -> 2.4.416:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libssh: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.416:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpd: 0.19.4 -> 0.19.716:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: openvswitch: 2.1.2 -> 2.3.116:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cacti: 0.8.8b -> 0.8.8c16:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spice-gtk: 0.26 -> 0.2716:56
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teK_christmas updates  incoming :}17:08
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux17:09
leo-unglaubgood evening :)17:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lsscsi: 0.27 -> 0.2817:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu-agent: 2.1.2 -> 2.2.017:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu: 2.1.2 -> 2.2.017:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: unrar: 5.2.2 -> 5.2.317:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: valgrind: 3.9.0 -> 3.10.117:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu-all: 2.1.2 -> 2.2.017:17
koriwoah all those updates17:37
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_root_What package should I install to get vdpau support in mpv18:41
_root_and mplayer 218:41
_root_but mostly mpv18:41
kori_root_: mesa3d, I think18:42
_root_kori hello m8; happy holidays. I use Nvidia binary blob18:42
_root_hat should I install?18:43
koriI use nvidia as well18:44
koriinstall mesa3d18:44
_root_kori which one should produce better results mpv --vo=vdpau or mpv --vo=opengl-hq?18:50
_root_on nvidia card with nvidia-blob18:50
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joacimyou could try it19:22
kori_root_: vdpau19:24
teK_kori: welcome ;)19:33
frinnsthm, anybody know how to switch tty term with spicy-gtk? alt+fX are just caught by X etc19:33
koriteK_: oh you're the maintainer for those? nice19:33
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teK_anybody using spice?19:35
*** jdolan has quit IRC19:35
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frinnst20:33 <@frinnst> hm, anybody know how to switch tty term with spicy-gtk? alt+fX are just caught by X etc19:35
teK_yeah you can do it via a some binary19:36
teK_I just forgot its name19:36
frinnstthat sounds simple.. I was hoping for some super-secret keybinding19:37
frinnstoh well19:37
teK_thank you, Google-Overlord19:38
teK_is that what you where searching for?19:38
teK_as for the secret binding.. did you try idkfa?19:38
teK_I am REALLY afk now and still looking for other spicy users (with qemu)19:38
frinnsttek wait!19:38
frinnstare you still there?19:39
frinnstdamn guess not19:39
frinnst(i dont want anything other than to annoy you)19:39
_root_What should I do to check if a package is installed or not. any commands?19:44
frinnstpkginfo -i |grep package19:45
mechaniputerThis might be a silly question, but I'm stumped. What port do I install to create /usr/share/dict?19:54
mechaniputerI've tried aspell-en, and I can't find anything else that looks promising.19:56
frinnstprt-get fsearch might help19:58
frinnstcant find anything in the repos i have enabled19:59
mechaniputerMe neither. Do you have /usr/share/dict or /usr/dict on your system?20:01
frinnstwhat are you expecting the dir to contain?20:02
mechaniputerA dictionary of words that can be used by applications like spellcheckers, word games, etc.20:02
mechaniputerOn arch it would be provided by the "words" package.20:03
mechaniputerI might try to rework the Arch pkgbuild into a crux port later if I have time.20:03
frinnstah. I dont have any experience with spellcheckers unfortunately20:04
mechaniputerI was going to use it for some little text based games.20:05
frinnst ?20:06
mechaniputerSimilar. Here's the Arch pkgbuild for "words":
frinnstah, so its just aspell? our port installs in /usr/lib/aspell-0.60/ instead of /usr/share/dict20:15
frinnstbut we only have aspell-en in opt20:16
frinnsti guess you need to create your own port for <lang>20:17
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_root_I have two ports for install 1)libva-vdpau-driver and libvdpau. wait also libvdpau-va-gl20:24
*** fengshaun has joined #crux20:26
teK_frinnst: re20:42
teK_keep it comin20:42
_root_teK_ hi20:42
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_root_I need glxinfo command; which package should I install? romster packager or xorg one?21:08
*** fengshaun has joined #crux21:09
joacimprt-get fsearch glxinfo21:29
teK__root_: I'd opt for official packages where possible21:30
_root_teK_ ok tnx21:36
_root_another question libvdpau is 0.8 or 0.9 right now?21:37
frinnst0.9 was just released21:38
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC21:39
*** fengshaun has quit IRC21:39
frinnstim testing it here now will probably push soonish21:40
*** fengshaun has joined #crux21:41
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BitPuffinHmm, I just installed darcs from contrib and when I run it it complains about not being able to find But there is a symlink called in /usr/lib21:54
BitPuffinoh wait21:55
BitPuffinguess it might be 32 bit :P21:55
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: libvdpau: updated to 0.921:57
BitPuffinI guess the # Depends on: should be updated to include 32 bit curl, ncurses and gmp21:57
BitPuffinhmm, seems like compat-32 is missing curl-3222:02
teK_frinnst: what's up?22:06
