IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-01-25

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diverseRomster: I got your idea implemented02:49
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diverselook like we're up for another netsplit ride02:50
hnode_hi diverse02:50
diversehey hnode_02:50
hnode_I managed to compile and install directfb and gtk,02:51
hnode_but I'm having a problem with pango/fonts :(02:52
hnode_gtk-demo shows no letters only boxes, and a pango warning cant choose font02:53
diversedid you install separate fonts, like dejavu sans?02:54
hnode_no, only freetype202:54
hnode_will install dejavu, they are in xorg ports right ?02:55
diverseyeah, to search for fonts, run: prt-get search ttf02:55
diverseor: prt-get search font02:55
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diverse(sigh, X crashed on me again, good thing I'm running on tmux)02:57
hnode_I also use tmux, but only very basic stuff,02:58
diverseIt's very nice02:59
hnode_yes, I was about to start learning screen, but some one here tell me to try tmux03:00
diverseI know there is stuff like dtach, but tmux makes a nice cli app process isolater when unexpected shit happens, like X crashing03:00
diverseand for running multiple windows. Yeah I recommend tmux because of being more modern and having an easier to read/tweak configuration03:01
diversebut if you are used to screen, stick with it, but if you are starting out, use tmux03:02
hnode_I was starting :)03:02
hnode_YESSS !!!03:04
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hnode_was dejavu, thanks so much diverse,03:05
hnode_time to make small pause ! :D coffeeee break;03:05
diversesounds good03:05
diverseI'm kind of having fun in tty land for a little bit03:08
diverseof course, tmux/screen, make using tty more pleasurable03:09
diverseah, revdep picked up nvidia, that's probably an indicator ;)03:12
diverseeh, just for the heck of I'll rebuild firefox :)03:24
diversefirefox has been acting slow for me lately after leaving it open for a while03:25
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hnode_I`m having just tty for more than a month now03:31
hnode_exploring the system and crux way of life03:32
diverseand as kori pointed out, crux is like subway, you can make the sandwich as simple or complex as you want it to be03:39
diversegiven the choices03:40
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diversenaturally as you pile on extra meat and toppings (your favorite tools), you can also change the existing bread/meat which holds the sandwich together (the tool chain, init system, etc), but you risk a different taste that could go wrong03:46
diverse(another wink to kori)03:48
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hnode_:) it all ready happen to me, I have changed something on glibc and then the system was useless03:48
koribut don't forget03:48
hnode_sorry my english,03:48
koriif you try to replace the bread when you have ingredients on top, your sandwich is going to fall apart03:48
koriso be careful when doing that03:49
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petros65Does elinks have problems accessing ?03:53
petros65I'm using version 0.12pre603:53
petros65It is compiled against GnuTLS03:53
petros65Forbidden   You don't have permission to access / on this server.03:54
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hnode_hi petros6503:54
petros65hey hnode_03:55
hnode_I get "The wiki is undergoing some maintainance..."03:56
hnode_with lynx,03:56
diversethe index and wiki work fine on my phone with firefox03:57
petros65What about wget? It works for me with wget...03:57
petros65Works fine for me with firefox also03:57
petros65I just installed lynx, I also see "The wiki is undergoing some maintainance, we will be back soon"03:58
hnode_but is the link you give me03:59
hnode_if I try everything goes fine03:59
petros65With lynx it works for me fine also, going to !04:00
hnode_:) can we trust in https, I mean, how hard is to "see" data ?04:01
diversehmm I wonder why the index needs https?04:02
diverse...oh, maybe because there is login editing on the site04:02
petros65Right, because now I can't even use wireshark to find out why elinks isn't working... maybe it is appending "index.html" to the request04:02
petros65ya, I guess that makes sense04:03
diversethe whole site is kind of a wiki04:03
diversealthough that is one interesting problem with lynx04:05
petros65lynx seems to work when going to and
diversemaybe there is an underlying script that checks for compatibility of the site software and returns that string "...undergoing some maintenance"04:07
hnode_I was doing something like that on my websites, when I detect IE client I redirect to mozilla04:08
petros65lynx returns 404 error when going to
petros65looks like lynx only has problem when going to /index.html04:09
petros65oh, firefox returns the same message04:09
petros65so lynx is doing the right thing in all cases04:09
petros65and firefox04:10
petros65only elinks is choking04:10
diverseoh really?04:10
petros65I just assumed /index.html was a good page, which it is, but it has that message and a picture of a cat jumping off a couch04:11
