IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-01-26

Romstermorning all00:26
rmullWhy is my mesa3d building usr/lib/dri/gallium_drv_video.{la,so}?00:28
rmullIt's not in the .footprint and afaik I do not have anything gallium related on my system00:30
hnode:) I have seen something like that but with directfb, I saw that he builds something for nvidia and so on,00:31
hnodeI'm not 100% sure,00:31
Romsterbacklog spam00:31
rmullI found a /usr/lib/ which doesn't seem to belong to any port - will remove and rebuild mesa3d00:32
Romsterrmull, libva it was a comment in mesa3d but frinnst decided to remove that comment..00:32
Romsterdon't want it remove libva and recompile mesa3d00:33
Romsterbut you'll lose libva-vdpau-driver ffmpeg ffmpeg-compat mplayer-vaapi gstreamer-vaapi gstreamer-vaapi-compat00:34
Romsterif you use any of those.00:34
Romsteri noticed my conky conf got blown away on a reinstall, lucky i had a backup.00:36
Romsterre-install of conky that is.00:36
Romsterthen i go look at pkgadd.conf and there is /no/ lines what so ever for /usr/etc/00:36
Romsterand conky is a daemon so it should be in /etc/00:37
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strahmI'm about to install crux for the first time any thing I sould know?04:13
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jaegercezar: I was out of town most of the weekend so haven't responded to any emails - regarding the segfault from firefox, if you haven't already, I'd recommend recompiling firefox as well as running memtest86+ on your computer04:37
cezarmy thanks to tek who helped me to solve the firefox opening and making the x to shut down I just ran the gl select use and the problem disappeared thanks04:37
jaegeralright, then ignore what I just suggested. :)04:38
jaegerglad it's working04:38
cezarthanks jaeger04:38
cezarall your information is also important and helpful I had talked to tek earlier04:39
diversestrahm: if you are reading the logs here, know that you have to build your own kernel, we don't provide a port/pkg for kernels04:39
jaegercezar: glad it was useful04:39
cezarI take note of everything all the information is important for me04:40
cezarjaeger: I think I will have to recompile firefox anyway because the videos on youtube do not run properly "an error has ocurred...try later" and stops04:48
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drijenyay! still recognize names here05:29
nogagplzbeat it pops, your kind isn't welcome around these parts anymore05:30
drijenoh shit, i forgot to add your chan05:32
drijenkori: don't mind me, just spazzing for nogagplz's benefit05:34
korioh k05:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pil: dropped use pillow05:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pillow: fork of pil06:03
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Romsterdrijen, :D06:04
diverseRomster: I think --undo/-u is pretty good for the lock command right?07:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] maradns: update to 1.4.1508:26
diversehmm, although it might be easier to just to write a new line with the port name, I think I just read through the file first to be sure if the port name already exists08:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-sdl1-perl: update footprint for new perl version09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: frozen-bubble: update footprint for new perl version09:01
Romsterthought i did that stuff for perl09:01
Romsteri need to test this new stuff.09:27
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diverseRomster: are you going to test it now?09:30
diverseI haven't enabled `lock` yet in main09:32
Romsternot right now i'm testing ports09:36
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leo-unglaubcan anyone here recommend a thermal printer that gets the information via sms?11:46
tired890that sounds exotic12:12
leo-unglaubit is12:12
diverseleo-unglaub: anything new with security?12:19
leo-unglaubdiverse: well, polarssl fucked up bad ... but i did not pay attention so much this weekend do to personal problems ..12:20
diverseother than that one you mentioned?12:20
leo-unglaubwell, the bug is not the problem12:20
