IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-12-29

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prologicanyone know of any good open 2fa providers?07:28
prologici.e: not google authenticor :)07:29
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mheI figured something out, I do not have a messagebus user, where is it created normally on a crux system07:55
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tilmanmhe: try dbus' post-install script07:59
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mheI found out I had a group with id 18 for messagebus08:06
mheand then added a user messagebus like in the blfs book08:07
mhenow dbus starts but wicd fails to communicate with it08:07
Romsteron a crux system08:08
mheis it important? on my crux 3.1 id is 81 and slackware uses 81 as well, lfs uses 1808:09
Romsternope id can be anything08:09
Romsteris the dbus system wide daemon running?08:09
mheok, I might need to change something on my wicd now08:10
Romsterdbus has the main daemon then a users session dbus that starts with there desktop08:10
mheyes, I got it working now, or how do I test it08:10
Romsteri haven't had a need to test it08:10
Romster/usr/sbin/dbus-daemon --system08:11
Romstershould be running08:11
Romsterand dbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session pekwm08:12
Romsterwhat ever DE/WM08:12
mheI am still using twm from blfs08:14
mheI was trying to get wicd to work08:14
mheso after a reboot, the dbus_system.. is not made08:15
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mhepff, I guess I am going to finish building packages up to a full DE and use /etc/init.d/net and wifi to get that working without dbus/wicd08:15
mhewell full DE is i3 with some gtk apps and a browser :)08:16
Romsterdbus shouldn't be hard to get working08:16
Romsterdid you look at /etc/rc.d/dbus08:16
diversefor his lfs system it's probably located somewhere else08:17
mheI used this /etc/init.d/dbus but apart from that the same Pkgfile08:22
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_root_I want to generate locales for my system.10:07
_root_should I generated UTF en_US or the ISO en_US too?10:07
z3braI'd say utf-810:08
z3brayou might run into encoding issue with manpages though10:08
_root_z3bra: don't I face any problem not having iso?10:08
_root_ah;;; that's it so what should I do?10:09
z3braI personnaly generated both utf and iso locales10:09
z3braand use the utf-8 one as my main locale10:10
_root_z3bra: which iso?10:10
z3braI still have encoding issues in manpages :/10:10
_root_z3bra: how did you do that? using UTF as main locale?10:10
z3braI need to start them as LC_ALL=C man <prog>10:10
z3bra_root_, as specified in the handbooj10:10
z3bra(can't remember the command)10:10
_root_z3bra: you refering to export it on /etc/profile. okie dokie10:11
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_root_hhhhhhhh: hello10:11
z3brain rc.conf10:12
xeirrrI will do "export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 && export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8" in .xinitrc, /etc/profile and /etc/locale.conf10:13
xeirrrs/will/would like to10:13
_root_xeirrr: Hi; does it work that way?10:14
xeirrrIt works for me :)10:14
z3branot for me :(10:19
_root_z3bra: I put it in rc.conf as you said but I can't find anything like that in handbook10:20
z3bramaybe it was in the 3.0 handbook then10:23
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leo-unglaubhey :)10:25
_root_leo-unglaub: hey back. what's up?10:25
leo-unglaubi am sick ... sadly ...10:26
leo-unglauband you?10:26
_root_leo-unglaub: wish you speedy recovery m8; I am ok for a change.10:27
leo-unglaubthanks, glad to hear you are doing fine :)10:27
_root_I was sick very badly couple of days back. fever; red eyes; chills ...10:27
_root_this winter was harsh for me m8; i am getting old. too old10:28
_root_I am still going with pf-kernel. if any of you guys find any other kernel than vanilla let me know. (PLZ)10:36
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_root_do or grub2 in ports has the same feature as grub 2 in gentoo13:17
