IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-01-13

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diversethe only times it's building with multiple jobs is when it's building the backend00:01
diverseleo-unglaub: ^00:02
leo-unglaubsry, i can't right now, my mariadb-build script is fucking me up the *******00:03
diverseI wasn't asking you anything, I was just mentioning :P00:04
diversesorry to hear about that though00:04
korimultiple patches,  yay!!!00:04
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diverseused the good ol' for statement?00:07
diverserofl at "imouto" name00:10
koridiverse: it's a joke kind of thing00:14
korithere's a script for 4chan that lets you use themes that is called oneechan00:14
koriimouto is just CSS00:14
koritherefore smaller :P00:15
diverseI see00:15
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diverseoh I see, you named the group after yourself00:17
koriyou're the first person to figure that out on your own00:19
diverseI assume the others don't know?00:19
korioh they do00:19
koribut I've been asked what it meant like ten times now00:20
diverseas long as they are okay with it00:22
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korithey thought it to be funny and their only concerns was that it's not really memorable and not a lot of people are going to try bother understanding it :P00:24
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diversekori: just for your amusement, run this code:
koriaye haha00:30
diverseso leo-unglaub did you fix your script?00:39
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diverseoh sweet I found it!01:40
korifound what?01:40
diversesomeone ping me01:42
diversekori: could highlight me01:44
diversehmm that didn't work, shoot01:45
diversekori: you try it again?01:47
diverse*could you01:47
koridiverse: pong01:48
diversekori: one more01:49
koridiverse: pong01:50
diversehmm it doesn't trigger it. I found the command that signals the window for task blinking, but weechat didn't exec the command01:52
diverseoh I know where I pebkac'd, kori, another highlight please01:54
korihi ethan smith01:56
koridiverse: pong01:56
diverseethan smith?01:56
koriI was just being lazy and pressing up to say "diverse: pong"01:59
korithen I sent that to another channel and that was my last message01:59
kori┐('~'; )┌01:59
diverseah the history01:59
diversewell, good news, it did work01:59
diverseit's a cheap hack, but it will do02:00
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cezarhi I have tried to install chromium but the installation failed due the lack of clang. I have tried to install it but after a long time compiling in the end the procedure failed in the end when it is time to makefile02:04
korioh yeah02:06
koriclang needs to be added to chromium's dependencies02:06
diverserofl, the devs are not going to like this02:06
diverseI wonder if google is trying to force the compiler "whose name should not be spoken" on us :P02:09
diversekori: so why did chrome move to clang?02:13
diverseor rather why can't it be compiled with both gcc and clang?02:14
koriI'm not 100% sure02:15
koriI use firefox02:15
koribut cezar isn't the first one with that problem02:15
diversebut still it's pretty odd for a C or C++ project to burn the bridges off gcc02:17
diversemaybe google has some kind of contract with apple02:20
cezarsome of you may have read my post on mailing concerning the usb mouse and keyboard collapsing when the X start. I would like to show how it looks like. the image is not very good but you can have an idea by accessing the link02:35
cezarI have not find a solution yet no matter all the attention from the mailing and here. but I won't give up02:38
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diversewell at least just hang out in the irc channel, not everybody is around or can help03:05
diversebut I guess it doesn't matter since he uses the ML03:06
diversekori: btw, you use dmenu2, right?03:21
diversehow do you activate it's command history?03:21
korioh I haven't tried that03:22
diversewell it's a nice "fuzzy-finder" launch, but one thing it needs is a history ;)03:25
korialso, apparently there's this interesting thing03:37
koriin exherbo's package manager, paludis03:37
koriwhere packages are built with bind mounts03:37
koriI may experiment with that later03:38
diversesounds like you went away from the dmenu2 discussion we had :P03:40
korioh yes I thought that was over03:41
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jaegerclang is already listed in chromium's deps03:42
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diversejaeger: it sounded like he had a compiling issue with it, but since you mentioned it had a dependency, he probably didn't depinst or revdep it03:43
diversesince he mentioned only about installing clang and nothing else03:44
