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rmullkori: +1 for switching from httpup to git from me :D00:55
rmullWe manage our ports with it already, it would be natural to use git to distribute them00:57
koriusing git is a really huge speed up00:59
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rmullI think funtoo uses git for their package management distribution01:05
korigentoo uses rsync01:07
diverseheh, it makes you appreciate how module we are?01:09
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diverseRomster: does PKGMK_ARCH matter for building ports?01:19
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diversekori: btw show alancio what do did with your ports, I'm sure he would be happy with all the fonts you are providing02:21
koriI think alancio saw my ports02:21
korialancio: did you?02:21
korialancio: well here they are
diverseI can't believe how easy things are clicking with me in Rust02:26
alancioit looks good02:27
alanciomy only recommendation is to be more tidy with your git commits02:28
alancioI mean, don't just write "Here we go again" as your commit message02:28
alancioand make one commit per port if possible02:29
korialancio: that's the initial commit after a repo reset02:29
alanciowell if you will be the only one reading that, I guess it doesn't matter02:29
korieh, if you look at the commit log it makes sense02:30
koriI'm not working alone in this repo02:30
korithere's 3 more people contributing02:30
diversealancio: he is part of an organization02:30
alancioI see02:31
alancioI will give some of those fonts a try02:32
diversekori: what I could suggest is at the end of the message add "for $port" to make it easily to label which ports are being affected like you did with "Fix manpage installation for dmenu2"02:32
koridiverse: aye I'm starting to do that02:32
koriit wouldn't usually matter because if you use the web interface you can see what is being affected02:33
koribut then, not everyone uses the web interface :P02:33
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diverseyou be surprised at how many people OCD on commits02:33
alancioin the official repos we have a style for comments:02:33
alancioportname: Description of change02:33
alancioand only one port updated per commit02:33
alanciomakes it simple02:34
koriwell, the thing is, the other three contributors are new to CRUX but I'm going to talk to them02:34
korito set a standard02:34
diversekori: do what alan said02:34
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alancioI see some ports get the latest git release02:43
alanciofor example, xombrero02:43
koriyeah we're working on that02:43
alancioI suggest to retrieve a specific revision that you have tested, and knows it builds and works correctly02:44
diversealancio: that's not his style :P02:44
koriwe're trying to find an automatic way to do that02:44
korialso, another argument for using git: you can use git log and see exactly what changed, locally02:45
koriso that's fun02:45
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alanciofor font ports, check out the port-install scripts in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-font-*02:48
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korialancio: yeah I don't think that's needed02:49
kori/etc/rc.fix takes care of that for me at boot02:49
alancioit is only needed if you want to use the font without rebooting02:50
korialancio: I've actually never really had problems with using fonts after installing them without updating the font cache02:51
alancioby the way, if you want you can apply to be contrib maintainers02:54
koriI might do that later but I think the way I do things is still too experimental02:55
koriand my ports still have problems02:55
alanciothe first thing would be to submit your repository to
korialancio: it technically is there02:56
korionly I don't have a REPO file anymore so it doesn't sync anymore ;)02:57
koriI just realized I said anymore twice03:00
korioh well03:00
alancioit is grammatically valid ;)03:00
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rmullDoes anyone here know anything about cameras? You know how you can twist a ring on the lens to extend the lens and zoom? I'm curious about how that mechanism (twist collar, translate to lateral extension) works - what should I be googling for?03:26
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RobinStamerrmull: PM03:39
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jaegerrmull: maybe ?04:05
RobinStamer<ShaggyBuffalo_> It's a helical can.04:09
