IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2015-01-15

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koriI wonder, can you export version from inside build()?00:03
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korigrrr I'm confusing myself00:05
prologicsorry what? :)00:09
prologicA Pkgfile is just a Bash script00:09
prologicso whatever Bash can do00:09
prologicI'm pretty sure it's sourced and build() is called00:09
koriaye, but pkgmk complains version is not set when I try to build00:09
prologicversion should always be set00:10
prologicit's used to tag the pckage00:10
koriprologic: aye00:10
korimy plan is to set version whilst the package is built00:10
korinot before00:10
jaegerthat will confuse prt-get at the very least00:12
korijaeger: not just prt-get, it's confusing me00:13
jaegerwhy are you wanting to change version mid-build?00:13
jaegerwhat's the use-case for it?00:13
rmull pretty cute00:14
diverseprologic: your last message reminded me of what I wrote00:14
diverseoh I need to change the 3 parameter after the string to PKG_RELEASE00:15
prologickori: I also don't understand the use-case00:15
prologicversion is quite required by a number of things before build()00:16
korithis is an experiment00:16
korito automatically set the version to the commit hash00:17
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diversekori: you're going to do something like arch's pkg_ver()?00:20
koridiverse: no00:20
korimaybe, now that I think about it00:20
koriI'm trying to figure out what's the easiest way to do this00:20
diversethat's probably the easiest way00:20
diverseyou need to update $version somehow00:21
korinow I'm sad lol00:22
diversewhat's wrong?00:22
diverse(and don't use lol if you are sad!)00:22
diversewell actually you probably don't even need an extra function, just do the work in the build()00:24
diversejust have the pkgfile implicitly update $version00:26
koribasically what I'm trying to do is this generic "get_shit_from_git" function00:27
koriwhere you can just stick an URL in and it automagically works™00:28
diverseoh that, alright00:28
koriI've that figured out(mostly)00:28
koriwait whoops00:31
korihold on00:31
korithe pull part is wrong00:31
diverselooks fine00:34
korialright I've this figured out00:34
kori this is an idea00:36
koriand so version would be set to a commit00:37
koriand then if gitsource is set pkgmk assumes it's a git package00:38
koribut I can't think of a way you'd have the actual version as git-<commit>00:38
jaegerthis has made me think a bit... what I'd probably do (not that you asked) is make a little CI script that grabs the latest git tree, updates a Pkgfile, triest o build it, and then commits it only if it succeeds00:40
prologicjeager: update to what versION/00:45
prologicor for git/bleedin-edge software with git sources?00:45
jaegerthat's only for the latest commit00:45
jaegerif I wanted a specific version I'd just edit my Pkgfile to that version :)00:45
jaegerjust an alternate way to do what kori's trying to do, as I see it00:46
korithe get_shit_from_git function would be in pkgmk by the way00:46
koriand it wouldn't be called that also00:47
prologicjeager: I like it :)00:48
prologiccould probably hack up such a tool :)00:48
jaegeran alternate way which doesn't modify pkgutils, as a side note00:49
jaegeryeah, would be pretty easy, I think00:49
prologicI already have a bash script that tests builds00:49
koriI can understand the reasoning behind not wanting to modify pkgutils00:49
jaegeralso note that I'm not trying to diss your way, just contributing another :)00:50
koriit's all about picking the simplest and best way in the end00:50
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diverseyay it blew up in my face01:53
diverseI never bothered with bindings before, so I dunno01:55
koridiverse: that phrase out of context could be so bad01:57
jaegersome people are into weird things01:58
diversekori: read the crux-devel logs01:58
diverseI decided to take it here, so I don't upset a certain person.01:59
diversejaeger: also, that was not funny, you know what I was talking about.02:01
prologicspeaking of which I may improve the irc logs around here soon02:01
prologicI'm moving the service(s) at the same time (when I have some more time)02:02
jaegercan you make me funny in the logs?02:02
jaegerapparently I'm bad at that02:02
diversekori: I was playing with curl bindings to Rust, I tried downloading a file and a lot of bad errors showed up.02:03
koriah I see02:05
diversethus "I never bothered with C bindings before" so I'm not experienced02:05
diversenow if you let weird thoughts go into your head (like jaeger) because of lack of context, that's your problem ;)02:07
jaegerbah, it's a joke :P02:07
prologicjeager: haha02:11
prologicif anyone has a good suggestion for an irc log indexer and search webui thingy, please let me know :)02:11
koriughhh compiling browsers02:14
diversepft, quit your whining :)02:15
diversebrowsers are essentially operating systems anyway02:16
jaegerI built a new updated ISO yesterday... guess I'll do another one tonight :)02:18
diversethat's generous of you02:18
jaegerwell, it's easy to do, just have to wait02:18
diversedoesn't that hog up all of your cores?02:24
