IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-01-14

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prologicwhat a great idea ;)00:12
prologicre getting rid of dvds you don't/won't ever watch00:13
jaegerI need to do that myself00:13
joacimheh. I just buy a bigger hdd and some more plastic bins =)00:14
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prologicI'm planning on purchasing this hw this week hopefully00:20
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prologicand filling it with disks over time00:20
prologiccrux + zfs00:20
diversethat should do it00:20
prologicjeager: speaking of which I've decided to go with groups of 3 disks per vdev plus a hot spare -- so RAIDZ1 2+1 * 300:20
prologicmost efficient use of space and upgrade path that I came up with00:21
prologicwith reasonable parity00:21
jaegeronce you have that thing built I'm curious what its noise level and heat generation will be00:21
jaegerprobably both low but I'm curious00:21
prologichappy to measure and share00:22
prologicI've got the fans going in my rack cabinet now00:22
prologicwith the door to the serve rorom close, garage sliding door closed00:22
prologicwe don't hear it much in our bedroom (which is adjacent to the server room/garage)00:22
prologicso as long as hw I put in the rack isn't louder than the rack's fants at the top00:22
prologicshould be okay :)00:22
jaegermy NAS box could be a lot quieter than it is but I haven't done anything to it00:22
prologicthey're basically these at the top of the rack00:23
prologicDo you do anything to spin down the disks when idle?00:23
jaegerI let the RAID controller do what it likes00:24
diversejaeger: hey, look, prologic's NAS box comes with a Seasonic psu ;P
prologicfair enough00:27
jaegerthat's probably a good thing00:27
prologicSeassonic PSU?00:28
prologicis that good? :)00:28
prologiccool :)00:28
prologicI like the hw design00:28
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prologicbest I've found ihmo00:28
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prologicjeager: know if an Intel Atom will be okay for ZFS?01:43
jaegerit'll be ok, I imagine, not spectacular. RAM is far more important, though, for small datasets01:45
jaegeralso, don't use dedup01:45
prologicactually scratch that01:46
prologicIntel Atom D525 doesn't support much RAM01:46
prologic4GB max01:47
prologicnot good for ZFS :)01:47
prologicI'll go for the Core i3 or Xeon01:47
prologicand get the full 32GB of DRAM01:47
diverseprologic: that's the way to go :)01:49
jaegergiven your disk sizes 8GB would even be enough01:50
rmullI use an atom, but I don't use zfs01:51
prologicyeah the Core i3 / Xeon versions come with 16GB by default01:53
prologicfor an extra $199 you can get the full 32GB01:53
prologicso why not :)01:53
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rmullI have an external USB drive that does a peculiar thing. I plug it into a USB3 port (which provides power+data) and dmesg shows it getting found and handled. Then, some IO errors occur, and in /dev there is /dev/sdd only, no /dev/sdd1. I can make /dev/sdd1 appear if I do fdisk /dev/sdd and quit without writing any changes to the partition table.02:03
rmullAnd everything is normal after that.02:04
rmullAny thoughts?02:04
jaegerhow odd, never seen that one02:05
rmullI bet if there was some delay before scanning, it would be okay02:07
rmullBut I'm not sure why healing it like I do works.02:07
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diversejust for shits and giggles, I'm going to try loading a BD in my external BD drive and watch it through mpv02:21
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JSchilli1i uninstalled zlib because i'm an idiot, do i need the installation to get it back?02:24
JSchilli1i get a sudo error whenever i run prt-get (even if i'm logged in as root)02:25
diversejust load the ISO and manually pkgadd back in02:25
JSchilli1yeah that's what i figured02:25
JSchilli1alright thanks02:26
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diverselets see how to load the bluray drive02:26
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diversehmm, maybe I need to enable UDF support02:40
jaegerlook into makemkv02:46
jaegerfor blu-ray02:46
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Worksterrmull, maybe probing the hdd devices will also make it see the partition table. could check the eudev rules for probbing and add a delay to usb for settling time03:22
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koricompton from git isn't building03:24
