IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-01-12

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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: 10.3.6 -> 10.3.712:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.3.6 -> 10.3.713:05
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libxml2-python-32: reapply bug fix FS#92913:28
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lmarieGood morning, good  day all.  Decided to give Chromium a try, and as cezar / mailing list mentioned, it fails at clang with footprint mismatch.14:36
lmarieI tried <sudo prt-get depinst -if chromium>14:37
lmarie..and it still fails.14:37
frinnstworks for me (tm)14:37
frinnstit would be nice if anybody with the problem could paste the error(s) someplace14:37
lmarieOkay, will do.  Gotta feed the pets.  Later14:38
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_root_  someone please add this to the ports15:29
_root_thank you15:29
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diversez3bra: ping17:26
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diversez3bra: you use weechat right?17:42
diversez3bra: let me ask it this way, do you set up irssi to notify you somehow when someone pings you?17:44
diverseI recall you did something like that17:44
z3branot really17:45
diversehmm who was that then?17:45
z3brawhen I have a highlight, a white '+' appears next to the channel name17:45
z3braso I know I've been highlighted17:45
z3braand if it was some time ago17:45
z3braI do /highlight17:46
z3brato see my highlights for this channel17:46
diversegotcha, what I'm looking for is a way to have my window notified and have the taskbar blink when someone pings me17:46
z3brawell, irssi raise an "urgent" event when you get a highlight already17:46
z3braif you're in tmux for example, you'll notice it17:47
z3braand maybe even taskbar will set the urgent tag on the window17:47
z3bra(not sure about the taskbar thing, but 100% sure for tmux=17:47
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diverseI wonder if notify-send has something with "urgent" in it17:48
z3brammmh no..17:48
z3braif you want some kind of popup, it's possible though17:48
z3brathere a perl script for irssi, named notify-window IIRC17:48
z3brawhich writes all your highlights to a "special" window17:49
jaeger might be an option for irssi, maybe weechat has a similar thing17:49
z3brayou could easily tweak it to write to a file, then use my dear wendy(1) to raise an alert everytime the file is modified17:49
diversenah, I just want the weechat window to blink, is all17:49
z3braI can't help with weechat though17:49
z3braI can show you how it goes for tmux+irssi though17:50
z3brahold on17:50
z3braHL me17:51
diversez3bra: ping17:51
diversez3bra: yet another highlight17:52
z3brashould be enough ;)17:52
z3brathat's irssi running in tmux17:53
lmariefrinnst, here is clang_llvm config.log
z3braI have no idea why ffmpeg records webm this fast..17:54
lmariefrinnst, and the output of prt-get
frinnstthats not an error17:55
frinnstclang just detects you have ocaml installed and bundles a bunch of crap17:56
frinnstNEW are not errors17:56
diversez3bra: that's nice, although I switch through multiple virtual desktops. So like that "+" thing, I want it to appear on my taskbar blinking.17:56
diversewithout the "+"17:56
frinnstyou can set "PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"" in /etc/pkgmk.conf to ignore NEW "errors"17:57
z3brawell, the "+crux" is part of my irssi config17:57
lmarieI understand.  Thank you!  Will do.17:57
diversez3bra: right, I'm just saying in a similar idea, except not on the same window.17:58
frinnstyou will start to see a couple of ports throw NEW "errors" when you have lots of things installed17:58
z3bradiverse, it sounds a bit harder17:59
z3bramaybe weechat can do this17:59
z3bracould you HL me again please ?17:59
diversez3bra: yet another highlight17:59
lmarieGood to know.17:59
z3braI tried the irssi "blink" format.17:59
z3bradoesn't work17:59
z3bradue to my terminal I guess18:00
z3braI don't have a taskbar tro try18:00
z3bra*to try18:00
