IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-02-02

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greduanfrinnst CONFIG_USB_STORAGE=m00:36
greduanshould that be =y?00:36
greduanthere are also several things prefixed with CONFIG_USB_STORAGE, like DATAFAB, FREECOM, USBAT etc.00:38
teK_=m should suffice00:43
teK_it will get autoloaded, when needed00:43
teK_but yes you should review your config, did you try creating the device nodes manually to check if it's really an eudev issue?00:43
greduanI don't possess the knowledge to do that, will Google00:44
greduanDoing mknod /dev/sdb b 002 002 does create a /dev/sdb00:56
greduanbut it isn't read by lsblk and it doesn't have the /dev/sdb100:56
greduanso I think it's something in the kernel00:57
jaegeryou should pastebin your kernel config00:57
greduanExcept I've no internet in that laptop to do that :/00:57
greduanthat's how I noticed the USB stuff, I was going to use my USB drive to install the B43 stuff (which for some reason needs a reinstall) but the USB drive doesn't work00:59
greduanI'm gonna try one other thing, which I think is what's causing it01:00
teK_greduan: just create /deb/sdb1, too01:00
teK_(with adjusted minor/major codes01:00
greduanteK_: lsusb only shows me the device, not the stuff inside it...01:01
greduanSo that means it's not able to read the contents of the USB?01:01
teK_lsusb does not read contents. Content is read by the appropriate /dev/* files. So just create sdb1 to see if you can access it afterwards01:02
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greduanso lsusb gives me: Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0930:6545 Toshiba Corp. Kingston DataTraveler 102/2.0 / HEMA Flash Drive 2 GB / PNY Attache 4GB Stick. That's the _only_ related entry.01:07
jaegersame in all USB ports?01:07
greduanYou mean if I disconnect it and put it in another USB?01:08
greduanexcept now it's 002 00401:08
greduanlet's try another one01:08
jaegerstill sounds very much like missing kernel support01:08
greduan002 003 is a webcam and 002 001 is a Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub, BTW01:08
jaegerdo you have /proc/config.gz?01:09
jaegerdoes it match the contents of your .config file if you decompress it and compare them?01:09
jaegerzcat /proc/config.gz > /tmp/running-config; diff /tmp/running-config /usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/.config01:10
greduanlet me check01:10
greduanI get no output01:11
greduanI imagine that means no diff?01:11
jaegerdoes lsmod show usb_storage loaded?01:12
greduaninterestingly, lsmod gives me no modules01:12
greduanso dangit01:12
greduanno wonder wifi doesn't work either01:12
jaegerdo they exist in /lib/modules/$(uname -r) ?01:12
greduanthat folder is not empty, if that's what you mean01:13
greduanand I have been running make modules_install01:13
teK_you can invoke lspci -k to see which pci devices uses which module (or none at all)01:13
jaegerwhat if you try to load it manually? modprobe usb_Storage01:13
greduanjaeger: modprobe: FATAL: Module usb_storage not found.01:14
greduanSame with module b4301:14
jaegeralso, does /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.dep exist?01:14
greduanand also modules.dep.bin01:14
jaegerdoes it have your modules listed in it?01:15
greduancan I use cat?01:15
greduanusing cat gives me nothing01:15
jaegeralso, what about "zgrep CONFIG_MODULES= /proc/config.gz" ?01:16
greduanthis is a pickle01:17
jaegerso modules.dep was empty. Is it zero size if you run ls on it?01:17
jaegerif so, try running "depmod -a" as root, see if that changes it01:17
greduan0 sie01:18
greduan0 size01:18
greduanran depmod -a and ls'd again and same size01:18
rmullgreduan: Did you run 'make modules_install' as root?01:18
greduanrmull: yes01:18
jaegerdoes the output of "uname -r" match the folder in /lib/modules exactly in name?01:19
greduanis it valid to run "make all ; make modules_install ; make firmware_install" ? or does that mess it up?01:19
greduanjaeger: yes01:19
jaegerhow about if you remove /lib/modules/* entirely and then run "make modules_install" from the kernel source tree again?01:20
greduansure, although I have to compile the kernel cause a little while ago I ran mrproper01:20
