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b1n0hi diverse, I was some time without comming here :) not sure if I have the same nick. Just a CRUX noob :)00:00
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diverseRomster: I added more debugging error messages to help, probably went overkill ;)00:31
b1n0I forget how I get the name of package wich belongs a file :(00:32
b1n0I know how to list the files of a package, I can use find on ports folder...00:33
jaegercheck the pkginfo manpage, -o00:33
b1n0thank jaeger !00:34
frinnstprt-get fsearch is pretty useful too00:35
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Romsterleo-unglaub, time to rip the drive out and test it on another computer... if it doens't show in bios it died.01:24
Romsternot uncommon, i have found controller failures on SSD/HDD01:25
Romsterdiverse, actually you would need to use .*\.tar.\.*01:26
diversein gitignore?01:26
Romsterif it's git you want to ignore it with01:30
diversei know...
diverseI don't know if that's the right pattern either01:31
Romsterif oyu wanan ignore all files with .tar. in it it is.01:31
Romsteryou wanna*01:31
diversethat's what I think it does01:32
Romsteris it me or does rustc compile fairly fast.01:33
Romsterupdated metagear01:33
joacimi think it might be better to keep sources in a different directory01:34
Romster**/*.tar.* <- what the heck?01:35
joacimdon't have to add new lines for .tgz and other archive formats and naming schemes01:36
Romsteryeah it ownt work for tgz tbz txz either... but i think diverse just wants to avoid archives01:37
joacimdiverse: why did you link me that?01:37
diversejoacim: so you understand the patterns in .gitignore01:37
joacimwhy do you need to make me understand that?01:38
joacimI still don't understand why you linked me that.01:38
diversedon't over think it01:38
joacimI'm not the one asking about .gitignore here =)01:38
diversesorry, it was Romster01:39
joacimit wasn't his fault =)01:40
diversethe fault is mine01:40
diverseRomster: look at that link I pasted to joacim01:41
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Romsteralready did01:51
diversejoacim: anyway, sorry about that, I was skimming along and thought you were the one asking the question.01:51
joacimit's ok =)01:58
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b1n0I'm having problem building freetype, /usr/bin/grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory02:59
b1n0/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory02:59
rmullb1n0: That file is provided by opt/freetype - are you saying that you get that error during the installation of opt/freetype?03:02
jaegerdoes /usr/lib/ exist?03:02
b1n0yes, I have a previous build of opt/freetype so i Installed again and Im building again03:03
jaegerhow odd03:03
b1n0but I will uninstall and try to rebuild03:03
b1n0if installed it succeeded03:03
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RomsterServo: Building a Parallel Browser03:28
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diverseThis is one of the servo developers explaining about how they are fixing the modern problems with web browsers today. It's mostly them explaining how they are implementing Servo and why you should care about it in the future if you don't like Firefox already.03:31
diverseoh yeah, and you will hear blips in the audio, it's not you.03:33
b1n0I was tryng to get one simple browser working with directfb03:33
b1n0I'm in the part of gtkfb, begining03:33
diverseoh wow, they are going to embed some servo technology in gecko03:35
jaegerIt's a bit sad that they have to sell us browsers now, heh03:36
jaegerthough not really surprising, I guess03:36
diversewell it's not to "sell to us" it's actually to grab the hundreds of Gecko developers interest in Servo, but still it's cool either way03:38
diversewe get a taste of Servo before it gets written into a browser03:43
Romsteryeah i wasn't aware of some of it going into gecko03:47
diverseme neither03:47
diversejaeger: unless you meant them advertising servo, well yeah, how else people are going to know about it? :)03:51
Romsterits a Linux conference there meant to talk about latest developments03:52
Romstermaybe i need to go to one about my filter tool later on be like only 5 minutes though lol...03:53
b1n0I ear alot things about Rust here :)03:58
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diverseA lot of things are said here ;)05:39
b1n0_I'm having a problem with ruby in opt, it cant download05:41
diverseprobably the url changed05:42
diverseit's also outdated, but jue is not around05:45
b1n0_I was able to dowload from https05:48
diversealright, will just put the distfile in the port and let it build05:49
Romsteralot monster05:56
Romsterb1n0_, we have distfile mirrors PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf05:57
diversewait, that's supported in the current pkgmk?05:57
diverseso what is teK_ and prologic doing new?05:59
Romsterthey made a rond robin to a few distfile mirrors05:59
Romsterincluding mine teks and who ever elses06:00
diverseI see now06:00
Romsteri'll be going a step further, automate downloading new versions before it's even updated on the Pkgfile06:02
diverseI guess that's why jaegar said initially nothing goes there.06:03
Romsterafaik we are all doing our own parsing of source= and download.06:05
Romsteror even just ports -u ; pkgmk -r -do06:06
Romstershould i rebase metagear yet diverse ?06:08
diverseupdate it06:08
diverseI really need to find a lib for zlib usage06:09
Romsterpkg info --installed still does the same06:10
Romsterlike it can't literate after the first item06:10
diverseI know...06:10
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Romsterhmm wonder ifi can find any rust to mongodb useage06:12
diverseoh yeah, I need to update the Makefile, shoot06:12
Romster i'm probbly out of luck06:13
diverseoh wow, that's ancient06:14
Romsterwonder if there is any newer...06:14
diversemaybe it already got merge in with the compiler?06:15
diverseanyway, I'll add a "make debug" to turn on the debug info for debugger apps06:16
Romster -_-06:18
diverseRomster: rebase06:19
b1n0_Romster: thanks for the tip,06:19
Romsterb1n0_, no problem06:20