frinnstteK_: nothing, i just wanted do you stay to annoy you22:06
teK_awwww how sweet of you22:07
teK_I'll be here the rest of the evening22:07
teK_oh and I wanted to pay zoidberg another visit22:07
teK_long time no see =)22:07
teK_23:05 < digininja> Vulnerability in NTP, unfortunately the ntp site with advisory is down <…>22:08
teK_also they used two ordinary lines of text withing a wall of text to announce the update22:08
teK_The last sentence said: oh and there are two more vulns we are going to try and fix next month22:08
teK_but we are not going to disclose either them or workarounds22:09
teK_btw I want to run FF on a raspberry, anyone else been using this to display quite static webpages with some form fields?22:11
frinnstnever tried it with crux-arm but i think raspbian came with firefox22:12
teK_yes, there's iceweasel I'm just not sure about the performance and my it dealer manager to send me everything but the micro-sd card I'd need for testing22:12
teK_% weather22:13
teK_Leichter Regen bei 9°C22:13
*** mechaniputer has quit IRC22:14
frinnstas far as i can remember there were no apparent issues with casual browsing on my rpi22:15
frinnstgranted you will probably struggle to have 5-10 tabs open22:15
*** kp_ has joined #crux22:16
teK_the use-case is a web form (with spring, JS, maybe Java) for reporting of production numbers22:16
joacimI hate it when my desktop wtih an i5-2415M and 8GB RAM struggles when I have hundreds of tabs open :/22:16
teK_+ occasional printing..22:17
frinnsti dont think that would be an issue tek22:17
teK_yeah except the manufacturer of the ERP system bitching about only IE being supported22:17
frinnstfun fun22:17
teK_you should have seen their silverlight-based form that crashed every five minutes or so22:18
teK_busines as usual..22:18
teK_even some of the consultants used FF during presentations22:18
teK_whatever :)22:18
frinnstone of our customers recently switched erp. the new one needs all clients running the frontend to have direct access to the sql-server22:18
teK_WHAT :D22:18
teK_forgot how to client-server22:18
frinnstyou would think the clients would only need to access the server. but no, that would be sane22:18
frinnstyeah its fucking incredible22:19
teK_and how to tier >=2 :D22:19
frinnstall ERPs are so insanely useless22:19
teK_our ERP _was_ waaaay cooler than that22:19
frinnststill, the new system beats their old one that was build on oracle forms22:19
teK_they not only had a front end for UNIX shell22:19
teK_not there even was an X bui client (and windows of course)22:19
teK_beat in what regard22:19
teK_and the Windows GUI ran flawlessly with whine22:20
teK_we only switched from their internal database product to oracle (which is slower on a faster machine) because of 32bit/2GB limits in tables :)22:20
frinnsttheir old oracle system required an ancient java version to run, so all clients are vulnerable to ALL THE EXPLOITS22:20
teK_now we swtiched to MSSQL22:20
teK_yeah...  x all the y.jpg :D22:21
*** linXea has quit IRC22:21
*** linXea has joined #crux22:21
frinnstjava: write once. run <on this specific version of jre> everywhere22:22
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:22
tilmanleo-unglaub, teK_: watched the retards linked to by fefe yet? :]22:24
teK_most of all: I instantly knew what you were talking about22:25
tilmanno need to yell :'(22:25
teK_< teK> Ich bin nicht gläubig. Aber ich will dass die Kirche im Dorf bleibt. Nicht dass wir in irgendeine Moschee rennen müssen zu Weihnachten.22:25
teK_0,2%  Prozent? Das sind 0,2 zu viel!!1122:28
teK_had a good laugh (and yes it's sad, really)22:28
tilmanwatch the uncut video22:29
tilmanthat guy has got some more golden lines22:29
teK_I don't fucking dare22:30
teK_Australia: some muslim catches/trheatens hostages22:30
tilman"ich moecht das nur betonen, ich bin keen nazi"22:30
teK_the very same day, he is not even dead or captured, people offer, on twitter, to protect other muslims in the bus etc.22:31
teK_Germany: 0,2% muslims -> 15k people in the streets m(22:31
teK_ja keen nazi22:31
teK_ich hoob nix gegn andore Kuldurn22:31
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:49
_root_why gl-select status reports xorg gl/glx is seletced. a while back 3 hours ago i set it to nvidia. the noticable thing that I did was installing mesademos and running glxinfo and glxgears23:06
teK_do these ports have post-install scripts? If yes, check these. If no: you probably did that yourself23:07
*** khanku_ has joined #crux23:07
*** diverse has quit IRC23:28
*** diverse has joined #crux23:31
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:47
blueness_root_, diverse what do you guys need?23:50
_root_blueness we were worried about you; (to much work and all) :)23:52
_root_what is the condition of lilblue? still using uclibc as c compiler in the project?23:53
blueness_root_, look at my latest blog entry and there is a new version of lilblue out23:54
_root_blueness why didn't you buzzed me on this; I was waiting a long time on it. I would have bked a cake :)23:57
blueness_root_, because i'm busy23:57
_root_*****you're right******* thanks alot.23:58
_root_blueness where could I find the patches uses on gentoo-kernels; i need them to apply them to vanilla kernel in crux.23:58
_root_could you help me on this?23:58
blueness_root_, google genpatches by mpagano23:59
bluenessthey're on his dev space23:59

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