jaegerIt's running on my VM server and uses as many cores as I tell it to :) In this case 402:24
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diversespeaking of which, I got my new tech bench today, just need to assemble it up02:27
diverseI would like to see if there are other ways to share cores through my lan besides distcc02:28
diverseyou know, like have my primary system see it's running 16 cores instead of 802:31
prologicjeager: would you mind adding a mail -s "CRUX ISO Updated" at our ml when you updated the ISO?02:34
prologiclike our core/opt updates02:34
prologicjust so I know when to rebuild the docker images02:34
diversethat's a good idea02:34
prologicplease :)02:34
prologicmake it part of the Makefile/scripts?02:34
prologicdiverse: that's not really possible IHMO02:35
prologicI'm not aware of any Linux/Kernel libraries/tolls that will "extend your OS's view of the No. of CPU(s)" your system can see02:36
prologicI've been down this path with Intel Phi -- you need custom software02:36
prologicor more to the point you have to write to the card02:36
prologicThe OS doesn't see the 64 cores in the Intel Phi card02:36
Worksterkori, do it like i said with contrib/gpp see how i do version strings in only use a git command.02:36
prologicbut if you find something and prove me wrong I'll be glad adn all ears :)02:36
koriWorkster: aye and that's a good idea but I'm trying to do it with ideally no extra dependencies02:38
Worksternot possible without hacking pkgmk02:39
Worksterand then as jaeger said it'll confuse prt-get02:39
Worksterand portspage02:39
diverse(guess who is doing that)02:39
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korihacking pkgmk was my intention from the start02:40
koriI love hacking things haha02:40
Worksterdiverse, i wouldn't mind source=(git://
diverseI know02:41
korieh, I'd probably keep the source array like it is now02:41
koriwhat I'm going to do is add a couple more things and work with that02:41
diverseI guess might as well, since I'm parsing for http://, https://, ftp://, etc02:41
Worksterand a branch/tag02:41
koriand then you guys can hack the source array later02:41
Workstercvs svn hg git are the most common02:41
Worksterdunno what uses cvs anymore though02:42
diverseexcept for old-school people like the OpenBSD guys ;)02:42
Workstershould have died with ftp02:42
diverseFreeBSD recently switched to svn02:43
Worksterhg git monotone all decentralized02:43
Worksterell svn is better but single point of failure02:43
diverse(I did a paper on git too)02:44
Workstersvn is a silly choice unless they never expect there server to go down02:45
diversefor FreeBSD's model, it makes more sense for them to be centralize, because they are more of an collected group.02:46
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diverseWorkster: so their protocols are {cvs,svn,hg}:// ?02:49
koriin check_footprint02:53
koriwhy is sed piped into sed piped into sed piped into sed piped into sed?02:53
koriwhat's the last time pkgmk was touched?02:54
Worksterdiverse, yeah02:54
Worksterand git02:54
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koriWorkster: pkgmk02:55
diversehe is talking about that02:55
Worksteroh the footprint stuff... i really didn't pay much attention to that02:55
koricheck md5sum does the same thing02:56
Worksteri dunno try doing it on one sed line it might be probomatic?02:56
diversekori: so what are you trying to advise?02:58
koridiverse: I'm just curious02:59
korisince you could just do that with sed -e02:59
diverseso, sed foo -e bar -e baz, instead of sed foo | sed bar | sed baz?03:00
koriI mean, the expressions are executed in order03:00
koriI can't imagine a problem03:01
koribut of course, in practice it might be different03:01
korialso bsdtar can extract rar03:01
diverseis `-e` universal though?03:03
diversesometimes some args are gnu-ish03:04
korilet me check03:04
koriit's here03:05
kori same for here03:05
kori even here, not that this matters03:06
koriI think it's safe to assume it's universal03:06
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diverseis there an env var that ignores cert athenication?04:01
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prologicwith curl?04:22
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diverseprologic: yeah04:28
diversewell not curl directly04:28
diverseanother program that uses curl04:29
prologicwell there is the -k option in curl's cli itself04:30
prologicso I imagine the library should be able to utilize that too04:30
diverseso there is no env var where I can tell a program to temporarily ignore them?04:31
prologicnot afaik04:32
prologicbut you're using the curl library no?04:32
prologicso you really should use the apis04:32
prologicnot env vars :)04:32
diverseit's not my program04:32
prologicoh :)04:36
Worksterreally though have the certs installed and it should work04:45
diverseyeah, I checked and they look up to date04:45
Worksterand still fail?04:47
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xeirrrHi, There must be something is wrong: I keep seg fault when downloading firefox:05:45
xeirrrError msg "/usr/bin/pkgmk: line 97: 29941 Segmentation fault      wget $RESUME_CMD $DOWNLOAD_OPTS $PKGMK_WGET_OPTS $1"05:45
Worksterworked for me...05:47
Worksterxeirrr, prt-get update -fr `revdep`05:47
