IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-12-30

jaegerwhether or not it breaks is a matter of subjective opinion, I suppose. With that said, I don't know, I'm not prt-get's author00:00
_root_jaeger: ### use regexp search00:01
_root_#useregex yes        # (yes|no)00:01
jaegerYou don't have to keep repeating yourself, I know what you're talking about00:01
_root_active it as yes and prt-get listinst will break00:01
jaegerhowever, whether or not producing no output when the supplied regex is EMPTY is BROKEN is a subjective thing00:01
jaegerIt looks like prt-get's author did NOT think that is broken00:01
jaegertry it with some port regex and see what you get00:02
jaegerThe point is that the behavior might be intentional, it might not. I don't know the answer to that00:03
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_root_Well it seem I speaked out of turn. Sorry. But I let to believe prt-get listinst is broken if it isn't producing any output.00:05
_root_2 days of banging heads.00:06
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_root_at least this phase is over. heheheeeee00:20
_root_thanks frinnst00:21
frinnstwtf are you on about00:22
joacimthanks for the falukorv00:22
frinnstor rather:
joacimwell i didn't use mine as a dildo00:24
joacimI ate it with some spaghetti00:24
frinnstI had some cheese earlier. thanks for that00:25
rmullWill crux move to systemd if it becomes obvious that the Linux community has embraced it and many applications come to depend on it?00:31
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darfoprt-get listinst --regex produces nothing01:22
darfoprt-get listinst --regex '' produces everything01:23
darfosorta makes sense01:23
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rmullMaybe an error or warning message saying that no regex was provided would be nice?01:57
diversedoes --regex act like a filter?02:17
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Romsterprt-get listinst --regex '.*-32'03:00
Romsteryeah regex filters the output, no big surprise there.03:01
Romsteri never turned on that /option/ in prt-get.conf03:01
darfoimho no argument with --regex or prt-get.conf  useregex yes should default to no filter and show all03:18
darfostring filter = m_parser->useRegex() ? "." : "*";03:22
darfolooks like it may be using the wrong default ie. standalone dot03:22
darfowonder if that should be string filter = m_parser->useRegex() ? ".*" : "*";03:22
darfotime to play with a patch03:25
darfodot to dot star did not make it list all :(03:33
darfodon't know C++ so kinda poking in the dark03:33
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Romsterhmm be nice if it did list all .* as by default unless regex is used.03:59
darfoit actually does the equivalent of '*' if --regex not use04:00
Romsterprt-get search 'qt?'04:00
Romsterif userregex is on04:00
darfothat's not a regex04:01
darfo'qt?' is file globbing04:01
darfoturns out it is a one-line patch to make it default to .* for --regex w/o arg04:02
darfowant me to put it in flyspray?04:02
Romsterprt-get search qt?04:02
Romsterdoesn't do what i expected...04:02
Romsterthought ? matches one char04:03
darfoI don't think C++ file globbing is the same as bash globbing04:03
darfonot a C++ programmer04:03
Romsteror perl for that matter04:03
darfoI never can keep the versions of regex and globbing straight in my mind04:04
Romsterprt-get search 'qt.*'04:04
Romsterworks as expected04:04
Romsteronly if 'useregex yes' is set04:04
darfoyes, as it should04:05
Romsterafaik there is one REGEX then there is the GNU extensions to REGEX04:05
Romsteryeah ? doens't do as i expect and sme as jsut * but .* does what i expect04:06
Romsterprt-get search 'qt[0-9]'04:06
Romsteris also wrong i get pinentry-qt4 poppler-qt4 qt4-3204:07
darfo'*' is not a complete regex. It just means 0 or more of the thing on the left of it04:07
Romsterthere is no - in my regex...04:07
darfoyou didn't anchor the regex with ^ or $ so it works anywhere in the searched string04:07
Romsterok so '^qt[0-9]$' works04:07
Romsterfigured that04:08
darfoas far as only on regex I agree, then there's a bunch of variants. GNU as you said but I think perl also has a variant called 'extended regex'04:09
Romsterprt-get search '*' no matching packages but '.*' works... wonder if prt-get glob is wrong.04:09
