IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2015-01-29

greduanno keyboard or mouse though :/00:03
teK_does your kernel support EVDEV?00:05
teK_check for CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV00:05
greduanThat's what it was working with lasttime it did00:06
teK_do you have xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed?00:06
teK_also: check your Xorg.lo00:06
greduanI guess I'll rebuild evdev00:06
greduanI guess I'll rebuild the input drivers, all of em00:12
teK_nothing in the log?00:13
greduanI need to reboot in order to be able to do anything, right now I'm recompiling and I'll check the logs in a sec00:20
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greduanOK I have input again00:25
greduanI recompiled evdev, mouse, synaptics, vesa and intel, just to make sure.00:26
greduanand it worked00:26
greduannow I know what I need to re-compile every time I compile X00:26
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greduanvimb _also_ crashes with bitbucket. sigh01:43
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greduanFirefox it is I guess :/01:53
tired890firefox is great!01:54
tired890compiling it on laptop as we speak01:54
greduanFirefox is good, I agree, but I would like something lighter01:56
greduanHopefully Vivaldi goes open source and I can get a nice fast browser01:56
tired890there are alternatives.. but what I like about firefox is that websites always show right.. no weird rendering01:56
korigreduan: suckless surf?02:14
greduankori: Maybe if it had a vim-like interface.02:16
greduanI've considered it seriously in the past02:16
greduanBut the lack of Vim hurts me02:16
korithat was mostly a joke02:16
koriwait, did you try dwb02:17
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greduanHowever the development stopped it seems02:20
greduanAnd it also crashes with bitbucket (and its source is hosted on bitbucket)02:20
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prologicwhat's wrong with bitbucket hosted code?02:30
prologicdwb looks nice02:31
prologicI might try this at home02:31
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prologichmm just tried it here on my Ubuntu work machine02:36
prologicit's not too bad02:36
greduanprologic: nothing wrong with BitBucket, except that it crashes when I visit BitBucket with it. lol02:41
greduanAnd no it's not too bad, it's pretty decent actually. But like I mentioned it is no longer being developed. :/02:41
rmullIf you're looking for a surf-like browser but with vim keys and other neat features, I recommend xombrero02:42
rmullBut a webkit-based browser like surf and its ilk are not really "light"02:42
greduanIt's too bad there aren't smaller browsers for the other competitors02:43
greduanLike Gecko, etc.02:43
greduanrmull: On Xombrero, is it single-tabbed like surf?02:44
greduanfootprint mismatch found when trying to install HexChat
prologiccould always write one02:56
prologicI've considered doing that02:56
greduanprologic if it's good I'd use it02:59
greduanI don't think it would be too hard, but I'm not able myself atm02:59
greduanI'll, not I'd03:00
prologicwhat's deemed as "good" in your mind for a web browser?03:01
greduanfast, light and customizable03:01
greduanThat's all I need03:01
greduanThe customizable bit has to be simple too, not like Firefox where you need an entire SDK03:02
greduanSorta like how Chrome handles it, but with way less limitations on what you can do03:02
rmullgreduan: No, gtk tabs built in03:03
greduanrmull: OK. Yeah the reason I tried out Surf for a while is because of the single tab mentality03:03
rmullYou can disable tabbing if you want.03:04
greduanOh OK03:04
rmullIs that because you disagree with the concept of tabs, or because you'd rather wrap something in the "tabbed" software03:05
greduanI wanted to get into a more focused workflow where I can only use one tab, I dunno, seemed like a cool idea when I was thinking of it. lol03:06
rmullhrm, okay03:06
rmullxombrero lets you either disable tab visualization or disable tabbing altogether03:06
greduanGood to know03:07
rmullIt's a security-focused browser03:07
rmullone of the lead devs is marco peereboom, who does a lot of openbsd contribution03:07
greduanThat is interesting to know03:08