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Worksterkori, what error? and maybe they broke git master branch?04:45
Workstercould be a missing include in dbus.c do a grep -r win_set_invert_color_force /usr/include/04:51
koriWorkster: nothing04:55
jaegerperhaps they're using a git version of the lib04:55
korised -i s/dbus-1/dbus/ Makefile gives me this04:56
koriactually no nevermind04:56
koria friend built this without problem04:57
koriproblem solved04:59
koricloned it again04:59
korigot the same problems as him04:59
koriempty package tho04:59
diversecan we see the pkgfile?05:03
koridiverse: I'm fixing the Pkgfile05:04
koriI've got other problems now, but it's due to missing dependencies05:04
koriI can solve these05:05
diverseso? If you give us the pkgfile, we might be able to point out other problems you aren't aware of, thus multitasking your problem solving05:06
korigood point05:06
diversethank you05:06
koriwhoops misspelt docbook05:06
Worksterkori, try git rebase origin/master05:10
Worksterafter if you have it already and git fetch and rebase05:10
diverseWorkster: I don't think the double quotes around $PKG would matter right?05:12
diversethe problem is the makefile isn't respecting the $PKG var, thus an empty pkg05:13
korinow my problem is with the docs05:16
koria2x: ERROR: "xmllint" --nonet --noout --valid "/home/kori/local/ports/distfiles/compton/man/compton-trans.1.xml" returned non-zero exit status 405:16
koriafter a2x --format manpage man/compton-trans.1.asciidoc05:16
Worksterdouble quotes don't matter unless $PKG had spaces.05:16
Worksterand i never seen that ever yet.05:16
Worksterwell git pull --rebase would also do the job for kori05:17
Workstergit pull defaults to a merge otherwise.05:17
diverseah I see05:18
Worksterand as jaeger pointed out some projects use bleeding edge libraries fromother git/svn content management systems05:18
diversethat too05:18
koriI'm horribly confused as he got it to build05:19
korihold on05:19
Worksteri jut go grepping headers for missing functions first then google after if no results.05:19
Worksterhe probably has a dependency and/or some set version you do not.05:20
korihe got it up to the point where it said empty package05:20
korialright, hrm05:20
Worksterget him todo a finddeps if it is running crux.05:20
Worksterunless he never installed it?05:20
Worksteralso be sure DESTDIR is in there Makefile05:21
Workstershould be can be safe to use fakeroot05:21
koricompton might be using cmake now05:21
Worksterpkgmk -eo ; ls /usr/ports/work/compton/src/.../05:22
Worksterwhat ever your path is and see.05:22
diversewell he is pulling from git, I don't think -eo does anything?05:23
Worksteralso you can use this as a guide
Worksteroh sorry use -kw05:24
Worksterperks of extracting in build()05:24
Worksteri was thinking of writing a overide extract() block i my Pkgfiles for git stuff.05:25
Workstergot lazy05:25
koriebuilds are so confusing :<05:26
Workstera tiny bit05:26
WorksterNO_DBUS=no make05:27
Workstercould try that...05:27
Workstersince it is tripping up on dbus.c05:27
Worksterbut no dbus then :)05:27
koriarch works around the DESTDIR problem05:28
koriwith PREFIX="$PKG/usr"05:28
koriWorkster: it trips when building docs05:28
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Worksterright so docbok-{xml,xls} or something else... kori maybe you can sed out doc05:36
Worksterout of Makefile05:36
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Worksterkori, ah i see gentoo uses asciidoc your probably missing that.05:36
Worksternot docbook at all05:37
WorksterIUSE="dbus +drm opengl +pcre xinerama"05:37
koriWorkster: I've asciidoc installed05:37
korihorribly confused05:37
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diverseasciidoc pulls in docbook dependencies anyway05:39
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Worksterat work and didn't ssh in to see05:42
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diversekori: just for the heck of it, did you make sure you have all of the dependencies installed before using pkgmk?05:43
koridiverse: aye05:43
diverseas in depint installed them?05:43
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koriOH YEAH05:47
korilinux pkg thing05:47
koriI was gonna make05:47
korii totally forgot05:47
koridiverse: I was gonna make a generic port for linux, remember?05:49
diversehow does that related to compton?05:49
koriit doesn't but I remembered05:50
diverseI was going to suggest that perhaps some of the dependencies we have are out of date perhaps and that's why you are struggling05:50