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z3brabut maybe that the urgent tag sent by irssi will be enough for you taskbar to blink18:01
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koriRomster: how do you manage to maintain 400 ports?18:10
diversehe is a connoisseur of ports18:12
diverseplus his version sort tool to get stuff updated18:13
korihonestly 400 and some is a pretty impressive number18:13
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diverseby now he probably threw away about 200 of his ports already, but he keeps adding more back in.18:17
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diversenot that it's a bad thing, he is a collector18:17
z3braI should find a way to update my non-git ports..18:18
kori[✔] Same18:19
korialthough having a team is quite nice18:19
koribut even then, we only have 45 ports...18:19
koriI wanna hit 50018:19
diversealso he probably has over 100 ports floating around in contrib18:20
diversekori: it sounds like you are trying to compete with him?18:26
koriI'm trying to compete with contrib :)18:27
diversesigh, I wish there was some tool that can make a window blink...18:28
z3brawhat do you mean 'blink' .18:29
z3bradiverse, you can do it :P18:37
leo-unglaubhey diverse, sorry i did not read your query last night18:37
leo-unglaubz3bra: what is the screencast tool name?18:40
leo-unglaubthanks, btw your desktop looks very cool18:41
diversez3bra: something like that for my taskbar18:42
diverseleo-unglaub: so, what are you thoughts then?18:42
diverseffmpeg is a pretty neat tool to make webm files18:43
diversez3bra: weechat has a trigger command when someone pings me, so I'm looking for a command to use for that18:44
leo-unglaubdiverse: i would love to, but my time is currently very limited. i have to finish a huge project18:45
leo-unglaubbut after that i would like to take a look18:46
diversenice, well you don't have to very active, but I would like some support from time to time18:46
leo-unglaubi would love to help, but i have this huge project that fucks me hard currently because it's normally nothing i would to18:47
leo-unglaubi have to jump in for a co worker18:47
leo-unglaubdiverse: but i already did a little bit of rust this weekend18:49
leo-unglaubsome basics, i wrote a simple rss tool18:49
leo-unglaubso that i could do some socket opening, pipes, ...18:50
diverseheck I would like to learn some of the network programming from you18:51
leo-unglaubin rust i should propobly lean it from you18:51
diversewell one example would be that, at some point, I would like to pull all the sources from the Pkgfile and download them concurrently18:52
diversewell download them all first and let the build fly18:53
leo-unglaubwell, thats easy18:55
leo-unglaubyou simply use a TcpStream and get the data18:55
leo-unglaubspeaking HTTP is very simple, so you just need to parse a few headers18:55
leo-unglaubthe real problem is TLS18:55
leo-unglaubbecause there is no TLS implementation for rust18:55
leo-unglauband binding some existing lib into rust is hard18:56
leo-unglaubi tryed that and i failed on the first try18:56
leo-unglaubbut i did only try it for an hour or so18:56
leo-unglaubthe ideal way would be to write bindings for polarssl, then let libpolarssl open a socket for you and then pass the socket over to rust18:57
leo-unglaubthat way you would get TLS and get rid of the not needed rust socket abstraction18:58
diversedid you check to see if there are any polarssl bindings on github?18:58
leo-unglaubno i did not18:58
leo-unglaubbut thats a nice idea18:58
diverseI'm just shock at how much shit I can find out there18:58
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nwegood evening20:34
leo-unglaubgood evening :)20:35
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diverseleo-unglaub: back home?20:40
leo-unglaubyep :)20:40
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leo-unglaubhmmm, am i stupid??? i am unable to compile my kernel with a strong stack protector ...20:49
leo-unglaubbut it fails ...20:49
leo-unglaubonly regular is working ..20:49
diverseyou are using a variant?20:50
diverseor self made patch?20:50
leo-unglaubit's in the kernel itself20:50
leo-unglaubbut gcc is complaining20:50
