IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-01-05

Worksterdxlr8r, your not missing COMPAT 32 in your kernel config?00:04
Workstersince gcc is multilib00:04
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Worksterleo pinged me and said nothing so i have not much idea for what. other than perhaps the xfce4 ports i made.00:12
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dxlr8rI would think so. where in the menu is it located Workster ?00:22
JSchilli1is modinfo available on crux?00:38
teK_it's in core/kmod00:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: openldap: cleanup and bumped release00:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: krb5: updated to 1.1300:56
Workstershouldbe general settings but you can search menuconfig with /01:02
Worksterand look for COMPAT3201:02
Worksteror zgrep COMPAT32 /proc/.config.gz01:02
Worksterwithout that glibc-32 and gcc wont compile, nor will anything in compat-32 ports.01:03
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dxlr8rI have compiled glibc before. I don't have my kernel conf in proc :/01:45
dxlr8r[root@fileserver] /usr/src/linux-3.16.3 # grep "COMPAT32" .config01:45
dxlr8rresults in nothing01:45
Romstermight of been CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION01:47
Romsterthey must of renamed it01:47
jaegerIt's been that for a long time01:47
Romsterthought it was COMPAT3201:48
Romsterdo a favor and turn on /proc/config.gz support while your at it dxlr8r01:48
Romsterif you lose your .config it's easy to grab it off the system01:49
dxlr8ryeah, I did. will be included next time I compile a new kernel01:49
dxlr8r# CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION is not set01:49
dxlr8rso yeah :) I'll try to build a new kernel tomorrow and then try to build gcc with it01:54
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Romsterthat'll be your problem02:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: swig: updated to 3.0.303:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: krb5: delete cflags Os and cleaned up03:40
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prologicyay churn to internode is almost there04:49
prologicgot my native IPv6 subnet (/56)04:49
prologicjust waiting on my IPv4 subnet (/29) to come04:49
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mechaniputerWhy did about 200 ports just vanish from opt?06:07
diversemechaniputer: did it happen from doing a ports -u?06:08
diversehow strange06:09
mechaniputerThey are also gone on the website.06:09
diversethat must of been some serious port cleaning...06:09
mechaniputerAmong the missing are xterm, xpdf, screen, python...06:11
diverseI can understand maybe removing screen, but those other ports are a big deal06:12
mechaniputerHey, I still use screen! lol.06:13
diversemove to tmux already! jk ;)06:14
diversesomething is up, we'll find out eventually06:14
mechaniputerYeah. I won06:14
mechaniputer't stay up to see. It's late.06:14
diversewell, get your sleep and come back to read the log06:15
diversehey Romster, do you know what is going on with the ~200 port disappearance?06:17
alexmatdoe:s #crux06:17
alexmatdoes anyone have the pinentry pkg from opt, I foolishly did a ports -u before installing it06:18
alexmatjust tried adding gnupg to a fresh install and pinentry didn't get picked up by depinst06:21
alexmatwas really confused for a bit until I saw that pinentry didn't get installed06:22
alexmateveryone is asleep already :P06:25
diversealexmat: the port got removed from the ports -u (which is not your fault, it seems we got a random problem atm) and prt-get would ignore the dependency if it doesn't exist06:25
alexmatright, do you have the Pkgfile for pinentry handy that you can post?06:25
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alexmatIt would get it working for me without having to wait for opt to get fixed06:26
diversealexmat: here you go:
alexmatmy hero! thanks06:27
leo-unglaubgood morning :)06:29
alexmatoops, looks like I need the "pinentry" file too from the port06:29
alexmatdiverse: can you throw that one up as well? :)06:30
alexmatyay! =======> Installing '/home/pkgmk/pkg/pinentry#0.9.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.06:32
alexmatdiverse: thanks a bunch06:32
diverseno problem06:32
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diverseleo-unglaub: btw, if you haven't already, don't do a ports -u06:55
leo-unglaubdiverse: oh, thanks for the heads up06:56
leo-unglaubmsadly 2 minutes to late *g*06:56
leo-unglaubyes *g*06:56
diverseand you lost ~200 ports correct?06:57
leo-unglaubonly zsh, but i am not using that06:57
diverseonly zsh got removed?06:57
leo-unglaubdid you loose 200 ports???06:58
