IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-02-03

greduanThanks. :)00:00
rmullI'm not sure if there is an API - I assumed not, and that portdbc just scrapes the webpage. I never checked into it.00:01
teK_portdbc uses the XML api of our portdb00:02
rmullthere you have it :D00:02
rmullthank you teK_00:02
greduanThanks teK_, rmull :)00:03
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greduanpkgmk automatically uncompresses whatever tar file is as a source, right? Or not?00:20
rmullYeah, if it's in a known compression format00:28
cezarwhen I try to boot crux using the grub of other distro I get I kernel panic. I have compiled file system ext4 as built in and I have marked sata as built in too but it is no use00:36
cezarKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown - block (0,0)00:36
cezarCPU: 5 PID: 1 comm: swapper/0 not tainted 3.12.24 #800:36
cezarhardware name: system manufacturer. System Product name/M5A 78L-M/USB3, BIOS 1801:00:36
cezar 11/12/201300:36
cezarand this is crux entry00:36
cezarmenuentry 'crux 3.1 (on /dev/sde1)' --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'osprober-gnulinux-/boot/vmlinuz-3.12.24-$00:36
cezar                insmod part_msdos00:36
cezar                insmod ext200:36
cezar                set root='hd4,msdos1'00:36
cezar                if [ x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then00:36
cezar                  search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root --hint-bios=hd4,msdos1 --hint-efi=hd4,msdos1 --hint-baremetal=ahci4,msdos1  98ece8d4-ef04-48a6-a58e-c65431400:36
cezar67f1f                else00:36
cezar                  search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root 98ece8d4-ef04-48a6-a58e-c65431467f1f00:36
cezar                fi00:36
cezar                linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.24 root=/dev/sde100:37
cezar        }00:37
greduancezar You should paste stuff like that in a pastebin like or Or your pastebin of choice. :)00:38
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rmullcezar: Did you include support for your disk controller?00:40
greduanYeah that kernel panic means something that is needed did not get compiled with the kernel00:42
greduancezar did you use the .config file provided by default in /usr/src/linux-3.12.24/.config in the CRUX ISO?00:43
cezarI am sorry greduan shame on me and thanks for answering me...I use pastebin00:43
cezaryes I did greduan00:44
cezarthe .config file provided by default00:44
cezarI have already made some changes but that was the one I used00:44
cezarrmull yes I included the support00:45
cezarI boot crux using the installation media00:46
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cezarwould that be enough:
cezarmy drives are all sata01:04
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JSchilli1jaeger: kori told me you'd made a steam port, mind sharing?01:05
greduancezar: Best way to know is to compile and try again. :)01:10
korijaeger: or rather, can we include it in the 6c37 repo?01:10
koriI've the port here01:11
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jaegerit's barebones and stupid but sure. :P
jaegercezar: can you pastebin the output from lspci -k?01:14
koribut barebones and stupid is fun01:14
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jaegercezar: ok, ahci is definitely the correct sata driver, so do you also have the filesystem you used builtin rather than module?01:17
jaegeryou don't need the ata_piix driver, you don't have that hardware01:17
jaegerpata_atiixp and ata_piix are different drivers entirely. Neither of them is your SATA controller, though, so not vital for booting01:18
cezarjaeger: yes ext4 built in01:18
cezarI see01:18
jaegerthat "vfs: unable to mount root fs" error is 99% of the time missing filesystem or disk controller support01:19
jaegercan you pastebin the entire .config file?01:19
cezaryes just a moment01:20
cezarsorry for the delay
jaegerhrmm, looks ok at a quick glance01:30
jaegerdid you remember to copy the new kernel to /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.24 after a recompile?01:37
cezarwill reboot just to try again01:37
cezarjaeger: yes01:38
