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greduanAnyone like frinnst or jaeger or tilman know anything about the problem I was having yesterday when compiling the 3.18.5 kernel? Namely:
mikelare you using llvm01:13
mikelerr, lvm*01:13
greduanI haven't played around with it, but if it's in the default crux install then yes01:14
greduanfinished compiling firefox btw01:14
jaegerif you're not using lvm you can remove the lvm2 port. otherwise you might need to make device mapper support builtin rather than module01:15
jaegerIf not LVM are you using anything else that requires DM? Encrypted partitions, etc.01:17
greduanno encrypted partitions01:19
greduanwhat would be other things that reuire dm?01:19
jaegernot sure what else but if you can't think of it you probably don't need it01:20
greduanso remove lvm2 port and make sure device mapper support is builtin, not a module01:20
jaegeror disable device mapper entirely01:21
jaegerremoving lvm2 just gets rid of the warnings about it at boot, doesn't hurt anything to have it installed01:21
greduanwell I'm glad those are just warnings01:22
greduannow, about KMS. lol01:22
jaegerthe hotplug message isn't related, I think01:23
greduanoh the hotplug is a problem then?01:23
jaegerI doubt it, though you haven't actually said what problem you're having01:23
jaegerother than that paste01:23
greduanNo real problems, really, not that I could notice with the limited usage I gave that kernel. Except that with the upgrade KMS doesn't work so I gotta update some stuff there as well, and maybe the wifi as well01:25
jaegerprobably all unrelated things01:25
jaegerrelated to the kernel but not related to each other01:25
greduanTomorrow is just gonna be about experimenting with the kernel a lot01:25
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jaegerI recommend working on one thing at a time01:26
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: ->
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greduanGoing to compile, hopefully that solves the KMS problems...02:01
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greduanso turns out I was disconnected for a while02:05
greduandidn't meanto ignore you jaeger. :)02:05
greduanmean to*02:06
greduanThe kernel probably does compile faster now02:30
greduanI say probably cause I'm going by feel02:31
greduanall right, figured out the KMS as well02:32
greduanso the only problem that's left is the hotplug thing02:32
greduanyay this kernel is finally useable (for the time being) :D02:35
greduanthanks jaeger, you saved me so much time02:35
tired890congrats greduan02:35
greduanI also figured out why shutdown, reboot etc. aren't commands my user can access02:36
greduanit's because they're in /sbin and my path doesn't have them there02:36
greduanmy $PATH doesn't have /sbin, I mean02:36
mikelonly root has /sbin and /usr/sbin in PATH by default02:37
greduanWhat are the thoughts of moving all the binaries to /usr/bin ? Several distros have done this, considering it unnecessary to have all of these distinctions between the folders03:09
greduanI'm not saying we should do it, I'm just curious what the general consensus is on this03:10
Romsteri dunno i don't see an issue03:12
Romsterit makes it easy to see what is core and /usr as extra03:13
greduanthat's a good point03:17
mikeli rather like the bsd hierachy03:18
greduanalthough in Arch, for example, /bin is still in use although it only contains symlinks to binaries in /usr/bin03:18
greduanmikel which is?03:18
mikelputting everything outside of core in /usr/local03:18
mikelthen the same /bin vs /usr/bin + /sbin vs /usr/sbin distinction03:18
korigreduan: eh03:19
koribad idea03:19
greduanI dunno03:19
korione of the reasons I moved to CRUX was because of the clean no bullshit hier03:19
greduanI haven't an opinion on this, I was just wondering03:19
greduanAnd I was wondering because I remember seeing several distros make this change03:20
Romster/usr/local is an old path now03:20
Romsternot like we have remote and local mounts03:20
mikeli still think it's a neat way of distinguishing core vs ports03:21
koriRomster: /usr/local/ is interesting03:21
koribecause it allows you to locally install binaries available to all users03:21
Romsteroh much like i am using ~/bin03:22
Romsterfor my local stuff03:22
greduanso users have read/write permissions to /usr/local?03:22
Romsterseems like a security risk03:22
koribut before I installed CRUX, I was under the impression /opt/ was used for ports03:23
korigreduan: it should have03:23
Romsterbut honestly i'd rather knock up a quick Pkgfile than use /usr/opt03:27
Romsterwell /usr/opt/ is also handly to cross compile a new tool chain in. but thesedays we have docker and VMs etc03:27
koriI hate /usr/*03:28
kori/usr as it's used currently is a bug03:28
koriRomster: /usr was originally the dir for user directories03:29
korifor example03:29
koriinstead of /home/kori/03:29
koriit was /usr/ko03:29
Romsterbut /home makes more sense so it's on it's own partition03:30
koriThe "user file system": originally the directory holding user home directories,[13] but already by the Third Edition of Research Unix, ca. 1973, reused to split the operating system's programs over two disks (one of them a 256K fixed-head drive) so that basic commands would either appear in /bin or /usr/bin.[15] It now holds executables, libraries, and shared resources that are not system critical, like the X03:30
