IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-01-03

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Romsterexcept prt-get sorts ports dependencies before sysup03:00
Romsterwhat it doesn't do is inject new dependencies03:01
Romsterin such cases its better to just use prt-get update -fr `revdep`03:01
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rmullI have a gigantic pile of disks on a gentoo fileserver - two md raid arrays that are joined with lvm. If I remove gentoo and install crux on this machine, is it probable that the md arrays and the lvm volume will remain intact as if nothing happened?04:53
rmullThe arrays and everything are pretty old, from the 2.6 days04:53
Romsterit is lvm2? and what mdadm metadata version?04:57
Romsteri have multiple mdadm arrays in the same VG on lvm2 here.04:58
Romsterrmull, ^04:58
rmullYes, lvm2. Not sure the md version05:00
rmullI'm sure it'll "just work," I'll tackle it sometime soon05:00
rmullthanks Romster05:01
Romstermdadm -D /dev/mdx05:02
Romsteror --detail05:02
Romsterif its superblock 0.9 1.1 or 1.2 your good.05:03
Romsterjust save the contents of /etc/lvm/ just in case and mdadm.conf05:05
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jaegerrmull: yes, it should theoretically work. Haven't tried that myself, though05:35
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Romsterproviding its at the versions i mentioned it'll assemble and activate.05:56
Romsterjaeger, hmm i've been meaning to have lvm2 cryptosetup and mdadm on the crux iso too.05:56
Romsterso one can assemble unlock and activate to get to files needed for a setup or root on lvm/luks/mdadm05:57
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Romsterprologic, what causes this
Romsterhappend after i did a kernel update 3.17.3 -> 3.17.7 and i used make silentoldconfig08:13
Romsterthat's what i'm getting08:27
Romsteronly added to the check script 7 days ago08:28
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prologicRomster, new kernel option dependency?09:34
prologicmust be for upcoming new release?09:34
prologicRomster, weird I don't get that here09:35
prologicare you running a newer Docker to me?09:35
Romstersomething with new docker and libcontainer09:36
Romsterno same as in contrib.09:37
Romsteri had to enable that MQUEUE09:37
prologicyeah that's why it's curious09:37
Romsternow it works09:37
prologicI don't get that issue here09:37
Romsteryou probably have it on already09:37
prologiclemme see if I have MQUEUE enabled by coincidence09:37
Romsteri didn't09:37
prologic$ zgrep MQUEUE /proc/config.gz09:37
prologic# CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE is not set09:37
prologic$ dki crux crux09:38
prologicCRUX version 3.109:38
Romsterwell you seen my gist09:38
prologicworks fine here09:38
prologicI know :)09:38
Romsterdocker version 1.4.0 ?09:38
prologicit's not that I don't believe you09:38
prologicit's just that I don't believe you :)09:38
prologicahh no09:38
prologic1.3.2 here09:38
Romsteri'm totlly sysuped btw09:38
Romsterthere you go it's needed on 1.4.009:38
prologicI haven't upgraded my local docker yet09:38
prologicthanks for the heads up :)09:39
Romsterno problem09:39
prologicbeen without internet for 3 days09:39
prologicchurning to internode09:39
prologicnot quite there yet but soon hopefully09:39
prologicwill hopefully have a /29 IPv4 and /56 IPv6 for home09:39
Romsteruped my base size and learned because a iamge is snapped shotted off the base image if you want that image bigger they all need to be removed off that. and downloaded again on new snapshots.09:40
Romsterblowing away all of docker containers is just stupid.09:40
Romsterjsut to increase that limit as i read on a blog09:41
Romsterreally that many ipv4 at home?09:41
Romsterjsut go with ipv6?09:41
Romsterso your hosting at home on adsl2+ or something09:42
Romsteri need some docker CI magic so i can build crux ports.09:43
Romsteri never worked on such a beast.09:43
prologicthat's what I'm being given :)09:51
prologicthe smallest block they can give me really09:51
prologicI plan to for some things09:51
prologicmostly for the family, etc09:51
prologicyeah I'm a little behind on some of my proejcts :)09:52
prologicbeen busy building cgod :)09:52
Romsterpointless side project i thought you were working on docker circuits web thing...09:53
Romsteryou trying to revive gropher even more.09:54
prologicpointless? hmm09:57
prologicI hardly think so :)09:57
prologicI find it useful in many ways really09:57