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nilpCan you guys login to to download the ruby package?08:37
Romsternilp, edit /etc/pkgmk.conf and add PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
Romsternilp, your like the second person to report this in a short period of time.09:03
Romster files there anyways... seems to be working for me09:05
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nilpSorry didn't see. The ruby sites says I have to login then gives an error. Adding the mirror works, thanks.09:46
nwehello guys10:42
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leo-unglaubhey :)10:42
nwehow are you guys?10:44
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leo-unglaubfine, and you?10:48
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diversewell, I'm feeling good, at least part of my shit works11:13
diversetotally brain drained though11:16
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leo-unglauba very nice read :)
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ruby: fix source URL14:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dropbear: create ecdsa host key14:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to 3.8.814:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: exim: update to 4.8514:35
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: update to 3.7714:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.071 -> 4.07514:51
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kyubikoIs there any way of setting $LANG globally15:25
kyubikoI set locale in rc.conf, but that doesn't seem to work15:25
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jaegerI set LANG in my .bash_profile15:27
kyubikoI'll just do that then, thanks15:28
jaegerjust depends on where you need it. If you only needed it in X sessions, for example, you could set it in .xinitrc15:28
mhehi guys15:31
mhea quick question: xinit i3 works while exec i3 does not (LFS)15:32
mhewhat startup file do I need to fix?15:32
mhesame for root as regular user15:32
jaegerany errors?15:34
jaegerare you running exec i3 from .xinitrc?15:34
mheyes, but that just restarts my login15:37
jaegercheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log for errors15:38
mheoops, Xintrc instead of xinitrc15:38
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teK_wat. I put stuff to run in ~/.xinitrc and run startx / xinit  in the console16:00
teK_exec xcompmgr -f -D3 -O1 &16:01
teK_exec fluxbox16:01
teK_(note the missing ampersand)16:01
mheyeah, but I made a Xinitrc instead of a xinitrc16:05
b1n0_he, I'm tryng to learn how to get directfb + gtk + webkit + surf working :)16:10
mhewebkit is a big package16:43
mheanyone using netsurf?16:43
rmullI've been interested in netsurf, but it's never really been usable without js16:44
rmullIf you're looking for a decent webkit browser, I liked xombrero16:44
b1n0_mhe: is netsurf == surf.suckless ?16:47
rmullno - different16:48
mheI am still looking for a replacement for firefox that does not compile for hours16:50
b1n0_mhe: webkit is bigger than I was expecting16:51
mheit can be up to 10h16:52
b1n0_netsurf has its own rendering engine, sounds nice, I will try16:54
rmullb1n0_: It's fast, but it doesn't do javascript, so as a daily driver browser, it might be non-viable...17:02
b1n0_I see17:03
rmullI haven't checked up on it in a while, though. Maybe there's been some progress.17:04
b1n0_Im exploring directfb, at the moment Im tryng to run DFBTutorials as a normal user,17:06
b1n0_then I will look to (gtk+webkit)17:07
rmullIt's pretty incredible how complex browsers have gotten17:08
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b1n0_yes, and all that diferent programming languages mixed,17:09
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dxlr8rhey. I have a failing disk for a customer. and I get some of his files out with cp/rsync etc. but some files aren't read, nothing to do with that. but, I want a file list of all the files so I can compare it with what I got out. if I try "find" or "ls" the programs gives me IO errors etc., but in the case for "ls" it says that it can't list file X because it can't read it's size, mod date etc, I guess... but the error does state what file it had error19:20
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dxlr8rreading, so obviously the filename is stored somewhere else. I guess in the file table19:20
koridxlr8r: try echo *19:20
dxlr8rso my question is. how do I get access to that database?19:20
dxlr8ris it recursive?19:21
dxlr8recho * worked, kinda, but all in one line19:23
dxlr8rwould like each file per line, because some files contains spacw19:24
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b1n0humm, cant get gtk under directfb, "cannot open display"19:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 346.3519:41
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 346.3519:41
kyubikoWelp, I just got X working19:45
kyubikotime to break it again19:45
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diversekyubiko: after sysup, exit X then: rmmod nvidia; gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia; modprobe nvidia; startx19:46
diverseyou'll be up and running in no time19:47
jaegerdxlr8r: I would suggest before you try doing anything else, make a backup of the entire drive with ddrescue19:49
jaegerthen you can try to get your info from that image instead of possibly making the drive worse19:49
rmullprologic: Your ports are kind of funky... no Pkgfile in meld/, and what's with the x86_64 dir and the index.html?19:55
rmullI tried to upgrade nvidia and I can't load the module, I think it's related to this:
rmulldmesg says __cachemode2pte_tbl is an unknown symbol20:12
rmullI'm onlinux  3.1820:13
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rmullI guess my problem is a little different. jaeger, what kernel is your nvidia working with?20:34
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rmullOh, my problem was that I had checked out another tag in my kernel sources21:13
rmulland hadn't rebuilt or anything21:13
rmullworks fine, sorry for the noise21:14
jaegerno worries21:15
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prologicrmull, in contrib?23:54
prologicor my ports repo?23:54

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