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jaegerThe hardest part of trying to help anyone is getting enough information about the problem03:55
diversetrue to that03:56
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diversejaeger: that's why you have to play "detective" to solve their problems ;)03:58
diverseah geez, now I need to figure out what I'm going to do about download_source()04:36
diverseeither spawn wget/aria2 or code it04:38
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diverseI guess I'll take a break04:45
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pitillohey good morning, does someone know if Wawrzek is here?07:29
frinnstdont think so07:33
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pitillothank you frinnst07:45
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diverseteK_: ping08:50
diversejust a random survey, what is the number of packages you guys have installed on your system?09:00
diverseby running "prt-get listinst | wc -l"09:02
teK_diverse: pong09:05
diversehi teK_, I was thinking of presizing the hashmap I use to store pkg information in ram, for optimizing, but I was wondering what the average amount of packages would be installed on a typical system09:07
diverseI was thinking of starting it with a capacity of 200 (packages)?09:10
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diverseteK_: o/09:24
teK_under 100009:25
teK_I'd gues09:25
teK_you can pre alloc 5k elements, too..09:25
teK_I would not worry too much about this as we really have no relevant numbers in terms of CPU cycles or memory capacity09:26
diverseI guess a relevant number would be 500k?09:28
teK_byte or elements?09:28
teK_have a look at how I did it...09:28
teK_500k elements? Packages? wat.  the portdb is not that large. for sure...09:29
diverseright I'm just saying the relevancy of me not preallocating09:29
diverse 1k elements wouldn't matter as much?09:30
diversenot that I would preallocate 500k elements, I'm just saying for another project that could, where presizing might be relevant?09:32
diverseteK_: I just thought I preallocate a good number so that it can hopefully be a little faster09:33
diverseteK_: key == growable string, value == struct with a growable string, and a hashset of growable strings09:38
teK_I could imagine that preallocating for our small numbers even hurts performance09:56
teK_but that's up to you. I don't see any gain in this. I "preallocate" the list array of lists. Nothing more.09:56
teK_performance never was a problem as it was I/O bound any way. After all, we are not portage09:57
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leo-unglaubhey :)12:13
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jaegerdiverse: for reference, I was planning to make the hashmap big enough to hold all the packages on the ISO as a starting point14:21
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koridiverse: $ pkg ls | wc -l15:51
rmull443 for me15:52
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lmarieGood day, all!16:15
lmarieGot rid of my original nick ... new at chat.  Now how to address cezar to try and help him with Chromium.  I can get his/her email from gmane.  Hi jaeger and kori!16:17
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koricezar is a male name, I think he's brazilian16:18
koriI'm not sure16:19
lmarieOr, just point him to yesterday's irc help from frinnst.  Newbie helping newbie :)16:19
koriwhat nick were you using?16:19
lmarieI figure he was a he.16:19
lmarielmarie now, final version.16:19
lmarieI was using lisa_16:19
lmarieI never did try and install clang/chromium as I prefer FF, but wanted to see what the problem cezar was having.16:22
lmarieSo, time to warm up the hands on a cup of hot coffee and send him an email.  (We use wood heat, cold in outer rooms, bbrrr)16:23
koriI know someone(he's part of 6c37) that tried to install chromium but clang was missing16:24
koriso he just installed clang and it compiled fine16:24
kori┐('~'; )┌16:24
lmarieCatch you folks later!16:24
lmarieGood to know, install clang first.  I did a <depinst -if chromium> and it failed while in llvm16:26
lmariefrinnst suggested to pass the ignore new in pkgmk.conf16:26
lmarieThanks for the help and suggestions.  Cat is meowing at me.16:27
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anaumovhello. I have one problem with Subscribtion process. The Server says "You must supply a valid email address". Can't understand... It looks like it doesn't like my email address...16:43
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rmullSuggests switching to bcrypt instead of SHA512 like we currently use for shadow:
diverseteK_: the reason I'm asking for advice was because rust programmer I know made his program a *lot* slower then he intended when he used a hashmap with a keys as stringbuffers and values as vectors. So I was kind of concerned.17:57