Worksteras root05:47
xeirrrwhat is revdep?05:48
xeirrrbash doesn't know command `revdep`05:53
Worksterprt-get fsearch revdep06:00
Worksterreverse dependency lookup06:00
Worksterfor libraries06:01
xeirrr"prt-get fsearch devdep" returns nothing06:01
Worksterits in prt-utils06:02
Worksterwhich is in opt06:02
Worksterperhaps you haven't done a ports -u yet06:03
Worksterwhich uses curl so hopefully your curl is ok06:03
xeirrrYeah, now installing prt-utils06:03
xeirrri'll rebuild curl06:04
Workstermore like your wget by the sounds of it06:04
xeirrrI have built wget for several times, it keeps me seg fault06:05
Worksterany unusual cflags?06:05
xeirrrno, i just fire up "prt-get upfate -fr wget" everytime06:06
Worksterfinddeps wget06:07
Worksterone of those may need a rebuild first.06:07
Worksterbut revdep should find it06:07
xeirrrOkay, now doing revdep in root06:07
Worksterit'll take some time to scan06:09
Worksteri'll also resync so it'l have new firefox source as well... if its there server.06:11
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elderK Hey guys, has anyone had any trouble installing Crux 3.1 from scratch?06:11
elderKParticularly after doing prt-get sysup?06:11
elderKI've hit some pretty major issues - the first couple were easily solved. libidn's .so not being present, etc.06:11
elderK(wget stopped working midway).06:12
elderKcurl was missing rtmp...06:12
elderKMost importantly: glibc.06:12
elderKAfter updating glibc, everything... died due to versioning issues, it seemed.06:12
elderKHas anyone else hit any of these problems? :)06:12
elderKIf so, any pointers? :)06:12
Worksteri think xeirrr is hitting the wget issue but he is revdep-ing now06:13
Worksternever hit the libidn issue06:13
elderKHow about glibc?06:13
elderKThat was the only thing that was really the killer, really.06:14
elderKMany packages still expect libjpeg rather than libjpeg-turbo.06:14
Workstercurl was finefor me too. and glibc not a problem.. did you sysup between 3.0 to 3.1 and not use the iso to upgrade?06:14
elderKNo - I installed fresh using the Crux 3.1 CD.06:14
elderKUpgrading a system using the CD, from Crux 3 to 3.1 worked fine.06:14
elderK(I had to do some libpng stuff but other than that, it was pretty smooth)06:14
elderK(I upgraded my laptop, wanted to reinstall fresh from media on the desktop)06:15
Worksteroh yeah libpng would be a major rebuild06:15
WorksterelderK, prt-get update -fr `revdep` should fix most problems06:16
elderKYeah. But that wasn't a killer.06:16
Worksteralso don't forgetto look though rejmerge06:16
elderK:P How can I do that when nothing works because of glibc versioning issues? :P06:16
elderK:) I look through rejmerge often.06:16
elderKOne thing I found odd was that one of the rejmerge's were pulling from crux-3.0 ports, rather than crux-3.106:17
Worksterthen you boot the iso mount root , setup chroot helper, cd to core ports and do pkgadd --root /mnt glibc...06:17
elderK(I.e. the update tried to "update" to crux-3.0 ports repo, rather than sticking with crux-3.0)06:17
Worksterbe sure your /etc/ports/ files are 3.106:17
Workstermost notably contrib and compat-3206:17
elderK(update meaning sysup)06:17
elderKSo weird...06:17
Workstersince they are both .inactive06:18
elderKI mean, it's all fresh from the 3.1 media.06:18
Worksterso rejmerge wont bump those two.06:18
Worksteroh not a upgrade?06:18
elderKNo. Upgrading from 3.0 -> 3.1 using the media, worked mostly fine.06:18
elderKbut fresh installing 3.1 from the media... well.06:18
elderKI hit all these problems :P06:18
Worksterwhat the heck06:18
elderKMy feelings precisely.06:19
Worksterthink it's time we get a crux 3.1.1 out06:19
Worksterjaeger, ^06:19
elderKSo, you haven't  hit any of these issues from fresh-install?06:19
xeirrrWorkster: About how much time does it take?06:19
Worksternah and i have done like 5 installs of crux 3.106:19
elderKWell, I'll run through it again.06:19
elderKI must've fucked something up pretty badly.06:20
Worksterxeirrr, eh 5-10 minutes to scan if you got like 800 ports06:20
Worksterthen how ever long to rebuild06:20
elderKAnd how fast your machine is, ram, storage media.06:20
elderKI have 16G and SSDs so I'm pretty happy, rebuilding doesn't bother me too much.06:20
Workstermostly disk bound for revdep scan stage06:20
elderKCPU's not the best but it's an i5, that's decent.06:20
xeirrrIt returns jdk now06:20
Worksterbetter than some06:21
Worksterjdk always does that. ignore that.06:21
elderKI've been usign a Powerbook G4 for the past three weeks.06:21
Worksterbinary stuff06:21
elderKthat was ... well, painful, from what I use now.06:21
elderKJust compiling a C++ file there takes fucking AGES, especially if it makes use of the STL...06:21
elderK:) Back in 2003 when the machine was built, it didn't seem so slow :P06:22
elderKThese days, it's a nice machine but one that's increasingly excruciating to use.06:22
diverseguys, can I have one of you pastebin the output from this command for me? `curl -I -L`06:22
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lifthrasiirhello everyone06:24
*** pitillo has joined #crux06:24
lifthrasiirfor the reference, I'm inspecting diverse's Cargo problem06:24
lifthrasiir(a package manager of Rust programming language)06:25
