IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2015-02-05

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lmarieThanks to jaeger in mailing list to cezar, I now have nvidia-legacy installed for my older card.  Spent the past week getting xdm login manager to work right. Kicking back and enjoying my crux for now, with the nice looking Tango fonts.00:05
lmarieI never thought I would be editing /usr/bin/startx but got tired of the authorization error in kdm and multiple serverauth*** in home directory.00:07
jaegerlmarie: glad you're enjoying it now :)00:12
lmarieOh, Hi jaeger!  Yes, I am.  I was using Slim login manager,00:12
lmariebut, but was getting an xfce session error on restart,shutdown00:13
lmarieOops, not kdm, I mean forlorn xdm.00:14
jaegerusually slim works well, it's pretty simple00:14
lmarieYes, and I liked the crux default image for it.  xdm is stark.00:15
lmarieThe error I got probably had nothing to do with Slim.00:15
jaegerwhat was the error?00:17
koriwait, nvidia-legacy?00:17
lmarieBut that is where I decided to start.00:17
jaegerfair enough00:18
lmariesession mangr. must be in idle state when requestng. shutdown00:18
lmarieHi Kori, nvidia-legacy is what I named my nvidia pkg.00:18
korioh I see00:19
koriit's cuz I started maintaining nvidia-340 a couple days ago00:19
korilmarie: is nvidia-legacy nvidia with version=340.6500:20
lmarieI just switched out the pkgfile from nvidia-sl and replaced 342.65 with 340.** and so it had the wrong title.00:20
lmarieand when I did a sysup, prt-get tried to update it to 343 or whatever.  I tried to lock it.00:21
koriI see00:21
lmarieYes, kori. 350.65.  So, you made a pkg?00:21
lmarieoops, 340.6500:22
korimy card is considered legacy, now :<00:22
lmarieMine too, my home-built desktop is getting old.00:22
lmarieEven the connections on the moboard are getting well worn.00:22
lmarieJust wanted to check in and say hello to all.  The next hurdle will be sound.  But that is for another day.  Gotta close the chicken pen.  Ah, the country life!00:25
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lmarieHave a good evening!  Later!00:26
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greduanI wonder how inefficient and interesting it would be to make a text editor _purely_ with the shell.00:57
greduanLike he old days but with an actual interface. lol00:59
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korigreduan: it's simple.01:14
koribuiltin echo "foo" > file01:14
koriand then >>01:14
greduanand cat01:14
greduanWhat about an interactive one?01:14
koricat is not built in into the shell01:15
koriunless you mean using only CLI commands01:15
greduanOh I see01:15
greduanYeah only CLI commands01:16
greduanAn alternative would be a text editor that has a deep and heavy integration with the shell.01:17
greduanSearch and replace is the shell01:17
greduanfor example01:17
greduanSo the editor is only to display and navigate, while for the rest you use the interface with the shell. Or something01:17
greduanI think that would be interesting.01:18
greduangosh now I'm excited to learn C to see how this would turn out01:20
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greduanWhat's happening to ya Faym?03:21
greduanYou joining and quitting in such a rapid succession03:22
greduanRepeating fashion is more accurate03:22
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greduanMatta kayou? Shikishou konoyarou!03:33
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greduanTime to sleep for me, I'll see you guys tomorrow03:37
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nilplate afternoon/night.07:43
nwehehe :) here in sweden the time is 08:51 in the morning.. :P07:51
nilpwell. 20:55 at night here in nz.07:55
diversedifferent people, different timezones07:56
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greduanMorning :)13:51
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jaegerpedja: very busy this week with work but I'll check it out14:10
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pedjajaeger: no problem :)14:11
jaegerwe have a vendor onsite installing hardware so I've been out of my office whole days and dead tired when I get home :)14:15
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greduanOh cool, MKSH scrolls to the right when the command is longer than the window14:45
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hnodeHi Cruxers !14:59
hnodeey, I'm tryng to copy on vim using "+y, in the end I press "y15:00
hnodebut then on another instance of vim, "gP or p gives other stuff15:01