_root_does it have grub2-install to target efi-x64 systems?13:18
nwe_root_: to use efi you must also install grub2-efi.13:19
_root_nwe: hello m8;13:19
_root_frinnst: hello to you too. then it is the same as gentoo you say?13:19
frinnstI have no clue. I dont use gentoo13:19
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diversewhat does "local FOO BAR" do in bash?13:54
_root_diverse: too tired; or nothing to do rightnow :)13:55
EmoSpicediverse: declares the variables to have only function scope13:58
_root_frinnst: grub2+grub2-efi or just grub2-efi?13:58
EmoSpicez3bra: sure.13:58
diversegotcha, thanks13:59
frinnstroot I dont know. I dont boot via uefi14:11
frinnstbut im sure the wiki will tell you14:11
EmoSpice_root_: I do boot via uefi, but I don't use grub at all. If you're not tied to grub, I can recommend gummiboot - it works rather well in my experience14:14
jaeger_root_: the simplest way would be: grub-install /boot/efi; grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:21
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prologichow dangerous could exposing an interface to execute arbitrary shell commands to the web be?14:28
prologicif the daemon/server was running as a non-root user14:28
rmullThat is a bad idea14:29
EmoSpiceit could be a horrible idea.14:30
rmullYou'd be a sitting duck for priv escalation exploits and resource depletion14:30
prologicawesome :)14:31
diversemake sure you sandbox your system well14:38
diverseprologic: of course you would use docker14:40
prologicofc :)14:41
diverseprologic: so while I'm trying to port pkgmk to rust, would it be a good idea to use a hashmap to store keys (the env vars) first and then apply values as I go or just insert both keys and values as I go?14:46
diverseI need to explicity insert some env vars that were already stated in pkgmk to the command process before I spawn it14:48
prologicaren't you talking about the same thing?14:48
prologica hashmap is a hashmap14:48
prologicor what I know as a dict :)14:48
prologicvars = {}; vars.update(os.environ)14:48
prologicvars["custom_var"] = "custom_value"14:49
diverse1st idea: insert the keys first, leave values out. When the time comes insert the values to the keys. 2nd idea: When times comes insert both keys and values at the same time.14:51
diverse*set the values14:54
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diverseprologic: by "leave values out" I mean set an empty string.14:56
diverseso vars["custom_var"] = "" then vars["custom_var"] = "foo"15:02
prologicah ic15:04
prologicI don't think it matters too much15:04
_root_EmoSpice what is gummiboot. I need to have something to handle a crux plus a freebsd. on uefi system on gpt scheme15:16
EmoSpicea frontend for EFIStub kernels.15:16
EmoSpiceDoesn't sound like it'd work for you since you also need FBSD15:17
_root_EmoSpice; so is it grub2+ grub-efi or just grub-efi15:17
EmoSpiceI'll be honest - I've no idea15:17
_root_EmoSpice what i mean was I need a UEFI loader to hadle a diversity that wide and far off15:17
EmoSpiceyeah. The footprint of contrib/grub2-efi looks like it provides what you would need for that, but I'm not 100% sure.15:19
EmoSpiceUgh. Why does the nameserver option of this domain keep resetting to custom? I just want the default one.15:23
diversewow, vim frozed on from doing a visualblock edit. That's a first.15:27
diverseI would really like neovim to come out with a gui15:28
EmoSpiceWhy would a GUI be better than the terminal UI they've got?15:29
diversemore colors and works better for some features15:30
EmoSpiceMost of my themes are 256 color anyway15:31
EmoSpicebut sure.15:31
EmoSpiceI think they're relying on the community to develop a UI that talks over their msgpack api. They didn't seem too keen on getting into the "one and only one UI" business15:32
diverseright, they are scaling it up with an server client api thing for multiple interfaces15:33
diverseimagine using a full-up vim on your web browser ;)15:34
EmoSpiceShower time. Then bottling beer. Later guys!15:36
diversehave a good one15:36
diverseI should pull the port updates15:38
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_root_EmoSpice_:  save me one bottle :)15:41
