IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-01-31

greduanGlad I haven't done mrproper, at least I don't think I have In any case I'll copy the new compile to be on the safe side00:00
greduanI haven't noticed a significant improvement in the compile speed00:09
greduanusing tmpfs I mean00:09
tired890really? you have -j<max number of cores> used right?00:10
tired890make -j<numOfCores> all00:10
greduanI've only two though00:13
greduanthat compile didn't work though, it reboots automatically00:13
greduanI guess I'll do oldconfig00:13
greduanI didn't do lilo though, so that's probably why00:14
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greduanI've no idea00:22
greduanI'll do oldconfig00:22
tired890I know that feeling!00:22
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Romstergood afternoon01:20
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greduanRomster hey :)01:32
greduancompiling kernel with oldconfig and then went back to chnge some stuff I know works01:32
greduanForgot to disable ext2/ext3, doh!01:36
tired890hi Romster01:37
tired890greduan, and jfs, xfs and all that stuff01:38
diverseteK_: glad it worked out, didn't take too long01:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: boost: 1.55.0 -> 1.57.001:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mkvtoolnix: 7.1.0 -> 7.5.001:59
greduandid it with oldconfig02:01
greduanIt's still giving me the same errors :/02:01
greduanThankfully I have a working 3.12 kernel02:02
Romsteri always have a fall back kernel in case i break the new one.02:03
Romstersaves having to go back to the crux iso02:03
greduanAny way to get all the messages I get at boot? Including the ones generated by /etc/rc ?02:08
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Romsterdmesg /var/log/messages02:10
greduanLike to be able to put them in I mean02:10
Romsterthose two should have what you need.02:10
JSchilli1hello, how can i remove the mail message i get whenever i login to a tty?02:10
Romsterdmesg | ...02:10
Romsteri haven't bothered with local mail. sorry i'd have to google that myself.02:11
koriRomster: it's /etc/login.defs02:11
koriI helped him in another channel and he didn't read :D02:11
JSchilli1sorry i can't be in 2 places at once, anyways thanks kori!02:11
greduanRomster: nope, neither have anything about "mapper" or "dev" :/02:14
greduanWhich are the keywords I'm using, BTW02:14
greduanI guess I'll just reboot and type the errors manually02:16
greduanI'll type quickly some keywords in order for me to remember the rest of the error, so if you see gibberish that's it02:17
Romstergreduan, if you got a second machine i guess you can setup remote logging.02:20
Romsteri never bothered to pastebin the boot up messages, whats the issue?02:20
greduanI just typed stuff manually02:21
greduanI have made sure several times, both the /proc and /dev folders exist, at leat in the kernel config. And I just checked I can ls their contents02:28
greduanAnyone have any advice?02:34
greduanI can still use this computer thanks to the fact that it has a working 3.12 kernel, but I'd really like to upgrade to the newest kernel...02:34
Romstergreduan, possibly your libdevmapper version needs a newer kernel02:42
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greduanRomster You mean compile libdevmapper with a newer or an older version?02:43
Romsterlibdevmapper version you have now has a minium kernel version it works with. why are you on such a old kernel anyways?02:44
Romsteri'm on 3.17.702:44
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Romsterand 3.17.8 is out and it's end of line figures...02:45
Romsteri always end up on a end of line kernel02:45
greduanI get those errors when I run the 3.18.5 kernel02:45
Romsteris your libdevmapepr updated? ports -u ; prt-get diff02:45
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Romsteryou did do make modules_install02:47
greduanit is updated and I did do that, although I can try again02:48
Romsterguess i need to try as i use lvm2 heavily.02:48
Romsterwhat libdevmapper verison?02:49
Romsteri hope they fixed that crappy hang in this newer kernel... and i hope my nvidia binary works on it02:49
Romster340.65 because i haven't got my gtx750 Ti yet02:50
Romsterlibdevmapper 1.02.93-102:50
Romsterwonder what the change was02:51
RomsterLVM2.2.02.114.tgz LVM2.2.02.116.tgz02:52
Romsternewer version on -202:52
Romsteri would say sysup retry02:54
greduanI'm going to try silentoldconfig again but this time I'm gonna go with all the defaults02:54
greduanAnd then I'll do that02:54
greduanOK so one question02:55
Romsterand yet lvm2 is not at 11602:55
Romsterit's still on 11402:55
greduanthis is the only question where I was planning on not choosing the default02:55
greduanshould I use uevent helper?02:55
greduanI read that it's better to disable it because it can interfere with udev02:56
greduanand afaik CRUX uses udev, yes?02:56
Romstereudev yeah02:56
Romsternot sure there what is the config option for that i can grep my config.gz02:56
Romsterso i'm using it. that's all i can say.02:58
Romsterbut /sbin/hotplug file does not exist02:58
greduanyou just checked?02:59
Romsterdon't know if i even need that enabled03:00
Romsterit's probably obsolete03:00
Romsteri'd say disable it and i'll do the same to mine03:02
Romsterand see03:02
Romsterand i'll manually bump lvm2 because it's still at 114 and not 11603:02
Romsterwith the -2 on libdevmapper03:03
greduancompiling again...03:06
*** hnode has joined #crux03:06
hnodeHi Cruxers :)03:07
Romstercrux your always compiling <<03:07
Romsterlo hnode03:07
greduanhnode Olá :)03:08
greduanGood to have a keyboard with an accent (´)03:08
hnodeIm fighting with mutt folder and account hooks :(03:08
hnode:D holla greduan03:08
greduanafk, brb03:08
hnodeWhy default crux mutt build doesnt compile with smtp ?03:09
greduanhnode I am guessing becuse not a lot of people use it that way?03:16
greduanI am back BTW03:16
greduanhnode If you want an easy experience with email in the command line I suggest Alpine, from what I can tell Mutt is more for the experienced users03:18
hnodeI want to start learning this vim,tmux,lynks,systemlog,logrotate,linux,exim,grux,bash, so by the age of 60 maybe I can say Im a noobie,03:20
hnodeand all the other tools that come along,03:21
greduanStart slow03:22
greduanThat is the key03:22
greduanStart slow03:22
greduanYou're using CRUX03:22
greduanThat's HUGE already! :)03:22
hnodeI think I will not sleep well until I feel confortable with "minimal" system, just prespective of "user"03:24
greduanwell I'm a minimal user, but I use Firefox instead of lynks (or links, or lynx). I don't use tmux (although I use a lighter alternative :P)03:25
greduanAnd I use Gmail from it's slow horrible web interface03:26
hnodeIm compiling firefox, so I can watch vids I hope03:26
hnodeIts being a nice ride :D03:27
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greduanthe recompile with no modifications from me didn't fix the errors03:35
greduanbut I will look into dev mapper now03:35
greduanthat's interesting03:35
greduanmodule b43 not found03:35