prologicbut yeah still working on docker, circuits, autodock and others :)09:57
prologicyou know how OSS goes :)09:57
Romsteryes all too well09:59
Romstereh gropher feels like bbs10:00
Romsternext you'll want a dial in bbs10:00
prologicI think bbs is different10:00
prologicbut many bbs's were implemented on top of Gopher I think10:00
prologicnot sure :)10:00
prologicin any case10:01
prologicI'm finding Gopher convenient10:01
prologicI don't have to mess around with a stupid annoying UI10:01
prologicUI(s) are tedious at best to get right10:01
Romsteri wouldn't mind setting up a mesh network but not much point when people around me have nfi10:01
Romsterso dillo/lynx isn't much use?10:02
prologicsure they are10:02
prologicin fact I find elinks quite a useful browser10:02
prologicI don't like lynx much myself10:02
prologicbit clunky10:02
prologicinstall Overbite for FF and check out my Gopherspace :)10:03
Romsterhad already10:03
Romsternow if only hexchat knew how to link gopher://10:04
prologicjust as an example; one thing that's really nice and handy (sure I wrote scrapers that do the trick) is that I can view xkcd comics and read the little blurb without the annoyance of having to do the whole dance; "Click xkcd entry in RSS; Change URL to; Click image; Read blurb"10:05
prologicbecause normally the blurb is a tooltip which I can't view because of my zooming into the screen, etc so I only see/read a small portion of the blurb and it cuts off and if you move it goes away (nature of tooltips)10:05
Romsterah yeah tooltips suck on zooming in10:06
prologicyeap sure do10:06
Romsterso do most GUIs like say on fontsize10:06
prologicthat's just one example of the convenience I'm talking about10:06
prologicbut also the fact that I can present resources adn content without worring about annoying CSS/HTML/JS and rendering issues (not to mention browser incompatibilities) is wonderful :)10:07
Romster haha sites down i'll keep refreshing and dos it some more in the process10:08
Romsterok so it might be good for craping data and for nearly blind people10:09
Romsteronly if sites were made in such a way as meada type worked10:09
prologicwell see now here's the thing10:09
prologicIHMO the Web is broken :)10:10
Romsteryes you keep saying that10:10
prologicYes I'm a Web Developer :)10:10
prologicIt was originally designed to share resources10:10
prologicbut it got a bit abused over the years :)10:10
prologicand quickly commercialized10:10
prologicbut what ya gonna do :)10:10
prologicyou should see the new umart website10:10
Romsterimprove on the technology10:10
prologicit's awful10:10
prologicit doesn't even work10:10
prologicthe technology was fine10:11
prologicit's the people that's the problem :)10:11
prologici.e: standard JS implementation10:11
prologicstandard rendering standards10:11
teK_folks.. :p10:11
prologicblah balhblah10:11
prologichi teK_ :)10:11
Romsteroh its doing DOM stuff in javascript eh?10:11
Romsterhey tek10:11
prologicanyway look at IRC10:12
prologicit's older then Gopher and still going strong10:12
prologicso *meh*10:12
Romsteryeah but IRC is simple10:12
prologicand every tom dick and harry tried to bastardize it10:12
prologicMSN *couch*, ICQ, etc10:12
Romsterits even used on web based chats10:12
prologicand now most seem to use some kind of XMPP10:13
prologicit's the simplest things that last :)10:13
prologicwe have to do *so much* to make "websites" performant these aysd10:13
prologicwhat with CDN(s), uglifying JS/CSS10:13
prologiccompression, caching10:13
Romsterthe only thing broken on the web is the programmers that do brain dead stupid stuff. the tools are fine.10:13
prologicetc etc10:13
prologicand it keeps getting worse10:14
Romsterhow can you stuff up irc?10:14
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prologicwell :)10:14
prologicyou can't change people10:14
prologicoh MSN tried :)10:14
prologicMSN was an extension to IRC10:14
Romsterso restrict what they can do... ie gropher10:14
prologicat least the underyling protocol behind it was10:14
prologicsee IHMO Gopher is all about resources10:14
prologicnothing more nothing less10:14
prologicit has the simplest UI/presentation10:15
prologicthat is consistent across all Gopherspaces10:15
prologicno matter where you go10:15
prologicit's awesome :)10:15
Romsteronly reason MSN got shut down was they got skype10:15
Romsterso a gropher crux port browser is next <<10:16
prologicwell I ported gopher10:16
prologicthe original UWN client10:17
prologicbut I didn't really like it :)10:17
