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JSchilli1out of curiousity, has the crux dev team ever considered adding "provides:" or build dependencies to ports?06:07
diverseJSchilli1: "provides" is in the form of /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases and you are already pulling dependencies for building.06:17
diverseif you were trying to compare to arch, `Depends on:` is basically the combination of $depends and $makedepends, because we are a source distro, first and foremost06:18
JSchilli1ah, okay, didnt realize about prt-get.aliases, that's nice06:20
JSchilli1so, do packages add to that file if they provide something in another package?06:22
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xeirrrHi, long time no see.10:55
diversehey man10:55
xeirrrhi, diverse10:56
xeirrrI have a question: does "prt-get depinst xxx" install Optional deps?10:57
diverseit doesn't10:57
diversethe "Nice to have: " is just there to be looked at for the user10:58
diverse(although maybe I can do something about that with my rewrite)10:58
diverseit is kind of annoying though, you have to check the pkgfile for the optional stuff, if they are there11:02
xeirrryeah, even "prt-get info xxx" doesn't show optional deps11:05
diversesigh, last week I thought I discovered the end all flash solution for youtube, but it didn't work out the way I had hoped11:07
diverseI do think part of the problem is firefox using old gstreamer code, so it probably needs to update to the 1.0 api11:11
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xeirrrdiverse: we have "ac_add_options --disable-gstreamer11:13
xeirrr" in firefox Pkgfile11:13
diversexeirrr: you can use Romster's firefox-gst port which enables it11:14
diverseand has the dependencies for you11:15
xeirrryeah, and "about:buildconfig" also outputs something11:17
diverseah, good to know11:18
kyubikoI just play youtube through mpv11:18
kyubikothe site is disgusting, even with userscripts and css11:18
Romsterand a built package at
Romsterpkgadd ...11:35
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diversexeirrr: ^11:44
xeirrrdiverse && Romster: ^^11:47
Romsterthere is contrib/youtube-dl11:51
xeirrrHave a good day :)12:05
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diversemy port collection has grown...12:55
Romster started to database12:58
diverseRomster: also what sucks is, they have an out-tree getopts crate which has a rewritten and better api than the in-tree one and yet when I tried to build the new one, it looks for a .so of the old one... how does that make any sense?13:03
Romsterwhat the heck... borked13:04
diverseI have no fucking clue as to why and because I decide to remove it in place for the new one, I had to rebuild again...13:04
diverseand label the new one 'new_getopts'13:05
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diverseRomster: also the vim stuff got move out of tree, so you need to install the other port now13:07
Romsterwhat other port?13:09
diverserust-vim port13:11
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diverseRomster: at least I verified this works:
diversealso with this crate, I will probably eliminate about 50 warnings... out 30013:25
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diverse*out of13:27
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Romsterthat's helpful.13:48
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diverseI know... right...?13:51
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cezarhi I managed to mount /dev/sdf1 (usb hd) on /mnt/pen but I cannot access its stuff. I have changed the /mnt/pen permissions but it did not change.17:46
greduancezar: /mnt/pen? First time I hear of /pen17:46
teK_cezar: which fs?17:47
teK_you can set the user id and permissions for the disk on mount time17:47
teK_the options available depend on your fs. see mount(8)17:47
teK_this MIGHT work: mount /dev/sdf1 -o uid=cezar17:48
teK_you MIHGT have to use numeric uids17:48
cezar:):) that was my fuck idea lol sorry thanks tek will set user and permission for the disk on mount time. ok I wil change that (/mnt/pen) :)17:49
teK_I recommend the use of udevil (it does automounting on hotplug events)17:49
cezarI see17:49
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cezarI have installed MComix to open the books but it is not ok. any idea of other application to open and read a downloade comic book...18:13
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greduancezar: what kind of comic book?18:14