diverselifthrasiir: oh you're Yurume06:25
elderKI was just about to say.06:25
lifthrasiirthis is also my Github handle06:25
elderKIt sounded very rusty!06:25
diverseelderK: this is a serious problem06:25
lifthrasiirdebugging results in... a strange curl problem06:25
elderKdiverse: Sorry. :) I'll shush.06:25
xeirrrworkster: now returns libreoffice06:25
lifthrasiirnamely, at least diverse's machine seems to be unable to execute `curl -I -L -v`06:25
lifthrasiirI want to check if this is a problem in Crux's ca-certificates, anyone care to try it?06:26
diverseI need someone to test that for me06:26
elderKI would if I could, guys.06:27
xeirrrdiverse: here it is
diverselifthrasiir: ^06:28
diversethat's similar to what I have06:28
lifthrasiiryeah, there is definitely an issue in Crux...06:29
elderKJust so jaeger knows:06:30
elderKjaeger: Crux is by far the best distribution I've used. It's my favorite. It rules. Whatever glitches I encounter from time to time don't even get CLOSE to changing that :)06:31
elderKIf I was smarter, I'd do a more recent port for PPC.06:31
diverselifthrasiir: do you mind hanging around?06:32
lifthrasiirI'm trying a bug tracker06:34
diverselifthrasiir: also another point I wanted to mention was that I had a hard time logging into my gtalk account with pidgin a month ago, due to probably the CA certs06:34
lifthrasiiraha. :S06:34
diverseso I went to use bitlbee instead which works06:34
Worksterlifthrasiir, i haven't tested cargo but what i've read from diverse and me being a major package manager... would like to read this. heading home now.06:34
diverselifthrasiir: he's Romster that I was mentioning about06:35
Worksterah yes this is my work handle and i'll be afk for a little while 20mins or so06:35
lifthrasiirWorkster: thank you for checking it out06:36
elderKHo Romster! :P:D06:36
xeirrrWorkster: WAIT06:36
diverseRomster has saved my ass many times06:36
xeirrrWorkster: It finished.06:36
xeirrrDo i need to rebuild them?06:36
diverselifthrasiir: I know I said it before, but thanks for all the help and troubleshooting06:39
elderKxeirrr: You mean revdep's  finished?06:40
elderKIf so, yes, you rebuild those programs.06:40
elderKLibraries, whatever :)06:40
diversexeirrr: prt-get update -fr $(revdep)06:40
xeirrrelderK: Yeah06:41
lifthrasiirdiverse: again, nevermind :)06:42
xeirrrdiverse: thanks man06:42
lifthrasiiraw, okay, I found the missing root CA06:47
lifthrasiirO=VeriSign, Inc. OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority06:47
lifthrasiir(there are G2 thru G5 root CAs in Crux's cert.pem, but it doesn't have this one)06:47
lifthrasiirFYI, it's MD5 fingerprint is ef:5a:f1:33:ef:f1:cd:bb:51:02:ee:12:14:4b:96:c4 and SHA-1 is a1:db:63:93:91:6f:17:e4:18:55:09:40:04:15:c7:02:40:b0:ae:6b06:48
lifthrasiira simulated environment with curl seems to work well with this set of signatures (the first is for
lifthrasiirgiven that the above cert (retroactively referred to G1 ;) is no different from G2 thru G5 in terms of algorithms, I guess it is simply left out06:50
diverselifthrasiir: could you put that information in the bug report on flyspray? :)06:51
lifthrasiiryeah, I'll do06:51
lifthrasiirenough detective work06:51
lifthrasiirah, do I need a login?06:51
diverseyeah you will need an account...06:52
diverseif it's a bother don't worry about it06:53
*** elderK has quit IRC06:53
*** Phonester has joined #crux06:55
Phonesterwaits for pizza.06:55
diverseis that you Romster?06:56
Phonestercargo from what i have read from diverse. is not easily package able by distros. needs to be more like python pip. if package is on system and meets the minimum requirements then skip installing that... and we would like to be able to just build without pulling in every dependency. and let our package manager deal with that.06:58
PhonesterAndroid samsung s506:58
Phonesteri haven't bothered to login to freenode06:59
diversePhonester: lifthrasiir has narrowed down the problem with our ca certs06:59
diverseit's in the logs06:59
lifthrasiirdiverse: done!07:03
*** Phonester has quit IRC07:03
lifthrasiir...and formatting breaks down.07:03
diverselifthrasiir: thanks a bunch man! :)07:04
diversewe're always looking to improve our packages (we call them ports)07:05
diverse(like with FreeBSD)07:06
Romsterthere home and yes that was me on Phonester07:09
lifthrasiirRomster: I've filed the exact issue above07:09
Romsterhmm i was highlighted n #rust ages ago off my backlog now.07:10
diversethat was probably a very long time ago, anyway the issue is reported on flyspray07:11
lifthrasiirwhat I'm not sure is how it is left out in the *generated* PEM file07:11
Romsterlifthrasiir, i'm not that much into certificates but is there some site that collects all the major ones?07:12
lifthrasiirRomster: the file says that it indeed is generated from Mozilla's data07:12
lifthrasiir(I've posted a link to that in
lifthrasiirthe generated PEM file says that it was generated in Sep 2014, but the entry was there at that time. this is the last mystery left to me :S07:13
lifthrasiir(since it really can be an issue of the script...)07:13
Romsteryeah i don't know there. but we can get it fixed.07:13
Romsteri'm worried about cargo in general. which wasn't related to the cert issue diverse found.07:14