leo-unglaubbut he still did not re-release ...12:20
leo-unglaubhe just put out a patch ...12:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] lirc: updated to 0.9.212:22
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rmullGot a missing file when depinsting the new pillow: usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/PIL/_imagingtk.so13:35
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rmullRomster: Ping, missing file in pillow footprint13:48
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thetornainbowi love tmux14:58
frinnst<3 screen15:06
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joacim<3 kawaii girls!15:06
thetornainbowwhy does frinnst hate office365?15:06
thetornainbow<3 office36515:07
joacimhe is a swedish right wing extremist15:07
frinnstbecause it refuses to sync a distributiongroup15:07
frinnst Export has completed.15:07
frinnstY U NO APPEAR?!15:07
frinnstAlso now i cant even create a service request. Im just redirected to the support "overview"15:10
thetornainbowfrinnst: you gotta stop using IE15:16
frinnstlol, im not15:20
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diversethetornainbow: +1 on tmux16:23
thetornainbowyep. especially at work16:25
diverseheh :D16:26
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tired890hi guys17:07
diversehey there17:07
tired890to xfce maintainer: pls update md5sum for xfce4-datetime-plugin when you have the time :) many thanks guys17:08
tired890hey diverse17:08
diversewe really need a new xfce maintainer17:09
tired890hopefully me when the time comes :)17:09
diversewell leo and Romster offered up to do it, but sepen won't let it go17:09
thetornainbowwhy not?17:10
drijenhe demanded a virgin, and us being nerds - didn't know any17:12
tired890a virgin PC ?17:14
drijen!seen han17:15
drijenoh,no bot17:15
diversethetornainbow: I dunno, he doesn't want to give up ownership while having a very busy life?17:16
tilmanif you are talking about han boetes (sp?), he hasn't been in here for years afaik17:16
drijentilman: neither have i17:17
drijenbut most likely17:17
tired890I think the link in the PkgFile is no longer vaild guys17:18
tired890I updated mine manually to the link found in xfce's website, then did prt-get with -im and installed17:18
drijentilman: last time i used crux was 2.4 or so17:20
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tired890not sure what I did wrong17:43
tired890how do I generate a new cache file for prt-get ? (for zsh autocompleting port names)17:43
tired890got it, thanks haole :)17:47
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korihaving a legacy card sucks17:58
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tilmanjue: would you be interested in applying
tilmanjue: to your ledger port?18:19
tilmanit's a 'random' patch i pulled out of their 'next' branch18:19
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diverseRomster: implemented --undo and --list for lock18:23
diverseand --list is hopefully ordered on output18:29
diversekori: stick with a legacy driver or nouveau, if not, get a newer card19:18
koridiverse: I am using a legacy driver19:18
koribut games won't launch anymore19:18
diversewhat the?19:19
tired890wipe system and reinstall /jk19:19
koridiverse: Could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glColorMaskIndexedEXT'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.19:20
diverseis this because of steam?19:20
korithis didn't happen before, so I'm horribly confused.19:20
korithis is a steam game, yes19:21
tired890what game specifically?19:21
koritired890: any 3D game that i've tried so far returned that error19:21
koriteam fortress 2, dota 2, cs:go, dungeon defenders, l4d2...19:21
diverseit's likely that the game updated to use features of newer versions of opengl, which your card doesn't support because it's not being maintain anymore19:22
tired890kori, what is your gfx card?19:24
koritired890: nvidia 9500 GT19:24
diverseif you are using it for gaming, you might as well buy a gtx 970 next time19:24
koridiverse: I doubt it, dungeon defenders never gets updated anymore19:25
tired890I used to have one of those19:25