diversewhat kernel version are you using?20:51
jaegeryou're running gcc 4.9 as well?20:52
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leo-unglaubis that 4.9 exclusive???20:52
jaegerisn't 4.9 required for that?20:52
jaegerI believe so, though I might be wrong.20:52
jaegerIf we're specifically talking about -fstack-protector-strong20:53
diverseis this stack protector new?20:53
diverseoh I thought it was a kernel feature20:53
leo-unglaubdiverse: the stack protector is old20:53
leo-unglaubbut it has multiple levels20:54
jaegerit's both20:54
leo-unglaublol, in the kernel docs they wrote that the normal stack protector needs gcc 4.2 ... but that strong needs 4.9 they don't write there ...20:55
jaegerwell, don't take MY word for it, I might be misremembering20:56
leo-unglaubnah, you are right ..20:56
leo-unglaubi just looked it up20:56
leo-unglaubbut i am interrested in how they implement that20:57
leo-unglaubif they use random canaries or random XOR canaries20:57
diverseso it requires that feature in order to implement that feature in the kernel?20:57
diverseI wouldn't want to see that code...20:58
leo-unglaubit's not that bad or hard20:58
diverseleo-unglaub: you're used to it ;)20:58
leo-unglaubno, not really20:58
leo-unglaubif you really want to see some shitty code ... read GTK3 ...20:59
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diverseleo-unglaub: so what makes the code shit?21:01
leo-unglaubthe gtk3 one?21:01
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leo-unglaubi don't even know how to answer that ... just read in 30 lines or so on how the normal GTK::Button is implemented ...21:03
diversespagetti code?21:03
leo-unglaubno, that would be an improvement ..21:04
diverseouch hahaha21:04
leo-unglaubevery single element is implemented differently ... not just different coding styles, but also just different logical approaches21:04
leo-unglaubsometimes you can construct the element via defaults, sometimes not21:04
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diverseso they mastered the art of total code obfuscation to the point of it being compilable?21:07
leo-unglaubyep ... that seams to be the only important test they have: it compiles ...21:07
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leo-unglaubi know we alredy had this discussion21:47
leo-unglaubbut i forgott the answer21:47
leo-unglaubgcc 4.921:47
leo-unglaubdo we have a date?21:47
diversethat would be planned for the next crux release21:48
leo-unglaubyes, that i remember21:48
leo-unglaubbut did we have a date?21:48
diversethere was no date iirc21:49
diverseI don't even see a TODO32 on the wiki either21:50
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leo-unglaubmaybe they are waiting for your new pkg* utils ;)21:51
diverseno they are not -_-21:52
leo-unglaubwell, i would :) i would love to see checksums for every file in the .footprint file21:52
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leo-unglaubthat way you just gpg sign your .footprint files and then you can check every file on your computer for motifications21:53
diversemy project is a long going process, even if they would be interested, they aren't going to wait for me to release the next version21:53
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diverseplus the fact that I use rust turns them off too, so no way is it going to happen21:54
jaegeradmittedly adding a language to the base system for pkgutils is not appealing21:55
diverseleo-unglaub: see?21:55
diverseso if anything, it would be an alternative to use along with pkgutils/prt-get21:55
jaegerNice to have alternative options and besides, hobby projects :)21:56
diverseand yes I will add some enhancements, but I want to be compatible at the same time21:56
diverseand the more support I get, the faster I can complete it21:58
diversejaeger: so, do you have any plans for releasing 3.2?21:59
jaegernone yet that I'm aware of21:59
leo-unglaubi was just kidding about swaping out the pkg* tools22:00
leo-unglaubyou dont change that quickly one of the most important tools on the computer22:00
leo-unglaubi see your pkg tools more like research tools22:01