hnodeI select the text in visual mode...15:02
rmullDon't you need to be in some sort of a server mode or single instance mode for the two vim instances to be aware of each other?15:02
hnodeI was "feeling" that is something related to that, but I was thinking that is some thing like "shared place" where stuff get saved,15:05
thetornainbowhnode: you can just :sp and then it should work15:05
thetornainbowalso, if you're using xterm or rxvt{-unicode} you can just select and shift+ins to paste15:05
hnode:D thetornainbow thanks the :sp work15:06
thetornainbowalso :vsp for vertical splits15:07
hnodewill try the shift+ins when on X15:07
hnodeyes but wy I have to split to get the data,,, that makes it aware that is another instances ?15:08
EmoSpicehnode: what is the value of clipboard?15:08
EmoSpiceand are you inside X or not?15:09
thetornainbowa single vim instance will keep the copied text from visual mode in a buffer, but with a separate instance it doesn't know about the buffer15:09
hnodeIm in tmux, in vimrc the clipboard=autoselect15:09
EmoSpice^ vim's copy paste is instance based15:09
hnodeI also have X runing on top of tmux15:10
EmoSpiceso you have to leverage an external copy/paste mechanism to copy/paste between instances, from what I understand15:10
hnodeIm not sure if is this the right way of "sayng" "on top"15:10
rmullI think you got it backwards15:10
thetornainbowhnode: if you're in tmux, you can do modifier+left bracket to copy paste15:11
EmoSpicehnode: I know what you mean15:11
hnodeusualy I use tmux, but if I can do it inside vim will improve my15:11
thetornainbowmodifier+ right bracket15:11
thetornainbowto paste15:11
hnodeyes, I use that to copy from vim to lynx or another panel15:11
thetornainbowah okay15:11
hnodeis nice to become familiar with keystrocks15:12
thetornainbowi have setw -g mode-keys vi; bind -t vi-copy 'v' begin-selection; bind -t vi-copy 'y' copy-selection in my ~/.tmux.conf15:12
thetornainbowthat way in copy mode you can move with vim keys, v to start visual mode and y to yank in tmux15:13
EmoSpicethetornainbow: that's the same as I have15:13
thetornainbowEmoSpice: nice! :)15:13
hnodewowww !!! and kjhl ?15:13
thetornainbowand b, w, e, $, 0, ^, etc.15:14
hnodesheee TOP !!!15:14
thetornainbowhere's my whole tmux.conf if you want to take a look, you may get some other ideas15:15
EmoSpice < and mine :P15:16
EmoSpicethetornainbow: our tmux.conf's are REALLY similar (at a low level). Mine just has a shitty attempt at powerline status in it.15:17
thetornainbowi know i was just noticing that15:17
thetornainbowhaha, crazy15:17
thetornainbowi like backtick as mod15:18
EmoSpicealso: slmenu is amazing if you're not familiar:
thetornainbowawesome. i did not know about this15:19
thetornainbowand i do love dmenu15:19
thetornainbowyeah i have a server that i do a lot of stuff on, especially when i'm out (work, class, etc.), so tmux is fantastic - window management, shareable sessions, super configurable, available everywhere15:20
EmoSpiceI used to keep a tmux session running on a remote VPS, but my work requires chat internally (at least it's XMPP) which I can't reach externally, so I moved my bitlbee local instead of on my VPS15:21
thetornainbowah. no work chat for me15:22
thetornainbowthe ticketing system does all that stuff15:23
thetornainbowso it's pretty much the only thing that runs locally :)15:23
EmoSpiceWe're largely Atlassian based, so we're using Jira and Stash internally (but sadly, no HipChat yet)15:23
thetornainbowdo you like Jira? seems like someone else was talking about Jira15:24
thetornainbowoh wait, that was on #nixers, xero and z3bra both use that at their jobs15:24
EmoSpiceI'm impartial15:24
thetornainbowyeah, we have ~10,000 tickets per month, so we have this huge system called Assyst15:25
thetornainbowall on Windows ;-;15:25
greduanAziz! Light!15:26
thetornainboweverything okay?15:26
greduanYep all good15:27
thetornainbowhaha, you just shouted Aziz! Light!15:27
z3brathetornainbow, use what?15:27
z3braHi all :)15:27
thetornainbowz3bra: Jira15:27
z3braoh, yeah15:27
thetornainbowEmoSpice mentioned he used15:27
greduanthetornainbow: The name "Assyst" reminded me of that15:27
thetornainbowand i got my channels mixed up15:27
thetornainbowgreduan: ah okay15:27
greduanFifth Element quote15:27
thetornainbowsee, the company that makes Assyst is called Axios, which is funny15:28
thetornainbowI'm Orthodox, and when a priest is ordained during the ordination as the bishop is giving him his robes, he says "Axios!" and everyone else shouts "Axios!" back15:29
