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RobinStamer_root_: is an apple better than an orange?03:50
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darfowonder how may linux systems really need livepatching05:42
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_root_RobinStamer a couple of days back there was a discussuin which did leed me to believe some applications don't work under pekwm.06:32
RobinStamerSome shit breaks under wmii too.  What's your point?06:34
RobinStamer(wmii is what I use right now)06:34
_root_RobinStamer First isn't wmii dead? and I am not talking about windows not adhere to FreeDESKTOP specifications; I am talking about for example mplayer not playing with nvidia and such06:37
frinnstdarfo: what about every server, ever? :)06:38
RobinStamerwmii still compiles.06:41
RobinStamerAlso what does nvidia have to do with your comment against pekwm?06:41
frinnstnothing, he's just confused :)06:50
Romsterpekwm runs everything i've thrown at it includig mpv/mplayer, steam, xine-ui06:51
Romstereven skype06:52
Romstereven with a composete manager running doing transparency, shadows06:57
Romstermaybe _root_ just has a too old graphics card?07:17
_root_Romster GT series 690 is old. but not too old07:44
_root_is it?07:44
_root_and i am not confused i just repeat what you guys told me.07:44
_root_"I had several problem which went away when I switch to fluxbox"07:44
_root_So why you say I am confused? o.O07:45
_root_I was trying some new font and I asked if pekwm has any problem . if it has I won't burn myself making new themes for it. I will stick to fulxbox themes.07:46
_root_sorry not fonts themes.07:46
_root_I will burn myself I know. I am doing 3 jobs at the same time. creating docker imge making-changing themes (fluxbox;pekwm;gtk2) and writing some python/bash codes.07:48
_root_how's holiday's treating you folks?07:49
frinnstthe window manager has nothing to do with playback issues in  mplayer or whatever07:59
frinnstbtw, I still dont understand what issues you have. I remember you were having problems with gl-select, but that was just a cosmetic issue08:00
Romsterand has since been fixed08:01
_root_It went away after update. the gl-select issue I mean08:02
Romsterof course. i seen the fix committed on ML08:02
Romsteryeah WM does nothing for video playback08:02
Romsterall it odes is some common API for decorations around the boarders.08:04
_root_The problem was mpv --vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau <file> is supposed to add to speed a quality of yor playback if you have nvidia card and using nvidia binary blob. but when I do this I can playback one video at the time. anymore and I have system wide hangs giters and chopy videos08:04
_root_if I play one video that way and the I move or shake the mpv wideow I have soem hangs for 2-3 secs08:04
frinnstSo, its a gpu/nvidia bug then08:05
frinnstwhat does vdpauinfo say?08:06
frinnstrsync -aqz vdpauinfo08:06
_root_frinnst at we (I mean I ) are at the mercy of Nvidia Crop?08:06
frinnstif you use nvidia crap, yes08:06
Romsternot sure if mpv uses the same mplayer conf file08:07
frinnstbut it might be a mpv bug too, who knows08:07
frinnstis --hwdec=vdpau really needed?08:07
frinnstI dont use that switch with mplayer08:07
frinnstvdpau works just fine for me with amd radeon08:08
_root_but what you may not know; from 3.16 the nouveau won't work on some nvidia cards. I mean It works but but the GPU fan at MAX speed from the get go.08:08
_root_this way your fan will burn out after a week.08:09
Romsterthats your port no frinnst ?08:09
frinnstIm glad i no longer use nvidia hardware. I've been buying ati/amd since they started to release the specs08:09
frinnstaye Romster08:09
frinnstnot sure if it works with nvidia though08:09
Romsterjust installed it think it should be a contrib or opt port.08:10
_root_but no quality like nvidia. the cards are monsters. sound and video quality are ....08:10
RomsterInformation string: NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library  340.65  Tue Dec  2 09:13:46 PST 201408:10
Romster_root_, note not all video formats get hardware acceleration08:10
frinnstRomster: yeah I think so too. but i just built the port a day or so ago08:11
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_root_Romster So you say I should just use --vo=vdpau?08:15
_root_to use vdpau;08:15
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_root_there us --- not supported --- in front of H264 options. could It be the problem. because I hear mpv using H264 extensively08:17
Romsterit depends on what the file your playing is.08:17
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_root_Romster mostly mkv. I know it is a container but I don't know what they are inside. their audio is acc mostly08:19
Romstermkvinfo can tell you what it is08:20
_root_Romster mkvtoolnix?08:25
Romsteryeah might be over kill to install though since that is a C++ program to make MKV as well.08:26
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_root_Romster I couldn't find a source code to mkvinfo08:44
diverse_root_: here you go:
_root_diverse; helpfull as always thanks.08:46
Romstershame all sites don't offer xml files like this
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_root_I installed openntpd but I don't have any daemon on /etc/rc.d/09:29
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_root_EmoSpice_ HELLO09:47
diverse_root_: according to the footprint, the service is /etc/rc.d/ntpd09:58