rmullRobinStamer: Thanks, I'll start there :D04:13
RobinStamer<ShaggyBuffalo_> There's two classes of manual focus rings. The Sole Focus ring and the later 1970's Combine focus/zoom.04:16
RobinStamer<ShaggyBuffalo_> The former being either no zoom, or a separate zoom ring. Later combine them into a push/pull to zoom and turn to focus.04:16
rmullI can see how turning the ring will extend the lens - it looks like if the lens was twisted, it would retract back into the camera?04:18
rmullassuming a stationary ring04:18
RobinStamerAsk in the other channel please04:25
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Romsterdiverse, it does for compat-32 and anyhitng with a .32bit file07:16
Romstercase in bash on pkgmk.conf07:17
Romsterkori, i prfer to do "portname: message..." see git for opt/core/contrib etc.07:19
Romster"here we go again" now i'm miming a Metallica song.07:25
Romsterdiverse, you don't need to export it. but have to read a .32bit file then it has to set them options for 32bit07:26
Romstercould be done another way in a conf file.07:26
nweGoooooooood morning!!07:31
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diverseRomster: so create a regular bool variable and detect if a .32bit file exists and if it does, set it to true?08:22
diversebtw, 1.0 alpha is coming out tomorrow08:23
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Romsterdiverse, pretty much and it just sets currently:09:22
Romsterexport CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -m32"09:22
Romsterexport CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS} -m32"09:22
Romsterexport LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -m32"09:22
Romsterexport PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig"09:22
diversehmm, how to do that?09:58
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frinnstthis thread is brilliant:
diversewhat is "AD"?10:05
FeigrimActive Directory10:05
frinnstldap bastardization10:05
diverseoh wow... because of that? That's messed up10:06
diverseso basically AD == the license10:07
diverse"You have to pay up to MS to use less features such as workgroup server mode. The problem went away after I did exactly that by paying full price of standard version on top of what I had already paid for Essentials."10:10
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diversemore like "You want a less crippled version? Pay more!"10:13
diverseof course, that's how microsoft does things, but this is more like consumering forces than being optional.10:16
diverse(that was an interesting swap typeo)10:16
diversefrinnst: anyway, do you have to deal with windows servers in your job?10:18
Feigrimhe does10:19
diverseI'll take the ellipsis remark as "not fun"10:23
diverseFeigrim: I thought you guys worked on Linux mainframes or something similiar?10:26
Feigrimit's mostly windows machines10:27
Feigrimesp for me10:27
diverseah D:10:27
frinnstmy brain is slowly decaying10:30
diverseI can empathize with you there. I've been without my machine for 2 weeks because of psu and had to live on windows the entire time...10:38
diverseI got so desparate I couldn't wait for the manufacturer to send me (yet) another replacement and got a psu from a local store10:40
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mheCan anyone tell me how prt-get install/sysup checks for dependencies? Is it just in the #depends line in the Pkgfiles? Or is it stored somewhere else?14:19
Romstermhe, just the "# Depends on:" line in Pkgfiles14:23
Romsterwhy do you ask? is there some issue or feature your working on?14:24
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Romsterdiverse, these exports get exported when PKGMK_ARCH=32 before you source /etc/pkgmk.conf14:26
diverseRomster: I see, well I'm going to have to assume .env("PKGMK_ARCH", bits) inserts the env var before spawning the command process, I hope...14:33
mhejust wanted to know, if for example I want to build my own ports with extra/less dependencies14:37
mhethanks, Romster14:37
diversealrighty got that implemented14:41
Romsterdiverse, cool and i have ot find time to test this in a docker container. since i got my docker stuff all fixed.14:42
Romstermhe, yeah just add/remove as needed14:43
Romsterclone the package add a new ports tree to the top of prt-get.conf14:44
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Remjeyhey guyz, I was wondering where did the "CRUX" name came from?14:54
jaegerThe guy who created it liked that name :)14:56
jaegerno deep reason for the choice14:57
Romsterpull a name out of a hat there we go.14:57