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greduanI guess it's time to install ye olde firmware03:36
greduanoh but the USB isn't recognized03:36
greduanLinux 3.12 it is. lol03:36
greduanI've had enough of 3.18 for today03:36
greduanalthough with it I get udevd shutting down cpu0 cause it times out or something at boot time, I dunno03:43
greduanWith 3.12 I mean03:43
greduanI guess the devs have something to look into if they feel like it. ;)03:51
greduanIt's time for me to sleep03:51
greduanSee you guys tomorrow03:51
Romstertry 3.17. see how that goes.03:52
Romsteri'll test 3.18 later03:52
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diverseI'm living with 3.17.8 just fine03:59
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diverseI really wonder if flashplayer is becoming more cpu bogged, I used to be able to play multiple youtube videos, but now, after just letting one play, other applications become a lot slower to use...04:20
tired890how much cpu utilization when playing 720p ?04:21
diversenot very much, but I can definitely tell flash is causing my system to slow down04:22
diverseI'm tempted to remove flash player, but effing google and their browser exclusive software only works well on youtube.04:24
tired890it will happen eventually04:25
tired890adobe announced 11.2 will be the last04:25
tired890on linux..04:25
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC04:25
diverseadobe doesn't work on flash for linux anymore, google is the one maintaining 11.204:26
tired890i see04:26
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diversethey still work on flash for other operating systems and flash will fade very soon, but that doesn't solve the problem with youtube.04:27
jaegerthere are firefox extensions that force html5 on youtube, at least04:28
jaegeror greasemonkey scripts04:28
tired890in my prev linux install I had no flash.. only disadvantage was vids res capped at 720p (even with vids I know have 1080p versions available).. other than that what is the prob with youtube (html5)?04:29
diversehtml5 video on firefox works, but google explicitly limits the video res to 360p, and requires their third-party fork of webkit to work at higher resolutions, which is unacceptable04:30
tired890720 not 360.. but yes some vids have no hd versions at all, they do wish flash tho04:31
diverseheh, even for videos which I can display at 720p on flash, gets limited at 360p on html504:32
tired890smtube+smplayer combo worked out nicely for a while.. full 1080p04:32
tired890but now when I try to play vids smplayer says "unable to retrieve youtube page", due to youtube returning the video in https..sigh04:33
tired890speaking of which there is a new version of smplayer that came out a day or two ago.. hopefully our maintainer will update it.. maybe it has that issue fixed!04:33
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diversejaeger: do these greasemonkey scripts allow you to go up 720p and higher on html5 youtube?04:38
jaegerno idea, I haven't used them04:40
diversesigh, I guess embedding mpv in firefox is the way to go04:41
tired890if you dont use the social features on youtube then smtube might be just what you need diverse04:45
tired890the new version fixes youtube playback and adds support for mpv as backend player!04:47
tired890cant wait04:47
diverseI don't care about the comments section, but I do like the "similar videos" section and being able to open multiple tabs04:50
diversehehehe, killing the flashplayer processes freed up 4.5GB of memory04:54
diverseit's a mem hog of course ;)04:55
tired890I just opened the pkgfile for smplayer, changed the version to latest then prt-get update -im smplayer04:56
tired890updated to latest haha04:56
*** xeirrr has joined #crux04:56
tired890mpv can be used as backend now instead of mplayer04:56
diverseI also find it surprising that github uses flashplayer04:57
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diversehmm, I think I understand now. Gstreamer is needed to load h264, correct?05:09
diverseRomster: are you able to play 720p or higher videos on youtube through html5 on your firefox-pgo build?05:12
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*** pejman has joined #crux05:26
*** Romster has joined #crux05:26
hnode:) happy I got x/dwm/firefox combo working :)05:27
Romsterdiverse, got a test video for me?05:29
hnodeI can pass from tmux to X by pressing alt + f7, how can I come back, for example; alt + f1, without ctrl + alt + f1 ?05:30
diversehnode: it doesn't matter which way in tty, just alt + f1 if you are in tty land05:36
hnodeyes, but can I do the same from X to tty,05:36
Romsteryeah 720 html5 works05:37
Romsterdiverse, ^05:37
diverseah hah, then my theory is correct05:37
diverselack of gstreamer is the buzzkill for youtube05:37
Romsteryeah that's why i enabled it inmy build05:37
diverseRomster: btw, I was looking through the pkgfile, I didn't see gstreamer as a dependency though05:38
Romsterfrinnst, can't you make mozconfig autidetect if gstreamer is installed enable if not disable.05:38
Romsteri didn't add it it appears it doesn't link to it but it needs gst-plugins-bad05:38
hnodeI just finish build firefox, I think I have gstreamer installed, do I miss something ?05:38
diverseRomster: could you throw that dependency in there?05:39
Romsteralready onto it05:39
diversehnode: the regular firefox port disables gstreamer, because frinnst wants to keep it cleaner05:40
hnodeI see, actualy I dont have gstreamer installed, I`m installing,05:41
Romsteractually it's in gst-plugins-ugly05:41
Romsteri'll add that05:41
diversehnode: frinnst explicitly disabled it, you need to enable it in the mozconfig in the pkgfile05:41
Romsterprt-get depinst gst-plugins-{good,ugly,bad}05:41
diversethe good, the bad, and the ugly, huh?05:42
Romstermaybe i can make a nonpo build of firefox as well.05:42
Romsternon pgo?05:42
diversethat is up to you05:42
hnodeI reading Pkgfile from Romster ports,05:43
hnodeI see the flag, and also a longer dependency list,05:43
diverseI'm not sure if most of the xorg dependencies need to be listed there05:44
hnodeI will not add deps05:44
hnodeif something goes wrong will install as needed05:44
diverseRomster: if you decided to make a non pgo version, call it firefox-gst05:49
diversejust to show there is a difference05:50
Romsterdiverse, that is a brilliant idea05:50
Romsterports -u romster05:50
diversetime to build the pgo05:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: py-subunit: updated footprint05:53
diversewell I need to do a sysup first05:53
diversenss update05:54
Romsteryou should of done that awhile ago05:54
Romsterbuilds firefox-gst05:55
Romsterif you wanna do a non pgo build05:56
Romster-make -f build profiledbuild05:57
Romster+make -f build05:57
diverseI'm trying the pgo05:57
Romsteroh and disable-tests05:57
Romsterac_add_options --disable-tests05:57
Romsterbut i'll commit firefox-gst and upload the built package to
diversewow I got a huge "NEW" mismatch on the bad gst plugin06:00
diverseNEW is not a big deal of course, but it's quite a lot06:01
diversewell it's gl related06:01
diverseRomster: would you like to see the list?06:03
