IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-01-20

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JSchilli1hey, just wanted to let you guys know i fixed the problem, i created an asound.conf using these instructions: and it works!00:15
rmullJSchilli1: nice, thanks for reporting back00:16
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rmullHow come my lvm volume doesn't get the appropriate /dev nodes made until after I run vgscan --mknodes?00:32
rmullIs there some init script I'm supposed to have as part of lvm?00:32
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Worksterrmull, thats in the init scripts somewhere in /etc/rc.*00:46
Worksterall my lvm2 nodes show up00:46
Worksteris the PV on top of another device than a raw/partitioned disk?00:47
WorksterJSchilli1, yeah thought you needed a default device setting.00:48
Workstersince more than one sound device.00:48
rmullWorkster: You're right, it's in /etc/rc00:50
rmullThe PV is a pair of mdadm raid5 arrays00:50
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prologicZFS ftw01:01
prologicfar easier IHMO01:01
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Romsterzfs didn't exist when i did my setup afaik01:26
koriso, about that logo01:28
koriwho wants to talk about it01:28
Romsterwhats wrong with it?01:29
koriRomster: it looks old01:29
Romsterthen draw a new one?01:30
koriI remember jaeger saying they wanted to get rid of the penguin01:30
Romsterand replace it with what?01:30
jaegerI don't recall saying that01:31
Romsteralso why would we want to change from tux?01:31
korijaeger: I remember clearly you or someone with the same nick length, nick color and similar letters saying that01:32
koriunless, of course, you don't wish that to happen now, so that past statement would be invalidated01:32
jaegerI don't have a problem with the penguin, myself. I think we should also have some modern stuff but nothing against the penguin01:32
koriI think the penguin is cute but he looks old01:33
Romsterdiverse, crux post shave01:34
Romster like that but blue?01:34
Romster3d like shading01:35
koriRomster: preferably something flat to match the style of the rest of the website would be the best01:35
korialso, making the fonts larger here and here wouldn't hurt, right?01:39
Romsterif you ask me the entire web site needs a face lift01:40
Romsterbut i can't say much all my sites do too there just messy.01:40
koriI'm very interested in design01:41
koriI'm not really a designer but yeah01:41
Romstercptn (Johannes Winkelmann) prepared a kernel patch, replacing usual framebuffer tux picture with crux blueish (drunk(?)) penguin01:42
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Romsterdrunk... that's what i always think01:42
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korialso, someone needs to clean up the wiki02:08
koriI volunteer02:08
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rmullWorkster: Do you think I need to somehow initialize mdadm before initializing lvm in my case?02:16
prologic <-- I've never used SMART, smartd or smartctl before -- This is my first tun ... Is this bad?02:23
prologicSome of the failure counts look a bit worrying  :/02:23
prologichmm -H shows self tests passing02:26
prologicNot sure :)02:27
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JSchilli1probably late to the conversation but i think a flat and simple logo would fit well with crux's design02:38
JSchilli1sort of like arch's, in the way it's simple02:38
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koriaccidentally shut my computer off, whoops02:43
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rmullour distro name doesn't really lend itself to good imagery02:49
rmullwhat are we going to do, use a cross?02:50
korirmull: I guess02:51
koriCRUX does sound cool but so do many other names02:51
JSchilli1drew something quick, maybe too 'edgy'/arch-like?
koriI doubt changing name is a viable thing now, though02:51
rmullEverything is going to end up looking like a christian symbol02:52
JSchilli1i think mine looks more like a space ship heh02:52
prologicwe already have a nice logo02:55
prologicI for one in fact quite like the cute little blue penguin02:55
prologicit's simple and aesthetically pleasing :)02:55
prologicjust like CRUX :)02:55
prologicKISS :)02:55
rmullI think we should switch to a grayscale lineart type thing02:56
rmulleven simpler02:56
rmullbut honestly I don't really care02:56
JSchilli1i think the current logo is opposite of simple02:56
JSchilli1it's all subjective i guess02:56
rmullIt does look a little like someone needed some generic clip art02:57
prologicwho cares :)02:57
koriprologic: I care enough to bother this channel with this VERY IMPORTANT matter that is obviously more important than any other matters03:01
prologicthe logo?03:04
koriprologic: yes03:06
prologicso you're going to help to rebrand and market CRUX?03:09
prologicand help to bring in a wider auidnece of users?03:09
korido you believe that to be a good thing?03:11
prologiccouldn't hurt03:15
prologicbut then again it will increase our workload03:15
prologicand we do have quite limited resources03:15
koriI'd like to get more "experienced *nix users" interested03:19
koriand I'd like my favorite distro to have a nice logo :D03:19
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koriif you think we should embrace the Crux constellation, then I think I've got just the thing03:32
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thetornainbowi'm not sure how a different logo will bring in more people03:34
thetornainbowjust my $0.0203:34
prologicme neither03:34
prologicthere are very good and simple reasons why CRUX users love CRUX03:34
prologicbut it's probably not obvious at first03:34
JSchilli1doesn't mean polish is unneeded03:34
prologicso perhaps that should be the first point of action :)03:35
korithetornainbow: it won't03:35
JSchilli1good design is external and internal03:35
prologicHelp improve teh website, wiki etc :)03:35
koriprologic: I've volunteered to improve the wiki, but I'm not sure where to start, or how to start.03:35