diversethanks everyone for answering my survey17:57
diversejaeger: so that's the size of core + opt + xorg?17:58
diverseI guess leo-unglaub made a good point about my project being a research item, I can test if preallocation is worth it or not18:01
diverseleo-unglaub: btw, I found libtls (libressl tls) bindings \o/18:03
koridiverse: approx. 711 ports18:04
diverseI guess an 800 element preallocation doesn't sound so bad18:06
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teK_diverse: dunno what language you are using now, but I did the stuff in C and everything was blazingly fast18:49
diverseteK_: still Rust, I'm trying to figure out what that guy did wrong but he wasn't very communicative18:52
diversebut I guess the reason for the slowness was because he was doing allocations of allocations18:53
teK_still I think that you did something wrong if i/o is not the bottleneck for the tool18:54
diverseit's not me, it's this other person I'm trying to learn their mistakes from18:55
tilmanold mcdonald had a SPARC, he had the IO?18:55
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jaegerdiverse: core should match up but the full opt and xorg are not on the ISO, just subsets19:05
jaeger~301 ports if I remember right19:06
diversemorning z3bra19:06
diversejaeger: thanks19:06
z3bradiverse, I set up a gopher server to serve my blog :P19:07
z3bra(in markdown format)19:07
diverseprologic is the gopher guy, not me19:08
z3brayeah but you're here, so..19:08
z3brabtw, are you still playing with wmutils ?19:08
z3bracause I have something pretty fun to show you19:08
diversez3bra: oh you mean the taskbar blinking thing? I've solved that with the wmctrl tool.19:09
z3braoh, okay19:09
diversewhat is it that you wanted to show me though?19:09
z3brawell, I started from the blinking thing19:09
z3braand went a bit farther :P19:09
koriz3bra: nice19:11
z3braI modified it, so now my borders are "pulsing"19:11
koriz3bra: can you add borders to borders with chwb19:12
z3bra^ the pulse effect19:12
z3braborders to borders ?19:12
z3brabut there is chwb2 in contrib, which take cares of double borders19:13
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prologicz3bra, nice :) I'll check it out19:55
prologicz3bra, mine is gopher://
prologicz3bra, only one problem; whatever gopherd you're using doesn't spit out the right URI(s) in your menu. Or you've hand-written it wrong :) What are you using? You should use my cgod :)19:57
z3braI'm using geomyidae19:57
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prologicI see19:58
z3brawhich url is wrong ?19:59
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prologicall of them in the menu20:04
prologicseems to generate URI(s) like: gopher://gavroche/0/about.txt20:04
prologicso maybe your hostname is configured wrong?20:04
prologic0about me/about.txtgavroche7020:05
prologic1the blog/summary.gphgavroche7020:05
prologicyeah the hostname is not right20:05
prologicthe hostname has to be the FQDN of your gopherd that can be accessed externally via gopher clients20:05
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z3braprologic, well, those URIs are the one specified by curl20:30
z3brafor the hostname, it's my failt20:30
z3bramisconfigured the gopherd20:30
z3braprologic, should be better now20:31
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diversesigh, I thought I found a good terminal emulator replacement21:01
koriI like termite21:02
koriI should make a port for it21:02
diversekori: I thought you used urxvt?21:03
koriI used termite on arch and got too lazy to port termite21:03
koriit requires a custom version of vte321:03
diverseyeah, it's way I'm avoiding vte based terminals like the plague21:04
diverse*it's why21:04
diverseor at least trying to21:04
diversekori: if you throw out all the vte ones, there isn't a whole lot of diversity21:07
jaegeryou're avoiding vte-based terminals because termite needs a patched vte? Did I misunderstand? Because that's a really odd reason21:08
diverseit's not a patched version, it's an older version of vte3 kept for compatibility reasons.21:10
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jaegersemantic question dodge != answer :D21:11
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diversesigh, I should've just shutup and kept my feelings to myself...21:26
jaegerno need to be defensive, I was just curious21:27
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diversejaeger: I'm just not fond of gnome technologies anymore, when I said "it's why I'm avoiding" I mean that as one of my reasons, because (as you know) gnome does break stuff on a whim and do whatever they can to be obstructive. Whenever I see anything "gtk3" or "vte3" related, I want to hurl. Is that enough?21:33
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diversedamn netsplit21:34
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joacim no I think you need to explain more21:34