diversejust a lot of new06:04
Romsteri ran over the footprints and fixed any that were out06:04
diversewell it's just NEW, but there is like 20 of them06:06
Romsterpastebin it for me plz06:07
diverseI guess it has to do with mesa3d?06:09
Romsteror possibly glu06:13
Romsterwhich isn't listed as a dependency so06:14
*** nilp has joined #crux06:14
diverseso all is well then06:14
Romsterbut i see it on finddeps gst-plugins-bad06:14
Romsternew isn't an issue but i could add that one06:14
Romsteryeah i'll add glu to it it's only 1 dep above mesa3d06:15
Romsteryou wont need todo anyhting since you already have it on your system06:15
diverseI know, I just thought that a lot of NEW mismatches was odd06:17
diverseon my way to building the pgo version06:22
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*** toriso has joined #crux06:30
diverseRomster: ?06:31
RomsterWorkster ghosted itself06:32
Romsteri have a script on it06:33
diverseRomster: so it looked like the script worked well06:36
diverseIt gave me the impression you were at work as well (but I did thought why work on a Saturday over there at the time)06:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-bad: clean up dependencies and footprint06:51
Romsterand that i am here06:58
*** DaViruz has joined #crux07:01
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hnode /wc07:38
hnodeops, :) see you soon ;)07:38
*** hnode has quit IRC07:38
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diversewow I'm surprised that while under full cpu load for building firefox-pgo, mpv still plays 1080p videos with no stutter, what an awesome media player08:51
nilpfuck yeah.08:56
diverselooks like I finally finished building it09:01
Romsterfirefox-pgo and firefox-gst updated09:17
Romsterjust fixed up dependencies for firefox-pgo and it's description09:18
nilpdiverse: you sure you finished building?09:19
Romsteri've been using firefox-pgo for the last say 4 versions if not longer.09:20
nilphow much faster is it?09:25
Romsterhard to tell, i really haven't bench marked it09:25
Romsteri may say it runs smoother09:25
diversenilp: yeah, it finished when I mentioned it09:26
diversealthough the first build failed, because I didn't set a big enough size for my tmpfs directory for building, but afterward, it went smoothly.09:29
diversewell one thing I'm hoping will not happen is firefox lagging after leaving it on for a while09:36
nilpfirefox does lag a fair bit, i don't remember it doing that. building pgo now.09:39
nilpwell, downloading now.09:39
diversenilp: do you pipe or tmpfs when building?09:40
Romsterit'll need a decent amount of space to compile09:41
diverseRomster: what if he just pipes it?09:41
diverse...I guess it wouldn't matter as much, he wouldn't have the space limitation like tmpfs, but it would still take up 16GB of memory...09:43
nilpfuck, i've got two hours before I'll have to worry about that.09:47
diverseRomster: despite installing gstreamer and co, youtube still doesn't recognize h264 format on my newly built firefox09:47
diversenilp: that's going to fail...09:47
Romsterdid you see the dependencies ports -u romster09:48
Romsterprt-get deptree firefox-pgo09:48
diverseoh, right, I need to pull those in...09:48
nilphow much will I need?09:48
Romster10G may not cut it but you'll see if it fails.09:48
Romster16GB failed diverse used 24GB space09:49
nilpokay, remounted 30gb.09:49
Romsterpgo uses twice what you previously used09:50
nilp10gb worked for firefox i think.09:51
diversehaving 16GB failed for me, so I decided to use 75% of my ram09:51
diversethis is pgo we are talking about though09:51
diversebuilding this thing is a beast09:51
Romsteryeah its huge09:51
nilpwhat'll happen if it uses all my swap and ram? because that's only 18gb.09:52
diversewait, so all you have is 16GB ram + 2GB swap?09:54
nilp8gb ram 10gb swap09:55
diversewait, so how were you able to set a 30GB swap?09:56
nilpi don't know.09:56
nilpit's been mounted though.09:56
diversewhat does `df -h` say?09:56
nilpit doesnt use it till stuff is put in.09:56
*** plow has left #crux ()09:57
nilppkgmk size 30G used 324M and so on.09:57
nilpso it'll work till 18gb's are used.09:57
nilpbut what the fuck will happen after that?09:57
diverseif all 18GB of mem+swap are used, then the build will fail09:58
diversenilp: are you swapping on an SSD?09:58
nilpyeah, why?09:59
diversejust curious09:59
diversemuch better than HDD for sure09:59
nilpnot for the ssd or so everybody says.09:59
nilpthough it make sense to me.09:59
diversewell swapping on an HDD would make your build time that much slower...10:00
nilpif it looks like it's gonna run out of space i'll wipe debian, make a 100gb swap on hdd enable and hope i was fast enough.10:00
diversewhile an SSD is not as fast as ram, it's better than HDD10:00
nilpyeah, but lots of writes on SSD isn't good for it, though probably doesn't matter too much.10:01
diverseif you are using TRIM, you're fine10:01
diversehonestly I'm not even conscientious about wasting write cycles anymore10:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2015.0110:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dialog: updated to 1.2-2015012510:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cmake: updated to 3.1.110:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cabextract: updated to 1.510:04
diverseRomster: I see you cleaned up the dependency list for firefox-pgo10:06
Romsteryeah i did.10:26
diversenilp: still building?10:41
Romsteri uploaded firefox-gst package10:45
Romsterfor the rest of the masses10:45
Romstercooking dinner10:46
nilpdiverse: still fucking downloading.10:54
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*** kori has quit IRC11:07
*** kori has joined #crux11:07
diversenilp: downloading? You mean building?11:18
nilpnope, still downloading. buildings another 16min away.11:21
diversewow that's a slow connection...11:22
diverseperhaps it would be more benefitial to download Romster's prebuilt package?11:23
diverseoh wait, nilp, have you already download the distfile for the regular firefox?11:24
diverseif so, just cp/mv it to the firefox-pgo port11:24
diversedon't waste your time downloading another copy of the same source11:25
diverseor do that11:27
diversebut still need to move source to it11:28
nilpshould I be concerned if I don't have a /var/ports dir?11:29
Romsteryeah only once though11:29
Romsternot really but you will download sources more than once in some cases.11:29
Romstermkdir -r /var/ports/distfiles11:30
Romsterif you wanna use that variable with that path, it's what i do11:30
nilpokay, still have to download though, i've only got firefox-34 source11:32
diverseah :(11:32
nilpoooh, starting to build.11:32
diversewell at least you got the distfile now11:32
nilpalso, any idea why pkgutils would be forgetting what packages are installed? I have to keep using -f to force install.11:33
diverseand it only took 10 minutes instead of 16 from when you last said11:33
Romsteri do have for those that just want gstreamer enabled and not worry about building11:33
Romsternilp, what is the error message you get and using force is a really bad idea11:34