koriit's tripping on doc building05:51
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koriif I could just skip that, it'd be nice05:51
diverseit's a pretty stubborn build without the configure file huh?05:51
Workstersed the Makefile of its subdirectories for doc05:52
koridiverse: autocrap is crap05:52
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koribut this makefile sucks05:52
koriWorkster's suggestion is good05:52
Worksterso it doens't go into doc or what have you for that and it'll not try to build it.05:52
diversekori: pick your poison05:52
koriI'd rather create a new build system haha05:53
Worksterpastebin the top level Makefile05:53
diversekori: that's another poison ;)05:53
Worksterlol good luck05:53
Worksterlol or that05:55
koribrb a couple mins05:55
Workstereh it needs ascidoc for man pages05:56
Worksterdocs: $(MANPAGES) $(MANPAGES_HTML)05:57
Worksteryou wot wantthe later... so just docs: $(MANPAGES)05:57
diverseyay for sed05:57
Worksterinstall: $(BINS) docs05:58
Worksterand that's where it's triggered.05:58
Worksterand that Makefile isn't so bad -_-05:59
WorksterI've seen worse.05:59
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Worksterthey just lack using autotools for configure05:59
koriWorkster: you're right, autocrap makefiles are worse06:00
diverseI guess that's a lesson learned, if it isn't the Pkgfile, it's the Makefile ;P06:00
koribut at least you can just search for things06:00
Workstertry digging in a C++ projects Makefile then you got something to complain about.06:00
koriMakefile syntax is so bad06:01
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Worksteralso if you use asciidoc and keep the man pages but not html add in MANDIR=/usr/man to make install06:03
Worksteryeah make syntax is confusing.06:04
Worksteryou'd have to use it awhile to learn it.06:04
Worksteri learned a bit of it diagnosing build issues06:05
Worksterthat Makefile is well written except they usually have a var set for directories to include for man doc ...06:06
Worksterinstead of sticking it in the one Makefile.06:06
Worksterat least they kept the html in it's own subdirectory Makefile06:06
Worksteralso correction for MANDIR ?= $(PREFIX)/share/man/man106:07
Worksteryou'd want make MANDIR=/usr/man/man1 install06:08
diversewell I thought cargo would be a good example of a build system, until I took an arrow to the knee when I learned it was a language package manager too06:08
koridiverse: toml as a language for build files(and service files and pretty much a lot of stuff) is great06:08
koriI LOVE toml06:08
Worksterhmm url i'd like to look at that.06:09
Worksteri know enough make to write my own though06:09
diversekori: I guess you would want to make Pkgfiles use toml06:10
Worksteryour pretty much stuck with what the project uses.06:11
Worksterlets rewrite mozconfig!06:11
Worksteror jam or ...06:11
koriI'm planning a service manager that will use toml for the service files06:12
Worksterbe impossible as each project needs its own stuff taken care of.06:12
koriwhich at the end of the day will just be glorified scripts with easier syntax06:12
Worksteralready found it but wikipedia... deleted it06:14
Worksteroh right toml is a extension of ini06:15
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diversedammit leo...06:26
nwegood morning guys06:28
Worksterwhat did he do?06:28
Worksterhi nwe06:28
nwehow are you Workster ?06:28
diverseWorkster: I wanted to show him this, but he has not been around a lot lately:
Worksterwaiting for knock off time06:29
Worksteroh i think leo has been quite busy06:29
koridiverse: he found it though06:29
diversedid he have any comments about it?06:30
Worksterthat looks interesting06:30
diverseit's bindings to OpenBSD's tls implementation06:31
diverseas part of the libressl06:31
koridiverse: OH nevermind06:31
koriit was you that said it highlighting him06:31
Worksterthat clean API i saw the other day06:31
kori> diverse: leo-unglaub: btw, I found libtls (libressl tls) bindings \o/06:31
diverseWorkster: correct06:31
Worksteri was lurking06:32
diverselibressl consists of libssl the crappy and poorly written openssl implementation with tons of fixes and libtls OpenBSD's implementation on TLS06:33
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prologicgeez backup tapes are expensive06:38
prologiccheapest I've found is $150/500GB06:38
prologicworks out at ~$0.30/GB06:38
prologiccompared to BD06:39
prologic25GB/disk for a spindle of 25 == $3506:39