korithere's a lot of outdated info03:35
JSchilli1i personally like the website, the style is very simple and nice, the content could use updating03:35
prologicthe website in general is fine I agree03:36
prologicbut we could cull a lot of the wiki content03:36
prologicor make a :)03:36
thetornainbowi think the website could use a facelift03:36
prologicI for one don't actively contribute to the wiki (or any wiki for that matter) simply because there is no standard wiki markup/format03:37
prologicso it kind of puts me off03:37
prologicthese days I tend to write a lot of reStructedTeXt and/or Markdown03:37
prologicSo if we had a new Markdown base dwiki I'd probably contribute quite a lot of material myself03:37
koriMarkdown would be fantastic03:37
prologicperhaps I could run up such a thing at wiki.cruxlinux.org03:38
JSchilli1we need to make a crux osx skin to attract new users03:38
koriI enjoy using crux quite a lot, and I'd like to contribute, but since since I'm not really a programmer, this is what I can do, really03:38
prologiccrux has no official wm/de03:39
prologicso that's kind of hard :)03:39
prologiccrux users just use whatever they want :)03:39
JSchilli1prologic: yeah, i was joking, but wouldn't you consider openbox partly 'official'?03:39
JSchilli1it's in the default installed opt packages03:39
koriI actually didn't know openbox came installed until I examined the package list later03:39
prologicthere are a few wm(s) albeit small ones in opt03:39
prologicbut no I wouldn't call them "official"03:39
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JSchilli1prologic: but they're not selected by default03:40
prologicit doesn't come installed03:40
prologicunless you select all of opt from the setup dialog(s) :)03:40
prologicnormally I only ever really install core03:40
JSchilli1i made the mistake of installing the opt and xorg packages, should have just used core03:40
prologicperhaps I will run something like finally03:40
prologicI've been meaning to do something with that domain for a while now03:40
prologicmaybe that's a good start (minimal effort required)03:40
thetornainbowi'll definitely contribute what i can if you do prologic :)03:45
prologicI guess it's time to update sahriswiki (
prologicadd Markdown support and create a BS3 theme03:46
prologicI guess I'll make contributions ssh-key based03:47
prologicsahriswiki is backed by either git or mercurial03:47
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Worksterrmull, my mdadm arrays assemble automatically and i got lvm on top of a few mdadm i'm not sure what your doing there. perhaps put a sleep delay before pvscan vgscan03:51
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prologicZFS ftw!03:52
prologicyou can remove an entire abstraction :)03:52
prologicZFS does it all :)03:52
Worksterprologic, cani have the output of smartctl -a /dev/sda and for sdb03:52
Worksteri read smart values a lot03:52
prologicoh sweet :)03:53
prologichold on03:53
prologicI've added -m and -M options to /etc/smartd.conf and a /root/bin/smartdnotify script that sends me an email and a wall messages to all users03:55
prologicno other config change so far03:55
prologichope this is enough to pickup early disk failures03:55
rmullprologic: Your ZFS argument is the same as the systemd argument03:58
prologicno no03:58
prologicin this case ZFS makes total sense03:58
rmullsystemd says they can do it better by integrating everything, and maybe they can03:58
prologicyou have to read the doco :)03:58
rmullI choose not to use ZFS because of the licensing issue03:58
rmullNot because of its technical merits03:58
prologicthere are many advantages to ZFS that traditional RAID(s) + LVM lack03:58
rmullIt is not a first class citizen on linux as far as I'm concerned03:59
prologicWhat's it licensed as?03:59
prologicwell the same could be said of NVIDIA GPU(S) :)03:59
prologicDo you oppose the use of those too?03:59
prologicBecause quite frankly; NVIDIA are far better than ATI IHMO03:59
prologicI've always had more success with NVIDIA GPU(s) running on Linux than ATI04:00
rmullZFS is CDDL04:00
prologicyeah that's right04:00
prologicI don't really have a problem with that really04:00
rmullI guess I do use the binary nvidia driver, so I'm a hypocrite04:00
prologicwhy should you?04:00
prologicyes you are :)04:01
prologicI don't see anything wrong with CDDL04:01
prologicIt's open04:01
prologicmaybe just as open as GPL04:01
prologicthe two are just incompatible04:01
prologicso it has to be distirbuted this way04:01
prologicIt's NVIDIA you *should* have a problem with :)04:02
prologicNeither their drivers nor their chips are *Open* :)04:02
rmullwhat is openzfs?04:02
prologicanother implemtnation probably04:02
prologicI believe there are a few04:02
prologicbut AFAIK ZFSOnLInux is the most widely used/deployed on LInux04:02
prologicWhy are there dozens of variants of Linux OS(es)? :)04:03
prologicor BSD(es) :)04:03
rmullNo, I mean what is openzfs that zfsonlinux isn't?04:03
prologica different implemetnation :)04:03
prologic*shrugs* :)04:03
prologicnot really looked into the other implemtantion (openzfs)04:03
rmullI think in my case the specific features I needed from my GPU, namely hw accel x264 playback, were only working with the blob, so I had to use it04:04
prologicoh wait04:04
prologicOpen-ZFS is an over-arching ogr04:05
prologicby the looks04:05
prologicthat implements ZFS ON LInux04:05
prologicZFS on OS X04:05
prologicand ZFS on BSD04:05
rmullFor zfs, I don't really need the features, and I am turned off by all the different implementations, licensing issues, etc04:05
prologicso there ya go04:05
rmullI think if it had a really killer feature I would be driven to use it04:05
prologicit has quite a few iller features04:06
rmullmaybe for your use cases04:06
prologichot spares and automatic resilvering04:06
prologicbuiltin compression04:06
prologicjust to name a few04:06
Worksterprologic, sda looks ok, sdb is suspicious Reallocated_Sector_Ct 9 but no new Current_Pending_Sector 0, do a weekly smartctl -t short and a say monthly -t long on all your disks. also sdb might have hidden land mines. so doing a -t long on sdb now is advisable then check if Current_Pending_Sector is still 0 plus error log should say 100% completed.04:06
