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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: llvm-32: remove stray files21:29
leo-unglauba question21:29
leo-unglaubwhen i login on tty121:29
teK_courtesy tilman21:29
leo-unglaubwhat file is executed after the login?21:29
leo-unglaubso i could do my startx directly21:29
tilmanteK_: what you should have is 'git am', edit Pkgfile to remove the release bump, the 'git commit --amend'21:30
teK_I was too lazy to do that, tbh :P21:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: llvm: remove stray files21:31
teK_your efforts are really appreciated21:41
leo-unglaubrmull: thanks, i am looking into it21:48
leo-unglaubrmull: but i dont have $DISPLAY set21:54
rmullAfter you start X? You should21:54
rmullI'll have to phone the police if you're running X without $DISPLAY set, I'm sorry21:55
leo-unglaubi start my laptop and get the login shell21:56
leo-unglaubon tty1 without X running21:57
leo-unglauband then i login and want i3wm directly to run21:57
leo-unglaubanb not type startx manually21:57
rmullYeah, those instructions should work21:57
rmull~/.bash_profile gets sourced on every login shell - the line they add tests for DISPLAY so it doesn't run startx unless you're not already in X, also tests for a VT number21:58
rmullX sets DISPLAY when it runs21:59
rmullDoes yours not?21:59
leo-unglaubno, it does not22:00
leo-unglaubyes it is strange22:03
leo-unglaubtty1 is not sourcing that file22:03
rmullare you using a non-bash shell?22:04
leo-unglaubno, bash22:04
rmullSo none of your stuff in .bashrc gets loaded either?22:04
leo-unglaubnot even my aliases22:05
rmullSounds live you've got some issues22:06
rmull/etc/passwd shows your login shell is bash?22:06
rmullyou don't have some weird permission screwup in your home dir?22:06
leo-unglaubno, everything is normal there22:10
leo-unglaubhmm, i have no $XDG_VTNR22:13
rmullUnfortunately I can't test that one because my screen turns off if I kill X22:13
rmullstupid screen22:13
leo-unglaubactually it would be enought to check if $DISPLAY is empty22:16
leo-unglaubi only use TTY1 on my laptop22:16
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diversehmm, how do I get tmux just to set the name of the app in the terminal title without the extras23:46
koridiverse: #W should work23:53
koriterminal title23:54
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diverseyeah, just the name of the app23:54

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