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Romsterprologic, i spotted this not sure if it's of use
prologicRomster, I use it every day :)03:24
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Romsterprologic, go figure i'm trying to find something to automate spawning many docker containers for build testing03:33
Romstercould use chef or jenkins...03:35
Romstersee drone.io03:36
Romsteri think i'll go with this method03:48
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prologicRomster, try dox06:51
Romsterdox looks promising08:06
tilmanwho do i talk to about xorg/mesa3d? who is xorg team? :p09:07
diversetilman: that was you, wasn't it? :P09:09
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tilmanfrinnst, jaeger, Romster, teK_: needs to be applied to xorg/mesa3d and compat32/mesa3d-32 so that our drirc file is actually found09:22
tilmanyou can verify with "strace -eopen glxinfo" for example09:22
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Romstertilman, was this on the mailinglist or commit log of mesa3d? goes to look09:23
tilmanRomster: i wrote this09:24
teK_this brain-dead /usr/etc/ shit again.. I'm not xorg team :)09:24
tilmancurrent mesa is installing a drirc file that fixes issues with Unigine products09:24
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tilmanon crux, these workarounds arent applied because we try to read the wrong file09:24
Romster+++ exited with 0 +++09:27
tilmanopen("/usr/etc/drirc", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 609:27
Romsterbecause i'm using nvidia09:27
tilmanthat's the important line duh ;)09:27
tilmanyeah well, if you're not using mesa...09:27
Romsterhmm why were we using /usr/etc/ anyways for mesa3d...09:28
teK_there's a wiki page on the rationale behind the split between /etc and /usr/etc09:28
teK_I tried to convince folks (jue) once :)09:28
Romsteri now core and daemons go in /etc09:28
teK_I put all configs to /etc09:29
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teK_no matter what.09:29
diversebeing global is your style huh?09:29
Romsterhard coded path though is dumb in soruce...09:29
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Romsterthat looks like the only braindead hard coded path09:34
Romsterhow the tables have turned.09:36
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diverseyeah that should be configureable at least in the configure file09:37
tilmanhere's an idea for prtverify:09:39
tilmanif port installs stuff to /usr/etc and has no reference to /usr/etc in build(), it's probably wrong09:40
Romsternot a bad assumption09:41
Romsterconsidering jue maintains prtveriy and wants to keep /usr/etc and /etc separate.09:42
tilmanthis is hard to get right wrt false positives of course ;)09:43
Romsteri dare say thats jues mess?09:48
Romsterjue is on vacation too. guess we run the forte now.09:49
RomsterteK_, i think we'll find more of this since systemd is all about removing /usr/etc ?09:50
Romsterwho notion of local remote and user all all ins bin sbin etc now...09:51
Romsterin sbin*09:51
Romsterof course i could just push it without compiling but i need to update anyways.09:57
tilmanwould be good if someone pushed it who can test it, yes09:57
tilmandon't take my word on it09:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: Fixes path issue with Unigine products /usr/etc/drirc, found by tilman09:58
Romsterlooks good to me.09:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: Fixes path issue with Unigine products /usr/etc/drirc, found by tilman10:03
diversein pkgmk on line 693, what is `build-needed`?10:18
diverseoh nevermind, it's a call to a function10:19
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diverseRomster: can you tell me what line 504 does?10:22
teK_Romster: possibly10:36
teK_(wrt the systemd-middleware)10:36
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asietime to update my repo11:56
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frinnstfun stuff18:33
teK_In my spare time? Not in a million years18:34
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frinnstscripted update ?19:21
teK_cleanup of old files? TODO. Probably a rm -rf  on a weekly base19:29
teK_for now.  :)19:29
teK_oh and there's an AAAA recordforthat domain, too19:29
teK_oh, someone already tried that19:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: updated to 3.18.119:31
frinnstcare to share it? I could set up another mirror or two19:32
jaegercould prtwash do the clean automatically? does it respect PKGMK_*?19:32
frinnstdamn github tarballs .. 1.1.tar.gz is so informative19:33
teK_jaeger: good idea, will look into it tomorrow :)19:33
teK_do you have ZSH installed?19:35
frinnstme? god no19:38
jaegerI don't19:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.14.719:39
teK_# ./distfiles19:40
teK_Unknown architecture selected! Exiting.19:40
teK_fuck bash19:40
diversein b4 flame debate19:40
frinnstoh please, its the only shell that wont annoy you to death19:40
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teK_that's from pkgmk.conf i think19:41
frinnstI ran fish for about a month. fuuuuck that autocomplete nonsense19:41
jaegerit is19:41
tilmanfrinnst: zsh annoys you to death too?19:41
jaegerit should catch a blank setting, though19:41
jaegercase ${PKGMK_ARCH} in "64"|"")19:41