prologicbut lynx and elinks are there already10:17
prologiclynx supports it without recompiling10:17
prologicso does curl10:17
prologicelinks just needs --enable-gopher10:17
prologictilman, no:)10:17
prologicfar from it :)10:17
tilman(i hate web 2.x shit as well)10:17
prologicbackend web developer having revenge :)10:17
prologicthere's a reason I stick to "backend" :)10:17
tilmani was made to write an "app" with flask last year10:18
prologicof any kind10:18
prologicoh lovely10:18
tilmankinda liked that lib10:18
prologichow'd that experience go?10:18
tilmanpretty well10:18
prologicnot that Flask isn't all that bad btw10:18
tilmanthe sql code i wrote for that sucks ass though10:18
prologicahh yes10:18
prologicbane of my existence10:19
prologicnormally I just use files10:19
prologicdatabases are typically overkill10:19
prologicRomster, you'll like cgod btw10:19
prologicif you run up your own Gopherspace10:19
prologicit has a very nice CGi scripting engine10:19
prologicyou can write CGI(s) in any lang you want10:19
prologicbut that's not the nice part10:20
Romstercan't i do that now on apache and anything else.10:20
prologicthe nice part is the interface to the session manager for storing persistent data10:20
tilmanlol, curl supports gopher by default10:20
tilmanwhat the shit10:20
prologice.g: gopher://
prologictilman, yeap :)10:20
prologicalways has10:20
tilmanshouldn't gopher:// work?10:21
tilman'0' is a gopherspace?10:21
teK_you are seriously sick.10:21
prologicthe selector (client-side) is normally <itemtype>/<path>10:21
prologic0 for text10:21
prologicitem types10:21
tilmanso, i have a question10:21
prologicteK_, :)10:22
tilmanare you still using SMTP?10:22
tilmanor did you switch to UUCP too?10:22
prologicteK_, I am sick10:22
prologicwith the cold/flu :(10:22
teK_s/still/yet/, tilman10:22
teK_prologic: get better soon :-)10:22
prologictilman, I still use Google Apps :)10:22
prologictrying :(10:22
tilman-Fair question :) Here's why I'm using Gopher in 2014.10:22
teK_stop gophering all day!10:22
tilman+Fair question :) Here's why I'm using Gopher in 2015.10:22
prologicgot some drugs that'll help hopefully10:22
tilmanthere, have a patch for README.md10:22
prologictilman, lol10:22
tilmanhappy new year :D10:22
Romster that suits prologic10:24
Romsterdamn time wasting xkcd10:25
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Romsterprologic, how on earth do you bind mount a host directory inside a docker container?12:23
Romsterall the examples on the net use -v /usr/foo:/usr/foo but -v is for version12:24
Romsteri realize its not portable doing this but for my own use12:24
prologicdocker run -v hostpath:containerpath ...12:28
Romster-v=[]: Create a bind mount with: [host-dir]:[container-dir]:[rw|ro].12:31
prologicthat's the one12:31
Romsterisee that but -v is --version12:31
Romsterdocker start -i -v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache 94a49153176c12:31
Romsterflag provided but not defined: -v12:31
prologicnot for the run command12:31
prologicyou cannot do it via start12:31
prologicafter the fact12:31
prologicdocker run -v12:31
Romsteroh flags are specific to each command12:32
prologicsub-commands ftw12:32
Romsterno wonder i'm going crazy12:32
prologicyup :)12:32
Romsterwhos crazy idea was that12:32
prologicpretty normal actually12:32
prologici.e: git :)12:32
prologicthink about it12:32
Romsterand ok how do i start an existing image with that mount12:33
prologicyou mean an existing stpped container?12:33
prologicyou can't afaik because you can't "bind mount" after the fact12:33
prologicyou'll have to create a new container I think12:33
Romsternever really noticed it iwth git... probably because i'm familiar with git.12:33
Romsterthis shits me12:34
prologicwhat would you loose?12:34
Romsterfirst container size... now this12:34
prologicdocker commit :)12:34
prologiccommit your container as an image12:34
prologicand re-run it new12:34
Romsternot really done with it to commit but ok i'll try that.12:34
prologicdoesn't matter12:35
Romsterdoes not help no man page so browse the net12:36
Romsterfatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home)12:39
RomsterStopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).12:39
Romsteroh right so i have to then set that up first...12:39
Romstersimple god damn task...12:40
prologicdocker commit12:40
prologicnot git commit12:40
prologicread the docs :)12:40
Romsteroh for fucks sake12:43
Romsterwhat am i doing12:43
