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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: updated to 10.4.402:04
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tired890I'm curious why are network interfaces in crux renamed to things like wlp4s or such instead of the conventional eth0, eth1 and wlan0..etc03:09
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Romsterwhich i might add can still change numbers if you remove a second graphics card off a shared pcie two x8 channels vs one 1 x16 channel.05:49
Romsteri found this out a few days ago.05:50
Romsternot so predictable.05:50
Romsterthere is away to get the old name back05:50
Romsterpersonally i think i liked using the MAC address to assign the eth number better.05:50
Romsterand with only 1 nick in most of my bokens it was always eth005:51
tired890thanks for clarification. makes sense05:53
Romstertrying to decide what to work on05:56
Romsterno ones gone off at me with webkit updates yet. but i do have the packages uploaded at the usual location.05:56
Romsteruploading chromium#40.0.2214.94-1.pkg.tar.xz05:58
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: xorg-libpciaccess-32: 0.13.2 -> 0.13.307:46
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.4.3 -> 10.4.407:46
diverseRomster: hey, have you been noticing that sometimes when watching youtube videos thru gstreamer, the audio at random times will mute itself.07:47
diversemaybe there is a bug with an audio codec in gstreamer07:49
tierd891diverse, I got back to flash unfortunately .. too flaky with gstreamer07:54
diverseyeah I have been getting a lot of issues, such as random audio stopping and crackling, and video freezing, I have keep hitting refresh when these problems occured and sometimes the same problems occur again at the same time point even when refreshed.07:58
diverseso it's another `pick your poison` moment08:01
diverseit would be nice if firefox supported the newer gstreamer API, I would like to see if that makes a difference08:03
diverseheh, also sometimes moving the pin causes the image to blur and pixelate08:10
tierd891yes terribad08:10
Romsterdiverse, nope never noticed that08:11
diversesigh, I really don't want to go back to flash... the system bogging and security issues...08:13
tierd891dont keep running instances..08:13
tierd891once done watching vids terminate it08:13
diversetired890: the problem is, I keep like +80 tabs of youtube open, if I terminate the flash instance, all videos will be affected. I do this as well when I have to.08:16
tired890oh dear08:16
tired89080 you say?!08:16
diverse+80, that means more!08:17
tired890oh is that humanly possible..08:17
diverseit is08:17
diverseyou need a beast machine like mine though08:17
tired890I mean I thought tabs were for things you wanted to keep getting back to08:17
tired890otherwise bookmarks would work better!08:18
diversethey are only temporary, but I want to keep them open08:19
diversebut not just for youtube, I have lots of tabs open in general08:19
tired890i see08:19
Romsteryou could load up a docker image of firefox with flash and vnc to it.08:20
Romsterif it gets compromised it wont affect much08:20
diverseyou can set a performance quota on that?08:21
Romsteri don't see why not it is done with cgroups after all.08:23
diversetired890: but what really satisfies me, is that fact with ~200 tabs, it only takes 2.5GB of ram when I use gstreamer.08:23
diverseright, I recall lxc using cgroups08:24
Romsteror maybe that.08:28
Romsteror knock up a crux one with the crux image08:29
diverseRomster: btw, youtube-dl had some missing mismatches:
tired890200+ u cant be serious08:33
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Romsteri thought i added the footprint08:35
Romsteri did.08:36
Romsterguess i'll test in a container08:37
diverseweird, I guess your push is not syncing with ports -u08:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: youtube-dl: fix footprint08:48
diverseRomster: all green08:52
Romsterstrange it now footprints mismatch for me on my system08:52
diversesomething installed on your system causing that?08:54
Romsterno idea i got a ton of stuff08:55
Romsteri packaged romster/check-32-versions it is jaegers script but i modified it a little.08:57
Romsterreally only useful for those that use compat-3208:57
Romsterpkg-not /usr/lib/python2.7/08:58
Romsterlists a lot of stuff but i have used pip install a heck of a lot too08:58
Romsteri'll rm -r /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools ; prt-get depinst setuptools09:09
Romsterwell update -fr09:10
Romsterdidn't fix it eh i'll look into it later.09:10
diverseRomster: is it possible that firefox could use gstreamer instead of gstreamer-compat?09:20
diverseis there an interface already set up for that?09:21
Romsterno go and bug mozilla devs to update there firefox ABI for gstreamer09:27
Romsteri arn't touching there codebase to change it. nor do i have the skill for that.09:32
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prologicf'n us/au dollar09:46
prologicgonna have to get our nas next week now09:46
prologichow useless09:46
prologicour aud is $0.75 usd09:47
diverseprologic: well isn't that a good thing in a way? You can pay stuff cheaper at amazon.com09:50
diverse*pay for09:51
diverseRomster: wasn't expecting you to make one (that would be a huge effort to begin with), I was wondering if it already exists.09:52
Romsteri hadn't looked but i'm guessing no.09:54
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diverseprologic: oh wait, I got it the other way around09:56
diverseif the value is weaker to the usd, you have to pay more.09:57
diverseI feel for you there...09:57
diverse*if the usd value is weaker10:00
diverseprologic: so you need the aud to be weaker in order to be effective for importing10:04
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diverseI like that quit quote Romster has10:13
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prologicdiverse, no need it to be stronger?10:53
diverseprologic: well the idea is, if it was 0.50 aud to the usd (hence weaker), than for whatever item you buy in the US, you have double the buying power. So a 100 usd item would require you to spend 50 aud.11:00
diversebut this is only good for importing11:01
diversebut since it's stronger, your import spending lowers because it costs a lot more, to say buy a 100usd nas, you have to pay more aud, which is why you were complaining about the exchange price, in the first place, right?11:05
diverseThe way things are right now, it makes Australia a good exporter to the US11:10
diverse(hence probably caring more about outside sales than inside)11:13
diverseI guess using the terms weaker/stronger is confusing, but you get the idea11:31
diverseprologic: ^11:32
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prologicit is confuding :)11:56
prologicso what our aud is weaker or stronger?11:56
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drijenmorning gentlemen16:33
drijenhaha perfect, a baby puffin is called a puffling16:35
BitPuffinI didn't know that16:39
BitPuffinthat's adorable :P16:39
drijentoo bad puffins are endangered because humans are assholes16:39
BitPuffinthey basically live on an island and some other place :P16:47
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prufHello, the Search form from the Ports page is vulnerable to XSS -
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greduanpruf: uh oh. frinnst jaeger tilman18:13
tilmanteK_, jue: <      pruf> Hello, the Search form from the Ports page is vulnerable to  XSS -
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] unzip: added patch for CVE-2014-963619:29
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diverseprologic: don't worry about the terms, just know it's not a good outside spending opportunity.22:23
diversepruf: interesting discovery22:27
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