IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-01-27

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drijenhas crux moved to systemd?01:57
alancionot yet01:58
drijena pox on systemd01:59
rmullSystemd may be itself a pox02:15
alancioits more like a pandemic02:16
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EmoSpice_HomeEvening all. I'm having some trouble getting a new kernel to boot properly and I'm curious if you all have some suggestions. Essentially, it will boot - but it looks as if no modules are loaded at all. Framebuffer doesn't switch resolutions and no keyboard input (which makes any sort of debugging hard). How can I go about debugging this?02:20
rmullDid you install the modules after kernel build?02:26
EmoSpice_Homewell, now that I think about it - not after my last build (though I only changed built-ins vs modules) I'll try again and report back02:28
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EmoSpice_Homermull: Nope. Didn't help...02:38
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jaegerprologic: figure out the dev issue?02:58
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prologicI'm at work :)02:59
prologicI've tried several times myself02:59
prologichence my email :)02:59
prologicthis is a clean 3.1 install02:59
prologicso not sure what I've done wrong :)02:59
jaegerdid you use your own kernel or the ISO kernel config?03:00
prologicmy desktop (3.1) clearly works :)03:00
prologicown kernel config03:00
prologiccopied from the old 2.7 system03:00
jaegerI'm betting it's one of those03:00
prologicahh really?03:00
jaegerwe didn't use that in 2.7, I think03:00
prologicsee I tried to search the config fo r that03:00
prologicbut came up empty03:00
prologicwas my first/second thought too03:00
prologicmakes total sense03:00
jaegerMight be something else but I'd check that first03:00
prologicI'll have a third look tonight :)03:00
EmoSpice_HomeAny more thoughts on how to debug a kernel that I can't use? :P03:07
prologicthanks jaeger :)03:09
EmoSpice_HomeI did look about and determine that the contents of /lib/modules/3.17.3-CRUX (the one that works) is only a couple of files off from the 3.18.3 modules dir. That's accounted for by the fact that I compiled nls iso8859-1 and 437 codepages.03:11
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prologicwhat do you get when you boot it?03:28
hnodeHi, I`m having problems with X, it seems a "normal problem" I have read some posts on the net, but...03:30
prologicwhat's the problem?03:31
hnodekernel have i915 and modesetting enable, no module03:31
hnodeno vesa,03:31
hnodeI have installed driver x - intel03:31
hnodefirst error on Xorg log is No devices detected03:32
hnodeIm member of video03:32
prologicah ic03:32
prologicI have a machine with the i915 gpu03:32
prologicdid you enable the right kernel options?03:32
prologicthere are at least 3 iirc03:33
hnodecat .config | grep 91503:34
hnode# CONFIG_DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT is not set03:34
EmoSpice_Homeprologic: Doesn't seem like any modules are loaded. framebuffer doesn't switch resolutions, no keyboard input.03:38
EmoSpice_Home(rebooting with quiet turned on to see if I can read far enough back in the boot log to see some sort of problem. be back in a min)03:42
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prologicDevice: /dev/sdb [SAT], 5 Offline uncorrectable sectors03:45
prologichmm :/03:45
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prologichnode: paste your Xorg.log file somewhere online03:46
prologiclet's see03:46
prologicEmoSpice_Home: did you get block/filesystem errors or something?03:46
prologicthat's the most common :)03:46
jaegerwoot, CPU swapped03:48
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jaegerhnode: pastebin your Xorg.0.log if you can03:49
prologic^^^ yikes03:53
hnodeprologic: sorry for time
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jaegerwhat's the lspci line for your GPU?03:56
EmoSpice_HomeOkay. I've managed to eliminate everything that LOOKS like an error message on startup, aside from one "incompatible libdevmapper" message that shows up under both kernels (and doesn't keep this one from working).03:56
hnode# lspci | grep VGA03:57
hnode00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)03:57
jaegerEmoSpice_Home: what behavior are you seeing? freeze or something else?03:57
