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koridiverse: should I make a rust port that updates with rustup?05:40
diverseif you want to05:43
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_root_HAPPY NEW YEAR05:54
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.3.5 -> 10.3.608:49
pitillohappy new year guys09:06
tilmanhappy new year :)09:07
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diversehappy new year11:08
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dxlr8rhappy new crux year. may the year be Windows and systemd-free and be full of qualitytime with the Crux :)12:04
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_root_dxlr8r: Cheers mate; Best wishes13:14
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diversejaeger: btw, when do you plan on releasing that nvidia-short port?19:29
jaegerprobably today. was just updating xbmc19:31
diversethe steam box?19:31
jaegerthe port19:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gl-select: added check for nvidia-sl20:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia-sl: initial import, version 343.3620:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated description20:14
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-sl-32: initial import, version 343.3620:18
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated description20:18
teK_switching. thx, jaeger.20:19
diversehave a convenience port is great20:20
teK_maybe we can convince you to switch to -sl only one day, so we'll have only port for clarity and less work for you :)20:23
jaegerIf nvidia can keep it stable, sure20:26
jaegerRight now it's working well but they haven't always done so :)20:26
diverseis maintaining 2 types of a port, a burden for you jaeger?20:27
teK_it's certainly not in O(1) :)20:27
jaegerit's not a big deal. I have the hardware and the ports are not very different20:28
diversehow's your programming btw?20:31
jaegerIt's ok for a non-programmer :)20:31
diverseyou're a programmer whenever you like it or not. ;)20:36
jaegerwell, not a professional one20:36
diverseI'm not professional either, I do it for fun.20:37
jaegerfair enough20:37
leo-unglaubgood evening :)20:51
leo-unglaubi know i am a little bit late, but happy 2015 to all of you :)20:51
diversehappy new years to you as well20:51
jaegerand to you20:56
jaegerI finally fixed up my bluetooth config so that it starts automatically and I don't have to re-pair my DS3 controller20:56
diverseso was it bluez related?20:57
jaegeryeah, I just hadn't made a bluetoothd init script or trusted the controller in bluetoothctl20:58
jaegernow it's all happy, connects when I turn it on20:58
diversecan you configure it to turn on the system with the push of the ps button?21:00
jaegerI doubt it but maybe someone has done that21:00
jaegerI can already turn on my system just by hitting my space bar once21:00
diversethat's cool ;)21:00
diverseI wonder if I can set that up on my main system?21:01
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mechaniputerI've just sent an email to register my ports!21:06
diversemechaniputer: were you the one with the rawgit urls?21:07
mechaniputerI just sent it 5 minutes ago.21:08
diverseokay that must of been someone else I was thinking21:08
diverseAs long as your ports are viewable, it's all good21:09
mechaniputerHere's where they are. Feedback is appreciated.
diverselooks fine to me, as long as the crux developers can see the port directories21:11
teK_mechaniputer: which address did you send the mail to?21:19
mechaniputercontrib-admin at crux dot nu, the one that the "register" page on the website says to use.21:21
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xproto: updated to 7.0.2721:26
teK_mechaniputer: mind forwarding the message to I  will review your request21:27
jaeger_root_: everything working today?21:42
_root_jaeger: Yes.21:43
jaegerglad to hear it :)21:45
diverse_root_: it all worked out?21:46
leo-unglaubi am getting mad ... i ordered my pizza 2 hours ago ...21:51
leo-unglaubstill not here21:51
teK_you are able to eat again? I have not yet recovered :>21:51
tilmanleo-unglaub: don't they say austrians are slow? :D21:52
_root_diverse: what did work out ?21:52
leo-unglaubyesss ... since i have a girlfriend i can eat and eat and still don't gain wait *g*21:52
diverseyour crux system21:52
teK_leo-unglaub: hehe21:52
leo-unglaubtilman: slow is an understatement ...21:53
leo-unglaub2 hours for a pizza ...21:53
leo-unglaubi could go to italy, marry a girl, have a child, train it as a pizza chef and have him make my pizza and it would still be faster than the current delivery service21:53
tilmanhaha :D21:54
teK_considered switching? In my town, I can chose between two or so21:54