rmullI like that the btrfs development process is "traditional" in that it happens through the usual kernel development patterns04:06
rmullI don't like that btrfs took a shit on me one day, but I can forgive it04:07
prologicWorkster: thanks for checking04:07
Workstersdb might be on its way out or it'll quite happily sit at the 9 bad sectors that have been relocated.04:07
prologicdo I just run smartctl ... via cron04:07
prologicor reconfigure /etc/smartd.conf?04:07
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prologicI'll take your advice seriously too :)04:07
rmullYou could try running badblocks on it04:07
prologicthanks! :)04:07
Worksterfor perspective i got a hdd with 3 relocated sectors fixed and its still going years later.04:07
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Worksterits never a yes no its more a maybe with smart status04:08
Worksterunless you get a failing_now04:08
Worksterbut if you keep hitting new pendig sectors time to throw it out04:08
prologicok :)04:09
Worksterthe ssd reading is a bit harder and i have less appearance with ssd smart status04:09
prologicschedule the smart tests via cron or smartd itself (/etc/smartd.conf)?04:10
Worksteralso note some manufactures use weird starting points so non zero raw numbers don't necessarily mean its bad.04:10
Worksteri'd use smartd.conf if it allows you too04:10
Worksteras long as you start the smartd daemon04:11
Worksterand yeah email pending failures04:11
Worksteralways a good idea04:11
Worksteri extensively use ddrescue here.04:12
Worksterwindows tools suck on flaky hdd04:12
Worksterfixed 3 iphones coffee break time04:13
rmullwow, productive04:13
rmullI'm off to bed, see you folks04:14
Worksterdid 3 yesterday and a bunch of computers04:14
Workster43mb unreadable out of 750gb, not bad04:17
Worksterexcept the partition table and possibly even the MFT zone is corrupt. so we'll see how i go on this recovery that i cloned to a good disk.04:18
prologicPlease wait 412 minutes for test to complete.04:18
prologicTest will complete after Tue Jan 20 21:12:13 201504:18
Worksteryeah thats normal for a long test04:18
Workstershort tests like like 2 minutes04:18
prologicguess I'l check the results tonight04:20
prologicbetter get this NAS soon :)04:21
prologicif my desktop's spinning hdd is dying :)04:21
prologicor could be dying04:21
prologichopefully our media server's new ssd arrives today04:21
prologicIntel 530 120GB SSD04:21
Worksterin any case i'd have that hdd backed u and probably move it to a non-critical role.04:22
Worksterbasicly if no new pending bad sectors, over the next few months it'll not likely fail.04:23
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Worksterhaving said that i've had hdds with 1 bad sector fixed it and its back again few weeks later with more... then i clone it and toss that out04:24
Worksterafter a full scan and repair with some tool.04:24
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prologicfair enough04:27
prologicgood advice thanks04:27
prologicI don't have anywhere right now to put any of it's data right now04:27
prologicbut it's actually a backup drive04:28
prologicso :)04:28
prologicalso docker storage for the desktop04:28
prologicso "backing it up" will have to wait04:28
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prologic /dev/sdb1       2.8T  101G  2.7T   4% /data04:28
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tired890installed crux on my desktop06:35
tired890elfutils is broken06:36
tired890its in recursive lock06:36
tired890clean crux install + prt-get sysup06:37
Romsterbroken in what way06:59
Romstertired890, you can't install while a sysup is going.07:00
Romsterwell you can but the database is locked at the time of packages being added, plus you may find a package will fail as a old version of a package is being updated... so files can be missing during configure and compile... short solution don't run more than one prt-get (sysup,install,remove) at the same time.07:02
RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/opt/elfutils/elfutils#0.161-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:02
Romsteralso it builds here07:02
tired890Romster: thanks for replying07:02
tired890Romster: I meant I performed a full sysup (on base installation) to update all existing packages07:03
Romsterhi, i maintain elfutils07:03
Romsteryes and sysup completed fine?07:03
Romsterah you may need to run revdep07:05
tired890Romster: the error I get is similar to whats here:
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-utils07:05
Romsteras root do prt-get update -fr `revdep`07:05
tired890running it now..07:07
RomsterFixed in version elfutils/0.156-107:07
Romsterand we have elfutils 0.161-107:07
tired890yes. I was surprised..07:07
Romsteri tend to test stuff in docker containers07:08
Romsterdebian versions tend to lag behind and they cherry pick upstream fixes.07:09
Romsterwe tend to stay at upstream stable07:09
tired890Romster: did prt-get update -fr `revdep` , took some time but then returned "prt-get update takes at least 1 argument"07:10
tired890running prt-get install elfutils after above still goes into recursive lock..07:11
Romsterok that means no packages have any broken librarie paths07:11
tired890I see07:11
Romsterweird can you pastebin it please07:11
tired890oh dear07:11
Romsterprt-get depinst wgetpaste07:12
tired890its on my desktop which has no GUI or anything07:12
Romstervim /etc/prt-get.conf and enable logging07:12
tired890writelog enabled?07:13
Romsterthen you can do wgetpaste /var/log/pkgbuild/elfutils.log07:13
Romsteryeah un-comment them 3 lines.07:13
Romster4 lines actually07:14
Romsterand writelog enabled07:14
Romsteralso a good idea to enable "runscripts yes"07:14
Romsterelse some ports will fail to build.07:14
Romsterie missing groups/users07:15
tired890I was here a few months back and someone said its not a good idea to have runscripts enabled. But since you are a dev I will take your word :)07:15