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greduanIs it normal to have a directory under /usr/bin? Like have a /usr/bin/textadept ?01:52
greduanProbs not normal, but how about OK?01:53
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cezarthe changes I made did not help. again kernel panic01:56
cezarand using the installation media boot is perfect01:57
greduancezar I know the feel. I spent an entire day I think trying to find the reason.01:59
greduanIn the end I just gave up and used the default .config that came with the ISO, changing some things but not the harddrive stuff01:59
greduanThen when I upgraded I got rid of all the harddrive stuff I didn't need01:59
cezarI see02:00
cezarmaybe with lilo things might be different?02:05
greduanYou can try but if the kernel is not built with support for your hardware there's nothing GRUB can do about that02:08
jaegerI don't think the boot loader is the issue anyway because if the kernel weren't loading you wouldn't see it panic :)02:09
greduanjaeger: were or weren't?02:09
cezarthink were :)02:09
jaegerwell, think about it a bit. It's a kernel panic, not a boot loader panic02:09
cezarexactely :)02:10
jaegerthe kernel was loaded but it's missing hardware support that it needs02:10
jaegerso "weren't" was correct02:10
cezar:) :)02:10
greduanTook me a bit but I see what you're saying02:10
cezarI will try another make menuconfig to check again the file system02:11
greduanOK cezar02:11
greduanjaeger: Could you check my question just below Workster joining?02:11
jaegergreduan: it's unusual, certainly. what's in the directory?02:12
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greduanjaeger: The binaries, which require to be in the directory they're currently in. And that directory contains all the METAFILES, Lua source code, etc.02:13
jaegerwell, if it's supposed to be that way, fine, it's just very unusual02:14
greduanIt's much more elegant in Windows and OS X probably02:15
greduanin Windows it's probably all just a folder disguised as a .exe and OS X it's a .app (which AFAICT is always a folder).02:19
JSchilli1hey, does anyone know what i should do about this error?
greduanJSchilli1: I think that's two packages trying to install the same file.02:21
greduanWhich I think counts as a bug in one of the packages?02:21
JSchilli1hm, what can i do to help it get fixed if it is one?02:22
jaegerwhat does "pkginfo -o /usr/lib32/" say?02:22
JSchilli1it says it belongs to nvidia-3202:22
tired890JSchilli1, -32? for steam?02:23
jaegershould be safe to overwrite it with the one from mesa3d-32, it's a symlink anyway02:24
jaegerwith that said, it shouldn't be owned by nvidia-3202:24
JSchilli1so if it's force overwritten, it will be owned by mesa3d as it should?02:25
jaegeryes, if you use pkgadd -u -f02:26
jaegerthe package database will be updated with the new one02:26
JSchilli1cool, thank you02:27
JSchilli1i also have a problem building mesa3d (normal version), i get a footprint mismatch. is ignoring them "clean"? i know the wiki says you can just update them02:29
jaegerdepends on whether it's NEW or MISSING output02:29
JSchilli1i think it's just a couple NEW02:30
jaegerNEW can usually be ignored, it means you have something on your system in addition to whatever the maintainer had02:30
JSchilli1i should run it again and check though02:30
jaegerMISSING means they had something you didn't02:30
JSchilli1and if i choose to remove the package, will those files get removed as well?02:30
JSchilli1(the NEW ones)02:30
prologicafaik yes02:32
jaegeronce the package is added they're in the package database02:33
greduanWhat's the proper way of handling symlinks in /usr/bin?02:51
greduanI can't do ${PKG}/usr/bin because then that points the symlink to /home/pkgmk/work... instead of /usr/bin...02:52
JSchilli1okay, hey again, i've just installed steam, and ran it once successfully, ever since i've tried to run it again, it comes up with the error described here:
JSchilli1the author says the error has to do with libGL.so02:53
JSchilli1should i just reinstall nvidia?02:53
greduanIs it OK to do `ln -s "/usr/bin/..." "${PKG}/usr/bin/..."`?02:53
greduanI'm guessing there is some Post install stuff to do?02:55
JSchilli1ay, ay, ay.
