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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-mixer: fixed deps (FS#1114)00:16
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korialright, so00:22
koriI've a small "team" of sorts and we have a CRUX repo00:22
prologicwhat's going on? :)00:27
koriwell the other users are still getting started but they learn fast ;)00:27
korialso testing of the git driver will be more extensive now as a result of this00:28
koriso that's fun00:28
rmullWhy shouldn't all the ports repos be distributed with git?00:37
korirmull: can you reword your question, I'm a tiny bit confused00:43
rmullright now ports -u does some httpup business or something. Why not a git pull?00:44
korirmull: there's no official git driver yet but I'm testing mine00:45
koriit's working nicely but it needs a lot more testing00:45
korijust to make sure there's no bugs00:45
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_root_I am getting two errors in Xorg.0.log.00:52
_root_modle ABI major version (20) doesn't match the server version 2100:52
rmull_root_: Rebuild your graphics driver (nvidia?)00:53
_root_and the field to load module evdev moduled requirment mistmatch)00:53
rmullmaybe rebuild evdev too00:54
rmullYou're going to have to rebuild something, the logs should make it pretty clear what component exactly00:54
_root_rmull: i just installed nvidia00:55
rmullThat's fine. Did you also update xorg?00:55
_root_I can startx to fluxbox but I don't have keyboard or mouse!00:55
rmullRebuild evdev00:55
rmullSpecifically xorg-xf86-input-evdev00:56
_root_I just did sysup. the starnge thing was by installing dbus and consolekit I get the error on polkit00:56
_root_it doesn't install becasue it needs systemd depe.00:56
_root_that is strange.00:56
_root_prt-get actually told me that00:57
rmullthat is possibly a separate issue.00:57
rmullsysup will not automatically rebuild your X components to prevent ABI mismath00:57
_root_rmull: any command to rebuild all xorg material or I should do it by hand?00:57
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_root_rmull: the last line is No input driver matching evdev00:58
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: elementary-xfce-icon-theme: updated to 0.400:59
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: [notify] thunar: updated to 1.6.400:59
rmullyou could do prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst | grep xorg)00:59
rmullBut I Wouldn't worry about rebuild everything, just the stuff it bitches about00:59
prologicrmull: there are rsync, hg, httpup and now git drivers for ports01:05
prologicbut afaik only rsync and httpup are provided by default01:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cairo-dock: initial import01:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libnotify: fixed build against gtk (thanks to Don Cupp)01:49
diverseoh yeah been wondering why libnotify needed gtk301:50
JSchilli1would the xorg-font-terminus package not installing the core x font be classified as a bug? it doesn't show up in xlsfonts01:52
JSchilli1seems like a little overzealous 'slimming' if it was intended01:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mailman: fixed collision with core/filesystem (FS#1047)02:02
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nwegood morning07:38
teK_systemd middleware I like that term07:38
teK_will use it from now07:38
nweis it only for me doesnt work...?07:43
frinnstseems slow atleast07:49
frinnstftp: connect to address Connection timed out07:49
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nilpMozilla seems to have changed where they host firefox's source code.07:56
frinnsthow so?07:57
nilpTry connecting to ftp.mozilla.org07:57
frinnstI did, started fetching without problems07:57 points to two ips.. perhaps they are doing some maintenance work on the one you hit?07:58
nilpCould be.