koriWindow System, KDE, Perl, etc. In older Unix systems, user home directories might still appear in /usr alongside directories containing programs, although by 1984 this depended on "local customs".[11]03:30
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greduankori actually that's what confused me about how FreeBSD handled it, because I didn't know how to make /home (or in this case, /usr/greduan) it's own partition03:32
korigreduan: FreeBSD uses /usr/home03:32
koriso just make /usr/home its own partition03:33
korithat what I did03:33
greduanWell then03:33
Romsteryou can mount any partition/logical disk/network share to any directory03:33
mikeli think the bsds have the right idea about a lot of things03:33
greduanmikel I agree03:34
mikelsorry for the vague statement03:34
Romsterlike i got a mount at /var/cache/ccache03:34
Romsterits all opinions and by the end of the day it still works03:34
koriI like the port categorization03:35
koribut screw the recursive makefile hell they got going on03:35
koriI much prefer CRUX's ports03:35
korialso, whosoever came up with these is a saint03:36
greduanCRUX's ports you mean?03:36
mikellol, it bothers me that a freebsd netinstall doesn't install the latest port tree snapshot03:36
koriI'd like to bring /usr/<user> back03:39
korilooks so much nicer than /home/<user>03:39
Romsternothing is stopping you from using that03:43
koriRomster: then I'd have to symlink /usr/kori to /home/kori/03:44
koribecause some programs hard link /home/$USER03:44
korilet me rephrase that03:44
korisome programs are hard coded with /home/$USER03:44
greduanI'm going to sleep, tomorrow morning I'll have to recompile the kernel cause I somehow disasbled USB support (>_<)03:45
greduanSee you guys03:46
korihave a good one03:46
mikelsee ya03:46
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leo-unglaubhey :)11:44
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leo-unglaubi am working on my initramfs and i have a huge problem12:05
leo-unglaubhow can i add different keyboard layouts to my initramfs12:06
leo-unglaubbecause typing in my passphrase with a non-german keyboard layout can suck very hard *g*12:06
diversewhat got you interested in the initramfs?12:20
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leo-unglaubdiverse: well, all my harddrives are encrypted12:36
leo-unglauband i need it to unlock them at boot time12:36
leo-unglauband the differences between us and de keyboard layout are heavy if you want to type your passphrase correctly12:38
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diverseah well, maybe there is a way to get around that without initramfs12:38
diverseI know that R****** was able to not need it for lvm and raid12:40
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leo-unglaubthats different12:47
leo-unglaubyou need one to to decrypt the drives12:47
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EmoSpice_HomeSo I asked here last monday, but I'm just getting back to figuring out the problem. Anyone know what could cause a modules.dep (and `depmod 3.18.3-CRUX`) to output nothing?13:23
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greduanGood morning. :)13:39
EmoSpice_HomeGood morning.13:42
EmoSpice_HomeWell, it was good - until I started diffing kernel Makefiles :P13:44
EmoSpice_Homeyou know it's going to be a long search when some of the most relevant google results for your current problem are mailing list posts from 1997 and 1999 :P13:45
greduanWhat problem are you having?13:45
EmoSpice_HomeCompiling 3.18.3 and `depmod -na 3.18.3-CRUX` is functionally empty (only comments) after installing kernel and modules13:46
EmoSpice_Homebasically, no modules are being loaded when I boot 3.18.313:46
EmoSpice_HomeMaybe I just try again with the latest stable now...13:47
EmoSpice_HomeHalfway through a compile I think "I should really cut down on the number of modules I enable" >_>13:57
greduanwhat does depmod -na accomplish in this case? sorry I'm not very familiar yet14:11
greduanDo you compile all the modules or only those you need?14:11
greduanI find it really cuts down on compile time to only have those that apply to your hardware14:11
tilman"duh" ;)14:11
greduanindeed lol14:16
EmoSpice_Homegreduan: I have been REALLY lazy about parts of the system that I don't fully understand, so I've just built modules for things that I haven't investigated yet.14:19
greduanI see14:19
greduanI did that my first compile14:19
greduanAfterwards I just spent hours understanding to a limited extent my hardware and the kernel option, in order to disable anything not related14:20
greduanRight now I'm not even compiling support for any SCSI that ain't my own laptop's.14:20
greduanNever gonna use this outside of this laptop anyway14:20
EmoSpice_Homeand depmod -na is a dry-run of depmod (-n flag specifies that) and -a says "probe all modules"14:20
EmoSpice_Homebut basically depmod is what populates modules.dep, which is a list of entry points and hardware mappings for kernel modules on your machine.14:21
EmoSpice_Home(for a specific kernel on your machine14:21
greduanI see14:28
greduanWhat benefits does it offer?14:28
greduanThe modules.dep file I mean14:28
EmoSpice_HomeUh...well it allows your kernel to load modules14:29
EmoSpice_HomeIt's not so much a benefits thing. It's required.14:29