darfodid you take useregex yes outta the config?04:09
Romsternot for that i didn't no04:09
darfoand you have to escape the star, or did you literally code the quotes?04:10
Romsterwithout that option enabled it wont use any * or ? or any form of regex for search04:10
Romsteri put it in quotes so it wont expand on the shell04:10
Romsterprt-get search '*'04:11
RomsterNo matching packages found04:11
darfoI don't have the option and I get:04:11
darfoOh, you've changed which code your in with search.04:12
Romster'.*' however lists all04:12
Romsterthat only works with 'runscripts yes'04:12
darfobut useregex or --regex should work the same for all commands that use a pattern04:12
Romsterbut i never did user that option and why it does not show listinst04:12
Romsteryeah withouth that option --regex is the command line way of doing it.04:13
Romsteri just turned it on now to see what is going on.04:13
Romsterprt-get listinst04:13
Romsterwitht aht option on is blank04:13
Romsterwith that*04:13
Romsterthats really odd behavour04:14
Romsterprt-get listinst '.*-32'04:14
Romsterbut that worked hmm04:14
darfo$ prt-get listinst 'q??' shows me qt4, qt5, and qwt04:14
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Romsterthat shows my tons of stuff not just qt04:15
Romstereven package names without a q in there name...04:15
darfoprt-get listinst '.*-32' shows me nothing but with --regex I get two packages04:16
darfowere they all three character names?04:16
Romsterprt-get listinst 'q??' |wc -l04:16
Romsterprt-get listinst '.*' |wc -l04:17
darfothat's everything?04:17
Romsterthis regex on prt-get does not work as i'd expect.04:17
Romsteryeah everything lists.04:17
Romstergcc version 4.8.304:18
darfoI'm running the patched version but it should only change the behaviour when regex is null04:18
Romsteri haven't bumped to 4.8.4 yet04:18
darfogcc 4.8.4 here04:18
Romsterdoubt that would make any difference.04:18
darfoare you up really late or early?04:18
Romster15:18 in the afternoon04:19
darfooh, I'm the one up late. We don't usually overlap04:19
Romsteri have been on at all godly hours of the day and night on the holiday break though04:19
Romsternot often04:19
darfothat's why I*m04:20
darfoup late, holiday break04:20
darfoima fallback prt-get to the current04:21
darfoprt-get listinst 'q??' still only shows me three packages04:22
darfoafk, gotta feed the pets04:23
Romsterhmm with useregex yes04:23
Romsteroh that works with useregex no04:24
Romsternow i get 304:24
Romsterok so without userregex set ? and * globs work.04:25
Romsterbut no regex like .*04:25
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Romsteri pasted in runscripts earlier when i meant useregex04:32
Romsterfeels odd that it's useregex than userregex04:32
Romsterone r instead of two r's04:33
darfothrew me too. in the code it's useRegex04:33
darfoi only tested the patch with --regex and listinst04:34
darfonow I'll check out search and others04:35
Romsterand not with 'useregex yes' and 'prt-get listinst'04:35
Romsterlistinst [-v|-vv] [filter] [--regex] [--depsort]04:35
Romsterwith 'useregex yes' you'd expect no output. as no filter is specified.04:37
Romsternot really a bug?04:37
darfowell, the looks like it tried to turn no filter into '.'04:37
darfos /the/the code/04:37
darfoprt-get search --regex 'Qt' is case-insensitive04:38
RomsterIt's also possible  to  use  shell like  wildcards  for  the listinst command.04:38
Romsterlike ? and *04:38
darfogood, that's working as expected04:38
Romsterbut with regex on then it must see a .* or other regex.04:38
darfothe patch I made makes regex use '.*' if no filter given04:39
darfothat's more what I'd expect, don't filter at all04:39
Romsteryeah if filter is omitted .* should be expected.04:40
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Romsterman page might need a patch to reflect that too darfo04:40
darfoOk, I'll include that with the code patch in flyspray04:41
Romsterit doesn't really say that behavior changes with useregex yes04:41
Romsteruseregex isn't mentioned in man prt-get at all but only in man prt-get.conf04:43
darfono, but --regex is04:43
darfoand the code treats --regex like useregex yes04:43