korimaybe I screwed something up when swapping kernels19:25
tired890not really "legacy"19:25
tired890I was thinking 3dfx when you said legacy19:25
koritired890: it's being considered legacy by nvidia now19:25
koriI was playing around with grsec19:25
diversetired890: anything gtx 400 or below is now legacy19:25
tired890cs/dota and those are old school arent they19:27
tired890I mean been out for ages19:27
koritired890: these versions are very recent19:29
diverseand considering kori's card model has been around for 8 years or more, it's quite old (in terms of technology)19:29
koridota 2 is from 2013, cs:go is 2014 I think19:29
tired890oh. sorry about confusion19:29
diverseprobably upgrading to a gt 500, you will notice a huge increase up in performance and image19:31
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koridiverse: ah sure19:32
koribut I can't afford to upgrade right now19:32
korimaybe in april.19:33
*** tired890 has joined #crux19:37
diversekori: well assuming you upgrade at least to a gtx 560 when you purchase, this what you would expect:
tired890I recommend an amd card19:39
koridiverse: I'd get the high end stuff19:39
koritired890: hell no19:39
tired890linus torvalds himself cursed nvidia (search youtube)19:39
koriamd drivers on linux suck so much19:39
koriyeah but that was on that specific occasion19:39
koriregarding bumblebee19:39
tired890kori, why? AMD released documentation for linux developers19:39
diversetired890: he cursed it because of the laptop thing19:40
tired890kori, that is no longer the case, I assure you19:40
korithe nvidia binary driver is probably the best driver for video cards19:40
tired890I'm running amd gfx on both my lappy and desktop19:40
tired890smooth and nice19:40
koriwish nouveau was nicer19:40
diversetired890: for kori's sake, where you able to play on steam with your card?19:41
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tired890diverse, I don't play games on my PC.. full HD movies are silky smooth tho19:41
tired890point is, the radeon driver is not "reverse engineered"19:42
tired890it was built with documentation, documentation released by AMD for the linux community for that purpose19:42
diversefrinnst: were you able to play games on steam?19:42
tired890if you have some tool to test availability of some features or such on a driver, I will gladly test, kori19:43
jaegerglxinfo is a good place to start19:43
diversekori: I assume the most important point for you is to be able to play on steam, right?19:46
koridiverse: aye19:46
diversethis is why I'm queueing19:47
tired890whats the name of the util package that has glxinfo? I keep forgetting..19:47
koritired890: mesa had it19:48
teK_prt-cache fsearch glxinfo19:48
tired890teK_, nice tip! cheers19:49
thetornainbowi aliased search to fsearch. much nice19:50
diverseI think 'search' does it by port name and 'fsearch' by whatever is in the footprint19:51
diversehence the 'f' for file/footprint19:52
thetornainbowi finally got a machine capable of playing steam games this past Christmas, it's nice to finally play some things i've been wanting to play for years19:52
tired890paste.lisp refused my paste saying its too large19:53
tired890glxinfo I mean19:53
diversejaeger: anything specific to grep for?19:53
tired890the second half is all numbers19:54
tired890I reckon the info you need is there19:54
tired890this is using the open source radeon driver + bin fw from amd (radeon-ucode)19:54
jaegerit lists all the glx extensions supported19:57
jaegerso if you know one you need you can grep for it in the list19:57
diverseokay, so the extension that kori needs is: GL_EXT_draw_buffers220:04
diversewhich does exist on that list20:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] libtiff: updated to 4.0.4beta.20:06
diverseso assuming my info is correct, kori should be able to play on steam with your card, tired89020:06
tired890you never know.. steam maybe complained of the *first* thing it didn't find.. give it that and it might ask for other stuff :P20:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libtiff: cleanups20:07
korifrinnst: I know the feeling20:07
koridiverse: glxinfo output...