greduanBut I don't do it as part of copiling a kernel, does that mean I don't even get my modules?14:29
greduanI don't think so since b43 is a module and it is loaded14:30
EmoSpice_HomeIt is part of compiling the kernel (well, part of "14:30
EmoSpice_Homemake modules-install")14:30
EmoSpice_HomeRead over the Makefile for your kernel.14:31
greduanI do do make modules_install14:31
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EmoSpice_Homeooookay. So 3.18.5 has the same problem.14:47
EmoSpice_HomeStarting to think the problem is with my CURRENT kernel (or toolchain) rather than with the new one...14:47
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greduandammit USB support14:52
greduanI wonder if it has something to do with the SCSI stuff...14:52
greduanit does say it is being detected, lsusb shows it14:52
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onoderahi, can anyone give me some pointer on how to setup a wireless connection?14:57
greduanonodera what do you need help with?14:58
greduansupport for your card or just connecting to a network?14:58
onoderaI've always used linux with a wired connection, I just installed crux on my laptop and I've pretty much no idea how to setup wifi. Many guides on the internet tell to use iw but I just wanted to know if there are better ways of doing it.15:00
greduanjust check two things for me, do you have the commands wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd in your install? You need to be logged in as root to have access to these15:01
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onoderaI do have dhcpcd, not I couldn't find wwpa_supplicant15:04
onoderais it in the iso?15:04
greduanit is in the ISO, yes15:04
greduanyou need wpa_supplicant for encrypted wifi AFAIK, i.e. wifi that asks for a password, so getting that is essential15:05
onoderayup installed it15:07
greduanok good :)15:08
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greduannow edit your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file with vi or whatever your preference is15:08
greduanjust add the following to the file (without deleting what's already there):15:09
greduannetwork {15:09
onoderak I did that15:15
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greduanOK now run the following command:15:22
greduanwpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf15:23
greduanonodera did that work?15:25
onoderaThe firt output line says "succesfully initialized wpa_supplicant.conf15:28
greduannow run dhcpcd wlan015:28
onoderabut the lines after that say "unknown field netwok {15:28
greduanI see15:28
greduanyou mistyped network as netwok15:28
onoderaand unknown  global fields ssid/psk15:28
onoderaeh that is just a typo in irc15:29
greduanoh ok15:29
onoderathe one in wpa_supplicant is network :)15:29
greduanI see :)15:29
greduanI missed a = between network and {15:30
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greduanJust put a = between network and {15:34
onoderaok that fixed it, thanks, but now it says wlan0 flags: no such device15:34
greduanI see15:37
greduandepending on the device I think wlan0 can change to some other id15:37
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greduanOK so the USB does actually work15:41
greduanJust not listed by lsblk15:41
greduanand it isn't assigned a /dev/sd* :/15:41
greduanDoes that have to do with the device mapper?15:41
jaegerno, just need scsi support, scsi disk support, and usb storage support15:42
jaegerplus your usb controller if you don't have that already in15:42
greduanthose are present15:43
jaegercheck dmesg, then, see if there's an error15:43
greduanNo, dmesg is correctly reporting when the USB device is connected and disconnected15:43
greduanno errors15:44
jaegerdoes it report that a block device was created?15:44
jaegersounds like missing usb storage support to me15:45
jueonodera: nowadays dhcpcd starts wpa_supplicant in a hook, for wifi cards, so it should be sufficient to just run 'dhcpcd' without any option15:46
greduanthat's something I didn't know, jue15:47
greduangood to know15:47
juesee /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/10-wpa_supplicant15:48
greduanjaeger: I've SCSI disk support, USB Mass Storage support15:48
greduanProbably something to do with the supports I've disabled, I'll play around with this stuff15:52
onoderaHm my lspci output does like my network card (broadcomBCM43*), but ip link/ifconfig -a only lists lo and sit0, both don't work16:09
greduanoh that's not a good card to have I've the same line, they're a pain16:10
greduando you have the firmware/drivers installed?16:10
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onoderaI have enabled the two broadcom 43X ones16:15
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greduanYeah that enables support in the kernel16:27
greduanAfterwards you need to install the actual firmware for it :/16:27
tired890fwiw, I have a bcm4313 in my laptop, and was only able to get it working with the softmac broadcom driver16:31
tired890always failed to load with b4316:31
onoderais that this?16:32
onoderaI have BCM4314216:32
tired890afaik this is not available in crux ports you'll have to build it yourself16:33
tired890hold on there is a table of cards with most suitable driver for each16:33
tired890let me see if I can find it16:33
tired890in your kernel menuconfig:16:35
tired890brcmsmac:  broadcom SoftMac16:35
tired890brcmfmac fullmac16:35