Romsterincidental it's also a star consolation14:57
Romsterbut that wasn't the reason for the name.14:58
jaegeramusing typo :D consolation vs. constellation14:58
jaegersounds like a consolation prize14:58
Romsterahh english and me don't get along well and it is my primary language...14:59
jaegerAU english is a tad different from others15:00
Romsterjaeger, also the other day about the many ports it's mostly audio/video stuff i deal with and data recovery. and a few games here and there15:00
jaegerslightly moreso than UK vs. US English15:00
Romsterit's almost like UK but i just stuffed up on the wrong word there ^15:01
jaegerI meant in general, not that specific15:02
Romsterright. i think it's more so our words are different and our slang as well.15:05
Romsterbut its not always like the stereo typical aussie stuff you hear on tv. we don't all speak like that.15:05
rmullhaha, "stuffed up" is another example15:07
Romsteryeah i use that one too.15:07
diverseRomster: here is what I done so far:
jaegerthere are little grammar things as well, like "should of" vs "should have"15:08
jaegernothing that's not understandable, though15:08
EmoSpicejaeger: which is more common in AU English?15:09
jaegerwell, I don't know too many Australians but all the ones I DO know use the former15:09
EmoSpice"Should of" is extremely common in US English, despite the fact that most people recognize that it's not "proper"15:09
Romsterdiverse, let mut env_arch = ("PKGMK_ARCH", "64"); <- might wanna put that as a define?15:09
jaegerI've never seen a US english speaker type it that way15:09
jaegerspeaking it that way is harder to identify, though15:09
EmoSpiceah - You meant in text.15:10
Romsterincase they wanna use it on sparc/arm or something15:10
Romsteror ppc even15:10
jaegerbecause the proper contraction SOUNDS like "should of" if said quickly15:10
Romsteri always use should of15:11
Romsterand americans are like that's wrong use should have or should've15:11
diverseRomster: it's embedded as .env(env_arch.0, env_arch.1) builder method for the Command spawn, it's added. Noticed what I added to my "build_process!()" macro15:12
EmoSpice"should of" isn't typed much in US english, but it's SAID a lot15:12
jaegerIt's incorrect in US English, not sure in AU English15:12
rmullwell... "should've" is probably what gets said, but it sounds identicaly to "should of" which would then get typed15:12
jaegerbut yes, it's SAID a LOT15:12
jaegerUnfortunately it leads to people learning it incorrectly because of the sound similarity15:13
Romstereh i think Australia bastardized some of the language15:13
diverseRomster: like I said either, I'm assuming it defines the env var before spawning15:13
jaegerEnglish is a terrible language :D15:13
Romsterthat only aussies understand.15:13
diverseEnglish does suck15:13
rmullkiel vi fartas miaj amikoj!15:13
Romsterdiverse, if not set it'll not matter if it's 64bit or something else it only needs to be set for 32 but use if .32bit file exists.15:14
EmoSpiceEnglish is just as good as any other non-generated language in many ways. Some of the spellings are horribly inconsistent, but it's universal use is partially (if not wholly) to blame there.15:14
diverseRomster: that's what this line does:
EmoSpice(and it's relatively long use across fractured parts of the globe)15:15
Romsterbut setting it to 64 also doesn't hurt or do anything. unless someone wants to add something to the 64 bit case in pkgmk.conf15:15
jaegerdiverse: if you didn't already find it for clarification, PKGMK_ARCH is set in pkgmk itself and defaults to 64 (in pkgmk.conf) unless set to 32 explicitly15:15
jaegerseen line 614 in pkgmk (in main())15:16
RomsterEmoSpice, but we have so many similer spelled words with totally different meaning. even worse same word spellings can have many different meanings in different contexts15:16
Romsterand it's not always consistant or common use and some assume it means one thing and other s assume differently.15:17
Romsterenglish is a mess15:17
diversejaeger: I have seen it, I'm just not sure how to make out bash code, so I'm asking Romster how it works casually15:17
Romsteri've practically hit the limits of bash use... and had to use python.15:18
Romsterbash is horrible for all but the most simple of tasks.15:18
jaegerthe logic is simplistic: unless the file ".32bit" exists in the port dir, set PKGMK_ARCH to "64"15:18
diversejaeger: I did that: look at line 816 in my github diff15:19
jaegerthen in pkgmk.conf, if PKGMK_ARCH is "32", set the proper *FLAGS and PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to find 32-bit stuff15:19