jaegerin that case I'd suggest removing the kernel source tree as well01:20
jaegerstart clean01:20
jaegerremove both the kernel source tree and the modules dir, rebuild them using /proc/config.gz as your config file01:21
greduanBTW I checked and the 3.12.24 kernel modules.dep is not empty and does have modules in it01:21
greduanHave you guys run across this particular case before or is this the firsst time?01:24
greduanalso sorry about the trouble01:26
jaegerfirst I've seen it01:26
rmullgreduan: Can you use 'insmod' to load one of your modules.ko by path?01:26
greduanrmull: not sure where I would find a module, let me see if I can find them01:29
greduanok I see01:29
jaegerif you deleted /lib/modules/$(uname -r) you'll have to wait until your new build finishes01:29
greduanYeah I just deleted it01:30
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greduanI think I know what the problem was, although rebooting right now to see if it works01:47
greduanyup I know what was happening01:47
greduanfor some reason, "make all ; make modules_install ; make firmware_install" never ran modules_install and firmware_install01:48
jaegerdid you use && instead of ; ?01:48
greduanno I was using ;01:48
jaegervery odd.01:48
greduanyup the usb is detected now. in any case I need to recompile cause compressing the modules is giving me trouble it seems01:48
jaegerstill, running "make modules_install" later would have done it01:48
greduanjaeger and it did01:49
greduanthis time I did all the commands individually01:49
jaegerare you using lilo?01:54
greduangood point02:00
greduanabout time I get used to that dammit02:00
greduanthat fixed it02:01
greduanglad I don't have to recompile. lol02:01
greduan2 or 3 days making 3.18 work02:01
greduanSO MANY THANKS jaeger02:02
greduanHoly shit, seriously thanks02:02
jaegeradd that to your checklist for next time you compile a kernel :)02:02
prologicwhat you switched to grub and it all works now? :P02:06
prologicI still use lilo :)02:06
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greduanprologic I use lilo still as well :)02:36
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greduanI figured out why the modules didn't work03:24
greduanit's not because the commands weren't executing03:24
greduanit's because I was compressing my modules (with a kernel option to compress modules at install), so I guess that was messing stuff up03:25
greduanmodules.dep isn't empty anymore after I disabled that03:25
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greduanI guess I gotta sestup some extra stuff to actually make that work03:26
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greduangoing to sleep, tomorrow I'll login from the new kernel. :)03:32
greduanAnd seriously guys, thanks for sticking with me.03:33
greduanHasta maƱana03:33
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asieprologic: why does your steam package depend on nvidia-32?07:57
diverseasie: because some games are 32bit only, and you need a 32bit nvidia driver to run them07:59
asiediverse: wait08:00
asiewhat if i use amd or intel?08:00
diversethat I dunno, but it's a valid question.08:03
diverseas for intel gpus, I'm not sure would be a good candidate for gaming, but ati sure would.08:05
asieyeah, but not all games require high-end graphics08:05
asieand with haswell gpus and all...08:05
diverseasie: well, let me know how it goes with intel, when you get it to work.08:06
asieit does08:09
asieit simply does08:09
asiehowever i did not test with 32-bit games, but i think wouldn't that only require 32-bit mesa and xorg-video-intel drivers?08:10
diverseI mean performance-wise08:10
asiewell i run minecraft at 25FPS on a GMA X4500MHD, i think i can do08:10
asieand i mostly play 2D games anyway08:10
diverseasie: yeah, I'm thinking you would need 32bit versions of xorg-xf86-video-{ati,intel} along with mesa3d-32. You would need mesa3d-32 if you use nvidia-3208:13
diversebut that's what I think, I'm not absolutely sure.08:14
diverseas far as ati and intel08:15
frinnstxorg-xf86-video-{ati,intel} are just drivers08:20
frinnstunless you intend to start a 32bit X session you wont need them08:21