Romsteri meant to type docker but i thought of commit as git sigh12:44
Romsterdid it without even thinking12:44
prologicmore coffee :)12:45
Romstersometimes i think i should quit computers, at my rate.12:45
Romsterdocker commit 94a49153176c crux-with-incomplete-build12:47
Romsterok so it's not in docker ps --all12:47
Romsteras a named commit. nor is it's hash12:47
Romsterok so it's a docker images12:48
Romsterdocker run -i -t -v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache crux-with-incomplete-build12:49
Romsterand success12:49
Romsterthanks prologic12:49
prologicbut it's now commited as a new image12:53
prologicdocker images | grep e77aa24be505f99a4372d565bef7583d116be2dfe71ce2ff0a2dad95a942e65512:53
prologicyou should now be able to12:53
prologicdocker run -v ... e77aa24be505f99a4372d565bef7583d116be2dfe71ce2ff0a2dad95a942e655 <command>12:53
prologicyou wokred it out :)12:53
prologiccool :)12:53
prologicRomster, also NB: You *are* kind of using Docker for use-cases it was not really intended for -- i.e: you are breaking some of it's boundaries :) (but I don't see this as a bad thing if some of your use-cases help to shape Docker)12:54
prologicso get involved :)12:54
Romsteryeah i confused myself then i was like git commit without even looking or thinking12:55
Romsterbecause i type that a million times.12:55
prologicit's like a saw; if you try to hammer nails with it it won't work too well :)12:55
Romsteri'm always pushing the limits of everything i use. so it seems. i have unusual use cases.12:55
Romsterthe mount is my personal use.12:56
Romsteri share ccache over all my chroots and now docker for my build system.12:56
Romsteranything portable i wont do outside binds.12:57
prologicahh i see12:58
Romsterthis is semi automated CI atm13:00
Romsteri'm using features i'm not aware of well.13:00
Romsteri have read about portability and the design goals of docker.13:00
prologicyeah I expect your CI image won't run here :)13:03
Romsterit would except that mount13:03
Romster-j20 distcc ccache docker13:09
teK_with what factor does -j20 speed up the build?13:10
Romsterit's hard to quote.13:10
Romstereach build is different from each project. and having ccache on does skew that.13:11
Romsterit's considerably faster though13:11
Romsteri'd have to get real numbers though without ccache running.13:11
teK_just estimate :)13:11
Romsteri could do that if you like.13:11
Romsterprobably at least half the time.13:11
Romsterllvm i can build in 20 minutes iirc13:12
Romsteri'll get some real tests and pastebin13:12
teK_I think I can do that on my i7, too. Wait a minute ;)13:12
teK_just out of curioisity don't waste time for me :)13:13
Romsteryou wanna know between my desktop -j4 or -j1 ?13:13
teK_< =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.1-1.pkg.tar.gz'.13:14
Romstermaybe i'll do 3 tests -j1 and -j4 on my desktop only then -j20 over distcc13:14
Romsterok -j20 then...13:14
teK_if you like13:14
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz'13:15
Romsterxz takes a bit longer to compress so we'll see13:15
Romsteroh fuck i need to restart i got ccache going...13:16
prologicI would say -j20 has no more effect than -j913:16
prologicif you have an 8 core CPU13:16
Romsterah i'll let this finish first.13:16
Romsteri got 4 core 2 duos and 3 quad cores prologic13:16
prologicoh are you doing distcc?13:16
prologicdistributed compiling?13:17
prologicmakes perfect sense now :)13:17
Romstersee my screenshot13:17
prologicmany CPU(s) in total across the cluster?13:17
prologictotally makes sense :)13:17
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.13:17
Romsterbut that's with ccache also on...13:17
Romster#export CCACHE_PREFIX="distcc"13:18
prologicman if you can find me some cheapish 1RU (rack mountable) servers I'll throw a few in my rack :)13:18
Romster======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.213:18
Romsterreal test over distcc13:18
Romsternot everything speeds up but it helps on the big stuff.13:19
Romsterif oyu had a few i7s n distcc it would probably beat my entire setup13:19
prologicyou've learned an important theoretical thing about parallelism13:20
prologicI forget the law13:20
prologicbut basically if you distributed N tasks over M Nodes; it will take as long as the longest task to complete13:21
Romsternewtons law?13:21
prologicso no; for small jobs it doesn't help :)13:21
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.13:21
Romsterdone teK_ how is yours?13:21
prologicparallel computing theory13:21