petros65whereas /fake returns a 40404:11
petros65so elinks is not messing with the url04:12
petros65which means that either the server is blocking elinks, or else elinks is choking04:12
petros65but i tried changing the user agent string of elinks to be firefox, but still i receive the message04:13
petros65so i'm not sure how the server would be blocking it04:13
petros65but the error being returned seems to be from the server04:13
petros65maybe the ssl handshake is failing because elinks is using GnuTLS04:13
petros65instead of openssl04:14
petros65with elinks, going to, the page says "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /fake on this server."04:16
petros65And the return code is 40304:16
hnode_how I discover wich is my mouse device ?04:18
diversewell firefox also uses nss for ssl, but I'm still having a hunch that some script is causing this problem04:18
diversehnode_: /dev/input/{mice,mouse}?04:19
petros65diverse, i don't disagree, but how would the script know? I changed my user-agent string to "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64;rv:28.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/28.0"04:19
petros65one of the other headers?04:20
hnode_thanks diverse04:20
petros65the tests are from same ip address04:20
diversepetros65: I'm thinking it's more of a feature-lack of the browser which triggers the script, but of course I'm speculating.04:21
diversethis is something you would want to talk with the devs04:22
petros65wget and elinks both use gnutls, but wget works04:27
diverselikely a bug specific to elinks as well04:27
diversenot gnutls04:27
petros65ya, because they can both go to https://kernel.org04:29
diverseit's funny, I think someone will confuse my existing configuration for a tiling wm :P04:35
petros65are you using tmux on console?04:36
petros65ya, it has those thin lines between the windows :-)04:36
petros65i want to do something like that, how much disk space is your install?04:37
diverseif you read my earlier conversation, I crashed out of X, and so I'm doing maintenance on tty and right now I have multiple panes open, so if I took a screenshot and show somebody, that person might say, "Oh, are you running dwm" "No, it's tmux..."04:37
diversewell my root device drive takes up 5.9GB04:39
diverseso while I'm rebuilding things, I'm listening to audio with mpv04:39
diverseand have another pane for watching htop status04:40
petros65it's not so bad :-)04:40
diverseit's kind of fun04:40
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petros65i know xorg and the framebuffer using the same kernel driver, but the console seems so fast04:41
diverseyeah building firefox does seem a little faster too04:42
petros65i'm thinking of spending more time there, which is why elinks was interesting04:43
petros65the terminus font can be scaled in the console04:44
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diverseI'm looking forward to Mozilla's next browser04:50
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diversethat's the web engine, whatever comes out of that will be the browser04:51
petros65have you heard anything about it?04:51
diverseyeah I know about it04:51
petros65will it be smaller?04:52
diversesince it's brand new and doesn't have old code hanging around, it should be.04:53
diversebut that's not the point, what makes it truly fast is it's parallel processing ability04:53
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diversenow if they can get more gecko devs to work on it04:59
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diversehmm I wonder if mpv has tty framebuffer ability?05:07
diversenope, I think they removed that out, not a big deal05:12
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: kmod-32: remove patch06:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libdrm-32: 2.4.58 -> 2.4.5906:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.3.7 -> 10.4.206:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: openssl-32: 1.0.1k -> 1.0.206:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xz-32: 5.0.8 -> 5.2.006:17
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tired890when there is a footprint mismatch during an update, does that indicate the maintainer simply forgot to update the hashes or so? or something more?06:36
tired890today as my system was updating mesa3d, I found a mismatch.. I repeated with -if and it finished06:37
tired890but I've been doing this a few times recently.. and was wondering about the significance06:37
Romstertired890, if its new files no06:42
Romsterpkgmk -in06:42
Romsteror set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in pkgmk.conf06:42
Romstermissing files are a bug.06:43
Romsterand should be reported.06:43
Romstermesa3d has 2 new files if you have libva installed...06:44
Romsterthanks frinnst for removing the comment i added to the Pkgfile... real helpful.06:44
Romsteromg comments are bad..06:45
tired890thanks for the clarification Romster06:46
Romsterisn't this information in the handbook?06:46
tired890yes, it indicates mismatches should be expected06:46