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nweGood evning17:35
_root_what is vim-tools Romster?17:35
_root_nwe: same to you;17:35
nwehow are you guys?17:36
_root_ports- u will update all of my ports like romster and nwe and so on17:44
_root_but prt-get depinst aria2 for example say there is no package named aria217:44
_root_what is the problem?17:44
nwehave you add the port-dir in /etc/prt-get.conf ?17:45
Romstermv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync17:47
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/contrib17:47
Romsterin prt-get.conf17:47
Romsteryou should know this crap by now...17:47
Romstervim-tools see the description tools plus xxd and .footprint confirms this17:48
_root_Romster: Yes; the bad copy paste job. I just load all of my previous install file to my new one. I forget this one though17:48
Romsterhow many installs have you done now...17:49
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_root_Romster: since I came here the first time. 3 times.17:50
_root_yesterday I nuke my crux partition because of some unknown problem with prt-get17:50
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Romsterthat is a dumb thing todo...17:52
Romstercould of just reinstalled prt-get off the iso same with gcc if you messed up libstdc++17:53
Romstermust of done something really stupid to mess that up -_-17:53
_root_Romster: did that; didn't work17:53
Romsterthen the step after that is to pkgadd -u all of the core ports.17:53
_root_Romster:  No I am not that dump or that new to the whole linux17:53
Romsteryou have nothing but constant issues.17:54
_root_Romster: too late I asked how to rebuild all the ports several times during past couple of days but no one answered17:54
Romsterwho knows what tinkering you did to break it.17:55
Romsterit's not that damn hard to figure that out17:55
_root_Romster: seems that way. but if you really count. it was the prt-get and nvidia vdpau issu17:55
_root_Romster: at least prt-get is working right now.17:56
Romsteryou just feed a list of ports to prt-get update -fr17:56
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Romsterprt-get update -fr $(pkginfo -i | cut -d' ' -f1 | xargs)17:57
_root_Romster: if you want the truth I just cam to pick crux for a fun (4 month ago) but I really made my self at home.17:57
Romsteryeah and bugging everyone with every conceivable problem that only you seem to be getting.17:57
Romsterother than the gl-select info bug.17:58
_root_Romster: oh; thanks. So everyone pretty much hate me here. good to know ;)17:58
_root_Romster: ah; at least one good thing came of it; aye17:59
Romsterno i don't hate but i find it silly that you can't figure more of it out.17:59
_root_Romster: anyhow; force option during prt-get sysup? what switch is that?17:59
RomsterI tld you before omfg -fr also prt-get help18:00
Romsterdo you ever read help/man pages of programs18:00
_root_Romster: Well I will pop in less from now on. on this issues.18:00
_root_-fr work with syup too?18:00
Romsterhonestly read before asking more and i'd be less annoyed18:00
Romsterit works with update18:00
Romsteri don't think it works with sysup18:01
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(pkginfo -i | cut -d' ' -f1 | xargs)18:01
Romsterthat will rebuild everything18:01
Romsterread more research before asking. is all i ask.18:02
_root_will do18:04
Romsterif you can't find it then ask... half the stuff yu talk about i don't make much sense of and then you don't provide enough details like a build log failure etc.18:06
_root_Romster: Knock Knock18:11
Romsteralso if you need to ask a question ask it when you highlight someone.18:11
_root_Romster: the same error as before with prt-get listinst. I returns nothing. I just added extra ports that's it18:11
_root_*/it returns18:12
Romsterprt-get listinst ; echo $?18:12
Romsterdoes it return 0 or some other number18:12
_root_Romster: 018:13
Romsterbut no ports list?18:13
Romsterprt-get listinst  should return the ports installed. same as pkginfo -i18:14
_root_Romster: no; no ports list. It was working a minute ago. at that point I had base ports. not even contrib18:14