diversefrinnst: could they run 32bit games from steam?08:23
frinnstits like asking if you need a 32bit kernel module for hardware X08:24
frinnstunless the DDX driver ships with a bunch of libraries you wont need it08:24
frinnstim fairly sure08:24
frinnstthere is a reason there are no ddx drivers in compat-3208:25
diversewell the reason I am asking is because I have ran into a situation where a game I played (not from steam but through wine) that needed nvidia-32, even though I'm running on an 64bit X session, so really it's not all that weird as you think. But if steam provides the libs for compatibility anyway, you're right, they aren't needed, so maybe prologic doesn't need to have an nvidia-32 dependency.08:30
diverseasie: so it sounds like you would be fine, except you need to manually remove the nvidia-32 dependency from the Pkgfile08:35
asiei did08:36
frinnstits because nvidia ships its own 3d library08:36
frinnstyou may notice nvidia-32 doesnt actually install any DDX driver or kernel module08:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nfs-utils: update to 1.3.209:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dar: update to 2.4.1709:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mysql: update to 5.6.2309:50
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diverseany gummiboot users here?11:20
diverseif so, this just in: all your bases are now belong to systemd11:21
juein german ->
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nwehmm has someone more get this problem with docker and kvm.. I have so my kvm image are saved in /data/virtual-machines/kvm and my docker containers are saved in /data/virtual-machines/docker now to the problem.. I cant create/start a new kvm machine while a docker image is up and running.. then I get 'Error: Index out of range'12:44
frinnstfrom qemu?13:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: transmission: fix download URL13:20
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nwefrinnst: yeah13:34
nwebut if I turn off my docker instance and try to create/start a kvm machine it?s working..13:34
frinnstdont recognize that error message, but perhaps not enough memory?13:35
nweI still have 6GB free13:36
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greduanGood morning. :)14:09
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rauzhi guys14:24
greduanHey rauz14:33
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greduanDo you guys use Alsa or do some of you use PulseAudio?14:52
rmullgreduan: I've been dabbling with PA recently but I haven't really figured it out all the way yet14:53
greduanFor some reason I'm getting no audio, even though the card is supported, and (as root) I can do alsamixer and move stuff around. But I get no audio from the speakers or headphones14:53
greduanoh right14:53
rmullI have to run everything as root in order to get sound14:53
rmullpavucontrol is a good way to see what your system understands14:54
rmullI wish it was packaged by someone who knows what they are doing TBH14:54
rmullI wouldn't be using it if I didn't need it to provide a bluetooth audio sink14:55
greduanso anything that you want with audio needs to be run as root, in your setup, rmull?14:55
rmullYes - I am using the latest git pull, outside of ports14:55
rmullbecause of my bluetooth requirement14:55
greduanI see14:55
DaViruzlong time since i used audio in linux, but isn't there a group you must be a part of?14:55
rmullThere is the audio group, and my system works fine using just also14:56
rmullBut I haven't played around enough with PA to get the permissions to work14:56
rmullMaybe adding PA to the audio group would be sufficient14:56
rmullI'm just bitter because I don't want to run it14:57
rmullgreduan: The first thing I would recommend doing is making sure your sound works using basic alsa14:58
thetornainbowgreduan: yeah you should be able to use speakertest14:58
rmullNext, I would install PA and pavucontrol, and see if pavucontrol sees your audio devices14:58
rmullThat's a graphical application though - I'm not sure what the equivalent would be on the command line14:58
rmullIt would be nice if there was something like alsamixer for pulseaudio14:59
