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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-neomagic: added build fix for new xorg-server, removed unreferenced patch00:03
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-savage: build fix for ValidateTree hook removal00:06
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tierd891hey guys04:03
tierd891is there a live linux distro to do hardware detection? Say you are compiling a kernel on another machine and you need to know what to include and such..04:03
tierd891any liveCD/USB distro fit for this?04:04
jaegerany distro will likely have lspci handy, which is one easy way. you can run lspci to see a list of controllers and buses and lspci -k will show which modules (if any) are in use for those devices04:04
jaegerif you want something more involved than that, perhaps system rescue CD or similar would have more tools04:05
prologictierd891: normally it isn't all thar hard to pick all the right hw drivers and what not04:06
prologicbut if in doubt; throw an Ubuntu LiveCD in04:06
prologicand run lspci -k on that04:06
jaegerlshw is another option04:07
tierd891thanks guys04:08
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Romstergood evening07:16
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tired892hey guys11:01
tired892I received a chromebook as a gift11:01
tired892and I saw this11:01
tired892the model I have is the exact one pictured in link above..11:02
tired892how mature is crux-arm on this?11:02
tired892its listed as "WIP".. if its camera or other trivial devices it doesnt matter to me...11:04
frinnsttry #crux-arm11:09
frinnst(no clue)11:09
tired892oh there is a dedicated channel? nice. thanks frinnst11:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: open-vm-tools: added missing dependency14:06
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greduanhey guys. so all the packages updated correctly _except_ webkit-gtk2 and webkitgtk (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻14:43
frinnst?�?�)?? ???14:46
frinnstdid you notice what failed?14:46
frinnstprotip: enable logging in prt-get14:46
greduan-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!14:46
greduanSee also "/home/pkgmk/work/webkitgtk/src/webkitgtk-2.6.5/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".14:46
greduanSee also "/home/pkgmk/work/webkitgtk/src/webkitgtk-2.6.5/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".14:46
greduanfrinnst: that's a table flipping emoji. :)14:46
frinnstthe error was probably printed further up14:47
greduanmy terminal doesn't have scrolling up14:47
greduanno scrollback14:47
frinnstor use -kw to keep the source/build-tree around so you can see the error logs printed above14:48
greduanI see14:48
frinnstpkgmk -kw that is14:48
frinnstnot sure if that works with prt-get :)14:49
greduanIt seems there are some changes on xorg-server as well, right? I'll try to solve those first and then just compile again with a low priority, during the day14:49
greduan-- updated packages with README files:14:50
greduanwhere may I find this readme?14:50
frinnstprt-get readme xorg-server14:50
frinnstor less /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-server/README14:51
greduanoh just input stuff14:52
greduanand video14:52
frinnstdont bother unless you use nvidia hardware14:52
greduanoh ok14:55
greduanI am rebuilding the input stuff though14:55
rmullgreduan: I had a webkit error that kicked in during linking15:01
rmullIt was related to libenchant15:01
rmullIf you see anything like that I can let you know how to fix it15:01
greduanrmull: OK cool, thanks15:01
rmullThe error message was something like: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `strcmp' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC15:02
rmullSo if you see that, we can fix it.15:02
greduanGood to know15:03
frinnstfound it in my error.log :)15:37
frinnstsome scriptkiddie tried to execute perl via cgi to download and run it15:38
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greduanThis irc is so calm compared to #nixers. lol16:49
greduanin more ways that one16:50
joacimwhat do thety do in #nixers?16:55
greduanjoacim: talk about all kinds of stuff that would get the nsa interested in you. to put it simply. lol16:59
joacimyeah we dont talk about it here. we know the nsa is watching17:00
greduanthey do too, considering they say hi to them every once in a while17:06
greduanwhat was the thing to output everything to stdout? prt-get sysup is giving me errors so I want to redirect it to curl (to upload to but | doesn't redirect everything17:07
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greduanall right those are the errors I'm running into17:22
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greduansomething to do with gstreamer17:28
rmullYeah, you have all the dependencies depinsted?17:28
greduanThink so, gonna make sure though17:31
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greduanyup it was a dependency17:44
greduanfor some odd reason gstreamer the -base package wasn't installed :/17:44
greduanwhat was the thing to change the priority of a task?17:44
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frinnstyou could add something like "renice -n 19 $$18:13
frinnstin your pkgmk.conf since its sourced during build18:13
greduangood idea18:27
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slackRHey is this channel active19:11
greduanslackR: yes19:12
greduanslackR: need help with something?19:14
slackRI'm installing crux right now, till now everything going smoothly, if anything goes wrong I'll ask here 😁19:19
greduanOK :)19:20
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slackRHey kernel panic20:02
thetornainbownice with a typo?20:08
slackRHe he okay.20:10
slackRHelp me20:11
slackRKernel panic unable to mount root fs20:11
thetornainbowwell, considering i have zero information, it sounds like your kernel panicked :)20:11
thetornainbowdid you configure the right drivers for your fs?20:11
slackRThat's what I was thinking20:12
slackRI think I had did20:12
jaegerThat unable to mount root vfs thing is nearly always missing support for either the controller or the filesystem20:12
slackRI'll chroot and check again20:12
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greduanjaeger: It would seem that error is by far the most common when installing CRUX for the first time, isn't it?20:23
thetornainboweh, i didn't have issue with fs, but finding the right ethernet/NIC drivers was a bit of a pain - but that was still due to unfamiliarity with kernel config20:24
jaegergreduan: pretty much, yes20:25
greduanBut the .config that comes with CRUX has support for all of these IIRC. I wonder if it could be made clearer to use the initial config for first installs...20:26
jaegerif I had to guess I'd say that many users run 'make mrproper' which nukes the supplied config20:28
greduanI did that as well cause the kernel compiling guides I was reading told me to do that20:28
thetornainbowfor me it was because it was the first time and i struck out blindly :)20:29
greduanyou mean you disabled support for stuf?20:29
thetornainbowno, i started with bare config20:32
greduanOh I see20:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: added set_busid fix for kernels 3.18+, fixes FS#113920:33
thetornainbowyeah would not recommend20:33
thetornainbowi think it was two weeks chrooting in, recompile, boot20:34
thetornainbowof course, that was trying only once or twice a day20:34
thetornainbowlearned a lot though20:34
greduanI see20:36
greduanI think since I've read through all the stuff disabling anything I didn't need I have an idea of what this computer actually needs to run20:37
thetornainbowyeah there are still things i find every once in a while that aren't part of my default config20:37
thetornainbowlike ntfs - plugged in an old external drive and oops - no kernel support20:37
slackRMaking now20:43
slackRAlmost done20:43
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rmullsyncing ports using git instead of httpup is so much better in every way21:26
korirmull: I know, right21:27
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