Romsteri keep answering the same question over and over for multiple people.06:46
tired890but I've seen too many to ignore06:46
Romsternew files means its linked with some other port, unless it happens to be doc/html crap that we don't want.06:47
Romsterman i screwed that mesa3d-32 update up...06:48
Romsterits not often i do that.06:49
Romsternumber of ports i have and the amount of mistakes is quite low.06:49
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Romsterso many new people here lately. the aftermath of systemd?06:50
mikelkori's been hyping crux over on rizon recently06:51
mikelthat might be it06:51
Romsterhmm i'm on like 6 irc networks but not that one.06:52
Romsternoticed kori has a few maintainers in github for crux ports.06:53
tired890I'm here mainly because of systemd.. not much against it but that "faster bootup"  or other "enhancements" are uncalled for.. and the fact that it forces dependencies and breaks the freedom for some apps to be portable across BSDs/Linux is sad06:53
Romsteri was hosting a bunch of other users but they seem to all move away from crux.06:54
Romstersystemd has a /few/ good ideas, but the majority of it is horrid.06:54
Romsterwish it would die.06:54
tired890I'm quite happy actually, crux "directly from upstream" style suits me very well06:55
Romsterwe are small and just keep the basics so we don't really have that many ports.06:55
tired890and its a cozy bunch of people here, better than some "dictatorship" style distros..06:55
Romsteri still have too many ports.06:55
Romsterwe need more contrib members06:56
tired890I will make an audacious port I think I got it compiled..06:56
Romsterwell this is more a hobby than anything else.06:56
tired890but again maybe its too soon.. better get more familiar first06:56
Romsteri have been meaning todo that port but keep putting it of and forgetting about it.06:56
tired890Romster, thanks for your efforts mate06:57
tired890alrighty chaps I'm off to a meal. see you all laters06:57
Romsterlater tired89006:57
diversesystemd is an init system that wishes to be an OS while designed horribly06:59
diverseif you want parallized bootup, there are other init systems (that are actual init systems) which don't get in the way and do a better job07:02
diversesystemd does nothing new07:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.37 -> 0.9.3807:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.4.2 -> 10.4.307:03
diversewell, except stab the idea of UNIX in the face07:03
Romsterone tool one job...07:04
Romstersystemd one tool many jobs07:04
diverseand put everything on PID 107:05
Romsterbring pid 1 down crash07:05
Romsterlets see how many boxes get rooted due to a vulnerability in systemd.07:05
diverseand lets be impractical as possible07:07
diversebinary logs anyone?07:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-icu: 0.9.37 -> 0.9.3807:08
Romsteroh yes broken just rm it07:26
diverseyeah, that's especially a pain when projects adopt that idea for software configuration (I'm looking at you E)07:29
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joacimchanging to non-binary logs is possible07:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.33 -> 1.7.3508:13
Romsterprobably not supported08:14
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diverseRomster: in some RFC09:25
diverseI guess they haven't formally written one for the new io module09:29
tilmanjue, teK_: FYI /opt/cups tries to use clang/clang++ for the build if a clang binary is present. not sure if bug or feature :)09:30
diverseI guess that would sense because Apple would be biased for clang09:32
diverseso, I'd say 'feature'09:34
Romsterif it still compiles who cares?09:40
juetilman: do you get a working package with clang?09:43
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Romsterif it is overriding CC/CXX then i'll be not so happy about it but can't do much about it.09:44
tilmanjue: don't even know; my clang package was broken =)09:45
tilmanie the build failed09:45
diverseRomster: if that happens wouldn't the point be to tell cups to look for gcc instead of clang?09:46
diverse(assuming it still compiles with gcc)09:47
hnodethere is simple way of auto compile all ports/core packages that are instaled ?09:49
diversehnode: I'm guessing, go to /etc/prt-get.conf, scroll down to the alternative command section, uncomment `makecommand` and have it be `pkgmk -f`09:54
hnodesorry, I mean "auto compile" go to every package from core installed and run the pkgmk -d09:58
hnodeI can do it, but by steps with prt-get printf | grep | cut > file and then read each line and execute pkgmk09:59
juehnode: have you seen the -r option of pkgmk?10:00
hnodewow jue, sorry for dont read the man,10:05
hnodeso I cd /usr/ports/core/ and run pkgmk -r ?10:05
hnodeor pkgmk -r /usr/ports/core ?10:05
juethe first one10:06
hnodethank !10:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] socat: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: whois: update to 5.2.410:14
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juecups builds just fine with clang, seems to work too11:13
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hnodeoi :)11:58