jaegerJust explaining the logic15:19
diverseright, if it's set to "32" I assume when sourcing /etc/pkgmk.conf, it will set the flags for me15:20
Romsterand i sugested to diverse that line 815 the 64 should be in a define incase one wants to edit it for sparc/ppc arm etc.15:21
Romsterplus easy to spot it15:21
diverseah, you want me to make it static15:21
Romsteryeah i think that would be nice.15:21
Romsteryou keep static/defines all in one area of a file right?15:22
Romsterso easy to spot and change behavior15:22
Romsterif one wants that.15:22
Romstermakes it easier for others to use it on other arch types easier.15:23
Romsterie portable15:23
jaegerthough ARM is the only active non-x86 arch I'm aware of currently15:26
Romsteryeah ppc is on a long term hiatus15:28
Romsterhmm crux on a raspberry pi, is that even feasible?15:29
jaegeryes, that's one of the supported devices15:29
Romsteran nice15:29
Romsterthinking of trying one out with my electronics experience and interface it to lights etc.15:30
Romsterand my own weather station15:30
diverseso happy with the added define?15:32
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diverseRomster: static ARCH_BITS: &'static str = "64";15:38
diverseso I have completed up to this point:;a=blob;;h=997453deb50f39ae87bed92b53fe8bef3efe682d;hb=HEAD#l64115:40
diverseso check_pkgfile() seems to check for $name, $version, $release, and if build() exists?15:41
diversejaeger, Romster: ^15:48
diverseI guess I could use my BufferedReader code I commented out earlier15:54
Romsteryou could also look over prtverify diverse15:58
Romsteron what checks it does.15:58
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dxlr8ractually, crux on ppc sounds nice16:02
dxlr8rI used to have Gentoo on a 233mhz iMac :P16:03
dxlr8rgot it work with mplayer and links -g in framebuffer16:03
dxlr8reven managed to get sound and a small video output of a movie to FB :P16:03
dxlr8rold yellow dog was actually kinda nice on it. but even linux has become more bloated. or, I don't know of it's the kernels fault, Linux as a kernel is probabaly still lightweight, but all the X stuffs don't run on that kinda HW anymore16:05
dxlr8ris 2.4 still maintained? that was a lightweight kernel :)16:05
dxlr8rremember old machines ran that instead of 2.6 back in the days16:05
nrxtxdxlr8r: it got more stuff yes, but with the right config you can still merge it down to some megabytes disk and ram even the 3.x series16:07
diverseRomster: what is $COLLECTIONS?16:08
dxlr8rback in the early 2000's I could compile my own ppc kernel, and same with i386, not so many options in the menuconfig16:09
dxlr8rnow there is simply to much I don't know what to turn on or off16:09
dxlr8rI would probably end up with an unbootable kernel if I where to try ppc again16:09
nrxtxthe menuconfig hides a lot these days, you can choose between normal and expert mode16:10
diversethat's interesting16:11
dxlr8rhave made my own crux kernel, but that on is based on another kernel I found and I made it with oldconfig16:11
dxlr8ra kernel for virtualbox16:11
dxlr8rwould be great to start with an empty config and to load some "sane" defaults when it comes to the cpu and motherboard support. and then turn on the extras yourself like filesystem, pci cards, etc.16:13
dxlr8rI looked at compiling a freebsd kernel some years ago, it looked "easier" and more streamlined16:14
dxlr8rcrux isn't in distrowatchs search for ppc distros16:18
jaegerIt's been inactive for a long time now16:19
dxlr8rit has crux 3 though, from 201316:19
Romsterdiverse, opt core contrib compat-32 port collections16:20
Romsterwhat ever collections you specify to check against.16:21
diverseah okay, I think prtverify functionality will go into my next project to handle stuff at the macro level16:23
Romsterwhat no 3.1 on distrowatch?16:23
koriRomster: CRUX is not listed under source-based also16:24
Romsterhmp how are we meant to advertise if it's not even there.16:26
dxlr8rcrux isn't based on source, it is based on awesomeness :P16:26
Romsterpeole ask me what i run.. and i say crux they say never heard of it.16:26
diverseI just say LFS16:26
RomsterLFS with a package manager and BSD style init scrips = crux16:27
Romsterthen they get it.16:27
diversebut they don't need to know that :P16:27
diverseit's just easier to make them think I'm more awesome than I appear, then to confuse them with more details.16:28
koriI've done some work on advertising16:28
korinot too much work though16:28
koriand it was unintentional16:28
leo-unglaubholy shit ....16:29