joacimand don't talk bad about the netsplit. it has feelings too.21:34
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z3bragnome devs do nice things from time to time21:35
z3brasee byzanz21:35
jaegeryeah, that's fine. I didn't understand how that connected to the specific vte needs of termite. It doesn't, as far as I can tell, so maybe I missed a message there somewhere21:35
joacimOh I liked the early versions of gnome 221:35
joacimbut that might be because that's the one i started out with21:36
jaegerI still like gnome2-style DEs, it's why I use MATE21:36
z3bragnome does a god job at being intuitive21:36
z3brabut I find it painful to tweak21:36
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prologicz3bra: it is21:36
prologicz3bra: I have one other gripe though21:36
z3brapainful ?21:36
z3braI know21:36
jaegergnome3 isn't meant to be tweaked, that's part of its design21:36
jaegergnome2 was21:36
prologicyour blog article re microsoft and skype is compltely wrong21:36
prologicm$ never introduced SKype at all. it was bought21:37
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diversejaeger: I know and that's why I was hesitant to speak my thoughts21:37
prologicread the wikipedia article on it's history21:37
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prologicit was bought/sold at least 3 times21:37
z3braOh, didn't knew that21:37
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prologicplease correct your article :)21:37
z3bragonna update21:37
jaegerdiverse: even if others don't agree you're still entitled to your own opinion, of course21:37
diverse(I didn't want to spark flames)21:38
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z3braprologic, afaik, I'm not "wrong" in my article21:38
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z3braas I'm saying that microsoft is proposing an instant messenger called Skype21:39
z3braI'm not saying they created it21:39
prologicyeah no that's not right :)21:39
prologicM$ has nothing to do with Skype21:39
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prologicexcept that they bought it in 201221:39
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prologicOriginally eBay bought them out21:39
z3brammmh.. yeah ok. I get the point21:39
prologicit just sounds weird :)21:40
joacimnever been fond of skype. i guess that's just the early adopter of 64-bit linux user of me talking21:40
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joacimin me*21:40
z3brabut, can you get skype without getting it from windows now ,21:40
prologicSkype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden.[28] The Skype software was created by Estonians Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn[29] The first public beta version was released on 29 August 2003.[30]21:40
prologicIn June 2005, Skype entered into an agreement with the Polish web portal[31] On 12 September 2005, eBay Inc. agreed to acquire Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies SA for approximately US$2.5 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock, plus potential performance-based consideration.[32]21:40
prologicOn 1 September 2009, it was announced that eBay was selling 65% of Skype to Silver Lake, Andreessen Horowitz and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for US$1.9 billion, valuing Skype at US$2.75 billion.21:40
prologicz3bra: M$ obviously now own Skype; but AFAIK it still is developed as a cross-platform piece of software for Linux, OS X and Windows21:41
prologicusually when a company buys another company they often buy their team as well :)21:42
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diverseI moved to tox from using skype21:42
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z3braprologic, thanks for your help then21:43
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z3braso if in my blog I was reffering to my "website"21:51
prologicthis is in your readme.txt :)21:51
prologicserved up by Gophed21:51
z3brathere is a good chance you'll see the same term in my gopherspace21:51
z3braI did21:51
z3bracp -r ~/src/www/monochromatic /var/gopher21:51
z3brabut yeah, I should clean it up21:51
prologicat some point I'll likely end up removing my website and just running a http->gopher proxy to my Gopherspace :)21:51
z3braI'm not really used to gopher now21:52
z3brabut that's the Idea I had too :P21:52
prologicAlso a tip: If you or users use Overbite for FF with the Markdown viewer add-on installed. If you name your files with .md in your Gopherspace; FF will render them nicely :)21:52
z3braoh, cool21:52
z3bradidn't know21:52
z3bra I stopped using FF a few monthes ago21:53
*** z3bra has quit IRC21:53
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prologicyeah that's what I'm doing with cgod21:53
*** SiFuh_ has joined #crux21:53
prologica http->gopher proxy that runs alongside cgod21:53