tired890its there too!20:08
diverseyeah, kori has the same extension...20:08
diversenote to self: ignore phoronix forum comments20:09
diversealthough ubuntu seems to agree:
jaegeryou also have nvidia-32 installed?20:10
diverseah, 32 bit compatibility20:11
korijaeger: aye20:11
kori$ pkg ls | grep nvidia20:11
korinvidia-32 346.35-120:11
korinvidia-340 340.65-120:11
diversenot the same vesion, huh?20:12
tired890damn it kori I knew it20:12
diverseI know it20:12
diversetired890: great minds think a like?20:12
koritime to create nvidia-32-34020:12
tired890good news for kori .. that 9500 can still pull its weight I'm sure.. had one for ages then I jumped ship!20:13
diversehmm, it sounds like the open source + amd ucode pulls it's own weight too. The only advantage I found with amd is that if you want to use crossfire, there is no need to have a proprietary adapter to bridge between multiple cards.20:15
tired890yups, like I said built not reverse engineered.. not a bad bet to buy one (fanboy mode off)20:16
diverseI was talking about a hardware thing, not software20:16
tired890ops I thought you were talking about multi-display setups.. my bad20:17
diverseno, sli and crossfire are when you want to amp up your card processing power beyond their limits with multiple cards20:17
tired890yes, scaling is 60-70% at best..20:18
tired890would be cool if you could double the performance by adding an identical card20:18
diversenope, that's not really possible with the overhead20:18
diverseand it also depends how well the game is optimized for the type of setup too, so there is multiple factors20:19
jaegerI can't speak for crossfire but I've read that SLI has far fewer issues these days than it used to (though still some)20:20
jaegerhaven't done it since 8500GTs, myself20:20
koriand now it works!!!!20:21
tired890I'm curious, for how long have you guys been linux (not crux specifically)20:21
tired890congrats kori !20:21
koritired890: 2 years20:21
koriactually maybe 320:21
diversekori: once again, your miracle powers activated20:21
tired890kori, what is your screens res ?20:22
jaegernot quite 19 years20:22
koritired890: 1920x108020:22
diversenote to self: to solve kori's problems, just talk about stuff20:23
tired890kori, you'll stretch her legs for sure.. but at med settings should be smooth..20:23
koritired890: oh I've had this card for the entirety of my linux usage also20:24
tired890okay maybe I'm being optimistic, med-low maybe20:24
tired890NO anti-aliasing!20:24
diversekori: well at least you can live with the card now until you buy a better one in april20:24
koridiverse: yeS120:24
tired890I recommend an R9 270x20:25
korialso, we gotta test that git driver more20:25
korii want it to be added20:25
koriI want my repo to be known by the CRUX world20:25
tired890I wonder if "mantle" will be ported to linux20:25
tired890or has it?20:25
koriI've had this knowledge20:27
korifrom ever since I started using CRUX20:27
kori99% of the time, it's user error20:27
koribest developers ever, thank you developers for not breaking my system and letting me break it myself20:28
diverseat least you learn from your mistakes20:28
tired890yes its a great learning experience here20:28
tired890and with kori, you just need to talk about random things and he'll figure out the problems by himself :D20:29
diversethe goal here is to jump start a memory or idea, once it's been sparked, he'll solve it20:31
koriI've problems describing CRUX to other people20:34
koriI usually go "simple, easy to wrap your head around, no bullshit system"20:34
koribut recently I've started to use the subway metaphor too20:34
tired890I'd say thats a fair description20:34
thetornainbow"unless you don't know what you're doing, then good luck!"20:34
tired890of course.. I need some apps that are only available on windows. So I installed virtualbox and I'm amazed at the near-native speed.. things sure have come far20:35
diverseI'd say "simple" as in "no abstractions to hide stuff" so it does require that you "know what you're doing"20:36
thetornainbowi got a PC with OEM windows, so i can't have the virtual machine :(20:36
thetornainbowdiverse: yeah, just pointing out that sometimes i forget that what is "easy" to me, may be incomprehensible to a different user, even one with experience20:37