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jaegerhnode: what it's PCI ID? from lspci -nn03:58
hnodenot sure the value you want,03:59
jaegernot that one, the one that shows up in brackets :)03:59
jaegerthanks, going to look that up04:00
jaegerhrmm, should work fine with xorg-xf86-video-intel as far as I can see04:01
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EmoSpice_Homewell...modules.dep is completely empty on the new kernel...which might explain it >_>04:01
jaegerEmoSpice_Home: could be a problem :)04:02
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jaegerhnode: any change if you add nomodeset to the boot command line?04:03
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hnodeI will try04:12
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hnode_prologic: problem pressist plus fonts get very ugly04:18
hnode_so I remove and reboot,04:18
hnode_I dont compile things in same order as discribed in crux.nu04:19
hnode_should I remove and build again ?04:19
jaegerremove which part?04:20
hnode_all packages from xorg port04:21
jaegershouldn't be necessary, I think04:22
jaegeryou could rebuild the video driver if you like, or if you've upgraded xorg-server04:23
hnode_I have tryed that, :)04:25
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: updated source URL04:35
hnode_jaeger: if i build every thing correct, is any thing that I have to manualy configure ?04:36
diversehuh I guess I wasn't as tired as I thought04:37
jaegerusually not04:37
diversehnode_: so how is git situation?04:37
jaegerintel's one of the best drivers for easy configs most of the time04:38
hnode_solved diverse04:39
diversenice, how did you solve it?04:40
hnode_installed ca-certificates04:40
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diversejaeger: how is the weather over there?05:17
jaegerpretty normal currently. gonna get up to low 70s tomorrow so that's nice05:17
diverseI heard the northeast is going to have the "snow bombogenesis" which is pretty odd05:19
diversegood thing you aren't affected by that extreme weather05:22
jaegerit gets a bit cold here at times but we don't get a lot of extreme05:24
jaegerexcept tornados sometimes05:24
diversewell the snow problem there is soooo bad, new york is going to stop its subway system just because of it, which is the first time ever because of snow.05:25
jaegersounds rough05:26
darfoargh. 52 core ports have dependencies for core ports
diversejaeger: imagine being forced to stay home, never being able to come out for 3 days or even more, with no power (no internet!), while being stuck in the cold with tall layers of snow.05:30
diversethat's pretty much what I heard05:30
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diversejaeger: I forgot to ask, what's your opinion on the aliases.d dir idea for your rewrite?05:37
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diversewhat was the script that cleans the pkgs out of the prtdirs?07:44
diverseah okay `pkg-clean` how straightforward07:45
tired890hi diverse08:14
tired890pkg-clean ?08:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-bad-compat: update footprint08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-lwp: update footprint for new perl version08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-net-ssleay: update footprint for new perl version08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-term-readkey: update footprint for new perl version08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-text-csv-xs: update footprint for new perl version08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-xml-writer: update footprint for new perl version08:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pillow: clean up footprint08:59
Romstertired890, Remove ports to a clean state. romster/pkg-clean08:59
Romsteri have a small cleanup to do to pkg-clean09:00
Romsterjust codewise and what repos it looks for and renaming that lock file.09:00
Romsteri've let some of my my ports get stale.09:03
juetired890: prtwash from prt-utils or oldfiles if you are using centralized dirs for sources/packages09:03
Romstermy tool removes packages with pkgrm... keeping only core and other select-able ports. maybe not what you want.09:11
Romsternever looked at oldfiles09:12
nweis it just me or is it someone else som get this..