lifthrasiirin what aspect?07:14
Romsterfrom what diverse says cargo pulls in all git trees and builds all dependencies for you.07:15
Romsterthats fine but... package managers.07:15
Romsterthat want to package it in there own Pkgfiles/ebuilds/slackbuild, etc.07:15
lifthrasiirit really is a coordinated build tool07:15
Romsteras there own packages.07:15
diverselifthrasiir: the thing I would like to be able to track crates on globally on my system through Crux's package manager07:16
lifthrasiirafaik it doesn't want to package the binary for that reason07:16
Romsteri have yet to try cargo out myself in docker to see the behavior but diverse has been going on about this. diverse please explain.07:16
diverseand would like to have Cargo detect prebuilt crates on my system before attempting to pull from crates.io07:16
lifthrasiirit actually does so, but only in $HOME/.cargo.07:17
Romsteror a option ot avoid pullng at all and jsut bomb out, dependency not met...07:17
Romstersee python as an example i can package python stuff and do python or jsut use pip install... now cargo doesn't separate the two methods?07:18
lifthrasiira prime issue on packaging Rust libraries in the binary form would be a lack of stable ABIs (even 1.0 doesn't guarantee this).07:18
diverselifthrasiir: could there be a /etc/cargo for to put them in?07:18
Romsterwe have builds scripts from source based.07:18
Romsterin Pkgfile build()07:18
diverselifthrasiir: as you can see, Crux is a pretty niche distro, we aren't like the mainstream ones07:19
Romsterfor example diverse is writng metapkg in rust it needs dependencies... i'd like to add those dependencies to there own Pkgfile.07:19
Romsterand not have cargo pull the lot in.07:19
Romsterin this case.07:19 and pip in python allows this.07:19
Romsterone compiles installs and if it cant' find a lib it bombs out.07:20
Romsterwith pip it'll pull dependencies that are missing.07:20
lifthrasiirinteresting. does it support a dynamically generated metapkg as well?07:20
Romsteri'd like cargo to be able to do both methods.07:20
Romsternot sure there diverse ^07:20
Romsterdiverse, has been rewriting our pkgutils that's in C++ to rust.07:21
lifthrasiiri.e. the package-manager-specific knowledge can fully take a control over the dependencies07:21
lifthrasiir(maybe there should be some critical restriction over that control, but except that it is free to do anything)07:22
diverselifthrasiir: what I do is use a Makefile to build my project. The only dependency I need at the moment is tar-rs, so I have a Pkgfile that builds using cargo and installs in a directory that will would be linked automatically with rustc.07:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 31.4. Fixes several security issyes:07:22
diverselifthrasiir: as I said before cargo was only able to build self depending projects like tar-rs without problems07:23
lifthrasiiryeah, I think, under the assumption I've laid, one has to adjust Cargo to get the external dependencies (by, e.g. creating a dummy *-sys crate automatically for each required package)07:25
Romsterlifthrasiir, so cargo can check for dependencies but if instructed to not download can jsut report and exit it's missing a required dependency. so we can Pkgfile tar-rs and ... our package manager handles dependencies.07:25
lifthrasiirhmm wait07:25
diverselifthrasiir: what I do in the Pkgfile (the build script, like Arch's PKGBUILD) is git clone the tar-rs repo, and use `cargo build` to generate the rlib and place it in /usr/lib/rustlib/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib/07:26
diversetar-rs doesn't have dependencies thus doesn't need to connect to crates.io07:26
lifthrasiirif one knows the external dependencies in Cargo.toml... what Cargo really has to support is just a takeover. why was I thinking it that hard.07:26
Romsterfrinnst, mind looking at
xeirrrRomster: problem is still there /usr/bin/pkgmk: line 97: 29426 Segmentation fault      wget $RESUME_CMD $DOWNLOAD_OPTS $PKGMK_WGET_OPTS $107:27
diverselifthrasiir: I'm sorry if this is too much information :(07:27
lifthrasiirdiverse: I'm not really well versed on other distros, but it's fine ;)07:27
Romsterxeirrr, wget
xeirrrRomster: will do07:28
diverselifthrasiir: the point us, unlink most rust programmers, I like to track the crates I use on my system with my distro's package manager07:29
diverse*the point is07:29
lifthrasiiryeah, there are some differing concerns between language-level pkg manager and system-level pkg manager.07:29
Romsterlifthrasiir, were not saying a self contained cargo that pulls everything in is bad. but we would like the option.07:30
diversewe want extra flexibility07:30
Romsterbut i am a bit concerned about a single point of failure for cargo.07:31
Romsterbut that's another possible issue.07:31
*** xeirrr has quit IRC07:31
Romsterif it looks at and amazon is could... so the later should be more reliable.07:32
*** xeirrr has joined #crux07:33
diversefrinnst: sorry for the extra verbosage :(07:34
Romsterwhat cargo needs is a option or another command just to build, and install to a prefix.07:34
Romsterthis could of been in the rust channel really.07:34
diverseRomster: yeah it could, but I'm afraid of sparking flames07:35
Romsterxeirrr, that working ok?07:35