nilpSays that / - files are in /pub/mozilla.org07:59 now point to out CDN distribution network and no longer works for ftp trafic.08:00
nilpSorry got to go. I'll stay loged in so I can see.08:00
frinnstConnecting to (||:21... connected.08:07
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prologicsystemd middleware?08:46
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dxlr8rmore like malware if you ask me :P08:53
nilp frinnst: so it's just that ip?09:43
frinnstI'd guess. It works for me10:04
frinnstas usual10:04
nilpwhat ip does give you?10:04
frinnstI'll keep an eye out10:05
frinnst Connecting to (||:21... connected.10:05
frinnstthats what I connected to, and the url in opt/firefox worked10:05
frinnstlooked like usual when i loaded it in a browser too10:05
nilpwtf. I can get it manually from the ftp sites.10:10
nilpbut when downloading with pkgmk it freezes on PASV... then retries two more times.10:13
frinnstare you behind a firewall or something?10:19
nilpNah, though the country I'm in at the moment doesn't inspire confidence in it's openness so that could be it.10:20
frinnstare you looking for the firefox source? I can mirror it for you if thats the case10:28
frinnstshould be done in a minute or so10:30
nilpNah I found it on one of their http mirrors. I was just wondering if it was just me or something that needed to be fixed.10:33
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leo-unglaubhey :)11:27
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teK_00:38 < JSchilli1> what was the issue?11:31
teK_00:38 < teK_> startssl signed our certificate with an intermediate CA cert11:31
teK_00:38 < teK_> so you have something like this:11:31
teK_00:39 < teK_> Trusted CA X --> startssl "root" CA -->  [[MISSING LINK]] --> intermediate CA --> our certificate11:32
teK_jfyi, leo-unglaub11:32
teK_jaeger found it11:32
leo-unglaubteK_: did you not read my query last night?11:33
leo-unglaubi wrote you, that you have to send the intermediate ca yourself for some browsers11:33
leo-unglaubSSLCertificateChainFile /etc/ssl/certs/
leo-unglaubSSLCACertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/
leo-unglaubyou have to ship those as well11:34
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koriis down12:45
leo-unglaubkori: yep12:46
korialright thanks12:46
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jaegerJSchilli1: no idea why it doesn't show up in the output of xlsfonts but it still works, for what that's worth14:11
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teK_leo-unglaub: there was a netsplit, check zour logs15:01
leo-unglaubteK_: ah, me or you?15:02
leo-unglaubpidgin needs minutes to detect the netsplit ...15:02
leo-unglaubso i realize it always to late *g*15:02
teK_well, there15:02
teK_s no such thing as a one-way netsplit15:02
leo-unglaubi always thought netsplit was just on the connected server15:04
leo-unglauband not all servers together15:04
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teK_me [---->]server [<---] servera [<---] you15:05
teK_does not matter, one link breaks and both of us are off15:05
teK_anyway.. we fixed it15:05
leo-unglaubyou are on, i am on ... i thought netsplit is if one of the servers has a split, even if the other ones stay connected15:05
leo-unglaubbut maybe i am wrong, i am not an irc expert15:06
teK_doesnt matter in terms of message (non) arriaval15:06
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leo-unglaubhmm, you are right *g*15:08
leo-unglaubbut i am glad it works15:10
teK_still dont get why windows-FF does different chain checking..15:13
teK_I dont care either15:13
leo-unglaubonly a few ... my windows firefox works fine15:15
leo-unglaubi checked it while i was checking my world of warcraft account this morning *g*15:16
leo-unglaubmaybe some anti-virus scanner messed with the cert chain15:16
Feigrim_leo-unglaub: are you playing WoW now?15:16
leo-unglaubFeigrim_: not right now, i am working ... but i had some stuff to organize for the raid tomorrow :)15:17
Feigrim_what class are you playing? I play Holy Priest, gonna start mythic Highmaul tonight15:18
leo-unglaubFOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!!!15:21
leo-unglaubFeigrim_: what server are you on?15:24
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Feigrim_Bloodscalp EU15:36
FeigrimI play Horde, female undead15:36
jaegerI play a bit of both, fun to see both sides15:37
jaegerhaven't leveled the horde chars yet for WoD15:38
Feigrimi used my 90 boost on a Dwarf Rogue on Bronzebeard, because I have never really played Alliance and I thought it would be fun to get that perspective in WoD15:38
Feigrimhaven't started levelling it yet though15:38
leo-unglaubi am on Nethersturm EU and lvl 10015:48
frinnstIm level 11715:54
frinnstclash of clans, not wow though :p15:54
frinnstworse than heroin15:54
jaegerhaven't played that one15:54
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cavalcabarilihi, trying to install crux 2.8 (32bit). at reboot, I get kernel panic.16:17
cavalcabarilinot syncing: vfs: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)16:18
cavalcabarilipid: 1, comm: swapper/0 not tainted 3.5.4 #116:19
jaegercavalcabarili: 99% of the time this means you're missing kernel support for your disk controller or filesystem16:19
jaegerNo problem. Make sure you have them builtin <*> instead of module <M>16:21
jaegerIf you have trouble figuring out which ones you need, use 'lspci -k' and look at the "kernel driver in use" bit. You can usually search for that driver directly in menuconfig16:22
jaegeror ask here if you're not sure16:24