prologicworks out at ~$0.05/GB06:39
prologicHow do enterprises justify this cost?06:39
prologicI think for backups I'll go BD06:39
diverseprologic: read the last paragraph:
prologicis my math wrong here?06:43
prologicAre BD-R disks really cheap now?06:43
prologicI'm looking at $175 for 5x spindles of 25 BD-R disks (25GB ea)06:43
prologicwhich roughly matches a 3TB SATA HDD06:44
diversesounds cost effective to me06:44
prologicwhich is only marginally higher than the price of a WD RED 3TB HDD06:45
prologicas an "extra" backup storage medium I think it's the most cost effective06:45
prologicother than to "replicate" your storage06:45
diversewell it depends, do you want the data mutability or not?06:46
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diversealso BDs would probably last longer than HDDs06:49
korithe Pkgfile is done06:52
koriyou'd stick a "make oldconfig" before "make menuconfig"06:53
koriI didn't do that for testing06:53
koridoes that look like the devil itself06:55
prologicmutability? no06:57
prologicthat's what the ZFS NAS is for06:57
prologicthis is the "extra" backups06:57
prologicfor a long time I've not been very diligent when it comes to backups06:57
prologicjust replicated things many places, cloud, etc, etc06:57
prologicbut no "good process" as such06:57
prologickori, I'm not sure making a port for the kernel is such a great idea really06:58
koriprologic: this is for personal use06:58
prologicIHMO it would be better done as a "update"06:58
diverseprologic: just let him do it06:59
prologici.e: remove the "make menuconfig" line06:59
prologicand just splat the current runnign config06:59
korifor automation of the process I do every time there's a new kernel06:59
prologicfair enough :)06:59
prologiceach to their own06:59
prologicone thing I wish someone woudl develop06:59
prologicis a kernel configurator06:59
prologicthat works out all your hw for you06:59
korithought I'd post it here because someone said making a port for a kernel is dumb because configuration and such07:00
prologicz3bra, re one of your blog articles on workspaces07:00
prologicz3bra, kind of interesting, but not sure how it would apply to my workflow/user-case since I have ot use compiz fusion/ezoom07:00
korithe only bad thing I've run into is slowness07:00
prologicand "do" use workspaces for a reason I guess :)07:00
diversekori: I didn't say it was dumb to begin with07:00
prologickori, well it's not "dumb"07:00
koriwell they didn't use "dumb"07:01
prologicbut the user interaction part is kind of a bit silly I guess07:01
prologicsince you can't just prt-get update kernel07:01
prologicthe user has to do stuff anyway :)07:01
prologicala the "make menuconfig" in the Pkgfile07:01
prologicso it kind of defeats the point of a port int he first place IHMO07:01
prologicsince it's quite an involved process configuring a kernel07:01
diversekori: who do you mean by "they"?07:01
koridiverse: it was not only you and z3bra that said it's not really a good idea but also m07:03
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prologicIHMO it would be more practical to ship and publish a package07:03
prologicthat includes a prebuitl kernel with many modules for most common hw07:03
prologiclike all the major binary-based distros do07:03
prologicand users just pkgadd it07:04
prologicor pkgadd -u it07:04
korithat could be useful for some users07:04
koribut it shouldn't be the default procedure ever07:04
prologicif you're goal is to simplify user maintenance then I'd do taht07:04
prologicwhat are you doing anyway?07:05
prologicbuilding a new distro? :P07:05
diversekori: hmm, that's not what I meant, what I meant to say what that it's a niche thing which is why it's not a wide spread thing07:05
koridiverse: ah, I see07:05
koriprologic: I'm honestly not sure anymore07:05
korisaying I'm not still learning CRUX would be a lie07:07
koriI find myself going "what would the CRUX devs do?" a lot when it comes to CRUX related work, whilst on other systems I just went "whatever"07:08
diversehmm, that's the wrong way to think about it, it should be "what do I want to do?"07:09
koridiverse: well of course07:09
korithat's the first thing I think about, then I think about following standards07:10
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diversekori: ah, well you are learning to be a packager, so don't confuse that with being a user.07:12
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korialso I have this need to make my life easier07:13
koriand whoever comes after me's lives easier also07:13
