IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-12-27

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diversehey there06:36
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_root_folks; any idea about my prt-get problem?11:45
_root_libstdc++. if it is corrupted. how could I fix it?11:51
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_root_kori: hi13:19
_root_anyone here ATM13:19
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EmoSpice /set weechat.look.prefix_action "⚡"14:02
EmoSpicecopy and paste problems :P14:02
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_root_EmoSpice: good to know that there is someone here. (who uses weechat) LOL14:15
EmoSpice_root_: I'm around!14:16
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EmoSpiceI was just about to highlight you actually. It was you that was building the pentadactyl XPIs right?14:16
_root_EmoSpice: how could I rebuild and force update all packages begin with xorg-xf86-*14:17
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_root_EmoSpice: Yep;14:17
_root_do you need pentadactyl?14:18
jaegerprt-get update -fr $(pkginfo -i | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)' | awk '{ print $1 }')14:19
_root_jaeger: thanks; you went with pkginfo this time aye?14:21
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leo-unglaubhey :)14:50
_root_leo-unglaub: hey back; what's up?14:52
leo-unglaubnot much ... :)14:53
leo-unglauband whats new with you?14:53
_root_leo-unglaub: a broken crux at the moment
frinnstroot, rebuild the port that contains
frinnstuse prt-get fsearch to find it (if that works for you)15:26
frinnstbtw, its core/gcc15:26
frinnstor you can pkgadd -u the gcc tarball from the iso15:27
_root_frinnst: I did it just now. but still prt-get listinst returns nothing15:27
frinnstwell what does strace say?15:28
_root_frinnst: any difference than yesterday?15:48
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_root_hhhhhhhh: hello15:52
teK_hey folks, jfyi: we added a "Download Port" Link to our github pages, e.g.;a=tree;f=apulse-3216:20
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_root_EmoSpice: ha; you're back16:43
EmoSpiceyeah. Got roped into walking the dog this morning :P16:43
EmoSpiceand not anymore - I just built it16:46
EmoSpice(pentadactyl, that is)16:46
_root_EmoSpice: I told you it was on mt gitlab.16:48
EmoSpiceI don't have that message in my backlog16:48
_root_well; using pentadactyl is a virtue. :)16:50
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EmoSpice_HomeI really wish it was easier to restyle the firefox tabs.16:59
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asiehow to make dsnoop from ALSA work on CRUX?19:59
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lmarieNew at this chat stuff, didn't know I needed to register my nickname.21:19
lmariewhich was taken, so chango-presto!21:20
lmarieJust wondering if _root_ got the prt-get problem solved.21:21
lmarieProblem sounds familiar in the /usr/ports/core/prt-get README21:21
lmarieTime to make pizza.  Enjoying crux more and more.  Thanks for the hard work put into it.  This time a flawless upgrade with xorg-server after knowing which packages to rebuild.21:23
lmarieGreetings, and later folks!21:23
jaegerasie: it should work like any other dsnoop setup, really. CRUX doesn't feature-patch alsa21:24
jaegerlmarie: glad you're enjoying it. :)21:24
lmarieThanks, jaeger.  While husband tinkers repairing broken housewares, electronics, I tinker with crux. ;)21:25
lmarieTake care!21:27
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jaegerI just use pulse these days, it seems to be stable now21:53
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mheis the pyconfig.h from i686 crux 3.1 different?22:57
mheI can't seem to find the i686 pkg for python22:57
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jaegermhe: yes, the pyconfig.h is a bit special. it's a wrapper that selects the proper header based on the arch23:35
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