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kyubikoHi, I'm getting a footprint mismatch when installing gegl21:55
prologicif it doesnt look bad ignor eit21:55
*** fengshaun has quit IRC21:55
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diversewhat a roller coaster ride that was21:55
*** SiFuh has quit IRC21:55
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diversekyubiko: NEW or MISSING?21:55
jaegerkyubiko: if it's "NEW" stuff that's usually no problem. If it's "MISSING" it's worth investigating21:55
kyubikowait a sec gonna paste it21:55
z3brajust ignore21:56
*** pitillo has quit IRC21:56
z3braif it's NEW21:56
kyubikois there a way of telling prt-get to ignore it and install anyway then?21:56
jaegerNEW means that you have something on your system that the package maintainer did not. For example, if you have cups installed GTK will have NEW items because it wasn't built with cups on the maintainer's machine21:56
jaegerkyubiko: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW in pkgmk.conf21:56
kyubikook, thanks21:56
*** pitillo has joined #crux21:56
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kyubikoyeah, that's worked fine, thankyou very much21:59
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diverseNEW stuff is not a problem ;)21:59
diverseI wonder how I'm going to handle that stuff for my rewrite?22:02
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jaegerlooks like we're still surfing for a while22:05
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diversekori: when I said "handle" I meant how I'm going to write code to *handle* detecting NEW and MISSING files.22:08
koriah I see22:08
kyubikoI know get MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/metadata22:11
kyubikowhen isntalling gimp22:12
kyubikoafaik I have all dependencies22:12
jaegersometimes the file name will tell you enough to guess what's missing, though in this case I don't know exactly what provides the metadata plugin22:15
diverseyay the ride is over22:15
kyubikoAhh, in the nice to have section gimp-print is listed, but that package doesn't exist22:15
kyubikothere is a gutenprint-gimp port22:15
kyubikoI'll try that22:15
diversekyubiko: you did do depinst right?22:18
diversehmm, well maybe it's a package that the maintainer had, but you didn't have in order to get that file.22:19
jaegermaybe someone with gimp installed can run ldd on the metadata plugin and see if a lib stands out or something like that22:19
*** j^2 has joined #crux22:23
diversekyubiko: ^22:29
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diverseah leo is not around...23:03
prologicCan anyone suggest a good way to efficiently rip an entire DVD collection (~500 disks)? Any hw recommendations? Rip as ISO and enqueue to HandBrake for encoding?23:15
prologicwrt hw side -- be nice if I could rip multiple disks at once23:15
jaegerit can be complicated; for example, a DVD usually has 1 big title on it, a disc of a TV show might have 4-6 of similar size23:16
jaegerso how does it decide without your input which titles to rip?23:17
rmullIf you have multiple drives, you could dd all of them to an ISO in parallel, and kick off a bunch of handbrakes to run overnight23:20
jaegers/a DVD/a DVD movie/23:20
rmullOr you could just illegally download the bluray version of everything23:21
jaegerI've considered implementing something like this myself but haven't done it yet. It would require some work but I'd want it to do the right thing from the start23:21
rmullFor a DVD ripping robot?23:21
prologicYeah same23:22
prologicI have lots of TV shows as well in boxes23:22
jaegerI'd probably created a text file for each disc that says something like: "1,SD,1,1:2,s01e01 - this is a tv show episode.mp4"23:22
prologicSo whatever SW I use would have to support this somehow23:22
prologicor I'd have to script something up23:22
jaegerdrop that in a folder with the disc in the drive23:22
prologicbut from what I've read; it's quicker/easier to rip as ISO at the first instnace23:22
prologicthen deal with the reencoding later23:22
prologicbut I imagine it would be useful to get a bunch of external USB 3.0 drives?23:23
jaegerit would say "title 1 is SD video, use video stream 1, audio streams 1 and 2, and name it 's01e01 - this is a tv show episode.mp4'"23:23
prologicdon't know of any smart enough software to figure this out?23:23
jaegernone that's automatic23:23
prologicwith ~500 disks or so this would be time consuming :)23:23
prologicand takes months :)23:23
jaegerunless there's a freedb or cddb for DVDs23:23
prologicI guess for movies it's striaght forward?23:23
prologiconly one title et all23:24
jaegerbecause they are NOT all standardized23:24
jaegerthe format is but the stream numbers are not23:24
prologicthis could get tricky :)23:24
jaegermovies will have multiple titles, too (ads, previews, etc.)23:24