Romsterif set to yes, prt-get will interpret search and filter patterns in list, listinst, printf, search, dsearch and fsearch as regular expressions. This will be the default in prt-get 0.6.04:43
darfocheck out prt-get.conf(5)04:44
Romsterprt-get 5.19 by Johannes Winkelmann, jw dot tks6 dot net04:44
Romsterthat's where i got that text from ^04:45
darfoI wondered why --regex never became the default04:45
Romsteris that guy still maintaining prt-get?04:45
darfoI don't know04:45
Romsteri know like a eyr or so ago i got a recursive loop patch added to prt-get.04:46
darfoI'm still waiting for --full to become the default for fsearch04:46
jaegerno, cptn hasn't been active in a long time04:47
darfodidn't know the nick04:47
Romsterso pretty much unmentioned and in stasis04:47
Romstererr s/unmentioned/un-maintained/04:48
darfowell, I can patch but can't maintain C++04:48
jaegerone of the reasons for the recent talk of rewrites04:48
darfois that why .diverse is rewriting it in Rust?04:49
Romsterdarfo, prt-get fsearch --full , doesn't even output anything...04:50
Romster.diverse ist jsut doing it as a exercise to learn rust.04:50
darfoIt shouldn't.  --full means a fully pathed name starting with /04:50
Romsterbut i wouldn't mind using it when it's ready.04:50
Romsteri get no output on --full04:51
Romstersame deal with prt-get fsearch --full04:52
darfotry prt-get fsearch --full /bin/bash04:52
Romsteroh that works... ah --full is to search by path ?04:52
darfoprt-get fsearch bash give a lot of answers04:53
Romsterprt-get fsearch --full --regex '.*/bash'04:54
Romstermuch like that?04:54
Romsterto be honest i never sued --full04:55
darfoI use it all the time so I don't have to look at a whole list of packages to figure out where a file came from04:55
Romsterjaeger, yeah so basicly prt-get and pkgutils is not maintained. though i see we have a pkgutils.git tree on crux.nu04:57
Romsterand alan has some patches too.04:57
jaegeryeah, we've been saying that for a long time now04:58
Romsterit took a year and a half to get ignore new in pkgmk too.04:58
Romsterand that was after i rewrote it from another persons patch.04:58
darfochanging the defaults in prt-get now might cause a lot of churn04:59
Romsterdarfo, something like that would have to be scheduled at a new crux release04:59
Romsterif it was to be considered.05:00
Romsteryou could go to the crux wiki and look at the TODO CRUX3.205:00
darfoI can live with whatever the core devs decide, they always choose the best05:01
darfowill have a look at it05:01
Romsteri'm personally not sure about making --full default.05:01
darfoNo, I was just kidding about it cuz it says in the man page it will be the default in 0.6 release or some such05:02
Romsterbut making 'useregex yes' list all ports on listinst with no [filter] specifed i think would be a good idea (tm)05:02
Romsterconsidering [] by definition in command line means it's a optional argument05:02
Romsterit's not optional anymore with 'useregex yes'05:02
darfoyes, it isn't behaving sanely now05:03
Romsterdarfo, i'd welcome a patch on flyspray for making listinst .* when no filter is specified. and 'useregex yes' is set.05:03
Romsterit's a niche case and it's gone this long unnoticed.05:04
jaegerit seems clear that useregex is not used by anyone so far05:04
jaegerit would have come up earlier05:04
Romsterexcept ._root_05:04
darfoOk, will do. Might be a day or two as I want to comb the man pages05:04
jaegerI feel like it could be dropped entirely05:04
darfoI use --regex sometimes but would never make it the default in the config05:05
Romsterjaeger, either it isn't or they know that behavior and set a [filter] with it05:05
Romsteror they avoid it all together and just use --regex where needed.05:05
darfoIt's a one line patch to make it default to '.*' if nothing specified on the command line05:05
darfoI wonder if ._root_ is a mispelled anagram for troll :>05:06
Romsterdarfo, yeah and throw something in the man page perhaps. for default behavour changed in prt-get 5.20 to .* for no [filter] set05:06
Romsterdarfo, the name is questionable.05:07
Romsterthats two things he has hit now gl-select info and this.05:07
Romsterfeels like nit picking stuff no one even uses.05:07
Romsteri kinda exloded in the morning at him for the not so helpful questions, half of which are easily answered.05:08