nilpyeah i know.11:34
Romsterbe sure to pkgrm firefox before installing firefox-gst11:35
nilpit forgets what has been installed, i don't know why.11:35
Romsteror prt-get remove firefox ; prt-get depinst firefox-gst11:35
nilpwhere does pkg-utils store data on pkgs that have been installed?11:36
diversenilp: which tool from pkgutils are you using that's causing this problem?11:36
diverseit should store it in /var/lib/pkg/db11:36
nilppkginfo -i doesn't list everything that's been installed11:36
nilpsuch as it doesn't think i have firefox installed.11:36
Romsteryou broke your system somehow11:37
nilpand when i started the install for firefox-pdo it failed installing dependencies because files already exist, use -f and it installs them from pkgs already compiled.11:37
nilpno idea how.11:37
Romsterprt-get remove firefox ; prt-get depinst firefox-pgo11:38
nilpreinstall only fix?11:38
Romstersince firefox and firefox-pgo will clash with same files11:38
nilpbut you see theres a problem with that. firefox isn't installed. but it is.11:38
Romsterthen pkgadd -f firefox-pgo#35.0-1.pkg.tar.xz11:39
Romsterbut your systems gonan have a ton of untracked files.11:39
diversenilp: does the db file even exist on your system?11:39
nilpyeah, a ton indeed. db file it exists. should it be -r--r--r-- ? that seems odd11:40
diverseRomster: maybe having clash detection might be a nice idea for metaport?11:40
diversenilp: that's is very very odd11:40
diverseno wonder it doesn't write to that11:40
nilpwhat permissions does yours have?11:41
diversehuh? I got the same permissions, but then if I'm able to write still because of root access...11:42
diversenilp: are you installing as root or regular user?11:42
nilpregular with sudo.11:43
diverseah, that's probably why11:43
nilpwhich cant edit it.11:43
diverseI wonder if that should be considered a bug for pkgutils?11:44
nilphow am I the only one to find it?11:44
diverseprobably because not many sudo users here...11:44
nilpahh. didn't exspect that answer.11:44
diversestill, setting the file to 444 is pretty odd though11:45
diverseI would have expect 64411:45
tired890so installing with sudo (pkgadd) fails ?11:45
tired890prt-get sure works fine with sudo11:45
diverseit doesn't write to the database, so it's not tracked at all11:45
tired890got it11:46
nilpyeah, don't think it ever threw any errors though. other than when prt-get depinst reinstalled dependencies for things.11:46
diversenilp: stuff installs, it's just not tracked at all11:47
diverseRomster: why is the db file 444?11:47
tired890as in when doing prt-get isinst xyz, it returns no when it is installed?11:48
tired890or this only applies to pkgs installed with pkgadd11:49
diverseprt-get is just a wrapper around pkgutils, so it doesn't really make sense why prt-get only works with sudo.11:50
diversebut then again, it's probably not sudo that's causing this problem11:51
nilpdoes prt-get depinst use prt-get isinst to check if ports have been installed? if so then yes.11:51
nilpi've only really noticed it when using depinst and it trys reinstalling all the dependencies of things.11:51
Romster-r--r--r-- 1 root root 6446417 Jan 31 13:08 /var/lib/pkg/db11:51
nilpeverything that was installed from root when i first installed is fine.11:51
nilpyeah, but normal user using sudo cannot edit that file.11:52
nilpso pkgadd and prt-get fail to track new pkgs when using sudo.11:52
nilpor not. its works. hold on let me try something. back in a few min.11:54
*** nilp has quit IRC11:54
diversedefinitely sounds like it's not sudo11:55
*** nilp has joined #crux11:56
nilpokay, i have no idea.11:57
nilpsometimes it forgets things.11:57
nilpcurrently it is remembering things.11:57
diverseso it's random, huh?11:57
nilpseems to be.11:58
diversewell keep monitoring it and see if it's starting to forget to track again11:58
Romsterromster/pkg-not will list untracked files.12:03
Romsterlike pkg-not /usr/bin/12:03
diversedo a ports -u though12:05
Romsterports -u romster12:05
Romsteri only just added it12:05
Romsterpkg-not is sepens work but i've been using it for ages.. and he isn't that active so i just packaged it.12:06
diverseah, ffs youtube, why don't you recognize h264?12:08
Romsterthere is a firefox addon you can force it to use html512:08
tired890diverse, sure its youtube?  test here:
tired890have you installed all those gst bad/good/crazynames?12:09
Romstermagic actions for youtube12:09
RomsterForce Player Type12:10
diversetired890: yeah I installed all of those plugins required to build firefox-pgo12:10
diversebut the test does show that it's not enabled, so it's not youtube only12:11
RomsterYour browser scores 449 out of 555 points12:11
diversethat's what I have...12:11
diverseRomster: does H.264 support say "No"?12:12
mikeldo you have gst-libav installed?12:13
RomsterH.264 support12:13
RomsterYes ✔12:13
mikeli believe that's required for H.264 support for firefox12:13
nilpahh, where's the source for pkg-not?12:13
mikelat least with gstreamer 1.x12:13
Romsterah fuck i didn't add it hang a sec12:13
diversemikel: nope, I don't have that one installed12:14
diverseI'll go ahead and try that12:14
Romsterfirefox is using gstreamer-compat12:15
Romsterbut i got both flavours of gstreamer installed12:15
Romsterports -u romster12:15
mikelfor 0.10, it's gst-ffmpeg which provides h.264 iirc12:15
Romsterfinddeps gst-plugins-ugly-compat12:18
Romsterx264 (contrib)12:18
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep gst |wgetpaste12:19
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterthis is what i have insalled12:19
mikeli'm not actually using crux atm (using void linux instead) but i have
Romstermikel, are you mikek i kinda remember a mikek but not a mikel12:21
Romsterwe are missing so many old faces we used to get.12:22
nilpwell, um, yeah, i have a lot of untracked files.12:22
Romsternote /etc you will have12:22
Romsterand cache files too12:23
diversewoohoo, gst-ffmpeg, did it, basically installed it, kill firefox, open it up again, and now it says it's supported.12:23
Romsterwith pkg-not and crux packages its possible to fix the most messed up crux system up12:23
Romsterdiverse, oh but it's in ugly...12:23
Romstermay as well install all the things -_-12:24
mikelx264 doesn't actually provide support for firefox12:24
mikelit's funny12:24
mikelonly ffmpeg + libav12:24
diversewell the ugly didn't pull in gst-ffmpeg :)12:24
Romsternot directly12:24
diversenope, firefox needs gst to act as the framework for x26412:25
Romsterffmpeg depends on x26412:25
Romsterand firefox uses the gstreamer framework12:25
Romsterguess i'll add taht dependency12:25
diversenow I got my happy 720p videos without flashplayer12:25
diversegood riddance to flash12:26
Romsterat least you didn't have to recompile firefox12:28
diversewell everything dynamically compiled, so I don't see why I would need to?12:28
tired890so now with a clean firefox install, we need gst-ffmpeg to get 720 ?12:28
Romsterthat's just it it's dynamic with gstreamer12:29
Romsteryeah i just added gst-ffmpeg to dependencies12:29
diversemikel: thanks for bringing that up, really.12:30