greduanOh yeah, did you get my answers prologic?03:10
greduanon what makes a good browser03:11
prologicoh yes03:11
prologicvery generic though :)03:12
greduanI still haven't found one that fits that though, I don't think03:12
greduanA fast browser depends on a good engine, but a good modern web engine can't be small becacuse it has a TON of stuff to support.03:13
greduanMakes me wonder if they've implemented lazy loading into the engines03:13
prologicIHMO the Web is broken03:14
prologicso you're probably wasting your time03:14
prologicEven if you find a "light" web browser that's customizeable and fast03:14
prologicit may not implement all the fancy features of HTML5, etc03:14
prologicand some websites may not work as expected03:14
prologictake elinks for example03:14
prologicit's lightening fast and lightweight03:14
greduanor Dillo03:14
prologicbut no JS03:14
greduandoes links2 have CSS support?03:15
prologicThe WEB has fundamentally turned into an abstraction of abstractions of abstractions03:15
prologicto a point where we now do things like run ChromeOS on netbooks03:15
prologicand call Chrome an OS03:15
prologicsame goes for FirefixOS03:15
prologicand a few others03:15
prologicboth elinks and links* have CSS support - yes03:16
prologicI wouldn't say very good support but they do03:16
prologiccertainl ynot CSS3 support03:16
greduanIf they had CSS3 support, I'd say it'd be a nice tradeoff to not have JS. Although that would depend on websites not making themselves JS-rich when they're just text03:17
greduan(Which is not going to happen ever, I've found)03:17
greduanI dunno, I don't mind the size of the binary particularly, I do mind the amount of RAM it takes.03:18
greduan5 tabs 500MB is ridiculous IMO03:18
greduanor 300MB, but you get the picture03:18
prologicnot really when you think about it03:18
prologictry to parse a typical website using lxml or something03:18
prologicand count up the no. of nodes in the dom tree03:18
prologicthat has to get stored somewhere03:18
prologicthen you have all sorts of other things in memory as well03:19
prologicnot to mention Megabyte sof JS (oten)03:19
prologicwhich gets compiled into native code and cached too (if you use Chrome)03:19
prologicit all adds up03:19
prologicA index.html of <h1>Hello World!</h1> won't chew up much memory at all :)03:20
prologicbut we don't treat the web like that anymore it's all about rich content and interactivity, adds imagery etc03:20
prologicand don't forget the massive tracking :)03:20
greduanI just wish the web went back to something simpler03:22
prologicit's too late for that now03:23
prologicunfortunately for everyone HTTP got abused too much03:24
prologicand has turned into the protocol for "everything"03:24
prologiceven IMAP/POP is dying a slow death03:24
greduanThey're getting replaced with what?03:25
greduanFor making it easier on the RAM, for example, I like the websites that offer a link to the image, instead of embedding the image. Well done, that would mean one could download the image and send it to another app to open it, like feh or meh.03:25
greduanThe re-direction to another app would be handled by the browser, of course03:26
greduanThat would make the browser smaller03:26
greduanSame for videos03:26
greduanFor Chromium I started making an extension that would work like Flashblock but for images, called Imgblock. I got it working but got stumped at whitelisting because of API limitations03:28
greduanThat would at least save the RAM for the images03:29
prologicyou are of course speaking of Gopher :)03:34
prologicthis is precisely how Gopher works and was/is intended to work03:34
prologica way to access resources and content without all the fluff03:34
diversetoo bad the world is as niche as you like it ;)03:36
diverse*isn't as03:36
prologicniche isn't what I'd call this :)03:37
prologicthe web won out in the popularity contest :)03:37
prologicI guess (in some ways) because it was easier to exploit/abuse and commercialize03:37
diversethat's why gopher is niche :P03:37
prologictrue :)03:37
prologicconsider if it was the other way around?03:38
prologicthe world might be very different03:38
diversethen it wouldn't have been03:38
diverseprologic: consider if everybody used unix instead of windows?03:38