darfoI saw that but you had valid points05:09
darfoI was thinking what you said05:09
Romsteri don't do it for no reason and i felt it was time i voiced my opinion.05:09
darfoI'm glad you did, it means more coming from you than me.05:10
Romsterdarfo, thanks for making this patch and helping out.05:10
Romsterwe rarely get to chat.05:10
jaegerthe gl-select thing was only aesthetic, it wasn't affecting functionality. but still wasn't correct05:10
darfonp. I don't have a lot of time to help maintain crux but I really like it a lot05:10
jaegerthat wasn't a bug, though, it was a change in 'file' output upstream05:11
Romsteryeah it was just display and i never ever used that to see if it was working or not.05:11
Romsterpersonally file needs shell like formatting that lvm2 does with lvs,pvs,vgs. but i did mention that before but perhaps i should file a feature request for file.05:11
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Romsterwhere you can set the fields to show and delimiter05:12
Romsternamed fields.05:12
Romsterconsidering file is probably used in tons of shell scripts.05:12
darfoit was nice chatting with you Romster but now I gotta get some sleep05:13
darfoand tomorrow work on a patch :)05:13
Romsterok g'night darfo05:13
prologicanyone know of a tool/script that I can give to someone that does the following?06:16
prologica) setup a new ssh key pair; b) copy my public key into their authorized_keys file; copy their public_key into my authorized_keys file and setup a ssh tunnel to forward their local ssh to my local machine?06:17
prologicthink of it as an automated ssh remote assistant setup tool :)06:17
nweprologic: ansible? :)06:32
prologicumm perhaps I should clarified06:34
prologicsomething I can give to a completer ilterate Mac user06:34
prologicand they download and run06:34
prologice.g: curl -o - <url> | bash06:34
nweoh :) then I dont know :( sorry06:39
Romsterprologic, you could just script it...06:43
Romsterbut i dunno about mac they seem to remove every useful tool known to man.06:43
Romsterjump on a mac try to be leet linuxy and command not found.... what is this shi&*.06:44
Romstersticks to linux.06:44
prologicthat's why you use Homebrew06:45
prologicand brew install all your favourite GNU software06:45
prologicit's actually not bad when you do that06:45
prologicespecially with iTerm206:45
prologicAnyway, guess I'll have to write the damn tool myself :)06:45
Romsterunless someone has already on gitgub or somewhere.06:46
Romsterah homebrew yeah this was a client's mac wasn't gonna do that.06:46
Romsterpretty sure you could make a small shell script to do the commands and >> it to the authorized_keys06:48
Romsterprologic, why is docker such a pain on container size. if i want to increase it i have to blow away all my containers and start fresh with the bigger size. i know the data is stored on a ext4 FS on a LV and i have anotehr metadata LV thats a raw COW iamge with 64KiB block size. that doens't change. so wyh do i need to blow away my data LV ext4 FS just to have larger docker container size?06:51
Romsterit makes zero sense.06:51
Romsteryou'd thik i can have a base container size and it will only use extra space if i need it. upto that limit.06:51
Romsterthis is a stupid design... i could setup a entire lvm2 volume group just for docker and have docker make a LV per a container... if it worked that way. of any damn size i wanted for the base iamge and snapshot mount that with thin provisioning.06:53
Romsterbut docker doesn't work that way.06:53
prologicask the docker devs07:04
prologicI don't think you're really meant to have really lrage containers anyway07:04
prologicthe idea is to break things up and isolate things07:04
prologicso you're probably stretching the boundaires of Docker's design gaols :)07:04
Romsterthe majority are small yeah07:12
_root_hello everyone.  I did take a nap.08:33
_root_well it seems we have some signals mixed.08:34
_root_I don't even care about finding errors. or being right. the point is you guys told me my system is corrupted. you went and even suggested my libstdc++ and gcc is  faultly. You think that I just wake up and looking for errors or bugs in crux. for  the love of ...; in both cases that romster mentions I thought I did something wrong with my system and did breake it. I re-installed my os for that.08:39