greduanwith some speaker-test I figured out that atm only root can produce sound, I'll try adding my user to audio group and test audio again14:59
greduanyup that did it15:01
greduanaudio group15:01
rmullYeah, that's a requirement15:01
greduanand I can also use alsamixer15:01
rmullWhile we're on the audio topic, anybody ever try out JACK?15:01
greduanHeard it mentioned, but never used it15:01
rmullAlso, would there be any difference in audio _quality_ when using alsa/pulse/jack, or does it all just end up using alsa as the backend?15:02
greduanI thought pulse worked on top of alsa, as another abstraction15:03
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rmullgreduan_: Maybe, but pulse is configurable in terms of sample rate, so I'm not really sure what the deal is
greduanI dunno then15:05
greduanlast time I looked into it I didn't know anything about the subject so I was just very confused15:05
greduanI know PulseAudio messes things up for me in Arch Linux, though. It's one abstraction too much for me, atm15:05
rmullDo you need it?15:06
jaegerI use pulse and alsa on my machines these days, works well enough15:06
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jaegerwith that said, figuring out how to get sound with alsa alone is a good place to start15:08
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greduanAlsa is good enough for me. Probably when I get into recording stuff (if I ever do) then I'll have other priorities when it comes to the audio system15:09
rmullI think if you're recording stuff, JACK will probably be worth a look15:28
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greduanAnyone tried out the Vis text editor?16:41
greduanJust uninstalled Flash today, glad I didn't use this computer for anything on the internet16:47
teK_I use click to activate16:47
frinnstas do i16:48
greduanMe too16:49
onoderaI use html5, and mpv with youtube-dl for the few flash only videos I watch16:50
greduanReally the only reason I would want Flash for is for porn. If the website doesn't support HTML5 then it probably ain't worth my time16:51
teK_in the old times, porn decided, which tech would win16:52
teK_think of the  VHS vs Video2000 battle16:52
teK_look it up, it's true16:53
greduanOh I believe you16:53
greduanThe cool thing about HTML5 and porn is that the websites that do support it, most of them haven't plugged a hole which makes it so you can directly download the video, without registering. hehehe16:56
thetornainbowplugged a hole16:56
greduanHow could I miss that16:57
greduanSeveral minimal text editors popping up it seems17:08
greduanVis and Edit specifically17:09
diverseI'm so glad I got rid of flash, I knew it had several vulnerabilities that will pop up eventually and it's just a resource hog. Html5 is here to stay, time to move on.17:13
tilmanteK_: same for recent times. think of bluray vs whatsitcalled - superdvd?17:17
diverseof course, it's always been a resource hog, but the difference is, it just gets worse with every iteration. It got to the point of being unbearable for me.17:19
diversetilman: iirc, it was HD-DVD17:24
diverselooks like I was right17:28
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z3braHaving troubles with my port tree :P18:03
z3braI updated my sxhkd ports to 0.5.418:03
z3bracontrib has it in 0.5.318:03
z3braso basically, every sysup list the package as "to upgrade"18:03
diversez3bra: put your prtdir at the top of prt-get.conf18:04
rmullNeeds to go before all other prtdirs - they are scanned in order18:04
z3braah, didn't know that18:05
z3bracool stuff :)18:05
diverseneeds priority to overlay it18:05
diversealways put your most important prtdirs first18:05
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z3bragood to know :)18:07
z3braOk, now I need a way to check if a Pkgfile needs to be updated18:07
z3bra(for non git ports)18:07
z3braRomster, suggested a tool one day18:08
z3braI can't recall the name :/18:09
rmullYou mean you want to see if ports -u will update it before actually running the update?18:09
z3brano, something to check wether my personnal Pkgfiles need to be upgraded18:09
z3brasomething that would check the website or something18:09
