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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libsoup: 2.44.2 -> 2.48.100:16
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_root_hello; I have a problem. I do gl-select dance to nvidia and I have direct rendering too in glx-info but after a restart or going to tty and back to X again the "gl-select status" reports that I use Xorg gl/glx.02:46
_root_is it a mistake from gl-select or something is wrong with my system?02:46
Romster_root_, the files don't just change on there own.03:07
Romsterdid yo just recently upgraded xorg-server did you rebuild input/video drivers?03:08
_root_Romster: yes I did but I did the command and back after that.03:51
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_root_also when I do gl-select use nvidia. after I find out it reverted bck. I get an error telling my I am using nvidia symlinks or something like that. and names two library files.03:55
_root_any ideas04:03
Romstergl-select use xorg; prt-get update mesa3d nvidia; gl-select use xorg04:20
_root_Romster: you meant user nvidia at he end yes?04:47
Romsterah sorry use nvidia04:49
Romsterat the end04:49
_root_Romster: what is the size of ? 37MB?04:59
_root_I think I have a problem here.04:59
xeirrr_root_: it says 36.7M05:05
Romsteruse the md5sum05:23
_root_thank you05:57
_root_Romster: I practically didn't touch my box for an hour after you told me to update mesa3d and nvidia and backward-forward gl-select. again gl-select stautus reports Xorg gl/glx selected.06:41
_root_I think it is something wrong with gl-selct status report. because  I am sure I am using nvidia gl/glx06:42
Romster_root_, glxinfo |grep direct06:45
xeirrrRomster: Hi. do you know how to define cflags in Pkgfile? not globally, just for one package? :)07:15
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Romsterxeirrr, yeah export CFLAGS="" in build()08:45
xeirrrRomster: Okay08:45
Romstergrep CFLAGS /usr/ports/opt/*/Pkgfile08:46
xeirrrYeah. :)08:46
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leo-unglaubgood morning10:25
xeirrrleo-unglaub: Hi, evening here :)10:25
leo-unglauboh, evenings are nice .. :)10:26
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diverseSigh it was my power supply...12:39
diversenote to self: Seasonic is terrible at refurbishing12:40
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onoderaHello, I'm trying to launch xorg, but I keep getting this error: (EE) module ABI major version (20) doesn't march the server's version (21)14:16
onoderadoes anyone know what I do wrong?14:16
diverseonodera: are you using nvidia?14:19
onoderaYes I am14:21
tilmanrebuild your drivers14:22
onoderahere is the xorg log, it seems to be evdev I think:
onoderawith drivers you mean nvidia? I already did that.14:22
tilmanrebuild xf86-input-evdev then14:22
onoderadid that too14:23
tilmanwait for an updated nvidia driver then14:23
tilmani guess14:23
diverseonodera: did you follow the readme in the nvidia port, where it says run `gl-select use nvidia; gl-select use xorg` ?14:26
onoderayeh I used the gl-select use nvidia command14:26
onoderaand nvidia-xconfig14:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: darcs: update to 2.8.514:27
diverseonodera: what nvidia card model are you using?14:27
diversemore specifically are you using the gtx 900 series?14:29
onoderawhoa, I /think/ I fixed it, I didn't run gl-select use xorg before running gl-select use nvidia14:31
diversenote to self: suggest joacim's method next time too14:32
onoderaI'm using a 570 btw14:33
diverseyou are good to go14:33
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onoderaHehe I just launched x successfully14:41
onoderaurxvt gave me a "can't find pseudo-tty" error so I needed to add /dev/pts to my fstab. I've never used /dev/pts in a fstab before (on arch, gentoo, etc.) why does crux need it?14:42
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_root_romster sorry I wasn't at my desk15:35
diversejaeger: can you give me that url to the list of power supply manufacturers and who relabels who?15:37
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_root_kori: Yello16:19
kori_root_: yellow16:22
_root_kori: :)16:22
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_root_Guys I had a weird problem. I "gl-select use nvidia" but after sometime if I query about it by "gl-select status" it has said  *xorg gl/glx selected.16:46
_root_so Romster suggested to do prt-get update -f nvidia mesa3d. but now It doesn't revert pack to xorg. It stuck on gl/glx XORG and won't change back to nvidia.16:47
_root_ALSO i had direct rendering before and I doesn't now. why?16:47
_root_what is wrong with crux?16:48
korijust a question16:49
korihave you rebooted16:49
diversesigh, you don't have to reboot, rmmod nvidia; modprobe -a16:49
koridiverse: eh, i've seen some cases that had weird kernel configs where you had to reboot16:50
diverse_root_: I don't know why you are having these issues, I don't have these problems16:50
_root_diverse: what does rmmod do? remove nvidia?16:51
diverse_root_: removes the nvidia module16:51
diversemodprode -a puts it back (and other removed modules)16:51
_root_diverse: I didn't I privious install. something happened and i reinstalled crux from scartch. After that I have issues with nvidia. like mpv can't play more thn one video if I do mpv --vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau. it is not that I can't but if I do the system hangs. and you surely remeber the moving/shaking mpv's windows issue.16:53
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diverse_root_: right, but you were using a pf kernel variant16:54
diverseI thought the gentoo patches solved your problem?16:54
_root_diverse: rmmod nvidia && modprobe -a nvidia?16:54
diverse"rmmod nvidia ; modprobe -a"16:55
_root_diverse: I talked to mpv people and also pfactum himself. they said there has nothing to do with kernel. as pf-kernel is vanilla kernel with 3 patches added non of which related or are in the area of kernel rendering modules. First UKMS then BFS and Tuxonice16:56
_root_pf-kernel is that16:57
_root_diverse: no nvidia?16:57
_root_with modprobe -a16:57
diverse'-a' is '--all' it modprobes all modules back16:57
diverseit's just a more guaranteed way to do things16:58
_root_diverse: that would read all the modules form /rtc/rc.modules. YES?16:58
diverseor whatever exists in /lib/modules/linux-$version/ (iirc the path, since I'm not on my linux workstation)16:59
_root_diverse; I think I should do what kori ( :) ) suggested. it says nvidia module in use]17:03
diverseyou need to log out of X in order to remove the module17:03
diverseif you want to reboot go ahead17:04
_root_diverse: ok; thanks; To tired to think; i think. This video playback problem has me on edge.17:04
_root_diverse: I wouldn't.17:04
diverseI'm going to get some sleep, so ask Romster for help. Worse come to worse, the problem might be your video card itself and not the software.17:05
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diversealright peace out everyone.17:07
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nwegood evning17:28
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_root_hello again17:45
_root_AFTER reboot17:46
_root_and still the old probelm.17:46
_root_meaning glx-select report xorg glx17:46
_root_not nvidia glx17:46
_root_Should I reinstall my crux again. what a hassle !17:47
_root_I wish someone would have a clue as to what is wrong at least.17:49
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_root_kori; am I in the channel?18:11
kori_root_: yes18:12
_root_kori: ok.18:13
nwe_root_: have you run gl-select use nvidia ?18:33
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onoderaHi, I want to update gcc from 4.8.3-1 to 4.8.4-1 but I keep getting segmentation faults, what can I do about this21:53
onoderathe seg fault is every time at a different part btw21:53
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