_root_Romster: pkginfo -i works18:14
_root_I added the ports; did sysup which installed libepoxy and updated xorg-server. tat's it. all I did18:15
_root_now prt-get listinst shows nothing18:16
Romsterare you using a weird locale or something?18:16
RomsterLANG=C prt-get listinst18:16
Romstertry that18:17
_root_Romster: no luck; ISO and UTF-8 of en_US. those are my generated locales18:17
Romsterprt-get parses prt-get.conf and reads the same database file as pkginfo does.18:18
Romstershould be fine then18:18
Romster/var/lib/pkg/db is the database it reads from.18:20
_root_i just cat it; i shows a long long list.18:20
_root_Romster: the odd thing is prt-get listorphans shows a list. what does it tell you?18:21
_root_it is only prt-get listinst18:21
_root_contrib  core  df nwe opt prologic rahabdoll romster tilman timcow xorg z3bra18:23
_root_Romster: those are the ports18:23
nwe_root_: comment out all ports execpt  core, xorg and opt and contrib then18:24
Romsterwhere all those enabled earlier and worked on prt-get listinst?18:24
Romsteri'd try commenting out prtdir lines and see if that makes a difference. except for core opt xorg contrib18:25
_root_Romster: No; the last time that prt-get listinst worked, I didn't have contrib active even. just xorg and base ports18:25
Romsterthen comment out prtdir lines see if prt-get listinst works.18:26
Romstercore opt xorg contrib all should be fine. it might be one of the other ports trees perhaps.18:27
Romsteralso order in prt-get.conf matters18:27
Romsterprtdir lines higher in the file get priority18:28
Romsterso core should alreasy be at the top followed by opt xorg contrib and the rest after.18:28
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Romsterok then see if prt-get listinst works.18:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dillo: update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.7118:35
_root_Romster: No it doesn't18:36
Romsterdid you use custom CXXFLAGS in pkgmk.conf?18:37
Romsterprt-get is C++18:37
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: libvdpau: explicit disable build of documentation18:37
Romsteryou said it worked before a sysup18:37
_root_Romster: yes it did18:39
Romsternothing out of the ordanary. i don't see how prt-get could not work.18:40
Romsteryou could rebuild prt-get with "prt-get update -fr prt-get"18:42
Romstersince prt-get is linked with gcc and gcc probably got updated on last sysup18:42
Romsteri'm going afk maybe someone else can continue on from here.18:44
_root_Romster: plz do prt-get readme prt-get18:44
_root_Romster: what do you think i did export CXXFLAGS="-o2 -march=i686 -pipe" && pkgmk -u -d18:51
_root_but no luck18:51
_root_diverse: what is that?18:58
_root_diverse: :)19:01
_root_What? I doesn't use more than -o2 and I get the problem.19:07
_root_someone should write a better prt-get19:07
_root_and not to do this to people19:08
jaegerare you using -o2 or -O2?19:08
diversejaeger: I know, right?19:08
_root_diverse: the -O2 look at my paste earlier19:10
diverseand why -march=i686?19:10
_root_diverse: IDN; ask how wrote the prt-get readme prt-get19:11
jaegeruse "-O2 -march=x86_64 -pipe" unless you have a specific need for something else in crux 3.119:12
_root_jaeger: I use -O2 -march=native -pipe and looking at prt-get readme prt-get says so.19:13
diverseI guess apparently the readme file needs to be updated to reflect our x86_64 bitness19:13
_root_So what should ido. I still don't get any output with listinst19:13
jaeger_root_: the readme was undoubtedly written back when crux was 32-bit only, use some common sense on the march and you'll be fine19:13
_root_I thought that was a solution to produce a working prt-get again19:14
joacimI think it is best to use the default CFLAGS values19:15
_root_jaeger: is your prt-et listinst working?19:15
jaegerperhaps you should try reinstalling gcc and prt-get from the ISO19:15
_root_jaeger: if yes; plz give me your already build PKG to install here please19:15
jaegerrather than compiling them19:15
diversejaeger: that's what romster told him earlier19:15
_root_jaeger: didn't work19:16