Romsterdepends, core opt xorg compat-32 and contrib are ok07:15
Romsterits the other ones you need to be careful about.07:15
Romsterbut i haven't seen anyone abuse it yet.07:16
tired890ok after changing retrying elfutils build to generate log07:16
Romsterdepends on the repository you add i'd be wary of the others before checking though the pre/post-install07:16
Romsteralso prt-get install is ok on elfutils but other stuff that has dependencies. best to use prt-get depinst foo07:17
Romsterdo check with prt-get tree foo before installing some stuff does have a ton of dependencies.07:17
Romsterif your willing to accept those.07:17
Romstersome minimalist users don't07:18
tired890thanks for the tips :)07:18
tired890alrighty I have the log07:18
Romstercool can wgetpaste it07:18
tired890I already wgetpaste'd it ..07:19
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Romsterah i need the address for it lol.07:19
tired890lol yes typing it quite long, one sec07:19
Romsterah its on the other pc...07:19
Romsteryou can ssh in or use putty07:20
Romsterhas modification time 1732 s in the future07:21
Romsteryour system time is incorrect07:21
tired890is this why it fails?07:22
Romstercould you fix that with date07:22
Romsterit could be07:22
tired890it was incorrect earlier but now I syncd it07:22
tired890now its the right time07:22
Romsterok retry07:23
tired890I mean it was corrected a few hours ago..07:23
Romsterwell that log says its wrong.07:23
tired890this warning comes because the libs/something else in the system was updated before the time syncd07:23
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Romster1736 seconds in the future so your time at that compile was out.07:23
tired890I thought this was a trivial warning.. could this be the cause of my headaches?~07:24
Romsterwhich means the time difference could of broke elfutils. and it needs to be tried again.07:24
tired890either that, or I need to wait 1700seconds for time to be current (not in the future :P )07:25
Romstermake uses the modified time to know when it needs to build a file or skip it.07:25
Romsterso i'm guessing this could be it.07:25
Romsterso try prt-get install elfutils again07:25
tired890I did, it still fails.. the time of some other dep is in the future so that warning still pops up07:26
Romsterhmm i can upload this for you to wget and pkgadd.07:27
tired890strangely though I installed a ton of apps (xorg deps) and all went fine (that warning popped up too but didnt affect installation/build)07:27
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Romsterthat time difference might cause other issues.07:27
Romstersome are time sensitive others are not.07:27
Romsteri'm only guessing it may have effected this07:27
tired890I think  since I'm early in my installation it might be wise to redo a fresh one07:28
tired890what say you?07:28
Romsterwell you could use touch over the entire system... but i dunno if that'll cause problems.07:29
Romsteror you could force rebuild everything.07:29
Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst |xargs`07:30
Romsterthat'll be slow though07:30
Romsteri'm just loading elfutils07:30
tired890I'm force building all!07:31
Romsterthat would do that07:31
Romsterbut it might be overkill in your case.07:32
tired890if it fails at elfutils after this I will rage smash my keyboard07:32
Romsterpkgadd elfutils#0.161-1.pkg.tar.gz07:32
tired890should I just ctrl+C while its force building?07:32
tired890how do I "clean up" if I interrupt?07:32
Romsteryes you can stop it07:33
tired890installed your package07:35
Romsterso does prt-get diff07:35
Romsterlist anything07:35
tired890now lets see if prt-get install `prt-get quickdep xfce4` continues now..07:35
Romsterwhy not prt-get depinst xfce407:36
tired890I like to overcomplicate simpler tasks07:36
Romster-_- lol07:36
tired890jk thanks for the tip :)07:36
tired890and really thanks for your time :), installing xfce is finally proceeding07:37
Romstercool, dunno why that tripped up. i'm guessing your system time. i've had no other reports07:37
tired890heh.. someone should change the word from "warning" to "error"07:39
Romstermaybe it don't affect everything though07:50
diversetired890: be sure to reference `prt-get help` for all sorts of neat tricks ;)07:52
tired890diverse: hehe07:58
tired890diverse: this link gives a 403..
Romsternow i bet if i update nvidia my gpu wont work. being a gts25007:58
diversetired890: I think the whole site is 40307:58
tired890you're using proprietary driver?07:59
tired890diverse: I mean its linked here:
tired890perhaps if they copy it over to the main crux website or something..08:00
diversethat would be a good idea :)08:00
diverse(and also fork the prt-get repo to the our gitweb on
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diversejust in case if anyone is interested, my app's "rm" and "info" commands should work09:46
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diversehhhhhhhh: hey o/10:58
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tired890hi guys12:35
tired890I got a footprint mismatch upon installing polkit12:35
tired890I just did a -if and it finished.. hope that wont break anything?12:36
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk12:40
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf12:40
Romsterand nah extra functionality by extra ports on your system.12:40
Romstermissing files however is often bad.12:40
tired890Romster: setting ignore new to yes will ignore footprint mismatches? (ie continue without stopping/notifying me?)12:41
Romsteronly on new files yes12:41
Romstermissing still kicks up an error12:42
tired890I see. thanks12:42
Romstermissing files should be reported12:42
Romsterto the port maintainer.12:42
Romsterfound with prt-get info foo12:42
Romstereither in irc email or the bug tracker.12:42
tired890will do if I find any.. so far its only FP mismatches12:43
Romsterwith me i tend to find my nick being highlighted and i'll fix it when i get home.12:43
Romsterbut i have a low rate of issues.12:43
Romsterthat reminds me i do have a few things to do.12:43