Romsterfinddeps s useless when it dynamically loads12:30
Romsterports -u romster12:30
Romsterdependency added12:30
diverseI did a ports -u :)12:31
diversethat's weird, only 360p and 720p are available as options. Wtf supports 480p?12:34
diverseyou would think the whole spectrum would be available...12:34
mikelyeah, i get that too12:34
tired890diverse, I installed gst-libav and gst-ffmpeg but I still have no h.26412:35
tired890what else did you install ?12:35
mikeli have enough bandwidth to be ok with 720p but i'm not sure why 1080p isn't available12:35
tired890for above named prts I did depinst of course12:35
mikeltired890: do you have gstreamer1.0 enabled in your firefox build?12:35
diversetired890: did you install Romster firefox-gst or firefox-pgo port?12:35
diverseand no, he needs gst-compat support for it12:35
tired890no mine is from the contrib branch12:36
diversetired890: you mean the opt branch?12:36
tired890sorry, yes correct opt12:37
diversetired890: opt/firefox doesn't support gstreamer, it's explicitly disabled, you need to use Romster's12:38
tired890I opened the Pkgfile, I added --enable-gstreamer12:39
tired890anything else needed in configure options?12:39
diversethat would be it, be sure you have the right dependencies12:39
diversemikel: it's still weird that the only choices are 360p and 720p...12:40
diversea lot of videos are usually 480p12:40
tired890no its intentional. yt keeps returns 301 errors (permanently moved) to VLC and smplayer.. when the exact same link works fine in a browser. paid by adobe or something maybe12:41
Romstertired890, thats all but i made a firefox-gst port and i got a optimized firefox-pgo as well and a built package of firefox-gst12:41
mikeli wish i knew why12:41
Romsterso i covered all the bases12:41
mikelit's bizarre12:41
mikelhalf the time i'm tempted to reenable flash player on youtube12:41
diversegrr, I do not want to do that...12:41
mikelinterestingly, it seems to work perfectly in freebsd for some reason12:42
Romsterflash must die12:42
Romsterbut then html5 video in firefox needs to support 5.1 audio12:42
tired890Romster, thanks. I'm learning as I go so this is only for educational12:42
tired890earlier I compiled ffmpeg with openssl support12:42
tired890and smplayer12:43
diverseI wonder if it's due to the limitation of the gst-compat api?12:43
tired890but couldnt figure smplayer as its not using gnu tools12:43
Romsteri have xine-ui and mpv here12:43
diversemikel: so on freebsd 480p html5 videos work?12:44
mikelthey did for me12:44
mikeli would get the full 240p to 1080p range12:44
diversemikel: here is what you could do, use to see what is different on freebsd and crux12:45
mikeli'm actually using void linux atm, sorry12:45
mikeldistrohopping is kicking in and freebsd was a month ago :/12:45
diverseokay, can I see a screenshot of the freebsd test?12:45
Romsterhow does void work with packages?12:45
tired890mikel, curious, in your hopping, whats your fav distro so far?12:46
mikeldiverse: i don't have freebsd installed atm12:46
mikeltired890: one of crux and void12:46
diversemikel: oh... so this is thru void-linux?12:46
mikeldiverse: yes12:46
diversemikel: alright, a screenshot of that then12:46
mikelit's pretty neat12:47
diversemikel: screenshot of this:
diversethis will help us learn what we are missing12:47
mikelone sec12:48
mikel this is probably easier12:48
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:49
diverseoh you can share your results?12:49
mikeland my installed gstreamer packages
mikeljust under "You are using Firefox...", "Save results"12:49
diversecool, well the obvious difference so far is that you scored a 451, while Romster and I score a 44912:50
mikeltired890: i find void to be a lot like a binary package-supporting version of crux12:51
mikelwith a few relatively minor differences12:51
Romstermikel, dependency handling?12:51
mikelRomster: yep12:51
tired890mikel, I see. thanks12:51
tired890I've come to like open-soruce based packages though12:51
mikeltired890: it also has a port tree, from which the packages are built using the default options12:52
diverseokay, so we don't have "Media Source extensions" while mikel does12:52
Romsterso they use systemd :P or eudev or something else.12:52
mikelrather like the bsd (pkg on freebsd, pkg_add on openbsd)12:52
mikeldiverse: to enable that, search "mediasource" under about:config12:52
mikelRomster: runit + eudev12:54
Romsteroh runit and eudev very nice i was running runit at one stage on crux.12:54
diversemikel: alrighty, so it has the value "false" so I need to set that to "true"?12:54
mikeldiverse: correct12:54
*** SiFuh has quit IRC12:55
tired890diverse, tell us the good news!12:55
diversemikel: and restart firefox?12:55
tired890do we have 1080p !12:55
tired890YES restart12:55
mikelyou shouldn't need to restart i don't think12:55
Romsteri may not run void but i'll certainty poke around the code12:55
mikelbut it can't hurt12:55
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:55
diversemikel: yep, you're right, no restarting needed, now my score is 451 like yours, now time to test12:56
mikelactually, on this video, i get 240p to 1080p12:56
mikelit might just depend on the uploaded video12:57
tired890<drumroll for diverse>12:57
tired890wish I can test I had to remove firefox for the recompile12:57
diverseAnd the long awaited verdict is...12:57
diverseit WORKS!12:57
diverseholy shit12:58
mikelthe saga that is firefox html5 video12:58
diverseI got the whole range from 240p to 1080p12:59
tired890IRC Logger: to enable full HD playback on youtube, compile firefox with --enable-gstreamer, install the good/bad/ugly plugins and gst-ffmpeg + gst-libav. Go to about:config and set mediasource to true.12:59
diversewow, just from flicking a switch12:59
tired890amahzying isnt it13:00
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux13:00
diversetired890: gst-libav is only needed if you using regular gst, not the compat version13:01
diversemikel: thank you so much for your input on this13:02
mikelno worries13:02
mikeli've been through it before13:02
diversemikel: you saved me a lot of pain13:03
tired890diverse, how is the memory footprint13:03
mikelmight hop over back to crux tomorrow13:03
tired890with 1080p13:03
mikelif i can be bothered, that is13:03
diversetired890: compared to flashplayer, it takes way less memory13:05
diverseI've already load like 10 HD videos and it takes up around 1.5GB of space13:06
diversecompared to 4.5GB13:06
tired890someone needs to start #flash_must_die lol13:07
diverseI remember when flash took up 16GB of my ram, it's a monster13:07
diverseit goes to show better software engineering makes a difference13:11
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux13:13
*** nilp has quit IRC13:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: update to 2.02.11613:18
mikeli wonder whether there are any theoretical (bio)chemists using crux13:20
tired890mikel, why? are you one? :)13:20
mikelphysical chemist but working on some modelling at the moment13:21
mikeli might write a port for some software i use13:21
tired890I see13:22
diverseheh still using ~2GB after loading more videos13:23