_root_becauseas soon as I do sysup every thing will go away.19:16
diverseI don't understand how that wouldn't work, hence:
_root_we have 4.8.4 for gcc and I think prt-get doesn't work well while building with it19:17
joacimworks fine for me19:17
_root_joacim: do you have a build package prt-get#5.19-2.pkg.tar.gz on your hard drive.19:18
diverse_root_: go into the iso and pkgadd the package yourself19:19
joacimI don't have it. Do what the others here have suggested, to install prt-get and gcc from the iso19:20
_root_nwe: 40419:22
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_root_nwe: thanks; now it works.19:27
_root_nwe: what is your pkgmk.conf19:28
_root_nwe: is mine19:28
_root_could you see anything bad in it?19:28
_root_anything to cause such a problem?19:28
nwe_root_: I using default pkgmk.conf19:29
_root_Romster: Could I ask you to publish  the latest gcc and prt-get too beside your firefox and other huge builds. untill this afair sorts itself out.19:30
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jaegerwhat about prt-get.conf?19:31
_root_if my gcc is bad I shouldn't be able to build other packages.19:31
diverseyou don't need to build packages in order to install existing ones, they are mutually exclusive19:34
frinnst<_root_> Romster: at least prt-get is working right now.19:34
frinnstso what did you do to break it again?19:34
_root_frinnst: I updated it; turned out it is an issue with gcc 4.8.4 and new prt-get source19:35
jaegerIt works fine for me with gcc 4.8.419:37
diversesame here19:37
_root_frinnst: my head is banging. (because it is only me that has the problem)19:37
_root_should I change my CPU?19:37
_root_right now I am working on G2020 intel19:38
_root_I say please dust of the prt-get source a bit19:39
jaegerWhy do you think there's something wrong with the prt-get source?19:39
_root_I have a new update gcc 4.8.4; and I build firefox with it and firefox works19:39
joacimcould you post your entire pkgmk.conf somewhere=19:41
joacimnever mind. i see yu already did19:41
_root_jaeger: because the readme suggest such error might happen. (ok; you just said that the readme is old and not relate yes?) (if it is the case I don't know what is the source of the problem.)19:41
_root_joacim: I did it 3 time now.19:42
joacim"never mind. i see yu already did"19:42
jaeger_root_: the readme is not explicitly talking about "prt-get listinst" and other functions work fine. Besides that, you are the only person experiencing this error19:42
jaegerif you change your march in pkgmk.conf back to x86_64 does it work? I doubt it will, just curious19:43
_root_ ==pkgmk.conf19:44
_root_joacim: ^^19:44
_root_jaeger:  let me check19:45
diverseperhaps someone could remote into his machine and fix his problems, who knows how much wreckage he did19:46
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_root_jaeger: -march=x86_64 ?19:54
nwe_root_: -march=x86-6419:58
jaegernew is correct, mine was a typo19:58
_root_nwe: jaeger; It worked with core2 CFLAGS option. Now it is the matter of relevence. could I use core2 for G2020 or not?19:59
_root_I narrow that down. It is the --march=native20:05
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joacim <- is this normal?20:24
joacimI don't feel good about using digitalocean now20:24
joacimiti s nice of them to send me that after I've just added funds for another 5 months of their service20:24
_root_are you sure; joacim20:30
_root_joacim: they shouldn't do that; photo-ID. are they bigger than OVH20:31
_root_I am their user for years. not once I recived such requests. what is next your home address and social-sec number.20:32
frinnstwtf joacim. are you dealing with a cert or something? that might require the issuer to need a good-ish confirmation20:37
joacimjust for account access afaik20:38
joacimmy "droplet" is still up and working fine, but I'm locked out of the ssh key and dns configuration panels20:38
_root_joacim: call them. talk to a living person and sort this out. don't send your id over internet. if they really want that. ask them to send it py postal service20:40
joacimi looked it up, and it seems they've asked the same from other people20:40