tired890gl with that mate12:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.6215:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dar: update to 2.4.1615:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.715:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: squid: update to 3.5.115:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jre: update to 1.8.0_2515:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: scite: update to 3.5.315:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] samba: update to 4.1.1615:55
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux15:57
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:00
*** SiFuh has joined #crux16:25
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC16:31
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:34
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux16:46
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux16:49
*** b1n0 has joined #crux16:52
b1n0hi cruxers :)16:53
diverseb1n0: sup cruxie16:55
*** tired890 has joined #crux16:56
b1n0slowly learning :) I try to build linux-fusion as pkgmk user,16:57
tired890hi again guys16:57
b1n0hi tired89016:57
tired890still setting up my desktop. May I suggest (to make it smoother for future newcomers) to make xorg-libevdev a dep of xfce (or perhaps xorg since most would want that) :)16:58
b1n0tired890: :) I'm in same process16:58
b1n0but tryng to avoiding X16:58
b1n0sorry errors, not native english speaker16:59
tired890bin0:  one thing I appreciate is that all this process forces one to learn.. its not those "apt-get lets go" one liners, with crux its really your box..16:59
tired890just that some packages should be deps.. would've saved me hours!17:00
tired890bin0: as in, running a terminal box only? no X?17:00
b1n0:) at the moment I only have cli, for one month,17:01
tired890cool :)17:01
b1n0I will try to get directfb + gtk and on top a very simple browser17:01
diversetired890: if you prt-get depinst xorg, it should have pulled the xorg-xf86-input-evdev port17:01
tired890diverse: I did prt-get depinst xfce4.. should've pulled it, no?17:02
b1n0gtk is also very big, maybe if I found a way without a gtk17:02
tired890since xorg is a dep, and evdev is in turn a dep!17:02
tired890bin0: fluxbox or openbox?17:02
tired890if you are truly minimalist that is..17:02
tired890bin0: myself I use xfce4.. good balance in my book17:03
diversetired890: well I guess it could be a dependency if you didn't pull all of xorg's dependencies17:03
diversealso fluxbox/openbox/pekwm are not all that minimalistic, if you want a minimal but functional wm, try 2bwm17:04
b1n0tired890: I was using awesome WM17:04
b1n0awesome is minimal no ? Lua\C, then depends on extra gtk\qt apps17:05
diversenot as minimal as dwm17:06
tired890not familiar with those.. been stuck with xfce for a while now haven't looked at alternatives. OpenBox sure looked minimal to me.. I wonder what 2bwm would look like17:06
diverseif comparing apples to apples17:06
tired890diverse: just to be sure, so next time I do a clean install, I should do a prt-get depinst xorg, then a prt-get depinst xfce4 ? will that pull evdev automatically? (as opposed to running depinst xfce4 and expecting xorg to magically install all needed stuff) ?17:08
diverseyou could do that, or during the setup, select the xorg group of packages as the packages you want install17:09
frinnstevdev requires a kernel module to work17:10
tired890mm,, I didnt select it during install as I didnt want to upgrade, but rather pull of the newer versions off the web directly17:10
tired890my steps: do a core only crux install, download and compile a new kernel (with crux provided .conf, but with my own modifications to enable support for my HW), then reboot, do a sysup17:11
tired890then start installing xorg/xfce...17:11
tired890good sequence?17:11
frinnstprobably, yeah17:11
diversetired890: don't worry about being perfect, just set it up and be done with it17:12
tired890good advise :), I'm afraid I'm a little OCD17:12
tired890but thanks ;)17:12
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-sessreg: update to 1.1.017:13
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: update to 13.1.017:13
diverseget the system up and change it as you go17:13
diverse(and don't be afraid to break stuff, but be willing to fix them)17:15
b1n0yes this later nights I uninstall glibc for example, :D just to be sure sutff breaks17:16
diverseyeah, don't do it on purpose, unless you like breaking stuff17:23
tilman :o17:24
tired890are you serious17:25
tired890in the ad they clearly point out the most obvious use ;)17:26
diversethat's pretty awesome17:27
tired890yes but can I install crux :P17:27
diverseI guess you will need to use crux-arm to install it on17:31
diverseand hopefully cross compiler the ports for the mouse17:31
*** lnds has joined #crux17:32
tired890hey guys sysup only updates core applications right? if I do ports -u and see some newer versions, is there a command to update all apps? instead of doing prt-get update <port name>?18:08
rmulltired890: sysup updates everything you've already installed18:11
rmull(if needed)18:11
rmullnot just core18:11
tired890oh I see. great :)18:11
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux18:22
thetornainbownow we just need automatic dependency upgrade with sysup :)18:23
*** phant0mas has quit IRC18:25
*** tierd891 has joined #crux18:30
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC18:30
*** Papey has joined #crux18:31
*** kori has quit IRC18:32
*** tired890 has quit IRC18:33
tierd891I used to use audacious..18:34
tierd891cant find it in ports18:34
*** kori has joined #crux18:34
*** kori has quit IRC18:34
*** kori has joined #crux18:34
tierd891is there a good alternative ? recommendations appreciated18:35
thetornainbow 1:31         octocpp | when I type something wrong, I can blame it on refraction of the differnet temperatures in the air i am typing on because my hot fart just acended into it lol18:35
thetornainbowfresh from #archlinux18:35
rmulltierd891: You will have to make your own Pkgfile for it18:38
rmullSorry there isn't one already18:38