tired890diverse, I'm having terribad performance with html5 vids (compared to flash) and I'm only playing a single vid :(13:25
tired890could it be because you are using the compat version while I'm not ?13:26
diverseoh, because you don't have the gst framework enabled13:26
tired890where do I enable it ?13:26
Romsteryou wont get html5 support without gstreamer at all13:26
diverseRomster: well you get basic html5 support, with video that stutters.13:27
tired890I have html5 vid on youtube playing at 1080p, just that the performance is bad.. its unresponsive13:27
diversetired890: did you not install the compat gstreamer?13:27
tired890 gstreamer-compat13:28
tired890all these?13:28
mikelyou'll also need gst-ffmpeg13:28
tired890yes I have it13:28
diverse(I wonder if it's because I use pgo?)13:28
Romstertired890, you said you modified opt/firefox ?13:29
Romsternah pgo makes no difference for gstreamer support.13:29
tired890I only enabled gstreamer, Romster13:29
Romsterbut i got gstreamer enabled in both13:29
Romsteryou did see the line ac_add_options --disable-gstreamer13:30
mikeltired890: can you share your mozconfig file or your build options?13:30
Romsterand changed that to ac_add_options --enable-gstreamer13:30
Romsterthen pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -u13:30
Romsterin /usr/ports/opt/firefox ?13:31
Romsteranother option pkgrm firefox ; wget -O 'firefox-gst#35.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' ; pkgadd 'firefox-gst#35.0-1.pkg.tar.xz'13:32
tired890Romster, I modified the Pkgfile in /usr/opt/firefox, by changing disabled to enabled (gstreamer)13:32
Romsterthen that should work.13:33
diverse(that's what I was thinking)13:33
tired890play it in 1080p13:33
Romsterprovided you installed gst-ffmpeg gst-plugins-bad-compat gst-plugins-good-compat gst-plugins-ugly-compat13:33
tired890does it play smoothly13:33
tired890for me its like a slide show13:33
tired890the audio is fine, but vid is like a slide show13:33
Romsterdo you have direct rendering in your gpu?13:34
tired890its an el cheapo gpu fanless13:34
Romsterglxinfo |grep direct13:34
tired890but it can play full hd movies just fine with mpv13:34
diverseplayed the first 30 seconds, and it was fine for me13:34
diverseno video stuttering13:34
tired890direct rendering: Yes13:34
mikelapart from running out of bandwidth and buffering, it's fine for me too, as a gstreamer1 reference point13:35
tired890oh well I followed the same steps with diverse as he was fixing his..13:35
mikeltired890: on this page do you see 5 ticked boxes13:35
mikelall of them except the middle on the bottom row13:35
tired890all except: MSE & H.26413:36
diverseah ha13:36
tired890h.264 is ticked13:36
tired890html5test score 45113:36
Romsteri even have WebM VP813:36
diversetired890: perhaps you need to pkill firefox and reopen it13:37
diverse(or if you are like me, I use xkill for fun)13:37
tired890sudo killall firefox13:37
mikelkill $(ps -e | grep firefox | cut -f2 -d ' ')13:38
tired890diverse, do you have " MSE & H.264 " ticked?13:38
diverseit's looks just like mikel's13:38
mikeli actually don't have mse & h.26413:39
diversetired890: oh whoops, no I don't13:39
tired890diverse: prt-get isinst `prt-get search gst`13:39
diversetired890: did you try restarting firefox?13:40
tired890yes no use13:41
Romsterinstalling that may help13:41
mikelmse + h.264 appears to be in development in nightly13:41
RomsterVA-API (Video Acceleration API)13:41
mikelhardware decode is pretty handy13:41
tired890ok I dont have that installed.. installing now13:41
Romsterto enable hardware accelerated video decode/encode13:41
tired890Romster, You are the MAN13:43
diversewell keep in mind, I'm using a gtx 980, (overkill? Yes, that's how I roll.)13:43
tired890smooth sailing now13:43
diversetired890: what type of gpu do you use?13:43
mikeli never had that installed lol13:43
mikelgtx 750 for me though, probably beefy enough13:44
mikeltired890: no moving parts pc?13:44
tired890mikel, no but mostly silent parts.. whinning noise irritates me greatly13:44
mikeli have one of the nanoxia deep silence cases13:45
mikelbasically a slab of soundproofed steel13:45
tired890heh sounds exotic13:45
diverseso the gst vaapi is one thing to keep in mind13:46
tired890my case has fans, but mostly large fans running at slow rpms13:46
mikelnah, it wasn't expensive and it looks pretty average13:46
tired890yes diverse , need to update that irc log txt hold on13:46
diversewell keep in mind, I don't need it (but that's because I use a powerful gpu to begin with)13:46
tired890hardware acceleration is always good13:47
mikelin the background, the gtx 980 hits 100% load trying to decode 1080p flash video without acceleration13:47
mikelthas was meant to be in david attenborough's voice as a joke13:48
mikelit doesn't convey well over irc :(13:48
diversemikel: use a /tag next time13:48
tired890IRC Logger:  Youtube html5 1080p : compile firefox with --enable-gstreamer, install the gst good/bad/ugly compat plugins and gst-ffmpeg + gst-libav. Install gstreamer-vaapi-compat to enable hardware acceleration. Go to firefox's about:config and set mediasource to true.13:48
diversemikel: seriously, you could have done it /sarcasm13:48
diverseget the point?13:49
tired890wow thats a load of plugins isnt it13:49
tired890diverse, did you uninstall flash ?13:50
tired890this calls for a celebration13:50
mikelflash is still used on the spotify and soundcloud web players, sadly13:50
diversemikel: voices are hard to project over text13:50
mikeldiverse: disappointingly, maybe we could write an rfc on a standard protocol for conveying accents over tcp13:51
mikelget it into project spartan13:51
diverseI think that's what voip solves?13:51
mikelseems like a bloated solution though13:52
diversewell I got a good chuckled out of that thought13:53
diversean accent on text solution, huh?13:53
diversemikel: pretty hard to come up with13:54
*** tkln has joined #crux13:55
Romstergst-libav actually is for gstreamer and not gstreamer-compat as gst-ffmpeg is.13:56
tired890oh dear13:57
Romstergst-ffmpeg got renamed to gst-libav13:57
diversetired890: I told you that already13:57
tired890how can I keep track of all these plugins mate13:57
Romsterit wont hurt but it wont do what you expect for firefox13:57
tired890bad ugly good compat normal13:57
Romstertired890, don't ask...13:57
Romsterand that's just gstreamer.13:58
tired890hence why I do these IRC Logger thingies, if you google crux IRC Logger you find these tidbits with ease13:58
mikeli believe debian went back to tracking ffmpeg in testing recently13:58
mikelso we might be back full circle13:59
diversemikel: ah, actually I got a random stupid idea. In order to convey accents/tone in our text, on top of the text needs to show mini wavelength chart along with the text and an understanding of voice sound frequency in order to understand how it's being spoken13:59
Romstertilman, did gstreamer-vaapi-compat help you much?13:59
Romsterah tired890 i meant14:00
Romstertab complete fail14:00
tired890Romster, yes. Video went from slideshow to actual video14:00
mikeldiverse: text would take so much more data to convey14:00