teK_that should be better in Vienna21:54
leo-unglaubyes, i would have ordered somewhere else, but i already payed online this time :/21:55
leo-unglauband there is not money back button in that web interface21:55
tilmancall them and yell at them? ;>21:56
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leo-unglaubi tryed .. but the person on the phone did not speak english or german ..21:58
leo-unglaubi tryed something from a jacky chan movie ... but i think i just insulted his mother ..21:58
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leo-unglaubdid anyone watch the 31c3 talks this year?22:02
tilmanyeah, i watched some22:03
leo-unglaubi was really disapointed with the FNORD News show this year22:03
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leo-unglaubfefe and frank looked soo tired and like they just wanted to finish it22:03
jaegerNot I22:03
tilman"crypto tales from the trench" was funny22:03
teK_but the NSA in AT  Talk was as funny as expected :p22:04
leo-unglaubi thought the TTIP thing was awesome ...22:04
teK_crazy austrians22:04
leo-unglaubyeah, that guy is awesome *g*22:04
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leo-unglaubnever heared of using arrow keys to navigate thru pictures, but fucking the NSA with all those cool pictures *g*22:04
tilmani felt bad for the teufelsberg guy when he was harassed by the audience22:05
teK_absolutely unnecessary22:05
leo-unglaubyes and no ... i mean he is NSA ...22:05
teK_he had the guts to step up22:05
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teK_he made some valid points for doing what he did22:06
tilmanalso, the final questioner sounded way high22:06
leo-unglaubteK_: i thought it was a little bit to much propaganda for the NSA22:06
leo-unglaublook at us, we are the good guys22:06
leo-unglaubbut he left out one thing22:06
leo-unglaubYES the NSA spying help to keep the could war cold and not let it get hot ... but the US was one of the two agressors ... so if they would have not started the could war in the first place, they would not have to spy22:07
teK_I only saw the last third of the  talk22:07
leo-unglauband that made his entire talk obsolete22:07
teK_that's true22:07
leo-unglaubto me his talk was just a huge: look, we are also just humans ..22:08
teK_they are22:08
teK_that's no excuse but (one) reason22:08
leo-unglaubbut i am glad he had the balls to do the talk22:09
leo-unglaubeven if i dont like him22:09
leo-unglaubi am glad to hear his point of view22:09
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leo-unglaubi was also very disapointed by the keynote this yeag22:09
leo-unglaubi dont know that alec empire guy, but i did not get his music references at all22:10
teK_I stopped watching these some years ago22:10
leo-unglaubjust because he makes music on an atari having him speak at the CCC was kind of strange22:10
leo-unglaubi wanted to see glenn greenwald there22:10
teK_hehe yeah22:10
teK_or Rusbridger22:11
leo-unglauboh yeah!22:11
teK_or Edward Snowden in persona :-)22:11
leo-unglaubhehe, that would be awesome22:11
leo-unglaubbut i have one better person for the next keynote!!!!22:11
teK_Sascha Lobo D: D: D:22:12
leo-unglaubKeith Alexander !!!!!22:12
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tilmani was surprised they got RMS this year22:13
teK_ok leo-unglaub22:13
teK_I have to watch Footcheese-Richard's talk22:13
leo-unglaubteK_: have you seen the talks from Keith Alexaner at the Black Hat in the US?22:14
leo-unglaubhe always does a NSA is awesome show and all the people in the room clap like crazy because they all want a job there?22:15
leo-unglaubi picture him at the CCC ... expecting people to clap22:15
leo-unglauband they just buuuuh him the entire time *g*22:15
teK_of  course he does. He would not have worked for them otherwhise22:15
leo-unglaubwhat talk did rms do?22:17
leo-unglaubi missed that22:17
teK_I have a highlights video of that talk22:19
teK_as usual!!22:21
leo-unglaubyou should watch the XEROX printer talk22:23
leo-unglaubthat was awesome!!!22:23
leo-unglaubbest talk of the year22:23
tilmanscada strangelove was somewhat interesting. i might not have understood it fully though ;)22:25
tilmani have a feeling i might have missed a couple of jokes lost at the language barrier22:26
leo-unglaubdont start with the language barrier22:26
leo-unglaubevery Q&A when gernans ask into the mic ... it sounds so embarrising ...22:26
leo-unglaubspecially after the NSA guy22:26
teK_germony cannot into english22:27
leo-unglaubi did sooo much "fremdschämen" like i did while watching stromberg22:27
tilmani feel the same :)22:27
joacimoh god i hate german tourists22:31
joacimthey stop me in the middle of the fuckign street asking stuff about the nearest landmark22:32
