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_root_jaeger: the prt-get update -fr $... parts produce **prt-get takes at least one argument**00:07
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_root_jaeger: the prt-get update -fr $... parts produce **prt-get takes at least one argument**04:55
korithe argument is the package you want to update...04:56
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pidsley_root_: you still here?05:41
pidsleyyeah i thought so05:44
pidsleylog out when you're not here05:44
pidsleyread the man pages05:44
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_root_kori;I was behind a roaming or something like that;05:53
_root_what happened?05:53
_root_I read the logs but that command wasn't meant to be run as is?05:54
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pidsleyyeah no one here either06:21
pidsleyi hate lurkers06:22
pidsleyif you just want to read the logs, go here:
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Romsterpidsley, what wrong with lurking...07:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: colordiff: Initial commit version 1.0.1308:18
koriRomster: wut a weird guy08:19
kori┐('~'; )┌08:19
koriI know you're reading the logs, pidsley, hello!!!!!!!!!!08:20
pitillomerry christmas guys!08:36
Romstermery xmas everyone09:13
korihappy holidays everyone09:16
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_root_kori frinnst there was some connectivity issue with my router. I didn't get any of the channel outputs10:12
_root_what was with the command. It doesn't run10:12
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_root_hhhhhhhh: hello10:14
hhhhhhhhmerry christmas crux10:14
_root_******* HAPPY Christmas ******* (C. Chance)10:15
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_root_any one here to help me with:10:19
_root_frinnst's complex commad10:26
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leo-unglaubhey guys10:57
leo-unglaubi just wanted to pop in and wish you merry christmas :)10:57
_root_hey back leo-unglaub10:57
_root_you too; you too10:57
leo-unglaubto a new year full of crux goodness :)10:58
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frinnstwhat complex command?14:21
frinnstbtw you have a #crux log in the topic14:21
frinnstgod jul Feigr !14:22
frinnstlugn vecka, endast pia grejer :)14:22
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RobinStamer<frinnst> rsync -aqz vdpauinfo <-- that maybe?15:02
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RobinStamerLooks like all that does is pull down the vdpauinfo directory from, I'd hardly call that complicated.15:03
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_root_NO guys the one you gave me frinnst the one for updating the whole xorg nvidia mesa3d15:14
_root_i issued it and it didn't run15:15
_root_sorry for the delay; I am busy with party stuff.15:16
_root_it is mad house here15:18
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darfo_root_: don't you mean the command .jaeger gave you, not .frinnst15:42
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darfo<_root_> jaeger: the prt-get update -fr $... parts produce **prt-get takes at least one argument**15:53
darfoneed to identify which one produced an empty argument list15:53
darfoscript nvidia.dance15:53
darfo< jaeger's long comand pipeline>15:53
darfoless nvidia.dance15:54
darfoif you cant't tell the pastebin and maybe someone can figure it out for your15:54
darfothe only way I can see that error message occurring is if nvidia is not installed or15:55
darfoyou have no X input or X video drivers installed15:55
darfohave fun w/your party, I'm leaving for one soon15:56
_root_darfo: yes sorry; my bad16:13
_root_darfo: yup; I will try; have fun; don't forget eggnug.16:14
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_root_darfo: the first string does16:19
_root_return an emty string16:19
_root_but nvidia is installed16:19
jaeger_root_: you should probably have xorg-xf86-input-{mouse,keyboard,evdev} installed16:24
jaegeryou might want to check if other things are missing from "prt-get depends xorg"16:26
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_root_jaeger: ok I am starting know; I have wasted them with eggnug and they are all watching reruns of the mentalist17:10
_root_jaeger: List of all installed packages having xorg in their names17:13
_root_now what?17:13
jaegerok, paste the *exact* command you typed that failed17:13
_root_jaeger: the first part of command prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')17:17
_root_it says prt-get update takes at least 1 argumment17:17
jaegerrun the part inside $() by itself, see what it says17:21
jaeger for example17:35
_root_jaeger: prt-get listinst returns nothing17:55
jaegerpastebin the command and the output17:55
_root_jaeger: prt-get listinst <ENTER> returns the prompt17:57
_root_nothing nota zilch17:57
jaegerit should not.17:57
jaegerhow about 'ls -l /var/lib/pkg'?17:57
_root_I didn't have any eggnugs I must add; I have all of my wits17:58
jaegerok, cat /var/lib/pkg/db and paste that17:59
jaegeralso reinstall prt-get18:00
jaegerbecause something is definitely broken on your system18:00
jaegerok, the db looks like it's alright... prt-get seems broken18:02
_root_jaeger: what should I do about prt-get?18:03
jaegercd /usr/ports/core/prt-get; pkgmk -d -u18:03
_root_prt-get listorphans is intersting; even xorg is in there. should i pastebin that for you too?18:03