diverseeverybody is different07:14
koriI guess07:16
diversewhat do you mean by "lives easier"?07:16
koriI like to simplify and automate common procedures for example07:18
koriwith that07:20
koriI'm going to sleep07:20
diverseI meant the context of the latter sentence07:21
koriwell, make improvements not only for my own sake but for the sake of other users, maybe?07:22
diverseah I see07:22
koriI don't really publish anything that doesn't really benefit others07:22
diverselike with the git driver07:22
koriif it's an improvement just for me I keep it private because it might have things that others don't like07:23
koriif I publish something I genericize it07:23
diverseif it has a general use, sure07:24
diversekeep in mind others like to do things their way07:24
diverse"Burger King" style ;)07:24
korisubway style*07:24
diverseI put quotes there for a reason07:24
koriI'm going to trademark "subway style"07:25
koriand wait until subway sues me07:25
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*** kori has joined #crux07:26
korihad to test something, sorry07:26
korianyways, yeah07:26
koriif I'm going to publish this kernel Pkgfile I'm going to make it very generic07:27
diversego to sleep :)07:27
koriI would but I'd like to continue talking now07:27
koriI don't NEED to wake up early tomorrow07:27
koriand even if I did I couldn't possibly, it's 4 am07:27
koriI'm going to try and fix that compton port07:28
koriwho needs manpages anyways07:28
diversewell I would argue you don't need the html/xml docs07:28
diversebut get it to build first07:29
diverseand play with it later07:29
koriugh now I'm tired07:32
diverseI thought so07:32
diverseget some sleep ;)07:32
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diverseprologic: I wonder how difficult it would be to get the kernel to recognize your hardware and enable the right modules on the fly for building?07:35
*** linXea has joined #crux07:35
prologicgood question07:37
prologictechnically it sort of does this07:37
prologicif you have all modules enabled as [M]07:38
prologicyou could then parse lspci -k07:38
prologicfor instance07:38
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diverseand then you just need to know the right constants to adjust their values in the .config file?07:39
diverseprologic: ^07:42
prologicyeah pretty much07:42
*** jdolan has quit IRC07:42
diversesounds like you can whip up a python script for that ;)07:43
diversealthough you are going to need a huge database07:44
prologicit doesn't sound all that hard in theory07:45
prologicbut building such a tool would not be trivial07:45
prologicmight take a bit of time and thinking :)07:45
diverseprologic: I think there was some lag with your messages07:48
diverseman, I'm getting more interested in playing with tls code the more examples I look at07:54
*** linXea has quit IRC07:56
diversealthough not a whole lot of servers use TLS?07:58
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frinnsthej hej08:23
*** linXea has joined #crux08:23
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prologicdiverse, no lag here08:49
prologic0.2s to the network08:49
prologicalthough I'm afk a bit :)08:49
prologicfamily, etc :)08:49
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_root_the new pentadactyl10:52
_root_works with FF 3510:53
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rmulldiverse: Gentoo used to have a script called 'genkernel' which might have done something like module support detection, but I'm not certain. I never used it.14:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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khankudiverse: have you tried make localmodconfig?15:12
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kyubikoSorry, I dc'd yesterday when asking for help: I have depinstalled gimp and get MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/metadata16:05
kyubikodoes anyone know what package I should install to fix this16:05
jaegerkyubiko: off the top of my head, no idea... but have you double-checked you have everything in "prt-get depends gimp" installed?16:08
kyubikoyep, and they all are16:08
jaegeryou could try building gimp with all output sent to a log file, then grep the logfile for "metadata" and see if it complained about something in particular16:08
kyubikoI'll give it a go, thanks16:10
*** pal_bth has quit IRC16:12
kyubikoI *think* it might need libexif, if it turns out it does, who should I contact to add that to the dependencies?16:26