leo-unglaubto quickly try new things in the package manger22:01
leo-unglauband then maybe some day backport them to the current one22:01
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diversewell teK_ and jaeger are working on making a prt-get rewrite in C, so hopefully that's going to be much cleaner and better than the original.22:03
leo-unglaubthey are?22:03
jaegertechnically it's a rewrite of pkgutils and prt-get22:03
leo-unglaubis there a repository up?22:03
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jaegertoo early for that and teK_ is too busy to work on his right now22:03
leo-unglaubi mean i dont have time right now ... but it's always good to clone it down :)22:03
diversejaeger: I think you might want to take advantage of leo's help ;)22:04
jaegerto be clear, my code is useless as is, I've just barely started22:05
jaegeronce it actually begins to do something I will share it22:05
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leo-unglaubmy help?22:05
leo-unglaubsure, just put more preasure on me *g*22:06
leo-unglaubon the other hand, teK_ is not so far away from here22:06
leo-unglauba coding-party sounds actually very nice :)22:06
diverseleo-unglaub: hahahaha, but you sounded sooooooo interested, even you're eyes glimmer like with that emoji of yours22:06
leo-unglaubof course i am interrested :) i am addicted to new software :)22:07
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leo-unglaubmy girlfriend once sayed that i look more exited when i run an update on her laptop than i to when she is naked ...22:08
diverseTMI dude22:08
leo-unglaubjaeger: where are you from? how far are you away from teK_?22:09
jaegerI live in the midwest US, pretty far from him. :)22:09
jaegerI am not German, despite my nick22:09
diverseI thought your nick was more "french"?22:10
diverseI pronouce it as "yeager"22:10
leo-unglaubhmm, the midwest of the US? hmm, thats actually as far away as it gets *g*22:10
leo-unglaubjaeger: i would like to do an NSA joke right about now and thank you for looking after us germans so carefully ...22:11
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leo-unglaubbut since i know your government tortures as well, i am not making those jokes anymore *g*22:12
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diversewell I'm be damn, it is german22:12
*** kori has joined #crux22:12
leo-unglaubdiverse: jaeger is german for "hunter"22:13
leo-unglaubjaeger: how do you get this nick? did you watch to much Pacific Rim? ;)22:14
jaegerI have used it since 199622:14
jaegerpacific rim is a bit newer22:14
jaegerI picked it at random back when I was a big quake player, thought it sounded cool22:15
leo-unglaubhehehe, cool22:15
leo-unglaubyes it does sound very cool22:15
diversebtw, did I pronounce the word correct?22:15
*** Workster has joined #crux22:15
leo-unglaubjäger <- is it pronounced22:16
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jaegerit is the same as we pronounce the name Yeager, yes22:16
jaegerthough Yeager always looks really strange to me22:16
diverseyep I pronouce it correctly22:17
koriI pronounce jaeger like it's pronounced on pacific rim22:17
Worksterdiverse, that rebuild needed is to see if the Pkgfile is newer modifiled time than the archive it makes. if Pkgfile is newer its segmentally discard archive and recompile22:17
kori┐('~'; )┌22:17
jaegeraccented characters didn't work well in pretty much anything back in 1996, too, so I used the longer form instead of the ä22:18
korithey don't work in IRC now, do they/22:19
jaegernot in nicknames, at least22:20
diverseWorkster: I was working on the package cleaning and footprint updating22:21
koriI've been meaning to ask this for a while, but where's per nowadays?22:21
Worksterkori, i haven't got any idea. i haven't seen him on irc in years22:26
Worksterkori, not to forget i gout about 200 ports in contrib something like 30 in opt, and i do most of the work in compat-32 bumping versions in line with there 64bit ports. also member of xorg ports22:27
koriWorkster: you really are a workster, huh22:28
Worksteryeah my work nick when i arn't home22:29
Workstertoo lazy to setup a bnc bouncer22:29