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cezarhi. I have installed nvidia with success and I have increased the screen resolution. it is perfect now 1680x1050. but now whenever I start the x and try to open firefox or thunderbird the x shuts down. I have blacklisted nouveau but it did not help. the same happen if I try to open thunderbird17:14
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tilmanand what kinda error message do you get when starting those17:17
tilmanand whats in the x server log17:17
cezarserver error : (EE) caught signal 11 (segmentation fault) server aborting...xauth:(...):1:bad display name "hots:o" in "remove" command17:19
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cezarand the end of x server log is : acceleration threshold: 417:21
cezar[   259.642] (**) NVIDIA(0): Using HorizSync/VertRefresh ranges from the EDID for display17:21
cezar[   259.642] (**) NVIDIA(0):     device SAMSUNG (DFP-2) (Using EDID frequencies has been17:21
cezar[   259.642] (**) NVIDIA(0):     enabled on all display devices.)17:21
cezar[   259.650] (**) NVIDIA(0): Using HorizSync/VertRefresh ranges from the EDID for display17:21
cezar[   259.650] (**) NVIDIA(0):     device Samsung SyncMaster (DFP-0) (Using EDID frequencies17:21
cezar[   259.650] (**) NVIDIA(0):     has been enabled on all display devices.)17:21
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cezar  this the pastebin of the xorg.0.log17:30
rmullcezar: What do you get as output if you launch firefox or thunderbird from a terminal?17:42
cezarthe same happens rmull the x shuts down17:42
cezarnot immediately but after while when firefox seems ready to open the x shuts down17:43
cezarI made a test now and I managed to ping bash-4.3# ping
cezarPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.17:45
cezar64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=7.56 ms17:45
cezaras I though it could maybe a connection problem but it is now even I am here now17:45
cezarand that comes after nvidia installation17:46
cezarI blacklisted nouveau but it did no difference17:48
rmullWhen do you get that xauth error?17:48
cezarafter the x shuts down and it returns to make log in again in text mode. I can read it ...17:49
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rmullhm, interesting17:50
rmullThis is the latest nvidia binary driver and xorg-server from crux ports?17:50
rmullYou didn't rebuild your kernel and then not rebuild nvidia, right?17:51
cezarI think so rmull system is uptodate...I have rebuilt the kernel today as I took the opportunity to mark as built in the sound card driver so I think I have rebuilt everything17:53
rmullokay, just checking - it is usually a requirement to always rebuild the nvidia driver after rebuilding a kernel17:54
rmullthe order is important17:54
rmullWhen you say you increased the screen resolution - how do you do that? xorg.conf?17:54
cezaryes but the xorg.conf is all empty except the nvidia section17:57
rmullWhat happens if you remove the xorg.conf, run X -configure as root, and install the config file that it generates?17:57
cezarin fact that was what I did. I installed nvidia, then x -configure and the removed the file it created to inside the xorg.conf.d directory that solved the resolution problem but it was after that the X started shutting down if I open firefox17:59
cezarthe file that is inside xorg.conf.d only contains the section device with nvidia information18:00
rmullI am running binary nvidia and firefox with no issue - on my machine, I have the config generated by X -configure at /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and nothing in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d18:02
rmullDon't know if that'll be of any help18:02
rmulldoes this happen as both root and user?18:02
cezaryes both as rooter and user...well I may try to set the config generated by x -configure outside the xorg.conf.d18:04
cezarI thank you enormously rmull anyway I will try it now18:05
cezarone more question did you remove / blacklisted nouveau ?18:05
rmullNo, I didn't build it because I wasn't able to get both modules working together smoothly, and I rarely leave X18:08
cezarI see, thanks again rmull18:10
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cezarrmull the changes did not function. I think it would have been better to have tried to have a higuer resolution with nouveau and not have intalled nvidia...the problema was with nouveau the highest resolution was 1280x1024 and I did not manage to bring it to 1680x1050 that is why I installed nvidia19:25
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tired890oh noes20:08
tired890my HDD is making that creaky noise20:09
frinnstfun times20:24
tired890yes.. all my HDDs are20:24
tired890thought they were better than others sigh20:25
frinnstyeah not these days20:25
frinnstatleast not their 1-2tb models20:25
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux20:25
tired890mine are all sub 1tb, biggest I have is 75020:25
frinnstoh really. thats interesting. though i lost a 320gb model a while back20:26
frinnstmost recent loss was a 3tb disk :/20:26