prologicthat could be interesting03:38
prologicI'd watch a movie about that if one creatd one :)03:39
greduanprologic: It's time for me to hit the hay but tell me all about Gopher, I'll read it tomorrow in the logs. ;P03:44
diverseyou will have plenty of time to learn it, prologic is always here03:45
prologicAnd my Gopherspace: gopher://
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diverseprologic: you might want to point him to the firefox plugin too03:50
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prologicI did03:53
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diverseI want to work on curl stuff for my project, but it has too many dependencies :'(04:11
diverseso many ports to make04:11
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tilmanteK_: that's why i said you typically will only use it if your producer (python http thingy) and the consumer (c api) run in parallel06:10
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nweany idea how I should fix this problem.. I have an mac-mini server and want to mount a linux nfs-share but I want every user on the mac-mini client can write to the nfs-share..07:41
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frinnstjust a simple permission issue, no?08:52
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Romsterchange the umask to allow groups to write and make /media in the users group?09:12
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teK_tilman: they do, but the messages I receive cannot be easily separated (and split) in a way that won't interfere with the pipe's sizing constraints11:15
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leo-unglaubhey :)11:50
Romsterleo-unglaub, where is your xfce ports?11:55
leo-unglaubRomster: /home/batman/repos/crux/fuck-the-xfce-maintainer/11:55
Romster are mine but i haven't done a heck of a lot with it lately.11:56
Romstercan you put it public somewhere so i can pull from it and compare.11:56
leo-unglaubRomster: later, i am currently reinstalling my laptop11:56
Romsterand i need to merge in changes in xfce4 as well.11:56
Romsteri'd like to clean them up11:57
leo-unglaubi am running now with openbsd on my laptop11:57
leo-unglaubi am pissed at linux currenty because suspend is broken again ..11:57
leo-unglaubi had it fixed for 2 weeks and now an update killed it again ...11:58
leo-unglaubbecause they added systemd support ...11:58
leo-unglauband now it's broken again ..11:58
Romsterbecause of systemd12:01
Romsteri can only laugh at that...12:01
Romsteras annoying it is12:02
Romsteri ought to try crux on a laptop. i still haven't yet12:02
leo-unglaubit is annoying ... i am on a lot of meetings12:02
Romsteri'd hunt though gentoo they probably got it working on openrc12:03
leo-unglauband every secoudn time i crack open my laptop something is broken and i have to hard reset12:03
leo-unglaubi mean, it's 2015 ... just opening a laptop from suspend and have it reconnect to a wifi should not be that hard ...12:04
tired890sad isnt it12:05
leo-unglaubevery time i do that i have to spend 3 minutes on the ip command to clear all old routes, all addresses12:05
tired890and rm -r /var/run/wpa_supplicant ?12:06
tired890I modified the wifi script on my laptop, to do all that12:06
leo-unglaubkillall wpa_supplicant actually works to *g*12:06
tired890so u just /etc/rc.d/wifi restart12:06
leo-unglaubi mean dont get me wrong, this is not a crux problem12:06
leo-unglaubthis is a linux problem in general ... even fucking windows 7 works better in regards of wifi12:07
tired890works better because the vendor of the wifi writes drivers .. as opposed to people doing it in their spare time for free (by reverse engineering).12:07
tired890anyways, atheros ftw!12:08
tired890broadcom for the lose..12:08
Romsteryeah hibernate hasn't been that great, from what i've read.12:09
Romsterover the years12:09
Romsterintel is also good wifi12:09
Romsterat least they supply firmware blobs12:09
Romsterbroadcom just suck12:10
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greduanGood morning13:55
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greduanDo does anyone here use any of the super lightweight browsers? Dillo, Links2, etc.?14:09
jaegerNot I14:12