lifthrasiirhow about the "expert mode" on Cargo? for the record, Cargo actually instructs rustc to *ignore* normal crate resolution algorithm by `--extern` option (jokingly called expert mode thus). likewise, the external program can instruct Cargo to ignore the normal dependency download step to use a particular, pre-downloaded or pre-compiled file instead.07:36
lifthrasiirthis should really go to Cargo's issue tracker, and should be considered a kind of future work, but it has a merit.07:36
xeirrrRomster: Its downloading now.07:36
Romstercargo should look if the dependency is met on the system.07:36
lifthrasiirmany individual *-sys packages actually do so, by pkgconfig.07:37
Romsterxeirrr, hmm maybe some weirdness on Mozilla's end then triggering a bug in wget?07:37
Romsterlifthrasiir, ah goodie.07:37
lifthrasiir(it is able to run pkgconfig while building)07:37
xeirrrRomster: will do07:38
Romsterso all we need is a way to avoid downloading. and bail out of a dep isn't met.07:38
lifthrasiirsome packages go further, by falling back to the packaged source code as well :p07:38
Romsterxeirrr, that might warrant a bug report to wget tracker.07:38
lifthrasiir(e.g. cld2-sys first checks if cld2 is available in the system, and if not, compiles cld2 in place.)07:38
lifthrasiirthis kind of dummy packages seems to work well so far07:38
Romsterlifthrasiir, yeah so we sould prefer a don't download or build but exit saying we are mising a dep. which we would package up ourself and install into $PKG prefix. that our package manager then deals with.07:39
Romstercurrently i don't see a easy way for distro packagers07:40
Romsternot just us but all in general.07:41
lifthrasiirmaybe you should talk about your concerns to Cargo developers directly. I'm interested but don't see the full picture.07:41
Romsterwe could package git archives but then we still get stuck with cargo07:41
diverseRomster: it's probably better to join #cargo on mozilla's server07:42
Romsteras soon as we run cargo it'll take over and clober our system than to let us package the dependencies.07:42
diverselet's save frinnst's eyes from this07:42
lifthrasiiranyway, I think this is enough detective work for me07:45
lifthrasiirgood luck to CRUX :)07:45
*** lifthrasiir has left #crux ()07:45
*** phant0mas has joined #crux07:49
Romsterfrinnst, can handle it07:50
Romsterhe must of just woke up and too much text before coffee quota != good07:51
Feigrimhe's not in yet so I can confirm that he has not had coffee :P07:51
frinnstRomster: yeah i saw that bug btw08:01
frinnstbut iirc we decided ways back to more or less just ship curl's ca-cert08:01
frinnstand there was a reason behind it too if i remember correctly08:02
diverseI'm glad frinnst is not mad08:06
Romsterhmm so curl is to blame.08:08
diverse(and the one I'm trying to bind to rust as well, what a coincidence)08:08
Romsteri think mozilla at the time had some certs revoked or something08:11
*** xeirrr has left #crux ("Leaving")08:22
*** jdolan has joined #crux08:40
*** Papey has joined #crux08:42
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:45
*** xeirrr has joined #crux08:46
xeirrrRomster: Can we update opera?
Romsterah been meaning to get to that08:53
Romsterah now i have to use a deb file wtf?08:57
*** phant0mas has quit IRC08:59
nweany idea about this ?
Romsternot even done any EFI on linux.09:01
nweI trying to pxeboot it09:01
xeirrrarch even extracted deb file09:02
nwethe strange thing is that it works in my dev-enviorment, but not on this one...09:02
Romsteryeah i'm already looking at that.09:02
diverseI use uefi, but I use efistub09:05
diverse(who needs boot loaders when your bios can act as one?)09:06
Romsterxeirrr, this needs gconf....09:16
Romsteropera: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:17
Romsterto be honest i feel like dropping opera.09:17
Romsteri don't fancy putting in gconf in contrib.09:21
Romsterar x opera-stable_${version}_amd64.deb09:22
Romsterbsdtar -xf data.tar.xz --exclude=usr/share/{lintian,menu} -C $PKG09:22
Romsteryou can go play with it though09:23
Romsterther eis chromium and midori and firefox what more browsers do you need.09:38
diversewow, we really went out with a bang today09:40
xeirrrOn my low-ended machine, these three are nightmire, especially webkit(-gtk)09:40
diverseI guess you got Servo to look forward too09:42
diverseor whatever browser comes out of it09:42
Romsteryeah that too.09:48
Romsterservo will probably be like webkit and anyone writes a frontend GUI09:48
diversewell it's like webkit or gecko except newer and more modern09:51
xeirrrdiverse: you have servo Pkgfile?09:51
diversexeirrr: it's a browser engine, it wouldn't be much of use to you09:52
diverseanyway, no I don't have a pkgfile prepared09:52
xeirrrRomster: dont delete opera please, just leave it alone in ports. I'll write Pkgfile for opera 26 and remove it to opera-next09:53
xeirrrrename* it to opera-next09:53
diversewhatever comes out of servo is what you would care about09:54
Romsterxulrunner servo webkit09:54
Romsteropera doens't really have an advantage as it's not using the netscape engine anymore.09:55
diversealthough the other browsers are very mem hoggy09:58
Romsterthats why servo is being written in rust.09:58