tired890aw that must've hurt.. no important data there I hope?20:26
tired890heh I was trying to play spanish music just now.. in the name there is a special character (looks like an "i" but with the dot going to the side or something).. it didn't play.. combine that with the creaky noise from HDD (installing OS on virtualbox VMs) and I thought OH NO!20:27
tired890only after viewing mplayer's logs I discovered it says "file not found", saw that special character and changed it to a normal i .. and voila!20:28
frinnstnah, btrfs raid1 + backups20:35
tired890heh cool20:35
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cezarI am trying to install the sound card 03:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio]the driver ins snd_oxygen. I have built the kernel with driver the system recoginizes the card but not the mixer (xfce4)20:55
tired890cezar, open alsamixer from terminal20:56
tired890then press F6 make sure the right device is selected20:57
cezarit does not open I have installed alsa-utils20:57
cezarbut the alsamixer does not open from terminal20:58
tired890does it give any output ?20:58
tired890did you add your user name to audio group?20:58
cezaryes I did added20:58
*** cezar has quit IRC20:59
EmoSpicecezar: have you logged out and back in after doing so>?20:59
EmoSpiceor not20:59
*** cezar has joined #crux21:03
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cezarbash-4.3$ alsamixer21:04
cezarcannot open mixer: No such file or directory21:04
cezarbash-4.3$ su21:04
cezarbash-4.3# alsamixer21:04
cezarcannot open mixer: No such file or directory21:04
tired890prt-get depends alsa-utils21:05
tired890lspci | grep Audio21:06
cezarbash-4.3# prt-get depends alsa-utils21:06
cezar-- dependencies ([i] = installed)21:06
cezar[i] ncurses21:06
cezar[i] attr21:06
cezar[i] alsa-lib21:06
cezar[i] dialog21:06
cezar[i] acl21:06
cezar[i] gettext21:06
cezar[i] alsa-utils21:06
cezarbash-4.3# lspci | grep Audio21:07
cezar01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)21:07
cezar03:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio21:07
cezarthe nvidia is onboard and I have disabled it21:07
tired890as EmoSpice mentioned, did you logout and re-login after adding yourself to audio group?21:08
tired890it only takes effect after relogging21:08
cezaryes I am added to the audio group since the user was created.21:10
cezarkernel buil with support to alsa21:12
cezarGStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStreamer packages may be missing. It may also be a permissions problem.21:13
cezarthis is the error message when I try to open the graphic mixer (xfce4)21:13
tired890is there an .asoundrc folder in your ~ ?21:15
cezarno there is not21:16
tired890did you install crux today?21:16
cezarno some days ago21:16
cezarbash-4.3#  aplay -l21:17
cezaraplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...21:17
*** lnds has quit IRC21:18
tired890upon googling your snd card model, a kernel module needs to be built, snd-oxygen21:19
tired890you had this built right?21:20
cezaryes I had21:20
tired890lsmod | grep snd_oxygen21:21
cezaroxygen /usr/share/alsa/cards/CMI8788.conf21:21
cezarbash-4.3# lsmod | grep snd_oxygen21:22
tired890modprobe snd_oxygen21:23
cezarbash-4.3# modprobe snd_oxygen21:23
tired890snd_oxygen < -- this is the module you need to build into kernel for it to support your sound card21:23
tired890ok now try:21:23
tired890lsmod | grep snd_oxygen21:24
cezarbash-4.3# lsmod | grep snd_oxygen21:24
cezarseems I will have to rebuild21:24
tired890ok I found it21:26
tired890open ur kernel config21:27
tired890make menuconfig21:27
cezaropened tired890 ok21:28
tired890Device Drivers > Sound Card Support > Advanced Linux Sound Architecture > PCI sound devices21:28
tired890in the list, find: C-Media 8786, 8787, 8788 (Oxygen)21:28
tired890press M21:29
tired890save config21:30
cezarit was *21:30
cezarok that is done21:30
tired890make all && make modules_install21:31
*** syncn_ has joined #crux21:41
cezar Building modules, stage 2.21:41
cezar  MODPOST 307 modules21:41
cezar  CC      sound/pci/oxygen/snd-oxygen.mod.o21:41
cezar  LD [M]  sound/pci/oxygen/snd-oxygen.ko21:41
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC21:41
*** syncn has quit IRC21:44
cezarbash-4.3# modprobe snd_oxygen21:44
cezarmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'snd_oxygen': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)21:44
tired890so you replaced your kernel with the newly built one and rebooted the machine?21:45
cezarnot reboot will do it should have done21:46
cezarthanks for all attention will reboot21:46
*** cezar has quit IRC21:46
tired890copy the new kernel first21:47
tired890cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz21:47
tired890cp /boot21:47
tired890do this from kernel dir where you ran make menuconfig21:48
*** cezar has joined #crux21:54
cezarafter I have rebooted bash-4.3# lsmod | grep snd_oxygen21:54
cezarbash-4.3# modprobe snd_oxygen21:54
cezarmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'snd_oxygen': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)21:54
cezarmaybe this is result of bad kernel configurations ... maybe?21:55