z3brathanks !18:10
z3braports -d still list sxhkd to need update18:21
diversez3bra: I have that problem too, it's just because a different version exists, don't worry about it18:28
diverseyour port will take priority18:28
z3brabut I like my ports -d like my women18:28
jaegercovered in bees!18:29
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greduanoh hey z3bra! :D18:43
greduanYou don't know me, but your blog brought me to CRUX, thanks! :)18:43
z3braI know you18:43
z3brayou're the newcomer at ;)18:43
greduanAh yes18:43
greduanI posted that and then became too busy to check it18:43
greduanshould probably check it again. :P18:44
z3braI'm glad my blog make people curious about crux18:44
rmullIf I have two thrust bearings with a rod through them, can I just use a single nut+washer on either side of the rod to squeeze the two bearings toward each other, or do I need a second lock nut of some sort?18:47
rmull(sorry for the offtopic :D)18:47
greduanYou talking about mechanics, ja?18:47
z3braI understood "bearings"18:48
rmullWondering if the single nut would have the tendency to loosen18:48
z3brathat's about it18:48
greduanI understood rod and nuts18:48
greduanThe problem I have with mechanics is the vocabulary, otherwise I love it18:50
greduanz3bra You also introduced me to the concept of tags in a window manager. I'm someday going to switch to them full time but in the meanwhile I am using them whenever I remember inside dwm.18:51
z3braI never used tags before ^^18:53
rmullI use tags like workspaces. Don't tell anyone18:53
greduanI do too, shhh18:53
z3braI use groups instead of tags18:53
z3brathe difference being: A window can have multiple tags, but can only reside in a single group18:54
greduanI see18:54
z3bragroups are best implemented in CWM18:54
z3brathis WM rocks, seriously18:54
greduanAnd also 2bwm no?18:56
greduanI find tags/groups don't work particularly well with tiling WMs18:58
greduanMostly because of all the automatic tiling that goes on18:58
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z3braratpoison works rather nicely with groups19:08
z3braI used that maintain a 2bwm implementing groups19:08
z3brabut it's dead now19:09
z3brathe latest 2bwm commits are making the group architecture impossible to implement without rewritten entire parts of the code19:09
greduanI see19:09
z3brawhich is not worth the try IMO19:09
z3braI'd rather just use cwm along with wmutils19:09
z3brato add more features19:10
greduanI wanted to try 2bwm mostly because of how light it is, but I guess swm is better for lightness?19:10
z3braeh, yeah19:10
z3brabut swm doesn't have the feautres 2bwm has19:10
z3braswm is basically tinywm with borders19:11
greduanI see19:11
greduanCould wmutils be used for some group functionality? I think it could be, right?19:12
z3brayes :)19:12
z3bra(I only use wmutils, and I have groups)19:12
greduanBut you use cwm as well, no?19:12
greduanz3bra what be IRC? I can't seem to find it...19:20
greduan#nixers is invite only it seems19:20
teK_jaeger/frinnst: jfyi:  Duplex seems to  be two cables in coating19:25
jaegerawesome... nice of them to use a term that already has a different meaning :P19:26
z3bragreduan, I use cwm at work19:26
teK_not for cables!119:26
z3braand wmutils at home19:26
greduanz3bra ah OK19:26
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EmoSpiceReceiving objects:  35% (7/20), 753.71 MiB | 5.68 MiB/s19:57
EmoSpiceSomething tells me someone doesn't know how to properly use git.19:58
greduanholy shit!20:00
greduanYou know you can download only some of the latest comits right?20:00
greduanNot sure how it's done but I know it's possible.20:01
greduanStill, 5.5MiB/s is a really good internet20:01
tilmanEmoSpice: uh, what?20:03
EmoSpicegreduan: 5.5MiB/s is great, but still.20:03
EmoSpiceand yes - I actually need all of it >_<20:04
teK_the history, too?20:04
EmoSpicetilman: Someone's storing tar.gz's in git.20:04
teK_if not, use git clone --depth=1 ..20:04
EmoSpiceteK_: I'm likely going to rewrite it after extracting the committed tar.gz's...20:04
EmoSpicebut I didn't know about --depth, thanks for that!20:05
greduanLooks like CRUX doesn't come with popd/pushd?20:17