thetornainbowi used dwb for a while, until it was unmaintained :(14:15
greduanthetornrainbow :(14:15
greduanI mean the suer super light, the ones that don't even support JS14:15
thetornainbowyeah dwb had an option to auto turn off all JS14:16
thetornainbowi used dillo for a bit, then upgraded my laptop, didn't need to scrimp on RAM anymore14:16
thetornainbowgreduan: why the question?14:23
greduanI'm considering setting up an environment where I use one of those browsers14:24
greduanAnd just for web dev I use Firefox or Chromium or whatever14:24
onoderagreduan, I wanna switch to surf14:24
onoderacurrently using firefox though14:24
greduansurf is cool14:25
greduanI found the keybindings to be too Emacs-like for me though14:25
greduanAs in, not modal enough14:29
thetornainbowstill have never tried Emacs14:36
thetornainbowi feel a bit wary of trying something new like that, cause i know it'll be months before i'm productive again :)14:37
greduanunless you use something like Spacemacs or Evil-mode. Which provide Vim keybinds14:41
thetornainbowyeah, and i've heard about org-mode and how great it is, but i still haven't found a better system than vim and .txt :D14:50
thetornainbowfor me anyway14:50
greduanI've tried org-mode, and while it's a bit complex, goddamn is it good15:03
rmullgreduan: You should include 'netsurf' in your lightweight browser list15:08
rmullIMO that's one of the better ones, though no javascript afaik15:08
rmullso basically unusable.15:09
greduanwill do15:09
greduanThanks for the suggestion15:10
greduanoh, NetSurf seems to support HTML515:16
greduanI wonder if it supports CSS315:16
greduanSome CSS3 it seems15:17
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EmoSpicegreduan: No javascript tho15:17
EmoSpicewhich is frustrating (and useless) as a guy who does web development for a living...15:17
greduanSame here15:18
greduanI can always have Firefox as a backup though15:18
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux15:18
EmoSpiceI'm using surf for a lot of stuff now, but I need client-side certificate presentation built into my main browser at work15:19
EmoSpiceso it's ff and pentadactyl for me15:19
greduanI see15:20
greduanI guess FF it is for me. Or NetSurf + Firefox + other stuff for media maybe15:24
EmoSpiceWhat is it that you can't get from, say, vimb or luakit or dwb etc?15:24
greduanvimb and dwb crash when I visit BitBucket15:34
greduanso I can't use them because of that15:34
greduaniirc when I tried to install luakit I wasn't successful, and that's why15:35
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux15:35
greduanWhat does a Footpring mismatch found mean?15:47
EmoSpiceThat there's a difference in files listed on disk and the record that's kept in the package.15:47
greduanAny advice on how to fix that?15:58
jaegeris dbus installed?15:58
greduanI think it is, but let me confirm15:59
greduanpackage dbus is installed15:59
*** dougl has joined #crux15:59
greduanshould I rebuild/install?16:00
tilmangreduan: i was looking for a browser that offered vim-like controls for a while and used both jumanji and xombrero. i can somewhat recommend the latter =)16:01
jaegergreduan: just a guess, sorry, I'm not familiar with hexchat16:01
greduanjaeger Oh OK, that's fine. :)16:02
greduantilman: Thanks! Yeah I think I tried Jumanji before16:02
tilmangreduan: jumanji's latest version requires their own toolkit (forgot the name) which i didn't find very appealing :D16:03
tilmanwhat i found annoying about these browsers is that in general they seem to require you to run privoxy (or alike) to get adblocking16:11
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:11
greduandwb has it built-in iirc16:12
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rmulltilman: One could argue that adblocking is better done at the perimeter, and it's more unixy to have one tool to do one job16:30
EmoSpicetilman: I'm a big fan of something like privoxy (or my current solution - a pimped /etc/hosts) to do the job.16:31
koriI think what we should ask ourselves, truly16:32
rmullMaybe you don't get enough flexibility if the blocking isn't browser aware, because you can only block by host for HTTPS16:32
koriis not how UNIX would do it16:32
koribut how plan 9 would do it.16:32