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nwegood morning10:10
Romsteri never said your system was corrupted. and not everyone talks in here so that may have come from some persons but not everyone in here.10:12
Romsterhi nwe10:13
Romster_root_, i've tried many things and had the misfortune to break my system. not once did i format and start over. i repaired it from the iso if it got that bad.10:13
Romsterformatting is a bad habit from windows.10:14
nwehow are you Romster ?10:14
Romsteri'm good10:14
nwenice to hear :) are you doing something fun?10:15
Romsterah just gaming and chatting and gonna cook dinner in a sec.10:15
Romsterpretty much enjoying my time off work10:15
nweoh I see :) what are you gaming ??10:16
Romsterflightrising and starbound currently10:16
nweIm at work for the moment.. only 5 ppl on he whole office :D10:16
nwehmm never heard about them.. :P10:17
Romsterwork man don't you get time off over xmas and new years eve until the start of next year?10:17
*** jue has joined #crux10:17
Romsterstarbound is steam runs on linux. you go mining and stuff.10:17
nweoh I see :) yes I had some vacation to 26:e, and now I have on-call..10:21
Romsteri don't go back unti the 5th10:21
Romsterand it'll be busy as i bet.10:22
nwenice :) my on-call is over on friday =) and then I have vaction again to 7 january :D10:22
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libvdpau-32: explicit disable build of documentation. builds some docs if doxygen, graphviz and tex is installed.10:34
diverseRomster: what are the env vars that are only used in Pkgfiles?10:39
diversebesides the ones from pkgmk.conf10:40
diversefrom within the pkgmk script10:40
RomsterSRC and PKG afaik.10:40
diverseI guess I should commit my changes to show you what I have10:41
Romsterand the PKGMK_* that is hard coded at the bottom of pkgmk10:41
Romsterif it's not set in pkgmk.conf10:41
diverseI know, but some are just used exclusively for pkgmk, I just want to know all the ones that are only used Pkgfiles10:41
diversethe vars that are just used in pkgmk, I use regular variables in rust10:42
Romsterpretty much source package and work directory10:42
diversegot that10:42
prologicany of you guys know off the top of your head whether 2fa requires an encrypted/secure transport?10:42
Romsteryou probably got everything necessary then.10:42
prologicor is it replay proof by design?10:43
Romsteri don't even know what 2fa is without looking that up10:43
prologic2fa == two factor auth10:43
prologicI want either a yes/no and evidence to back that up :)10:44
Romsteri would assume it would be a yes.10:45
Romsterwikipedia isn't always correct.10:45
prologicsparse :(10:46
prologicanyone a security expoert?10:46
prologicRomster, based on what?10:47
prologicif you eavesdropped the network in between my 2fa auth attempt10:47
prologichow would that help you?10:47
prologicyou don't have my token10:47
prologicseeing the user/pass won't help without the possession (token)10:47
prologicso IHMO (unless I'm wrong)10:48
prologicTFA/2FA doesn't require a secure/encrypted transpport10:48
*** xeirrr has joined #crux10:50
Romsterdepends what methods but i'm thinking it doesn't matter.10:52
Romsterexcept you don't want to send passwords as plane text10:52
prologicwhy not?10:53
Romsterbecause anyone can packet sniff grab the apssword but they can't get in because they also need the second peace of information.10:53
Romsterand i keep using the wrong words.10:54
diverseRomster: everything look good?10:55
Romsterprologic, you should know more than me about this. your the software engineer.10:55
prologicyou're answering your own question :)10:55
prologicI might very well be10:56
prologicbut that doesn't make me an expert in security/authentication10:56
diverseleo is the expert on that field10:56
Romsterdiverse, LC_ALL is a override not sure if i like using that... than just LANG=C10:57
Romsterwhen is it right to use LC_ALL anyways?10:57
diversei dunno, I saw that in the pkgmk script10:57
diverseand thought that was important10:57
Romsterhmm i guess its ok to use then.10:57
Romsteralso don't they need to default to $PWD/work/{SRC,PKG} on PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR10:59