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libtiff: fixed md5sums09:38
Romsteryeah frinnst forgot to commit .md5sum ^09:39
nweRomster: oh :) thanks09:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libtiff-32: 4.0.3 -> 4.0.4beta10:01
Romsterfrinnst, picked up on it before i could tell him10:01
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frinnstno jaeger told me10:18
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tired890thanks Romster and jue10:22
tired890I'm installing prt-utils10:22
Romsternp tired89010:24
tired890prtwash -a -p -s baby!10:27
tired890wow thats a lot of src packages10:28
Romsterthey do accumulate. i just tend to rm /var/ports/packages/* and same to distfiles/ since i do have a local mirror at home10:29
tired890I see10:29
Romsterwould be a pain to rm distfiles if not got a home mirror through.10:29
tired890I see prtwash also removes patches10:29
Romsterunless you rarely rebuild10:29
Romsteranything in source= i guess10:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gcc-fortran: 4.8.3 -> 4.8.410:34
jueit removes anything _not_ in the source array except for the files mentioned in prtwash(1)10:37
tired890yup I was reading the manual page just now :)10:40
tired890cleaned up about 1.8GBs10:40
tired890not bad!10:40
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frinnsthey alancio10:45
alanciohi there10:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.7.2 -> 0.7.310:51
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leo-unglaubgood morning vietnam11:04
tired890I just saw the strangest thing11:04
tired890I was full screen watching a movie11:04
tired890and I saw a small box (like an interface tooltip) of someone saying Hi, <real name>11:05
tired890Hi, Adam11:05
tired890is my system compromised?11:05
frinnstdo you run any IM clients? did you have a browser running?11:06
alanciodidn't mean to scare you, that was me11:06
alancioand to answer your question: yes11:06
tired890frinnst, browser yes11:07
tired890alancio, damn it that was not funny11:07
xeirrrIRC meno?11:07
frinnstmaybe you are logged into something? facebook or whatever?11:07
tired890yahoo mail11:07
tired890but I was in the movie and that tooltip popped it was so freaky11:07
alancioI don't think someone would compromise your system just to greet you in that way11:08
alanciounless you are really popular, or that person is stalking you11:09
tired890or the person is a psycho who enjoys mind games11:09
tired890but I'm running CRUX11:09
tired890I was in the "come get me baby" mind set11:10
tired890but frinnst's suggestion reminds me11:10
tired890even in windows, firefox tooltips sometimes "trancend" into other programs11:10
joacimwhats that windows thing? net send?11:11
joacimused to play around with that a lot in high school11:11
alancioyou could use xwininfo to identify the x11 client showing that message11:11
tired890its not a message guys11:12
tired890its a tooltip box11:12
alancioprt-get depinst xorg-xwininfo11:12
tired890as in that tiny tool top thing that shows when you hover over a button or something11:12
tired890tool tip*11:12
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tired890thanks for the suggestions11:12
alanciowhatever it is, xwininfo will identify it11:12
alancioworks with tool tops *and* tool tips11:13
tired890oh man I think my paranoia will force me to reinstall11:13
frinnsthave fun :)11:14
alancioI have a question Adam, did you only get it once, or are you still getting them?11:14
tired890upon seeing that I immediately issued: netstat11:14
frinnstprt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)11:14
tired890alancio, once only11:15
alanciowhat movie player were you using?11:16
alanciowas it a browser flash thing, or a real program?11:16
tired890frinnst's theory on browser intereference sounds about right11:17
tired890alancio, smplayer (front end or mplayer)11:17
alancioyeah I know it, since its my port ;)11:17
tired890alancio, it was literally a tool tip.. hold on let me take a screenie11:17
tired890thanks btw its my fav player :)11:17
tired890that makes you a suspect though!11:18
alancioyeah, I should probably remove that patch that greets you11:18
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tired890you see "playlist" tooltip ?11:25
tired890thats what I mean.. literally a tooltip: "Hi, Adam"11:25
frinnstnice desktop11:27
alancioso it looked like a tooltip from smplayer?11:28
tired890alancio, yes, except it popped up in front of the movie11:29
tired890without me hovering over any button11:29
alanciono idea, smplayer has never greeted me11:32
tired890remove your patch alancio11:32
alancioby the way, in case someone indeed compromised your computer, you might want to remove that "new_passwords.txt" from your desktop ;)11:33
tired890I have been trying to reproduce the tooltip leak as per frinnst 's tip.. cant do it tho..11:33
tired890lol its new_passport, a checklist of things to get11:33
tired890doesnt have any passwords in it11:33
tired890haha would be a troll file for hackers though wouldnt you agree :P11:34
tired890zsh: command not found: netstat11:37
tired890prt-cache search netstat  No matching packages found11:37
alanciotry ss11:37
alanciowhile I was in your computer, I renamed netstat to ss ;)11:37
