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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lirc: updated footprint00:38
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cezartks you for all and sorry for beginners questions 2months now on crux have made good progress01:39
greduancool :)\01:40
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Romsterbeen thinking of moving mcomix to contrib01:45
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Romster knocked a small script up thought i'd share. edit use for your own needs etc.07:45
Romsterquick code snippet to list ports i maintain from deptree foo in crux07:45
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libgmp-32: use http and not ftp as ftp is timing out08:08
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xeirrrRomster: Thanks for the lastest chromium build. i see google api key is disable there so some functions are disabled. Do we need google api keys?08:12
Romsteri dunno is there something you need that is disabled?08:13
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Romsterwhy are there API keys anyways? what purpose does it serve?08:14
Romsterfor a web browser.08:14
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frinnstits so google can track you better :)08:18
Romsteri get that feeling too.08:19
xeirrryeah, thanks08:20
xeirrrHave a nice day08:20
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Romsterdid i say something wrong.08:22
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: talloc-32: switch from ftp to http08:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: talloc: switch from ftp to http09:00
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frinnstI am so sorry10:38
Romstersad day10:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.35 -> 1.7.3610:43
frinnstwhat a prick10:44
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: [notify] xorg-server: 1.16.3 -> 1.17.0 New dependency: xorg-xcb-util-keysyms Be sure to read the readme file on upgrading, prt-get readme xorg-server11:38
rmullHello, just wanted to inform that I did the xorg upgrade with nvidia using the instructions in the readme and all seems well. Thank you devs.12:01
rmullIt's interesting that there was so much "news" associated with this upgrade. Wonder if it's worth including some sort of notification service in prt-get like gentoo's portage news12:02
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Romsterwell [notify] also sends out a notify to commits12:12
Romstercrux-commits and when we do [notify] it also goes to crux12:13
Romsterso you should subscribe to the mailing list crux at least and preferably crux-commits if you wanna see all the changes.12:14
Romsterrmull, i decided to add the readme since this is a very common ting we always get on upgrading xorg-server12:14
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frinnstwell, not always12:39
frinnstnot between minor versions12:39
frinnstthey only change abi between major versions12:40
Romsterhard to say when the ABI changes12:40
RomsterI probably should of added that.12:40
frinnstnah, its only between major versions12:48
frinnst1.10->1.11->1.12 etc12:48
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rmullmorning greduan14:38
xeirrrHi, package chromium doesn't have desktop entry in /usr/share/applications/ ? That's strange.14:38
frinnstif you look at the chromium Pkgfile you'll notice that lots of stuff is manualled installed. The maintainer might have overlooked it. If you think it should be included send him an email14:41
xeirrrRomster && frinnst: How do you start chromium? In console?14:42
xeirrrfrinnst: Thanks.14:42
frinnstI use firefox14:43
frinnstI start it with a fluxbox menu entry14:43
frinnstor dmenu if im lazy14:43
xeirrrI will file a bug(new feature) in our bug report. :)14:44
frinnstmake sure you assign it to sepen14:45
frinnstthat will save me some work :)14:45
xeirrrsure ^^14:45
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kyubikoI've installed the tor package from contrib, but when I run torify application I get /usr/bin/torify: torsocks not found in your PATH.  Perhaps it isn't installed?  (tsocks is no longer supported, for security reasons.)19:22
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greduankyubiko: Did you install all the tor dependencies?20:23
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kyubikogreduan: yup20:42
greduanThen I've no idea. lol20:42
greduanI haven't installed Tor yet20:42
kyubikomeh, I'm just gonna use browser bundle20:46
kyubikonot as nice but it works20:46
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frinnstkyubiko: romster is probably asleep at the moment. Ask him when he wakes up20:58
rmulllooks like crux doesn't provide a torsocks executable21:03
rmullYou'll need to port it yourself21:04
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teK_it's easy, compiled that today myself :)21:06
teK_i.e. ./ ;  ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc ; make && make DESTDIR=$PKG install21:07
teK_(not sure about DESTDIR support, though)21:07
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greduanAnyone have a LAMP setup?22:14
greduanOr LEMP?22:15
greduanPreferably LEMP22:15
prologicwtf is the E?22:19
prologicAnd P could just as easily be Python22:19
prologicHow about CLFP? CRUX+Lighttpd+FileSystem+Python?22:20
greduanprologic: Linux Apache MySQL PHP, or switch A for Apache with E for nginx22:21
teK_LNMP :>22:21
prologicYou can't switch E for nginx22:23
prologicthat's silly22:23
prologicit's N22:23
greduanpronounced engine x22:23
greduanso that's the e22:23
prologicthe whole LAMP/LEMP/LNMP notion is so 1980's22:23
greduanI had the same thought until I understood22:23
greduanprologic: IKR22:23
prologicyes but the E is silent :)22:23
prologicit's like Engine :)22:23
greduanBut it's still the standard PHP environment22:23
greduanwell that's up for debate. lol22:23
prologicyeah it most certainly is22:24
prologicbut by all means22:24
prologicthere are literally hundreds of tutorials, configuration management scripts and tools tthat will build/setup/assist with a LAMP?LEMP env22:24
prologicbut these days I prefer immutable infrastructure and tools such as Docker (
prologicand micro service architectures22:25
teK_who can find the silliest OS/DB/Webserver/Language combination..22:25
greduanI always hated developing PHP because of the environment22:25
greduanFreeBSD Apache MySQL PHP22:25
prologicno wait22:25
prologicWindows IIS, MSSQL, VBScript22:25
teK_get out.22:25
prologicyou said silly :)22:26
teK_can you guess FLIR?22:26
rmullforward looking infrarmull22:27
teK_nah, it's from the same scheme22:27
prologicFreeBSD, LightTPD, InnoDB, Ruby22:28
teK_Informix :)22:28
teK_but yeah22:29
prologicoh wow22:29
prologicI was so close :)22:29
prologic3 points fo rme :P22:29
teK_don't let prologic see that..---- oops22:33
prologichaha too late22:35
prologicand that guys (excuse me) is full of shit22:35
prologicI can't believe the emotional outbursts of some people22:36
prologicbut ofc I have a different opinion and have been following Docker's development since 0.722:36
prologicomg this guys is utterly embarassing22:38
prologicthanks frinnst :)22:38
prologicyou've again reminded me of how foul some people can be :)22:38
prologicit's like language wars22:39
prologicbut in the infrastructure game22:39
prologicgood lord :)22:39
prologicis there such a thing as "distro wars"? :)22:39
frinnsti really dont have an opinion on docker as i've never used it22:39
prologicyeah fair enough :)22:39
prologictruth be told -- if you do immutable infrastructure laready in some way22:40
prologicyou probably don't really need/want Docker22:40
prologice.g: Vagrant, AMI(s), etc22:40
frinnstbut I am somewhat sceptical to these namespaces. i've seen too many exploits in the past years to trust it yet for a while22:40
prologicthere are some nice perks/tools/etc ofc, but there are many soutions to the same set of problems22:40
prologicit's still new22:40
prologicgive it time22:41
prologicI think openvz has been proven for a while22:41
prologicbut it probably took them a while to get rock solid22:41
prologicit's a shame openvz never made it into the mainline kernel22:41
prologicwe might have had containerization sooner22:41
frinnstanyways, just wanted to flame a bit before hiding/going to sleep22:41
teK_I'dlike to see grsec included22:41
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