EmoSpicegreduan: did you up the version number or something in the Pkgfile?16:32
*** alancio has joined #crux16:32
EmoSpicekori: Web browsing would look entirely different in a Plan 9 run universe :P16:33
koriit would certainly be more efficient16:33
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC16:33
korinot as pretty, though16:33
EmoSpiceDepends on what your aim is.16:33
EmoSpiceI mean...the suckless ML discussion on this very topic was extremely interesting.16:34
koriwhoops nevermind16:34
*** lnds has joined #crux16:34
rmullsuckless has the biggest hardon for plan916:35
EmoSpicethat they do16:35
korirmull: actually, I'd say cat-v has the biggest hardon for plan 916:35
korisuckless has the second biggest16:35
greduanEmoSpice you mean for HexChat? No I'm just running prt-get depinst hexchat16:35
EmoSpiceIf you don't intend to use the dbus service, it looks innocuous enough to just do prt-get depinst -uf hexchat16:36
greduanI don't even remember what it's used for16:42
greduanFile '.footprint' is not writable :/16:42
tilmanEmoSpice: care to share your /etc/hosts?16:43
tilmanEmoSpice: i once had some iptables rules to block facebook, but updating that was a pain :D16:43
EmoSpiceI'll actually point you to the tool that takes care of it for me :P16:43
tilmanspeaking of plan916:43
tilmanany acme users here?16:43
koriI tried acme for a while16:43
EmoSpicegreduan: you need to run that as root16:44
tilmanmiddle-clicking foobar.c:123 to open the file and jump to the location seemed really intriguing16:44
teK_tilman: you can have my dnsmasq config for blocking stupid domains, too16:44
tilmanteK_: please giff16:44
teK_will do as soon as I'm back home with access to my router.16:45
greduanEmoSpice sudo isn't enough?16:45
EmoSpiceit should be.16:45
tilmanthanks EmoSpice16:45
greduanI'm running it with sudo...16:46
EmoSpicepicked that up while using arch a while back (their community contribution sub is SO GOOD for stuff like this016:46
greduansudo prt-get depinst -uf hexchat16:46
EmoSpicemight need to do `prt-get install -uf hexchat`16:46
greduanStill the same16:47
greduanI'll try with su16:47
EmoSpiceThere's a way to do it with prt-get, but I'd just cd to the dir and run "sudo pkgmk -uf" and "sudo pkgadd hexchat..."16:48
greduanI'll try to do that16:49
greduanI guess that was it16:50
greduanwith su inside the /usr/ports/opt/hexchat folder, it was able to update it correctly16:50
*** greduan_ has joined #crux16:52
greduan_hallo hallo16:52
greduan_this is from CRUX16:52
*** greduan has quit IRC16:58
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greduan_Has anyone installed HTML5 video on CRUX)17:43
greduan_juggling between two keyboard layouts is a pain.17:43
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greduan_After installing flash-player-plugin is there anything else I should do to get Flash working? I imagine not18:32
joacimfirefox + gst should just work18:34
joacimwebkit + gst too i guess18:34
joacimmight run into issues with sites that serves plain h264 or webm video based on user agent instead of detecting browser capability. many will only serve html5 video to specific user agents18:36
joacimI have to change mine to the one used by the ipad all the time18:36
greduan_so many gst/gstreamer ports to choose from18:45
*** dougl has quit IRC19:10
greduan_YouTube you so weird19:32
greduan_For some reason it starts at a resolution, then immediately tries to put the next resolution, and again and again until Flash crashes or something because it can-t find the next resolution or something.19:37
frinnstplease note we are explicitly disabling gst in firefox, to keep the dependencies down19:41
thetornainbowmutt why are you being difficult.....19:42
frinnstif you want to get h264 working you need to enable it + install the required gstreamer framework19:42
greduan_so use gstreamer instead of gst?19:44
greduan_also I just noticed CRUX was on Linux Unplugged, I am watching this19:45
frinnstI dont think i've ever listened back on that show19:46
frinnstso embarrasing19:46
greduan_you were on it?19:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nss: updated to 3.17.419:47
greduan_just a sec19:48
tilmanthink i got it19:48
greduan_yeah same vid, good19:48
tilmanye, thanks19:48