Romsterif they are unset on the system.10:59
Romsteras at the bottom of pkgmk11:00
Romsterthey must append src and pkg in the functions.11:01
diverseI know, I need to figure out how to pull the current working directory of the process11:01
diverseI leave stuff unset on purpose because I want to figure them out later while I have other things on my mind11:02
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:14
diverseRomster: as you see here, I embed all the env vars in the process:
diverseperhaps I can make a macro that would make it more maintainable11:29
hhhhhhhhdiverse: you might want to either add tar-rs to your cargo.toml11:29
hhhhhhhhor if you arent going to rely on cargo provide a makefile instead since cargo isnt doing anything for you at this point11:30
diversehhhhhhhh: is there a way to have cargo either check if tar-rs is installed on the system or pull the crate from if it doesn't see it?11:46
hhhhhhhhcargo is a dependency manager :p11:46
hhhhhhhhso yes thats exactly what it does11:47
diverseI'm new to cargo11:47
diversehhhhhhhh: do you have a github account?11:47
hhhhhhhhi do11:48
diversewould you like to make a PR to improve my Cargo.toml11:48
hhhhhhhhtar = "*"11:49
diverseand so that will check if tar-rs is installed on the system (say by the distro's package manager) or temporarily pull tar-rs to build it?11:51
diversehhhhhhhh: ^11:53
hhhhhhhhit pulls into ~/.cargo/git11:54
hhhhhhhhand builds it11:54
hhhhhhhhor something like that11:54
diverseand so I need to create a Makefile for those who already have it installed on their sysem?11:58
hhhhhhhhcargo will detect it11:58
hhhhhhhhdw about a makefile11:58
diversegood to know11:59
tilmanjoacim: i don't who who hammond is, but the speaker is french (not sure if obvious?)12:02
diversehhhhhhhh: wait, isn't it "[dependencies.tar]" ?12:03
hhhhhhhhdiverse: i opened
hhhhhhhhand thats how they did it12:03
hhhhhhhhi think you do if you want to give more than just a version12:04
diverseah I see12:05
diversehhhhhhhh: it doesn't check my system first and tries to download it first :(12:08
diverseperhaps it's only made for crates.io12:09
hhhhhhhhyeah probably12:20
hhhhhhhhwhy work with the 400 million existing package managers when you can distribute your own 50mb binaries that do exactly the same thing12:20
hhhhhhhhheck why work with makefiles running "git clone" when you can distribute 50mb binaries12:21
*** lnds has joined #crux12:22
diverseI wouldn't, I would only use makefiles to check for locally built crates. I want to be flexible here.12:22
diverseSo I think ideally I need to provide both cargo.toml and makefile files12:23
diverseand let the builder decide what to do12:23
diverseplus I don't feel too comfortable of having to rely on a central repo for all my crate dependency pulling needs. Sure it's convenient, but what if the server goes down and I can't access the registry? Having prebuilt libraries already installed on my system is more manageable for me.12:29
hhhhhhhhi agree with your concerns12:31
hhhhhhhhi actually greatly dislike cargo12:31
hhhhhhhhand it's put me off using rust since now its the only way to use any rust libs12:31
hhhhhhhhbut even then finding a set of libraries that are all updated to work with any particular rust nightly is a total crapshoot12:32
hhhhhhhhbut i expect nothing less than ridiculous overengineering from a browser vendor12:33
hhhhhhhhso the fact its come to this isnt a surprise12:33
hhhhhhhhmight as well just distribute tar-rs with your project and provide makefiles12:34
*** xeirrr has quit IRC12:34
tilmanhhhhhhhh: maybe we can blame ycats?12:34
hhhhhhhhof course assuming that tar-rs doesn't have 400 dependencies itself12:34
diversewycats he means12:34
hhhhhhhhwycats? :d12:35
tilmanwycats, yes12:35
hhhhhhhhgoogle is pointing me at ruby creator12:35
diversehe is the original cargo created and also made the ruby package manager12:35
*** xeirrr has joined #crux12:35
diverseyeah it's this guy:
diversesigh yeah I had a bad feeling about cargo too, what I have been doing up to now is treating it like make while building packages12:38
diversebut realizing like how it has to rely on is a bit of turn off, I thought it would be more flexible than that12:38
diverseand the separation of core crates like getopts into their own repos to be used with cargo too, I thought was pretty bad12:41