korijust finished this
Romsteri can't read german but that looks bad from what i can read.16:30
diverseleo-unglaub: what's going on?16:31
leo-unglaubRomster: bad is even an understatement ...16:31
nrxtxfor the non-german readers16:31
leo-unglaubdiverse: they just announced the next openssl release and they say that it contains some low bug fixes ...16:32
leo-unglaubbut then in the changelog they have those:
dxlr8rtime for libressl?16:32
Romsterits not a drop in replacement16:32
leo-unglaubyou basically can force a downgrade from ECDHE to ECDH16:33
leo-unglaubthat means that you loose forward secrecy16:33
Romsteralso libressl verisn 1.0 had a major bug on he random number generator16:33
Romsterwho knows what other bugs it has.16:33
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dxlr8rI use clear text passwords, so much more secure :P16:34
diverseyet another openssl scandal16:34
Romsteropenssl -_- what will we ever do.16:34
diverseleo-unglaub: didn't you say you were able to use libressl?16:34
leo-unglaubbut some servers are still debian16:35
leo-unglaubso it affects me16:36
Romstersupport for OpenSSL versions16:36
Romster1.0.0 and 0.9.8 will cease on 31st December 2015. No security updates for these16:36
Romsterreleases will be provided after that date. Users of these releases are advised16:36
Romsterto upgrade.16:36
Romsterthere there is that16:36
Romsterthen there is that16:36
leo-unglaubwhat pisses me of is that the bug in there is basically as bad as heartbleed ... but they clasified it as "low"16:36
Romsteryeah why is it low...16:37
Romsterseems high or critical to me.16:37
Romsterthink there trying ot avoid another heartbleed scare?16:37
diverseRomster: probably because they don't want to spark another riot like heartbleed and keep it low16:37
diversethey are too afraid to admit they are totally crap16:38
Romsterand the start of 2015 kicks off to heartbleed version 216:38
Romsteri know crypto stuff is more prone to these sorts of attacks but bloody hell16:39
diverseleo-unglaub: can crux migrate to libressl soon?16:41
Romsteri'm going back to bed see if i can sleep anymore so i'm not tired at work. 3:41am16:41
leo-unglaubdiverse: you can do that right now if you want16:41
leo-unglaubif you create an alias for openssl -> libressl16:42
leo-unglaubit works very nicely16:42
diverseso overlay the port but pull libressl source?16:42
leo-unglaubalso, i try to aviod openssl in my ports where ever i can16:42
leo-unglaubmy pidgin build uses mozillas NSS16:42
leo-unglaubmy curl uses polarssl16:43
leo-unglauband so on ..16:43
diverseI wonder if aria2 could use polarssl?16:43
leo-unglaubaccording to the docs ... no16:44
leo-unglaubdiverse: i wounder if it would be possible to use /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases to simply override openssl -> libressl16:46
diversedunno, haven't played around with that before16:47
diversesounds like a good idea though16:47
diversedo you have a url do your libressl port?16:48
diverse*to your16:48
leo-unglaubrsync -aqz libressl16:48
diverseI'm too tired to do anything atm (I think I stayed up for 24 hours?) but that's something to look forward to16:50
diversedo try I mean16:50
diverseleo-unglaub: hopefully you can get your company to convert those remaining debian servers to crux ;D16:53
leo-unglaubdiverse: i am working on it16:54
leo-unglaubi just delayed that until i have patched up all ports i need to run the servers16:54
leo-unglaubthat includes the openssh fixes16:54
diverseah right, disabling all that crude16:54
leo-unglaubfor example, yes16:54
leo-unglaubi have 20 servers here16:55
leo-unglaubi dont want to start migrating all of them until i am sure the config is secure16:55
diverseyou are pretty thorough about your work16:55
leo-unglaubwell, i am the head of IT, i would be in the wrong place if i didn't care about that *g*16:56
leo-unglaubi am sure you are carefull about your work as well16:58
leo-unglaubspecially the rust pkg rewrite :)16:58
leo-unglaubi am looking foreward to using that and hope you are carefull with it as well while writing it ;)16:58
leo-unglaubbtw, diverse if you try libressl. wget needs a patch:
leo-unglaubbecause they asume something is there, even it it's not16:59
diverseleo-unglaub: The whole motivation of me using rust is because of the security crap that happens like this. Unlike C and C++, Rust thoroughly checks my code for type and memory safety at compile-time. If I didn't fix those problems upfront, it would keep bitch slapping me until I fix my code. It's nice not having to worry about segfaults or memory leaks or buffer overflows, because then I can focus on my logic17:02