prologicgreduan grep the ports collection for ln -sf02:56
jaegerJSchilli1: gl-select should be run as root02:56
greduanprologic: Good idea02:57
jaegerJSchilli1: I'd probably reinstall the mesa3d, mesa3d-32, nvidia, and nvidia-32 drivers to make sure there are no other broken symlinks02:57
jaegersudo gl-select use xorg; prt-get update -fr mesa3d mesa3d-32; prt-get update -fr nvidia nvidia-32; sudo gl-select use nvidia02:57
jaegerafter that verify that glxinfo/glxgears/glxinfo-32 work02:58
JSchilli1will try, thanks02:58
greduanprologic: It seems they cd into the software's src dir and make a relative symlink03:02
greduanprologic: In any case, I think I figured it out. Thanks. :)03:02
JSchilli1i'm going to go to sleep, i'll let this compile overnight and report back tomorrow if i have any other questions. thanks for helping, jaeger03:04
jaegernp, night03:04
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greduanI always find the way ln -s so confusing03:18
greduanln -s works03:18
prologicI do too03:21
prologicif you check some of mine you'll see :)03:21
prologic   29 :    ln -sf /usr/lib/$name/$version/ppc386 $PKG/usr/bin/ppc38603:22
prologic   26 :    ln -sf /usr/bin/glade-2 $PKG/usr/bin/glade03:22
greduanI _always_ seem to get the args mixed up03:25
greduanI guess I'm expecting to input the path in terms of "this file will point to this other file" instead of "this is the file this toher file is going to point to"03:25
greduanAnd with that I think I explained it perfectly. :P03:25
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diversegreduan: calm down, just refer to the man page to be sure how to create a symlink03:27
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux03:28
diversethat's what I do, in case if I forget the argument order03:28
greduanYeah I got the argument order right03:29
greduanI guess I'm just confused with how pkgmk handles things03:29
prologicit just runs a bash script03:30
prologicyou know that right?03:30
prologicPkgfile is just a bash script03:30
prologicpkgmk sets up a few vars03:30
prologicdownloads sources03:30
prologicdoes a few checks and balances03:30
prologicand calls build()03:30
diverseprologic: he's new03:31
greduanThat's why I'm confused as to why this doesn't work03:31
greduanIt's time to sleep so I'll have time to sleep over this03:31
drijengreduan: you haven't seen confusing yet. Try SCP03:31
drijengreduan: it will come, just be patient03:32
greduanSCP Foundation?03:32
drijennah, its a command03:32
drijenit copies files over ssh03:32
diversedrijen: come on...03:32
drijenbut it has its roots in BSD, and not every version is the same03:32
drijendiverse: oh i'm comin03:32
drijenall night baby.03:32
prologicdiverse: I know :)03:33
diversegreduan: you're tired, just sleep it over03:33
greduandiverse: I'm new to CRUX but not new to Arch, which has _very_ similar PKGBUILDs.03:33
greduanYeah I think I will03:33
drijendiverse: you know i'm right - scp sucks03:33
greduanln -sf textadeptjit-curses /home/pkgmk/work/textadept/pkg/usr/bin/textadeptjit-curses03:36
greduanturns into usr/bin/textadeptjit-curses -> textadeptjit-curses03:37
greduanWhich is right depending on how you look at it03:37
greduanIt's so magical to just say what's going wrong03:38
greduanI think I came up with the solution03:38
diversegreduan: what's your pwd?03:39
greduanBefore or after cd "${prefix}/textadept_${version}.x86_64"03:40
greduanguess that a redundant answer, huh?03:41
diverseI suppose it sounds like you want: ln -sf ./textadeptjit-curses /home/pkgmk/work/textadept/pkg/usr/bin/textadeptjit-curses03:42
diverseleaving out the `./` makes ln assume it's in $PATH03:43
greduanI guess03:44
greduanI'll try that03:44
greduanThe idea I came up with didn't work, but it's a step closer03:44
diversewell the idea is, you want to give a specific relative path03:44
greduantried that and installed it, it gives me:03:46
greduanlrwxrwxrwx   1 root    root         11 Feb  2 21:45 textadept -> ./textadept03:46
greduanthat's in /usr/bin03:47