*** Workster has quit IRC16:26
jaegerthe port maintainer listed in the Pkgfile, email or file a bug on the bug tracker16:32
koriwhen to include the patches with the Pkgfile?16:41
rmullkori: What do you mean?17:16
korirmull: as in, when to put the patches in the Pkgfile dir or when to download them from external sources17:18
korior does it not matter17:18
jaegerIt doesn't technically matter but generally I'd say if the patch is external, download it. If the patch is something you made, put it in the port17:20
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*** Rotten-K has joined #crux17:44
Rotten-KI want to switch my keyboard to my own language what should I do.17:46
Rotten-KI'm having a hard time17:46
Rotten-Kshould I add a locale.17:46
teK_check the handbook, it will tell you to use /etc/rc.conf17:46
teK_or are you talking about layouts in X?17:46
Rotten-KI am in Firefox want to type a text17:47
teK_so you're talking X. What window manager or desktop env. are you using?17:47
Rotten-KteK_: right now I am using jwm17:47
koriit shouldn't matter17:48
koriuse setxkbmap17:48
Rotten-Kany software to install?17:48
Rotten-Kto show the Countery Flag in the system tray17:49
teK_dunno :)17:49
Rotten-Kwhat was setmap?17:49
tilmanit's called xorg-setxkbmap17:49
Rotten-Kto have setxkbmap in the commands?17:50
teK_put the call into your .xinitrc and you should be fine17:51
teK_~/.xinitrc that is17:51
teK_setxbkmap de      for example17:51
tilmaneventually you'll want to put the layout in /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/
tilmanseems a bit neater rather than calling setxkbmap at every start17:52
Rotten-K1. what is foobar 2. I want english to be my primary and switch with ctrl-shift (left ones)17:52
*** hhhhhhhh_ has joined #crux17:53
tilmanthere you go17:53
Rotten-Kso I shouldm choose what ever name I want like tr.conf de.conf or tilman.conf?17:54
Rotten-Kthat was a joke. sorry17:55
teK_Rotten-K: the switching could be done with your wm, if it supports that17:55
tilmanoh, i thought you were ... inexperienced17:55
teK_I have, with fluxbox:17:55
teK_Mod4 E : ExecCommand /usr/bin/setxmap us17:55
teK_Mod4 D : ExecCommand /usr/bin/setxmap de17:55
tilmanalias arst='setxkbmap us'17:56
tilmanalias asdf='setxkbmap us -v colemak'17:56
teK_awesome naming17:56
teK_I have an alias warezclean17:56
koriand dang, I accidentally screwed up a commit17:56
Rotten-KI can't thank you enough17:56
tilmani know, this foobar knowledge will be super important17:56
teK_Rotten-K: welcome.17:57
teK_and tilman you are acting strangely17:57
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:00
*** Rotten-K has quit IRC18:04
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC18:06
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:19
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:20
koriI fixed the compton port :D18:22
syncnim trying to toy with iscsid and am receiving iscsi_tcp module not found18:25
syncnhow can I install this ?18:25
teK_configure your kernel properly, make && make modules && sudo make modules_install && depmod -a18:26
syncnteK_: thank you. if i wanted to accomplish this without compiling into the kernel, and say putting 'modprobe iscsi_tcp' in rc.local, is that possible?18:27
teK_the module usually has to come from the kernel (soruce and version) you are running18:27
teK_skip the make step if you configure it as a module but change nothing to * (compiled in)18:28
frinnstyay, new firefox18:28
teK_you should be able to modprobe right away18:28
teK_frinnst: finally!!118:28
frinnstand thunderbird18:29
frinnstfun fun fun18:29
frinnstNew search UI improved and enabled for more locales <- lies btw18:32
frinnstto retain the proper search ui: set to false18:33
syncnteK_: sorry for being such a n00b but i ascared to mess this sytem up. would you mind babyin me a step or 2?18:55
teK_what's the matter?18:56
syncni got into /usr/src/3.12.24, added the M to the proper menu item in the config18:56
syncnthen i ran make modules18:56
*** phant0mas has joined #crux18:57
syncnmy first question, there are multiple .config files in this dir, and i did not specifiy one nor is the 1 i saved just ".config", so how does it know which to use? my second question is, a 'find . -print | grep iscsi_tcp' whos me just .c and .h files...?18:57
syncnshows me*18:57
teK_what. Let me check.18:58
teK_I have .config and .config.old18:58
teK_it uses .config  by  default18:58
teK_that's where make menuconfig puts your settings, too18:58
syncnokay so there has to be a way to specify i'll assume18:59