jaegerno need for that18:04
_root_now what?18:05
jaegernow see if 'prt-get listinst' prints anything18:06
_root_NOTHING ;(18:07
jaegerdoes it work if run by root?18:07
jaegerdoes 'pkginfo -i' work?18:07
_root_how could I nuke prt-get and install it again?18:08
_root_does it solve anything?18:08
jaegerthought it might be a permissions issue but if pkginfo -i works I have no idea18:09
_root_jaeger: Should I install crux again from scratch?18:10
jaegerI don't think reinstalling is necessary but if you prefer that route, go ahead. I would also try strace and memtest86+ if you haven't already18:11
jaegermemtest86+ will test your memory for problems, strace might show what's wrong with prt-get18:11
jaegerinstall strace and then run 'strace -f prt-get listinst > strace.log 2>&1'18:12
_root_jaeger: ttps://
jaegerwhat is that?18:13
_root_jaeger: prt-get listorphans18:13
jaegeranother question - if you create /home/packages/build does prt-get listinst work?18:13
_root_NO it doesn't18:14
_root_how should I go about memtest+18:15
jaegeryou can either download it from and boot it to a CD, or if you have the CRUX CD around still, boot that and pick the memtest option from the boot menu18:16
jaegerI'd try strace first, memtest86+ takes a while to run18:16
_root_jaeger: strace is building now18:23
_root_I can't make heads or tails of it; what does it tell you jaeger ?18:30
jaegeryou can see in that output that it's reading the db file, no idea why it exits after that18:30
jaegersorry, I'm out of ideas18:31
_root_jaeger: what exist after that?18:31
jaegerexit, not exist18:31
jaegerprt-get exits18:31
jaegerinstead of printing a list18:31
jaegerone last thing, pastebin your prt-get.conf18:31
_root_jaeger: So it leave in the middle of a command or it finishes but doesn't print a list?18:31
jaegerit seems to finish18:32
_root_jaeger: you mean the line 99 and after18:32
_root_jaeger: should I do memt86+; does it solve it?18:35
jaegerit won't solve anything but it will tell you if your RAM is bad or not18:36
jaegerusually bad RAM causes errors, though, not silent exits18:36
_root_my ram is kigstone and it is pretty new. but why it should affted only prt-get listinst18:37
_root_why not listorphans18:37
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jaegerI have no idea18:37
jaegerI doubt it's RAM, anyway, but no other ideas18:37
_root_jaeger: prt-get list -v returns "No matching packages found. o.018:39
_root_jaeger: What if I look at footprint and remove every last file from my system in the prt-get footprint and install prt-get again?18:39
_root_Should I be or prt-get be in a group or something?18:40
jaegerthat pkgmk -d -u command that you did earlier should have done just that18:40
_root_jaeger: any other tricks18:41
_root_jaeger: mine is prt-get 5.19-218:42
_root_what is yours?18:42
jaegerit's the same, of course18:44
_root_sorry wrong terminal18:46
jaegerperhaps a reinstall is the best bet at this point, unless you want to troubleshoot it further on your own18:47
_root_jaeger: I would do it; because I customized this babay as hell. it took a week to finish; 12 hours a day. go figure18:48
_root_I wanted to add nix package manager to the mix.18:48
_root_good thing that I didn't or else I had another thing to worry about18:48
_root_jaeger: I build and installed some package on my own. could that be it?18:49
jaegerwhat do you mean by "on my own"? did you use pkgmk/pkgadd or some other way?18:50
_root_jaeger: I was building my ports so I did pkgmk -i in them18:51
jaegerthen prt-get should handle them like any other ports18:51
_root_but I didn't add my port to the mix. still don't18:51
_root_and also I just issue ./configure and make && make install in some folders too18:52
jaegerprt-get and pkgutils won't know anything about those18:53
_root_jaeger: could you think of any other corners for me to look18:53
_root_jaeger: freebsd has portmaster -af which would start and rebuild all installed packages from the source again18:55
_root_do we have the same feature18:55
_root_jaeger: how should I run memtest86+? anyswitches and output to a log or something?19:01
_root_jaeger: ??!19:23
jaegerJust try it and see. It's simple19:25
_root_jaeger: I am reading it talks about 3 days? o.019:25
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joacimlast time I checked, it had a 9.9/10 on imdb19:58
joacimmust be an amazing movie19:58
frinnsthaha yeah :)19:58
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tilmanfrinnst: huh, what happened?20:36
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_root_I subscribed to mailinglist. Now what? I didn't recieve any email to activate20:42
frinnsttilman: what?20:42
frinnstroot: maybe flagged as spam?20:43
_root_frinnst: No it is not;20:44
frinnstthen have patience? email might get delayed for various reasons20:44
Feigr[15:22:16] <@frinnst> lugn vecka, endast pia grejer :)20:56
joacimfrinnst: this film is pretty deep21:00
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tilmanfrinnst: how ze heck did it end up on :o21:37
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mhesaw the interview, no idea how it got a 9+22:11
mheit is a average or just below average comedy22:11
mheand how did it get on the archive :)22:12
joacimit is amazing22:12
joacimand you're a commie22:12
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asiemhe: it's not on the archive anymore23:18
mheanyone tried binutils 2.25 yet?23:59

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