tierd891rmull, I think that might be too early in our relationship  :P18:38
rmullWell, do you think you're able to build the program from source code?18:39
tierd891rmull, I meant alternatives.. a light music app to stream radio or so.. not necessarily audacious..18:39
rmullI use mpv to stream web radio18:39
tierd891rmull, I think yes :)18:39
rmullIf you're able to build the program from source, the Pkgfile is very little more than a script with the commands required to build it18:39
rmullYou should look at some example Pkgfiles to see what is required.18:40
tierd891will do18:40
*** kori has quit IRC18:41
rmullWhen I don't want to bother with a Pkgfile, I just build from source and install with PREFIX set to /usr/local18:41
tierd891i see18:43
thetornainbowrmull: i've been trying to get mpd running on my VPS but it complains about not finding a sound card even though the only audio_output i've configured is httpd18:44
thetornainbowdoes alsa/pulse need to be installed to run an httpd connection?18:45
thetornainbowsorry, i know it's bit off-topic18:45
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC18:45
rmullthetornainbow: Dunno, I haven't ever used mpd in that sort of configuration. Just now I said I use _mpv_ not _mpd_ :D18:45
thetornainbowah.... heehee18:47
thetornainbowneed better glasses18:47
frinnst69536 x 22230 px18:52
frinnstthat andromeda image..18:52
frinnst4.3gb ;)18:53
*** pidsley has joined #crux18:53
*** pidsley has quit IRC18:53
*** pidsley has joined #crux18:53
pidsleytierd891: if all you want is streaming audio, mpg123 works quite well18:54
pidsleyI use this alias to stream soma fm : alias mpsoma='mpg123'18:55
rmullwoot, I listen to somafm too :)18:55
rmullfrinnst: That has 745.5x more pixels than my 1080p display18:58
pidsleycool! here is a script i use for the soma streams:
tierd891pidsley, thanks for the tip :)18:58
rmullI just do 'mpv' or whatever18:58
rmullInsert preferred station18:59
pidsleyand here is the stream list:
tierd891I shutdown my other PC.. now on crux only.. compiling firefox now once done will look up all those suggestions :)18:59
rmulltierd891: It sounds like maybe you want to be the source of the stream, rather than the sink - in that case, our suggestions won't work19:00
pidsleympv is a little heavier than mpg123, but works well19:00
tierd891not sure I follow rmull19:00
tierd891what do you mean?19:00
rmullpidsley: I use mpv for movies and stuff too, so it's all good19:00
rmulltierd891: You want to use mpd to stream music from your VPS, right? And you want to listen to that stream somewhere else?19:01
pidsleyyes, i don't do video, so mpg123 is all i need ;)19:01
tierd891rmull, no I wish to stream an online radio based in spain..19:01
rmullOh wait, I'm getting you mixed up with thetornainbow19:01
rmull-_- sorry. Yes, our suggestions are still valid.19:01
tierd891I'm going to build smplayer after firefox is done..19:02
tierd891will give mpg123 a go afterwards19:02
tierd891smplayer will be for movies.. while mpg123 for light streaming19:02
*** kori has joined #crux19:03
pidsleyif you use a .pls stream with mpg123, you also have to give it the -@ argument19:05
pidsleyplain streams work without the arg19:05
pidsleytierd891: just out of curiosity, how long does firefox take to build on your machine?19:08
tierd891pidsley, its still building -_-19:09
tierd891and I'm using -j8 !19:09
tierd891been going for about 15 mins now I reckon19:10
pidsleyok -- it takes six hours on my atom, and 68 minutes on my core2quad, and needs at least 8G disk and 4G memory19:11
pidsleyit is a hog19:11
tierd891I'm buillding on an fx835019:11
tierd8918GBs sysmem19:11
tierd891SSD for fast writes19:12
pidsleyshould work then19:12
tierd891just finished!19:13
pidsleyromster sometimes makes a built package available for those of us with slow machine19:13
pidsleywow, that was fast19:13
tierd891I think SSD is the key19:13
tierd891those compiles make loads of writes19:14
pidsleyprobably, and the 8 core didn't hirt ;)19:14
pidsleythat is a nice machine19:15
tierd891I'm anti-intel.. for ethical reasons19:15
pidsleyhah. i only use intel, for graphical reasons ;)19:16
tierd891always wanted a 16 core opteron.. but they are crazy expensive19:16
pidsleyi want an i7, but i am too cheap to buy one19:17
tierd891overrated I'd say :P19:17
pidsleyspoken like a true amd fan ;)19:17
pidsleyi have crux on a single-core sempron, if you can believe that19:17
tierd891well I used to have intel.. but when I read about the lawsuit and the nasty stuff (ie compiler optimizations for intel and intentionally slow code on amd), that was it for me19:18
jaegerMy problem with AMD these days is simply heat and power. Intel's stomping them right now for comparable performance with some exceptions depending on workload19:18
tierd891jaeger, sorry but thats a MYTH. yes intel consumes less power, but its like 8 dollars/euros per year or something.. someone neutral (? lol) did a proper test on youtube with all documented scientific methods :P19:19
pidsleythe sempron does stay cool -- it takes forever to build, and I would never try to build firefox on it, but I just start the sysup and go away19:19
jaegerthere's plenty of documentation that shows it isn't myth. Sure, it's not hundreds of degrees or dollars different, but don't try to hide it. Anyway, just commenting, I refuse to start a flame war over that. :P19:20
tierd891no not a flame war at all.. just setting the record straight :P19:20
jaegerI won't tell anyone else NOT to buy AMD if they want to19:20
tierd891I'm not doing that at all..19:20
pidsleymy issue with amd is and probably always will be the graphics19:21
pidsleyintel just works19:21
frinnstbah, thats bs19:21
tierd891ah, must be newer cards pidsley ?19:21
frinnstamd gpu works lovely19:21
tierd891as in super newer cards19:21
pidsleywhatever you do, don't buy a machine with an amd processor and nvdia graphics19:21
pidsleyi have a phenom x4 that i just keep in the closet, it's crap19:22
tierd891an x4 or x6?19:22
pidsleyx4, with nvdia graphics19:22
pidsleynever works well19:22
pidsleyeven in the framebuffer19:23
