IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-12-22

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xeirrrHi, I have a weird issue with google-chrome: When I minimize google-chrome window, it's fine. But when I want to maximize windows again, it doesn't show up. even alt+tab doesn't work. any idea?02:21
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xeirrrtry clicking on menu > settings02:56
xeirrrat the bottom of that page click on "show advanced settings"02:56
xeirrrat the bottom of that  page is this box ticked? if it is can you untick it and does that help ?02:56
xeirrr[ ]  Use hardware acceleration when available02:56
xeirrrThis works02:56
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koridoes anyone use audacity?04:40
koridarfo: what port are you using04:47
koriI can't get any to work04:47
darfothe one in df repo04:47
darfoDoes it fail to compile or fail to run?04:47
koriit fails to compile04:48
darfothat's ugly04:52
darfopushd is a shell builtin in bash04:52
korithen I think I know what the problem is04:52
darfoit looks like the PATH has gone horribly wrong for configure to fail like that04:52
kori> running /bin/sh04:52
kori/bin/sh here is dash04:52
darfonot familiar with dash vs bash04:53
koridash doesn't have pushd :P04:53
korigotta change the shebang04:53
darfocrux is built around bash being the shell used in ports04:53
koriI'm not blaming CRUX04:54
darfodoesn't configure have its on shebang?04:54
koriI'm blaming the devs for using /bin/sh with bash as target04:54
koriwhen it should be /bin/bash04:54
darfobash is supposed to behave like sh when called with /bin/sh04:55
darfobut I've heard it's not 100% Bourne Shell compatible04:55
koridarfo: the thing is, they are calling /bin/sh with bash specific functions04:56
korihmmm a simple sed fixed that problem04:56
koribut now there's this04:56
darfothat's just sloppy04:56
koriwhat is sloppy04:56
koriwhich part04:56
darfobut often happens in Linux, dev don't realize they've let a bashism creep into a an sh script04:57
koriah yes04:57
kori new error04:57
korithis shouldn't happen, no?04:57
korinew pkgfile by the way04:58
darfojust saying that it can't find a suitable version of wxWidgets04:58
darfoyou'll have to use the wxgtk from df repo to get that audacity to work04:59
koriall the hoops I have to jump over05:00
koribut thank you for taking the time to port this05:00
darfoI <3 audacity05:00
koriit's useful05:00
darfobut wxgtk and wxwindows are horrible to work with05:00
darfobut we get more softwares because they can work on Windoze too05:01
darfoand the poor Win users get to see some kickbutt open source software like audacity05:01
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korithere's /bin/sh again05:05
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koritime to sed the makefile too05:07
darfois /bin/sh pointing to /bin/dash or /bin/bash?05:08
korialso, that didn't work05:08
darfoyou might switch the symlink just during builds05:08
darfolibtool is one of my other least favourite tools05:09
darfobut I haven't come up with a better solution so I can't complain much05:09
korithis thousand line makefile05:10
darfoanything to do with windowing toolkits is always huge05:10
darfogtk, qt, wxwindows05:10
koridarfo: oh no wxgtk compiled fine05:10
koriit's audacity being a bitch05:11
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darfohi Roosevelt05:16
Roosevelthey darfo.....05:16
korinew error05:16
RooseveltAnyone here to help get my repo setup with crux ports?05:17
darfothink that would be jaeger or frinnst, maybe tek05:19
darfonot sure who the core devs are05:20
darfoprobably asleep now but if you put the url on here they'll see it in the log05:21
Rooseveltokay thanks darfo05:22
Rooseveltgood night all!05:23
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darfog'night for me too, afk, zzz05:23
xeirrrdarfo, that url returns me 40405:24
darfohehe, he must've typo'd it05:25
darfohe'll be back05:25
koriI gave up05:27
korieven after linking sh against bash, the build failed05:27
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koriugh I just realized I have to update a bunch of ports manually05:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: update to 1.3.410:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.610:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gphoto2: update to 2.5.610:10
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allwhere is KDE4?11:15
Guest26481i remember that it was in ports few weeks ago11:15
frinnstkde has its own repo11:17
Guest26481i found only kde repo. i can't found kde4 repo11:20
Guest26481i know that it has own repo11:20
Guest26481can you give me a link?11:20
frinnstthe "kde" repo is kde4, no?11:22
frinnstthis is the best link I could find, sorry11:23
Guest26481no. kde repo is kde 311:24
Guest26481there is no kde4 repo11:25
Guest26481or i can't see it11:25