greduan_I think I actually listened to this one before19:49
greduan_but I had no idea what was going on cause I was new to the show, and also it was in the background so 90% of the conversation went over my head19:50
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*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux19:57
tilmanfrinnst: sounds like you did a good job19:57
frinnstit felt *very* unnatural19:59
tilmanBitPuffin was on there too?20:00
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:00
BitPuffintilman: on what?20:00
greduan_is that what they call Linux Unplugged? lol20:01
BitPuffinif I remember correctly it's the abbreviation that's used but I'm not sure20:01
BitPuffinbut yes I was on that20:01
korifrinnst: I liked the interview a lot20:05
korigreduan_: just imagine, if they had various versions of linux unplugged by country20:06
*** tvaalen_ has quit IRC20:06
*** tvaalen_ has joined #crux20:06
koriLupSP for spain, LupUK for the UK, LupUS for USA20:06
koriwait no20:06
greduan_I know somebody that calls lapiz lupus, in order to bother people.20:11
jaegerit's never lupus20:11
teK_it was lupus once, iirc20:12
tilmanwas about to say it20:12
teK_the episode with the gala / dinner in the hospital. He had to cure a little boy, IIRC20:12
tilmanthat episode was great20:12
jaegerhe does like to say it's never lupus, though20:12
teK_there are t-shirts about that :p20:13
tilman4x08 might be the lupus one20:13
teK_tilman: maybe. I don't remember much of the last one/two seasons :\20:13
tilmanjaeger: yes of course :)20:13
tilmanteK_: i think you were thinking of 2x1720:14
teK_de or en?20:14
frinnst?�?�)?? ???20:14
tilmanteK_: en, but hopefully the order is the same for the german ones?20:15
teK_I only watched them in de :)20:15
frinnstoh god20:15
teK_screw you frinnst20:16
frinnstwhy do you people dub tv shows?20:16
tilmanteK_: 2x17 is the one with the poker tourney anyway20:16
tilmanit's the way of our people20:16
teK_frinnst: I watch everything in english except: House and movies with Brad Pitt20:16
tilmandon't insult our ways20:16
frinnstsubtitles ftw if you have to have something20:16
teK_his german voice is >>>> than Pitt himself.20:16
tilmanteK_: how about sheriff mcgraw(?) in kill bill20:16
tilmanteK_: fuck that guy20:16
teK_back then I watched everything in german ;)20:17
greduan_you are German/Swiss teK_?20:17
tilmanhe's austrian20:18
greduan_ah OK20:18
tilmani'm going to regret this20:18
teK_fuck you20:19
teK_gently and with a chainsaw20:19
tilmanwhere i come from this wouldn't even be an insult :]20:20
teK_Don't tell me anything. I am on the right side of the weisswurstäquator.20:20
tilmanlearn some german first20:20
teK_guess what, I grew up in a bilingual environment20:20
tilmanproper german and bavarian?20:21
teK_very proud of that, been laughed at because of speaking normal german, too :D20:21
teK_so I'm a linguistic refugee, really20:22
tilmanso i've lived in swabia for a couple of years. sometimes wonder how people write proper german in school when they speak anything but all the time :]20:22
frinnst haha20:22
tilmanfrinnst: check the issues list20:22
teK_tilman: other pupils had major troubles doing so, yes20:22
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC20:34
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux20:35
greduan_frinnst: so what do you suggest I do for the gst support then?20:37
greduan_You said gst was going to be removed from the packages?20:37
greduan_frinnst: BTW, listened to Linux Unplugged, you did a good job. :)20:52
greduan_tired890 look above, look for a YT link21:07
greduan_so a footprint mismatch also happens when not the same user builds the package?21:20
tired890I guess it happens regardless21:21
tired890hence the -if  ;)21:21
greduan_I don't think it should happen if different users build the package though21:21
greduan_Like the problem it's telling me it has is that all of these files are missing (with the owner being root) and all of these other files are new (with me as the owner), I checked and the files and permissions are exactly the same...21:23
greduan_Just the owners are diferent21:23
greduan_I know I can use -uf to update the footprint, just seems strange that would be a problem21:27
jaegeryou didn't build with fakeroot if it did that21:31