Romsterit only works as good as how many parrreral make jobs it can run and not wait on a job to finish on a slow node.13:22
Romsterthat could hold up the entire compilation13:22
Romster[11:15:01] <Romster> =======> Building llvm ccache13:23
Romster[11:17:47] <Romster> =======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.13:23
Romsterso supper fast on ccache13:23
Romster[11:18:34] <Romster> ======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2 distcc -j2013:23
Romster[11:21:20] <Romster> =======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.13:23
Romster3 minutes something llvm13:24
Romsterok way faster than i was thinking.13:24
Romsterhave to say though llvm can do saturate my entire distcc cluster. not all ports do.13:24
teK_still building13:24
teK_3.4.1, though ;)13:25
Romsterwhy so old <<13:25
teK_because this machine still is on 3.013:26
teK_I was not lying when I said I'd be super busy 'til May13:26
Romsterprologic, i was aware of the usefulness of how much faster it can go.13:27
Romsterthere are so many factors involved.13:27
Romsteroverall it's still pretty damn fast.13:27
teK_the -j20 build did not use ccache, right?13:27
Romsterfirst one did second one not.13:27
Romstersee up ^13:28
teK_sudo prt-get update -fr llvm  5304.31s user 114.48s system 610% cpu 14:47.11 total13:28
teK_but this is whith the installation/extraction13:28
teK_14.5 minutes I'd say :)13:28
Romster2 mins 46 seconds ccache and 3 minues 14 seconds with straight -j20 distcc13:29
teK_i7-2600K, tmpfs and -j713:29
Romsterthis is also with slower xz compression.13:29
Romsterso i spent several more seconds compressing than gz13:29
teK_I read that Romster. but the second entry did not exclude ccache and you could have overlooked..13:29
Romsteroh and i didn't use tmpfs in this docker image.13:29
Romsteroh hang on....13:30
Romsteri might be wrong...13:30
Romsteri commented out export CCACHE_DIR="/var/cache/ccache" but that wont work when i got CC and CXX set to ccache... sorry.13:31
Romsterlets do that again.13:31
Romstersdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/work/llvm/src -xf /var/ports/distfiles/llvm-3.4.2.src.13:32
Romsterah hard to get the first line13:32
Romster proof it uses all my cores13:35
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/llvm#3.4.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.13:38
Romsterand done13:38
Romsterok so 6 minutes and 21 seconds approx13:38
Romsterstill going tek13:44
teK_6 minutes for -j20, no ccache, tmpfs13:44
Romsteri need todo a -j4 on my pc only without distcc too.13:44
Romster6 minutes for -j20, no ccache no tmpfs13:44
Romsterstorage in docker is on a real LV on mdadm raid113:45
Romsteri should setup tmpfs next13:45
Romsteri oly just got ccache bind mount to my system working earlier.13:45
Romsterin docker that is.13:46
Romsterprologic, this is why i want CI13:47
Romsteri have a kick ass build system13:47
prologicfind me heaps of spare time13:49
prologicor better yet win me the lotto :013:49
Romsterdon't we all13:50
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RomsterteK_, surely it's done already by now14:02
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teK_i did not re-run if you meant that. Still 14.5m14:05
EmoSpice_HomeGood morning all.14:06
RomsterteK_, oh right i missed that14:07
teK_hello EmoSpice_Home14:08
Romsterhi EmoSpice14:09
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diversehhhhhhhh: alright, you are finally here15:01
Romsteri haven't tried rust yet i been fixing docker and other stuff.15:01
hhhhhhhhdiverse: hi15:02
diversehhhhhhhh: could you fix up my makefile so that it compiles my libmeta, rust has been complaining about my Cmd<T> trait not detecting the type parameter when it should. Also I would like the makefile to also look for a prebuilt tar crate on the system instead of having source in my project (because shit changes a lot)15:04
diverseRomster: btw, I plan to build a 2nd i7 machine to run in parallel, so I will go up from -j8 to -j16 ;)15:16
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nwecan I someone see from which ports a package are installed from..17:57
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jaegernwe: the system doesn't track that currently... but it's usually from the repo "prt-get info package" returns18:43
nwejaeger: okey :) thanks for the answer18:46
nweIm playing around with nginx and image_filter :)18:46
nweand I was unsure if I used my port or the nginx port from contrib :)18:46