greduanln -sf ./textadept "${prefix}/textadept" (after cd'ing into "${prefix}/textadept_${version}.x86_64")03:48
greduanImma just go sleep, continue trying to solve this tomorrow03:48
diverseHmm, I think my assumption was wrong03:49
greduanI wonder if one can do ln -sf ./textadept ../textadept03:49
diverseyou're creating a symlink in the parent directory, pointing to the file in the sub directory03:50
greduanlrwxrwxrwx   1 root    root         11 Feb  2 21:50 textadept -> ./textadept03:51
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greduanAin't ln -sf just so much fun for relative paths? lol03:53
greduanoh so close03:55
greduanln -sf "${prefix}/textadept_${version}.x86_64/textadept" ../textadept03:55
greduanturns into03:55
greduanlrwxrwxrwx   1 root    root         69 Feb  2 21:54 textadept -> /home/pkgmk/work/textadept/pkg/usr/bin/textadept_7.8.x86_64/textadept03:55
greduanOK, to sleep for real now03:56
greduanSee you guys tomorrow03:56
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nilpin Pkgfile does maintainer mean the person maintaining the project or the port?04:15
diversethe port04:18
nilpand packager is the person that packaged the port?04:22
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diversethe "Packager" part is not important06:05
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greduanGood morning13:31
EmoSpiceNice to start off the morning with a "vagrant up". Gives me a couple more minutes to finish my coffee and dick around of FB13:34
EmoSpices/of FB/on FB/13:36
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frinnstwindows is so easy14:22
frinnstduh, obviuously14:22
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greduanRegarding the symlink stuff I was trying to solve last night, thinking about it a post-install script would probably be the best...16:01
greduanhallo c0x16:04
greduanAre you implying something with your username?16:04
greduanI don't know Russian :/16:07
c0xfrinnst, 8/16:09
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asiesteam worked for me yesterday and doesn't today17:25
asietouched nothing17:25
asiewill try a reboot17:25
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asieNOW it gets weirder17:32
asiei removed .local/share/Steam17:32
asieit reinstalled and works17:32
*** kori has quit IRC17:33
asiesteam seems to be broken again17:46
nwegood evening17:46
asieit doesn't want to boot up starbound, but starbound boots up on its own17:46
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greduanStarbound +1 :P19:27
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thetornainbowasie: did you see the Steam bug that popped up that would delete all user files when encountering an emtpy $STEAMROOTDIR variable? scary stuff20:11
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prologicSystemd Getting UEFI Boot Loader21:42
prologicflame war in 3... 2... 1...21:42
teK_you are one day late21:45
teK_check the logs of -devel21:45
jaegerwhen does steam go into systemd?21:46
JSchilli1hey, i'm back. i've done all of the things jaeger told me to do last night, i think i'm still getting the same error, though:
prologicI am +10 GMT21:47
prologicso sorry :) just got in to work and read that in my feeds21:47
prologicuggh :)21:47
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jaegerJSchilli1: does glxinfo-32 report direct rendering is enabled?21:49
JSchilli1is that in mesa-demos-32?21:50
JSchilli1okay, it's installing21:51
jaegeryou were thinking the problem last night was related to nvidia-32, right?21:52
teK_frinnst: best thing with your is the text when it says: 'type in the following command'.. old habits I guess =)21:52
JSchilli1jaeger: direct rendering is enabled.21:52
JSchilli1and, yes, i think so.21:52
jaegerok, then your nvidia setup should be fine. The shm_open errors look more important to me21:52
teK_yeah mount it in fstab21:53
teK_shm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      021:53