diverseyou got to be careful with the word "simple" to end users, because it has multiple meanings20:38
koridiverse: those users know what "simple" means in that context20:38
korisimple, not easy20:38
diversewell as long as the people you explain it to, know what the context is20:39
tired890that reminds me of the OS pic20:39
tired890one of you guys posted it the other day20:40
thetornainbowfor example, i was explaining how simple Crux was to my brother-in-law, who's used Linux for a while, does work in scientific computation, not a stupid guy. i was saying "To have a system service, you just write the script in rc.d/ and enable it in rc.conf! SO EASY!"20:40
tired890or was it somewhere else I saw it..20:40
tired890hold on20:40
thetornainbowhe had no idea20:40
tired890does that fit? do you linux guys have some sort of the matrix situation going on ?20:41
diverseah I seen that pic before, I love it20:41
thetornainboweh, most fanbois i've met are clueless about other systems20:41
diversethetornainbow: yeah, different people, different thinking20:41
thetornainboweven Linux fanboys20:42
thetornainbowOMG GUYS WINDOWS IS SUCH S$^%!20:42
thetornainbowexcept MS Office is pretty brilliant comparatively, and Active Directory is damn good at what it's for, and IIS really isn't that bad20:43
diverseah yeah, that quote would be classified as "1st/2nd year" Linux user behavior20:43
thetornainbowwell said20:44
koriwho was that guy that got rid of sysvinit on CRUX20:53
diversehard to tell, there were many20:53
koriI think it was leo20:54
thetornainbowman i really need to get my repo published20:55
thetornainbowtoo much to do20:55
thetornainbowported gnubg the other day, love backgammon!20:55
korithetornainbow: take the COOL way and wait until the git driver gets adopted20:56
thetornainbowgit == COOL :)20:56
thetornainbowalthough i like rsync20:56
diversegit is actually pretty nice20:57
thetornainbowyeah, i remember when i first started with version control, my world changed20:57
tired890I like dominos21:01
tired890now if there was a game that was network aware..21:01
tired890I'd take you all one by one21:01
thetornainbowhmmmm, not sure if i should feel uncomfortable or not21:03
tired890ah I get it21:03
tired890you should feel uncomfortable about where your mind goes :P21:03
diversekori: really, complete that driver21:04
koridiverse: I'm really not sure what's the proper proper way to do it21:04
koriI'd just overwrite EVERYTHING but I can't figure that out either21:05
diversethe important thing is to debug, remember? You got to see how things are working and --verbose is your friend.21:05
koridiverse: I added -q after the initial round of debugging21:06
korito make things prettier21:06
diversekori: I guess ask jaeger for more help21:11
*** j^2 has quit IRC21:12
*** hnode has joined #crux21:13
diverseyawn, I'm getting tired, well I'm glad I "finished" the lock feature21:13
diversekeep track of a list is pretty easy21:14
diverseah hey hnode21:14
tired890hi hnode21:14
tired890diverse, do you know which vdpau pkg is for the open source radeon driver?21:15
diverseI dunno, I thought vdpau is nvidia specific?21:15
hnodehi tired890, how is going your graphic configuration ? I keep tryng a directfb enviroment21:16
diversetired890: I would ask frinnst :)21:16
hnodewhen I have something functional I share the notes ;)21:16
tired890hnode, its working nicely.. just that upon playing fullHD vids I get about 10% cpu utilization.. hence why I wish to enable HW acceleration21:17
diversehnode: you also wanted to translate the handbook in portuguese?21:17
tired890upon selecting vdpau driver in mplayer I get errors..21:18
*** lnds has quit IRC21:18
thetornainbowtired890: have you tried mpv?21:18
diverse(again I think vdpau is for nvidia only, but my info is probably outdated now)21:18
tired890diverse, its available for amd as  well .. hold on pls21:19
diverseI'll take your word for it, no worries21:19
tired890thetornainbow, many players support HWaccel but I thought there must be a system wide driver for it to work, no?21:20
tired890can a particular player implement it natively?21:20
hnodediverse: yes, and print it ! but is a big "thing" I`m preparing, when I don`t feel ready at the moment21:21
hnodeI will have to ask to crux team how to give credits and best way to protect (license stuff)21:22
hnodeor if even they like the idea21:22
