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greduanAbout the favicon.ico of, I think a dark favicon is necessary. cause I keep confusing the tabs because the favicon is white when the website is black00:53
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Romsteruntil you change the theme01:33
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greduanoh oops01:36
greduanposted that on the wrong channel01:36
Romsterwhy don't they set the favicon to the forum theme01:37
Romsterthere's an idea.01:37
greduanthey were discussing what the new icon should be01:40
Romsterinvert it so the black and white is the other way around01:41
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greduanI was thinking that01:41
greduanbut they're looking to have an entirely new design it seems01:41
Romstereh up to them01:42
Romsterit is rather basic like a snow flake look.01:42
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greduaninstall -Dm 755 xowl /usr/bin/xowl gives me: install: cannot create regular file '/usr/bin/xowl': Permission denied02:33
greduanI'm using fakeroot :?02:33
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rmullgreduan: Is that your own port?02:44
greduanrmull: yes02:44
rmullWhat does the install line look like? It's supposed to install into $PKG/usr/bin/xowl, for example02:45
greduanI was missing the $PKG02:46
greduandumb mistake02:46
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rmullEasy fix :D02:48
greduanthx rmull02:48
Workstergreduan, $PKG/02:51
Worksteralways for the build() function02:51
Worksterelse if you don't use fakeroot, it'll clobber the host and wont be tracked.02:52
Worksteri would suggest testing in a container as well.
Worksteralso i should setup fakeroot in the container, not done that yet.02:53
Worksterbasically that image is right to run, ports - ; prt-get depinst foo02:55
greduanI see02:55
greduanI haven't got such an amazing setup yet, I'm just making a port for xowl02:55
Worksterthinking of making a common mount for ports.02:55
greduanslowly switching to nowm02:55
Worksterdocker runs on any hardware just the pain to configure your kernel that there is a script for telling you if anything is missing02:56
Worksterlike right now i got 4 containers with different builds02:57
Worksterall sharing the host ccache02:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: open-vm-tools: updated to 9.4.6-1770165 - fixed build with current toolchain, but kernel modules are no longer built - updated init script02:58
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nwegood morning06:36
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nwehow are you Romster ?07:40
Romstersame as every other day :)07:41
Romsterbut now that i got my docker image done i can move onto bigger fish07:42
Romsternwe, so hows things07:48
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Romsterchromium#40.0.2214.111-1.pkg.tar.xz uploaded08:01
Romsterprologic, i would recommend doing "CMD . /etc/profile && /bin/sh"08:04
nweRomster: Im fine thanks..08:18
Romsteractually I'll set PATH PS1 and PS2 in ENV08:20
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prologicRomster, in the Docker crux base image?08:37
Romsteryeah or set PATH PS1 and PS32 in ENV which is what i'm changing my Dockerfile to do08:38
prologicyeah that would neither work nor be very portable08:40
prologicso I don't recommend doing it in the base image08:40
prologicbesides what you're essentially proposing is the same as docker run -i -t crux /bin/bash -l08:40
Romsternot portable in what way?08:40
prologichard dependency on bashisms08:41
prologicdo it in your base (based on crux) :)08:41
Romster thats what i have now.08:41
Romsteri just do ports -u prt-get depinst foo08:41
Romsterbut i'm gonna add more VOLUMES so i can get to ports and pkgbuild logs externally.08:41
Romsterand what bashism i'm using /bin.sh08:45
prologicthing is why would you need to source /etc/profile08:45
Romsteri don't understand08:46
prologicor rely on bashisms?08:46
Romsterdecided to not soruce profile and use ENV08:46
prologicwell I'm not sure /etc/profile is written for any shell?08:46
prologicdunno :)08:46
prologicdocker run -e is more portable08:46
prologicand having defaults in your image via ENV08:46
prologicwell not necessarily more portable08:47
prologiceasier to override/customize on a new container08:47
prologicwithouting modifying the image as such08:47
Romsterbear in mind this one is a "crux" image for "testing ports" in.08:47
prologicbut it would be possible for me to do so too08:47
prologicwithout any host dependencies08:47
Romsteralso the crux image isn't updated yet and i see it's not in your prologic/ anymore.08:48
prologicno it isn't08:49
prologicit's just crux08:49
prologicit'll be updated as soon as the PR gets accepted08:49
prologicit goes through a review process :)08:49
Romsterfriggen slow I've already built 4 images now.08:50
Romster2 hours a peace for the sysup08:50
prologicit's okay :)08:51
prologiconce it's updated you need only rebuild your downstream images08:51
Romstershould i be a participant considering i'm in crux deeply08:51
prologicnot much work to do as such08:51
