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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: kmod-32: fix gcc error -fdiagnostics-color=auto02:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.32 -> 1.7.3304:43
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nwegood morning08:37
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nwehow are you frinnst ?10:03
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nweh�rligt att h�ra :)10:47
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_root_after nvidia install; what packages would need to be rebuilt?11:26
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dxlr8rgcc won't compile:
dxlr8rif it helps, I am running crux through virtualbox13:25
dxlr8ri5 2500k13:25
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dxlr8rshould I  --disable-libquadmath13:27
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jaegerdxlr8r: does the config.log say anything more about the error? what are your cflags?14:40
dxlr8rhaven't changed the cflags, so default I would think14:46
jaegerrun pkgmk -kw and when the build fails, check the config.log in the work dir14:48
jaegeralso, is it standard crux 3.1 or i686?14:48
dxlr8rrunning now, might take some time :)14:49
jaegeryeah, seems like it was on one of the 32-bit parts when it failed14:49
dxlr8ras I said, I am running it on virtualbox on an i5 2500k14:51
jaegeryeah, saw that14:51
dxlr8rk :)14:52
jaegerhow many cores does the vm have?14:52
jaegera while, then :)14:52
dxlr8rhehe, yeah :)14:52
nwegood evening14:59
nwehow are you guys?15:00
jaegernot bad here, you?15:00
nwenice to hear :) it?s okey.. :)15:02
nwewhat are you doing jaeger ?15:11
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jaegermost recently breakfast, hehe15:18
jaegergonna try to get some work in on my pkg stuff while AGDQ is going15:19
nweoh :) hmm what is AGDQ ?15:21
jaegerstarts in an hour and a half ish15:30
nweoh I see...15:31
nwehmmm why does centos have package from stone age..15:32
jaegerbecause it isn't bleeding edge :)15:32
nwebut the newest nodejs I can found is 0.10.33...15:33
nweI need atleast 0.11.XX15:33
nwebrb time to fix something to eat..15:35
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dxlr8rmy config.log18:18
jaegerlooks like it's trying to find isl/version.h and failing18:21
dxlr8rI have done no modification to my system18:21
jaegerwhich I don't think it should be without cloog/isl enabled18:22
dxlr8rit is as vanilla as possible18:22
dxlr8rwhat can I do?18:22
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jaegerno idea there, normally it checks for ISL And moves on when it fails18:25
jaegerchecking for version 0.14 of ISL... no18:25
jaegerThe following languages will be built: c,c++,lto,objc18:25
dxlr8rit still complains about libquadmath18:27
leo-unglaubRomster: ping18:27
dxlr8ris it smart to disable that?18:27
dxlr8rI am a total gcc noob :P18:27
jaegerno idea, to be honest. I don't know what causes that... there's definitely something odd going on18:28
dxlr8rhmmm, I have compiled my own kernel18:29
dxlr8rmight be something turned off in kernel that gcc needs?18:29
dxlr8rdunno. the whole thing is a mess to me :P18:30
jaegertry plugging the error message into google, I guess, or maybe force disable isl/cloog18:30
dxlr8rduckduckgo it was the first thing I did18:30
dxlr8rbefore coming here :)18:31
jaegerah, ok18:31
dxlr8rwho is the gcc maintainer on crux?18:35
jaegerIt's in core so it doesn't have an individual maintainer18:36
jaegerwith that said, I ran another ISO bootstrap last night and had no issues with gcc. those lines I pasted above were from that log18:36
dxlr8rhmmm. could it be my kernel?18:38
jaegerI don't know how, though I suppose it's possible18:39
jaegeryou could try reinstalling gcc from the ISO and then build the updated version. or I can upload a build 4.8.4 package18:40
dxlr8rwould be nice with a binary :)18:40
dxlr8rthx. I'll try to build my own first, but will have that as a fallback18:42
dxlr8rwill try with vanilla crux 3.1 kernel. then with two cores18:44
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frinnstcrux has a vanilla kernel? :)20:26
diverseand a strawberry flavor ;)20:27
diversepick your favorite flavor of kernels20:29
diversewhenever you want the plain vanilla or the gentoo mint20:30
diverseor _root_'s pf chocolate20:32
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diversewooh \o/21:21
dxlr8rjaeger: it worked with the vanilla kernel... strange21:38
diversedxlr8r: which kernel variant did you use before?21:39
dxlr8ryes it has. atleast it has a vanilla linux version with a config21:39
dxlr8rmy own? :P21:39
diverseah nice21:39
dxlr8rspecialized for virtualization21:39
dxlr8rnever had any troubles with it21:39
dxlr8rwhat could possibly couse gcc not to compile with my kernel?21:46
dxlr8rI had troubles with compiled libquadmath21:46
dxlr8rand some isl stuff21:46
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diversedxlr8r: the errors didn't help?21:55
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