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JSchilli1jaeger: terminus does not work when i try to use it as "-*-terminus-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*" (non-xft) which is necessary in some applications17:35
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jaegerJSchilli1: ah, I'd guess if you need the old syntax you might have to add the terminus path to FontPath in your xorg.conf17:40
jaegerthe default FontPath won't contain it17:40
JSchilli1i'm not sure that the files for that exist, though, there are only pcf files installed17:42
JSchilli1or is it just syntax?17:42
tilman(compressed) pcf + fonts.dir should suffice17:42
tilmandid you try xlsfonts?17:43
tilmanonce xlsfonts shows terminus you can worry about the correct xft specifier in your app17:43
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JSchilli1xlsfonts doesn't show it, that was my initial report17:45
jaegerdoesn't for me, either, but I haven't tried specifying it in FontPath yet17:45
JSchilli1or, do you mean after i've added the fontpath?17:45
tilmanyou can use xset to modify the font path in a running server session btw17:45
jaegerI use it for my terminals, though17:45
jaegerah, nice17:45
JSchilli1i have to use xft to use it in my terminals17:46
tilmanif you want to avoid restarting the server until you get the path right17:46
jaegeryeah, that's the problem17:46
tilmanxft fonts should be faster to render these days than core fonts btw :>17:46
jaeger$ xset +fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/terminus17:46
jaeger$ xlsfonts | grep -i ter | wc -l17:46
JSchilli1tilman: oh, i was under the impression that that wasn't true17:46
JSchilli1still, i have a few apps that need it the old way17:47
jaegerJSchilli1: what terminal app are you using that doesn't support fontconfig?17:47
JSchilli1well dmenu2 is the app im particularly looking at that needs the old notation17:47
JSchilli1i can use xft in urxvt if i need to, right now i'm using xterm though because i haven't got around to configuring urxvt17:47
jaegerwell, try dmenu2 after running that xset command17:48
tilmanpretty sure there's an xft patch for dmenu *ducks*17:48
JSchilli1does that just create a fonts.dir file17:49
JSchilli1tilman: yeah i just looked at the github page for dmenu2, it has xft support, i guess i was writing it incorrectly17:49
tilmanit tells the server to look for fonts in that directory, too17:49
JSchilli1i'll try running it17:49
tilmanyou will need to have fonts.dir in there to make it work though17:49
JSchilli1fonts.dir already exists which is why i was asking17:49
jaegerwhich mkfontdir can create17:50
JSchilli1should xset +fp be run as root?17:50
JSchilli1oh, nevermind17:51
JSchilli1i got it, thank you17:51
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koriany core CRUX maintainers here?22:04
kori"here" as in not AFK22:05
koriwell that question was dumb because I can just ask the question I wanted to ask in the first place and wait for a response22:05
korihave you ever thought about using git for the ports instead of httpup?22:05
diversewell you could ping them, you know who they are22:10
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diverseand you know they use git for managing ports but not for pulling22:12
koridiverse: yeah using git for pulling is way faster22:12
koridiverse: have you seen ?22:13
koriwell I moved my CRUX repo to my gh org22:13
koriand I got more maintainers22:13
korimaintaining that repo is pretty fun22:14
diversewell I don't know about the developers but I know other crux users put their ports on github as well22:14
koridiverse: yeah but you usually set up httpup then22:15
koriwe're using the git driver22:15
kori from here22:15
diversehave you got the developers to formally look at it?22:16
korinot yet22:16
koriI've pinged jaeger and some others but they seem busy22:16
kori( ´_ゝ` )22:16
diversewell that's normal22:16
frinnstI think the best way to make us not forget about it is to open a ticket for it22:16
jaegerI've got no strong feelings about it myself. Out of curiosity why remove branch support?22:17
koriI guess22:17
korijaeger: less things to pull, less possible bugs22:17
koriand you'd probably create new repos anyways if you were doing stable/unstable branches22:17
jaegerwhy would you do that instead of branches?22:18
jaegernot picking a fight, I'm curious22:18
diversethat's what I thought too22:18
koriromster actually convinced me22:18
koriI agreed with him that it's easier to maintain another repo than do branches22:18
jaegerIf I were maintaining ports for 3.1 and 3.0, for example, I'd use branches of the same repo22:18
koriah yes sure22:18
koriif you do versioning then branches make sense22:18
diversewell you know what you have to do, create a ticket on flyspray22:21
koridiverse: I actually don't have an account22:22
korilet me create one22:22
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JSchilli1is it safe to copy /var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ to /etc/ i've copied all of the other rejected files just fine but this one seems a little dangerous23:17
jaegeryes, should be safe. Also, you can regenerate that file with ldconfig any time23:19
JSchilli1thank you23:19
JSchilli1and the localtime symlink i assume doesn't matter whether or not i copy it?23:20
jaeger /etc/rc will replace it at boot anyway23:22
jaegerwith the contents of $TIMEZONE from /etc/rc.conf23:22
jaegerwell, symlink to the file referenced by the contents23:22
JSchilli1okay, thanks again23:24
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