JSchilli1also, html didn't seem to work when i had got it to launch, do i need a specific package for that to work correctly?21:53
JSchilli1teK_: thanks21:53
teK_I installed the deps from jaeger's steam package and was all set and done (does not have to mean they are complete)21:53
jaegerThe deps I listed are minimal since steam contains most of its own environment and I haven't tested it thoroughly yet :) so they're just a guideline, heh21:54
JSchilli1also, pulseaudio is required by steam, correct?21:54
jaegerJSchilli1: no idea on the HTML. Where was it not working? The store? Library?21:55
JSchilli1 here's the new error21:55
jaegeronly for mic control, I think21:55
JSchilli1yeah, store.21:55
JSchilli1profiles weren't working either21:55
JSchilli1community, i mean21:55
teK_4 4303 Segmentation fault  < wat21:55
jaegerIs this when you start steam itself or try to run a game?21:56
JSchilli1steam itself.21:56
teK_do you have the -32 versions installed, too?21:56
teK_a quick search revealed susggesting running STEAMRUNTIME=0 steam21:57
JSchilli1ahh that's helpful21:57
jaegeryeah, if you run with STEAMRUNTIME set to 0 you have to provide all the things it bundles for you21:58
JSchilli1but it should run without that?21:58
teK_ that's all -32 bit stuff I have installed and steam works just fine21:59
jaegerunder normal circumstances, yes21:59
teK_this list probably contains more than you need, though.21:59
jaegerbecause all of those things come with the bundled ubuntu runtime21:59
JSchilli1do you think if i found all of the packages that these files belong to it would work?22:00
jaegerThe problem is your error output doesn't make it obvious which part is the problem :(22:00
JSchilli1a little hesitant to install every one of teK_'s packages22:00
jaegerwithout knowing what causes the crash there's no way to answer that22:00
jaegerI can say that I do NOT have all the stuff installed that comes in the runtime and I don't use STEAMRUNTIME=022:00
teK_take the list steam is spitting out for starters :)22:00
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jaegerJSchilli1: it might not make any difference but if you didn't have shm mounted before you might also reboot to clear out steam's temp files in /tmp (or delete them if you know what it's using)22:07
jaegerI'm at work and don't have my steam box  at home turned on to compare things22:07
JSchilli1okay, i'll try that after i finish installing all these libs22:08
JSchilli1my package count is going waay up, haha22:08
jaegerJust a guess, anyway22:08
JSchilli1i was at around 300 before deciding to install steam22:08
JSchilli1i've since installed 100 more22:08
teK_% pkginfo -i | wc -l22:09
teK_laptop with steam and a browser :D22:09
teK_oh and dosbox, php (wtf), openvswitch etc.22:10
JSchilli1i had a browser, music player, video player, pdf viewer, etc all at 300 packages22:11
JSchilli1it's just kinda a dick measuring game though, modern hardware can support much, much more than 300 :)22:11
joacimwho has the smallest wiener!22:12
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JSchilli1darn, installing the libs didn't fix anything22:16
JSchilli1i'll try rebooting. be right back22:16
*** JSchilli1 has quit IRC22:16
*** JSchilli1 has joined #crux22:17
JSchilli1no luck :(22:17
jaegerI guess you could also try scrapping the local steam cache and letting it rebuild, though there's nothing to indicate that would help22:18
jaegeror run it through strace and read the giant wall of text that results, hoping to see an obvious problem :)22:18
JSchilli1rm -r ~/.steam* ?22:19
jaegeryeah, wherever it's stored. ~/.local/share/steam? .steam? something like that22:19
JSchilli1okay, it's running and updating, like the first launch did22:20
JSchilli1deleted ~/.local/share/Steam22:20
JSchilli1okay cool, it loaded and html is now working22:23
JSchilli1i'm just afraid it won't launch again.22:23
jaegercertainly a possibility :)22:24
*** asie has quit IRC22:36
JSchilli1yep, relaunching steam gives the same error. bummer22:40
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