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diversez3bra: thanks for updating utox06:02
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Romsterjust got home i'm cooking dinner06:47
Romsterdifference between that and int?06:47
diverseint was a pointer to arch size, so on 32-bit operating systems it's i32, on 64-bit it's i64, "isize" is a bit more discriptive06:50
diverse{u,}int is fading out in favor of {u,i}size06:50
diverseRomster: also when you compile with alpha, a lot of "marked unstable" warning will flow out, that's normal.06:53
RobinStamerWhat header provides those?  I know stdint.h gives us stuff like uint64_t, nothing that gives i64 though.06:58
diverseI'm not using C06:59
diverseyou might want to check out my ;)07:00
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diverseRomster: so I made another macro for checking files and directories instead:
diverseand also lined up some code so it looked easier to read09:29
diverseRobinStamer: does C have error unwinding?09:35
Romsterdon't macros only make sense if it's used in more than one function?09:54
Romsterunless it's planned to be used also in a verity command.09:55
diverseit only makes sense to reduce code duplication, however I used it to avoid the value moving I had did before and I wanted it to return on error instead of panicking.09:57
Romsterkinda like a goto workaround09:58
diverseactually it was because I wrapped the variables in an array and iterated through them, their values became "moved" and therefore inaccessable in later usage. It was more of a for loop workaround.10:01
diverseit's how rust iterators work10:03
Romstersounds like a hack to get around a hack10:03
diverseno, just a hack ;)10:04
Romsterbut then i don't know a lot about rust10:04
diversealso what I did is, I check for all the files or directories first, if none were found, they they all get printed and the program exits10:08
diverseby "all" I mean the ones that were not found10:10
Romsterhope you also check permissions like have write access.10:10
diversejust their existance right now10:11
Romsternot fool proof.10:11
diversethat's another thing I got to figure out later10:11
Romstersomething i have learned never assume.10:11
Romsteralways comes back to bite ya in the arse.10:12
diverseit's still work-in-progress10:12
Romsterjust saying.10:12
Romsteri'm gonna try and do some to my version sort stuff and make it more usable.10:13
diverseI would also love to have some contributors who can figure out better ways to write stuff10:14
diverseI guess leo could be a candidate10:16
Romsterhhhhhhh ? seems to be smart in rust?10:17
diverseah, he is busy with his stuff unfortunately. So he is more of a local mentor10:19
diverseRomster: the more I thought about it, I realized I can use a generic function instead.10:46
diverseanyway need sleep, ttyl10:48
Romsterok g'night diverse10:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nano: install syntax files (FS#1115)18:00
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: automake: update to 1.1518:03
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diverseanybody got some vim themes they recommend?21:11
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jaegerzenburn is my preferred one. solarized and inkpot are nice, too22:13
tilmanfrinnst: those kernel hangs you raged about a while ago... those were not graphics related, were they?22:31
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jaegerdiverse: just played a bit of Xenoblade Chronicles on my steam box with dolphin and the PS3 controller, very happy with that setup23:24
diversevery cool23:38
diverseRomster: I removed the macro23:43

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