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*** xeirrr has joined #crux12:42
hhhhhhhhcargo's standard build process is pretty funny12:48
hhhhhhhhyou download the cargo source12:48
hhhhhhhhthen its makefile downloads a full prebuilt cargo binary (50mb)12:48
hhhhhhhhwhich it uses to run "git clone" and "rustc" a few times12:49
_root_does anyone use wps office products. kingsoft office suite? if yes; tell me to port it.12:49
diversehhhhhhhh: wow...12:50
xeirrr_root_: NEVER USE IT!12:50
_root_xeirrr: :/12:51
diversewhy not use libreoffice12:51
xeirrr_root_: That is commericial software with many useless ads added. totally nonsense.12:52
_root_diverse: wps comes with better interface and it is lighter. more feature thn libre though12:52
xeirrr_root_: The best one libreoffice is always there :)12:52
_root_xeirrr: how so? Ididn't see any ad when i used it12:53
joacimtilman: then the french guy has an amazing german accent12:55
xeirrr_root_: When I was in college, irrc it's my junior year, I started to know it. After I installed it on fedora 17. After I opened it for the first time, it let me login with my acoount, and pops out a lot of ads... A horrible office suite.12:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: vim: prevent parallel make jobs for the install target12:59
xeirrr_root_: If you want to build it, you can take this archlinux PKGBUILD for a consideration:
tilmanjoacim: i'm confused. his accents doesnt sound german *at all* to me13:09
tilmanjoacim: german accent is what (most of the) questions from the audience have :D13:10
joacimmaybe the tone of his voice confused me =)13:12
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jaegerprologic: I don't know of something pre-packaged but at my previous job we had a host that accepted SSH connections from any of our hardware at remote sites and users just typed 'support' on the command line of the server they bought. It would connect back to us and create a reverse SSH tunnel so we could SSH into their machine without knowing its IP, etc.14:13
jaeger_root_: it seemed likely at the time that your system WAS at fault because you were the only user reporting the issue. Once it was narrowed down it became clear that wasn't the case. Until that time, though, we had to make some guesses. Nobody knows everything.14:15
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux14:18
EmoSpiceGood morning :)14:19
jaegerincidentally we might have found that earlier if you'd pasted prt-get.conf earlier14:19
jaegerEmoSpice: morning14:19
prologicjaeger, oh that's really cool14:19
prologicjaeger, is this available for install anywhere?14:19
jaegerprologic: when we sold someone a server we configured an SSH key on it before shipping it to them. Then they could hit our support host at ""14:20
jaegerprologic: I don't work there anymore, don't have access to any of that stuff... but it wouldn't be hard to implement something like that14:20
prologicrats :)14:20
prologicnot quite what I had in mind14:20
jaegeryou have a host whose IP or fqdn you know to be the server. you set up an SSH key on the client and a script that logs into that support host14:21
jaegerwell, just an idea. There are probably many ways14:21
jaegeranother option would be a script that sets up a shared tmux session14:21
prologicahh yeap14:22
jaegerout of curiosity, based on what you described earlier, what's not quite what you had in mind about that reverse SSH setup?14:27
jaegerit seems like that would do the job perfectly14:27
EmoSpicejaeger: "Shared tmux session" sounds like wemux14:27
EmoSpiceOkay. My VPS is running prosody, now I just need to master contact list management via weechat/bitlbee >_>14:36
_root_EmoSpice :) got better?14:36
EmoSpiceWhat got better?14:37
_root_EmoSpice; maybe I am wrong. but that was you who got sick yesterday. ;\14:37
EmoSpiceThe last thing I said yesterday was that I was going to be bottling my beer, so I believe you are mistaken :)14:38
EmoSpice(and I'm feeling just fine, thanks for asking!)14:38
jaegerthat was leo-unglaub, I believe14:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: updated to 10.3.614:46
jaegerdiverse: for comparison, - two half-mini-pcie cards next to a GTX 76014:46
