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greduanfinished compiling and installing webkit00:01
greduangod that took all day00:01
greduanso I've been compiling for... 7 hours or so00:01
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Igneousrmull: heh, did you see my comment on that bug? That should totally be merged00:52
prologicfrinnst, ping?00:58
prologichi kori01:01
korihi prologic01:01
koriI've run out of ideas for ports01:01
prologicdon't port for the sake of porting01:03
prologicport what you use and need01:03
prologicotherwise it tends to go unmaintained01:03
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koriprologic: I've only really ported for the sake of porting only a slight amount of packages01:04
koriand even then, other people use those01:04
koriso yay01:04
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prologicthat's great :)01:06
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greduantomorrow is the moment of truth, hopefully X runs03:33
greduansee you guys03:33
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`c0xRomster, IronMan?05:30
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frinnstprologic: pong05:41
Romsterfrinnst, you forgot libgmp source06:03
prologicfrinnst, all good *I thin* was just wondering if you had any opinion on headroom, etc for when fitting rack mounted gear into a rack cabinet :)07:01
prologicI'm putting a 19"D server into essentially a 19"D rack (I think the posts are adjustable from 505mm to whatever)07:01
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frinnstRomster: ack10:10
frinnstprologic: not really :)10:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libgmp: switched source url from ftp to http10:13
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Romsterfrinnst, ta10:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: masqmail: update to 0.3.513:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.6513:07
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greduanhey it worked13:48
greduangood morning everybody :)13:48
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EmoSpice_Homehey kori13:56
EmoSpice_HomeAnyone happen to know if there's documentation of what env vars are available to a Pkgfile?13:57
koriEmoSpice_Home: read /usr/bin/pkgmk and pkgmk(1) and /etc/pkgmk.conf13:58
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EmoSpice_Homekori: thanks. Hadn't though to check the pkgmk bin itself.13:59
diverseEmoSpice_Home: you can mostly see what it sees at the bottom of the pkgmk script14:07
EmoSpice_Homediverse: Yeah - kori mentioned that. I hadn't thought to check. I found the one I wanted ($PKGMK_WORK_DIR). Thanks14:07
diversespeaking of which I use $PKGMK_WORK_DIR when I clone a git repo14:11
EmoSpice_HomeI imagine you're doing the same thing I am14:12
diversenot much point in not storing it in the workdir, especially if you use tmpfs14:14
EmoSpice_Homespeaking of: do you have a way to manage compiling in ramfs and not keeping the ramdrive mounted longer than necessary?14:16
EmoSpice_HomeI have /etc/pkgmk.conf just run the mount command before building, but then I have to manually unmount it. Not terrible - but feels like something I should be able to work around.14:17
diverseEmoSpice_Home: you mean in /etc/prt-get.conf with the "makecommand"?14:19
EmoSpice_Homeactually no. I simply added a line to the bottom of the script14:20
EmoSpice_Home(of /etc/pkgmk.conf)14:21
EmoSpice_Homebut I see that I can just build a wrapper around pkgmk that mounts and unmounts the ramfs.14:21
diversewell you can have it unmount at the bottom of pkgmk14:21
EmoSpice_HomeI initially didn't want to modify the script itself14:22
EmoSpice_Homecreating a small three line script that does the mount and unmount around pkgmk would work (though it'd be slower, since the mount/unmount cycle happens for every package, I imagine)14:24
diverseyeah, it's going to be extra cycles, but I thought you would be willing14:24
EmoSpice_HomeYeah. It'll work14:25
RomsterEmoSpice, im guessing makecommand mount /usr/ports/work ; pkgmk ; ummount /usr/ports/work14:31
Romsterno point umounting anyways really14:31
diverseEmoSpice_Home: and instead of a script, make an alias for the pkgmk with a different name, that runs those 3 commands, for when you want to individually test ports with pkgmk14:35
EmoSpice_HomeMakes sense.14:38
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Romsterprologic, have you not updated your crux:latest image yet?15:31
Romsterevery time i do docker pull crux:latest it seems to be the same still.15:32
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diversez3bra: thanks for updating tox17:38
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greduanz3bra is sleeping atm I think18:01
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diversegreduan: so?18:19
greduanjust sayin'. no particular reason18:22
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greduanAnyone have/use LaTeX with CRUX?18:48
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greduanthought it was about time I did my CV using LaTeX. :P18:51
jaegeryears ago I used to turn in my calculus homework in tex18:52
jaegerprof loved it18:52
greduanlatex == insta favoritism, or something similar18:52
greduaninsta favor*18:53
greduanlooks like there's no latex on official CRUX ports18:54
tilmangreduan: yeah, i'm using the european-cv package18:54
tilman"europecv" is the correct name18:55
greduantex live should be the first thing to install, right?18:55
greduanor is that just the batteries included version?18:55
tilmantetex is still in crux i believe18:56
tilmanand it still works18:56
frinnsthah jaeger, i did that too19:00
frinnstin physics.. I managed it for a while until the problems became too complex for my poor latex skills :)19:01
greduantilman: tetex doesn't seem to be on the ports, and all the latex stuff I could find isn't on CRUX's official ports19:03
tilmansorry, seems like crux indeed uses texlive "these days"19:04
tilmanmight have been like that for a long time =)19:04
greduanoh it's on opt19:04
greduancouldn't see it19:04
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greduanlooks like the texlive package has some outdated footprint, maybe21:12
greduanI put it to redo this time sending everything to sprunge21:27
greduanlooks like it's re-compiling the whole thing instead of just installing21:28
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prologicRomster, not yet. doing so today22:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: usbredir: 0.6 -> 0.723:17
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cezarhi. I have tried to run localhost:631 and got a "firefox can't establish a connection to server at localhost:631" I edited /est/hosts.allow and added the line ALL= ALL but it did not help23:37
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greduancezar: do you have a server running at port 631?23:44
greduanalso I think port 631 is not to be used cause it's reserved for something else, let me check...23:45
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greduanport 631 is used for Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)23:45
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greduanYou shouldn't use any port between 0 and 1023 (as a good rule of thumb)
cezarI see23:48
cezarI was trying to configure a printer23:48
greduanyeah firefox is not the app you're looking for I think. lol23:50
greduanwhatever app communicates with your printer is what should be listening on 63123:50
greduanwhich isn't firefox23:50
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cezar:) just used firefox to run localhost:631 lol23:53
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