teK_you always could edit the Makefile ;)18:59
syncnlike 'make modules --config = .config-my-special' ..18:59
syncnthats true18:59
syncni know, ill switch out the .config s real quick.18:59
syncnsweet i see iscsi_tcp.o and .ko now19:00
teK_you can always inspect the file with your favourite editor19:00
syncnokay, final question: i do not need this system to have the module, i need another system to have the module. can i just take the .ko or should i take whole directories?19:01
teK_if the configs/versions are identical you can transfer the .ko for sure19:01
teK_if versions differ you are most probably not going to be able to load the .ko19:01
teK_with different configs it depends19:02
syncni mean theoretically they should be the same19:02
syncnbut who knows with these computers ;)19:02
teK_you can check with diff(1) and the configs from /proc/config.gz19:02
teK_diff knows!19:02
teK_transfer one config to the other  machine19:02
syncnthe reason i ask , is because of the handbook. after the makes it has you cp bzImage and ...19:03
teK_gunzip config; mv config config-other; zcat /proc/config.gz > config; diff -u config config-other19:03
syncn  okay. hey thanks for the help teK_ !19:04
teK_if you did not reconfigure to much there's no need to rebuild the kernel. As for the I don't care about symbols ;)19:04
teK_are you using CRUX, btw?19:04
syncnoh yea19:04
teK_what made you switch, if you dont mind telling?19:04
syncnonly OS i19:04
syncni've* ever really messed with the kernel on19:05
syncnbesides back in my droid flashing days19:05
*** yang has left #crux ("Free yourself with Free Software, join")19:06
syncnlearning :D19:06
syncnarch and ubuntu i dont really learn anything new on19:06
syncnor centos19:07
teK_systemd is fairly new :)19:07
teK_systemd-middleware that is. sorry.19:07
teK_but sure, have a look at CRUX. I think it's awesome. But I'm biased :19:07
syncnarent we all19:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 35.0. Fixes several security issues.19:25
frinnstthunderbird is not ready yet, wont build with gcc 4.9 and my vm is not up to date D;19:27
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diversermull & khanku: good to know they already exist :)20:29
diversefrinnst: that's good to see20:31
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:32
*** kori has joined #crux20:37
*** kori has quit IRC20:37
*** kori has joined #crux20:37
diversekori: so you got the compton port solved? What fixed it?20:45
diverseremoving all the documentation?20:46
koridiverse: "make compton" and installing compton manuallt20:54
diverseah, heh20:55
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prologicCRUX friendly hosting (SSD based): -- Just upload the CRUX 3.1 ISO and setup as a normal machine (uses KVM hypervisor)23:45
korihow many CRUX points would I lose if I introduced a new var to Pkgfiles23:46
prologicwhat are you thinking?23:48
joacimmight try that. have to leave DO, so I need a new place to host my stuff23:49
prologicsame here joacim23:49
prologicDO whilst has a nice UI and API(s) doesn't support custom OS(es)23:50
prologicso I'm ditching it too I think23:50
joacimdon't think you can use your own kernel either i think23:50
prologicno you can't23:50
prologicwith Vultr it's KVM based23:50
prologicso custom all the way :)23:50
prologicand if you signup - big thank you23:50
prologicas I get $10 credit I think :)23:51
joacimscrew you!23:51
prologicfeel free to share your affiliate link for others to signup with too :)23:51
prologicshare the love :)23:51
koriprologic: I've figured out the perfect way to handle git packages23:51
prologickori: oh?23:51
koriby handling the repo the same way the git driver does it23:51
koriwith git fetch and reset23:52
joacimmight be a while until i sign up tho. i still have some funds on my DO account that I need to burn up23:52
prologicjust burn it with a distirbuted service/attack of some kind :)23:52
prologictest out some new password cracking :)23:52
*** SiFuh has quit IRC23:52
joacimcan't create more droplets. my account has been locked =)23:53
prologicahh :)23:54
prologichaven't been paying your bills? :)23:54
joacimI don't know when or why that happened23:54
joacimthey never told me why23:54
prologicI think it's automatic23:54
joacimnever got an email about it either, so i don't know when that happened23:55
*** SiFuh has joined #crux23:55
joacimI didn't notice until i tried using features that require an unlocked account23:55
*** hhhhhhhh_ has quit IRC23:57

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