diverseI think there is no need to be shy about it. It's important to discuss about it, so that you know.21:25
tired890the vdpau driver in crux ports is for nvidia only it seems21:25
tired890a package names vdpau-mesa is needed  for radeons21:25
diversehnode: I was pretty open when I started my project because I wanted to benefit from the knowledge of the community, instead of having 1 or 2 people only know about it.21:28
*** j^2 has joined #crux21:31
mheI lost the link to the recent chroot install, culd someone help me with it?21:36
korimhe: you're the LFS guy, right?21:37
koriah cool21:37
mheI am using pkgutils as package manager on Nutyx saravane (buildscripts are almost pure LFS)21:38
mheanother great option:
mhebasically both Nutyx and manualix are scripted LFS base installs, manualix/mix uses crux rc scripts as well21:40
koriI should do some rc hacking21:41
mheI actually prefer lfs bootscripts21:41
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:52
*** JSchilli1 has joined #crux21:59
diversekori: looks like you found the right person21:59
mhewho is kori looking for?21:59
diverseI think he is interested in ripping out the sysvinit for a different init system22:00
mheboth manualix and nutyx use sysvinit and either lfs bootscripts or crux rc scripts22:01
*** doomicide has joined #crux22:01
mhehe might look into manjaro openrc22:01
mheor lfs runit22:03
diversemhe: so ideally, you are the person he is looking for :)22:03
mhegreat, I want to try out a crux-chroot install using my packages I build on Nutyx saravane22:04
diversemhe: what's your opinion on s6?22:04
mheseems nice and all but does it need replacing?22:05
diverseI mean as an alternative of all the choices out there22:05
mheit is available for testing:
koriI've used runit22:06
mhebut the same guy provided runit and that was never really finished22:06
diversemhe: I'm not replacing anything, was just curious22:06
mhedragora2 used runit as well and reverted to initscripts for dragora322:06
mheah, so using it as a alternative next to sysV22:07
mheas long as lfs stays away from systemd, that would be my first choice22:08
mheif not, rc/sysV or openrc22:08
korimhe: there's a book on how to do LFS with systemd22:09
mheyeah, but I do not think it willbecome the default22:09
koriugh I don't understand how the services are started22:09
korijust a bit22:09
koribut the code is so weird22:09
korimhe: /etc/rc.local on any CRUX system22:11
*** JSchilli1 has quit IRC22:12
koriscrewed that up22:13
mheon manualix, if you add a service, this will start it:
koriaye I'm gonna do something similar to that22:14
mhebasically you set initscripts somewhere and either you run either all files in e.g. /etc/init.d or use a file to select files in e.g. /etc/init.d/22:15
hnodeI'm having a problem with git clone, fatal: unable to access ... : error setting certificate verify locations:22:16
korithat's what I want to do22:16
hnodehoo, I see, I was tryng to clone a http22:17
hnodesorry https22:17
hnodeno  error pressist, git clone
hnodeI dont have a file /etc/ssl/cert.pem,22:19
frinnstDevice: /dev/sdc [SAT], 80 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors22:21
frinnstDevice info:22:21
frinnstST2000DL003-9VT166, S/N:5YD4VV5R, WWN:5-000c50-03defbfb4, FW:CC32, 2.00 TB22:21
frinnstfuck seagate22:21
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC22:23
korialright hopefully I didn't mess up anything brb reboot22:29
*** kori has quit IRC22:30
*** kori has joined #crux22:35
korialright it all went smoothly22:35
koriservices aren't quiet but I'm gonna figure that out22:35
kori...later, of course.22:35
korifun fun fun22:36
diverseso, what init system are you using now?22:36
koridiverse: still sysvinit22:36
koriI replaced the way services are started, though22:37
korirc is almost 100% sh compatible22:37
koriit may be 100% sh compatible22:42
mheI am off to bed, early tomorrow :(22:46
*** kori has quit IRC22:47
diversesame with me but not for the same reason ;)22:48
diverselater everybody22:48
*** heroux has quit IRC22:50
*** heroux has joined #crux22:51
*** kori has joined #crux22:56
tired890later diverse22:58
*** jue has quit IRC23:23
*** doomicide has quit IRC23:30
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:37
*** hnode has quit IRC23:53

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