teK_shell builtins?20:20
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greduanOh I see20:20
greduanmksh doesn't come with them20:20
teK_yeah, zsh has them, afaic20:21
teK_never used them, thoug20:21
EmoSpiceThey're extremely useful in shell programming20:21
EmoSpiceI rarely use them in day to day usage though20:22
EmoSpicegreduan: you may be interested in though20:22
greduanEmoSpice: yup, rocking that stuff20:22
greduanGot the .z file in /var, which is reiserfs. I feel so smart doing that. lol20:23
EmoSpiceI used to love reiserfs. Then ext4 came out and it's good enough everywhere :P20:26
greduanFrom what I understand reiserfs is better for /var, no?20:27
EmoSpicecan be.20:27
greduanIt's good for small operations20:27
EmoSpice(and probably is - but like I said - ext4 is good enough)20:27
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greduanShould've used ext4 for /boot I'm finding out, instead of ext220:28
EmoSpiceext4 everywhere, man!20:28
greduanThis morning lilo was corrupt in some way because for some reason my computer stayed on so the battery ran out20:29
greduanext2 no journaling, so I had to boot from the CRUX ISO and run lilo again20:31
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greduanAnyone here have experience with Girocco? The Git hosting engine. A.K.A. I guess21:36
greduanI know z3bra uses Girocco21:38
*** dougl has joined #crux21:56
Romsterz3bra, ck4up21:56
Romsterafk work21:56
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frinnstbtrfs everywhere!21:58
cezarhi I have installed transmission, tornado and mplayer but there is no icons of them on the xfce4 menu22:01
cezarthere are22:01
z3bragreduan, I don't even know what girocco is...22:05
greduanWhat you use in git.z3bra.org22:09
greduanI think22:09
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greduancezar I think that may be because CRUX packages don't install any .desktop files, which is what that menu uses to find apps. I think, not sure22:10
cezarI see, it has nothing to do with xfce4 as far as I have understood22:11
greduanThat's right22:12
greduanThat is if I am correct22:12
greduanOf which I am not sure22:12
cezarI see22:12
cezarwhat I remark is that some apps icons were visible after installation like the xchat22:13
greduanMost people here probably use dmenu or something similar22:13
greduancezar Hmm. Then I've no idea. :/22:14
jaegerdo those packages install a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications?22:15
jaegerI see greduan already mentioned that, sorry22:16
jaegerIt's up to the package maintainer to install them or not, it isn't a CRUX choice22:17
teK_I thought xfce had a dedicated  application to rebuild the application menu22:17
*** dougl has quit IRC22:17
jaegerdesktop-file-utils contains update-desktop-database, it isn't specific to xfce22:17
cezarI see jaeger will get used to dmenu too22:20
jaegerunlikely, since I don't use it :)22:20
cezarif I ran transmission it is as if it were invisible because the file is downloaded in the end...mplayer I prefer to run vlc22:21
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*** jdolan has joined #crux23:04
*** dougl has quit IRC23:26
cezarwhat is missing...23:29
cezarchecking for XML::Simple... configure: error: XML::Simple perl module is required for icon-naming-utils23:29
cezarI mean this perl module23:29
*** kori has joined #crux23:30
jaegercezar: check 'prt-get depends icon-naming-utils'23:30
jaegerheyo, kori23:30
cezarthat is it I tryed to build and install23:32
cezarbash-4.3# prt-get depends icon-naming-utils23:32
cezarThe package 'icon-naming-utils' could not be found:23:32
cezarbash-4.3# cd /home/cezar/icon-naming-utils23:33
cezarbash-4.3# pkgmk -d23:33
jaegerah, making your own port? well, it needs the XML::Simple perl module, that's all23:33
jaeger <-- some examples23:33
*** dougl has joined #crux23:35
cezardone. all stuff installed :)23:48
greduancezar Cool. :)23:49
cezar:) tks for the attention23:49
cezarrebooting now23:50
*** cezar has quit IRC23:50
greduanDoes have some sort of API?23:57
rmullgreduan: If you're looking for a tool to search it, try portdbc23:58

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