greduan_Oh you know what21:31
greduan_I only setup fakeroot for prt-get21:32
greduan_not for normal pkgmk21:32
greduan_Sorry for the overreaction21:34
*** lnds has quit IRC21:39
tired890hey Fredrick so nice to hear all that sysd rant :D21:43
greduan_On the Linux Unplugged interview?21:43
tired890greduan_, yup21:44
Romsterromster/firefox-pgo has gstreamer enabled but it takes twice as long to compile due to the PGO stuff21:50
Romsterbut should run a bit faster21:50
greduan_It didn't take long to compile so it's fine21:56
*** _root_ has quit IRC21:56
*** _root_ has joined #crux21:56
greduan_So, if I understood correctly, the GST stuff will be removed from opt?21:59
korialso, will unzip be removed from core?21:59
_root_kori: HELLO22:02
*** _root_ has left #crux ()22:02
koriwho says hello and leaves immediately after22:04
greduan_Somebody that's just playing around I guess. lol22:05
greduan_Probably looking at the logs right now or something22:05
greduan_Looks like nobody uses Vim with --with-features=huge ?22:07
koriI use neovim22:08
greduan_I wanna get into that but since it's not yet ready for beta some stuff may be broken22:08
greduan_Apparently the other day buffers didn't work?22:08
greduan_with day I mean week or month. lol22:09
kori┐('~'; )┌22:09
greduan_Art thou Japanese?22:09
greduan_I mean I can guess. lol22:09
koriI'm brazilian22:10
tired890couldnt you grab the live CD.. the kernel from the live CD image? haha22:10
tired890oh dear that was funny22:10
koriI'm certainly inspired by a lot of cultures22:10
tired890hi kori22:11
korihi tired89022:11
greduan_NeoVim, then your username and then the emoji, I was so sure. lol22:11
korineovim was actually started by a brazilian guy22:12
korifun fact22:12
koriI'm not sure about the neovim japanese community22:12
greduan_I know, but Japanese are the people that seem to be getting into it. Like a lot of the main contributors are Japanese, I think, no?22:12
korinot sure22:12
greduan_The Lua<->VimScript is being done by a Japanese, I know at least that much. lol22:13
koriI know there's a big vim japanese community22:13
greduan_Yeah yeah22:13
greduan_And they are very well organized22:13
greduan_Emacs also seems to have a good Japanese community22:15
Workstergreduan_, no i maintian gst stuff in opt/contrib what frinnst says he wont enable it in firefox to keep the dependency count down22:18
Worksteralso it needs gst-plugins-bad from contrib and that would move far too many dependencies to opt should that happen22:19
greduan_Ah OK22:22
greduan_Is there a command to remove a package plus the dependencies that aren't the dependency of something else as well?22:23
*** dougl has joined #crux22:29
tired890greduan_, funny I was wondering about this not long ago!22:45
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:45
greduan_Well on Arch Linux it's pacman -Rf (IIRC)22:47
teK_prt-get knows about orphans22:48
teK_listorphans  -- list installed ports which have no no dependent packages22:48
korigreduan_: -Rs22:48
teK_but it does not know about packages that where only installed because of pkg X and now X is gone, so you want X's orphaned depdendencies to be gone, too22:48
greduan_kori, Thanks22:49
greduan_teK_, So I could just uninstall my pkg and then uninstall orphans?22:49
teK_prt-get can list global orphans..22:50
teK_that's different from what I described eaerlier22:51
*** thiagowfx has quit IRC22:58
*** thiagowfx has joined #crux22:59
greduan_OK so let's say I installed Emacs, and then uninstalled it. It installed some dependencies I'd like to get dispose. How does one detect these packages?22:59
jaegerI use a script called leafports, looks like this:
jaegerIt isn't particularly featureful23:00
*** chris2 has quit IRC23:01
greduan_it just uninstalls packages that were once required and no longer?23:03
tired890keep in mind that orphans can be programs you use! just that they don't have depend's...23:04
tired890I use zsh23:04
tired890its listed as an orphan..23:04
jaegerthe script just lists, it doesn't uninstall anything23:04
greduan_jaeger: Ah OK23:04
*** chris2 has joined #crux23:28
*** thiagowfx has left #crux ("Leaving")23:28
*** cezar has joined #crux23:38

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