pidsleynever mind X19:23
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux19:23
pidsleyfrinnst: bah, that's bs to me?19:23
frinnstyeah. amd gpu's are awesome19:24
frinnstim a huge fanboi :)19:24
tierd891I wouldn't know.. I have a low end (no fan, passively cooled) amd gfx in my system.. its an older gen card tho so the open source radeon driver works perfect19:24
pidsleyok then19:24
jaegerIf you have one supported by the xorg ati driver they mostly work well19:24
jaegerfglrx can get bent, though19:24
frinnstyeah fuck fglrx19:24
pidsleyagreed, my main machine is an athlonX2 with ati, and it works perfectly19:24
frinnstxorg-ati is pretty nice these days. new chips should be pretty well supported too with gallium and glamor19:25
tierd891I have an athlon 5200+ which I will turn into a seedbox :)19:25
pidsleyi just know my all-intel machines just always work19:25
tierd891will install crux on it as well I think19:25
pidsleygraphics wars!19:25
tierd891what drove me mad about my  gfx was the fan.. with radeon driver it works but the fan always spins at like 70%.. the noise was driving me mad19:26
pidsleyi am a poor judge of these things, since i don't game and don't even have flash installed on most of my machines19:26
tierd891so now its a passively cooled gfx :)19:26
jaegerflash is a great stress-tester :D19:26
frinnstfan suck, full stop19:26
pidsleyi have a 5450 card i would give to anyone who wants it19:26
frinnstwell, they blow19:26
tierd891pidsley, THAT is the card I have in my system now!19:27
pidsleysitting on my shelf19:27
frinnstlspci tells me I have a 775019:27
pidsleythe 5450 is as well19:27
tierd891that exact card19:27
tierd891pidsley, that card will work wonderfully with ur x419:28
frinnst <- that one19:28
tierd891swap ur nvidia (or disable it in bios if its built into the motherboard) and plug the 545019:29
tierd891and you'll have one nice machine19:29
pidsleyi tried that, and it caused other problems19:29
jaegerI have some 7750s in machines here at work, not too painful until you try to use unity on them... but that's unity's fault19:29
tierd891do remember to update pkgmker with j4 tho :D19:29
pidsleyii'll just stick to my intel machines19:29
pidsleyi mostly stay in the framebuffer or ratpoison, and don't use video, so i'm ok with intel19:30
jaegerintel's GPUs have come a LONG way, they're much nicer than they used to be19:30
pidsleyall old machines, so the uxa crap doesn't bother me either19:30
frinnstthe only downside with xorg-amd and glamor is the lack of xvideo vsync support.. that *sucks*19:30
frinnstbut I use vdpau instead, flawless19:31
tierd891hence the tearing right?19:31
*** pitillo has joined #crux19:31
jaegermost things should support vdpau these days, at least19:31
frinnstyeah.. html-5 videos in firefox dont though19:31
pidsleyjaeger: are you the voodoo fan, or is that someone eles?19:31
frinnstno thats the crazy norx19:31
jaegerI'm a modern nvidia user all the way19:32
pidsleynever mind ;)19:32
pidsleyi have only the one machine with nvdia, the one in the closet ;)19:32
jaegerMy main machine has an nvidia card, my steambox/HTPC has another, and I have a second HTPC with Intel graphics (NUC)19:33
tierd891nvidia gfx produce poor colors19:33
pidsleythe sempron has via graphics !19:33
pidsleyi swapped in an ancient amd card19:34
pidsleywhat can i say; i payed 10 USD for the machine19:34
jaegerThe price is right19:34
tierd891hence the decision was right19:34
pidsleyyou guys all have better machines than i do19:35
jaegerI like having nice toys. :)19:36
jaegernot the very best but nice19:36
*** pitillo has quit IRC19:36
pidsleyi should just slink off and run debian stable19:36
pidsleyi did have crux on my atom 450 for a while though, like timcowchip19:37
jaegerI ran it on my old HTPC, was an atom 33019:37
jaegerslow but otherwise fine19:37
pidsleyyes, it runs fin on the atom, never overheats, just takes forever to sysup19:38
jaeger <-- actually still have this thing, though I haven't used it in a while19:38
frinnstlooks like a brilliant thinclient19:39
jaegeryeah, it could do that well19:39
jaegerweird deal... usb raid ahoy!19:40
frinnstdisks are still so stupidly expensive19:41
frinnstim still waiting for prices to drop to 2011 levels19:41
tierd891still blaming the "thailand flood" arent they ?19:41
frinnstmy raid5 array should start dying soon19:42
frinnstits long overdue already19:42
jaegerIf it hears you talking trash about it it'll go faster :D19:43
pidsleythe atom is the little thing on the end19:43
pidsleyboard on a hink of wood19:43
*** pitillo has joined #crux19:43
tierd891nice workstation!19:43
frinnstdude, is that a vibrator? :D19:43
tierd891I thought it was a shaving machine19:44
pidsleyfor looking inside open machines19:44
pidsleyget your mind out of the gutter19:44
tierd891what terminal are you using?19:44
frinnsthehe. that board looks like one of those early google servers19:44
pidsleyit had a laptop drive there, it has an ssd now19:45
pidsley12V fan on the 5V rail, picopsu, so almost siletn19:45
pidsleyfrinnst: wow19:46
tierd891nice switch!19:46
pidsleylooks like this:
pidsleytierd891: you mean on the right screen? that's urxvt in twm19:48
pidsleyi use ancient machines and ancient window managers19:51
*** phant0mas has joined #crux19:51
*** pitillo has quit IRC19:54
*** pitillo has joined #crux19:54
tierd891who maintains mplayer?19:58
tierd891pls enable FriBiDi by default..19:58
teK_what does it do20:00
teK_right to left subtitles?20:01
jaegerfor mplayer? probably RTL subtitles20:02
diverseRomster: I think I figured out Pkg::install() problem, unlink pkgadd which extracts each file every iteration, I have to unpack the whole archive first and iterate through the files in the database to decide on removing rejected files from within the / dir (or perhaps create a /tmp, do all the shit and than move it the / dir)20:02
teK_so what's the matter? mplayer won't include support for it even if it is installed?20:02
teK_will mplayer fail if I enable it but it won't compile in this case20:02
teK_if the latter is the case, I am not going to enable it by default20:02