tired890imagine my panic when I saw that tip I immediately issued netstat to see active connections.. command not found!11:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: check: Initial import version 0.9.1411:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cppunit: initial import version 1.12.111:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: iniparser: initial import version 3.111:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ldb: initial import version 1.1.2011:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ntdb: initial import version 1.011:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: p5-parse-yapp: initial import version 1.0511:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: py-subunit: initial import version 1.0.011:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: subunit: initial import version 1.0.011:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tevent: initial import version 0.9.2211:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] samba: port refactoring11:38
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Romsteralancio, you should think about hanging out in #crux-devel and be on more often?13:09
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jaegerdiverse: we had an ice storm a few years back that was bad for our area, at least. 11 days without power at my house14:11
jaegerdiverse: regarding aliases I don't really care how they're implemented. CRUX is a pretty hands-on distribution anyway14:12
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rmulllots of snow here in boston.14:40
rmullStill have power - no trains are running though14:40
rmullAlso, no non-essential vehicles permitted on the road14:42
FeigrimI read that the Boston area might be hit harder than NYC was14:44
EmoSpiceSo said NPR. Apparently, the storm took a 150mi 'jaunt' out to sea and is hitting Boston with aplomb...14:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: p5-parse-yapp: updated footprint for perl 5.1814:52
thetornainbowwe got a bare dusting here in TN14:53
thetornainbowi was hoping14:53
EmoSpicethetornainbow: I'm even farther south, so we just got cold and wet.14:54
thetornainbowhaha, it's about what happened here14:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samba: fixed .md5sum14:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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greduanInstalling CRUX for the first time and I must say, this is the funnest experience I've had with a distro. :)16:16
greduanI've had to recompile the kernel so many times in order to add support for some piece of software I forgot. That's also fun though.16:17
greduanhardware not software16:17
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jaegergreduan: glad you like it :)16:20
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greduanIt seems by default startx starts with the xinitrc at /usr/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc18:08
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux18:09
greduanI like my xinitrc in my home folder so I made it a symlink to ~/.xinitrc18:09
greduanAnd that works18:09
greduanJust wanna know what's the norm or usual solution to that problem, if it's considered a problem...18:09
greduanHey. :)18:09
leo-unglaubwe need to rebuild glibc18:10
thetornainbowgreduan: you can usually just place an .xinitrc in ~ and it works the same18:14
EmoSpicegreduan: Does your xinitrc have +x?18:15
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greduanEmoSpice that must be it, I didn't put a +x on it, I'll try and see if that's it...18:16
greduanEmoSpice that worked, thanks. :)18:18
EmoSpicegreduan: yep.18:18
greduanYou know what the other problem was? The file was named wrong. oops18:21
EmoSpicehaha. I know that feel18:23
jueFTR, the glibc CVE bug mentioned by leo-unglaub has been already fixed 2013 for glibc 2.18 and is therefor a none-issue for us18:37
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deus_exIs anyone else getting footpprint mismatch with opt/ldb?18:47
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tilmanhuh, new patch(1) fails to apply some kernel patches if run with default arguments18:52
tilmanprobably due to the CVE they fixed in that release. time to get a new kernel tarball18:55
juepedja: yes, whole samba is broken currently, hope alan will fix it soon18:56
pedjajue: thanks :)18:57
juetilman: will look at the ledger patch tomorrow, might be that I use git HEAD instead of the release ;)18:58
juepedja: np18:58
tilmanjue: yeah, it's not terribly important either18:59
tilmanjue: without the patch it will segfault in situations where it wouldn't have printed anything either (ie, empty report)18:59
jueoops, that's not so nice but never run into such a segfault myself19:01
tilmantry "ledger -M bal noaccountnamedlikethis"19:02
tilmanbtw, thanks for packaging ledger... i didn't realize there was a CLI alternative to gnucash :)19:03
jueyeah, got the segfault too :) but at all ledger is very nice, running it since 200619:03
greduanGot a working Xorg with working audio and video. hell yeah19:21
greduanCRUX is my new distro of choice19:21
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greduanIs it only pkgmk that should use fakeroot? Just to make sure...19:50
jaegeryes, usually19:51
greduanOut of curiosity, why is it not configured that way in the default install? Since it's a good idea no matter the case?19:53
jaegernot everyone wants to do it that way or installs fakeroot, I guess19:54