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Romsterprt-get fsearch ntpd10:04
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Romsteropt/openntpd contrib/ntp10:05
_root_Romster ntp is denial of service in freebsd and gentoo10:08
_root_one of the server has been hacked and some exploit has been found10:09
_root_it is better to go with tlsdate or openNTPD10:09
diverse_root_: I thought it was clear to you, that you wanted to go with tlsdate10:10
Romsteryeah i ready read that days ago....10:14
Romsterwhy are you telling me this?10:14
Romsterso why are /you/ asking about NTP then?10:14
_root_I told diverse not you Romster10:14
_root_I asked about openntpd service file in rc.d10:15
Romsteryou make absolutely no sense _root_10:15
_root_which after a fresh install of OpenNTPD appeared there10:15
Romsterits not in core therefore it's not installed by default.10:16
_root_I have a redic. question. I have this problem on all linux distro.s that I worked on. after somethime my numlock LED will go off so my num-pad. I use USB keyboard and USB mouse.10:17
_root_*/ve worked on10:17
_root_*/so as my10:18
Romsterwell if you unplug a usb keyboard it'll probably lose the numlock10:19
Romsterthere is a setting somewhere to default numlock to on.10:20
_root_Romster; I start my X with numlockx on; and I never unplug the keyboard.10:22
_root_but you gave me an idea just now. could it be because of USB kernel opetions. (power save or something) although I desiable all powersaving related to usb and usb keyboard in the kernel)10:23
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frinnst_root_: those issues have been patched for a week or so now10:43
jueI prefer opt/chrony over ntp/openntpd, in most cases it's the better choice for everyone, except puplic ntp server10:59
juethere's a nice comparison linked from that page ->
jueand chrony is very actively maintained nowadays ;)11:01
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diverseperhaps would should drop the openntpd and ntp ports?11:17
diverseor move openntpd to contrib11:18
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juediverse: keep in mind that opt is not a selection of ports but a collection for the opt maintainers11:54
juethey are free to maintain in opt whatever they use11:56
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_root_well; I see thanks frinnst12:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ck4up: update to 1.412:31
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darfofrinnst: we're trapped in that where I work15:36
darfocan't take any servers down because of the apps they are runnning15:37
darfobad app designs15:37
darfostill need to maintain the spinning rust occassionally15:38
darfoif a server is so necessary it has to be live patched it should be redundant15:38
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darfoand if the sum of the utilization in the server farm is greater than 100%15:39
darfothen the High Availability design is being ignored15:40
darfo</end rant>15:40
darfobut thank for the link :) Nice to see where SUSE is trying to take the kernel15:41
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frinnstyeah I know that story16:21
frinnst"this must never go down. Also, it cant cost anything"16:21
jaegerthe ol' freechotomy16:24
darfois freechotomy trade marked. I'd like to use it :)16:56
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darfoMuch fast than fast, cheap, or good -- choose two.16:57
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_root_hello again;17:32
_root_After a reboot I face with the firefox problem. starting firefox causes my X server to die and I am back in tty.17:33
_root_I did the gl-select dance and nvidia is among the lsmod return values17:33
_root_So what should I do next?17:33
_root_and is it how it goes? every time I do any system update; I face this!17:37
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jaegerdarfo: feel free :)17:44
jaeger_root_: check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for errors17:44
_root_jaeger: hello watup :)17:45
diversehappy holidays everyone17:48
_root_diverse: to you too.17:53
_root_I am singing this song for a week now but no love from you guys. :)17:53
jaegerdoesn't look like there are actually any errors there18:00
jaegeryou sure that X crashed rather than exited?18:00
_root_jaeger: the new lines will added at the begining or end?18:00
jaegeryou could just run "grep EE" /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:00
_root_jaeger: I think it is more like exit than crash18:00
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frinnst_root_: its probably firefox using 3d stuff, disable it18:26
frinnstalso you have real issues with your gfx card if this happens..18:27
jaegerMight be worth running memtest86+ and reinstalling the xorg/mesa/drivers/nvidia stack18:27
jaegergl-select use xorg && prt-get update -fr mesa3d xorg-server && prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)') && prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | grep 'nvidia') && gl-select use nvidia18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dvtm: 0.12 -> 0.1318:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: slock: 1.1 -> 1.218:33
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prologicMerry Christmas y'all :)20:58
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Feigrfrinnst: merry christmas!21:39
diverseagain, happy holidays everyone21:39
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