diverseno, mechaniputer did, read the logs06:58
diverseand alexmat lost a port for pinentry06:58
leo-unglaubports -u06:59
diverseleo-unglaub: you're running it again?07:01
leo-unglaubdiverse: yes07:01
leo-unglaubi backuped my /usr/ports and now i am trying07:01
leo-unglaublooks to me like the nightly cron job failed do to a full hard drive07:02
leo-unglauband now all Pkgfiles are missing07:02
diversethe ports -u just removed all of your ports?07:02
leo-unglaubit did not show the removal ... but the Pkgfiles are missing07:03
leo-unglaubnormally rsync shows you if it removes a file07:03
leo-unglaubbut no information here about the removal07:03
leo-unglaubalso, my .checkouts still contains the files ...07:03
leo-unglaubanyway, diverse thanks for the headsup :)07:04
diverseleo-unglaub: is it possible that the port servers are either being hacked or during our syncing we're being mitm'd?07:04
leo-unglaubpossible yes, but not very likley07:05
diverseI wonder what is going one then07:05
leo-unglauba hack normally would inject stuff into the pkgfiles, not just delete them07:05
leo-unglaubi guess the HDD is full :)07:06
leo-unglaubthe ports are generated from the git repository and maybe during the export the hdd reached 100%$07:06
leo-unglaubso it stopped at opt and now there are some files missing07:06
diversedo you have another storage drive you can test on?07:09
leo-unglaubthe strange thing is if you rsync the directory directly it works file07:09
Romsteropt has a sync issue from git to rsync.07:11
diverseleo-unglaub: what does `df -h` say on your terminal?07:12
leo-unglaubdiverse: not on my hdd, on the server hdd07:13
diverseleo-unglaub: well based on what Romster said, I don't think your hdd storage on whatever machine you are using to ports -u, is not full07:15
leo-unglaubdiverse: you propobly did not understand me, i never sayed that my local hdd is full07:16
leo-unglaubmy guess is that the git -> rsync export failed because the hdd on the server is full07:16
leo-unglaubbut thats just a guess since i have no access to the server07:16
diverseoh, the git server.07:17
Romsteri doubt its full07:17
diverseRomster: I'm glad you're around, I wasn't sure what is going on07:19
Romsterwasn't hard to fugure out07:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: elfutils: 0.159 -> 0.16107:22
Romsterports -u opt07:23
Romsterperhaps sepen did git push then commited and git pushed the second commit too fast killing the git checkout to directory that rsync reads from.07:24
Romsterhe was the last to push 4 commits07:24
diverseah, interesting07:25
Romsterwell last two say 3 hours each dunno how close together they were07:25
diverseso how did you restore the git checkout?07:26
diverseah a git push07:27
Romsterpushed another commit07:27
diversegotcha, and that overwrites the existing one07:27
Romstertriggering the post-receive hook again07:27
Romsterit probably checks out files after rm or something i dunno how its setup.07:28
Romsterprobable needs a pid file lock07:29
diverseis the checkout is the diff thing?07:30
Romsteror kill the process and start over if its still in in some stage07:30
Romsterno idea07:30
RomsterteK or the other server admins department07:31
diversethe more I learn about git, the better I am with github07:31
Romstereh its using your own home brewed git hook scripsthat arn't designed to have more than one instance running at the same time07:32
Romsterie pebkac07:32
Romsterthats what pid files are for07:33
Romsterif running don't run again or do something else.07:33
Romsteri'm only assuming that's what happened07:34
diverseit sounds reasonable to me07:34
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Romsterso basically a race condition07:35
Romsteri'm not much of a programmer but know some stuff. but its never enough or always correct07:36
Romsterhopefully tek or someone can harden the scripts07:37
diverseperhaps leo can assist with that07:37
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diverseleo-unglaub: it's safe to ports -u, now07:44
Romsterleo-unglaub, you wanted me the other day and never said what for.07:48
leo-unglaubRomster: ah yeah, last night *g*07:52
leo-unglaub-> query07:52
diverseI bet it's xfce related07:54
Romsterthats what i was thinking07:54
leo-unglaubdiverse: nope, Tor related ;)07:54
Romsterrethinking my it's silly to pull off http/ftp in the actual file. i should start databaseing the results of all the stuff then use the database in Pkgfile.in08:00
Romsterwhile it works it's not the best way08:01
nwegood morning09:13
Romsterhi nwe09:15
nwehow are you Romster ?09:22
Romsterbit tired after first day at work for 201509:28
nwehehe okey :) I just woke up :D09:30
Romsterso your about to head to work <<09:30