Romsterah perhaps that needs to go in.14:00
mikelabout 30 bits per second for the text itself14:00
mikel320000 bits per second for the wavelength chart14:01
mikelwill the audiophiles allow lossy compression on the voice over text protocol?14:01
diversesound frequency, not bit frequency, it has to show an analog representation of sound waves visually14:02
diverselike an emotion14:02
mikelthis could be a challenge to implement an equaliser above each word in a subtle way14:03
*** SiFuh has joined #crux14:03
diverseit's always easier said than done14:06
*** greduan has joined #crux14:08
greduanGood morning! :)14:08
tired890morning greduan :)14:12
Romsterirc needs tone and facial expressions14:12
Romsterhi greduan14:12
tired890Romster, can be acheived with certain bloated clients.. eg pidgin14:12
Romsteroh gawd not the smilies14:12
Romsteri disabled those14:13
tired890I find them hilarious14:13
tired890my fav being the " :D "14:13
diversetired890: you're just going to remind him why he doesn't want to have them14:17
greduanWell it doesn't have to be graphical, it can be text only which is the way I have it :)14:18
*** _root_ has joined #crux14:19
kori_root_: you said hello then and left a couple days ago, so hello, hello14:20
_root_is there a way to view the list of packages that need update14:20
_root_kori: yes I saw you and I wanted to say hi14:20
mikel_root_: `prt-get sysup --test`14:21
mikelafter updating the port tree, of course14:21
_root_mikel: yes I did that part14:22
mikelthat should be the list of packages14:22
_root_kori your ports was listed before but there isn't now. why?14:22
koriI moved from httpup to git14:22
_root_kori:  yours was in the github. yes?14:23
_root_kori: so what did happen?14:24
kori_root_: oh, I just moved it to my org14:24
_root_kori: I have a set of ports. i gave it up to be listed here. but is there a way to put it in my own machine ports list14:25
*** asie has joined #crux14:26
_root_"what did I say?" I couldn't understand myself if I tried ;)14:26
korican you reword that14:27
_root_my port collection is on "". I want to add this to my own list of ports. (I don't want it to be local repo)14:28
korioh you want to make it sync14:28
korilike the other ports14:28
_root_kori: yes exactly14:28
koriwell, bitbucket uses mercurial, right?14:29
_root_I create a git repository on bitbucket14:29
korioh okay14:29
koriyou can just use my git driver then14:29
koriput in /etc/ports/drivers/14:30
koricreate your sync file like you would, in /etc/ports/14:30
korihere's an example
koriand just ports -u14:30
greduanNow I know how to sync ports using Git14:33
greduanBTW I'm compiling firefox-gst14:33
_root_kori: so I have to have /etc/ports/r004.git? or r004.httpup?14:35
koribecause it syncs with git14:36
Romstertired890, hehe at the smiles14:36
Romster_root_, prt-get diff14:36
Romsterbut you may want todo a ports -u first14:36
greduanSo what is the difference between the gst compat packages and the normal packges (without compat)?14:39
*** SiFuh has quit IRC14:40
Romsterversion numbers14:41
Romster-compat is 0.10.25 and the others are 1.4.414:41
greduanI see14:41
Romsterthere not ABI compatible14:41
Romsterand nto all programs have ported to the newer ABI yet14:42
greduanHas Firefox?14:42
Romsterhence why it uses -compat14:42
greduanI compiled without ompat14:42
Romsterthat's fine just install gst-ffmpeg gst-plugins-good-compat gst-plugins-ugly-compat gstreamer-vaapi-compat14:43
Romsterit should work14:43
Romsterproviding you had at least gstreamer-compat on your system when you compiled firefox-gst14:43
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC14:44
greduanSo I need it before compiling firefox-gst?14:44
greduanShould I top the Firefox compile right now?14:45
_root_kori: the url in that git file should be or
koriI'm not sure14:49
koritry the latter14:49
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux14:50
Romsterproviding you had at least gstreamer-compat on your system when you compiled firefox-gst14:50
Romsterif not you wont get html5 video unless you ports -u ; prt-get depinst firefox-gst14:51
Romsterctrl-c your current build14:51
*** dougl has joined #crux14:52
greduanInstalling now14:57
greduanthanks Romster14:57
*** SiFuh has joined #crux15:03
greduanoh I thought it'd be something more serious15:22
greduanjust a footprint mismatch15:22
Romstergreduan, PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"15:30
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf15:30
greduanIs that desirable? I mean I know it is, but I just want to make sure it won't cause problem in the future15:31
Romsternew is usually ok missing is a bug15:31
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux15:31
Romsteronly isues is maybe getting html manual pages etc bonus docs when say ascidoc oe docbook is installed15:32
greduanI see15:34
greduanBut how is that an issue?15:34
greduanCould prt-get update the terminal title? Could a feature like that be added by me or whatever?15:42
greduanIt'd be really useful fo really long installs to be able to tell what it's overall progress is, using the title in this case.15:43
Romsterpossibly with diverse's rewrite of pkgutils15:44
Romsterbut it's not official rewrite15:44
greduanOh there's a rewrite15:45
greduanWhere may I find this rewrite?15:46
*** dougl has quit IRC15:47
Romstergreduan, it isn't ready or stable do not use it on your main system15:51
greduanThanks! :)15:52
Romsterbut i have been helping the dev test it and some of it works so far.15:52
Romsterbut not a lot15:52
Romsterafk to bed g'night all15:53
greduanGood night15:54
*** doomicide has joined #crux16:17
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: tzdata: update to 2015a16:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: clamav: updated to version 0.98.616:53
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greduanfirefox-pgo takes a long while to compile19:33
greduanIt's been there a couple of hours19:33
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*** samlanning has joined #crux19:47
samlanningdoes anyone know if it's possible to run a script in the initramfs as init instead of something on the rootfs?19:48
jaegeryou could take apart the initramfs and add a script to it but keep in mind the environment there is pretty limited19:49
samlanningjaeger: so i've already added a script file successfully to the initramfs19:55
*** kori has quit IRC19:56
*** kori has joined #crux20:00
samlanningjaeger: and adding "break" to the kernel parameters allows me to test it20:01
samlanningso is there something in the initramfs that eventually uses whatever is passed to the kernel in init=, or is that handled by the kernel itself?20:02
jaegeras far as I know the kernel is in charge of that20:06
jaegerif an initramfs/initrd is in the mix, /sbin/init is executed there, then /sbin/init is executed after the root device changes when the initramfs/initrd is done20:07
jaegerpassing init= will affect the second one, not sure if it affects the first one20:08
samlanningjaeger: gotcha, so i could be really hacky and never even use the second init as far as the kernel is concerned, by modifying the initramfs's init20:09