frinnstIf you stick around im sure someone who knows a bit more about it will answer your questions11:36
xeirrrGuest26481: it only exists in 3.011:39
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Guest26481and what about 3.1? i can't get kde4 in it?11:41
frinnstim sure it works more or less just fine for 3.111:44
xeirrrGuest26481; you can use it.11:45
xeirrrGuest26481, You may need to create a kde4.sync in /etc/ports/11:46
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xeirrrGuest26481, You may need to create a kde4.rsync in /etc/ports/11:46
Guest26481and i can use it without any troubles? there is a kde 5?11:54
xeirrrGuest26481: Sorry, I am using fluxbox.I believe there must be some guy using kde411:56
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Guest26481also, when there will be crux 3.2?12:07
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xeirrrwhen it comes, it arrives12:15
frinnstprobably a year or so away12:22
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onoderahi, I have a small issue with mpd I just can't figure out: every mpd client I've tried so far (ncmpcpp and mpc) gives the following error: error: Timeout while connecting12:24
onoderaMy mpdconf is exactly the same as the one I used on arch and gentoo, and it worked just fine there: bind_to_address "::" \ port "6600"12:25
onoderaI'm using mpd and mpc from contrib btw12:26
teK_check your /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}12:31
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onoderateK_: allow is empty, deny has this in it: ALL: ALL: DENY12:40
teK_guess what ;)12:44
onoderaI've never used either of them, so I gotta read the man pages12:45
teK_if you want mpd to be reachable by everybody, clear .deny OR add mpd:ALL to .allow12:45
teK_also: mpd writes log files, iirc12:45
onoderayeah mpd works fine, it doesn't even put any errors in the log12:46
teK_you can disable the use of tcp-wrapper in the mpd config, too12:48
teK_tcp-wrapper disable12:48
Guest26481>a year or so away12:54
Guest26481you mean new year?12:54
Guest26481crux 3.1 arrives at 16.0712:54
onoderaclearing deny and/or adding mod:ALL to allow didn't work (do I need to reboot for changes to work?)12:55
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onoderaand tcpwrapper isn't a valid mpd option12:55
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Guest26481what i will do if i want to install kde4? what adress to rsync?12:57
onoderathere is a KDEPorts crux wiki12:57
onoderaand KDE4 crux wiki page12:58
Guest26481i can't find any notes about sync it13:00
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leo-unglaubhey :)13:31
xeirrrleo-unglaub: hi13:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.7.1 -> 0.7.216:31
mechaniputerGuest 26481, You need to add it like any other ports collection by adding an rsync file for it to /etc/ports and do ports -u16:35
mechaniputerOh wait, he left. NVM.16:36
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Roosevelthey all17:04
Roosevelt        here is my url for my crux ports17:05
diverseRoosevelt: 400: Invalid request17:07
diverseyour previous url also gave a 40417:08
Rooseveltokay well this one works
diverseyep, that works17:08
RooseveltI was looking at the crux ports browser a couple of users gave the same url I gave to you17:09
Rooseveltfor example17:09
Rooseveltyeah that works17:23
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teK_ < digininja> letting my wife have WOL access to the server under my desk sometimes scares the hell out of me17:47
diverseteK_: who is digininja btw?17:51
diverse(just wondering who are these people you are referencing)17:53
teK_twitter accounts17:59
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Finnixhow to create an initrd on crux 3.1 with default kernel config?18:44
Finnixi unable to find mkinitrd or any other kind of tools to create initrd18:44
Finnixplease don't kick me, i'm new in crux18:45
Finnixgoogling don't help, or provide old info18:45
jaegerthere's no official initrd/initramfs tool but you can probably use one from another source18:46
diversewelcome to #crux Finnix :)18:46
jaegerDo you have an unusual hardware or boot configuration? Most of the time an initrd isn't even needed18:47
Finnixi wanna to use lvm18:49
jaegerIf you hang around a while perhaps someone with more LVM experience can help. I've only used it a little18:50
teK_there is an inofficial initrd you might use as a starting point, I created for full  disk encryption some time ago18:50
Finnixsound like "now you're one of us"18:50
diverseour good friend Romster is super experienced with lvm and has done initramfs configurations before18:50
diverseFinnix: you are18:51
jaegerI have a little mkinitramfs script but it's got no LVM support18:51
FinnixteK_: yes, is it18:52
Finnixyou use 4 binary files18:53
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teK_worked for me [tm]18:58
Finnixi see18:59