thetornainbowit means "He's worthy!" in greek15:29
thetornainbowand i've never heard the word outside of that context15:29
greduanI see15:30
greduanNow I know why they say "This is unorthodox!".15:31
greduanNever bothered to look up orthodox15:31
thetornainbowyeah, it comes from greek words meaning "right order" or "right way"15:31
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hnodethanks for sharing tmux configuration ;)15:54
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diverseI always enjoy looking at other users' configs16:50
greduanSame here17:46
greduan(One hour later. lol)17:46
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nwegood evening guys18:42
greduannwe good afternoon18:42
nwehow are you guys?18:42
greduanVery good, thank you, and you?18:42
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nwegreduan: nice to hear :) Im fine thanks :) Im taking a coffee and just relaxing :P18:45
greduanCool :)18:45
nweyeah so what are you doing ?18:46
greduanwatching videos, coding and chatting on IRCC18:46
nweoh multitasking ^^18:46
nwehmm maybe I should setup keeepalived and conntrackd just for fun..18:47
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EmoSpiceNot who I meant to send that to.20:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ntp: 4.2.8 -> 4.2.8p121:59
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lmarieEarlier I said I had sound problems.  Never mind.  :)  Testing my sound using aplay gave me errors, and had no media players installed.  Finally got parole and mplayer installed.  They play sound fine.  But wait, there's more...22:04
lmarieI created /etc/asound.conf as was mentioned at I believe the arch wiki site.  That caused problems22:05
lmarieIt was trying to play my cdrom directly and making it constantly spin.22:05
prologicI'm not sure you need an asdounc config really22:05
prologicI don't have one on my desktop22:05
prologicI think you only need it if you want to configure "complex configurations"22:05
lmarieYep, correct prologic. Got rid of it and now aplay plays wav files.22:06
prologicalso I highly recommend mpd/mpc22:06
prologicand various clients22:06
lmarieYes, I saw mpd, but don't know what it is for.22:06
prologicit's basically a server<->client solution for playing music22:07
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lmarieThank you.  Checking it out.22:08
prologicI would not play music any other way :)22:08
prologicyou can also trivially configure media keys on your keybaord to control mpd22:09
prologicvia the mpc cli tool22:09
prologicand xbindkeys22:09
lmarieNetwork protocol control.  I use dial up.  Does that matter?22:09
lmarieI guess the way to find out is to try it.22:10
nilpna. real men use
mikeli find mopidy a better alternative to mpd, personally22:12
mikelit's a drop-in alternative for local music libraries, but also supports spotify, soundcloud, google play music, etc. through plugins22:12
teK_gave it a quick test-driver..22:17
teK_No songs!zsh: segmentation fault  mmusic playing22:17
teK_mmusicd add ~/mp3 fails22:17
teK_because its an absolute path22:17
teK_touch: cannot touch ‘/home/tek/.config/mmusic/playlists//home/tek/mp3’: No such file or directory22:17
teK_while the idea is nice (managing by touch etc.) it's implemented badly I think22:18
lmarieDoing some reading, and looks like I can use these suggestions.22:20
lmarieHit Pause, let sound stream download completely.22:20
lmarieThanks for the suggestion!  Take care!22:21
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lmarieForgot to mention I only have the one sound card.  Maybe /etc/asound.conf is needed if you have more than one sound device.22:31
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nilptry `mmusicd add main ~/mp3 `23:04
nilpteK_: above23:04
nilpthen mmusicd start main23:04
nilpteK_: playlist names are just names, not filepaths. Yeah, bad implimentation mostly.23:05
nilpand a horrible readme explanation probably doesn't help.23:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
Worksteri started using html5 video now that i got a gtx750 and is smooth. my gts250 didn't cut the mustard23:50
Worksterfirefox-gst for the win23:51
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joacimMy old 7600GT cut mustard just fine.23:52
joacimbeen a while since i tried that kind of stuff, so i guess firefox might have gotten worse =)23:53
Worksterit might of been that i had 2 gts250's and the both shared x8 pcie than 1 x16 pcie slot23:57
Worksterbut i never tested that theory23:58

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