greduanI've a 431216:38
tired890see table here as well
onoderaSupported? NO16:40
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greduanOh you know what17:18
greduanI think I know why the USB stuff ain't working correctly17:18
greduanI'm still getting the /sbin/start_udev error17:19
greduanudev is what handles that stuff right? To put access to a USB device through /dev/sd*?17:20
greduanI'll check if there is any option in the kernel to enable hotplugging17:21
greduanI enabled some hotplug stuff, let's see if that does it17:27
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kyubikoHi, I get file:///jre-8u31-linux-x64.tar.gz: Unsupported scheme 'file'.17:46
kyubikowhen trying to install the jre package17:46
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onoderaI just build a kernel module for my broadcom card17:55
onoderait made some .ko files, where should I move them?17:55
diverseonodera: modules in /lib/modules/$(uname -r), but just do `make modules_install` imo18:03
diverse*go in18:03
onoderait is not part of the kernel so I can't modules_install18:05
diversethen, what does the readme say what to do?18:05
onoderaheh found it in the readme, thanks18:07
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onoderaI finally got my network card working (I think) :), but I have one more problem, when I try to ping for example google I get an unknow host error18:31
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greduanback, took the dog out for a walk19:01
greduanThe hotplug stuff didn't help. :/19:02
greduanfor the kernel I mean19:03
*** onodera has joined #crux19:04
onoderafinally got my wifi working, thanks everyone!19:33
greduanonodera glad you got it working. :)19:33
juekyubiko: prt-get readme jre19:42
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kyubikothanks jue19:52
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onoderawhat should SERVICES (rc.conf) to make wifi work on startup?20:05
frinnstthe entries in services are just the scripts you want to run from rc.d/20:14
frinnstno magic20:14
frinnst qemu-img snapshot -l crux.qcow220:24
frinnstqemu-img: Could not open 'crux.qcow2': Could not read snapshots: File too large20:24
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teK_it turned out that qemu-img snapshot was used on the image while the VM is running. This was likely the root cause of the corruption. So if you're reading this, it's probably already too late20:26
frinnstyeah found that too20:27
tilmanyesterday i tried to run an official freebsd vm image (qcow2) (in qemu, duh)20:27
frinnstguess i need to convert it to raw20:27
tilmantook about 10 minutes before qemu decided to mark the image as corrupt20:27
frinnsthow '90s20:27
tilmannot really sure what's going on with that project20:28
frinnstquite adorable that you cant snapshot a running vm20:30
tilmanyeah, how 90s20:30
teK_sucky google/fireball skills20:33
teK_how 90s20:33
tilmanhaha, fireball20:34
teK_or ycos20:34
tilmannoob detected20:34
tilmanor maybe just a non-german?20:35
frinnstfucking german searchengines20:35
tilmanyeah, i'm not sure if fireball was german20:35
greduanI was not compiling the kernel with the uevent helper, but start_udev was expecting it to be compiled with uevent helper20:35
teK_ :))20:36
greduanIn any case start_udev does "echo > path to uevent helper" so it didn't matter that it wasn't there.20:36
tilmanthat doesn't seem to render right20:36
greduanHaven't figured out the USB stuff though20:37
frinnstthe initial hardware was pretty awesome20:42
tilmanfive servers?20:43
frinnstI feel bad for laughing at this:
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teK_btw.. what's better or special about _duplex_ cat 7 cables?21:02
jaegerthe marketing can have twice as much bullshit? :D21:06
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frinnstis cat7 an actual standard these days? iirc its not official or something21:14
frinnstguess so21:14
jaegerit is, but for 10GbE so you don't hear much about it21:14
teK_we use it in our production environments (chemically intense)21:15
jaegercat6a can do it anyway, I think21:15
frinnstyeah it can21:15
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teK_so you have no idea, either?21:43
greduanThe Xen stuff that appears i several places in the kernel22:00
greduanCan I disable that tuff?22:00
greduanNot entirely sure what that stuff is, that's why I ask22:01
greduanOh, several OS at the same time on the same hardware22:02
greduanNo thanks22:02
greduanThat probably also disables virtual machines but I don't use them anyway so it's fine22:08
teK_of course you can22:08
greduanstill, for some reason eudev isn't making block devices for my USBs :/22:28
greduanIt's detecting them22:28
greduanlsusb and dmesg show reference to the USB, but they're not getting a block device assigned.22:28
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teK_I have:22:46
teK_and it works ootb for me22:46
greduanI have a path right now, I'll see if not having a path fixes it22:53
greduanstill, that uevent helper is not actually used as far as I can tell22:54
frinnstis CONFIG_USB_STORAGE enabled?23:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: patch: updated to 2.7.423:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: updated to 3.7923:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.14.823:59

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