nwenope I start working again 7th january09:32
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nwebut I have just built a port for rsyslog..09:32
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nweso will playing around with rsyslog/logstash and kibana (just for fun)09:37
Romsterso no binary log format then :)09:37
Romsteri realyl ought to log my machines over my network so i have a common log location09:38
nwedo it :)09:42
frinnstnwe have you tried graylog2?10:13
frinnstrecently that is, they did a complete rewrite a while back10:13
nwefrinnst: oh, nope I haven't try that..10:16
nwewill take a look on it :)10:16
nrxtxfrinnst: is graylog2 still java based?10:26
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frinnstyes :(10:34
nrxtxthat always kills grsec features, because java makes use of execution in memory areas normally not used for executable code :/10:35
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frinnstyeah java is pretty fucked up11:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gnuplot: update to 5.0.011:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.0911:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] poppler: update to 0.30.011:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-glib: update to 0.30.011:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.30.011:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailx: update to 14.7.1111:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: msmtp: update to 1.6.111:23
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libxshmfence: update to 1.211:24
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leo-unglaubhey frinnst11:38
leo-unglaubstill indexing?11:38
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frinnstleo-unglaub: nah. aborted it last week. Gave it a chance to run for 2 weeks straight12:40
leo-unglaubeven with the patch?12:40
frinnstbut seems like the coding people lost the contract so i'll fuck it12:40
frinnstnever touching that crap again12:40
frinnstyeah even with the patch12:40
leo-unglaubyeah web deveopment sucks ...12:41
teK_stupid, lazy coding people :)12:41
leo-unglaubway to much hipsters in that area of work *g*12:41
frinnstyep. our "partner" just stopped responding to the customers mail12:41
frinnstthats a good way of doing business12:42
teK_before or after that12:42
frinnstboth :)12:43
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frinnstJust finished testing the webshop with hhvm and nginx instead of apache13:21
frinnstdamn its fast13:21
frinnstwell fast.. fastER13:21
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minimlGreetings. Is using cryptsetup still in development as the wiki says, or it's okay to use it now?14:46
teK_fukll disk encryption still is not supported out of the box, sorry14:47
teK_at least not officially and from our official ISO14:47
frinnstyou can blame tek for that btw14:49
minimlHas anyone successfully applied it though?14:49
teK_it worked, when I developed it,sure14:50
minimlI have my partitions crypted already. Looking to move from Arch to Crux14:50
miniml(because systemd annoys me)14:51
minimlwhich leads me to my next question - any plans to move to systemd in the future?14:51
teK_the initrd I provided should work, we  (now) even build statically linked cryptsetup binaries you can use14:52
teK_not if  we aren't forced to ;)14:52
khankuminiml: I use a luks encrypted root partition with crux and better-initramfs14:56
minimlkhanku: did you wget crypsetup, or you installed it from ports? I am asking because it's not (as mentioned above) packed in the installation CD.14:59
khankuminiml: I built if myself15:00
minimlok, thanks15:00
khankuit*, obviously15:01
khankubut I think you can download binaries15:01
khankuat any rate writting a Pkgfile should not be too hard15:01
minimlfair enough15:02
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nwegood evning17:22
nweminiml: I have my /home encrypted with lukes.. the guide on the wiki is good :)17:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: openssl: build with ecdh acceleration (FS#1096), use printf instead of echo in the mksslcert script17:34
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c0xUpdating file list from
c0xrsync: opendir "/crux-3.1/opt/a2ps" (in ports) failed: Permission denied (13)18:43
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c0xteK_, all OK18:51
teK_I have a very restrictive umask, that caused the problem18:52
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diversefrinnst: how fucked up is Java? :)21:11
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diversehhhhhhhh: I solved both of my problems22:01
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