diversebecause ownership system + RAII means guarenteed clean frees of allocated memory, even on very large projects09:59
diverseso for programming-on-the-large is very useful, because you don't know which person out of hundreds might introduce leaks10:03
*** titanmech has joined #crux10:06
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux10:18
frinnstanybody have any experience with zyxel zywall 1xxx series?11:04
frinnststupid fucking gui11:04
*** phant0mas has joined #crux11:47
diverseI wonder if firefox 35 fixed the cpu hogging issue?11:48
*** phant0mas has quit IRC11:52
opendredd :D11:59
diverseopendredd: is that link for me? (I don't have firefox open because I'm using all my resources to build it quickly)12:04
diversexeirrr: got opera working?12:18
xeirrrdiverse: do you mean that deb file? no. It needs
diverseaww D:12:19
diversexeirrr: how about another browser like midori?12:27
diverseI think that's webkit, but it's suppose to be lightweight12:28
xeirrrdiverse: I'll accept some binary if someone provides me12:28
diversexeirrr: how about the pkgfile?12:33
xeirrrdiverse: I am kind of fear, because of webkit-gtk212:35
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:40
diversesigh, so many webkit browser variants12:41
diverseI simpathize with you when it comes to vte with terminals for me12:42
diversexeirrr: how about SeaMonkey?12:43
xeirrrdiverse: Is that a browser?12:44
diverseit's a community maintained netscape12:45
diverselatest release was just 2 days ago12:50
diverseI don't know how it compares to firefox performance wise12:51
diverse...and there is no port for it12:55
diversekori: would you be up for making another port?12:58
diverseif so, add SeaMonkey to your repo12:59
xeirrrthanks, diverse13:02
jaegerdid elderK figure out the problem? Sounded extremely odd from the logs13:23
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux13:25
Romsterhe got firefox soruce off my host without any issues with wget.13:29
Romsteri sugested he file a bug report to wget13:29
leo-unglaubhi "hunter" ;)13:29
jaegerI think that was xeirrr, not elderK13:30
Romsteri lost track13:30
xeirrrHi, jaeger i didn't file a bug yet.13:31
xeirrrThe error is " /usr/bin/pkgmk: line 97: 29426 Segmentation fault      wget $RESUME_CMD $DOWNLOAD_OPTS $PKGMK_WGET_OPTS $1" when I download firefox13:32
jaegeryeah, I saw it in the logs13:32
jaegerunrelated to that, just uploaded a new updated ISO13:33
xeirrrwith respect to this bug, any ideas?13:34
Romsterrm the .partial file and try again?13:35
jaegerI can't reproduce it here13:36
jaegercan you download other files from
jaegerspecifically using ftp rather than http13:36
jaegernss, for example13:36
xeirrrNot tried both. I get ff 35 source codes from other people.13:36
xeirrrI'll try to download nss now13:37
leo-unglaubxeirrr: this maybe sound strange, but you are from china, right? i know of some cases where your government injected the firefox downloads and there caused problems with the tcp stream13:38
leo-unglaubmozilla products are a very common target there13:38
xeirrrbecause of cdn stuff13:38
xeirrrI remove prebuit binary and source code in /usr/ports/opt/nss, do a force rebuild. Now it's downloading13:40
jaegeralso, does 'curl -O' work?13:43
xeirrrjaeger: That works.13:47
xeirrrIt seems it's network issue, because I am in china13:47
xeirrrNow it's fine, keep 200kb/s more or less13:48
Romsterchina makes debugging network related issues impossible...13:49
Romsterthey inject code leo-unglaub ?13:49
Romsterwhat do they do try to backdoor or something13:49
leo-unglaubRomster: yep, they are known for injecting a firefox version that reports back to the government and also messes up the cert system13:50
xeirrrmy guess is they try to control people for evething13:50
leo-unglaubmostly gmail certs13:50
leo-unglaubthats why chrome pinned them pretty hard13:51
xeirrrAs you see backdoors in phone13:51
Romsteri knew about the tight firewall but that's going too far13:51
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:52
leo-unglaubRomster: mozilla is the most common target, see or
*** hhhhhhhh_ has joined #crux14:00
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:09
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux14:10
frinnstseamonkey is built with the same source as firefox is. it just includes *everything*14:13
frinnstfirefox is "just the browser" and thunderbird is "just the email client"14:13
xeirrrgood night14:16
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:17
*** xeirrr has joined #crux14:24
xeirrrjaeger: Are you still running mate?14:24
xeirrrHow much CPU does mate take totally14:26
jaegernot much by itself. I'm compliling thunderbird currently but when it's idle it isn't heavy14:26
xeirrrOK, have a good day14:27
jaegeryou too14:27
*** xeirrr has left #crux ()14:27
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*** Workster_ has joined #crux14:59
*** Workster has joined #crux14:59
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koridiverse: eh, I'm not sure if seamonkey is worth it15:13
*** jdolan has joined #crux15:14
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:16
koriah xeirrr left15:24
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*** jdolan has joined #crux15:49
korigrr I hate compiling firefox15:55