diversemore, as a systems programmer.17:02
diverseit will catch you when you least suspect it17:04
diverseand I don't have the years of experience of using C to be a Ninja-Master programmer either, Rust backs me up.17:06
diversebut that of course, you have to be willing to put up with a compiler telling you "No, you are thinking about the code wrong, fix it"17:11
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diverseand I know that can be a turn-off for a lot of people17:12
koriRomster: libressl has all the bugs OpenSSL has except for the ones the OpenBSD team fixed17:14
korialso known as: a LOT of bugs :P17:14
diverseleo-unglaub: so really I'm very interested in what goes on in security17:14
diverseand I want to be able to write clean and safe programs with ease17:19
leo-unglaubdiverse: i really have to give rust another try17:24
leo-unglaubi just cannot read that syntax *g*17:24
diverseleo-unglaub: right and Rust is also a FP language mostly, just dressed up to look like C.17:24
leo-unglaubhaving no () around the for and so on really is hard for me *g*17:25
leo-unglaubi am so used to () *g*17:25
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.1k17:25
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] curl: update to 7.40.017:25
leo-unglaubi know it sounds dumb, but after 10 years you are used to some types of code *g*17:26
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diverseleo-unglaub: well you technically put it there, but you are still required to use curly brackets even for one line statements17:26
leo-unglaubafter i finish the one huge project i am on currently i am going to do a week rust-development only17:28
diverseuhhhhhhh, just so you know, if you don't have any background from say Haskell or ML, it's going to be a bit of a learning curve to understand. It will just take you longer to learn though.17:29
leo-unglaubyeah, it's inspired by a different language family than C or php or perl17:31
diversebut once you grasp these foreign concepts, I'm very sure you will become a better C programmer afterwords. :)17:33
*** Remjey has left #crux ()17:35
diverseleo-unglaub: also fortunately for you, they are going to release 1.0 alpha tomorrow, so you don't have to play "catch-up" with rust master ;)17:35
diverseleo-unglaub: also, like every programming language except for C and C++, they use a language package manager tool, but you can use make for your projects and just build the libs manually with cargo in your pkgfiles17:41
diverseI think I warned you a fair amount as a C programmer17:43
*** joacim- has joined #crux17:44
z3braokay, tonight I fix my problem17:46
diversez3bra: ?17:46
z3braLANG=en_EN.UTF-8 man ls17:47
z3bragives me encoding problems17:47
z3brafor newlines, hyphens and such17:47
z3braLC_ALL=en_EN-UTF-8 sorry17:47
leo-unglaubz3bra: are you using the xfce4-terminal?17:47
z3brano, urxvt17:47
leo-unglaubis he using utf8?17:48
z3brathat's the point of it ^^17:48
diverseI should get off of lxterminal at some point, it renders some unicode fonts as question marks17:48
koriz3bra: shouldn't it be LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-817:49
z3brayeah my bad17:49
z3brathat's what I have anyway17:49
z3brausing LC_ALL=C fix it17:49
koriwhat's the output of `locale`?17:49
z3braen_US.UTF-8 everywhere17:49
koriI don't know then, i'm sorry17:50
z3braI only have utf8 problems in man(1)17:50
korieverything works fine here and I get the same output17:50
z3brahence my problem.17:52
z3brathis makes no sense17:52
z3braand its not related to my terminal anyway17:53
koridid you forget to localedef or something?17:53
nwez3bra: try export LANG="en_US.utf8"17:53
koriI can't think of anything that would cause that17:53
z3branwe, LANG is already set to this17:53
diverseI'm going to get some sleep. z3bra, I hope you fix your man page rendering problem.17:57
z3braeven man -E utf8 doesn't fix it17:58
nwewhat does locale -a give for output?17:59
z3branot much18:01
rmullI don't have LANG or LC_ALL set, and I can run man ls cleanly18:01
z3braunset LANG18:01
z3brathat fix it !18:01
nwegood :)18:02
z3branow where is exported $LANG18:02
z3braDo I still need to set $LOCALE in /etc/rc.conf ?18:04
tilman<     z3bra> LC_ALL=en_EN-UTF-8 sorry18:05
tilmanyou typo'd the dash in there, right?18:05
z3braI found the problem anyway18:06
z3brait's due to $LANG being set18:06
tilmanshould've read all of it first18:06
z3branevermind ;)18:06
z3braI didn't notice 3.1 didn't need the $LOCALE var in rc.conf18:06