jaegerno builtin way to know for sure, unfortunately. If they're significantly different you can figure it out, I'm sure, but not from the ports/pkg system18:51
jaegerthat is something on my rewrite list :)18:51
nweoh :) I figure out that I using my ports on that system :)18:53
nweI have some other modules  builtin so :)18:53
nwehmm I wondering if I should try docker on my laptop..18:53
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] file: updated to 5.2220:36
frinnstthats pretty fucking funny20:45
frinnstim such a child20:48
frinnstdid I break the channel?21:20
*** EmoSpice_Home has joined #crux21:21
dxlr8rgcc compile fails with this message:21:21
dxlr8r /usr/ports/core/gcc/work/src/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/32/libstdc++-v3/include/ext/enc_filebu21:23
frinnstuse a pastebin21:23
dxlr8rf.h:63:1: fatal error: can't write PCH file: No space left on device21:23, etc21:23
dxlr8rit was only two lines, but yeah21:23
dxlr8rI could21:23
frinnstI was expecting more :)21:23
frinnstNo space left on device <- pretty telling21:23
dxlr8rit says "no space left"21:23
dxlr8ryeah, but I have "plenty"21:23
dxlr8rover 3GB21:23
dxlr8rdoes it use that much?21:23
frinnstyeah, thats not "plenty"21:23
frinnstprobably, yes21:24
dxlr8rhehe :P I think so :P only for simple terminal usage21:24
dxlr8rwell, guess I have to shut down and dedicate more space21:24
dxlr8rFilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on21:24
dxlr8r /dev/root       7.1G  3.3G  3.4G  50% /21:24
frinnstyeah but the source is pretty big and all the built objects does use a lot of space21:24
frinnstfirefox requires more than 8gb to build for reference21:25
dxlr8rI have tons of space on an external though (writethrough in virtualbox)21:25
dxlr8rhave no X stuff. disabled that entirely21:26
dxlr8rI could just temporary create a symlink to an external disk so i compiles21:26
dxlr8rthen I don't need to shut it down21:26
frinnstyeah. Its the downside of running a source-based distribution. building stuff does take resources21:26
frinnstyou could specify the build-dir in pkgmk.conf21:27
dxlr8ryeah, so I noticed. I always thought it would be enough since I would only use it for simple server usage21:27
frinnstI have a 32gb usb stick attached to my raspberry pi for building stuff :)21:29
frinnstIts a bit overkill, but yeah21:29
dxlr8rI have several TB attached to it, but not the root volume. the root volume is an image stored in ntfs on my windowns machine21:30
dxlr8rbut the disks are passthrough21:30
dxlr8rso very little overhead if any :) they are fast!21:31
frinnstcan you resize or hotadd disks in virtualbox?21:31
dxlr8ryeah, but then I would have to shut it down etc.21:31
dxlr8r# PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="$PWD"21:32
dxlr8rit says "pwd" but the config file is in /etc/21:32
frinnstdepending on the guest filesystem you could then resize it on the fly21:32
dxlr8rso why does it store it in /etc/ports ?21:32
*** EmoSpice_Home has quit IRC21:32
frinnstthe commented line is just an example. use /path/to/my/big/disk21:32
dxlr8rnah, easier to use on of the connected disks21:32
frinnstoh, source dir21:32
dxlr8rahhh, I thought it was the default21:33
dxlr8rand not an example21:33
frinnstthats what I use for example21:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libreoffice: 4.2.7 -> 4.2.821:33
dxlr8rI use ext4 on everything, so shouldn't be a problem21:34
dxlr8rwill think about it. expand root vs use my connected raid21:36
dxlr8rraid is probably just as fast. even though the root disk image is on my ssd21:36
dxlr8rbut some overhead since it's an image and not passthrough21:37
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JSchilli1is it dangerous to be prt-getting two packages at once?22:21
jaegerIt's usually fine to be building two and once but if the pkgadd calls run concurrently one will fail22:39
jaegeryou can just run it again22:39
rmullAs an embedded developer I'm always amazed when a single piece of software requires multiple gigabytes of space22:42
dxlr8ryeah, to me several GB is still a lot23:09
dxlr8rborn in the 80'ties :P23:10
dxlr8rI decided to move the work folder to another volume instead of increasing the space. didn't want to fiddle with expanding with ext4 and risking my data23:11
dxlr8rto much hassle to restore :)23:12
dxlr8rdon't want to dedicate to much space to root, I need that for my games :P23:12
dxlr8r(root is in SSD)23:12
*** lnds has quit IRC23:15
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