greduanjust images of the pages or a special format for comic books?18:14
cezar.cbr files most of them18:14
cezarscanned comic books18:14
cezarmcomix is great but for some reason it is not opening18:15
diversecezar: open it up on the terminal and tell us what the error says18:15
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cezarthe output  came: bash-4.3$ mcomix18:17
cezarRequired PyGTK version is: 2.12.0 or higher18:17
cezarNo version of PyGTK was found on your system.18:17
cezarThis error might be caused by missing GTK+ libraries.18:17
diverseokay, that means you are missing a dependency, likely from not installing the pygtk port18:18
cezaralready doing it :)18:18
diversealso, you did make sure to `depinst` mcomix, did you?18:19
cezarin fact I built it httpup sync mcomix18:20
diverseoh I see, you used pkgmk18:21
diversemake sure you read the "Depends on:" line if you are doing it manually then, pkgmk won't pull the dependencies for you18:22
cezarI see...still missing the : Python Imaging Library (PIL) 1.1.5 or higher is required.18:24
cezarNo version of the Python Imaging Library was found on your system.18:24
cezaris it possible do depinst it or do I have to use pkgmk18:25
cezarto depinst18:25
diverseuse: prt-get depinst -fr mcomix18:25
cezarI see. and the python imaging library?18:26
diverseI'm sure it will pull that in and plus many other dependencies needed18:26
cezarprt-get depinst -fr mcomix18:27
cezarpackage mcomix is installed18:27
diverseoh, okay: prt-get remove mcomix && prt-get depinst -fr mcomix18:28
cezarbash-4.3# prt-get remove mcomix && prt-get depinst -fr mcomix18:29
cezar-- Packages removed18:29
cezarThe package 'mcomix' could not be found:18:29
cezarthat is why I used the pkgmk if I use it again will it be the same result expected?18:30
diverseyou need to tell /etc/prt-get.conf where you're ports are with `prtdir /path/to/port/directories/`18:31
cezarok diverse18:32
diversehowever I think you are better off downloading Romster's repo and just adding `prtdir /usr/ports/romster` instead18:32
diversecezar: you need to download the httpup driver and put it in /etc/ports and `ports -u` and add `prtdir /usr/ports/romster` in /etc/prt-get.conf18:34
cezargreat diverse and tks18:35
diversecezar: do you know where to find the driver?18:36
cezardiverse no, was trying to find out18:37
diversego to and scroll down to find the romster repo and click on the 'httpup' link. Or you can click on this link and open it in your browser, since I done the work for you already:
cezartks enormously18:40
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cezardiverse it is perfect comic book already open tks a lot the more I learn crux the more I am getting addicted to it :)19:08
cezaralready opened19:08
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diversehave fun :)19:09
cezarI can mount whatever disk with udevil mount ...however the internal disks I only manage to udevil mount like root /run/media/root/disk I am logged like user I cannot access the stuff inside these internal disks except on terminal I can see but on the file manage as I am logged like user I can't19:52
cezarjust have to edit /etc/fstab20:04
cezarbash-4.3# mount /dev/sdd1 -o uid=cezar20:04
cezarmount: can't find /dev/sdd1 in /etc/fstab20:04
frinnstif you dont want to use a mountpoint you need the entry in fstab20:28
frinnstor you could simply try something like this: "mount /dev/sdd1 -o uid=cezar /mnt/<an existing dir>"20:28
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cezartks frinnst sorry for the delay I had to leave the computer23:09
cezarI will edit fstab and try it plus the command23:10
cezaror better without having to edit fstab much berter23:10
cezarwithout using a mountpoint23:10
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cezarbash-4.3# mount /dev/sdd1 -o uid=cezar /mnt/sdd123:13
cezarmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd1,23:13
cezar       missing codepage or helper program, or other error23:13
cezar       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try23:13
cezar       dmesg | tail or so.23:13
teK_I told you that the  -o parameters depend on the FS to be mounted. Did  you check mount(8) as I  told you?23:15
frinnstthis is all very basic stuff. You should be able to find everything you need via a simple websearch23:18
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cezarfrinnst sorry23:34
cezartek tks already mounted23:34

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