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b1n0Workster I can be wrong, but I think there is nothing better than barebone from,03:32
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vjonhey everybody07:22
vjonI'm new to CRUX (coming from SlackWare)07:22
vjonhad some questions I was hoping to ask ya'll07:22
tired890hi vjon07:25
tired890ask away mate07:25
tired890very helpful here :)07:26
vjonI was trying to subscribe to the CRUX mailing list with an "" email address, but the MailMan just gives me an error about an invalid email address07:27
vjonany idea what I can do to fix this?07:27
vjonalso, I was wondering what is the best way to keep up to date with security fixes and new CRUX releases07:35
vjonsince it seems there isn't a "security-announce" or "CRUX-announce" moderated mailing list07:35
Romsterthere is a crux commits mailing list07:36
vjonokay, so a digest style subscription to that list should handle the security fixes, correct?07:37
vjonand probably the new releases as well?07:37
Romsteranything thats commit to git gets on that mailing list07:39
vjonthat should solve that then07:39
vjonI'm still having difficulty subscribing to mailing lists though07:39
RomsterteK_, ^ vjon can't subscribe from a email address.07:40
Romstercan't do much else but wait around for teK_ vjon07:41
vjonalright, no worries07:41
vjonthanks for your help!07:41
nwegood morining07:42
Romsterno worries07:42
Romsterhi nwe07:43
nwehow are you guys?07:43
mhetoo early here and it is almost 9 am :(07:45
frinnstvjon: seems like our mailinglist has had some troubles recently07:53
Romsteror if frinnst can help on the ML07:54
vjonwhat makes you say that?07:54
Romsteryeah some guy couldn't unsubscribe so he replied to /everything/ ugh.07:54
vjonouch, sounds rough07:54
Romsterhonestly haven't seen any issues myself.07:55
vjonwell, I'm going to go to bed soon07:56
vjonI'll leave IRC open in case anything comes in overnight though07:56
vjonthanks for the help!07:57
Romsterno problem07:57
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nweis it just me some cant find jre-8u25 on ..?08:30
frinnstprobably not, oracles site is hopeless08:36
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frinnstthe url in the readme is usually pretty accurate08:36
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frinnstprotip: dont uninstall sudo from ubuntu before setting a root pw09:36
nilpI'll add that to my keyboard cover.09:40
frinnstcrux-3.1.iso to the rescue09:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] jre: update to 1.8.0_3109:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
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tired890oh dear pidgin sure has loads of deps16:04
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jaegeryeah. I keep a less featureful one in my repo since I don't use all the extras16:21
leo-unglaubtired890: use my pidgin port16:21
leo-unglaubit has disabled most of that stuff16:21
leo-unglauband you dont need gstreamer, .. for it16:21
leo-unglaubyou only need GTK16:22
tired890leo-unglaub, I'm almost done compiling here :(16:23
tired890but thanks for the suggestion mate16:23
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vjonhey everybody, Mailing List subscriptions with "" addresses work now. Thanks to everybody who helped out with this!19:11
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b1n0hi cruxers :)19:41
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diversehhhhhhhh: ping21:42
diversehhhhhhhh: hey man, I need help getting flate2-rs to work. I got all the dependencies to compile (with and without cargo), but I can't compile code using flate2-rs21:44
diverseit just blows up telling me I having missing mz_* function calls which should have been built with libminiz-sys.rlib21:45
hhhhhhhhpaste the full error21:45
diversesure, hold on21:45
hhhhhhhhinto this channel and make sure u also highlight everyone21:46
diverseI'll take that as a joke21:48
diversehhhhhhhh: here is the gist:
hhhhhhhhdiverse: that's the linker failing21:49
hhhhhhhhwhich means that rust was able to find libminiz's definitions21:49
hhhhhhhhbut ld was not able to find a shared library that provides the c definitions21:50
diversestrange,  because I did also put the libminiz with the other rlibs21:50
diversehhhhhhhh: the miniz source is provided by flate2-rs, so should I statically compile it?21:51
hhhhhhhhdiverse: yes probably21:51
hhhhhhhhyea i just went on their repo21:51
hhhhhhhhthat's exactly what uwant to do21:51
diverseso just the miniz source or both miniz and flate2?21:52
diversehhhhhhhh: ^21:53
hhhhhhhhdiverse: should only need to do miniz21:53
diversealright, will try21:54
hhhhhhhhyou will also want to give rustc: -C link-args="-lminiz"21:54
hhhhhhhhalthough flate2 might ahve an attr that does that for you21:54
hhhhhhhhdiverse: you need to compile miniz.c also21:59
diverseah, so, just gcc it?22:00
hhhhhhhhand i have no idea what that error you're getting is22:00
diverseme neither22:00
diversehhhhhhhh: still getting the same bs22:06
hhhhhhhhyou probably have your rust library search path wrong22:07
diversehhhhhhhh: mind if I upload my ports on github and have you play with them?22:08
hhhhhhhhgo for i22:09
diverselet me push them in22:09
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prologicthis is what I was after :)22:26
prologicMX form factor :)22:26
jaegerah, weird. never heard of that before22:27
prologicme neither :)22:29
prologicbut there you go22:29
prologicthey're apparently the size of an SD card22:29
jaegermight as well just use a tiny USB drive at that point22:30
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prologicremember the issues I had with that? :)22:34
prologica) My M/B didn't seem to want ot boot it22:34
prologicb) The issues with UUID/lilo/etc :)22:34
prologicI haven't managed to get a working CRUX booted from USB yet :)22:34
prologicand at this rate I probably never willl :)22:34
jaegerI'll try it as an experiment22:41
prologicif you wish :)22:46
prologicI wish I had a bit more time to do the things I wante dto do :)22:47
prologicwork/family chews up all my time lately :)22:47
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b1n0libm == pkg libmpc ?23:30
jaegerlibm is part of glibc23:31
b1n0so is libdl ?23:32
jaegeryou can check with pkginfo -o or prt-get fsearch, etc.23:32
b1n0ow yes, nice tip23:32
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