cezaralsa was buit in (*) not (M)21:55
tired890* = built into kernel (statically)21:56
tired890M = built as module21:56
tired890device drivers are normally built as modules21:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: postgresql: update source()21:56
tired890cezar, did you replace your kernel after you build the new one?21:57
tired890<tired890> copy the new kernel first21:57
tired890<tired890> cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz21:57
tired890<tired890> cp /boot21:57
tired890<tired890> do this from kernel dir where you ran make menuconfig21:57
tired890dmesg | grep snd_oxygen21:57
cezarI did it21:58
cezarbash-4.3# dmesg | grep snd_oxygen22:00
cezar[   14.064932] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065068] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_pm (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065186] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_new1 (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065298] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_component_add (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065413] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_enum_info (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065529] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write16 (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065644] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_iprintf (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065756] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_probe (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065869] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write_spi (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.065981] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write16_masked (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.066100] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write8_masked (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.066217] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_remove (err 0)22:00
cezar[   14.066330] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_read16 (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537040] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537052] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_pm (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537066] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_new1 (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537076] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_component_add (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537085] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_enum_info (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537095] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write16 (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537104] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol snd_iprintf (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537114] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_probe (err 0)22:00
cezar[  133.537124] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write_spi (err 0)22:01
cezar[  133.537133] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write16_masked (err 0)22:01
cezar[  133.537142] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_write8_masked (err 0)22:01
cezar[  133.537152] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_pci_remove (err 0)22:01
cezar[  133.537161] snd_oxygen: Unknown symbol oxygen_read16 (err 0)22:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: boxes: 1.1.1 -> 1.1.222:01
*** hnode has quit IRC22:02
tired890go back to your kernel dir22:03
*** darfo has joined #crux22:04
tired890hold on I think some tool need to be run to map or something;'22:04
cezaralready there22:04
tired890let me google that I dont recall it22:04
tired890depmod -a -v `uname -r`22:06
cezarcan I paste the result here? I have no pastebin22:09
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:09
cezarI cannot open firefox (another problem I am facing - If I open it the X shuts down)22:10
tired890send it in a private message22:10
teK_cezar: are you using the ati/nvidia drivers?22:10
teK_if so, X may crash because you forgot to run the needed gl-select use XXXX  and thus fail on using hw-accelerated rendering22:11
cezargreat to warn tek I did not run indeed22:13
tired890cezar, doc file?22:14
tired890send it in plain txt pls22:14
*** kori has joined #crux22:15
*** kbw has joined #crux22:17
cezar"gl-select use xorg + gl-select use nvidia " tek?22:18
korigrrr, games won't launch22:44
korithe 3D ones, at least22:45
koriCould not find required OpenGL entry point 'glColorMaskIndexedEXT'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.22:45
korithat is, on steam22:45
korioh wait22:46
koriI had this problem before, I think I know how to fix it22:46
tired890do share pls :)22:50
korirecompiling mesa3d-32 solved this problem before22:51
korioh maybe it was nvidia-3222:53
korineither worked22:55
*** hnode has joined #crux23:01
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