greduanI see19:54
prologicjaeger, that did the trick :)19:54
prologicta :)19:54
jaegerprologic: devtmpfs?19:55
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prologicis that typically required by most installs?20:12
jaegerprologic: good deal. These days, probably yes20:12
prologicwhen is it not? :)20:15
prologicbut then wouldn't the initrd have the devtmpfs? :)20:15
tired890speaking of fakeroot, will prtwash check my pkgmk file to see where my source/work dirs are?20:22
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leo-unglaubdiverse: have you every tryed Rust on openbsd?20:36
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jaegerprologic: the ISO's initramfs uses mdev to populate /dev before the root is switched20:43
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leo-unglaubdiverse: ha, i just found the first huge security problem in the rust language21:03
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hnode_Hi Crux World !21:06
tired890Hi there!21:07
hnode_Hi tired890 ;)21:07
greduanHi there. :)21:11
hnode_Today while taking the morning coffe, bartender tell me "the pirate bay" will return,21:14
hnode_we get happy, :D21:15
tired890hnode_, there is KAT ;)21:16
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diverseleo-unglaub: really? Did you report it?21:20
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux21:20
leo-unglaubi cannt ... my bugzilla account is still banned21:20
diversedude, do it on github21:20
diversereport there now21:21
leo-unglaubwaaaa, github again ...21:22
diversecome on ;)21:22
leo-unglaubyou can do it21:22
diverseit's just reporting an issue, no pull request or using repos21:22
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leo-unglauba program in rust that needs random data .. so basically everything that does crypto, ... can be tricked into getting very baaaaaaad random data ... because you can just use up all file descriptors to /dev/urandom and then rust fails or uses null as random data21:24
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leo-unglaubthere is a fucking syscall in it21:24
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leo-unglaubi dont get why people use still this old fucking file21:24
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diverseoh, is it using "unsafe" code?21:25
leo-unglaubnot unsafe code, you just have an limited amount of file descriptors21:26
leo-unglaubyou just have to open 10 000 empty files in /tmp and rust is not getting a file descriptor for /dev/random21:26
leo-unglaubso they get null21:26
leo-unglauband are fucked21:26
leo-unglaubeven polarssl did it wrong until i mailed them a patch21:26
leo-unglaubi still dont get why people fuck up such basic things21:27
diversethe code you are using itself is probably unlocked with unsafe to call C code, because real rust doesn't bother with null data/pointers. Either way, this is a good finding and should be reported because as you mentioned there is a better way than this archaic method of random data using /dev/urandom21:29
leo-unglaubi am going to stop with rust for now21:30
diverseI know how you feel, but could you use the issue tracker on github?21:31
leo-unglaubmaybe later when i have a simple exploid script21:31
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diverseleo-unglaub: hmm, is this related to what you are talking about?
cezarhi. I did not succeed installing chromium yet. this is the pastebin of the installation failure21:35
prologicjeager: ahh yes so that's another way of doing it21:35
prologicjeager: but I doubt anyone would go to that kind of trouble on a desktop/server? :)21:35
leo-unglaubdiverse: not exactly, but it's in the same category21:37
leo-unglaubif they fix that they should have my issue covered as well21:37
leo-unglaubif they dont fuck it up21:37
EmoSpicecezar: that error is often reminiscent of a borked python build. Have you rebuilt python and checked the resultant build?21:39
cezarwill do it now21:40
EmoSpiceand did you google this issue? it's common on Gentoo boxes from waht I can see21:40
EmoSpice"The problem seems to have been that python was built with /dev/shm mounted with mode 0755. updated the mode to 1777 (tmp-style) and recompiled python. chromium now compiles fine."21:41
jaegerprologic: indeed, just answering :)21:41
cezaryes I did but what I got as answer did not help I may have skipped some important information21:41
greduanWhat is the recommended place to put a LANG variable? From what I can tell it would be /etc/rc.conf no?21:47
EmoSpicegreduan: well. I have mine in my zprofile, but that's because I was too lazy to ask the question you're asking21:47
hnode_What I`m doing wrong when installing fonts; /usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi/fonts.scale: fopen(w): Permission denie21:48
greduanWrong permissions?21:49
hnode_humm, but when instaling a package is run as root21:49
greduanhnode_ what command are you running?21:49
hnode_$ prt-get depinst xorg-font-misc xorg-font-util xorg-font-xfree86-type1 xorg-font-bitstream-vera xorg-font-bitstream-type1 xorg-font-bitstream-75dpi xorg-font-bitstream-100dpi21:50
greduanHave you tried adding a sudo at the beginning of that command?21:50
greduanYou can run `sudo !!` to run the last command with sudo.21:51
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hnode_greduan: but I have this on prt-get.conf addcommand       sudo pkgad21:52