prologicalternatively; could I not just rip all the disks in raw form (ISO)23:24
jaegerbut with a movie disc usually you can infer that the largest one is the main movie23:24
prologicand replay them as-is23:24
prologicas a virtually mounted dvd drive?23:24
rmullprologic: Yes, you could do that, but it's not at all space efficient23:24
prologicand not about encoding23:24
jaegeryou could, yes. XBMC/Kodi can read ISOs, VLC can23:24
prologicbah who cares :)23:24
prologicthat's what I"m getting a NAS for23:24
prologicthis week hopefully23:25
prologicyeah pretty sure MythTV can too23:25
jaegerMy encoding box is down right now but I could give some ffmpeg command line examples when I'm at home23:25
rmullmplayer/mpv can23:25
jaegerI used it recently to rip my blu-ray copy of guardians of the galaxy, for example23:25
prologicokay so no automatic way of encoding23:25
prologicmight have to think hard about just ripping in RAW ISO form23:26
prologicbut I might buy a few external USB drives23:26
jaegeryou could easily auto-encode every title on the disc... but then what are they called?23:26
prologicdon't know of an external drive that takes multiple disks at once?23:26
prologicjeager: indeed23:26
jaegeryou'd have to know that VTS_01_0.mp4 is "episode eleventy of peg + cat.mp4"23:26
rmullprologic: If youh ave the space to store the ISO, you can figure out the encoding sometime down the road23:26
jaegernope, never needed something like that... but I'm sure google will point you in the write direction if that exists23:27
prologicthat's what I need :)23:28
jaegerjack the ripper23:28
prologicand yeah I will have the space to stor ethem as ISO23:28
prologicso I could worry about reencoding to save space later23:28
prologicI could build something like that23:29
rmullMan, 500 DVDs... that's a hell of a collection23:29
prologicI have enough parts at home23:29
jaeger <-- he does it by number, looks like23:29
prologicthat's only a guess :)23:29
prologicwe have two whole rows in our cupboard with DVDs23:29
prologicjeager: ahh23:29
rmullI used to have a three-at-a-time netflix subscription and I was ripping three DVDs a day23:29
rmullBut in the end I just switched to downloading pre-encoded HD content23:30
jaegerI rip nearly all of my DVDs and Blu-Ray discs but I'm picky about the titles, the encoding options, and the audio streams included23:30
jaegerso it's a manualish process23:30
jaegereven moreso when it 's a rifftrax23:30
rmullThere was a time when I wanted to do a geographically-distributed sneakernet RAID23:32
jaegermaybe someone needs to make a video database like cddb/freedb23:32
rmullWhere everyone would get identical copies of a hard drive full of content, and if a drive crashed, a new one would be purchased, imaged from someone elses drive, and mailed23:32
jaegerwe used to call those "lan parties" :D23:33
rmullYeah, I guess that's a good point23:33
*** j^2 has quit IRC23:33
rmullBut that's a locals-only thing23:33
jaegeryeah, true :)23:34
prologicI guess I could become picky23:36
prologicbut with a large collection it could take a while in the first place23:36
prologicso need to come up with something23:36
jaegerrip now, picky later, perhaps23:37
prologicisn't there imdb?23:37
diverseif anything rip BDs if you can23:37
prologicdon't have BDs23:37
prologicI don't think they're worth it23:37
prologicnot with my poor vision :)23:38
jaegerimdb and themoviedb don't keep track of things like PAL vs NTSC disc release and what number title on the disc the movie is, etc.23:38
diverseheh ;)23:38
joacimprologic: what if you get really close to the screen?23:38
prologicjeager: ahh23:38
prologicbut there is at least a title db of movies?23:38
prologicjoacim: not much difference23:38
jaegersure. is one23:38
prologicI sit close anyway just to watch 720p23:38
jaegerthat's what kodi uses23:39
prologicahh k23:39
diversejoacim: remember, he uses compiz for the zoom magnifying feature for a reason23:39
joacimjoke went so far above your head it is now in orbit23:41
diverseit was a wink23:41
joacimi know about his vision23:41
diversesigh, buzzkill...23:41
jaegeryou could even take the scripting thing a bit further and check which DVD is in the drive by the label... then apply settings or encoding options from a database you create23:42
jaegernot perfect, though, because it's still a lot of work and labels aren't always unique23:43
joacimyour vision is black and white too? i know a guy with vision like that. uses utilities to blow shit up, and is completely colour blind and very light sensitive.23:43
*** Puffin has joined #crux23:46
diversejoacim: I'm not laughing23:46
jaegerprologic: my suggestion would be to get rid of anything you're never going to watch again as step 0 :D23:48
jaegercould save a lot of time23:48
jaeger <-- a decent middle-of-the-road option23:57

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