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mheI am building lfs latest svn with binutils 2.25 and had to put my makeflags to -j1 for e2fsprogs with binutils 2.2500:11
diverseone of the reasons it got so popular was because of north korea's hacking to prevent the movie. Ever since they hacked Sony Studios, the news media has covered it non-stop. Naturally us being human, it makes us more curious about why this movie is a big effing deal to north korea and more people are way more aware of The Interview because the news has drilled it in our heads. So thanks north korea for making this movie a popular hit, because hacking00:19
diversehas the opposite effect.00:19
diverseand we are going to be talking about it for a long time00:20
diversemhe: ^00:23
mhein Europe, there was almost no mention of this, or I completely missed it00:24
diversemhe: ah, okay, well I'm talking about this from an American perspective00:29
mechaniputerI'm not fully convinced that NK did it. They might just be taking credit. The hackers initially just wanted money iirc,00:38
mechaniputerThe high ratings on IMDB are due to 4chan.00:41
frinnstmhe: im on 2.2500:45
mhecould you try to compile e2fsprogs with makeflags n+1 with n nr of cpu's00:46
frinnstheh, north korean *hackers* didnt do anything. <i>maybe</i> it was state sponsored but most likely not00:46
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/e2fsprogs#1.42.11-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.00:47
frinnstwith -j800:47
mhehmm, must be something else then00:47
frinnstand we are already forcing pkgmk to pass -j1 in e2fsprogs00:47
mhelfs svn has a more recent toolchain00:47
frinnstcheck the Pkgfile00:48
frinnstoh, are you not building on crux?00:48
mhebefore binutils 2.25 all base LFS packages worked with -j(n+1)00:48
frinnsti really doubt that. we have passed -j1 to e2fsprogs for a long time00:49
mheno, my crux is on "stable"00:49
frinnstperhaps you were just lucky not to hit it?00:49
mheI just recently continued my lfs attempts with pkgutils because of extra days off with the holidays00:50
frinnstwell maybe not "for a long time":00:50
frinnst2014-05-22 Fredrik Rinnestame2fsprogs: force make -j100:50
mhebtw e2fsprogs is at 1.42.1200:51
frinnstoh, thanks00:52
mhebinutils could have used an update, it needed 3 patches on lfs and was a year old :)00:53
frinnstwe generally try to avoid updating the toolchain outside of releases00:54
mheI am aware of that00:54
mhegcc 4.8.4 got in though00:54
mhecould we expect a new release with newer gcc, glibc and binutils atm00:55
mheI guess slackware will release within a few months max00:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: gettext: updated to 0.19.400:56
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.42.1200:56
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mhegood night, I am going to bed :)01:04
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_root_how could I send a letter to mailing list?01:22
_root_what is the email?01:22
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frinnstroot you run some wierd $LANG, right?02:24
frinnstchinese or something02:24
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Romster_root_, i've never had as many issues as you get.05:43
_root_frinnst: I only run en_US.UTF-8; why?07:50
_root_Romster: Oh; thank you ;)07:50
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: iproute2: update to 3.18.008:49
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RobinStamerIs there an autoamatable version of `setup` somewherE?09:48
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frinnstRobinStamer: no, its only interactive15:21
frinnstbut it should be fairly straight-forward to automate it with a script15:22
leo-unglaubhey :)15:27
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RobinStamerfrinnst: how?  It's a curses program17:10
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_root_I post my problem to mailing list. I hope some of you have a general idea how to solve it18:11
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_root_well I got a couple of suggestions. first my libstdc++ is corrupt. and umask (I don't know what that is)18:18
mechaniputerRobinStamer, one possible way is to modify the script to skip decisions and just run with defaults. Probably wouldn't be too hard.18:18
mechaniputerAnother way would be to rewrite an entirely new script that does the same things.18:19
jaegerRobinStamer: perhaps something to consider for the next release18:24
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teK_RT @diodesign: <> says it's been infected with malware. It develops DHCP and BIND, and operates a DNS root server. No biggie.20:55
RobinStamerAh.  URL shortners21:00
RobinStamerLengthening already short URLs since 200521:01
teK_at least bitlbee includes some of the url (this case: all of it)..21:08
joacimwould think they'd only lengthen urls longer than their own short urls21:53
RobinStamerThat would make them useful, yes.22:00
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