joacimwhy doesn't anyone make a heatsink where the fan is attached to the end of the card14:53
joacimblowing towards the io ports14:54
joaciman 80 or 92mm fan or something14:54
joacimI think that would be great for SLI/Crossfire setups14:54
jaegerthe reference style blower coolers do that14:55
joacimtwo cards could share the same fan too then14:55
joacimnot the way that I propose14:55
jaegerthey're just not nearly as good at cooling as the custom style14:55
jaegerthere are situations where they're preferred, SLI/crossfire is a good example14:55
joacimI've seen bitcoin miners do something like that. attach a couple of fans to the ends of their cards14:55
jaegerfor most single-GPU setups in normal cases, the custom coolers work better14:55
jaeger <-- that's the reference style blower14:56
joacimI'm not describing a blower type cooler14:56
jaegerwell, you're describing the same airflow, right?14:56
jaegerparallel with the card?14:56
jaegermaybe I misunderstand14:57
jaegeryou say attach to the end of the card, which I took to mean that the airflow is along the length of the card rather than down onto its surface14:58
joacimI'm making a drawing15:00
jaegerairflow direction to the left?15:00
jaegerok, so it would do the same thing as the blower coolers but likely more efficiently15:01
joacimthat's the idea15:01
jaegerdesign one and get rich selling it to high end gamers :)15:03
joacimwould think a single fan would be quieter than having two fans run faster than they usually would in a single card setup due to lack of airflow15:04
joacimi should =)15:04
jaegerI really like the latest generation of custom coolers because they don't even spin the fans below a certain threshold :)15:09
jaegereven overclocked my GTX 970 doesn't spin its fans in some games15:09
joacima uefi/bios upgrade made my system noisy :/15:11
joacimthe pwm control doesn't let my fans go as low as they used to15:11
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC15:41
diversejaeger: gotcha, thanks15:53
teK_jaeger: 35% ~= 1540RPM und my GTX 970 with Linux while browsing/rdesktoping15:54
diverseI think it's pretty cool that your itx board support one of those cards along with a single x16 slot15:54
teK_on the otherhand.. the MSI model was sold out so my dad picked Gigabyte:|15:54
diverseteK_: don't like Gigabyte?15:56
teK_didn't like their Mainboards, huge fan of MSI ;)15:57
joacimI tend to avoid cards based on how they're styled =)15:58
joacimXFX and EVGA make good looking ones. gainward too.15:58
diverseI like MSI's gpu coolers (not the aesthetics though)15:59
teK_the card was a gift so I am happy either way ;)16:00
teK_and I, finally, can run my screen at ultra HD resolution -> win win16:00
joacimi got my msi gtx660 50% less than it would've been new. don't like the way it looks, but it works =)16:00
teK_yet GTK menu fonts are HUGE, I did not figure that one out, yet16:00
teK_   3840x2160     60.00*+16:01
teK_for sure16:01
diverseso that's 4K16:01
teK_had to increase font sizeshere and there *g*16:01
teK_it is16:01
joacimI wouldn't mind a 24-27" monitor with that pixelcount16:01
teK_the monitor was a gift, too *g*16:01
teK_you see, I am surrounded by nice people16:01
joacimmind sharing? =)16:02
teK_my dad and my fiance? Not in a million years, sorry :>16:02
joacimfree love and all that16:03
teK_your late about 45 years ;)16:04
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jaegerMSI and Asus are winning the "best GPU cooler" contest at the moment, with gigabyte close and EVGA at the back16:20
jaegerwith that said they're all close together in performance, mostly sound that differs16:21
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_root_grub2 commands are the unique feature of grub2 that automated most of the settings. does grub2 and grub2-efi come with those commands. like grub2-install --target=x86_64-efi17:15
*** titanmech has joined #crux17:21
diverse_root_: yes, read the fine crux handbook or read the grub2 archwiki article17:30
*** titanmech has left #crux ()17:38
jaeger_root_: yes. yesterday I suggested "grub-install /boot/efi; grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg"18:04
jaegerI will probably update the UEFI wiki page to reflect that at some point soon18:05
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