joacim"We greatly apologize but it looks like your account has been flagged by our automated backend systems."20:41
joacimI think I'll just move on to ramnode or something else20:41
_root_joacim: then id-scams will all happens for more than one people at the time.20:42
_root_joacim: you know better. but it taste fishy to me.20:42
joacimI've seen it on their own support pages from users marked as moderators/staff20:42
joacimI don't think it is abuse as I don't see any suspicious logins anywhere. the same thing happened to my twitter account a month or two ago, but they just required that I clicked a button to prove that I wasn't a robot20:44
joacimI'm not going to send them my picture or my "government ID or passport" that I don't even have20:46
joacimall I have is a birth certificate and a debit card20:46
_root_jaeger: Romster;
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_root_so if I have the port in prt-get.conf and the httpup in /etc/ports. what would be the reason for prt-get not to find the package/port?22:15
frinnstbecause you missed something22:17
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*** darfo has joined #crux22:28
tilmanjoacim: they'd probably accept a driver's license as well22:30
joacimdon't have that22:30
joacimI see no reason to identify myself with a vps host, so I'll just move on with my life22:31
tilmanjoacim: you might find that enjoyable perhaps22:32
_root_joacim: the problem is that they want id. like when you go to buy large and want to buy milk and they say. wait sir; please provide a photo id first.22:33
_root_it is nonsense22:33
joacimI wouldn't go that far =)22:34
_root_joacim: but they would22:34
joacimI understand that some (like OVH and DO) wants people to identify themselves, but I rather not bother with that stuff22:35
joacimlots of services don't need it22:35
_root_joacim: OVH doesn't need those pesky steps to use its services.22:37
_root_at some point I have a whole rack; 52 servers. and no one tell me to show anything. they were most interstad in my paypal invoice :)22:38
_root_*/told me22:38
joacimsaw a lot of talk about having to show some kind of identification before their order was activated.22:40
joacimsaw most of that talk on torrent forums22:40
darfo<jaeger> if you change your march in pkgmk.conf back to x86_6422:40
darfoIt's too late. Already compiled gcc with march=native.22:40
joacimtilman: I'll watch that.22:40
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:40
darfos/Already/_root_ already/22:41
_root_darfo: oh; what do prt-get listinst says22:41
darfomine works fine22:41
darfobut I've not changed the march=x86-64 that shipped in pkgmk.conf22:42
darfothe readme you cited early say messing with it is only need if there are problems22:42
joacimseeing people maintain arcade boards is fun, but it is a shame that so many of  those games are mostly enjoyed by private collectors22:42
darfomarch changes without need are ricing. After breakage you get to keep both pieces.22:44
*** kori has joined #crux22:52
_root_frinnst: have time?22:52
_root_kori; hello22:52
*** lnds has quit IRC22:52
_root_frinnst: jaeger, Romster; joacim; darfo; tilman;  The problem isn't "-march=native or -march=x86-64" or adding to much ports to the port structer. THE PROBLEM IS  removing hash and activating "useregex yes" in prt-get.conf .22:57
_root_Now tell me that I just bother you people. I solve and find a nice bug in prt-get.22:57
_root_it just took 2 days 2 crux install and some digging.22:58
_root_the hard prt was digging. (believe me !)22:58
joacimtilman: that guy sounds like richard hammond's mock german accent =)23:40
joacimit was an interesting and fun talk tho23:40
_root_So why "prt-get listinst" becomes problematic when regex search is enabled?23:54
_root_frinnst: ^^23:54
kori_root_: do you need prt-get23:55
koriyou could just use pkginfo -i23:55
koriand you'd get a list with the versions23:55
jaegera blank regex is apparently not acceptable to prt-get23:57
jaeger'' might do what you want23:57
_root_jaeger: no, if the option would break prt-get why put it there?23:59

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