greduanI'm still a new user so I don't know if that would work, to be honest21:53
greduanTry running it with sudo and see what happens21:53
hnode_greduan: thanks so much,21:54
hnode_and now this rise another question, with packages I have allready failed and not notice21:55
greduanGlad I was of help. :)21:56
greduanWell... you can always re-run the commands, or not bother with it until a problem comes up because of it21:57
cezar"package phyton is not installed" shouldn't it be python2.722:03
EmoSpiceor so I remember. I'm on an arch machine now so can't check22:03
EmoSpice(or maybe it's python2)22:03
cezarpackage phyton2 is not installed22:04
EmoSpiceAre you spelling it right? You've typed it twice misspelled.22:04
EmoSpice(and next - just do a `prt-get search python`)22:05
diverseah okay, there is prtwash, that is probably what I am looking for, thanks jue22:06
cezarbash-4.3# prt-get search phyton22:08
cezarNo matching packages found22:08
EmoSpiceIt's fucking spelled wrong. I just asked you about that.22:08
leo-unglaubi really want to start providing binary packages of my ports .. only problem ... my upload sucks so hard ... i need longer to upload firefox than compile it22:08
leo-unglaubthats so sad, thats no even funny *g*22:09
hnode_I have no Idea of how to proporly configure my Xorg, can same one point me "how to", I have read one from Crux,..22:10
greduanhnode_ what are you running into trouble with?22:10
tired890hnode_, it should be config-free22:10
teK_move to /c22:10
greduanAs tired said, that was my experience22:10
tired890ie no need to generate a config file (unless you have a fancy setup like multi-monitor or such)22:11
hnode_I dont have a config, but it fails to detect "device/screen" also says that .serverauth file dont exist,22:12
cezarok sorry the "h" missing : D22:12
EmoSpicemisplaced, not missing.22:12
hnode_I have compiled in i915 driver and installed xorg-video-intel thing22:12
jaegertry "python" instead of "phyton"22:12
diversejaeger: wow, so why is the news making a big deal about the snow storm they are having?22:13
hnode_will post logs/output online22:13
cezarprt-get: reinstalling python 2.7.9-122:13
cezar-- Packages updated22:13
cezarprt-get: updated successfully22:13
jaegerdiverse: perhaps because it's affecting a lot of people? I don't know, it's not happening anywhere near me22:13
diversejaeger: also while crux is hands-on, let's say someone uses both of our tools and I store port aliases differently than your tool does. If there is no universal compatibility, there will be some big wtf moments for many who don't know what is going on.22:22
*** tired890 has quit IRC22:24
diverseI like Romster's idea of storing aliases by individual files instead of doing it all in one file like with prt-get.aliases22:25
diverseI don't know if you plan to changes your22:26
teK_ emerge --ask net-im/prosody22:27
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diverseI guess talking about aliases is too far to talk about22:32
*** doomicide has joined #crux22:36
*** tired890 has joined #crux22:39
jaegerIf you're going the compatible route, use the way prt-get does it now22:42
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:44
diversealrighty, but to make it more app neutral, can we change the name of the file from prt-get.aliases to aliases (same with to locker) eventually?22:44
diversewhen your and teK_'s project is done I mean22:45
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hnode_:) finaly found a easy way to post online, thanks diverse23:01
diverseno problem, although you can always ask in this channel too23:02
diverseI don't always have all the answers ;)23:02
hnode_Even me dont found the reason not to ask23:03
diversealso most people here probably think you are in X and not in tty all the time23:06
diversebe sure to explain your situation too23:07
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*** paul772 has joined #crux23:36
*** tired890 has joined #crux23:41
greduanI've noticed that some commands like reboot and shutdown are only available if one is logged in as root23:45
greduanIs there a way to make these available to the other users with less privileges?23:45
leo-unglaubgreduan: xfce4?23:45
mhehnode, do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf23:45
joacimsystemd :]23:45
joacimand now i'm going to bed23:45
tired890nighty night23:45
diversegreduan: your user account not part of the power group?23:46
greduandiverse: that's probably it.23:46
leo-unglaubthere is no power group in crux23:46
diverseleo-unglaub: oh, xfce stopped doing that?23:53
diversealthough other xfce users haven't mention of not being about to shutdown/reboot, just not able to suspend or switch users23:54
*** doomicide has quit IRC23:55
jaegermate uses consolekit/polkit, no idea on xfce... but that information is out there somewhere, I'm sure23:55
hnode_mhe: no, I have seen some where on the net23:57
hnode_I will search23:57
mheyou could try some options in that file23:58
leo-unglaubthe solution is simple23:58
leo-unglaubxfce has some wrapper for the shutdown-restart thing23:58
leo-unglaubyou just need to patch the package to set the right permissions23:58
leo-unglaubi already told the xfce maintainer that ;)23:59
mhewhat config files are there in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/23:59

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