prologicbut you could contribute more images to the crux org08:51
prologicsources of them at
Romsteri'm still learning this stuff but i plan to build a few of my own08:52
prologicyou could also: docker build -t crux:latest therealprologic/crux@3.108:52
prologicI think08:52
prologicif you're impatient :)08:52
Romsteroh really...08:52
Romsterthat'll work locally.08:53
Romsterbut not automated builds08:53
Romsteralso any word on CI i'm thinking of jenkins as its got a docker plugin08:54
Romsterand yes i know you haver a ubuntu docker image of jenkins08:54
prologicno automated registry builds you'll have to wait08:54
prologicyeah Jenkins+Docker is okay08:55
prologicI had some success with that a while ago08:55
prologicI haven't done much in that space as yet08:55
Romsteri'm being impatient :) it's been ages and i'd like to get some framework up.08:55
Romsterdox seems halfbaked08:55
Romsterand not touched in ages08:55
Romsteri'd like to get to the stage of git push tests builds in docker containers and reports back08:56
Romsterafter testing with prtverify08:56
Romsterusing this webhooks idea for too. send post requests n new port version fires off a new build process with that new version.08:59
Romsterbut one step at a time08:59
prologicsomeone help me fix ipy broken ipv609:08
prologicgod only knows how I broke it09:08
Romsteri've never touched ipv6 that's how backwards our isps are.09:09
prologicnot you :)09:09
prologicsomeone that knows IPv6 besides me :)09:09
Romsterpoke teK_ ?09:09
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prologicwell that was fun11:54
prologicgetting IPv6 working on my Docker host (My Desktop) with my existing IPv6 RA configuration11:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: aspell-en: update to 2015.02.15-012:02
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tired890hey guys13:21
tired890any of you has "power management" working smoothly? as in standby, wakeup, etc13:21
tired890it doesn't behave consistently on my system!13:21
tired890if yes please share the tool of your choice..13:22
frinnstsorry, no laptops for me13:24
tired890this is the one part that I can't seem to configure correctly.. strange how it sometimes works, other times no!13:38
EmoSpicetired890: It seems to work fine for me. I use nothing more than acpi events and pm-utils13:39
EmoSpicetired890: Which part is failing? Can you test to see if it's the Acpi events that're not being sent? I've had problems with the ACPI events being sent in the past, and I honestly have no idea how to fix that.13:43
tired890EmoSpice, the monitor sometimes goes off, other times it wont13:50
tired890as in the system remains idle for hours and the monitor stays on13:51
tired890of course I realize this after long while.. having left thinking the monitor would go off13:51
EmoSpiceDo you have an Xorg.conf (or equivalent)?13:52
EmoSpiceWell, let me just send you the page I'm looking over:
tired890no I don't .. I thought xorg finally moved past that?13:53
EmoSpiceKind of.13:53
EmoSpiceIt's still required if you have some problems (not unlike these)13:53
tired890EmoSpice, so you only use pm-utils (and have acpi enabled in kernel) ?13:53
tired890no other *bus kinda tools?13:53
EmoSpicetired890: Yes and yes. I allow Xorg to handle blanking etc.13:54
EmoSpiceI have  dbus installed, but I don't believe it's actually doing anything related to the problems at hand13:54
EmoSpicetry an `xset q` and pastebin the results.13:55
tired890one min pls installing xset13:57
jaegerin my experience power management quality depends entirely on the manufacturer. It works really well on my personal lenovo laptop but I've never been able to get it to work properly on the HP elitebooks at work13:58
EmoSpiceinteresting. It looks like DPMS is on and reportedly working.13:59
EmoSpicejaeger: That's kind of my experience too.13:59
EmoSpiceMy Sony never worked right (and my Asus was a piece of shit to begin with) but this Lenovo is amazing and Just Worked (c)14:00
tired890I wonder if it has to do with all those kernel upgrades I've been doing14:01
tired890I also have radeon dpm enabled (in lilo.conf)14:03
tired890and I can see it successfully loading in kernel14:03
EmoSpiceI've never really had to dig into display power management with an AMD card, so I can't really speak to that.14:05
tired890thanks anyways :)14:06
tired890will read up more and try figure it out over the weekend14:06
EmoSpiceCheck the Arch wiki page I sent you. It goes over how things SHOULD work, which might reveal where they're failing.14:07
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thetornainbowmorning everyone!14:16
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greduanhallo everybody21:14
greduanmiss me?21:14
greduanturns out crux doesn't only mean cross21:15
greduanand all the definitions apply21:15
greduanrandom fact: cruz is the Spanish word for cross21:19
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greduanHow is there not a port for ag? (aka the_silver_searcher)23:39
prologicwtf is ag?23:47
korigreduan: you could create it :D23:50
koricontribute to the ports!23:50

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