jaegerunless you've got an old unmerged pkgmk.conf, maybe19:41
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frinnstI've never tried to use it for any longer period19:42
frinnstbut i doubt i'd like it19:42
teK_adjust the sudo stuff as needed19:45
teK_oh I forgot something :)19:45
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lmarieHello folks!19:48
lmarieQuick interrupt.  I'd like to install Calcurse, an individual collection.  Don't know where store / move the Pkgfile to.  Should I create a local directory under /usr/ports?19:50
diverselmarie: you can have your port directory anywhere, just as long as it listed in /etc/prt-get.conf so prt-get can find your local ports19:51
lmarieThat's right!  Red-faced duh, and a big "Thank you, diverse"!19:52
diverseno worries19:52
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lmarieA good Sunday to all!  Bye!19:53
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cezarhi. I have installed crux 3.1 with success. I am new at crux. I have installed with the kernel configuration of the iso file (kernel 3.12.24). I managed to finish the installation with success. I installaed xfce4. when I ran startx the X start but mouse and keyboard stop funcioning. they are perfect before startx.22:49
cezarI have rebuilt the xorg-xf86-input-mouse and keyboard drivers22:50
cezarbut it did not solve22:51
joacimwhat about evdev?22:51
jaegerare you using an xorg config file or none?22:52
cezarI have installed nvidia and ran nvidia-xconfig and evdev is set as the imput device driver22:52
frinnsthow do you know that the mouse "is perfect" before you start x?22:52
frinnstremove the xorg-config and run startx, let X autodetect the drivers22:53
frinnstremove = just rename xorg.conf22:53
cezarbecause  I ran cat /dev/input/mice and cat /dev/input/mouse0 and I moved the mouse and it was ok22:53
cezarI must explain that that happened even before the xorg.conf22:54
jaegerany errors or ABI complains in the Xorg log file?22:54
cezarthe installation of nvidia was a further attempt to solve the problem22:54
cezarso that happens either with xorg.conf or without it22:55
jaegerpastebin your Xorg.0.log if you can22:55
frinnstyeah, without it its impossible22:55
cezaryes I can22:55
cezargreat just a minute I have many of them...even that happened I am amazed with crux and it was nice I managed to finish the installation and got no kernel panic.22:56
frinnstyou can use wgetpaste to upload and generate a link22:57
frinnstthats not the xorg log, its a kernel config22:57
cezarsorry you are right22:58
frinnst[    56.268] Build Operating System: Slackware 14.2 Slackware Linux Project22:58
frinnsttry this: cd /usr/ports/contrib/wgetpaste && pkgmk -d -i && wgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:59
frinnstits the same url23:00
jaegerlooks like both mouse and keyboard were added by udev in that log, looks fine there23:03
jaegerpaste the config file too if you can23:04
cezaryes just a second23:05
jaegerfor reference, on a working nvidia system, this is my entire xorg configuration:
frinnst[    74.361] (EE) evdev: Mouse0: Unable to open evdev device "/dev/mouse".23:07
frinnst[    74.361] (EE) evdev: Keyboard0: No device specified.23:07
jaeger /dev/mouse likely doesn't exist23:07
jaeger /dev/input/mice might be more useful but I'd suggest you remove everything but the "Device" section anyway23:07
jaegerlet the X server figure out everything but the nvidia driver23:07
cezarI got it23:08
cezarI remark, though, that happened even before the xorg.conf file. but I will remove everything and try it.23:09
cezartks for the xorg configuration jaeger23:10
jaegeran ABI mismatch can also cause the same result23:10
cezarbefore the nvidia installation when I started the X there was the mouse cursor arrow could be seen frozen in the middle of the screen . after nvidia when the X starts you can see the entire xfce4 desktop without no mouse cursor arrow23:14
cezarand how could a possible ABI mismatch be solved and be sure it could be causing it?23:16
jaegeran ABI mismatch shows up as errors in the Xorg log file, it's not the current problem23:16
jaegerit could have been a problem before you rebuilt the input and video  drivers, though23:16
cezarI see. I will to try the changes of the xorg.conf file now and will return with the result. thks23:19
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cezarit did not function jaeger. a real mistery.  I have tried to run #prt-get update -fr $(prt-get dependent xorg-server) after updating the whole system but it was useless too23:44
cezarI removed all the information of the xorg.conf except the nvidia section23:44
jaegerthat command will not help, as I mentioned on the mailing list23:45
jaegerxorg-server doesn't depend on the input and video drivers23:45
jaegertry installing a wm that doesn't need a mouse such as i3, see if the keyboard at least functions properly23:47
cezaryes I tried  prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)') too but it did not work either23:47
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cezarI will try it. it is my first installation of crux and I was glad all was perfect the only unexpected surprise was on the X23:49
cezarI though of any problem with xfce4 but that happens also with openbox23:50
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