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Romsterfrinnst> <- pretty entertaining trolls <- hah web of trust flags that site as not trustworthy or child safe06:58
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greduangood morning :)14:03
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rmullgreduan: Hi there14:11
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frinnstThe domain was created in late 1998 as a new home for the Procmail development effort. A transition of the various mailing lists to this domain was started, but has not been finished yet.14:18
frinnstheh, that made me smile14:18
jaegernice, heh14:22
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: iproute2: updated to 3.19.016:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups: update to 2.0.217:32
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greduangonna update tonight22:36
greduanany tips to make sure it finishes compiling during the night?22:36
greduangotta compile webkit, that's why I ask22:36
jaegerleave the computer on? not sure what you're asking22:41
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prologicgreduan: what are you worried about?22:53
prologicjust open a terminal, prt-get blah balh blah and go to bed :)22:53
greduanwell sometimes the compile fails because something is missing or new footprint or something22:56
greduanwhat could be done to predict this and avoid it?22:56
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prologicprt-get update webkit -fr -if -im22:58
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prologicin fact if you trust us as maintainers of ports22:59
prologicprt-get sysup -fr -if -im22:59
greduanyeah I'm gonna do a sysup23:00
jaegerIf there's a footprint mismatch it does mean that the build finished, for what that's worth23:01
greduanyou're right23:01
jaegerso you could at that point still pkgadd -u newpackage#blah23:01
greduanI just don't wanna wake up to see that the webkit compile failed and I gotta try again after changing something.23:01
jaegerWell, if it's gonna fail it'll fail whether you're awake or not :D23:01
jaegerthough its maintainer has hopefully tested it and ideally it shouldn't fail23:02
jaegerassuming you've got the required dependencies23:02
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Workstergreduan, you could make sure all the sorces download with --margs="-do"23:37
greduanWorkster: Good point. Gonna do that23:37
greduan-d vs -do ?23:38
Worksteri also have built webkit packages at
Workster-do to pkgmk is download only23:38
Worksteroh you could just setup the mirror in pkgmk.conf to
Worksterno chance of missing a source file then23:39
Worksteralso a prt-get update -fr `revdep` will be sure you got no broken library links.23:40
Worksterand be sure to read the readme on xorg-server if going from 1.16.x to 1.17.x . also note new dependency on xorg-server yo need to manually install and remove modesetting if you have that installed.23:41
Worksterpretty much it23:41
greduanIs there a way to have prt-get compile without the pkgadd afterwards?23:41
greduanlet me check the man page23:41
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greduanwell I don't see something about not installing in prt-get23:46
greduanprt-get sysup. how to no pkgadd23:47
prologiccd $(prt-get path foo) && pkgmk -d23:47
prologicfor port in $(prt-get quickdiff); do (cd $(prt-get path $port) && pkgmk -d); done23:48
jaegerfor P in $(prt-get quickdep webkitgtk); do (cd $(prt-get path ${P}); pkgmk -do); done23:49
jaegermight be more what you want for not installing23:49
prologicthat'll download the sources only right?23:49
prologicjust a pkgmk -d will download and build btu not install23:49
Workster-d is download -do is download only the idea is to make sure your not missing any source files before starting23:51
Worksteralthough our crux round robbin mirror would prevent that as well.23:51
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-mga: build fix for ValidateTree hook removal23:58

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