rmullDoesn't seem to be present18:07
z3brayeah I noticed18:09
z3brastill not present in 3.018:10
z3branot sure why I had it18:10
*** joacim- has quit IRC18:17
tilmannice job on the timely openssl update18:42
leo-unglaubi am actually very glad that the libressl guys first cleaned up the build system18:57
leo-unglaublibressl builds twice as fast as openssl18:58
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC18:59
tilmanthe llvm-32 port is crap19:03
tilmanit downloads cfe (aka clang) only to remove it after unpacking it19:03
koriwho's the maintainer?19:04
tilmancompat-32 team19:04
jaegerthe llvm port originally built clang so the llvm-32 port did as well. It's been trimmed but not cleaned up, looks like19:20
jaegerI'll look into fixing that up19:21
tilmani'm only calling it crap because there's a chance that i did this myself =)19:21
tilmangot myself a "new" graphics card, but apparently my build of radeonsi is messed up. games just exit() eventually with an llvm error in the backtrace o_O19:25
tilmanlibGL: screen 0 does not appear to be DRI3 capable20:00
tilmanwonder if that's related20:00
jaegercould be20:03
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux20:24
*** rang-new has joined #crux20:29
*** rang-new has left #crux ()20:29
korijue: your elinks port lists openssl and zlib as dependencies and both are in core20:30
koriAH, now it makes sense20:33
koriI had to re-read that a couple times to understand it20:34
*** fnords has quit IRC20:37
*** fnords has joined #crux20:43
tilmanfor fucks sake20:50
tilmanof course $game is redirecting stderr so the error messages don't show20:50
tilmanfucking morons20:50
tilmanor maybe not20:50
tilmanbut probably still morons20:50
tilmanunity is putting its log in ~/.config20:52
*** kori has quit IRC20:56
*** kori has joined #crux20:57
*** lnds has quit IRC21:07
korishould I sign packages with my real name now?21:16
leo-unglaubwhy do you ask?21:20
tilmanjaeger: apparently i need to install llvm from svn/trunk. what the shit :x21:20
koriI revealed my real name a while ago and now I'm asking myself that21:20
leo-unglaubkori: i dont think there is a reason for that21:20
leo-unglaubas long as people sign your key and trust you21:21
leo-unglaubthat is as good as it gets :)21:21
koriI actually don't have a key yet21:21
leo-unglaubthen fire up gpg ;)21:21
tilmanwhat is this crazy talk about signed packages?21:21
jaegertilman: weird. very new drivers?21:22
tilmanjaeger: nope. "stable" afaict21:22
tilmanthat decision to use llvm as a backend ...21:22
koritilman: "sign" as in what I should put in the Maintainer and Packager fields21:23
tilmanleo-unglaub: is leo u. your real name?21:24
leo-unglaubtilman: no, i am batman ... leo unglaub is just a fake name for my employee21:24
tilmankori: if you'd like to put your ports into contrib eventually, then putting your real name is strongly suggested (if not mandatory). otherwise, do whatever ;)21:25
tilmanmy sarcasm detector failed21:25
leo-unglaubtilman: leo unglaub is my real name21:26
tilmani assumed it was a pseudonym cause it seems a bit funky :D21:26
leo-unglaubdid you call my name funky ? *g*21:26
tilmani said "seems"21:27
koriI broke convention to replace my alias with my real name for all my ports and I don't even feel bacd21:27
leo-unglaubkori: nice name *g*21:28
tilmanJSchilli1: kori has a port of dmenu2 that supports xft btw ;)21:29
tilmanteK_: so, what's the surprise?21:31
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:40
jaegerleo-unglaub: every time I see it I think "unglaublich", maybe that's why he thought it was funky :)21:40
tilmanme too21:40
leo-unglaubhehe, i know *g*21:40
leo-unglaubbut thats my name ... and hey ... if the name fits *g*21:40
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC21:55
JSchilli1tilman: i helped debug it! thanks though21:57
tilmanbuilding mesa-32 and llvm-32 is a pita22:06
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:06
tilmanholy crap.22:06
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux22:06
korileo-unglaub: thanks!22:34
leo-unglaubi am in a bad moode ... i am going to sleep ....22:34
leo-unglaubfucking day ...22:34
*** crash_ has quit IRC22:47
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:49
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux23:14
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux23:15
*** syncn has quit IRC23:38
teK_tilman:  must never no the secret surprise23:40
*** syncn has joined #crux23:40
korismall advertisement too

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