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Roosevelt can this be added? if not then I will not ask no more.19:05
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koriRoosevelt: the standard procedure is to send an e-mail to the devs I think19:09
Rooseveltkori, who should I email?19:12
korieither jaeger or frinnst or jue or tilman19:12
korisorry for the highlights19:12
Rooseveltkori, okay thanks19:13
teK_Roosevelt: you want your repo added?19:19
Rooseveltif possible yes.19:20
teK_kori: sorry but your list does not contain  a single 'right' person to ask :P19:20
teK_it's either  me (almost certainly) or sepen.19:20
diverseI thought it was sepen to begin with19:20
teK_ give a 40019:20
diverseas I told Roosevelt19:21
teK_ does so, too19:21
teK_ and etc..19:21
teK_so this is just a temporary problem  of github, I hope19:22
diverseI thought maybe it requires you to log into a github account, but that didn't work either, same 40019:22
jaegerI don't think that's temporary, I believe they've always had some issues with the pdb listing19:23
jaegerbut they will still serve up a REPO file or whatever19:23
jaeger for example19:23
Rooseveltthat works19:23
teK_ :)19:24
diverseRoosevelt: right, but that only works on individual files19:24
jaegeryeah, I don't think that's new behavior at all19:24
teK_this is missing, Roosevelt did you create a httpup repo?19:24
Rooseveltno I haven't created a httup repo.19:24
teK_you have to, it's either rsync or http19:25
Rooseveltokay I understand.19:25
teK_ may be helpful19:26
teK_github is the tripod of free web hosting :>19:26
Rooseveltthis can be done on local computer19:27
dedmanwl1hello. does anyone know where xhci.ko belongs? modprob xhci is getting me "fatal no found"19:28
teK_it's usb (3.0)19:28
teK_did you configure/build/install the module? Maybe it's statically compiled19:28
jaegerIf it's missing then you probably need to add it to your kernel config19:29
teK_% zgrep -i xhci /proc/config.gz19:29
dedmanwl1teK_: no19:29
dedmanwl1i see the file19:29
teK_in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/* ?19:30
teK_first off: what are you trying to do?19:30
dedmanwl1get a usb3.0 pcie card workingon a very old system19:31
teK_I see. Is the driver part of your kernel?19:31
dedmanwl1after i run insmod on the .ko19:32
dedmanwl1i see new usb bus registered, assigned bus number 319:32
dedmanwl1then immediately19:32
dedmanwl1cant setup19:32
dedmanwl1usb bus 3 deregistered19:32
jaegeris the card powered?19:33
jaegersome of them require an external power connection besides the pci-e slot19:33
koriteK_: whoops19:33
dedmanwl1no.i ddont think its a simple starteck PCIe device19:33
teK_kori: don't worry19:33
jaegermight try another pci-e slot if available, or a newer kernel19:34
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dedmanwl1jaeger: i disconnected the drive, did rmmod xhci, insmod xhci, and reconnected the drive, then it showed up. any idea what that means?19:41
jaegerno idea, sorry. I'm no usb expert19:42
leo-unglaubhey :)19:46
Finnixfunny here )20:01
Finnixdedmanwl1: you connect device using some cable?20:02
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Rooseveltit's not working oh well I'll just keep it like it is and do what I do.....nothing special anyway20:08
dedmanwl1Finnix: no. using a usb thumb drive20:12
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Roosevelttime to rm -rf *20:31
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_root_ sudo gl-select use nvidia21:41
_root_* nvidia gl/glx selected21:41
_root_sudo gl-select status21:41
_root_* xorg gl/glx is selected21:41
_root_why it doesn't change to nvidia?21:42
frinnsttru gl-selecet use mesa3d; gl-select use nvidia21:42
frinnstor "mesa" dunno what its called21:42
_root_Usage: gl-select [ status | use [xorg|nvidia|ati] ]21:43
jaeger_root_: pastebin the output from 'ls -l /usr/lib/libGL*'21:43
frinnstfine, xorg then21:43
jaegerand what does 'glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"' say?21:47
_root_jaeger: direct rendering:Yes21:48
jaegerthen don't worry about it. appears to be a bug in gl-select21:48
_root_I am on nvidia but gl-select doesn't update the output. is that it?21:49
diverse_root_: it's a bug21:49
diverseyou're fine21:49
jaegerit does the same to me but works fine. perhaps the recent 'file' update broke it21:49
_root_sure? do any of you nvidia users have it?21:49
diverse_root_: I never really bothered to look21:50
_root_jaeger: I am tell you guys for two days now.21:50
diverseI do the gl-select dance and it just works(TM)21:50
_root_I thought I had something done wrong to my crux. I was at the point to format my partition and reinstall the whole thing.21:50
Romstergl-select status21:50
Romster* xorg gl/glx is selected21:50
jaeger_root_: we're a small team, that's how it goes. This is the first time I've had a chance to look at it21:51
Romsteryeh is broken i am using nvidia21:51
jaegerreinstalling is almost NEVER necessary. Lack of patience is not an OS problem.21:51