leo-unglaubhahaha, yes ... that sounds like us ...22:32
tilmanhow dare they!22:32
leo-unglauband putting down towels ...22:32
leo-unglaubthat will be our german legacy *g*22:32
joacimthey never know english22:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: grub2: added font path to 00_header, fixes FS#106822:32
joacimand i don't know german well enough for conversation22:32
joacimand they keep trying to speak in german even after i respond in english22:33
leo-unglaubjoacim: we germans do that because we suck at english ... french people do that because they are arrogant *g*22:35
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joacimask africa for help22:52
joacimthey sent radiators to norway, maybe they'll send english teachers to you22:52
joacimI had an amazing african english teacher when i was a kid.22:53
leo-unglaubwhere are you from?22:53
joacimTrondheim, Norway22:53
leo-unglaubi love norway and sweden !!!22:54
leo-unglaublol? is that for real?22:57
joacimprobably not =)22:58
leo-unglaubif you give me your adress i can send you my old hair dryer ... that could keep you warm as well *g*22:59
joacimI'm not in need. I live just above the boiler room of my building23:01
leo-unglaubhaha, awesome23:01
leo-unglaubi just googled trondheim ... that looks amazing there23:01
leo-unglaubif you have gigabit internet there i would move in a secound to trondheim23:03
joacimfinding a decent isp is hard23:04
leo-unglaubhmm, thats bad :(23:05
joacimif you rent, you're stuck with whatever the landlord chose for you (they usually up the rent and let you use their wifi)23:05
joacimif you buy, you should buy a house so you're not stuck with whatever the cooperative chose for everyone.23:06
leo-unglaubhmm, sad. if you find something with a good ISP let me know, i have to get out of vienna here ... i am getting crazy in this shit down23:06
leo-unglaubtown ^23:06
joacimI hear lyse and altibox are decent (fibre), but they don't offer their services everywhere23:06
korihappy new year, #crux23:08
joacimI think I would choose a smaller city to live in. it seems to me like it is much easier to get fibre to your home there23:08
joacimhappy new year =)23:08
leo-unglaubi see23:08
leo-unglaubhappy new year kori23:09
mechaniputerTWC is the only isp where I live. Tiny town in NY state near the Canadian border.23:09
leo-unglaubmechaniputer: no google fiber available?23:10
mechaniputerlol, nope.23:10
joacimmine's GET. I'll switch away from them as soon as possible. horrible service.23:10
leo-unglaubmechaniputer: well, then you should move *g*23:11
leo-unglaubi hear bluffdale has some very fast internet connections *g*23:11
mechaniputerIf only I could. I'm a student there.23:12
koriI live in brazil, here we have this nice ISP called GVT23:13
koriit's pretty good23:13
leo-unglaubkori: where in brazil?23:13
korileo-unglaub: mid-west23:14
leo-unglaubclose to rio?23:14
koricentral west is the correct name apparently23:14
koriI wouldn't say so23:14
koririo is in the southeast23:15
leo-unglaubso there is no soccer building close to you? ;)23:15
koriI'm not sure, I'm not really interested in soccer23:15
leo-unglaubkori: i am just asking because my brothers girlfriend is from rio23:17
leo-unglaubso thats the only city i know *g*23:17
korimost people only know rio or são paulo23:17
teK_mechaniputer: you are not using rusts/rust.install, is that correct?23:18
joacimI only knew about rio23:19
leo-unglaubjoacim: hehe, there was even an CSI episode playing in Rio *g* everybody knows it since then :)23:20
mechaniputerteK_ Correct.23:20
joacimCSI Rio? I only watched the first couple of seasons of the main show23:20
joacimand maybe half a season of miami23:21
leo-unglaubjoacim: no, CSI Miami, in one episode they hunt someone in Rio ...23:21
joacimthey should make CSI Rio23:21
leo-unglaubbut you are right, the main show in Vegas wsa the best!!23:21
joacimI'm more of a macgyver type of guy23:22
leo-unglaubhehe, i cannot watch that show ... i love Stargate and for me he is always Jack O'Neill23:22
teK_mechaniputer: I will add your repo but recommend to clean up files/Pkgfiles23:22
teK_He's MacGyver.23:22
teK_and nobody else!!!23:23
joacimyou should watch macgyver so you can understand the macgyver references in sg123:23
joacimwhats the name of that western show he did?23:23
leo-unglaubi watched some episodes ... but he is Jack O'Neill23:23
jaegerI think they made a macgyver reference in the very first episode of SG123:23
jaegerif I remember right23:23
jaegerGot started early :)23:23
mechaniputerteK_, thanks. I'll do some cleanup.23:24
leo-unglaubi am off for today23:38
leo-unglaubhave to get up early23:38
joacimthey're relocating rural sweden?23:51
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