korimost of my work in porting is in researching new methods on how to make ports easier to maintain22:30
korigit ports especially22:30
koriyou know I love those :P22:30
Worksterreally seen versionsort.com22:30
Worksternot much there atm but i'm sorting version numbers22:30
diverseyou wouldn't believe how many people viewed his site22:31
Worksteryeah i gotta get this database done then they can search it22:32
korisadly I'm very careful when working on CRUX things22:33
Workstercould be bots too who knows22:33
Worksterwhy is that sadly?22:34
diverseprobably too much work?22:34
koriI used arch for about a year and I need to be really careful to not bring archisms22:35
korithe bad archisms at least22:35
diversekori: you should use fakeroot when testing ports22:35
koridiverse: did you accidentally swap fakeroot and chroot22:36
diverseno I haven't22:36
korithen I'm confused since I always use fakeroot when dealing with ports22:36
diversethen you should be fine22:37
Worksterand i used to use chroots to keep dependences correct and footprints clean. but i've since switched to docker for that22:37
koriI should probably set up docker22:37
korithe way I deal with dependencies now is trial and error22:37
Worksterfakeroot is fine for making sure your not installing outside of $PKG22:38
diverse(docker would be a great way for testing my tool *wink* *wink*)22:38
Workstercontiners are better for packagers for keeping footprints clean and # Depends on:22:38
koridiverse: excellent22:39
korialso, @ 6c37 I've been trying to set some standards22:39
Worksterdiverse, yes I know... actually can you make a Pkgfile of it... or even better make a Docker file22:39
diverseI was saying that to impose on kori (as a shameful plug)22:40
Worksterah hehe22:40
koriI thought that was a double entendre22:40
kori┐('~'; )┌22:40
Worksterself conscious i haven't touched metapkg yet22:40
diversekori: nope, it was meant to take advantage of you22:43
diverseI don't have any support atm22:46
diverseall I'm doing is porting the source as best as I can22:47
koriI wonder if CRUX's popularity is rising22:47
koriby a considerable amount22:47
korithat is22:47
diverseyeah I'd say it did a little22:50
diverseI mean within the past few months22:50
diverseand we have been getting users to pop in with questions and leave when they are done, so there is probably more users than we think there are22:52
Worksteri'm seeing more torrent activity lately on crux-3.1.iso22:52
Worksterand thre is always new nicks joining inhere and more on the mailing list22:53
Worksterthyr at least try it and dunno how many fail22:53
Worksterthough the new kernel config on crux 3.1 is more a godsend on getting root to mount on most hardware22:54
korithe kernel seems to be the largest entry barrier22:55
Worksterstill compiling and setting up fstab bootloader seems the biggest hurdle22:55
Worksterother than video/audio after xorg22:55
Worksterif they get that far22:55
leo-unglaubi am sooo happy, i am getting two of
diverseyou are setting up compacted pc?22:57
leo-unglaubno, that would be awesome !22:58
diversewhat you using them for?22:58
leo-unglaubbut we also get new office infra structure and this will be the rounter122:58
leo-unglaubthen comes our DMZ22:58
leo-unglauband then another of those22:59
Worksterrouter/firewall with 3 gigabit lans22:59
diverseyour own custom routers ;)22:59
diverseleo-unglaub: btw, have you played with nftables before?23:00
Worksternow if only there wasn't one with multi lan sockets to replace a ciso managed switch23:00
Workstererr s/wasn't/was/23:00
leo-unglaubdiverse: sure23:00
leo-unglaubvery nice project23:00
diverseleo-unglaub: very easy?23:00
jaegerI have a PC Engines WRAP and ALIX though I haven't used either in a while. Neat little machines23:01
leo-unglaubjaeger: cool, did you have any problems?23:01
jaegernone that I recall23:01
leo-unglaubdiverse: it's easy23:01
jaegerAFK, must investigate a server that just disappeared from the network23:02
diverseleo-unglaub: would you pick it over iptables any day?23:02
leo-unglaubyes, but not because of the cli tool23:02
leo-unglaubi would pick it because of the new internal state mashine used by it23:03
leo-unglaubin my opinion it works "smoother"23:03