jaegerNow that I'm aware of the issue I'll try to fix it.21:51
Romster_root_, if in doubt look at Xorg.log21:51
Romsteri never used gl-select status ever21:51
Romsteruntil just now21:51
_root_jaeger: Romster frinnst I am not telling at you NOTHING; I wouldn't do that. I LOve the "Small community".21:52
_root_I even don't care about the bug as long as it changes me to nvidia.21:52
jaeger <-- this is why it happens21:53
jaegerfile's output changed21:53
jaegerbetween 5.20 and 5.2121:53
_root_the problem (lack of patience) comes from my lack of knowladge of under the hood stuff of Crux linux.21:53
_root_because of that I wanted to reinstall21:53
jaeger_root_: with the patience comment I just mean wait here and see, eventually someone will look into it. Or you could file a bug in our bug tracker21:54
jaegerI haven't been around much for the last couple days, myself21:54
_root_jaeger: OK; :)21:54
Romsteri guess that's to account for spaces etc21:54
frinnstyeah irc is useful for some things but not always bugreports21:54
_root_if any of you guys remeber 3 month ago I was here asking about what and how is Crux linux.21:55
frinnsteasy to miss21:55
_root_then a day after I change my box to crux.21:55
_root_I am happy ever since.21:55
Romsterif glxgears work its all good _root_  anyways21:55
jaegerglxinfo will tell the truth even if gl-select is confused, like this case21:56
diverse_root_: you're over the barrier now, rejoice21:56
_root_Romster: works smoothly 303 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.460 FPS21:56
jaegerglxgears isn't perfect because it will run if you have a proper software stack without direct rendering21:56
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_root_diverse: ;)21:57
diverseRomster: I'm planning on using distcc in the future ;)22:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gl-select: tweaked to work properly with file 5.2122:22
Worksterjaeger, yeah but i know if the cpu graph doens't spike up much when i run glxgears22:23
jaegerI suppose, though why you wouldn't just check glxinfo I'm not sure22:23
Worksterdiverse, how whenyou haven't even got your desktop going yet22:23
_root_yesterday; you folks were talking about ntp replacement. what was it and do we have it yet in crux22:29
diversea replacement for ntp?22:42
_root_diverse: ntpd and openntp22:43
_root_time daemon22:43
diverseI know, I was just wondering what's wrong with both of those (especially openntp)?22:43
_root_diverse: you are the one tell that they are unsecure and old and have to be replaced? (no you specificly of course)22:45
_root_ah; tlsdate was it.22:45
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diverseoh openntp uses openssl?22:46
diverseouch it does22:47
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diverse_root_: okay, so which ssl/tls implementation does tlsdate use?22:50
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:50
Workstertlsdate or something22:54
diverse_root_: which library implementation? TLS is just a spec22:54
_root_diverse: you are right. sorry
frinnstrsync -aqz tlsdate23:06
frinnstif anybody wants to play with it23:06
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_root_frinnst: is it any better? does it come with init script?23:37
frinnstoh tlsdate? well, it is what it is23:37
_root_frinnst: tlsdate vs openntp23:37
frinnstno init-script with the port, no23:37
_root_frinnst: So anywhere else. or I should make something for it?23:38
frinnstno clue, didnt look for a initscript. not sure if its even able to run as a daemon23:39
frinnstI just created the port. I havent used it :)23:39
_root_ok. but thanks for the port I will try it. as soon as I am done sysup.23:40
_root_but diverse suggested to me to use openntp. I wish he would look at the code and see if it is any good. if he has time of course.23:41
_root_he has more clear perspective on it23:41
frinnstwell no disrespect to diverse, but I think i'd trust the openbsd devels more than him ;)23:42
_root_frinnst: if they are pro openntp; it is exactly  where he stands too.23:43
_root_frinnst: it has a daemon service
diverse_root_: I don't look at the source code, I look at the dependencies of what a project uses and based on what I know from past events (e.g. heartbleed), I make my own judgments.23:45
_root_openssl ca-certificates dbus zlib23:46
_root_diverse: ^^23:46
diverseI didn't suggest openntp, I was just wondering why the switch, but since I found out it uses openssl, I gain a better understanding of the Crux devs' motives.23:48
diverseand also I don't have a security background in programming, I don't even trust myself when systems programming, which is why I'm a "fanboy" of the Rust language. -_-23:51
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diverse_root_: also if tlsdate can't run as a service, what you could do is make a cronjob to internally run it23:57

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