tierd891teK_, I'm using smplayer and for some reason mplayer crashes and complains: MPlayer was compiled without FriBiDi support.20:04
tierd891I only have us locale in my machine20:04
tierd891upon googling:
tierd891I guess smplayer needs it to function?20:04
teK_I highly doubt that20:05
teK_did you try playing the video without subtitles?20:06
*** pidsley has quit IRC20:07
diverseRomster: thus taking away the need to "set_entry_pathname" from the string "real_filename" because I just unpack it all20:07
tierd891teK_, upon running mplayer from terminal it opens the video just fine20:08
tierd891must be something in smplayer..20:09
teK_so it's up to smplayer's maintainer to figure things out :O20:10
tierd891heh. thanks anyway20:10
teK_I try diffiing freebsd's mplayer for the changes20:10
diverseteK_: that must of been fun20:10
teK_they have some crappy cvs webfrontend20:11
tierd891problem it won't say whats wrong.. just "exited unexpectadly" ...20:11
teK_man am i happy we're using git(web)..20:11
teK_tierd891: I can offer to bump mplayer20:11
diverseI thought FreeBSD switched to svn? (although not much of an improvement compared to git)20:11
teK_tierd891: roll a newer release20:12
teK_last time i did that was in August20:12
teK_diverse: dunno20:12
tierd891teK_, your time is appreciated mate20:12
tierd891teK_, after disabling the subtitle system in smplayer it now works!20:17
teK_will bump mplayer either way, rolling a new release already20:19
tierd891whats a good font set for a casual user? liberation ?20:20
diversewhatever you like20:20
diverseprt-get search ttf20:22
joacimcomic sans or papyrus20:23
tierd891thanks guys20:25
tierd891sans failed, 404 not found :P20:26
joacimdejavu fonts have been fairly popular for a fea years now20:26
tierd891yups I installed them :)20:26
joacimthe android fonts are available too i think20:26
*** JSchilli1 has joined #crux20:30
*** pidsley has joined #crux20:42
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux20:44
pidsleytierd891: are you talking about terminal fonts or fonts on general?20:46
pidsleyin the terminal I prefer bitmap fonts like terminus or tamsyn20:46
pidsleydroid sans mono is one xft font i can use20:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mplayer: 2014-08-20 -> 2015-01-2020:47
teK_tierd891: cheers ----^20:47
pidsleythank you teK_20:48
pidsleyhow many ports do you maintain?20:48
pidsleythanks for all the work20:48
tierd891pidsley, fonts in general :)20:49
tierd891teK_, many thanks! I was sold by crux alone but with this community its official :)20:49
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC20:49
tierd891so its time to run sysup again! (twice same day) :P20:49
pidsleytierd891: so if terminal fonts, take a look at some of the bitmap fonts20:51
pidsleyterminus is nice and readily available, but I like tamsyn just a bit better20:51
joacimI use profont for my terminal.20:52
teK_pidsley: around 180. And you're welcome20:52
tierd891right now I'm using monospace..20:52
*** phant0mas has quit IRC20:52
pidsley^ thanks again. i don't know how you guys do it, but i thank you for it20:52
pidsleyjoacim: profont is a good one20:53
pidsleya bit like gohufont20:53
tierd891should I just redo with -if ?20:54
teK_doh :)20:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mplayer: update md5sum20:55
teK_ports -u opt && prt-get sysup20:55
tierd891compiling :)20:58
*** crash_ has joined #crux21:00
tierd891works beautifully, and fixed a bug actually.. earlier when I use the seek bar in smplayer it wont seek.. now it does21:01
tierd891cheers teK_21:01
*** lnds has quit IRC21:04
*** dougl has joined #crux21:10
*** tierd891 has quit IRC21:23
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux21:24
*** tired890 has joined #crux21:24
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*** crash_ has quit IRC22:04
*** crash_ has joined #crux22:10
*** tired890 has quit IRC22:26
*** tired890 has joined #crux22:27
*** tired890 has quit IRC22:51
*** tired890 has joined #crux22:53
tired890hey guys22:56
tired890need some pointers pls22:56
tired890I installed wpa_supplicant22:56
tired890and upong following the instructions here:
tired890wifi service fails to start..22:56
tired890I updated all variables (ie key, if name to match mine..etc)22:57
tired890upon calling the line directly, ( ie /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa.conf ) , it initializes successfully and I pull an IP from router..22:57
tired890how can I diagnose the service script for errors?22:58
rmullkori: good one. -_-22:58
korirmull: :D22:58
tired890what is the crux equiv of update-rc.d ?23:01
rmulledit /etc/rc.conf23:01
tired890to manually restart/stop services ..23:02
tired890call script directly?23:02
rmull/etc/rc.d/script (start|stop|restart)23:02
tired890I think I fixed it! brb reboot to test :D23:04
*** tired890 has quit IRC23:05
*** tired890 has joined #crux23:09
*** tired890 has quit IRC23:18
thetornainbowrmull: i do love the simplicity of adding the relevant script to rc.conf23:21
*** tired890 has joined #crux23:24
jaegertired890: I haven't used anything specifically from that wiki page myself but dhcpcd has a wpa_supplicant hook now, so you might not even need external stuff if you don't have a complicated config23:36
tired890jaeger, as in wpa_supplicant is not needed?23:37
tired890anyways I got the script working by adjusting the start script to first delete /var/run/wpa_supplicant folder23:38
tired890and also deleting dhcpd leases files23:38
tired890then it starts without errors upon reboot23:38
jaegeryou still need wpa_supplicant and its config but nothing else, really. If you've got it working, though, doesn't matter23:38
tired890it takes about 3 seconds tho (whereas before the change I get login prompt immediately after kernel loads)23:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:39
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:40
*** leetspete1 has joined #crux23:43
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:45
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:46
*** asie has joined #crux23:56

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