diversesounds awesome23:03
Worksteri haven't even got to that yet23:04
Worksterstill on iptables23:04
diverseI bet your eyes really did shine when you saw nftables, heh23:05
leo-unglaubmy eyes did shine when i saw how awesome openbsd solved that ...23:06
leo-unglaubthats code porn23:06
koriOpenBSD as a project is one of my favorites23:06
diverseleo-unglaub: I guess libressl wasn't quite as good porn?23:07
leo-unglaubwell, it's getting there23:07
leo-unglaubif you diff the codebases you see so much improvement23:08
leo-unglaubkori: oh yeah !!!23:08
diverseleo-unglaub: no doubt, but you still hate the api23:08
leo-unglaublook in the tls folder in libressl ;)23:08
leo-unglaubthey provide the old api in ssl and a new one in tls ;)23:08
diverseoh neat23:09
leo-unglaubthat api is very good23:09
leo-unglauband it actually makes it really hard to write bad tls applications23:10
diverselooks nice23:10
leo-unglaubspecially compared to
leo-unglaubdo you see the difference?23:11
diverseoh geez, that's eye cancer!23:11
diverseand way too complicated23:11
leo-unglaubthe new one is awesome!23:12
diverseyeah, definitely23:12
koriopenssl -> libressl when23:12
diversekori: if you wanted too you can replace it right now23:15
koridiverse: honestly I tried in the pasts23:15
koriit's a pain in the ass23:15
diverseleo-unglaub was able to do it23:15
leo-unglaubyou just need to patch wget before23:16
leo-unglaubthen it's easy23:16
diverseI'll just download it with aria223:16
diversebrb, going to reload with weechat 1.123:19
*** diverse has quit IRC23:19
*** diverse has joined #crux23:20
diverseleo-unglaub: now that's the smell of new software ;)23:22
leo-unglaubrebuild with libressl?23:22
diversenot yet23:22
diverseI would have to rebuild everything for that ;)23:23
leo-unglaubnot if you change the librssl-prefix ;)23:23
diverseyou mean overlay the openssl package?23:24
leo-unglaubno, just install it to /usr/lib/libressl/openssl/ and then build your tools against the new path23:25
leo-unglaubthats how i did it for testing23:26
diverseand I would have to overlay all of those ports?23:28
leo-unglaubno, you dont have to overlay anything23:28
leo-unglaubjust specify --with-openssl-dir=/usr/lib/libressl/openssl/23:28
leo-unglaubor how ever the flag is called23:28
diverseI see, so I'm staging it23:29
leo-unglaubyou can have the library whereever you want, you just need to update the /usr/lib/pkgconfig/openssl.pc file23:31
diverseoh I see23:31
diverseleo-unglaub: although let's say I updated pkg-config, would that get overwritten?23:33
diverseI assume the files get replaced when a package updates23:33
leo-unglaubi am actually not sure, i dont use pkg-config23:36
leo-unglaubi always rebuild my stuff23:36
diverseah that's the catch ;)23:36
jaegeryou could tell pkgadd not to overwrite pkg-config files in pkgadd.conf if you're so inclined23:37
leo-unglaubdiverse: i always use -march=native23:38
leo-unglaubso binary packages are not very usefull for me23:38
diversejaeger: so "UPGRADE ^usr/lib/pkgconfig/openssl.pc$ NO"23:45
diverseleo-unglaub: binary packages are not a concern to me ;)23:45
jaegershould work23:45
diverselet's see how did I implemented that in rust?23:46
leo-unglaubdiverse: well, i think the posibility of binary packages is very important23:47
leo-unglaubfor some packages that would be nice23:47
leo-unglaubfirefox for example, that bitch takes 2 hours on my laptop23:47
jaegerbuild it on a raspberry pi, then it will feel better on your x86 hardware :)23:49
leo-unglaubis that even possible?23:49
leo-unglaubhow long does that take?23:49
jaegerdays, I'm sure23:49
diversedon't try build rust on that23:51
leo-unglaubff takes longer than rust itself23:53
leo-unglaubff builds twice23:53
diversethat's ff-lgo23:54
diversebut actually yeah rust would take as long as firefox or slightly less, I haven't timed them23:55
diverseregular firefox I mean23:55
diverseif they can somehow figure out how to make the cp'ing and staging concurrent, I'm sure the build time could be halved at least23:58
diversewhere as I'm sure firefox is fully concurrent during the build?23:58

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