koricollect2: error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]15:55
kori12:52 ~kori: /home/kori/local/build/firefox/src/mozilla-release/config/ recipe for target '' failed15:55
korilinux please dont kill my ld15:55
jaegerwant a built package?15:57
korijaeger: eh15:58
koriit doesn't take long here15:58
koribut sometimes ld gets killed15:59
koriand I'm not sure what's lacking in resources here15:59
korimaybe ram15:59
koriI only have 4gb15:59
jaegerhow much swap?15:59
jaegerthat's why16:02
frinnstthats adorable :)16:02
frinnstY U OOM?!?!16:02
koriI'd honestly have 0 swap16:04
korithan any swap at all16:04
korimore ram wouldn't hurt16:04
jaegerif you want to link firefox, you need more than 4gb, so pick one or the other :)16:04
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux16:05
korijaeger: I've compiled firefox successfully here before16:05
frinnstfirefox 6? :)16:06
jaegerit needs a bit more with every version. you might get lucky and link it once with 4gb but I wouldn't count on it16:06
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:06
jaegerand certainly not without any swap16:06
koritime to get more ram then16:08
frinnstif you have diskspace you could quickly swap to file16:10
frinnstand swapoff once firefox is built to lessen the dirty feeling :)16:11
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:12
joacimkori: if you're interested, have a look at my swapd port16:58
joacimit'll create swap when you need it16:58
joacimand delete it when you don't16:58
*** lnds has joined #crux17:12
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*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux18:34
koridoes anyone know if xeirrr is
jaegerno idea here19:01
korihe talked about wanting to join the org and that user is from china19:01
koriit checks out19:01
*** titanmech has quit IRC19:31
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*** lmarie has joined #crux19:50
lmarieHi all.  At library and need to confirm download location for FF.19:51*19:52
lmarieso I can download it from here instead of at home.19:52
lmarieAh nice, thanks jaeger!19:53
lmarieLater folks!19:55
*** lmarie has quit IRC19:55
diversejaeger: you were able to connect with curl?20:12
jaegerthat was with openssl, not curl20:16
jaegerjust showing that the ca cert chain works fine. Maybe a bug in curl20:16
diverse(damn you curl)20:17
diversejaeger: this is what I have been getting:
diversewhich of course is curl20:18
*** thetornainbow has joined #crux20:22
*** Roosevelt has quit IRC20:23
diverseleo-unglaub: should I implement my own downloader code?20:23
diverseyou mentioned how easy it to use http:///20:23
thetornainbowlong time no see channel!20:24
diversehey there20:24
thetornainbowhappy thursday afternoon!20:24
leo-unglaubdiverse: if you want to20:25
leo-unglaubthats hard to answer20:25
diverseleo-unglaub: curl was the one that was driving me crazy with cargo20:25
diverseleo-unglaub: how's your work going?20:50
leo-unglaubdiverse: don't ask ... this work is killing me20:50
leo-unglaubit actually made me hate software development20:50
*** lnds has quit IRC20:50
diversewell there is a difference between hobby and business software development ;)20:51
leo-unglaubyes ... and i hate it20:51
leo-unglaubi never worked ... i always earned money with my hobby20:52
leo-unglauband this commercial shit is killing me20:52
teK__imho_ you cannot do real software development in most web languages20:57
teK_I have seen, Java*, PHP, HTML+JS and smarty20:57
teK_oh and I did CGI stuff with C/shell, too20:58
teK_yet my favourite was the sqli (oracle) thingy together with a plain Shell script20:58
diverse(Java is a web language?)20:59
leo-unglaubteK_: i have to do javascript ....21:00
diverseoh JS21:00
leo-unglauband that pisses me off soooo badly21:00
leo-unglaubevery time i report a bug i hear: "you dont understand the language" ...21:01
diversethe asterisk wildcard21:01
leo-unglaubwell, i understand js, but they dont see there bugs ...21:01
teK_we did not even start about differences in browsers :)21:01
diverseleo-unglaub: so what you hate most is web development21:02
teK_Google Docs stops working if I browse it with chromium sending a fake FF user-agent..21:02
leo-unglaubi like some web development21:05
leo-unglaubbut i hate javascript21:05
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC21:06
teK_I gave up my last web project about 8 months ago (a oxid eshop installation)21:06
teK_for good :>21:06
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux21:07
diverseor you hate how the people managing the project are not letting you be expressive as you want in js?21:14
leo-unglaubjs sucks, thats how simple it is21:16
diverseah, hahaha21:16
diverseleo-unglaub: which parts of js?21:17
joacimI don't know about the language, but I hate how it is often used on websites21:18
leo-unglaubdiverse: the language itself sucks21:18
diverseah, okay, phew21:18
joacimlike when websites listens for keyboard shortcuts21:19
tilmanleo-unglaub: "designed in 10 days" or something :D21:19
joacima lot of those sites conflicts with my browsers keyboard shortcuts21:19
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: bison: updated to 3.0.322:40
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