IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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JSchilli1hey, i've discovered that if i don't check 'remember password' steam is able to launch. weird bug, but at least i've found a fix01:18
teK_sounds legit01:20
koriJSchilli1: yeah01:21
koriif I knew you were having that problem I'd just answer you lol01:21
JSchilli1is there a fix or is it just like that?01:23
koriit's just like that01:24
greduanprobably should report that bug01:39
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greduanAnyone here use Emacs as their main editor?01:44
JSchilli1greduan: it seems to have been reported already. guess they just havent fixed it, the report was quite old too01:48
greduanJSchilli1: One more report gives it more credibility. :)01:49
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greduanProbably not the best idea to try to tackle symlinks at this hour again. lol02:12
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Tazy_has crux an stage3 like rootfs tarball available?02:20
greduanTazy_: If I understand what you're asking, I think so.02:22
greduanTazy_: You can check the install procedure:
Tazy_oh, found it under the mirrors /loop/rootfs.tar.xz. i think. just odd that theres no obvious version info.02:29
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greduanTazy: What do you want that file for?02:46
Tazygreduan: wanted to install crux via chroot/from another linux.02:51
greduanTazy: I see02:52
greduanln -sf "${taf}/textadept" ./textadept ($taf stands for TextAdept Folder)03:12
greduanGod ln, you're such a nightmare to figure out03:12
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greduanJust real quick, how do I put CRUX to sleep? Instead o turning off the computer03:41
greduanI compiled the kernel with all the necessary support (I think).03:42
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greduanI guess the computer will just stay on for the night, and I'll figure it out tomorrow03:43
greduanGood night03:43
mikelgreduan: contrib/pm-utils03:43
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jaegerTazy: no, nothing quite like the stage3 but you can pkgadd the packages on the ISO into any folder tree you like with a little work and the static pkgadd on the ISO04:46
jaegermkdir -p /path/to/new/install/var/lib/pkg; touch /path/to/new/install/var/lib/pkg/db; for P in /path/to/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r /path/to/new/install ${P}; done04:47
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nwegood morning guys!08:09
frinnstno such thing as a good morning!08:26
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Romsterquiet day/night on irc10:20
Romsteri keep saying that frinnst. its good after noon and just morning10:21
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greduanGood morning guys :)14:49
frinnst09:09 <nwe> good morning guys!14:51
frinnst09:26 <@frinnst> no such thing as a good morning!14:51
diversefrinnst: Romster also mentioned that14:51
diversethere is only morning and good afternoons14:52
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hnodegood day/morning/afternoons cruxers :}15:50
thetornainbow09:26 <@frinnst> no such thing as a good morning!15:51
joacimI wish I could sleep until noon :/15:54
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EmoSpiceAnyone know of a way I can get monitor extents for the monitor with the pointer via a shellscript?15:58
diversejoacim: I do that very often15:59
joacimI used to. I need to figure out a way of getting a steady flow of cash that doesnt require having a regular job16:00
joacimand isnt free cash from my government =)16:00
diversejoacim: sell those voodoo cards as collectables?16:32
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joacimabout 30 bucks each16:44
joacimi can live for one week on that16:44
joacim100 bucks if i buy some glitter and glue16:44
joacimsell them as artisinal hand crafted 3d accelerators16:45
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drijenjoacim: lmao16:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-libpciaccess: updated to 0.13.319:21
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pedjajaeger: check FS#1139 when you have some time.19:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 40.0.2214.9420:08
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greduanI just noticed the port giflib doesn't follow the convention of the lib at the beginning, is there a reason for that?21:39
korigreduan: because the project is named giflib, not libgif21:39
greduankori: Makes sense, OK21:41
greduanThanks :)21:41
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greduanIs it just me or is Emacs _huge_?21:44
greduanThe .tar.xz is just 20MB less than Linux.21:45
EmoSpiceIt's large. But TONS of power there21:45
EmoSpiceIf you think of Emacs as an editor - it's huge. If you think of emacs as an Emacs Lisp interpreter and some associated (and rather useful) editing scripts - it's not "huge" just "large" :P21:47
EmoSpiceI (a vim user) got to like Emacs a while back21:53
EmoSpiceIt's internal consistency is something that Vim sorely lacks21:53
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thetornainbowi've been thinking about dipping into the emacs world, but i just don't have a lot of time to devote to something i know will suck me in21:55
EmoSpicethetornainbow: Are you a vim user now?21:56
EmoSpiceEvil mode saved me...21:56
thetornainbowyeah, i've used vim since day three or so but even getting to the point of installing/enabling evil mode and all that21:57
thetornainbowi'm just wary of it21:57
thetornainbowafter i tried my first tiler i didn't emerge for three days21:57
thetornainbowmaybe this summer i'll give it a spin21:57
EmoSpicethetornainbow: Honestly, it's simpler than you might think. I truly understand your hesitency, but it's REALLY not that bad.21:57
EmoSpicemy .emacs:
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EmoSpicecompared to my .vimrc:
EmoSpiceNow - this doesn't have all the same functionality - but it's not dissimilar21:58
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diverseEmoSpice: did you notice you set the same "nojoinspaces" twice on lines 151 and 158?22:01
EmoSpiceI JUST reorganized it, so I'm not surprised :P22:01
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greduanI like Emacs. But the way I use an editor doesn't quite work for Emacs. My way is the vim way, open a file and close it as soon as you're finished and open another. Quick edits style, I guess.22:14
EmoSpiceA buddy of mine does that. I alternate between the two depending on what I'm working on22:15
greduanYeah, I usually alternate, to some extent.22:16
greduanI'd love to have Emacs work like I'm used with Vim.22:17
greduanAnd the only reason I do that style is because I'm really bad at buffer management22:17
EmoSpiceThere're smaller emacs editors that're better suited to the up and down style of editing you're describing.22:17
greduanStill as configurable?22:18
EmoSpiceand there're things to make even the likes of us braindead buffer-switchers do okay in vim / emacs :P22:18
EmoSpice(For instance, CtrlP or CtrlT in vim)22:19
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greduanYeah buffer switching is not my problem, I don't think. For me it's more of "TOO MANY BUFFERS! WTF IS THIS ONE FOR?!" kind of attitude, which happens often with Emacs because buffers are very common there.22:24
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EmoSpiceah. I tend to close them VERY frequently and use :Ag or the like to search for their contents again :P22:25
EmoSpiceAlright. Headed home. Might be back later.22:29
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greduanyeah I think I'll look into that approach22:38
greduanI'm also looking into TextAdept as perhaps an Emacs alternative. Although no Lisp (uses Lua) and a WAY smaller community, it's WAY lighter, faster to load and just as customizable.22:43
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greduan How to remedy?23:02
greduanEmacs is giving me trouble to start23:02
greduanemacs -nw works fine though...23:03
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greduanI ran the following as root: dbus-uuidgen > /etc/machine-id23:28
greduanand that seems to have fixed it23:28

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