jaegernot sure if that's possible, I think the kernel will try to exec one of them either way... though you could maybe control what that is with init=20:09
samlanningjaeger: thanks for the info... i think this is enough for me to experiment with a couple of things for the time being...20:12
jaegerno problem. What are you trying to do?20:12
samlanningperhaps setting root= to something which leaves the root fs as the initramfs would work20:12
samlanningjaeger: i basically have this custom bash script that handles all the cryptsetup and mounting stuff before calling switch_root20:13
jaegerand you don't want the standard sysvinit stuff to run after that's done?20:13
samlanningand has an motd (my mobile number and stuff etc if i missplace), which is all currently on an unencrypted partition20:13
samlanningso i do call the normal init system with switch_root after i've handled the setup20:14
samlanningwhich does everything else20:14
jaegerah, ok, I misunderstood20:14
jaegeralso, it's been a LONG time since I had to mess with that, forgot that switch_root calls the live init20:15
samlanningno problem, so basically, would be cool if all this stuff was on an initramfs tather than a separate cleartext partition20:15
samlanningjaeger: it would be unreasonable to assume you could keep up to date with all aspects of linux at all times ;-)20:16
*** hnode has joined #crux20:29
hnodeHi Cruxers :)20:30
greduanhnode Hey :)20:35
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux20:37
hnodeHi Grduan !20:47
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greduanfirefox-pgo, still compiling21:58
greduanit looks like it's compiling JS and related stuff21:58
tired890how long has it been?22:00
greduanSince like 11:00, it's currently 16:0022:04
greduanPossibly before 11:00, like 10:15 or something.22:04
greduanNext time I'll be sure to just compile normal Firefox with the gstreamer flag. lol22:05
greduanAlthough for the last while, like 5 minutes it's been stuck at a Leaving Directory22:05
greduanAnd just as I say that it moves on, dangit. lol22:05
greduanLots of entering and leaving directories22:06
frinnstare you sure you're building firefox? and not one of the gstreamer deps? :)22:18
frinnsti count 49 new deps in romsters pgo port :)22:19
greduanYeah I'm building Firefox22:20
greduanAll the entering leaving directory lines have firefox in the directory name22:20
greduanIf the benefits of the pgo aren't significant I think I'll just stop this 5 hour compile and compile normal firefox + gstreamer support22:21
greduanBunch of wasted time, but oh well22:21
greduanOh yeah, what do you guys suggest for UTF-8/Unicode in the framebuffer console?22:23
frinnstim building the pgo version now to try it out22:23
frinnstwhat hardware are you building on?22:23
greduanIntel Core 2 Duo22:24
greduanNot using tmpfs22:24
greduanNot sure if I'm even compiling with both cores... Didn't do -j222:24
frinnstcheck your pkgmk.conf22:24
tilmancheck top?22:25
frinnst(regarding -jX)22:25
frinnstexport MAKEFLAGS="-j 7" or whatnot22:25
tilmancould also grep the process list, _and_ check for MAKEFLAGS in the make process' environment22:25
jaegertakes me 18 minutes to build firefox with 8 cores @ 4.4Ghz, a single core building PGO is gonna take WAY WAY longer :D22:25
tired890while you're at it also change -march=native22:25
tilmanwonder if pgo speedup is actually noticable22:26
greduanRomster said he hadn't benchmarked it but he guessed it was smoother (in other words, he said something along the lines of "I guess it's smoother")22:26
greduanFirefox didn't take long to compile though, IIRC22:27
greduanNormal Firefox22:27
greduanI'll just compile normal Firefox22:29
greduanAnd --enable-gstreamer or whatever the flag is22:30
tilmancheck on pkgmk.conf first =)22:30
tired890there is a --disable-gstreamer in the Pkgfile, simply change that to enable22:30
greduantired890 gotcha22:30
greduantilman: Actually I don't want to compile with all my cores all the time, so that I can sort of do a lot of stuff at the same time.22:31
*** tarxfv has joined #crux22:31
greduanright now I will compile with all the cores, cause I'm not doing anything22:31
tilmanuse nice/renice?22:31
greduandunno what that is22:31
greduanenlighten me please22:31
tilmannope, you can google them22:31
greduanwill do22:32
jaegeryou can also check 'man nice'22:33
greduanso will using both cores with a low priority be better than using one core with high priority?22:35
tilmanimo it is better to by default make things run on all available cores, and only limit resource usage when actually required22:36
*** kori has quit IRC22:36
greduanAll right22:37
greduanCompiling normal Firefox with -j222:37
greduan(with --enable-gstreamer)22:37
*** kori has joined #crux22:38
greduanCurious how long this'll take compared to pgo with one core...22:40
greduansurely way less22:41
samlanningjaeger: I may have just successfully implemented the most horrible hack in my boot setup imaginable22:42
jaegerwhat's horrible about it?22:42
samlanningso i moved /usr/bin/switch_root to /usr/bin/switch_root_orig and created a custom bash boot script at /usr/bin/switch_root22:43
samlanningbecause it turns out the init on the initramfs does all the mounting and switching root and init and everything using the kernel parameters22:43
samlanningit's horrible... but it works xD22:44
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:44
jaegerI still don't quite understand the point. It sounds like you'll have a crippled system after the initramfs22:44
samlanningno it's fine22:44
samlanningfully functional22:44
jaegerI get the usage of encrypted filesystems but why wouldn't you want to boot normally after mounting those?22:45
samlanningi have a couple of other things that all use the same key, and one of the reasons is using that single key to mount everything at once rather than have to repeatedly enter passwd22:45
samlanningalso pretty motd before prompt22:46
samlanningthat's about it22:46
hnodegreduan: Im in same process as you22:46
jaegerThat doesn't clear anything up, heh. But if it works, no biggie22:46
greduanhnode didn't you start yesterday though?22:46
samlanningit works, and in probably less than a year it will all break and i'll have forgotten what i did but oh well haha22:47
hnodeyesterday I finish "normal" firefox, libreoficce and one pdf reader22:47
samlanningjaeger: mostly it's because i'm being esoteric though :-P22:48
jaegerFair enough22:48
*** dougl has joined #crux22:56
greduanOh yeah, with gstreamer do I need to have VLC or Mplayer or something like that to watch the videos?22:59
tired890using firefox? no22:59
greduanJust making sure23:00
tired890<tired890> IRC Logger:  Youtube html5 1080p : compile firefox with --enable-gstreamer, install the gst good/bad/ugly-compat plugins and gst-ffmpeg + gst-libav. Install gstreamer-vaapi-compat to enable hardware acceleration. Go to firefox's about:config and set mediasource to true.23:00
greduanYes I saw that23:01
*** tarxfv has quit IRC23:01
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